The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 6
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SIX counrti;] Scliineling's Nightmare :vibling's Bum Fights Have Been Around Gotham; But Where Is Fight to Be? BY WILLIAM IIKAUOIIKK j XEA Scrricr Spcrli.- Fclilor I NEW YORK, Feu. 11.—The bout j ribiing is still n long way off. A I •ct for Ihe light lo light Is sllll ... ng sought. A number of cities) 've declared themselves t-nthinl- ' 'ieally unwilling to entertain for : benefit o( the New York Mill: •Are we to bf Ihe fuckers for • New York Milk Fund?" is the stie-n Mmt has t?on rnlied cdi- .:;lly in several- cities npprorich: by Promoter Damon Hunyon, ••.v York newspaperman, who is ' .-.idling the affair. Chicago at first seemed anxious 1 be lha site. Then the queMicm •" charity came under discussion • 1 voices were raised in protest > substance of the argument liiist the fight .in Chicago was ! ' .1 Chicago hns enough r?erty cf own without holding benefits for i : JXOT of New York. '•remoter Hunyln called Cleve- cl. where a new Madl'.nn on the ' ;.:front is in progress of biilld- ' '. Tlie stadium will not be ready ' -'are July 1, but the bout, might • deferred and the work rushed .' iccommodatc Mich a big league ' '''air ns the fisht, according to i --:e in favor of holding the fiqht | !> Cleveland. But in Cleveland' idry editorial voices were raised : - unst harboring the dislmbance, • • the grounds that Cleveland, loo. I • • needy enough to take care of' 1 hout taking up n collection ofr I Me eld N. Y. | The hunt Is on for a city where. • New York Milk Fund can move •, hold Its show, pack up the coin .J wave a smiling goodby. There • no line of such cities forming to ! ; right just now. WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY -11, 1031 lillo Remains in Dunklini County As Senath Beats' Campbell, 37 to 19. CARU'IHERSVIIJLE, Mo —(Special ti the Courier)—Senath high won th- fifth annual Caruthersville Invllalion basketball tournament by defeating Campbell high in the flmis here night, 37 to) ceiUfr hit the basket from all ever tte court. Grnham of Campbell led his team males with r> points. The following teams p.irtlelpaled ;n the tourney Monday and Tuesday: Campbell, Hornersvllti, Sen- nih, Deerlng, Stceie, IMiaiKl I'or'- axeville. Carulhersvlllc. The line-up of tlr,: champlcnshii) I game: fos. F Kenalh (37) Hmchins 9 Hubharcl 17 C O O Campbell ilOi .laeksan 1 Sanders I I'owell Graham 12 Slnnkanl r; id ' Subslitutions: Senath-- Mahon, f.rwls, Hobnca. Montuomery. Campbell— Williams, Flatfield 2, Krnith. H.:-(eree-Matthcws. Clash at Troupers The wrestlers are beginning n growl at one another again, it Is a bad t>!gn wlicn gunners stiirt n growl. The result is always ba-1 fo' Ihe dear old siistalnlns sap whj pays his money and lakes his choice of grols. The first of these guttural reverberations was heard just belore In? 'recent match between Jim Londcs, N'O SALOONS IN NOItWAI.K NORWAL-K. Conn. (UP)—Nnr- wreslling of Ihe sort where Die the terrific fray. Who woukl b' gruntcrs are striving to be kind 19 killed first? Thst was the questlu.': one another, nearly always' Is th; the world was asking Itself. ' painful result when K given mateh | But it was a Morgan dance. The Is ballyhoofd by HID growl of vn- two big hulks looked at one an- brotherly animosity. H has besr. other, grunted, cavorted, frolicked, like that for years. ' stalled, embraced. After watchlnj the. pirouetting for a time, the crowd sneaked away Into the night, ' When Chicago Trembled Twenty years age, the reverberations of Frank Ootch.growling at Hackenschmidl, the Russian lion, resounded through the Chl:a';o loop. These two mighty men, bitter enemies, so they said, Were t: be brought together In a s-.ipt-r-tl; luxe heavyweight wrestling battle of the aues to be stayed at a Chicago ball park. The growling was so !oud 'and 8 « al " Thr (irowlr. Are It. is only fair lo refresh your memory on this painful event. The big shot of t/ie Uilly Sandow troupe has Invaded New York. Any day jrow you may hear Dan George growling a little at Jim Londos >as a starter. Jack.Curley slready has asked'BUI Carey about the detail i i — . prolonged that children were afraid of renting of the Yankee Stadium I one of the champions, and Jim Me- 1 lo venture upon the sireeLs of Chr- °r Polo Grounds, with the idea 'of ! • M "' cn ' l ™ e t w ° toys L:came vcryjcago and its- suburbs. Every day'au outdoor bon'e-crunching fc-stl- mad at one another. New York i the newspapers carried a new story val. having ha man Jim Londos in "' "' '"'-•'" ....... -—-•-•- • - '-..--• -- th|B {oe Jor young Mr . , iiplonslil). tilt with 17 have any." ! points to his credit. The Scnath nated. ., ,„ ,. „„,. „ ,. , .\s to the neht Itseir, e.n amnzlnq I I •3K8C of popular feeling to the ' ?j;ort of Max RchmeliiiB's causo' beginning to reveal itself here, 1 • the clubs, hotels and wherever "in get together lo discuss the ' .vial business of prize fighting as ''.Is conducted today. Last July you couldn't have inus- ' red n paid chorus of night club -titc-rtainers to yodel a substan- ' il yell or Iwo In Minlt of the .' enrmn champion by foul. But New York is beginning to like the •>iuif; man from Germany, Maybe he "boxing commission^ Irad somc- .iuiip to do with t. In smart fight circles here and! ^nrbughout the cnst, the Schmelingi "triblinsr bout already has taken! 3n the aspect of being a test for j .-Jtribling rather than for Schmel-1 ':ig. Old heads in the fight same! .'•ere hara pointed out to me tlmn' ind again that, despite Slribllng's 1 ^ligh rating by a consensus of boxing writers, and Jack Dempsey's placing of the Georgian first among th" heavies, Slilbling still hns toi "make goo<l." | Thy icineinbcr Ihe l(erlenbnc!i-| SUibllng ilisappainliucnl here and- the Umg]!b!;i«j tnnco ii not | sc dim in mc-moiy ns lo be wiped' ever Srott, Von I>o:nt nnd lx. O. i Clirlslner. After his Uorlcnlxich j ciisag.?mcnt. Strllilinj received the-1 nli'knaine here ol "Willie the i Clutch'." nnd Ilml still mas. ' The Scluncllng v\\o knocked outj Johnny Hisko. who methodlcully | en me Irom behind to bent Uxsiiduni lo a pulp nnd who was still coming! ii 1 nfl,-r takimj everything Jack } .Shaiitey had for thicc vonnrts is! net being belittled in New York. A consensus of nptnion hcren-j bculs on the merit.'! of the two' men nt this tinw probably would, plve Sehmeling the edge, llut, the. fight is Elill a loiif! way off— nnd' where is It noing lo be held? | J.ETIKR AURIVUS IN IS YEARS PHILADELPHIA, (OP)—A lette, which wns mailed January 10, IQlfl. rcnched its dostinnlion In Ml. Car- • mel, Pa., recently. It \vns mailed' In Philadelphia by Ellis KC|ij). now chief clerk of Hie Lchigh Valley Coal Comimny ,nnri informed his grandmother !hnt 1\« hncl passed IKS e\aminntlons and would s-on. b.- liorne. The grandmother diedi hie ten years ago. vou KNOW THAT Hcd Faber, who at 42 Is the cklesl ninn pbying bnll in th? Icitgiivf, might not have thai distinction If it were not fo: rinuc Wiuklcll . . . Uod nnd Rube when itt Mlnncaiwlls in 1011 engaged in one of llube'f. favorite pastimes, lonj-dlstanc? ..... Red threw ills arm out nnd that sore nnn seiil him to the Western I.ciguennd caused him lo take up the spit- hall . . . "it is UK spltbnll that has kept me in the big leagues, says Red." . . . After the close cf Ihe 1012 season, the former White Sox star. Isbell. needed money badly and appealed to Chnrles A. Comlskjy to buy Fabci'. . . . Finally Com- Iskcy bought Faber to l:e!p out I'ibeil, who had Fnbcr under him at Puebio and Wichita . . . . Pants Rowland, then y. Uu- and Edward O. Fairlield. who now Is managing editor of the Dubuque Thues-IlcrnM, recommended lied to Gammy. SD the Old Roman guv; Riber a chance on the While Box-Oi- nnts world lour of that year. program planned by city of-| , ncinls. Tmmedliito steps lo nllevi- .., _~;—~ ., ..,. :, ; n;c Hie conrtilions have been hind- i.r.n Sfhocl Bulletin;; rrojrram I erct!. however, by Inability of II" KANSAS CITY. (UP) — Over-ireheol board !o .tgres on how fa'r crowded conditions in Kansas City elementary fchools should be given ' lut>h und elemcnlary Fchools will precedence in building lie alleviated by n 55.000.000 build-, tnrcs. expendi- v .,..j BRUSHING UP SPORTS B La ufer : '. HE LEFT HIS COACWM6 60; A SERIES cf WHOOPS K?LN>S AND ACCOM & Atftoss THE PLATc. B ASEBALL'S I6GEST ONERS rounding third before j « .•" " i-«»iiviiviuiuo bcil !• Cobb r co tic hi n B j_ _. .. j seeing that a throw could not possibly catch Burns aceom was climi- self was very respoctable. liesiicctable wrestling. I you hear Jim growl at Don. heaving an assortment of aspersions at Jim. just oil. Nobody Ls LIQUID tu killed. packed for the spsctacle. The country waited at the wires for word of (lead Courier New» want s4s Two Important Pamphlets FREE ; To all Industrial Employers * e Ontline of Industrial Policies and Practices in time of Reduced Operation and Employment." SS A Survey of Unemployment Belief in industry." Based on a study of steps taken by hundreds of companies to meet the present unemployment emergency. This pamphlet is designed to make a knowledge of these measures available to all employers of labor. quarters: This pamphlet contains a survey of emergency employment measures founded on information jstath- . ' • . • • • -'•'.-.. • .•' ••."••• •• •- •••"-,-. • ered from a diversifietmst of large and 8^aljt ; /c^i^^i|^^ than 500 localities and w^ -HE suggestions in these pamphlets do not originate with thfe Committee. The Committee has simply collected and classified the practices now in operation in various parts of the country, both in respect to manufacturing policies and unemployment relief. These pamphlets have already been widely distributed, but the Committee desires to have them in the hands of every industrial employer of labor. For, while the suggestions contained in the outline do not purport to include extensive discussion of all plans for stimulating industrial employ ment or reducing the effects of lay-offs, it is believed that many who have had difficulty in securing information on what is considered sound procedure, will find these plans of value. Copies of these pamphlets may be secured free of charge by addressing: President Hoover's Emergency Committee for Employment Washington^D. C. ^1,^, Woods> Chairman f

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