The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1934
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 9, 1934 BLTTHlVILUi. (ASM.)] PODUUt 9WM PAGE SEVEN same IhLs year. Castarcllii, rookie pitcher, llmli- lirltlBi-s limited Hie liwJoii liecljnl the Cleveland Indiiins lo three to fix Iiils and ihi' DiMroit 'I'Hs "nil shut them out as Coii- lo seven scattered nail I'licln-, also rod one for Uic j Tin- Washington Moiiulois ile- • ili'iiu-il Ihe Chli'iiKo While Kox 7 TJic SI. Louis Cardinals rallied ' lu OUR BOARDING HOUSE WICDDINd I'ltKI'AKATIONS! VtH—HC- BUUNtO riR^ND OKI -TON \6rVT WEARING ~TH\S COWBOY RE6AUA TO A "DRATTED COSTUME PARTY WITH TVAE MADA>vYV--BUT TYPE OF OUTFIT IS NOT TO ME, LAD FOR SIX \EfcRS I RODE YOU GET A _ ^ , LOAD OF MRS. TVA OOW COUNTRY/. _ lt . _ _,. . THERE WASN'T A' ' SHtS <^ N6 BEER BARRt-LTHM COULD THROW WM i^ A sr ONCEHEWAsJtooKs MOUNTED, AN' \ PALACi: ALL m SUED UP, PRONTO " ftAKC AMV GIRL A 6COO I'M TELUM 1 V(\f , THE BOYS CALLED ME "APACHE > AMOS"-*- 1 COULD OUT-WDE, OLJT-SHOOT,AND OUT-T*OPE V10W/ Ti\r.RE'5 SURE BIG DOitfS UP AT •fif f-'A\.f\CE,SlMCE VfORS CAW. THAT VJOOTIEIOO'V'S COMMA GET ^ \ 1 VEflV SMfW BUT MOW - SAGEBRUSH HOOPLt ] V c mitYnrt srxvice.iv. HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES DIl'FKKENCIC 01'' 01'IN ION! \<iKSU A. \\OOU MM' WWOt) CftOOT BROCCOU ,ot<i ^ UWE VASH TUHBS ' 17 S A TELEORPM FROM MlSS LAME. SHE'S IN Sf-MK •iORTO 1 DAN6ER. WANTS ME TO COME AT ONCE. SHE KEMTIOM HIM, BUT I'M •MHE GHE EXPECTS HIM. / V,nY, I BECKOk SO. IT'S ' SO SUDDEN,THO! 1 HAD TIME TO THINK. SPLENCMDJ SPLENDID.' GET VOUR THINGS. I'VE ALREADV MADfc ARRA.N6EMEMT6 FOR VCXJR TICKETS. VOU'LL BARELY HAVE TIME TO CATCH THE PLANE AT EL DORADO. 60INQ TAKE THAT LITTLE Tuees FELLOW ALOMG? AlTARKNTl,y !>UX'/L1S DlSAI'i'OlNTi-:!)! SOU <bOT SCXKeo'oN TH' POME, BUT MO tOBATON BEHIMD! UJE'UE FOOMD MO FIMGER PP.;NTS I . TII' FOOT PBIMTS oiscoaeREu (M TH' BPCK, SARD LEPTO no PLflCE 1 . PMO TK' 6OftT HOOF PRINTS DID SALESSFAN SAM W6.U , VOU'UE 6EE(J CM TH 1 UO&6ERV PER SEV|£RM_ DOTS, NOW, ,B,NO TH' STILL MISSIWG! WHW ABOUT IT? . , NCAH? TH' DEEPER vft ^I.ELL,CU'E GO IMTO IT, TH' S PAH.T OF MOR6 IT LOOKS S(T tSf\ LIKE TH' PERFECT (PERFECT CRIME'. ""AlURl GUT- TH (-'ACT 1HRT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BOLKM. A. WAXOSJ3...CAVE US A CHECK FOQ FT....WE DONT TH'W TME: CHECK ANY GOOD, A*I> TUS A5E CLOSED FOQ THE aW.... HIS PICTURE W/S WTt-E PAPER.... LISTEN, MR. THAT COY THE NEXT CHAIR IS A CROOK... MR .M A<3oN SEKTT ME CUT TO FOLLOW HIM;; i 1 -" OU CAM PBETEND SJWE ME,OR ANYTHING....BUT I'VE COT To' VEEP AM EYE OM THAT GUY II YeAH...BUT IT WONT WORli! TOM WALTER'S BLEW IT OKE PAX WHILE HE WAS A HU.NK OF GUM !! LATHES MY FACE, OR SOMETHING- HURRY. 1 I DONT WANT HIM Tb RECOGNIZE ME WHEN TPE CHA>R IS TURNED ! ...SO,1F 1 LEAVE THIS CHAIR IN A HL'RRY, DOTJT BE SURPRISED... HAVE You GOT A POL ic \VHISTLE v $>; CLASSY i ED SECTION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dilly r»w per one ror consetu- LUe («T* uence wofoi to » ime> Got Urn rer Mne .......... >3 Two USM* per lint per (U; Itnc team per lln i per d»y O* Urns per HIM per <Ur Month nto pet ttn* Minimum cbtrr« Me Otc Me ate Adi ordered IOT 'tnree or su time* and stopped before explxa- t'on will be cbufoo lor the cum ber of tk&ei UM ad tppeutd uw ol bill made. An Ciaol&ed Advertising copy mbmttted by penou rukUng out- ilde of the city srusi be accom puled by each. Rate* may be MtUy computed from above tabte. DO respond NlltT win Be Uuo lot more . tbaa one incorrect in mUou of any claaslflvd ad. Advertising orOeud for irrepi AT iufiertioQB uke tbe one rate, TRUCK BARGAINS •K FORD I'/- Ton, Diul Wheeb, 6 Good Tires, Runs GoW *W •3Z CHEVROLET 1(4 Ton, 6 New Tires, Motor A-l.... J3< '3fl G. M. C. Z Ton. Mntor A-l, Good Rubber S" '3« FORD PICKUP. Good Rubber, New Paint. Motor A-l. A Keal Bay s11 •3» CHEVROLET CC PICKUP Trwk, « Ply Tires Like New. Bargain SI Many Others To Choose From PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY. I'sed C»r Lot Corner First it Walnut Sts. EDS Hi ON i»8 tlie (jliiiu.s i kt>pt tlirm uliciKl by hold- unrt two IIIIKKLT. Chuck Klein liltivtinnhi BLANKS I anks Beat Browns As Newsom Blows U p; Bridges Holds Reynolds The lowly Cincinnati Reds stopped their eight-game losflh streak the expense of the world harnpion Giants yesterday but ic New Yorkers continued to set pace In the National, league. 'he front running Yanks won in le American race. The Reds hopped on the offer- ngs of Fred Fitzslmmons to beal he Giants 1 to 3. They made six runs in the first inning and Don POULTKY & EGGS We will pay Ite per poud for heavy HENS. B. T. Wurlhy, 315 t. Main 14ci5-H FOR KENT Nicely furnished cool BEDROOM. Bess ilall, (ill \V. Main. Cull 2Wi. Ic kit FURNISHED house for summer. Mrs. Gco. Cross. 300 Lake. 9c kit! 2 story well furnished HOUSE, Frigiilain?, electric stove. Immediate possession. Very reusoiianic. 801 W. Walnut. Call 451. < Nicely furnished Ward apartment on W. Ash St., 4 jooms and bath. Call 650 or MB. Scktf INGRA>t apartment, l)Ci>l-, water furnished. Also store building. Reasonable. Apply I. R. rarkhurst. c-UO FURNISEIED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed liardin, aUer 5 M. . Ic ktl iccly Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. NoJeii, 310 West Walnut. 30c k5-30 BUSINESS) DIRECTORY Fmmilue Rtpairinj—Uphotetering Also automobile upnolstering. We will be glad to reier you to customers as to quality and workmanship. Complete line samples. New Location IIS No. Second JENKINS t SON 5-ck-6-& Again Burke Sets the Price Boiled Linseed Oil 05c gal. TUfentine 75c jaL AUMtn Lamp Farts 39c each BURKE HARDWARE. CO. The one price store 28C1I5-28 COUNTY WORKERS UNION Crart H»«se Moodar, 7:30 p.m. For •Mn, wamen «TCT 16 Jl »tr year HIGHEST Cash Prices paid for brass, aluminum, copper, zinc New Deal Trading Post, 120 W Main. Be k6-8 Ask us aWat the Hagen Honey Crater Golf BaHs. They're Bet ter. Hibtanl Hardware Co. 5ck6-5 WHEN you are fish hungry comi to McFall Fish Market, 415 W Ash. rtesh Fish At All Times. 1C M HOME R£TAIRS: Steps, floors, Kreeiu, wall paper, paint, etc, ANTIM1TE for Termite control E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE IM Mrs. J. J. Dmvis, Phone- Spencer Corsellere 2Sc 421 EXPERT Tjpewriter and Addin Machine Repairing. U. S. Blank enship, US t- Rose, Oil 1(5-J. 22c K5-; SEEDS & PLANTS Soy Beans an* Peaks will be hai la Ind next month. Bay no B«W*r4 Hardware C«. 12ck5-l NFTJRNISHED 5 room npurtment, 1013 W. Walnut. Call '678. . 30c k-lt ICELY furnished apartment, 2W W. Kejitucky. Apply after 6 P. M. lie k5-H OUR room FURNISHED apartment. 700 W. Walnut. 19-ct-tI AUTOMOTIVE Auto Claw All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. Start A Savings Account With Us On Every thing far the Automobile Hubbard Hdw., Automotive Depi Phone 476 Phone FEEDS FOR SALE: HAY and COKN at bargain. S. B. Rozclle. Lux- ura, Ark. 24i>-k5-2i WANTED TO BUY We buy Chickens and Ejgs, hijh- cat prices paid. Kite Price Grocery, Phone Z34, 111 E. Main. »c k5-! ROOM & BOARD Boomers and BoarOers—Homc-liki atmosphere. Trices reasonable Mrs. J. F. Sanders, 51» W. Main. Call Z78-J. 7r. M-'. Rooms with or without board, stean hrat, hot water, reasonable rates. Phone 231, Kite 1'ricc Uro. . REAL KSTATE Fnrms for sale—207o down Balance like rent. Ethel Thompson,. Carutncrsvllle, Mo. ll-pk-5-1 FOR SALE OR TRADE National Cas^ Register. New I>: Trarting Post. 120 W. Main. ~ '' Whinpoorwrll Peas (or Sale Drive across the river for the finest Whippoorwill Peas in West Itimesxe. Prices ReawnaMe. WIKiam Vvcker & C«., Ripte?. Tenn. 2«-ckS-2g FOB SALE CANARIES—Perfect Mother's Day gift, 42 to SI. Mrs. Joe M*Fall. Call 289 or 756. 9c kH For quick tash sale: $87.50 Chif- frrobe, 512: S25 round dininj: room V^le, S10; S15 Secretarial dfsk. $1,50; 510 Oak KocKcr, $3.50; and many other furniture items. Can be seen .^t Psrkhurst. 7pklO LAHOE Iron Safe, Good ns new, for Cash or on easy terms. Rex Hold, Phone 204, H. C. Cnmpttcll. 28c-klf Colton Seed: Rowden Bip Boll No. 2189 for thin land; also 5toiw-> »illr No. 1- *IJ» wr hundred Mar\1n Robiason. 316 E. Main. 18-pk-5-18 Flour, Groceries * Meat? it Best Prices. We Deliver. Phone «4, Rite Price Grocery. LOST Will person \vho found nolelxw ^1lli names and addresses Canatiy Switch alter nccidcnt Ma 7 please call 176, Blythevilb. J DC 1: Child's GLASSES, white gol frames, on Main S!. Reward fo return to Courier News. 8pk MALE HELI' WANTED MAN wanted to supply customc wllh famous Watkins I'roduc in Ulythcvillc. Business establUhc earnings average S25 weekly, p; starts immediately. Write J. 1 Watkins Company. 10-88 W. lav Avc.. Memphis. Tenn. COAL K WOOD FX)R SALE—100 ricks good COO WOOD at c K. Brulon's. Vic^ burg. Mo., near Stceie. Good rone 9p k CLEANERS, TAILOKS We clean and store winter rlolh and bed covers. Moth-proof, fire| proof vaults. Pay. next fall. W-91 Unique cloning Sen-Ice

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