The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 20, 1936
Page 4
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THE gLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS , THC COCKIER NEWS CQ, PUBUSHXHB o. R BIBCOCK, Edito/ ' ,<, |p, \y, HAIVES, Advertising Sol* ' National Advertising Representative*; ''4rt»asas Dallies, Jno, Jfew York, (t, St. Lo^ls, Dallas. Kansas Clly, Every Atwrnoon Except' Sunday as, scco|!cj class matter at the poet BlyLlicvlllc, Arkansas, under »ct ol Congress, October 9. 1917. Served DV We United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATB8 ps earner in tiic CHS p( S\\V nine, 160 per WMk, or $6.60 per year, !n advance. By mall/within » radius ol 50 miles, 13.00 per ye»r, $1.50 lor six months, 15c for thre« months; by mnli in postal zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 per year; in zones seven Hid eight, $10.00 per >ear, pas able In advance Britain May Discover That 1l Pays to Pay It may bcera a" I't'lit to imi out ' on yoin dcbth il von aio nem- guinif (o npcd ,\ny moip f.ivoii horn your ciiSdiloi. Hut if vou Initl yoinscll Cel- ling into a .spot vrlieie (lie follow you o\\e is flip only nun) ii) |Uc \yfli 111 \vlio c:ii] holp you, your wisest, 10111,10 is to lay a little somellniiK on the ]'my Joi him \\ith all M«-«lp so ho \<ill i>enml yo(i to itm tip HtitHUfT bill A I'c.iJi/.Uiop of this bimpk' tuiLji seems lo Ijo tlawuiUK on some »1 the leader^ ot thought ]ii Giwil Hul.'in The icstilt ib the Anioiiuii \vai debt, dOiul ;ta Uic dotlo ;ill UiObc ib'in a f|iir wttv to lie icvivqtl paid, at Iciisl in !>mt Thu leiisou lor thtb change is not u pnahiMjj ol Bntain'b cominci ciiil conscience, but :i bad taso of Inght. The Europcnii siltiation is full of tciio|t,. Ditlain (cccntly fouljil, <o ll^r liiiHiiliiition, t}l|)l the lessor hipcih \vil)iout thu la« just iiipn't .illHid ol lici any moic A dcspeialc Jlnrv of icnimnmenl is liikint; plnce rib ,i ie- Mlll J L CI.JIMII, cttitpi ol U]c London Obseiver, and Knjjland's most icsiHct- ed i)))d ii)(luoi|lial pubhcibt, ajjnnnai;- ed the othci dtiv Kn^l.iiKr^ only hope is lo haul the Amcui.'ii del)!, out of the bag and settlu it His a)KU-' incut is w 01 Hi looKmg at. lie bognib by pointing • out t'dit Eneldiul must icaim suiltly and c\- tciliiiYOljB«. Ilot >plj oMstuntci depend i ,,o"ji if Anuy, iiayy a|ul an foice need vast osjMimmi j»ji(( Ihcj iitul it at' p)icp Hiifilaml, hQ\\ovei, is shoil of slullcd laboi pi bqme Madcb, am! even, shniter pf eeit.ii|i j,(MS(.i.ilue<l lends ot ! machine!y, Tl(e ncccs'-.iry lobuiUlniK C.inno(, bo dune at Homo \\ill in the time available So, says Mi Garym—settle fhc debt, and da it ,it once, so that vast niaiuifiicliiiiji^ ICSOHILUS m bo tppped. Uiiiing thu \\,u, Amciictin nuillitions NCIU indispciibtiblc to L5i;t- isl\ success, they aie no lo^s indispensable today Got the deb! p.ud, and they would become available "The United Stales, \\ljosc potentml- iti of ajiciaft piqduchon ib equal lo that of all Ilia lest of the \\oiUl put together, coi|)d supply lib vills ;t thouband hut-lino phncs, 01 moic," says Jh. Gaum, i'>\it|i light iiuxilni'v vessels and then aimamcnt as le- OU'I OUR WAY Railroad ' I'YoJii the inasH of ' inl'onnaLioii broiifrl|t to public notice as the rc- Kiilt pf Week observance which ondcd' July 18, one in;i.v safely concilia; tliat railroads nvo ivwivrr- iii« from the doldrums 1 ^yjtlr ••'\vhioh they began/ to be a(l'licte;i a ya\\v or two before the depression lipt'un. . Pecliiii's Hie ' (fJ ! i|lil'j'i|itr iisjiCut of the railroad sitnalifiii ;ind |he ono calculated to benr out in forceful niiin- ner the assertiqi) thiit the roads arc back qij 'the' Tip\vtird traj], is to be /oimd in ijio pjjrcliiisep by ritilrojids during 'recpiil niontlis. 1'iircliasps |)f(vp boep spectacular so far this yci(r'-ji) coinpiirisoi) \yit|i sim- Jlar pcvidds p|' thp pnsL (iyo years. During the hist six inoiiths by carriers aniinintod. tq u ?'152,8r)i),OOQ. Tliat is a 'huge outlay whicli inojuitud §2'it),0^(i,QOO for liuitor- ials, §71,040,000 for pars and Iqcomo- lives, and ?l!iJ,[iO;|,ppO jpi- coil! aiid .fuel oil. Supplies purchased, exclusive of oniijpniont, Amounted to "more (hair $'10,000,000. The miuipinont' already ncqtiircd or now- being built ii|- cludea jaa locomotives, aii,fi(iO' fa-iglit cars, 14!) iiasscngcr cars, and 470,485 tgns of rails. • : it is a dill'icuit task to estimate how. great are the direct and indirect beiiolila of this business' but i>ii)-clwse.s such as these arc bound to sot up industrial waves that spread with IHIIIO- JiciaJ .effects, in all directions. BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS quired, by..'the navy tiiiilur the new conditions; with much of (he e(|iiip- iileii(- for the regular • army and the territorials; with the gauges and ma- chiiKi tools whicji home industry alone cannot supply in sufl'icicnl quantity at the necessary speed." Kup;!mid iiiaiio otic miscitlcuiat/on about th'ot .debt. She assumed that the world was going to remain at peace and that John' Bull would need no more help from Uncle Sam—in which case, of course, gypping Uncle Sam wr-nM be just a pleasant little game. It hasn't worked out that way. So we may yet sec that debt settled— Mr, Gai-vin has an uncanny way of forecasting British policy—ami find ourselves, too, once more tied by strong commercial tics to the fortunes of file ,j British oiiipire. SIDE GLANCES By George "Your job will bt- (o. entertain Ihcse visiting'customers Who come in fxpcdintj me to show them the city." Your Spoiled Foods May Cause LjfesUnion 0f IntesVines J)y Variety pi' \Vorms Uy J)]t. Every nation is now more afraid ot car thnn 'ever licforc. Every time they think wails more, imminent they Increase barriers to make Ihcnisclvcs Independent; nud they bring on lire very •filing they wish lo "'avpttl. — Dr. Williiiin E. Dodil, ainb'ussartor to pcrtnuiiy. * * ' * '. : I dcmanil Hint a person \vlio sllll retires to see a liorsc enllQpiuj on a tomato should be looked upon as a cretin. —Andre Breton, leiulcr of tlic surrealiiit movement. ».*.'» In Ihe'ncxt wnf, as in past wars, the United Stales will have to be governed by the public opinion of its people as lo what nttituJe it will lake. If public opinion Is. suflicirnlly passive, all piullcipation in war may be averted. —Frederic R. Condert, New Ypi'k. _ By Williams 'LETS SEE... TH 1 'COFFEE WELL, t BEEM TEVtM'TO GIT vpu 'FELLER-IP TP eo VJEbT FUSE, HAPPY PAV GONE OUT z^, EAvGH WEEK,- 1-AS SHE SAVS SHE'LL NEVER. GO" .&ACK TO A STOivJE, TH : H4&M 5^Y, U55SM IF VvIE GET OWE <c«> I '»t'»Ti.uM > «"{MK '"''' 'EORM -rwiRTV.^ A(>sc(;ia|ii>n, 'and pf "y- 'ptia, Itie llt;itt|i Jijagiiylncs \Vlicn n chllt! Is 'rcstk'fs id nlghl, ei'lnils lis teeth, SCCIIIK lo Huh' acutely at- t'! c p(-ll)pcs of tin- body, or Iras other vasue com- lilai!i|s which ilillcr froii^ those c;I the Ivitectloiis diBcascs,' n,oth';i's arc likely Ip explain the' cymp- Ipnis by the short, 'ivgly word. "wornrs." Mpsl of Ibe worms Hint gel into tire limiinu body coiue by way of: cbtitninliuitcd food or' water, ixccpl the hookworm, which hus n ppcial. route. Ttic ordinary ruuiul vorins find'piiivvonns gct'ln by way f the gaslro-inlestlnal. tract. \Yhcn it is renlizcd that one Ilrst- lass Icmnle worm cun produce JCO.COO eggs' '« day, the possibility if coulnmlnnlum is evUlenl. : .In the Jiijted SliUcs, contamiimliqn willi .'ound worms Is more conniKin in -ho soiil'hcast aiut also in cenlrii! vcntucky and Tennessee. Tapeworms usually arc the result of eating contaminated fish and meat.. The hookworm enters most oflcn jy moans of the bare feet. , -\yhcn .he eggs "of the 'hookworm go' from luman beings into tha soil, they develop in from five to eijjht days. I'hcn the larvae get Into Hie un- 'jroki'n skin of the lect and arc Mirried upward so that llicy invade Jie body, eventually doing most of their damngc'in the inteslhics. The pinworm is most nnnoying uf all the worms, ns it altects the jreatcst inimber 'of people. This is a u'nUjsli, round worm, usually found in UiiT lou-cr part of Llic Dowels, but occasionally in Ihc stomach and month. Sometimes, ivhcn lliesc worms develop in Ihc lower part of the body, they actually crawl out and are visible on the external orifices. One of the chief symptoms ot lilnworm infestation is itching, which usually is worse at night. The irritation caused by Uic worms resulls In scratching, with the possibility of secondary Infection. *'*,'* For prevention' of all kinds of worms, real cleanliness is ol greatest importance. Physicians prescribe medicines which arc .specific for each type of worm, and cause Hit-in lo die so I'iinl they mss out of the body. Unless Ihc source of the worm Announcements Tr.e courier MJWS lias iiccn authorized lo make formal aii- nomicemcnt 01 the iollowlng candidates for public office, subject to the Dcmocrallo primary neut Aumisl 11: ........ Fi-r IteprmnlMlvc in ConjrMs ZAI, B. HARU1HON Fgr I-rpscculltis Atlorney O. T. WARD BiiUCE IVY DENVER L. DUDLEY MARCUS F1ETTX I'or County Judgo VIRCiH, GREENE S. L. OLADISH NEILL nEED For Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKKON JOE S. D1LLAHUNTY For Connly Treasurer ROLA.ND OREEN For Circuit Court clerk HUGH CRAIG For Uc-Kleclton [or 2nrt Term For County Court Clerk MISS CAREY WOODUUKN For re-clecllou'for second term For Slate Senator LUOIEN K. COLEMAtT For Comity Uepreseiilaiiyo IVY W. CRAWFORD For County Assessor n. !>. (BILLY) GAINES Per H« T clcctton to a 2nd Term For Consl.ible, Cllirkasawlia Taniishln HARRY TAYLOR PRANK MCGREGOR E. M. EATON n<|- infestation. can be found, it Isiilile to nss only fooil an<l s fliich have been thoroughly cook-'d Oiice a clilld is cured, it is ncc- OUR BOARDING, MONDAY, JULY 20, IP ';o^!';<roup;s^;vi^, A, PEK^AMEMT , |KJ MY'BROW, BUT THE \3 HUMMIMa ABOUT "BEES SpUWDS I.IKE SAZZ.Tsfeo^ A Major Hoop BEEM VOPEL|M6 FOR 30 YEARS/ THE F , SOUR KJOTE HE -STRUCK WAS WHEN HE PUAYEp ME HE'TUME OF fso^ TO PERFECT A RUBBER ROAD THAT WOULD 3UKIK ALL AUTO TIRES >" - ' PULL YOUPi ( LUNCH CLAMPS X O 1 - 1 ^ OF ( THAT Y ^ COOKIE f HE'S? BEEN A FLAT TIRE TO _ MARTHA, EVERSIWCE ary to prevent rclnfcslatipn, For this pinixise the fingernails should lie kept short and clean. For a while cnenms of caslils soap-and water will help to keep tlie'boni-l clean. Any pircnl who suspects 1'nat her child has worms slioiild make certain of a thorough.invcstiiralion by the doctor and provide persistent care until the condition is eliminated and under control. "Hex" Healer Wanted To Curb Vibrations orablc and reliable- lo Ihroiv ol) condition from a medium w ho s and 'mars vibrations." . . . , Pa.- (UP)—Wanted: oiu "Hex" healer. A Walkins Glenn. N. Y., woman ,, llllil5 lllrnl has written the York Chamfer of Hie past five Cpntmprce to recommend an cxor- i mental cist or .. . . The Mprc jIARIUSBtmG (UP) —Perms vania's farm popiilstion dtiri So lii'wil »t:oi\ iiKiii: TOKAY I|El,(:,VA Di:itlllK, yiiulhf the >voineii'N KiKjrUucnr tU'litirltiiiMit nl llvlylB's «(urt>, nr_ fr-Vtt sin ln\lt;itlini truni «lic ilf In-r .cuNtuiiuTM, SAN1IJ1A l.l'UCIl, " Johi n ivj-.-t-cnd ii.irlx Hi Crtal Mmintn lltlri B iir« tr I* 'Ala tiMVn. I( 1» u <:,«>• ii'r luvr ili l!r»t HlKh( liclivi-cn IlcU-n.i mid 1'eli'r- Al|np»( iiumrtljiilfly he Imk.N her tn mnrrr blui. lleleiVii hv.sllnfv.i, lV(cr nn& Hrh'iin confltlc In .Slitiilm nml It IK (lr,'l,l(-J IhVmnr- <lii!'. .1 Jnmlcr <if Ihe'iiriice 1« Mliamtoncd (o I»erfunn the crrc- knuny. . • , ; ..^t Thi'rr nrr Krvrrnl hour* Ticfiirn Ihf Iriiln [>n \vhlrh the hewlj- nmrrli'il t'liltulc Itlllu In iU'l>:irt 4r»vi-H, jijiil llie ivhfiln I'rmvfl (li:- Cllll'H Ctt ITU : NIVimllllllK. 1'cli'r 4|vi'!] rcrMcsjslr fruiu a trcc^-untl fiill.i to-cu iii i! iiii. NOW <!0 OX WITH TI1H STOUY CHAPTER IV TWO sooner had Fain Sutler voiced his fear than he plunged into the lake. With foreboding doubt clutching them, the rest rushed toward the water's edge. , "He's clowning," Helena heard ! Sandra say. "He's slaying down I to frighten us—but I don't think it's very funny." Helena realized that there was no belief in San-r dra's voice. She was only trying to convince herself. , sons living on fnrms, w i|h a "na in mi: L-IIU, it wiis me caieiaKOr Fain's dark head appeared, and aml his wifCj wi , h , hc j U5llc p'^p , he shouted, "It's hard lo see down laker, who were of the most help. ihniv, " A. Vo : V, iiVwi i •„, """ nlarl lcn l c 'er ami Helena and seirbencalh 5 The n Scraga I Tn, S <^« «» to vWt -ith'the care^ Jack Gose struck out into the lake, followed by Reitcr and Blair Lowell. To Helena, it seemed hours, but it was in reality only a matter of seconds until Fain struggled to the surface, clutching desperately at a Peter Henderson who was limp and helpless. In sudden panic, Helena saw the water streaming from his blond hair—and then tho quick flow of blood from an ugly gash. "Yoij three get hjm to the lodge," Blair said. "I'll get tho caretaker's car and go lor the doctor." "Thcre'rc a lot of submerged slumps at the bottom," Suiter said billcrly. "We should have thought of ihal before we let him dive from tliat height." Hysterical, Helena rushed toward them. "Is he nil right? i . . Peter, arc_ you;—all righl?" .- who.answcrecl, -.~ He'ri'dKrs'piv. "Knocked himself,- ; tincpnscjoiiE. But he'll be out of' it' in a 'minute or two." Tliey bore Hendcrr son up lo Ihc lodge. All dealiily sober noiv, ••'"-- ''Buliit was Fail and not Pcler jialc"ami quiet. "Shouldn't Blair lake liim right to the doctor?'' Sandra fallcred as the men struggled into the lodge with Iheir dripping burden. Jack Gosc shook his head. "It's belter not to move him too much . . . especially if—" He glanced guardedly at Helena. "Especially it there's a concussion." "H-how far is il lo the nearest town? 1 ' Helena whispered to Sail-' dra. "Thirly-fivc nii|cs," the Leigl- girl answered, "piair ought to make it back here in a lilllo over an hour." TTELENA'S heart sank. • A might happen in an What hour? .... o ... ....l/^ll^ll HI ,111 lluuk* M hy . . . an hour was n year wlien life living in Ihc balance! At last she gave way to uncontrolled sobs • and dropped to the davenport Sandra her "Peter, to me Acre's nothing jou could do lhal mould seem foolish," Helena told /iuji. •ighl. I—I can feel it." In the end, it was the caretaker 1°. t ;ot tp^be all right! You're going veil enjoy himself while he': ad married Peler and Helena and "' out weakly from T .._ covers', seeking Helena's so,ft cheek. "Sure, darling. I—I'm^l, WHU WUIV Ul Ulli IllOSl. I1C1P. • •• - t ', ..- '. . . ' °'~ • • . T J Older and less confused, they mot SSf lc JS d ^ als Ih^Mund of 'his FP&W nodded. "Right awayj he cmertroncv with n rMm wlnVii 1A| b' l Lt.iiLu at me sound ot ms XI -. .• . . - - • ,,: vjn- i.,iL\.i^\.uL^ \>iiu ii L<iLm wlllcn . Tt . ,• . , .. .,1 -T Pptor Anri nnw vmi rrit Tl 1 nnn i. n r ».. «ni .«A 1< voice. His words issued as if \v th f*- l !- r . «nn now you rcsi. u. none of the rest seemed to possess. Dimly, in the midst of her panic, Helena saw why this should he. Sandra Leigh's "gang" — young nnd impeluons—had rushed lo Crest Mountain Lodge for pleasure. The wedding had further in- :rcascd the degree of their cainii- radicric and excitement. When Tnlc had struck suddenly, seemingly without reason, they were all loo bewildered to meet the silualion. So Ihey huddled around the big noplace, while the caretaker and lis wife, and the justice, stayed pside Peter's room. Smoking endless cigarels'and avoiding one another's gaze, they lislened for the sound of the car which Blair Lowell was driving and which would bring the docior froai the town. ..Finally the caretaker's wife her arms folded nervously within' her apron, walked the room. They nil looked up, expectantly' fearfully. But (lie good woman came toward Helena. "Judge Simmons has managed to bring him out ot it," s j,e said slowly. "There's no water in his lungs, Ihc judge said. But the concussion's bad." She looked down at Helena troubled eyes. "He's asking for yon Fce|ing as if she were in' ! a dream, Helping got up from the toward Ihc Ihey left when Helena cnlerc'd. A crazy, irrelevant thought sped through her brain. "Isn't it queer lhal I should be the one he call for—when only day before yes lerday I meant nothing to him? 1 davenport and went Peler's room. Inside were minister and the caretaker, -, f '« nun: , vji UUUI Thoiv sudden y, fearfully: "if you .want." Peter dies I'll- be a • ' • - : — ..... Peler Hendersons widow." Un.-ible to ..-.._-..--.-.-.-.._... ul ,,, uit . , 0 ]usl me Iracuon OI a Eeconc control herself she flung herself him to bring Leah with riflwl\ bv the sine or tho K«.-l ;.~j T-.-I..- 11.1 • •/.*"• . His words issued as if wilh great effort. ' , "You'd better keep quiet, Peter. 31air is bringing the doctor—and after he's been here you can talk.'' Peter's head moved against the illovv. "That was a foolish Ihing : did, wasn't it, Helena? But then :'m always doing foolish things. That was something .you didn't know yet." "Pclcr, lo me there's nothing you could do that would seem oolish." Wilh an effort she gqt tq her feet, determined to let him •est, despite liur longing to stay .here by the side of his bed. "Yoij must be quiet now." He smiled slowly. "I'll be quiet. 3ut I want you to do something for me. Will you?" "Of course, Pclcr." "I want you lo telephone John Courtney in my hqn\e town. lie's rny lawyer. Tell him' to lake the ilane inlo the littjc town near licre. Then have Fain 'pr Jacl? drive 'down to meet' him. 1 '' ' ''But, Pcler. can't you wait until you're betlcr .to talk to :iirn?" She grew suddenly whiter than before. "P.cter, you. can't believe that you—tliat you—" She slopped, stricken speechless fo'r a moment. "Qb, P.elcr, ypu'rc going to be all right. \Voj\'l you heh'cvc lhal? You can't'go away and spoi' everything wo planned." ' ' lie touched her arrn. "Of course nol, silly Helena. I'vp w:jnlcd to sec Courtney anyhow. Slip^Yd sec him Monday, as a mailer pf 'fact. But it looks as if I'll be in )>pd here for a few days, so I wanl him over." He looked up at Helena. "You'l long distance him? Right away?' course, Peler'." '[Whatever ., just the fraction of a second^ '"Te him. icre. As long as he has to maki| he trip he—he rnight as weU'liavi'l i companion. Vfill you do lhai| or me,'Helena?"' ' T .-..—. And now you .„.. ... •ou want me again, I'll be in thc^j lest room." She bent over to ki«; lim. His arms went around tier, mlding her desperately. ' | '•Poor little Helena," he wlus- iered quecrly. "I'm—I'm afraid brought you a lot of trouble. 3ut I ! H try lo make it right." (j "pf course you'll rnake it rigiit.-^ 'eler." Genlly she withdrew frbm^ lis. arms, returned his kiss. Thenj] with uncertain steps she founds icr way into the big main ropma vhcrc every eye watched her enr!| ranee. i '" ^Pcler wants me to make a |gr| listancc call," she said. "HOT-? seems to be all righl." Fajn Sutler turned from ,.. ( win'dow. "Ttiere's a car comint iip" the road. It looks like Blair •\nt) the doctor, loo!" Glad for Hie slightest excuse lo break their ' ' " ' " - -"—crowded to *,>y .....^v.. - — flelcna, mindful of Peter's orders, .vent into the hallway where the telephone was cqrinected. II was a matter of only a few moments until she 'was listening lo Ihcj clear,. well-modulaled voice of; Jplin Courtney. "Yes, I'm Peier Henderson's attorney. Mountain Lodge. He—he's been injured, and won't .be able to get away for a few days. He wants you lo take the plane immediately." "Injured? Tho plane?" repealed Courincy's slartlcd voice. "And he asked me to say that you should bring Leah along." There was a silence at ttic other What's iip now?" Henderson 'is at Crest end of the wire. Then: "Yes, ycsj . Who is this speaking?" "I'ni 'Mrs. Peter Hender- 't •' wanl." s 0ri| " Helena said. How queer it* 'And ..,." he seemed to hesitate sounded! H 'Mrs. Peter HenrJmon! K.X-J claimed Courtney. "Good God! "l'll ? ho Ihoro I'll *.t— »u- _. . . ' .A.

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