The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1947
Page 11
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- jnJKS'DAY, APRIL 23, 1D-I7 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ^llu;i[llUUl Otiftrit KQ* 1 Uiufl ner line -I—"II™. _'~ I6c f tfiuea yer Una »«r 4»y _." 3'Jc 3 tliues per line p«r d&y _„ _ flo « times per lt*« v«r day _~ ?c i- times per lino per duy Gc M-jutL jier Huo I ,._ BQc t-yii;it five average worda to the Hue. Ad ordered for thtco or sir llmos and , «n|.ji L »,i beluro crpiiatioii v;ill be charfi- ! e " for the number or times tfcc ad ap- 'esrei and aiijiistjiLcnl of Lill made. All Classified AdvertIslux copy sub- ^ittc-L Vi i.ersona rcstdliiK outaide of the ll y ^-.^aF' 1 - accompanied by cisu, Bates ""'P tiii 7£r-ily cuutiriiteii Iroiu tUe above _, Artvertislng order for Irregular Insoc- I; 11011.1 takes the ona lime j»tw. No icsjmiKiitillly will bo UkOQ for more than ono iutorrcct luaeitlon at any classified ad. For Sale HA BY CHICKS ' ,ni|.|« A Kniv-n St«n per handred. Jim FRYERS $1, Raised in brood rr. Abraham's Poultry House, rear Abraham'f Cafe, next to American Legion Field on S. Hwy. Cl 3-28-ck-tf l Jll'I. 11 ono y^ar fntm ljn-..ti T.AiiY CHUCKS •inn ...n;fi,-.l (liic-li-) l':isl For So/e MIC W><lllnf ;i* now, \vil N,»rlli Si'i' ichliiv. l«rgt f he Qnnil luljb maiU' lo ;li. .rj:i Sin-it. -1 1I.S i,k :,,] MKHC11AXTK nn £ivo > IL> " ilillilt'iluilt' ili'liYt-ry nil ilinibk- .Inly iiii-ul I-JM'S Ln any J.'iiKilik. Also Inuv bL>vt-rci;i> coolers, walViu r.-(nK<'r;il«irs. flint di'c|. frt'c/,- ,':il,i ni'lK. H' nii''s. Al.o Mill-' ('mimn-.s.irs, 1'lioiiL- 1M1 SciHt, ^r,n. 4 -'«-,•). :, 211 house wllh b;ith. l,u\tt,>.l tr.',.|. K <mi1 !">•.,[..,ii. ;.n.l ncliliim. prid'il very ],,». li limiWr, Winicl f:t.f,ll |u- it lusls. (''inn- ,in,L ^i I i 's Mill, \\VM ,,f r.u,, POWER LAWN MOWERS. See the last word in a power liiwn m«wor— i he Pat h finder—the one cut* to any height and under any conditions, lilythevilk 1 Machine Shop. 4-12-trk-lfj FAIOI I, AND We have several cash buyers who Tailed to jret located last fall. Wi'l buy now, .subject to possession .Jan. 1st, l'J.18. If you want to sell or trade your farm, see, write, or call: Hiules Laml Company i'llOHU Wi'i lii-vri.!i.| inu-J: In pcrfiTl <-i)n- With tlcii-l: rail. I.LII S»ifl. ,'!(!. -10 & r>2 gallon Norge eh'dric healers arc now available at Haulers Hnrd- ware Co. Ask for installed prices. Klemcnls arn available for any power lines. 4-21-ck-U in Hiila Blilj;. I5!yfhevi!!e, Ark. — UroUer — Russell K, Hinlc.s — Salesmen — lien I). Hamner & J(. M. 'iecU n;. Jl. C:. panel Imdy with . ,,. nc-.-J|:iiolor, :.-(M)d lircs. One! ••.,,,,i,,r,i. i'-", Ark. i t ^^ i- i i/ i -i,l International '/z Ion wilii 1 |; now slake body, Rood tires. I ' sv£,..' r ,"!" r ,,"",'' J"^;""^;;:'^ I'olh in A-t condition. For iiuick sale, call (lav phone iilili!), nig-hl phone 3531. A/'.'.f, pk 5/3 For Rent |i\V i nr ,.,.:,! rails:,' stove »-|1h liut wnl.T .:[ tiniui;.. Mrs. K. I.. M:iv- I 19T1 \ViHvs 4-<loor Cn-li'i'jii'i Mutur S.-or.lcr, s C.-lll !H> 1. I t L SoiLlll Fr.lllU : i..itir>l Irn -V-: s,- fiilillc. Sfl-pk-:! fun sir. rut. •1;2G-i>k-:!0 !,,(-.•. 1 Mi.c-n; fn r-,- M. t.i't\ I'll" an.i Tr,1:l,-r li' Iliailc lit enlcr r,. ni.xv in st.i.-l; ll.'nrv \V.-sl ..','.: S!,i.|i ••?; X l'ir<l SI, nil.MM •' formerly Dan Slmii'- VI - u-'ill livih« tin.irl.'^ r.-iir. Will hm.i,-,. M o, k .„ will •LI .iLiMilLJih,' runl tut Al.-I/m>] o-'.-il IVIHT l.-:ivinn for l.iMlili. ]'|i Il'.lMl BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.MVOi.'liIKU NEWS Serv/cej \ •-.-• •< PAGE ELEVEN One Job You Cant Do! No mailer how spic and sjian you koc[i your car, or how handy you are with a tool chost, you can'l give your motor anil chassis iivoi'ossionul earn, lieltor drive in I'm- ;\ clirck-ii|i hel'oru warmer \voalher. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut nt Fifth—Blythevillo, Ark.—Tel. 45i!—3715 llcclrnnin. kilrlion privIU-fr,*. .117 ('In.'k. 1'lir ]i, '1,1 l,lc. CliiKc' itl. 1'l.s- il. l>,ivU.'' .li'-'s^.k-r.; of Inncl in front of It-vrr. fa«li or <-ro|i. .'. (^ Kills. Knute I Hnx Sil. lllyllievill,.. I'lione ni.l. Male Heit) Wanted SALESMAN* - MAX WITH AMBITION . Ace ;>l 1<1 :lii. Nil provinn, eMierie iicc.....:iry. Cnvnr lorn! lerrilciry Dr illC rirrounl. fninl i-hanf,. for ailvall inml. Write |.r, vinus ex].->rie f:ii:i|isli..t ir )n>s^il.l ( - Krfi'renvi^ ! (ITS. n!i, Courier \uvvs . n-il Smilli nr .-all StJII. |f),.i,r nlKil rniiic-s nalnrnlly. Fins Vomtf ,,l.i.i- niu~< n ml ul'li'.lsti-rv norfcclb-. l),.;ii- i'.iinl ni"l \V:ill|,:it,,T ^ Isilvgilone radio, table model. | IfW'nii- condilion. SUi. :(IO \Vcsl Wiilnnl. 4 2S <l!i tf _:i cnftnurtmenl 'I Oft jrnl. oil lank v.-ajjon tank. Also li)10 l-(on International lrwl« with :>!?/ gal. - al partmcnl tank w a K i> n i:\n\\. In fiood condilion I Maulers Oil Co., phone i;r>. Manilst. .l!2Sck-r>!5 |l (j-fiml meat case, Frigi- (hiiro. In Rood condilion. SI To. Call t. V. I)e Hakey, plinni- !!>-. Stccle, Mo. ''..',',..'"'i.-'.. ('M'.im .V Sii'inlnii'li Bli'i.|> oil i'!,"'! ',., w'lii.H 'li.wn' 'nr MiMiil"' ,, v . . , i -I i ' |,r..|,,.plv will, .In.-k .,-. „ ,, <•:,!.- im M.iin v,r,.,.|. -J ,l,,nrs '.'„ T....,lr.' c'.ii :.••!••- [.inn tuii.l „,,,, , ; r.,,.ni IIIHIT. I 2 Ivii- ,,. . : I «i/.. ::•:• l, v !•;• l.nrn .',':„. -. ,-,,- v.ui.lliiu llnvfrs IrI ni» ;'„;,„. v,...,- n I-. I li.'ii.T..,! it.iro oil . Ke|ilifS eoi know of 1lii C<niri,T New Lost lurk l>l."l<:tii' I>n,-k|.|l,oi,k <-nr)1:iMliiiir liiM nii.uVy ri'lurn [>ni-i.i.|l>ii'<ik :.nil .-,,n li'iils lei (ininps On>r..ry. Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or jonl antomohiles. Wade An( Salvage, North Tliwny fil I'hone mr>. 3 27 pk 5 2 Will pay Iflc for copies o Courier News of Frida> April 18, broiiRht to tli office. l-22-dh-t Wanted to Rent t or fi room nnfnrnishe house. I'hone 350!). 4-23-dh-l 1 nl 1.1. I'J LMIIC.. 'llot fan. M|,nrl« 1,0 film.' SliMi -' \Vc nw t^l4'nK orders for Attic Fans to he installed before hot weather. Call ns for estimates MISS. COUNTY • LUMBER CO. Plinne 445 ' . |,.•,!,.,! f.vr ,,,,<s|Me in im tn.niinl I "II,, I'KK'I'll'ILIi". Wnlls 1 ,!., S, i VJ 0 . 1 TlJ I |L,.;ll II MONKY '1-0 LOAN I>o you nci'd n hin n ( 0 repuJr or remodel? No down payment, n» mortgage, no r«1 tape. FII\ npprnved rnte 5%. Ask ins detnils. Mai Lofcan. Uciiltor, ]ihone 203i. Lyncli 1!%., HlytheTtlle. 9-ffl-ck-tt Sec us for »n estimate before you hsivc your tractor overhiuilwl. We speciiili/o in steam cleaning nml imiiiliiiK. ICleclvlc and acetylene welding. Russell Hiilli'iH 'IVactor Co. Hiway (>1 South. I'hone 2171. V-1-ck-lf Special Spring EAI COVERS I.e( us sharpen und repair your lawn mower, ref;»rd- less of kind <i r siv.e. (U>t yours ready now, and avoid (lie rush. We pick np and deliver. Hhlheviili- niat-liine Shop. 211 S. 2nd SI., phone 2S2S. -l-:i-ck-tr For Hire -actor lirrnkini: ].l<nv. In-U.lini: |il»vt, ilisi: li:ur..vv ;iuil (.laiilfr, Tall 1C It. Wallaiv. I'linnc ^1^:1 -I|H; iik-:il» Job Wonted int: «iji. \\' ]<ii J1 ;" I' () Hi>\ :.<:::. Carnil,. t-vill,.. .M.I. .|^ji.].k-. r ,;.'j Personal 'ali-li fnr hik- l.ini:o |p!,rls- V^'.'.l i!^>. -May Till. S iM,r< •<] Ijy l^.iiis .Altai Sui-ioly .if tin- [iiiiiinrnlnti- <'i>i..'-|.( ri<in Churi-li. .li'j;|.i-V-: aVinc =rv.r;i! lrl|i^ If. Hcntipn ll:jrtxtr. Miili. 1hi« Si.rini;. \V,inl,l lit,. |,:iss. \Vrht- A. r;. Oslair*. Itoulu :i Ili'ii liui ihirlinr. ^ll-|)k:tl) Famous Neolitc heels by Goodyear rciil re uld si) SllVU II hiKli II it, friend ... if ytm ivanL ir:tr mmfnrt from those •s. Itrint; tlmn to us iincl ; lirice of a tic\v p.iir at ices! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. CHIROPRACTOR "Health is your preatcst nssel. Chiropractic is tho surest ro^tl to HetiHli. An iiivcslnient in a Chirupraclic lirnllh Service will nild to your wcallh of licallli." Hours 9 ro 12 and 2 to 6 Neurocalometcr Service Dr. Torsten Lindquist Guard Hldff. IHylheville, Ark. louse nioviii);, finuidjilion rcr liairs. Kxpei ie-nccd. Have all i'(|Uipiiu>nl. Call .|!)2 or si'o I'Ynnk Croclii'll, :i(l() S. Hilli. -1-S-pk-n-S •AIX'li:.i; ' Wonted Ono of lh<> 1'iiH'st Ki'ouiis you'll see. Modern slyles, hranl il'ul pal leni.s to KcU'd I'roni. Lcallicrcllo (rims. Si/.i's for iill niakos and models of car*. All jins inside ol durable, loii'r-laslini; material. Coin* 1 in today and malto your selection for e(nn|il"l" ^aliitfiic- lion al KIOAI, SAVINliS! were $21.95 to $27.95 As Low I Ircss np your C,i\r for Cloo! Summer Driving . . . SEAT COVERS Installed Promptly as 14.95 per set Help Wnnted Alan for assislanl tnauat'.or'.H ^ol> anil supervise sales personnel. l.urp;e a u ( o dealer, llxiierirnc 1 '; Ix'tnl'iil bill nol recjiiirotl. Excellent \\xiil,ii!i; comlil inns anil salary. Wrile l!ox X, ' ; Courier News. -I ^!l ck "i \'i We Never Close . . . Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. PHONE 578 Courier News Want Ads, Tf you lived nn thn innnn, you'<l KCL* the oarlh -in ihiu 1 ^ bi'i|;hl Mian you now .sec Oio nnxin. PRESCRIPTWKS^ Fresh Slock Guaranteed Hest I'rices Kirby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man' ROYAL, SMllil, CORONA «nil KCMINCTON 1'OKTAIII.R 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 33ail lEvcry Trnnsnctlim MUST BE EATI8FACTORY) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Kxcept (JaVcer) DRS. NIES & NfES Clinic fill M:ihi, Illylhrvlllr, Ark., I'hoiie 2911 Most Jizards can grow mnv Icxi after lo.sing the original ar dago, but the new tail is always boneless. FARM LOANS J Prompt ScrviM RAY WORTHINGTON n. Tune In Prndenilal Program Sunday »l 4 p.m. over \VRF.C Serving This Section for U Ycari 115 6». 3rd BtrtbcTiUCp Ark. Lanfjston-Wrotcii now has the best choice in clean, well runninc/ used cars offered in many, main/ months! BUY FROM US Our cars are truthfully represented to you for what they really arc! GKT A UKTTKR USED CAR FROM . LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL Telephone -101 and your orclrr will be on It's wny In record time. Our Floral AiTnugcincnU) toll a complete story. Flowers - - For Every Occasion 101 nnd your order will be on It's wny In n AiTiiugcincnU) tell a complete story. ™L FLOWER SHOP F.T.I). Service We Drllver Anywhere Ph. 491 Mrs. J. M. (Mac) Williams, owner (ilcnron l)ld|. T. L SEAY Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Point and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 i^Hifti^Ea; •• ••~ ' ii&^-*' ATTENTION FARMERS!! « We have received our shipmen! of Hoosier-Crost and Super-Crost Hybrids for immediate delivery.' Arrange now to call for the corn you ordered. We suggest you purchase a sufficient quantity of seed corn as Ihe supply is limited. SEE US AT ONCE. BlytheviSle Soybean Corp. T800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 Different on't be like that, son. IVe all have to live together on this world and we ought to make the hayen't seen you with the boy door lately. why don't you go over and make friends —like a real little ^-^ talk to him Gy AL VERMEER;

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