Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 26, 1925 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1925
Page 12
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PA'GE TWECVE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JANUARY 26 Radio Programs MONDAY'S PROGRAM KFAU Musical. WLW CInclnnnll, OHIO, <«!3 m«ter§)— S Program. WTAM Cleveland, Ohio. (350 rn«t«r»)— " A 6 Music; 7 Concert . KOA Denver (323)-»-H:M Orcheitra WHO DCS Molncs. (4M.3)-6:30 Orclies- tra.' 8 classical. . WCX Detroit, Mich., (518 metcra)- 0 Musical. „,„,.•!_ >etrolt, Ncw« (B16 mcloriv— vt Worth, ' M72.0 motcr.i)— 7-.10 Miibiffll', U:20 Quartet. J -T-I.-V If'intlnif J*Jt'b.» {i.8fc>.u^-—J.wU \I'1\.^, IJ.LOHlltV »"»^, DANCING ONE BIG FEATURE OF'LOLLIPOP' WOS, Jeffc?; («0..)-7.15 lea- lures. 8 Orchestra. WDAF Kansas City, Mo, t" 1 '" flu 6-7 He tool o( the All. *>- lu Vrogram. H:(5 Nldhtlwiwlcs. AVIII3 Kansas City. Mo. (411 rnoU-rs)— 7-8 Address, music. KI1J Los AnKcl.-s, Cul., (3'Ju mctcrs) WMC . B New Vork, N'. V.. (465 m.lerM- 6 Orchestra: 7 Journal, t.iv Talk: 8:46 Orchestra. WN1-C Now Vork, N. Y. (S28.8 meter,; 0 Orchedtrii! Talk Dance. 7-15 rccllnl., etc. 9:10 lecture. •\VI1N New York, N. Y., (360 mciery)— 0-10 lenlurc; «:2» talk; 0.4j •j'alk; 6:35 OrclicBlm. 1'rogram 9:80 Program.' 10:15 Program KGO Oaklftiul, Col., (312 meter*— 10 Educational: 1- Dance.. WOAW Oinoha, r*cb., (522.3 meters)— "" C Organ: «:30 Program. 0 Grand Opera program 9.03 orchestra; 9:15 pongs. Heralded BS the opening attraction of the New Ornnfl Opera House on Moiulny, February 2 Ada-May na a HenryM. Savage musical comedy stnr In "Lollipop," a new work by Zelda Scare. It rarufor nix months In New York at tho Knickerbocker Theatre last winter nml nprlritt and han been neon In Boston, 7'hllftOnlphla nnd Chi cngo In this new season. In the four cities tlie welcome accorded Ada-May hnn been whole-hearted and generous. As Ada May Weeks, this little dan cer 1ms won fame in "Listen Lester," "The O'Brien Girl" and other musical offerings, but always as a dancer only The iistiite Col. Ravage discovered thai Ada-May could act flii'l entertain as comedienne nnd singer and the resul la "Lollipop." Zelda Sears Is said to have written a delightful book and In collaboration with Walter IX-Loon, some well irorth whllo lyrics. Vincent Youmans ha. contributed his first entire ecore "Ta)(o a Little One Step." "Going Rowing," "Tie a Siring Around Tou FInKer," "An Orphan is th» Girl fo Ma" and "Honey Bun," as Ita catchiest Ull'S. Dancing of every kind and In profusion la tho order of "Lollpop". In fact, tho departure of this manager from his hitherto pronounced preference for vocal attainment leads one to wonder if ho has abandoned his past opinions. JIo denies this, but asserts his belief that modern musical comedy audiences have n greater liking for dancing than for singing and so he supplies n OrchCHtra: 0:03 Orche-itrn. KDKA PlttBbiiiKh, !'».. W-^ mcl « r ?) 6-30 Story; i Concert. 10 Concert. Portland, Ore., anclng to the limit. s The principal players are alt expert ancers in somo of the many styles f terplschore. They are Gu* Shy, Hark Smith, Florence Webber, Waller Craig, Leonard Cclley, Nick Long. Jr., Mario Stacg, Evelyn Bennett. A<lo>r» Andrews, Daisy Uclmore. VTiliara C, Jordon. Leonard St. 1>o ar, Townsend and William Bo!i i= Ive dancers. There Is a lars* of American Kirls and bovs in o the London TU!»r jtlrl»- Ths most tuneful cf th? numbers are "Take » Uttte Ow* •An Orphan !s th* Gtrl tse "Honey Bun," "Bo K>M~ *n- Rowing." Mr. Savage ]pre,!oi»«a it» New Ycrlt cast. M*.~ Good for Weak Eyes The qoMc acUcm ot ttsaple camphor, bydrasti*, wttchbuel. etc^ as f zfrd in Lartspttk eye wash asionUh- j people. Cte* small bcttfcs helps I any cai* wwak, SOTS or strained eyes. Aluminum eye cop free. DeUcate Drug Co. SoH In East Alton by Adolph F. Ktesslinff, Drogslst. ^:T Smith Ave. ()02 meters)— WSD St. Louis Post Dispatch (548.1) S conc*rt: 8 recital. •WKRC Washington (4SS) 6 concert; . fhow shopping; 7:19 pianist; 8 jollities; 9:16 dance. New Series Building & Loan. EOc a month pays $100.00 In 10 years—10 months. $50.00 Shares pay" ?100.00 In 10 years—1 month. $100.00 Shares pay S per cent Interest mailed June and December. ALTON BURG. & LOAN GS5 E. Broadway. H.T.McCre*, Prea. J.P.Bauer, Sec'y TUESDAY'S PROGRAM WSB. Atlanta Journal (42D) 8 10:46 orchCBtra. KFDM neaumont (31S.6) 8 concrrt. choir; wcco CKAC WMAQ Chicago News (448) 6 organ; 6:30 orchestra; 8 book review, travel talk; 8:50 lecture; 8:15 •WON Chicago' Trlbuno (370) C organ; 6:3() ensemble, ulrlng nulntet; 8-11 Do Wolf Hopper, Pirates of Pcnzaiico. KYW Chlraso (635.4) 7 conci.-rt;« mu- oleiil; 8:20 Kpeechea; 8:45, mu- Blcul; 8:45 music; 10 at home 10:30 Nlghthawks; 11:OS Ap- plesauco club. Chicago (845) 0:25 organ: 7 WLf theatre; 8 farm program; »-l« •oprano, play ayncopatom. WLW Cincinnati, Ohio, (433 meter*— 6 concert; 10 quarlod, Inatru- mentnl trio, dance. •WEAK Cleveland (380- 6:30 bedtime story, 7 concert. WFAA DalltiH NCWB (475.0) 6:30 musical; 8:30 rccllnl; 11 organ. •WW'J Detroit News (516) 7:30 yuartet. (soprano. • .. „ WBAP Kt. Worth Star Telegram (4,0) 7:30 musical; 0:30 quartet. KNX Hollywood 0137) 8 music; 1.0 Lion's Club; 12 orchcBtra. WDAF KJIIISHH City Htar (411) 6-7 Ki-hool of tho air; 11:10-1 Nlghthawlts. ,« -. . KJIJ Lo» Angeles Times (395) 8 conceit; 8:30 children; 10 features 1U orchestra. •\VHAB Loiislvllio Times (400) 7:30 concert. " . WMC Memphis Co-nmcrcial Appea (603.0) 8 lecture; 11 frolic. Minneapolis-Si. Paul (417) 6:30 concert; 7:itO tnlkH. Montreal (l'jr>) 6:30 ensemble; 9:21) orchestra. Now York 14S:>. 6 <lo«»:.8:l£ orvhrHtrn: 7 Wall St. Journal review: 7;lO .tolfc;, 6:}0. qunrtct. Now York (405) 7::!0 Switzerland; a iirogrnm.;. 5:3*. WUnl .enter- WHN New York (300) «. Ntapip .screen chain; d:10 employment; t> 'vaudeville; 9:30 .rovuci; V\ i\a.iu'<-; '1():30' drchostrai 11 toil I.evrlw. .... WQTl Nownrk (W>)'ft muiOc. •WOAW Orniilia (536) 6 niJvico to lovelorn; C:2V> lirbsritrrt; !> vlollh, volci>; 10:15 trio; 10:30 _Nlght- KGO Oakln'tul (812) 8 concert: 10 or«he»lrn: 12'dntii'o; sololKt.1. . WO All l-hlluUcliililft (3S5) 6:30 orclic.s- VflP Phlliiilcli>lilA COO) 8 talk; 7:15 ron ; cort; S iveltali'OsOIS sonss, »:'" tiilk; 0:30 orchestra. KDIC-V rittBl)\irKh-(3U9.1)-7-1'i'OBram; 10 concort. \\ f CAH I'lltKbiii-Kh <43«) (t.:45 mlrtrcBs: 7:30 pltiiilHt; 8 Hvcrrcndy hour; KGW Porllmid On'Ronliin «'jm 10 loo- ture; 10:UO vunvcrt; 12 slrol- • WOAI San Antonl" (30U5- *:M cnlqr talneru; !>:30 orchestra. KPO Sun rmnclKeo (42.1> 6:M oreheytni: 0 dnucc; 10 program: 12 WdY Sfihencctnily (SSO) 0:15 Income tay: 7 orchestra, baritone; KVQX Boattlo ?2§8»"'lO orohealra; 11 ' concert; 12 iliinco. WDZ BnrlnKnelil (•'!!!") 6:30 educational 7 hockey Kiimc; 0:K> orelu-Hlru WJY 800 New Player Rolls To make room for the Player Rolls that we have on order we are going to put on sale while they last 800 Player Rolls at 3 for Come early and get first choice of rolls, C. J. Jacobv & Co, 627 E. Broadway. 104-106 W. 3rd Street Double Stamp Day Tuesday 2forl HENLEY ALDEN CO. Commercial Building, Alton, 111. Dollar Dais Tuesday and Wednesdy, Jan, This event will be a real merchandise festival of wonderful values. They will be offered in every, department of the store, and you will have the opportunity to supply clothing and household needs for the coming season, from high clas* goods at prices which will surprise you. Some of the items here mentioned are limited in quantity, or odd styles, or broken sizes, or short lengths, but in the main you will find ample selection. Keep this list, check the items in which you are interested, and arrange to come as early as possible in the morning. The store open at eight o'clock, and there will be plenty of salespeople to take .care oi you. H Girls' Raincapes Practical little rubberized Raincapes, colors red or navy, with d»4 A A hood attached. Sizes 8 to ^i«W Basement . 14 years. Special, each Odd Shoes for Women Slippers, Oxfords and High Shoes, many well known brands, former values to- 57.50 a pair. Broken sizes 2 pair for Basement ner voiuea \.v $1.00 Women's Black Umbrellas Good 7-rib, cotton Umbrellas with, strap or ring handles. Special, each .. $1.00 Basement Women's Gingham Dresses One lot of good quality Gingham Dresses values to $2.95, soiled and ~ ~ "" In broken sizes. Special, each ,• Second Floor ngnain urvaova $1.00 Women's Brown Hose :olor only. All $1-00 Excellent Hose In brown color o" 1 sizes 8tt to 10. Regular iOc quality. Special, 3 pair for Maln F)()or Men's Lisle Socks ; quality, < $1.00 Phoenix Lisle Socks, finest quality, colors black, brown and gray. Sizes to 11'/a 3 pair f ° r Main Floor Girls' Knit Caps Fine knit Wool Caps for jvomen ^ and girls, come in Cardinal color only. Regular 59c quality. Special, 2 for... Second Floor women uim $1.00 Something New Full sized Rubber Sheet, fWilshed ruffle, for infants' beds. These are very new and desirable. Very special .. Second Floor sole. Values to $1.79. Special, pair ... $1.00 Infants' Petticoats Fine soft nainsook Gertrude retlicoats for Infants.. 'Lace trim- ~ ~ med, formerly values to J1.50. Special, 2 for .... Second Floor ruue I'etlicoats $1.00 Women's Silk and Wool Hose Silk and Wool Hose, gray color on£. all sizes, In medium rib. fi»4 I 111 Regular $1.50 grade. «j9.1.nW Special, pair Leatherette Cushions Generous rize. gray. Leatherette Cushlona, for autos, porch and dens. fi?-l IIII Regular "Oc value. ^i«W 2 for Main Floor Auto Cushions Wedge shaped, black Leatherette Auto Cushions, make driving a pleasure. These- are buttoned nnd tuttted. fi»4 «lf Regular »1.25 values. ^9 J.«V s P eclal :"••• Main Floor Infants' Wool Caps cine, soft, \varm. Wool Caps, •white only. Special, £ 'or Second Floor Cotton Crepes Fine Shirting Crepes, also nice quality Cor underwear, assorted fit .4 A\4\ colors. Regular 29o value 2fr 1'»1HI Main Floor Women's Kid Gloves Broken sizes in brown and >lack Frond Kid Gloves. US'! ||| Regular $1.59 values. «{PJL*W Special, pair Main Floo New Dress Ginghams 32 inches wide, beautiful Dress, Gingham, u good assortment^! pat- |»4 Women's and Misses' Hats One lot of Good VeH'et and Felt Hats, all 2.95 -values, plain tailored or fancy trimmed. Special now, 3 for ... Children's Shoes Tan caltaidn, rtUchdbwn Shoes for boys and eirlg, jbroken sizes, fine shoes tor, school and Tor play, with flexlhlo heavy $1.00 Basement Infants' Rubber Pants All sizes in live rubber Pants for Infants. Regular 29c 04 A A values. "«i«W li Special, 4 pair T • * , Basement Child's Flannelette a r en iiais, an $1.00 Second Floor Children's Sweaters Warm partVool Sweaters, most of them $1.00 Cardinal color, in broken sizes. Values to $2.00. Special, each Second Floor Women's Kimonas Odd assortment ol Crepe pretty colors and styles. Former $2.50 values. Special • $1.00 Second Floor \ Creepers and Rompers «able Glngharn, $1.00 Fancy striped, fleeced Outing .Gownt for :hlldren, in sizes .4, 6, 8 fi^>4 f\(V years. Regular 89o value.. OjL*Vv Special, 3 lor .......... • -. Basement Child's Knit Skirts Knitted Sklrte, warm and practical for children. Assorted sizes. O<f |\A Regular EOo values. SB 1 allll Special, 4 for *r ~ Basement Women's Princess Slips AH the new cMors in good grade of sat- teen with fancy or plain fji M f "* fluted flounce at the hot- «M 1 »l torn. Very special, each Pretty little suits of serviceable Gingham, in assorted size* and •*** •* ^* ^^ colors. Regular T?c values. Special, 2 for Second Floor Basement Women's Lisle Hose Black) morcerlzecl; 'r lisle, dropstitch Hose, $1.00 4 yards for Women's Lisle Hose Very fino quality mercerized Lisle Hose, brown only. Sizes 9 nnd fit .41 Uegular 35c value. Sjl 1 « 4 pair for Matii Floor Linen Table Damask All pure linen, silver bloaciied_ Damask pretty patterns. 04 inch ~ width. Launders well. Special ' Main Floor ucueu jjamasK $1.00 Jergen's Perfumes terns and colors. Regular 29c value. * yards for .. t Little Boys' Wash Suits Klnin Floor Bright-Cretonnes Beautiful colors and do- signs. Values to 40c yard. 5 >- ards for ............ Main Floor frctty styles in fine quality Wash Materials offer great values in these little suits. Assorted sizes. " — •"• Regular $1.95 value. Special, each Second Floor In tneso iittio $1.00 slight seconds, in regular 50c Black 1 Cat Ho^se. , Very Special,,4.pairs for ' Basement Boys' Fleeced Union Suit* Ruffled Curtains Pretty Curtains for most any room are these white Marquisette ~ """ ruffle curtains with tie back. Special, pair Main Floor irteu oaors, BIS $1.00 ON ALL CASH PURCHASES ] High grade perfumes, assorted odors, als Bateek perfume. ~ ~ ~ Regular 75o values. 2 bottles Main Floor Hot Water Bottle and Fountain Syringe Velvet, radiant, good rubber Hot Water Bottle and Fountain O-f AA Syringe. Each regular C9c t9JL*\f V values. The two together» Main Floor Fine Radium Silk (C-lncli. nno quality Radium Silk In plain colors, navy, tnn, cerise, flosh und white. Fine for dresses and fine ~ ~ """ underwear. Special, yard Main Floor New Suitings 40-Inch Fancy Suitings, for women's and children's dresses. A good assortment of colors and patterns to C*4| A A choose from. twJL*V V Driving Gloves For women or men in fi»4 A A good Duplex Suede, Reg- OT.L*"" 3tar-»l.B3 value, 2 pair lor ^ ^ Chamoisette Gloves Long, 12-button CbamoUetto al ^ vc *' white only, very neat and en sizes. Regular $1.59 values. 2palrf ° r M*. Floor . firtszy. «roit- $1.00 Men's Wool Socks In brown, _ . $1.00 Men's part Wool Socks, ln_brown,^grey )nd black. Broken sizes. jUc value, 2 for Mahogany Candle Stick With candles. fl.39 value $1.00 \ Women's Union. Suits Heavy, flat fleeced .Vnlon, Suits, In all sizes, 4 to 16 years,- •""• " ** A Regular J1 00 suits." Very Special, 2 for . Basement [I BUUS, m au $1.00 Men's Leather Mittens Leather fleece lined Mittens, with knitted wrist, a dandy one for outdoor work. Regular D9c special. — - - - -• Extra Special, 2 pair for outdoor worn. $1.00 Bungalow Aprons lolled but excel$1.00 Gingham Aprons, slight soiled but lent values. " Formerly-880.' Special, 2 for Basement Kayser Silk Gloves Women's 2-bulU/n 85?* Uned, white onl/, to broken sizes. B«n:iil»-* J1.19 yalue, 'i j«ir i-v> ull $1.00 Main Floor Flannelette Gowns Long sleeved, fancy Gowns in assorted sites. Special, each Klunnelette $1.00 Second Floor Light fleeced garments wlth long sleovo and ankle length. AU sizes. Regular $1.50 garments. Special ea. itli high neck, $1.00 Main Floor Men's Belt Sets :y Kazor, Ail $1.00 Muslin Night Gowns Special, yard Main Floor Wool Storm Serge Excellent quality nainsook In long sleeved, embroidery trimmed Gowns. _ Assorted sizes. Splendid values. Special, each t Second Floor- iwns. Assorteu $1.00 Warner's Corsets Si-Inch width, in txccllcnt quality Storm Serge, in high colors fur 0<f A A good dresses. *P * "r"\ Special, yard Main Floor Boys' Heavy Hose Heavy ribbed School Hose, brand, black and brown, all aUea to Special, 3 for , Black Cat $1.00 Main Flour A largo assortment of good rustproof Corsets In broken alien, flesh und white, also girls' Ferris Waists, ~ ~ formerly $2.00 values. Special, now Second Floor lemi 11 nu wnlto, $1.00 Child's Muslin Pants Excellent quality Muslin Pants, embroidery trimmed, in nlzes 10, O4 12 and 14 years. Formerly WJLt 59o values. Special, B prs. Second Floor One belt of extra flno leather, with sliver buckle and Gillette Safety Razor, All packed neatly in — a special box, Special, set Main Floor Women's Light Union Suits Light weight, knit Union Suits for women In wizen 3-1, 30, 33. Come with low neck, no sleeve, ankle fi£ 4 fkfk length. Regular 79c value «B m »llii Special, ~ suits for .... Main Floor Women's Summer Union Suits Light weight Union Suits with low neck, no sleeve, loose knee, """ ~ ~~ ~~ open or closed gore. Sizes 36 to 42. Special 2 suits Main Floor Women's Velvet Hats lixtra lino quality Velvet 'winter Hals, smartly trimmed, dark colors only. Farmer values ~ 13.95 and f5.9D. Special, each ...... 1 will save your $1.00 D Rubber Aprons Cretonne covered, fancy- Rubber Aprons, very pretty, serviceable nnd-will aavejrour other clothing. Fine- -for ~ ^ titchen or laundry use, 95c value, 3 for .......... Basement Leather Gauntlet Gloves Men's Wortc Gauntlets of heavy Unllned, all sizes. 69c value, 2 for ....,•.*»• heavy leather. $1.00 Fine Percales Light and dark patterns In good Percale. Regular 19o quality, 38 inches wide. C yards for . ....... ,.•••• Good Cheviots Cheviot, blua • ya Sheet Lengths ' ' AA *UU wvw Misses' Upion Suits BIcnchcM. fleeced, ribbed uizo 10 only. A regular: 79o garment. Special, 2 for .......... Union Suits, $1.00 Qacenient ing. Regular $1.39 value. Bpeclafat ... $1.00 Basement v" Cheviot Mill Ends BpwUU «or.

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