The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1934
Page 4
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BLYrHEVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWB THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWB THl COURIER NEWB CO, PU O.'R. BABOOOK, JMltot B. W. 8oJ« NiUotol Adrertitlnc K*ptlKuUUvei: ArkAnsit Dtilles, Inc., N«w York, Chicago, Oetrcit, St. Louli, Dallas, [C»-sw City, Mempfeli. Published Every Altenioon Except Sunday. Entered (us second clsss matter at tlic post oflict at Biythcvllle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October B, 1917. Servca oy tne United prta SUBSCRIPTION RATES By c»rrl<r Hi the city ol BlttUcrule, We p« week or »6.50 per year In advunct. By mill within a radius oJ W rollM, »3.00 per year, H.5'1 for six months, tee for l)j-«e months; by mail In jiostal zones two to six, Inclusive, W.oO per year, In zones seven ond eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Tears jor Insull Senlimmilal folks miiy slicd ;i few tears over (lip siitl f«te that han overtaken Samuel Instill. Certainly then; is something: pnlhetic in his commitment to a jail ct'll in (lie cily wliich only a few years nc», by virtue of his wealth and power, exalted him its its first citizen. There is no occasion to uxult in the downfall of Insull. At worst he was no worse than many another man who still possesses liberty and wealth and enjoys the rc.spect of his fellow citizens. But it is well to keep in mind that Insull is only one amoiitf thousands of victims of the collapse of his companies. In our own' community are a number who lost ;\ major part of their savings when his great empire fell. In Chicago and the middle west, where the. securities of Insull companies were largely distributed, the Insull failure meant tragedy to great numbers who bad looked to their Instill investments u.t a safeguard against want in their declining years. Poor judgment or over ambition on Insult's part, rather than deliberate evil intent, was the fundamental cause of the disaster. If, ns the government charges, lie is guilty of fraud and embezzlement, it was only in a last desperate effort to bolster bis tottering pyramid that he resorted to criminal or illegal methods. The imiwrtant thing now is not that Insull be punished- for his misdeeds. He has little to live for anyway. It is essential that repetition of such disasters as that whiih overtook him and those who invested with him be 'prevented. The federal securities, act, bitterly condemned by those who, like Insull, would achieve wealth and power with the earnings of others, is certainly a step in the right direction. The Insull trial and the publicity it will give the methods he used should prove of value in educating the public to the necessity of maintaining strict control over large scale financing. If it accomplishes that purpose it will not make much difference whether the vcr- . diet is one of guilt or acquittal. We arc so used to working hard and long that uc arc unhappy with more leisure, unlike our Europcnn brethren, who have already learned its nsc. especially in France. —Prof. Jacob C. Meyer of Western Reserve University. Arabian Revival The apparent determination of Ibn Sand, king of the 'Hejax, to extend his ]K>wc'r throughout the Arabian peninsula, suggests the possibility of a revival of something of the military and cultural greatness that was Arabia's in the days of the powerful caliphs of Bagdad, who extended I heir sway not only over the Arabian |H'iiin- ,sula 'and adjacent lands, but over northern Africa and even inlo Kurope, where for a time they threatened I" overwhelm the remnants of the Roman empire. The Arab, in recent centuries, has not been a particularly inspiring piece; of humanity. But his heritage is thai nf a race which for centuries stood in I lie forefront of civilization and scientific progress. He may never ivgain the iw.silion of his forlx'ars, Init there is no reason why he should not again become a vital force in the life cif the world. \VKDNKh5DAY, MAY 9, 103-1 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark I Want Amid Plenty Man, not nnture, IK al fault. Nadue lias uivcn us Icrlilc land, rich mineral resources, c<|ii;d)le climate, nn encrgctlu population. Tliere is here the .seltini; for a hind of luippiuess and plenty Miclt a* the \vorh( liua never .seen. If only our economic system cun be adjusted , c o iill may share In Ihe ampta resources of I he continent. To quote Secretary Wallace's Illuminating pamphlet, "America Must choose": "It is nicnn ami niggardly. In a land so wide and rich as thin one, and many others, to stem the current* of production, and to defl«t the things all men desire Inlo channel? so limited, for a privileged few. It is bad imiiKigetncul. Perhaps we ran evolve; In this country mi economy thill deals In IwtcnllalltlCK instead of In denial. I'erhans In time we .shall be able wifely to unleash the productive capacities of nil our industries. Including Agriculture, find liirn nut for the widest distribution Imaginable the kind of goods '.vlllch Americans, and people throughout the world In general, so iichinyly desire." The hideous paradox of want amidst plenty Ls n challenge to the best- Intelligence ot our civilization. Destruction and restriction of lite's neces-sliies while millions lack them noes asalnsl all natural law. If our administrators and economists accept .social Justice n.s their watchword,'the tremendous problem ran bo solved. In » rich, young land like America, where potential plenty exist* lor all, acceptance of our erolewiuc economy as unchangeable would be to betray the jwopte. —St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "Hut, Henry, (hero isn't supiinstd ( () l )c any town hero according ( 0 ()lll - ro;u | n iu»." Your Nerves, Not Jinx, Responsible for Mishaps HV l)!t. MOItltlS I'lSHHKlN . If you h»|)|K>n lo be one of thos.-• unfortunate IXM.SUIIS who me(-i often with accidents, esjicclally Accidents In the field of tlu nioior ear and other street mishap., fruiuenlly are associated vviti 'ii laved- reaction, sometimes v.-ltli ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Ne*s has been authorized to• nnnoimct the following a.< candidates lor jxibllc olflce, subject to the Democratic primary l August: J'ur (Bounty Jud^e •/.&, 1!. H/UtniSON CiKORCiE W. HAU11AM l-'nr Mertilier CLINTON IF. CALDWKLL Tor Slifrlff and Collector CI.AHENCE II. WILSON for He-election for Second Term I-'nr lltnmty Treasurer JOK H. UIIiL/iHUKTY ROLAND CiKKEN Tor Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADD1KON SMITH li. II. (SKBETJ STOUT Fur Cnunly Onrl Clerk I'llKU FUEL-MAN Pur Hf-Iilectlon lor 2nd Term For Asstssor ft L. llilM.V. GAINES B. C. 11KE) HUDSON For Constable of Chickasawba TuwiLsbip JACK ROBERTSON CHURCH EXCUSES By Ceo. W. Harlllm THIS CURIOUS WORLD My son-in-law ami lave informed me ll i new preacher com s here and wiiile has never met hirer! nun | j^ ll-.r.c. there is' niHir or maybe- I feel Mire he man of my and knowledge and ability f they say like us inn he will challenge me lo debate the iiucs'.lon of proper church management, aii'l i am positive, that he has never been so JorlnnaLe. :us to have me'., a man v:ho mads Ihc success ot! running a clnireh th:u I hud. As soc.n as I took charge of [lie chinch as chairman of the board One S/Z£ OF A MOU/WAM TRUE IN01CATIOM Of THE SIZE OF THS ANIMAL ITSELF/ A L/WGE WILLAW.E SMAUEil TRACKS THAN A MALE WHO IS HER. INFEPiOP, IM STATURH. THERE IS HO RECORD OF ANY GIANT SEQUOIA TREE EVER. HAVING DIED OfOiOAG£. IM JAPAN ... KARMS AVERAGE ONLY ABOUT IN AREA./ C I1J1 BY SU SEnvlC£. IKC. \Vi;!i me?', predatory animals, thi- :ynn- as -.viili litinian benu^: the fcnulcs huvc the .smallest feel. The trucker who is well aet|iiain!e;l nidi inicts will mistake t!ic.-.v ui u fi-mm? for those ol u male. N'K.MT: How iln c riiriiuilc.s me almost immcdinteiy that vlicnjjp yon shake tl-e '.ice all th:> lai:l'.y ' It. was nolj I realized that it had too many j apples drop oir so I began with [ship clown to where i: did not pay 1 member;,, having always heard | th.- establishment of a se! of'rules iio keep a preacher ?n 1 saved that many tliinss were too soocljono of v.-liich required ail me;::-'a !•>'. <:( money — so .;hr> ll:i.-j SJttflWI while at work, don't ntirlbtilc H • siijlit or dilficnllics uf ,. quickly to your jinx. There may Altogether, however, there proba- be actual physical reasons wlfy yo.i blv is: no single cause of s.nscepU- are so unlucky. , i;,iity lo uccidcms. The entire con- Heads of industry, for a Ion.: ,>tittitioii of (he person, concerned j time, have known that .some per-' must be invrstipaicd. including i:ut sons net hurt much morn easily inly his mind and his neru);;:, | thiin do others. And they haw system, but also his wlioie. makeup, discovered that, in many cases, (hi- The i;ivat iiKltisarlcsi thai are person who i.s always hnvinf! acci- tiying lo lower accident rates, or (tails seems (a be defective in r;- the itiv.nance companies csi>cci;!!- lalionsliip to certain special sense--.; ly Interested in diminishing the In other cusas. Ihe worker may i number of accidents, will fine.! it be snlTerin^ from hi.sonitilu or niuy worth while to concentrate have habils of living which maki- him an easy victim. In Great Britain, il has been ai 1 - gucd thai there Is a lari;?r numblr of aceidenl.s on Monday than v\\ other dass of the week, principuliy because of the large, consumption mm muu.i uiinss «rn- iou :]unuiono oi vnicii required ail nifii:- 1 :! l.-ii cf money — su iht-u-d tl'H to be Irm- so witii this kr.o»-U-(l«= I l ; er~ 10 rc-|:ort to me the wrong! i:cw pieachrr "call mo to debatil us a LwsH I bvga:i lo do some' tlcinu •>' nil'.-: 1 inc:ni:o:-a and you | the nii":-:tiun he will maj;c the misJ J '""' " "" ""' •" •- • ..... •. ' " deep thinking and U occurred to may ! ttilnk tl is wrong to use a team of athletes merely to advertise an inslttutlon. —Muvy Charming Colcimiu, president, o[ the American 1'liysicnl Education Association. • * + Sland together anil sncilflce all you liavc II ncccssnry, uul never sacrilicc your coiilliience in the leader. —Air Minister Hermann Cioer- Ing. adiliessiny Hie Ociman people. • * * In a gcncnil way I (hink \rc need some method for economic planning, and economic planning can't be Iind irittxnit economic, control. —Clcn. Hugh Johnson. • . . The German people admire President lloosc- vclt because he is like Hitler and Miwjlitii. a man who docs things. —Baron Liilhard Freilicrr von Hodenbeii', German shipping director. • the .small (jroiips of people respon- tsible to: mos'. of the case's. of alcohol over the week-end. On thi The Editor's Letter Cox : oilier hand, Ihe worker also is bkely lo sleep later on Sunday and go (or u Ions; walk in the afternoon --and yet no attempt hus brrn made In Irace uny rel.i- of accidents on Monday lo indiilyenue n, hi B hly mor- | Cmsn ., s _ ,, k ,, m .,,, v oln , r 0 _ ' al and pleasanl habil.s. U^ ,„.,,.,,.. lms!llkts .;„„ merluoks In any event, the flames c.-.tati miporlant features, in im-ssbg laws I llsli quite clearly Iho fact :!lat to Whisky 'Lax Too (To Elie editor:; , I a»i i;nc!o.)ii:^ yen ti your L'llitoi-ial \\\\ cungrc tion Oil ITpt'fll. U; on il ac- i:i:t,i.\ niviii: TODAY IIOVVX l..\liHIi:i. :,n,l .MAD T. I.I \ L --liliJA L n hi, .-nil Iln «,. lYI.rn U:nlrlii Illl l> tjlltll). [I I for three clays by RcafrGC. Tlie i So Con consented. ttenfroc was ' afternoon performance was in nro^-ja fa^ncloirs showman, but even ne : resa nnd .Nab conltl bear shrieks I was surprised at the uinai>er of i of laughler occasioned by the ap.nlicams to share honors wiili the .clowns 1 antics. ! animal trainer and his bride. Ten I Nub watclicd a farmer lose |t«Wf>les appeared and offered lo l.« llirce dollars at a shooting 5:1! ['"airlcil in Ibo arena for the pruc nil olirnu MlL.ll-llll r hi-r :i tut*. l'i. \vn-:n. r«:i tli :it ry. liill. it,, k'L-y, ihon ?lrol!cil over lo Ibu nvvn- or o( the coiKos^iou and oltored tiis services. Tlie olher itiati. bkicn* hro-A'cd aufl bleary-eyed, sl/od up N'nb and told trim lie u*oiih] pay him 50 cerits :is a "come-on." Nub :icc(*[)tc(t rim! for iivo hours pro(on<l- oil lo shoot re voicing clnclis with a succefj Hint ilrc'.v niui e spectators. Part of llio yi) cents wont for beer. Thcu of S10R ami furn!Fhing3 for an ajiartn-Lenu Knowing tlie value of a lanub, ItcDfrce chose the mos: iiii|Jrei»o.s.=esslii? couple in l li c yronn. The man was little, wizened ami well past GO. Tbo woman was miildle-ayed. almost a giantess, with naming red hair. An ilincranr. preacher, tiadly In need of Innds. consenleO lo porloiiu llie ceremony. O:i Saturday afternoon the "bis; lit'r. 'lirtk-iln In some |X'u;>K' ave lunch (o sustain nrddfiils Ilian Rili.-rs. Of course, tli'- pL-r.soti u]:u IKIS just liact nn acrif!i?iil is likily lo br more cairdil (or c. \iliik-; ijiit he also nuiy Ije luon 1 iii'ivou.s ami for llml itiason less ^e:;(1y In hiH reactions. To m:ikc a wioiHific suicl.v"ol"iiii: w, a iimntxM' of \vorkei.s uho .seemed to hnvc accidents nr.ic'n more frequently llinn dlil <itlu'r.s ivere tests of llic' isi-rvoiLi .system in to bllmuli. .siibniiltrd to inlell:i;iM:ce and to leM-s ot OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams WELL.YOU BETTER CUT IT OUT,'ER VOU'LL HAVE 'EM ALL JUMPIN'OUT TO GIT IN ON SUCH A SPREAD AS THAT SO LOUD AT ' FUNERUL-SO TH' OTHER LITTLE BIRDS IN THAT NEST WILL TAKE A LESSON, AN' NOT FALL OUT OF TH' N6ST AM' GIT KILLED,LIKE THK'N DID I ^&^rf--' ""£•'''•" '•••&».'•'••"'- TOO.eOOD TO MiSS U was i>roved by this mvi->;v- tion that people «ltll IHnir i::o;or resixinse to neive sti]iuil:u:ii:i . likely lo have'accidents nui'rr : qucntls' than those with i:e>«: Kovcrn coruiiiL Llic people of Llt marie up I hi,- I8ih but iicre^us. Wiuui lty Unliticl Suites inhuls lo iTSk-ul they did it. v,-|ien Connvcss me; and come*-d lo ])as.s l;i\\s to govern Ihe sule of liquor they imagined that ihe making o f illesal liquor would stop at unco and thii.-.e who v.-tin:- i cci liuuor would unrelni.-e it at any ' price, lii this they marie a fear- ' fill mistake. The coa-.moii people. Mm co o\ \vnii -nti: s-rom CIIAl'TKU Mil \v ITU J^li m his iiocl:c:. the re = nll o: two xveeiis' l.ib^r oa :lie ^i'ldal larin, .N'nb I'lanlcr con- "bot doya" and ; ; N'nb taiultereil on. Ifintiini; for more' t0 ''' •— - ieiniiLoyincau l!y seven oelock lb=[ j wi13 " ol ouc o[ tl10 spectators, 'evening he bad the v.-herewltbal | Throughout the p e r t o r'm a nee to buy a ticket (or tlic show bin, j Madeline was in a glcw ot nrilici- having remembered how Ho bail I l«tiun. not iiuuiiugl'jil with (car. tlie ce.nva? am! ri:;iiiio?e nt llio last moment Cun a In !:Es youth, tie should ret>e! aud tlic ceremony tail stunt a:;atn ami to take pl.icc! Hail she Leon fuol- ircscrved) aud ?et--i=b to arsiie for llie public display? I lie j follni] \Vonbl tins rain her chance of ever S bis love? not they arc not .stiUi-siui-ji. iui:c>2\nu. prohibition many of diem learned to make lituior and learned thai it COM very mile lo make it. lie- , tides this, those who purchased: instead ot making it found they could purchase what di^4:nt!ed and uojand rave tnt-c.ills. Ihen a ljr;t&3 wi , eri N - 0 -nnoiincfment of Made- b;jnJ slarlcd the \vccjdins ma:c]i. ' the Ions '^« BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From the flics jf the Dally Courier In'.s :or from | Sl.K to $;: IXT pallon. NVIien Con- Hicsi met they passed a law tax- ' li!K it at the rate of S'2.10 |:er ga!- lon and the maiuifaelnrfr l:ad lo sell his product for twice as much Ihe boot!cg3or charecs for his |prodi.Tt. The only way to slop llie jilleual :m-,iiulacture of lii ( .:i)r i.s toi Krida}, JI»y D, 1!)2I The United Daughters ol ihc Confederacy held us ir.,i:r.!i;y mcelitic at ;l;c home of Mi - M II. Hobm">:i Tiiuuday Mi;!: Mrs. Ed John.-o:i. Mrs. Kii)4 M.r.iii-,vs, Mis. \V. D Cti.ivctlc. M. - >-.iiii iliice a rcaionable _.. inannfac;:ire of lesu! l:r|uor, so Dial thev sell a' a iva.-or.ablc price. TI-.-.K. 1 leel that you can p:i; the i:ootletyer o.r. o; bnsi-i nc.x.. as he cannot t::k.: chaises i ot coins to the pen. Congre.=s IIIH.-.I use some i'.Kiament in nlacnv- : i tax on the l> As I liavo said !» fnre. t am op- IXTSK! ;o ihe open saloon. My main leasor. for tliis is u iuvnished a -- place lor a iv;-iaiu -l.T^s !,.ieil biaiselt arfliicut ami <!i:e-;ied inlo It without any qualois cf : a peiKjd of rest. Much at;aii:s'. , roiiseienre. s mullier's wishes, ho set o:T on j l]c „.„ [on ,.,, ( ,. 0]n the srcn:1 li-ami: to tbo Kentucky mciropo , [0 Kcl ;) c .,, nr vicw uf j Ia ,i cUllc . s rpriK cbarint races ended. The. and lan.led in Louisville ifc j f ; , co :m ,]. ,i, 1; c tbrce acts were r rc- J ' audience was slirillini;. lent!.!;; y iliat ••Kenfroc's .Monstrous-' sol ,, 01 , nl 1)|1CC ho lcft aft( ,, the and slompliis. Sn::i!l hoys wlilstlcd irce Itia:; Cirens" was due to lien a three [lays' en:;a:;emcul. \Vasi iersng ulons the main husi- I !i :; e' s irtcii'.ily had jicen made r.r.d lladcliiic adjustcil -.-s :ettion ot the city and star-: |. c did nut know which Kid mi Itiejvdl Hint fell In graceful folds over j i: flrjii winilunf. tie was ac-j Hyla; liars nr Irapczc was to be llic, ! her white salia gown, tool; a !ar,t s!e.' tiy -. small colored tioy who • la-iile Ihe following ai' llo-.v. j i-'lanco at herself In t!ic mirror, and Unit I lina.-. a liamllnll toward hna. lever, he ii::t tlie hamlbil! In bis! then stepped oillsiile where I:™- tl'-cy! .\n > -lameil ;it t!:e ^:C-:TI i>::iHCv! P f: ei:et. so-.:i:l:t ou; a si-e::!i-c":: y r.ail i free, In Priucc Alberl cnn! auc! --ill: tiio::iptly f'jr^ot Ibo wtiolr affair l.:u. ivalteil to c?corl her to the .until several (!:::• s 'l::tc : wlica ttie 'irerp.. ! eircns nail depailcd to new llclili. | Tl.oie w ( ro 12 hri.lcfunit!.: -sit of r:rcc:! t-aper and lie ileridcJ to lienil it oa to his m^lher. She cn'.:ld "have it out" with [lie £ill le farr. -s. I'lanlcr. on reo::;t of (be j l-'lowcra were strewn over ; n:e:it. did u-i:!ih::; at ail. Klic j s,.-.^,.^ f.cra the c.-'-ancc lo i ;! no questions sin! pave Dcnna raU-d cc-n'.er plat. ..-,. Al th» Information, f^iiiod tlie'.sound oE a soi,: L uul :n t!:c =:C-:TI ^Vei-l. ::i-: e;.u-il it ant!. lc;ui ,:.;:. -l a Ijuihl:::::. re..:! tlie "SallMiIny .\fk: :ir,.:,:; il: t Are i.. Om l>:ivnl. K:::^ o! V i:e. -i>. Kia: n: l.'ie (iiea'.eil Cil ihe! t;.;:iiiii.-l. U'iii I' I'.-eaee o! T t. r?: V. l,o V. l le Voau- C-.i . : i. l.lonotu Acrlai o He Marncil la the 1 :,n-ainls ol Spoctn- : i 11 Join Tiicirr; TO | iiii: W!io Will Join lirls were mi(!sets. drctseil In inr- ntan. 1. illet frccki. l.,l l.lelle M.I. ible w;i3 niatroa ol boaor a 1 j ):' I.iicrn was li:c l:csl man. l.incL- in ll-)ly .Miitriuiony at tbe ; • a.iiiic I inic a:i'J al tbe- S-.uiie Place ; l ili:!! care!;::!y ami ;:::: il tie:isurts In a |. : ;;erci ci.^ar orsythe. Mr.-. Mell Brftv; .a'.djwho shonleln 1 ; loaf. Pl.;re the saic 2<-lla Sii-.x.iit as !-.,..- ... s .iol the .nuiT in ;l;e hinds of ic- The elec::on of ofl:,. ; , 1( ._ [snonsiblo people to br =a-1 in bulk suited as follows: Mrs. M.r.'.nrand not allow it to Robinson, pre-ident: Mr.-, o c.'tlie premises. Then i Iwo Cabricl Pi .,' ol (he circus , it c.iod bnsinc ot Ihr ::-l :i:c owner • Ii.ive lho'.j-;!i; i i;;o her name' drunk on ! ;:.!t:e dnm-' of tbe otbcM'? Oa tlio c;!i C.anske. vicr-iiresid.-r.t. Mi- u-„-jkennes s.i crime to b- pmiiMied by ry Moron Giiborl. i,-c»:-,l:i-. s. c- fire, asd i! rcpc'atod. .'.rid inipris- u.ary. Mr< F.iy Mutt. r...:,.. ...,i-[otimenl wi;li !he fii:» I foe! that if,? s,-rivtais: Mrs. 1-'-, \'...u,jlf such law was p.i^-rd that we Ireasiivi-v: Mrs. I-Vanrv- l:IMorian: Mrs. Warnf r ! reniMrar. Mr, Herman C:. tr.dian; M ;s |(. i;. Monta::- ow.irJ Heed of Hebe: Mother c.; N L ,;I Heed, i; 1 aito:r,cy. ;M, announced rildacy ;c:r .-rcretary of . Ihc Dc:r.ona:ic ticket. nil—well. It , '- till::; like llir.;. Tl\ co:ac in ti.niiy sii . 'h.iwoiiid. have lew No;v I,j.MiaceM Connie.-.- i>:u-Mirt lhc ! ;.s-j present l.ix and rec'.ire u to alwnt | •ss or.e dollar |>er c.iijo:; and I feel that this will h-lp conditional onderru:;;.-. Lets iry :t nnd fir.d: ?oli::io:i of t!-. r e,!;e.-tion. Lei's i Mi*. A H. Bottrcll enln- the Mid-Wrek hndge club .4 Main ;•;-'•• Orchids wfro the <U,-c:i:;n :)s (or the ta -.:'.lc not throw ;ip 1-,-;ds and ciodie | Wa3 , ls;ns M, 1( u,ii rc -, cin-.tho Issue but try d:lterent rr.eth- on;Ods nnd find which is best and indonl It. This n.i:c!l:nn. must be [Efttleri and settled rlcht. It's oo '.::ert :important to be tgr.orerl any long.! in er. It's ro'.v.mlly to dodce issues ,iy and. we n-.nst settle the matter and ". si | settle it rwht. JOHN" B. DRIVER L'.ixora, Ark. llie M.i;:.:-c:iic:it ot lleafroc'a Co- , "*« In ">e l>r-ti v=i ol an obi cati'.el- mssat Tluee liiiis Circus Will Give; lj a i!i I" •'"•«• I-" 51 ' I'--: E n :>- M ; s. fl'J'j and i-'arnisblnsa for a l-'oar- l'la::lcr l;o.>:n Apartiacul. Let's Hear l.'rom i w:ls s-'tnet!:!:^ o:l.-! ahxi: :!: Ibv Uny; 2li,l Girls! V.'ho Will 0' comse. Mr,:!el;nc r,:x! Have Ti-,:s Supreme Honor':" : l:tr:1 l!l ° IMOre pror:-.:E,.-:it Only tbe lirit part ot die an- iDuiieoiiunL .-e^istered with Nn3 I'lan'.er. So -Madeline- Gabriel, who ; was realty MaclohriC Simla), (o be married Saturday atiernoen! . How could tills be possible? Nub had left Maiiehne In a wheel chair in a (ami house Jti?i oatsirle o: I.eliaaon only two weeks tefotc Olivi:visly the couM not IKIVC le g.ilncil uso of l:er lli:il>.; in two uctlss. or rejoined Ihe circus. Something was wrong sorne ['lace. Nnh (leclncd the circus. He wanted to E.CQ (he v\edUln£ ceremony and the girJ wnc nnrae. ymce Nub's 525 had vanished, tbo onlj heforo a tot of pa--vrln> yaps! b'-'ll oprnc:! Is the top ot tlie lent aad riliboa streamers, hearing ll:e names. "Madeline Gabriel" nr.d "Cfla D.iviii" m liaxe gold |c;t,r3. that •Here swaye,! in Die tcliil air, set in inu- iff.ivr. | lion l-.y sin at f.ias. Re'alrir! them the |i»c.l! brid 1 - r::-- aiai o[ bor :o !;o. Slowly Ihc pror.-..-i>n sl.ivlcil. tlie llower-raaicU rarryn;; Mncl-> CllCl.'RK In (!:o k:-..-.. I^ Lchanon ci:i/e;i- w,::;:- a I line's (rain and do hruicsinjuis ;1 jfnllowins. Kioai I'.ic- other sine- t.l . Hie a:c::r. c:i:r.e Cpr.. 1|| 5 inco. no-.v cJcvutt of grta-7C paint, was ,. ashen. l--e ll.a mist • A f a ' r "' b'cniy eye-, above lip liT.likely n ?tc llio l.-'il-ii'. 1 -' :iowE-|' Ira ' ( " '" •'"' "?ly sar.rl waKl.crl !<:i;>ci.= a:id that n^ihin; tonccrn- ] every mitioii of tbe lirnnzc-ha!•<.•! in; Her ir.arr:.i;o -voi!::: reneh'tbe B'rl. When licr l:aml wns plnrr: e.ira o! uer ;r,i::'!I.T.!.^r. .\l-i'leli:;r-I '» Con's nn^l licr lips innnMcrl. "I ! . M i :ia-l a;ri'-i?.l to (be puii!!.- «ciM:n? i lil) '" n 6i"«i:'.iercd oalli csiai Con had a: l-r=t rc:-i;.-1 ,ii:air,st | t!i'"»e iijij. ir.akm? a "holy sbew 11 c: bln-.selt | Thai afteincca N'pd Tr.ifTr. He wasn't ready n :mrry vet. He "lumper!" tho sliow a loiint wasn't going lo twai? a n-:r,etlici | man became boss canvvsaiaa wny be could secure i seat at tr.e l!£roro , , nl „, fri , Vi . ln - vsn , | A ., d th:ll sa , M n , hl iv circus «M to produce a bride" *ad j Ken fK(s arsue-1 t!intW:inr.-wi« ' nfier Rising his bride u-i'th in- lal '!- r "!_.. n - 11 ^_« r « B1<ln !f.o' clst ItMrt. They were lo -rnMin in l.™i;. alfeciton than he l,.irt nitnei vllle for three d^ys and soaietliirif; ,slio\v:i. ir.f^nneil her be w.i> i;,ij • !ml to be done (o attra.-t th- pulv ; (o p :1 t her In tils animal act a i lie. A dcuhlp wr-irtir:; •A-.-.-.j'd te cive tl:e pabiic sometbir,^ new ht ;iii& to <Staw a crowd. fisr&CiAh^ • thn'la. tint! some son ol employment uul earn enough for a UckcL j T WAS Ihrta o'clock reac'jed t!i« l<ilr grounds, lesse ! i CHih prize -ere ai!i.-hsd 13 It. I (To lie Contlnuf-d)

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