The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APK1I, 2!>, 1017 Mexico Seeking Large U. S. Loan Nation Seeks Funds To Speed, Industrial Production WASHINGTON, April 29. (UP)— . Mexico Is negotiating with llic \ United states for a loan to step j up her industrial production, it was learned today. Mexico has nsked n loan of! $150,000,000. an official of tlid Ex- • port-Import, Bank said Mexico will i not receive "anywhere near that amount." Mexico probably will less than $50.000,000, a spokesman said- She will have to get an. additional loan from The World Bank, the spokesman said. He said the Export-Import Bank had been negotiating with the Mexicans for some time. The final outcome, however, will not be known for several weeks ^•'Gooci Neighbor Policy in Texas'City/-- _ ..-•j'j-A-.r-..-"'-. • '• •: .. -Z) , , j , '• • ' / *• ff \ s *.-*-• T I - *f~ .-• ",••-... Ambassador to Italy Expresses Confidence •NAPLES, April 29. (UP)—U. S. Ambassador James C. Dunn voiced confidence today that lt:i!y would Jjc able to meet any challenge made l>y "influence.'; from tile outside tliat might seek to curtail the freedoms which go with democracy." mini; spoke to the Naples Chamber of Commerce. It was liis third major address to Italian business men this month. While he did not identify the "influences from the outside" against which he warned, his listeners believed he was re- '?*^C?t- <B " if- ygp-. " 385* bors jiitcli in lo lu-l|) c-ticli other repiiii- ttieiv Mast-damaged homes in'Texas City, Here seven ., t-virfjt'nU'r^- &<j lo \vuilc <jii one \vrcclicd house 1 . , (IS'KAJpholo by linii'y Leder.).^^.^...^ foiTitii; to Communist!!. He said UK' United Stales would continue to MinKjrr Italian r ; f(oi"s toward the ri'-cst::!)lishm™t "I ceonojnie .i!:<bit;!y, .-i.-ul '.v.-is anxious U> do bu^inr;<s with Huly. Duroc/ier May Get Role In Film of Landis' Lite HOLLYWGCO. April 23. (UP) — Ellsi:endc<l for a year by one luiso- mmiraiciiicr. L c o <U|)ny> pi- Sr j t(lin Loses Sheen ' -,v3!l b;> oik-red :». job in a -. , - _ ' . su-om-j Oue to Extreme Cold The ni:umi sioner "ii:-i.i ban: }.!><• pi I-ii;di liai:." DoilHCs-s 1 LO.N'DON, 2D. (UP)— Tho- :ti:oul another, Himl lituciio suicl today. lot-inn- Brooklyn [/or, " down" by Commis-l mll:1 William's, agriculture iniuis- A.-II. (H»|>)).v) Chandler for (li-triiiH-ntul >n biisetatl,"! will an {ip.jcji'tunity to nppc-ar in /.-hnixittion of Uic book, "Jlltl;j' ; nd his 12ri yf'urs of liu^e- stiidiit spokL'.siNnn sairj. ter. sfiiil today that 4,050,000 slice;) mid l«ml>s—20 per cent or Britain's rio.-t:—died this winter as a rirs;ilt of flood.s a:ul freewill); wcci- tlKT. Copyright by Given Davenport; Distributed by-NBA SERVICE, INC. THM STOllVi Vti-tij- IN TTt-c iiT tin.- £iifilm ivltrti ti .strjtntr t»iiif.s 111>. Slit'- tnkt-M lil ni f JLHlfi.-y nnil l.rlnus Mm I,, in- bun HI*. Siiftlitr fs rntuir vlu-n sfu- seo* htm. '•lIiiHll ku ivblM;<i-rM. "Ciiu It Ijot" I TN the mo | lorin said mentary silence Vic- gently, "Another one of 1 your old friends, Grandmother?" \ Sophie looked at her grand- daiigbter over the lojj of Basil's head, "But, darling, excuse me," she said, breaking away. 'This is the great Basil Vasilov. -You're too young to remember, but lie's one of the most famous dramatie critics who ever lived." I Sophie drew him to n sofa and sal, pulling him down beside her. "But sit down, Basil, nnd tell me ' about yourself. What are you doing here? How long hnve you been in America? Where have you . been all this time?" ! "I have been slaying jjenr here. .Working." "Working?" ~ "My book, "The Doom of the American Stage,' in seven volumes." ' "Button- clever!" cried Sophie. ;"To stretch one book into seven ! volumes. It must have taken I years." j, ''Eleven," be admitted proudly. j "Of course I am not nearly finished lyet." ' | Vicky saw that her grandmother land Mr. Vasilov had drawn to- 'getlicr in the intimacv o£ old friends, shutting out anyone else. ] Without speaking, she left, them alone and went back to the garden. Sophie and Basil were absorbed. • : "I want to see your book as .soon as I may," sr.icl Sophie. 1 "Ha!" he said. "I clu;ibl the book ever gets done. I cannot work. These people with whom I have been slaying in Boston do not provide a congenial atmosphere. :At first it was well— now they jaave lost mlercsl,— " w Hasil; \\-lio liai! nncc IcTI liotne and wife lo follim lier, was now ucfilccleil and llnapiM-ecialed. T-JFi", paused sisnilii-antly. And in '(he pause Stijiliie's fiinseii'iic-e began working :ii;nin v.-itliin her li!:e yeast. Slie thonylit uf lin-^il, \vlio had left home and wife in Russia to follow her, bem:; no\v i'.cgicclccl and unappieeiati-d; Hie Ihoiight smote her consc-iiau-e. Tl-.eto was' still a Rood bedroom . vacant at Gray Slunsjles. ! She '.lid not hesitate. "nasiU" sb.e oxelaiovd. '"You inn^.l stay here! Where couhl yen; ihul a more conjtctiiiU atnm^phereV Wo've plenty of I'oijm and we ean all help with your book." "a\o, no/ 1 he protested, kiss:..-. her hand. "You an- tno Kind, as always. I came merely lo roll—" Sopliic hrgan an olt-qiMMit plea in-gin^ Basil lo cmis-ider hi* o».va comfort no Ic^s tluin lior -,\'is'u\--. S!ic V,-;KS bciiiL! :'-i> i>crs(t;;* }\-- . h:tn- dling her voice with all (lie :kil! i she j>os.scs.---ed in tile urc i'f i:? \ i-anae and depth and u ^•:KUH:,-. j that she frit sun- S)M- \v,<;:] : \ i,.-i\-<- j received a jlratufi;! J alter another .sentence or 1^\ o Juui not Marcel nnd Sir Charles conic :)nrnblin(! down the stairs into the hall, drawing suitcases arul ' all the paraphernalia which thw artist tad taken with him from Paris to Buenos Aires, to Cairo, to Chicago iind Denver, Melbourne and Sydney, Budapest, Vienna, Sofia, lomc and the French Riviera. Sophie stopped impatiently. ; •Perraull!" exclaimed Basil, not without a trace of jealousy. "I was iust ijoing to inquire about liiin." "l.ook who lias come, boys!" Sophie called out. "A surprise." * * * I WHEN they appeared in the doorway, she displayed Basil with a proprietary air, as if she iad produced him from :m opera hat. "l.ook—it's Basil! Isn't that underfill?" "Basil," a c k n o \v 1 e d g c d Sir Charles. "So it is. But I thought it was Clod trey who was expected." "How are you, Sir Charles?" Basil snid. "Still in livery, I seo. And 1'L'rrault. 1 didn't think I'd ever meet you again." Marcel put down the suitcase be was carrying and. advanced into the room. "Why did you not expect lo see me?' 1 he inquired. "Did you ex- pi-ct hoavcn here below eh? Ho\?are yon, Basil? I regret you find me just leaving. Perhaps you know Godfrey is to come." "f3ear IMorccl!" Sophie pleaded, pulling out all the stops. She be- j;;m to wonder if lie might really mean to leave. "Won't you stay if tir.sil docs? You two always •lot along well enough. Ah. please! I cotdii never rest again if I had to think of both of you with nowhere lo £o—" The little Frenchman sniffed, worrying- his mustache to hide the Ui:mHing of his lips. Ilo he<i- t.-iletl. "Well—" '•You will!" she urged, pjcssing hc-r afivanlnge. '•Don't lot Mansbridgc frighten ynii oil', Marcel," said .Sir Ciiaries, kindly, "You should bo able t-j s!.!i,-d it if r can." I "I'll slay if you will," Basil said ,' .•••tKMli'.-ily. "Since Sophie sec-ins to - v.-i. ii it so much." . A;.»«-l allmvi'd himself Uic luxury of. beiii}: persuaded to remain. To Be Conliuucd) Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople Q u t Owr Way For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On medium site and hirtfe tracts-. No cvlras. Full' repayment privi- fcsc. SKI! US FOR QUICK SERVICE ON FHA LOANS Fur Hnildlng or Ilcpniriii;/. Also Autd Truck and. Tnictor LOHIIB. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over G Muni's Jewelry Store Ulythevillc, Ark. x^K^ >1 ^" • ' /' *i,J&^dr- corn, i--,? i':/ r.rv nc T. M PEC, u. D. r/,T. f>rr. ^'"23 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 01 at Stale Line Phone liiydievillc 7M 1 New 12-ft. Double Duty Meat Case For Information, Phone telephone 2250 "I'm starting a new hobby. Mom—a museum of nil kinds Of funny stuff! After you're through wearing that hat will you save it for me?" KUICCKU'.'S & HIS FRIENDS By MKIUULh I5I.OS8EU Dismembered Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST INSURANCE AGENCY ins NorlU Second for Complete Protection ;A^,)f THIS IS A ^(WEL-LAftvAWS T|4£~ ; wsMt HOPS s'oij (toONST //•^AE:S T '' AW WORD, MBS. 6i?ANNi(GAiJ HOW SOUTl'.W-LS' s'lBRftsn- • SOO APPEAR THS EVEsitMGf- BROUGHT YOU BL6NSDS T // ^OU UADT& . -ARWOMIOL5SLV \vntrt /I BUY US A , *ORHQME:S P 6* F ecT <'\ PRESENT /^TORE/ TO STAY ^-> TA.S M THE /YOU'RE GOIMG TABLE / I TO---- CREEPER.S, ) IF ICAM'P HER FEbT / BURN HeR MUST BE / CUT, i-u N'WDE OF I DRAG WOOD/ 1 our.' 1p ; Lawnmowers . . . Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work gunranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week— * Pontiacs * Fords * Chevrolets * Piymouths and others Place yom- order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Toi> Dollar for Clean Late Model Cnrs £ BUD WILSON AUTO SUES * Phone 20.'i7 Cor. Franklin and aiain St. Arkansas Srate Planting Seed Grade'A'D, & P. L No. 14 Cleaned Treated New Sacks Purity 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED tiGfa PER SUPPLY J lOU JON Also Ogden and Royal Soy Becms S4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansas' WASH TUBRS Enjoy Yourself voini BE MlCWED NFE AMD I PR! "J KNCi 'KOMtSE- YOU WON'T LIV5 '^ CK IT our OF fAV HMJP! 1 -~t—1~. ^—-r---. , r 1 r~-?^! 8V I.KRI.FR TtlRNE* IN CASE OF A Y BCt ABOK'EE TO VOU'RB TOO BUSY THW COULD CEEftTE THE TO LEAVE VOUP- SLIGHTEST SUSFlCiON! LABCEATOES'...AND HA SOUS. NEW WE, ASSISTANT,,. IT'S WOW TWO HOURS TILL rAVUSH'f, S SLEEP TILL THEM,,. NNP LET'S SEE VOU GET COT THAT WIMPOIV! VJElLi FtEASAKT OS ...OTKECWISE S'OUtU BE COVERED &V I.W CUM AT ALL Kidnaper's Payday f'-V V. T. HAM UN E A CouVLE O'rtO56S.s, . ALKALI— IT'S tir-NE FOR|-A5 To t-VKET tVC SAL -ODK' TO CQLLE.CT . EE:^ ABLE TO RAISs" A REST/ \^HY, \1&/ WITH THESE YOU FOOLS, 1 '"/ ROADS •you've BEE;^J Ir/r S'OUR BEDDED J_-~\ I THOU&HT WE TOWM IKJ Th' X^-JSa WERE STILL CAR ALL TH' A-^'I DA.WQMG AMC? ri/.-^V WAV FROM \Ji : l I JUST HAD TH' O\MCE) J^KX TO SIT OME fe?S^^ OUT/ 6E6 ANiV \ SM LlliG DIHE- I?iic Monu'iit ^7}Sir,B^< -i IN ACTION ...D=ST LLUSTRATE.D ISO K OPTS AXD HF,R HUPP If 18 I5Y iMlCJIAl'.I, O'AL U.UCY ;iiul R.AI.I'U 1,AM ^ WELl.WEH! MAJOR Y S\\rtll OF CC.'rtE,! -i\-v-y,^ Vou, VCCl'O J iVTHc PARIItS A> ;;iS.TOM6l(T V^UANOI 'f? IN [>!NE ftioric A;;o FIC-HI rat WASOV2B. / SHE'S WONUERfUL.VIC: AU VERY ) iUDDEM.TOO. THAT'S WHY I GAVS / YOU SUCH SHORT KOTICE IN ASK- N IHG WU TO STAWD J AT THf WEDDING, ] MR. FLINT.' I'M SURE YOU'tLBE AVERY SMOOTH BEST MM!.' y K.CVROS VESNON, tATEj YOU IO-v.,.. OFTHE MAR!HES--AND\ VIC.' YES, / YOU'RE GEim.'G ^-ii:s TBUE. A ' All I NEEDED TO COMf TO NEW YORK WAS A GOOD EXCUSE. MY CUD C.O. GAVE IT TO ME. I fEEL A IOT IESS GRIM ABOUT IT AH ER YOUR ADVICE. I'M JUST WONDERING IF THERE'S ANYTHIKS AIRLINE HOSTESSES OONT KNOW/

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