The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 4
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VAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVlLLIi COUUIEK NEWS TUB COUUIEH NEWS CO, POBUSUEH3 '• O. P.. BABCOCK. Editor H. W. HAINBS, Advertising Manager 6<we National Advertising Ke^momatlvra: The Thomu P. Olurk Co. Iiic,, Ne« York, fhiladelpiua, Atlanta, Uailw, Sou Autcmlo, San ?jrancisco. Chicago, tit. Louts. Published Every Al'-trnoou Exccjil Sunday. Entered ts iccond class matter at the post office at BIj'thevUle, Arkansas, under act o! Congress October a, 1917, eervcd by IDs UnKed Press -~ SUBSCRIPTION RATES *•'- By carrier In the city of Blythevllle, lie per " week or J6.50 per year tu advance. ~ By mall within a radius ol 6(, mAJes, $3.00 per •••• year, tl.50 tor sis months, 85c lor three months; '~'..DS mail In pcstel zones two to six, Inclusive, •i. WiO per year, In tones seven «d eight, 110.00 -.••.per year, payable In ad7»nc*. ;:. Ounce of Prevention '.*;; Ever since Delaware decided to take •- a hand and spank its erring children ••_ she hasn't had nearly so many mis- ;;; demeanors. And now Pennsylvania is ;• wondering if the punishment used by T-.-. the state next door might not work ~- : pretty well in her own backyard. She ?;• doesn't know whether or not she '•• should take her wrongdoers lu the •- '- woodshed. -• Racketeers, highwaymen, and lesser •^i lights in the underworld have been get'»S ting ratliM- bold lately. Somehow be- j|y ing locked up for awhile doesn't seem to -:'bother them. "Doing a stretch" is •-.spart of the game. And a good many LV people think thai an old-fashioned ^thrashing might be effectiv;. •v : Physical humiliation, before one's ».*.=• fellows, is .•omelliing that takes the '* braggadocia out of tiie most hardened ';?,'crook. .And a beginner, who is just >M starting his apprenticeship, would prob-- £;-:ably decide that the game was off. "-• No small boy gets any pleasure out • *~ of going to the woodshed, under the •.^compelling influence of a father's hand, -••whil&all the neighborhood urchins grin •V" mischievously from the alley. No mat"- ter how brave he might have been in -.-: climbing a tree and stealing forbidden ~'. : apples, his pride crumbles in the dust ^Swhen the hair brush or hickory limb ".'" enters the picture. If he had merely li; been sent to bed without his supper he _•• could have posed as a hero. But being ,^£ spanked . . . T^ie,.sdw that was Greece '•-•• and the grandeur that was Koine ar=n I ' -any more obsolete than the hero that ;'•! was Billy Jones or Johnny Smith. Perhaps the blows are given lightly. But that has little to do with the case. •-. It is the very fact that they are given ' which humiliates and grieves the ersl- '.' while gay, brave victim. This same'principle applies to the ". • older breakers of graver laws. Punish. riient is so much more personal when it .' is done with a whipping machine. It . makes the one who is being punishsd 7 feel like a culprit instead of a bandit king. Many claim that the very fact that - whipping breaks the spirit, of a person •• is proof enough that there should be a - hands-off ruling. A spirit that rides ••:_ rough shod over other's rights and ~ privileges certainly needs to be curbed. iOUT OUR WAY If some all-wise way of loading it into tisjful channel.*, without lliu whipping post humiliation, could he fount! no one would object. But if it can't, a few strokes of a paddle, if thuy will prevent the murder of dozens of rospt'ctalilc, useful citizens, really ain't hi' such a hrul Ihiiip. Besides, no one ovtr goes to a wood- flied unless lie luis broken n rule, If whipping is s» dreadful it will be f. mighty good ounce of prevention. And the spanked parties will have the consolation of know lliat it really is hurting the stale worse to take that means' of bringing them back in xtcp than it is (he victims. For we don't want In go backward again. \Ve would much rather reason with the erring oiu?. Hut they won't listen. —Helen Welshimor. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 191-1 SIDE GLANCES, By George Clark tfZP&ZZ r ****fi n ("i/vK Doctors ill tmcr^encics The doctors ilsc to heroic heights in lime of emergency. There hus never been an epidemic, a dfsastcr, nor any yre;il ciiciinislanco calllmj for medical and Liirtilcnl ulcl beyond 'ihc ordinary in v/Iiich tiio inedii'iU i»rofe.s5io]i Ins not distinguished Itself. Th? drontl) emergency is no exception. News come to us from Arkansas that the doctors of that state have gh'en tremendously of their services mid their equipment to aid the suffering. Says Dr. C. W. Garrison, state health, officer. "They've gone the limit; they've given 'their services, they've- given their drugs. They even have mortgage:! their homes to gel.funds tha!, would enable them to keep on helping o'.hcr victims of I ITU drouth. Some of them have so Impoverlshci themselves that their families nve actually eoinf hungry. It they weren't proud they would be in the bread lines. "If they don't get financial aid they won't be able to ccnlinuc. There's not a chnnce tlinl any ol their patients will be able .to pay them." . ' It Is a similar story to the epic of the doc- tars oi Hi? yellow favor epidemics of the 1670 ciccndo. Throughout tho south in those dicnd limes the''doctors gave their all. Many of liicm were martyrs. All of them suffered In ccnsectncnce of their loyalty and courage. These Arkansas doctors who are sacrificing themsshci fcr the 'relief of pain and dlssa^e In their (•(immunities arc virtually all country doctors, already celebrated In song and story for their virtues 'in limes o! calm anil in times of stress. But the city doctors arc capable of the same self-sacrifice and fortitude. The whole profession recognizes its obligation nf service to suffering humanity. No one group cf doctcra is less nuarc of it than anu'.hcr. In tlie cities mnny members of the profession could cite' us of dally works lliey tlo for the s!ck and destitute, lor which lliey receive no other compensation tlmn (he recompense of satisfaction that the high humanitarian obligation of the profession and the Individual's own awareness of it have bcjn met. If appropriations arc not to be made for food for the hungry, tiiere should at leas! bo state recognition of. tin value of medical services in this emergency. Drugs and medicines should be provided by the state or by the government, and the doctors, unequalled in importance at this time, should be allowed compensation for the services which they civ,- so willingly. —Commercial Aupcul. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP On Fcb, 11, 1VM, Daniel lioonc, r. nion'; bsckwcodsmim and pio- o;r. \\K Lorn in Buclrs county, ! I'rnnsy-vanla. Uls rather, a fanri- | ur, mov3d to Norl i C'arrjlina \ l :hcn Daniel v, as 13 years o!cl. | The boy had little education, Uil i i he knew the wo:ds and Indian life. I ] Wlicn 34 y:ai-5 old. h- went wuh j five otliers into the wltrts of KOII- I turky. He had many adventure; 'mid lights \v;tli the fiivnae-, and i was captured by cue oi them, but • ::.c:ir.ed. Shortly after he mov.?<] Ills own and five other families f;'om Korih Carolina o Kentucky, he built a (crt on the Kentucky Kivc-r which he named Bijpnesboro. Th? Indians attacked the fort feve:.n! times but v.crc drhen oil. In 17(8. lliey (aught Bcono ami carried him to j D:trc!t. where one of them nclcp'.cd ' as a son .Hearing of a plan to M'.ack Bonesboro. he ran away ami, reaching his for., defended it with M men against ]ar ; ;i! forces of Fnrlians and Canadians. lie lived in until about I'isa, v,:icn he Inn his Innris through ilefectivtl title. He died in 1820. Troubled Citizen Sencis $5 for 'Borrowed Tools' "Suppose I hike your piclmx' mid then you sell me some i mils—wouldn't llutl stiinuhilu business?" Proper Nutrition Helps Baby Lo Ward Off Disease ' PHILADELPHIA, (UP) — The ! citizens cf the old Q.iaksr City ha\c r.I-.vays been uo'.cii for their conscience, Since the city treasury was started. tli; b!i .' side of l!ic ledger has 1 '•'•!! secularly nn?mented by little offerings from tlrsi 1 who. vcall.' having defrauded the municipality.; Th; latest contribution to the" I "Cons?itncc Fund" was n brand! new 55 bill, which tlie doncr stat- cd was to repay tile city for tools he "borrowed" from the LOOKS UKE A SPlOFK, To VJHICH SUT HAS I.CGS TO 6E SO CLASSIFIED. IT IS AM iNHABlTAI-fr OF ARID /3SSIONS ANO LIVES ON AHTS,\-JHKH irCATCKES WITTY ITS CHURCH EXCUSES - Hy Coarse \\. of Highways seven y;;us ago Well, I've just !carnc:l of scmo- ! thing new in Church work, or 31 1 least when I did more or le£5 r oos Church work, w.^ did not have .such Bureau! a thing as a nutint; committee (Tlite Is Ihc fuurlh and lust i:f a scrk'S cf.arliclrs liy Or. I-'ihhboln on rhlld problem?.) IIY 1)H. MOKKIS Eilitr.r, Joiiinal uf Hit- AnKTiu^ii Miclieal Aj-ocialu-n, anil ut lly- licra, HID fllalth M:!^aitn: Wiien tl'.c child is b^rn it con- jslitiites from Ihe very first mumc:i'. a problem to which everyone ,c! the specialists concerned muslglv? attcnlion. rio]:?! 1 r.utiiticn nmy niean lii^ nYCiclnucc ot innumerable dise,isQS,' f.iii;i;(;!c and w;iil::u when the? tuck you in bed, I ;oun:ler find «nu'gle abotji. , ' Yell till your small pudgy face blight red, You'll presently weary them out. P'lom c^ose obsetvalion you'll lean: by degrees. If you howl long enough you can do as you please! I valh?r a Church AULendance Co;n— •. mlltec. li :ooks ;ike they are al- HARTFORD, Conn. (UP)—Poiul w «>'s getting up something new- ties, ar.d the Judiciary would te di- j They cair.; to see me and when voiced under.a. bill- introduced l:i! onc of :nc '"dies told me she liad tees fiom 'holding' judges!) ip A child trained to a sysieinati: prcaram ot life, a child vvha i/^-s tint Us pur'en.Ur kno\V e.'i-iLil'/ what they arc doing arid, vflisn it Nmiing by the mother 'sires', to th? .begins to understand finds out why Infr.nt nul only the sncrey valiisc they do it. is K3:113 to b: a much ol food bub also substances con- nicrc happy child a::d at the s:um Iccined with resistance to limes a much wore erficlrnt mnnb;.- Atliriclal feedln.; K £ujccr-:u! !• uf llle ccmmunity. .. f . ,' IniiiLiy cases: indeed, in se.:ne :r.- Beyontl Uie pliyjtual a"i:a mehta ijlancrs, mere sucerssfrl t'nnn fcoii- 'factors nssocialeil with the re.irhr. I ing by the breast. But tin- v.i'-t ol tr - c normal child there ar; (he | majority of babies still thrive b?l- \ tremendous problems concernin? Icr on human milk ^liul it is i:u- ''* isBiulicapr-rd tiiat have already lioftanl that 1 they hive this Inutn'., tefn mentioned. fluid as. onc mluht sa'y, their con- j The progress of medical seieju 1 :; slilutianal right. -has made pu.'Mble a grc-a: servi:e ] Tlie bel'.aviorists have disc;) 1 , ere .i , to " 1C5C unfortunate children. Tlr.- ithrit habit formation bcains vr 1 ,-, c:ip,i!ed arc lojnircd by the ne\v early in life. Tlie child crleo b-'- .recui.strnrlive surgery; Ihe hard of election to te held April 7: Tor M.v.-rvr A. I!. FAIP.FIEI.D • l'r:r City Trtiwarer BOSS BEAVERS f re-clLC';oL:. 2:id term) ol their business. Then since I was planning ;o set her lo take rrtv children to Church with lies 1 I f.?U I lincl better be careful \vim I r/.i'.cl. When I toM them t had FD nrnny duties it] addilirrt ti nvy home ana ch'ildrfii that It was almost, impossible, tcr mo to do anything more. Son 1 .? of my chtbr, meet every week, some every two weeks, an'd then our friends drcp in cne for two nights each week for a friendly game. Tlieli husband and I must return these visits and on Saturday night our small crcwd mcelr, and as some cf the men work a bit we don't get started to playing until late, so \ve don't get h"me until morning a let of the times, so it is impcssib'.? [or me to get up in time for Church. In fact, it is all I can do tc get the children ready. J finally t^lu them 1 wculd be awfully giad if I could find someone to senci the children with as 1 felt like 1 should not r?5'e?t .- . their religious tramius. I thcuilit I mopped out. .1 hardly knew what maybe she '.rauld take tl-.e hint, ana lo c-ny I fii'-t Uiu;shi it wai none, say she would call for them. raoveti in ci:r MigiifccrhcoU and 1 j nad been planning on going to ses h " anti £ee if sho w - u "' ii:d Iak " ing Sister and Junior to Church The Courier Ne7:s has been an- : v.ith hsr. but as I was not rosily i thorire:! to make the following ' acquainlsd with her I v.'anlrd to aniic;ir,c;ni£!it3. subject to tlie will; mako some invcftigation before of tl-.c p:oplc at (be r.iunicipal CusHnj --?r with my children. ; Well, they said tliey \v.?rc a vis-, i itinj committee and in looking over ; the Church Register they had j fr/.inu rr.y name and they had eall- ' cq to s:o why 1 lud so completely. : cause it walils arlriHlcn. If tlv; •hear i:| g the ui.: 1 . of parents yield to (he cry; the" d.- i "i"- allcl »'• some inbtanee-. aided mond for attention becomes a ; by electrical devices; th; child ivit.i habit. : Impaired vi=;cii is provijt:! wi'.n The child learns rcmarkiitiy i ' Presidcnl Hoover has posed ior a portrait reccnlly. but no one 1 has yet ventured forth with gcssip of an "oil" scandal. • Many n man can to the alarm clock. attribute his start in .\AJWOT ? FOR COLLAR OFF A MA'S GOOD COAT Of-'FA Ti4 CO^VT OKJ . ATS HAFTA Be A learns riulckly how easily it can <lcml!i:i;c Us fonfl parents rmd. like all tyrants, it loves to exercise ils p.v.v- er. l'crimps the follow-In? 110:111 of "Advice to n Baby" by Ja:i>'.-? J. Montague, copyrighted by him .11'.:! reprinted by special perml^ion t;;" the Cntcago Daily News, express s Ihe idea better than nny Eneni..''.' document: Wrinkle your (orehenrl an:l pu.-lc.-r your nose, Trove you've a wlllof ycur <.n;i. Hammer the crit with yoi;r pi:;k litlle tees. ,M|| iltllS i Their buHying spirit you ton subdue. i If only you lie there and <• .•;.-. ] For they are just flesh nr.d hi;:;:! ; crcAturcs like you. , And you'll set on t!:eir nerve 1 , by j and by. Bid fear of these blustering pri:.\n- ups nvaunt: If yc-u howl long enough you v ill set what you want. Like a lisp when you'd i rattier play; Even if some liable 11 do? Blether and lather don't sleepv.h.n i it's day; Why in the dickens should y.v.i? tuitable lenses: these weakened by rheumatic disorders and heurl disease are [might proper cor.-,=rya- ticn of their energy and pv?n occupations .suitable tr, tl-.eir stale ol life; the automatic mny b; .studiiud by modern met/.cds to licLuimin: the Eiilistaiicc to which they are peculiarly sensitive and in ?o:r.e instances desensitized: the cli'lci that breathe.; badly because ol enlarge;! adenoids and iviiose ihrcat is constantly Liitectcd can be iaadc r. happy, s'.ronj child by imijier attention to tr.cse source.s of infection. The one important .^tc;> at j]rr.s- ent is lo gc; infornniicn to parents as to what CPU Ij; ;iccom- plished by sciextiric nrcheii;?. lv, sociclcsy. by psyclioJosy. ;n::l \r; public i.i'aUh v.-ork, in c;-;!',>:- | they and their children !:;.iy have ' the benefits cf oil I.-.LII niodcin medicine, modern cducalbn ar/.i modern social welfare lave lo offer. MOBILE. Ala. (UP)—l-.vj priceless documents in tlie p.)-M':,sion of Alex C. Birch. United DMiicl attorney at Mobile, ar; tin; original draft of the conslltnlicn of t h c Confederacy nncl tlie first "bond" issued by the con[e:!cnuc government. in Pennsylvania whose seed they certified, so we arc the only onts who have the right to sell certified tomno seed. j\s pur acreage was so large they would only certify ttircc vuiciics—Marglobc, Greater Baltimore, and Bonny Best. These varieties arc sold only in blue cjrdboant, lidio- eranlicd packets of V, and IS Ibs., \viih the sul of the ttstc of Pcnns)tvjni.i scaling them. We arc aJto rhe introduceis of Tlie Lindtc:li. Ljr.itreth'j Red P.ix:l<. Dloiimsdilc, ami Dcbw.irc DLMIIC)-. \\'c aro growers ot all \'iric[ic5 of tomalci seed and otlier seeds used by canncrs, market gardeners and kitclicd gardeners. Insist en your Ctinncr j '•I* ti'ith L<tri;/r{tb's IGKiilo HfJ. The Empress of Germany was taught as a girl to mix dough and bake bread. Housekeeping was a serious problem for Queen Victoria of England. The Empress of China sent anxiously to remote parts of Asia for delicacies to serve to guests. When you as a housewife enter the portals of your new home, whether it is a small apartment or a residence of magnificent proportions, you are truly a queen with power greater and swifter than any of these regal ladies possessed over their own tables. You have behind you the organized resources of the greatest merchants in all the world. These merchants do not wait for your orders. They anticipate them! Bread? Merchant-bakers will deliver it promptly to your order,.in waxed paper, warm from the oven, perfectly mixed and baked to perfection! ^ Housekeeping? No special training j s needed for this today; for mechanical servants serve you at every turn, and the advertisements arc always at hand to guide and advise you in your selection of food, furnishings or household aids. Guests? Advertisers have made the art of entertaining one of the most precious accomplishments of American hootches... and their authoritative advice helps you meet every delightful social occasion. Advertisoments have made you truly a Queen in the American Home! D. LANDRETH SEED CO. 147 Yeats in Business BRISTOL

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