The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1&30 BLYfiiEVlUE, (ARK.)' COUH1ER NEWS _,.- CLASSIFP ADS •ifO MBU s wo<a tot first In- •erttoo «nd CM cent • wsci for etca lubnfuaK inMr- tton. Mo tdnrUMMnt Uitn lur lew Uuj> He. Count tin wortU tnd tend ttw e»*. FOR SALE FOR SALE — Large wild pecans, nine cents P. O. B. ueWiu, Ark. Pete Brown, Box 412, 14P-K21 LAURA LOU BR.OOKMAN AUTMOPOE"RASM Eat FISHER'S FROSTY DO- KUTS-Fresh Daily. tf. APPLES—Just arrived. Good grade orchard run. For sale cheap. Fisher's, across from cily hall. FOB SALE—Hupp coupe, $100 cash Apply Broadway Barber sliop. "P-M2. BABY CHICKS PALI, CHICKS—Rocta $8.00; Leghorns $7.00; Assorted, our choice $6.00. Other bretiJs. Catalogue Free, prompt and guaranteed delivery. Send lc per chick, balance C. O. D. Missouri Poultry Farms, Columbia, Mo. 18F-K20 FOR SALE — Good gent'.s young saddle horse. 1907 Sycamore W. E. Miller. 18P-K22 FOR RENT fOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street Telephone 197 and 571. 150. t'On RENT—Two room house on East Cherry. Phone 868 o r 450J. 9-CK-TF FOR RENT — Light housekeeping rooms, furnished. 100 West Walnut, Phone 678. 13C-TF FOR RENT—Front bed room. Garage. 719 Chickasawba, Phone 295. 9p^k20. FOR RENT—My homa on South Elm St. Mrs. Ed Hardln. Plione 102. 16pk23 FOR RENT—Two to eight room residences $8 to $30 per month. Ur. J. A. Saliba. Phone 410 17ck24 FOR RENT—2 room furnished apartment. Steam heated. 201 S. Lake Et. Phone 443. 17P-22 HlXil.t IIKKE TODAY AdvcBlurr <»ln> tkt Utt «t CKI.IA 9I1TC11KLL. 17, IvhcK ikf Irnriii <hr futhrr'kc ku» nupvourd] l> nllvc •»* wcnllky. She Icnu-N kt>r uni»r*if»lfcu« honir IH IlullHiurc <o live In XtiT Vurk Milk her fntktr, JOHN MITCH- ELI., an* kfr nrl>KKralic gtnud. IIOCF.H". Cclla'» •mlbcr, In MOW • «IJim, hnvlnjr dEvurrcd Mlteliell untl later re- lunrrlei. BARNEY HHIHI.I1S, Too.« neiTiMPrr *ho(e>cr»plier, I* m lore wl b Ikr «Ir1 n»d before IravlMiE llnlilmnre Cclln promUco (o lie 1 * loynl If hi* Invr. Jlllchrll n»k» IIVEI.VN 1'All- SONS, Ijciuillliil uldnw, lu hilru- diLL-e lilt* t'rl In young [ircuile. 3Ira. Fnrnnnm nsrrr*. cuii*lcli-rlntt Cella n mean* Jo «'!» MllcferU'* nffecMuDH though «br I" Jenloila and M once befiln* aehemlnir ta eel rU of Ikr elrl. She Iii1r<nlnrr« fella la TOD JORDAN, fiuclnnl- inp Imt of t]ulitnn« cbnrnr-trr, (Hid d-)i-p nil ibc cnn to c«cour;ici' <he Mntrk. J,I5I 1^U^C:A^•, loelnlly iirntnl- nfnt. ln>cr.nif« Crlln'» loyiil frleuJ. JflU-hOll Irnrn* Jordan U |J:OILII; hlx dmiKhlrr ntlrnllnnK nHd fcir- Md» lirt to nor Ivlm. C*Ua offend 1 * licr Er.indiiinllirr and Ifcc elderly Mr«. MKchell felc"» Illiirmi nnd de|iar<» tor n rr»l. Tkr t;Irl eor> lo Mr«. f:irnnn«' LrniB l»lni"l hunie fnr » li-UKtli; visit. TUrrc Jnvdnn calls fTr.iutnlljr. lie nnd Cflln fro OB n l»l(;nlr ivltll Mai nnd DICKY i:AHI!TIIKUS. lll'ture Chry rt-lurn ^IHphrll nrrUe*. lie «rrin* nlinut to llrH>Linse nl:irrlnt£r (o >1fE. r.-rtonn Kltcn Celln Interrupt. Nc.Tt mnrnlnc MllttHI lell» <fce Kirl hr bn* a Inter fnr her. NOW «o ox WITH THE STOHY CilAPTER XXXII ttl KNOW I couldn't have lost It," i John Mitcliell muttered, fuui- • bliiiK tlirongh the pockets of his cent. His forehead wrinkled perplexity, then cleared as from his vest lie drew the missing Idler. "Merc it Is," lie said, handing the envelope to Celln. "Sorry to have been so careless." The elrl did not answer, She WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. washed and ironed by comp«- wnt white woman. Mrs. Brown, •iO* S- Lake St. 17ck-tl CHANCE OF LIFETIME—Reliable ambitious man to establish local business. We finance you. Experience unnecessary. Make $8.00- S12.00 day. Full or part time. McNS3S-CO-,-Dlv.- 57, -Freeport, HI. 18P-K20 Eat FISHER'S CAKES PIES—Fresh Daily. AND tf. ttas looking at the address, in her mother's handwriting. Margaret Rogers had mailed tlie letter to the Oramniercy Park house. Ihongli Cella Imd written that she was now \vllli Mrs. Parsons. Perhaps Mitchell, too. had recognized the handwriting. "Read lt."-lie urged. Cella love open the envelope and unfolded the tiole. it was a short one. "Dear child," MarsRTet nosers wrot-2. "I have been so pleased with your Icltc-rs. They assure me that my little £irl 13 making frlcnrls and learning a great deal. Of course that dues not surprise me. "It must seem very different your, new home from the years here, Ceiia. Thcro is rcolly nothing lo write about. I keep well, so do not worry aliout me. and I have plcaty to do'which keeps me from BI being too lonesome. Ot course ""night' anil "day Tiiy" thoughts "arc with you. I lika to think ot the parties you go to and the other pleasant things you are doing Watch your health and remember LOST AND FOUND Eat FISHER'S BREAD—Fine for Sandwiches. tf. TAKEN UP — October llth, two mare mules, one black, right eye out; one red, weight about 300 pounds each. E. C. Thompson, Flat Lake. 10pk20. This Impor LOST—Black leather purse between Stcele and Blytheville. Reward. Return to Courier. 16pkl9. LOST—Oct. 4th ladies wrist watch 16 jewel llilos with baby picture on crystal. Finder return to Mrs. G. W. Faught. Reward 17p-21 Speeding away from the earth at a rate of 7.200 miles a second, a faint group of nebulae, galaxies of stars beyond our system, was awarded the record for astronomical speed by astronomers at M.I Wilson Observatory in California. never to overdo! tarit, "I hope that yonr father an' grandmother arc well. - Above a] I send my love lo your dear self Write when yoo hoy* time. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 18 (UP)—Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Oct. (old) lOHn Oct. (new) 1015 1015 1010 1013n Dec (old) 1034 1034 1030 1031 Dec (new) 1034 1035 1028 103Z Jan (old) 1048 1048 1042 1043n Jan (new) 104G 104T 1041 1043 Mar 1069 1072 1064 1008 May 1087 1093 1083 1088 Jul Uffi 111! ii&3 1107 Spots quiet at 1025, up 5. FOR SALE Complett indnor golf game worth S350—will .be sold for storage. Was formerly located In Meyers Cotton Office build- in*. apply GLENCOE HOTEL New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct 18 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close 1003 1015 1003 1011 103-1 1038 1030 1035 IMS 10!8 1043 1045 1063 1070 1064 1070 1086 1091 1083 1090 HOj 1103 1104 1100 Spots steady and unchanged nt 1010. Oct. Dec Jan Mar May Jul With our recent partnership with Mr. Cto. Carney, we now hive the btst equipped independent shop in town, CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building "We know we know how" PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S F1VE.AND-TEN CENT STORE — Auto Parts- Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO PARTS Htln at 2lst C*U W Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Bpfddlilng In Income T«, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 5Z tutrtun BIdg. Blytoetille, Ark W'ERT I He Makes 'Em Set V. It WASIIAM— Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will ijick up nnd deliver freight and .ueSiiyi.-.-! anywhere. Special •>tci on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Mi-iiiphls Phone 3-33 GOOD HOME MADE PIES 10c I'cr Slier. All Kinds. TOM'S CAFE 105 N. Second St. Phone 17 OliR PREMIUM is goods (o suit your (astc and Ihe best workmanship. We deliver promptly. You pay for what you set and rfct what you pay for. Blytheville Upholstery & Repair Shop J. H. Jenkins, Mgr Phone 400 117 S. 1st. St. OUR BOARDING HOUSE HAP A BrAGA6E -iHAf GO LOOK1M<3 HiR HAIR (A tflS COMB , OR Hl5 , WE "THAT SUSPICIOUS Ing to havo his attention diverted Do you rcnlljr think 10?" Anyone could see III You know SltiDIED MADE SOME ettors mean a great deal. from tho fowl with Us really ex you. MOTHEll." The girl reai It slowly. It t'l worried mc—taklug her away oru her mother ns ! did, It didn't Her opportunity camo as they it I most exactly like tlio rest of. left the dning room. Jlrs. Kogcvs' lettere. Tliey all said mi sccrriAMP •pifes-r HAD A ,' -, He WALKS witH A SLIGHT LIMP" "You mean," Kvelyu Parsons put "Cells," she eaid, "you'ro going the snitiQ things. Cella had lioped, n sotilv, "you tblulc Cella needs a to taka those books to Mrs. Wil- gullttlj 1 , that tlicre might uo men- liamson for me, aren't you!" tion of Darncy. When slie Imd flu BACK ~& A LUMBER MILL i islinl she refolded llio pages. veryl!i!:ir;. Kvelyu. . start right away?" eede<i someone to talk to. Hut, I ' rMJEY sot on a wooden heuch nl i used to because away right after eating. ou'ro Elvlng"her BO much.' 1 . Evelyn you'd belter remind Ueorgo tHt you'll want tho car." "I'll do It now." He KAILS 'FROM' traced u pattern in the dust with one slipper toe. Her lalhsr oft thoughtfully I" the distance. The' silence was becoming embarrassing. "Ever feel homesick?" Mitchell voice I'arsons haucc: S tlie girl disappeared "Have you— ever thought b! miir said, "Mrp. Wllllnmson s 'fc'iicl There was something queer . The nun nojdcd hi: head. "J v» of II," he said. ;• ''; A home menus so mucbi aboul his voice Ihis morning. Cella noitlitful 'If Blie'll ever recover he U s°emed to come from far down in his throat. "You mean— for Baltimore?" bears it BO beautifully! soft voice purred ou, Irop in eacli week for a little visit 'not only for Cella, hut tor you. You ktiow you work too hardt Think v.-hal II would bo llko lo I mean for your mother and today I promised to BfMid he \he place where you lived there." Sho says she's g!a Well." the girl began carefully, to have visitors, but 1 often thin come home each night to your owti it's lots nicer here thau in lhat when I come away that Hie hou home. A place liko this! Why, in your mother's house you're practically a boarder." Ttie man rose. "It's time I wns gelling back to old apartment house. I never did lias done me more good than it ca I couldn't help that, because we'd ahvays been together That— considering tliat no sue 1 think anybody'd miss person as Mrs. Williamson oxiste town," he said abruptly. :ier—: She stopped, her face scarlet. was certainly being generous. lia I'm sorry not to bare seen her I'm glad you're leaching Cel What was this she was saying? to think o( others," Mitchell said. pleasant week-end, Evelyn. I mean, of course, everything's Cellii returned and then three- Given mo things lo lovely here." she said quickly, try- quarters of an hour later set off think nlwiit. too. Ilavo lunch.wllh ins to make amends, with tho armload of books whtcli me nest tlmo you're iu towu, won't Her father Interrupted: a lark to tlie girl selling oR alone your mother ever get away for It reo.uireil all of Evelyn' Par- In the car with the liveried cnaiit- trips or vacations?" sons' willpower to master herself; The deception was • IMO IT KA UKVICe. UK. until he wus eouc. When Cella ar nnocent since it was to serve "Oh, no! they're always so busy rived eagerly al 5:30 she was told at the shop. 0( course Eorua holi BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES NO SCORE! Mrs. Parsons was in her room suf- days she has at home, and a week (erlni; from a severe headache. She ut of sight and then returned to every summer, hut then there al- did not wish to be disturbed. ways seem to he things to do at Mitchell was reading a newspaper. The headache was "better next home. We used to go to the parks Erelyn appeared as a "Don't let me disturb you!" she Sunday afternoons or take a bus said sweetly as lie looked up. "I'll There are some lovely parks The heat, slio said, or be back In a few minutes." and motbcr loves trees »nd flowers HOOK. OF 'W MWM •• 1.0*0 OF TO\& '.'. V*NOW THIS NUtAfctR , fcUMPS * WtVL OOV something she had calcu must Imve Slie gave him what should have , and' growing things s» much. YK.N3S OFF (S tOfXWtO affected her. In spite ot her surfer. You know Beu lets been ample time to finish wth the Ibg, Evelyil lold Iho girl tha had It was going to be more cut the dahlias-, now— " broached tho subject ot Mitchell's difficult without the aid of moon- Her voice trailed ffl «s-sho re tniEJuclgmcnl of Tod Jonlan tiio nf light anil the romantic veranda. In iled newly-acqured garden lore OOR. VVrVXt«& WHO TOUCHDOWN vurablo, thobgh nol conclusive. An ack to the house! other time she would bo mprc sue Evelyn was 'counting on the 'tact lalrned, catching sight of his wrls that llltchell had reached the stage We'll be late for lunch. nothing for'C'elia lo worry about where all he waited for was the They gathered up the balls am The girl was pleased. That night when Jonlan. came she could opportunity to ask htr to marry •ackets and sauntered back towan lie porch. Kvelyn was waltin here, cool and charming in filmy blue gown. hardly keep from telling him. tho Everything had been planned to ' make Lim supremely' comfortable. How about 2olnE some place- to An excellent dinner. room cool and tranquil. 'I thought you'd vanished Into thin •'•'"Grand! I'll get my wrap." They whlsknd away in the WncK roadster. The resort at which they stopppil was popular. LighU from -the broad, grounds scent of roses lu the air. Time to enjoy his after dinner cigar. Evelyn, .you should have She- had changed her gown for Bu iiT just 20 min a floalingcbiffon creation which she and -shone from porches - set with utes luncheon will be served. knew was nattering, tables. A "crooning" -orchestra leader was singing a melancholy ballad. . Cella was In raptures. "It's. marvelous!" she declarcil. She did aot know thai Eve Throughout the meal Evelyn was formed its oral 'print. Mitchell was waiting for her. "I've been wanting to talk to enlertaliied wit!) an account of tlie YOR WHIKVKS. OR GAME. NOW \ \ OOW'\ Tr\ IN tennis games. Since Mrs. Parsons openly admitted that to her all sports wore abhorrent, she listened with mild interest. She had taken Tlie's heart leaped. "I want yon to know I appreci- Brooks waj walchlug her fronl ate all you're doing for Celia. Sbe's particular pains with the luncheon U 1 . I 1 .'. TOR PfOOtV ill 01. 00. MrVXt ft blossomed out like a flower since menu, knowing that John Mitchell (To Bo Continued) relished good food. It was annoy record of 18,047 pounds of Jersey millc production, all ages, established in 1928 by Thormcntor's Saucy Meg, a cow owned by E. M. Sherman, Charles.City, la. Her butter- Fingerprints on Liquor Bottle Sends Man to Jai Oregon Cow Sets two New World's Records GARY, Ind., (UP)— Fingerprints INDEPENDENCE Ore (UP) - fflt Breaking at one time two world | butteMat record of »reed for mature on a bottle of alleged intoxicating lio.uor were held as convicting cvi tc-scs, completed In 1927 by Poet's Gary, in rmmlclpnl court. May, a pure bred Jersey cow own- Mabel Mowat. owned by Karl Han Judge Herman L. Key fined Dishman 5130 and sentenced him, to jail for 30 days after Peter Billick, ed by Lloyd A. Hulburt of this city, neman of Portland, Ore. recently yielded 19,922 pounds of milk and 893.83 pounds of butterfat in an official production test of 305 days. who photographed the fingerprints _ noted scientist 'predicts, the principal coal deposits of the Her milk yield exceeds by almost compared (o (hose of tlie defendant. world will be gone. the existing 305-day world WHICH WAY TO TURN? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Dot*!" V=o HE UE'l-l. Soc^S '.AUijoo.. ILL. GST rr our OF YOU'LL sootJ TGU. us WHAT V°O kUOW AgoOT OOTSIOS AW see IF ! CAU see THEY VJSMT •'•' VOLTU. N&J6B. . SET AMYTHIWS ' OUT DP MS WTH Tuese VIUAT ARE 6OIWS To DO TO THAT H6RWT TUS OLD 6OZZARO IS ON THE LGVGL AMD IS TVC TROTH!.' FOR...GRA8 AHOLD OF t IS TRV1WS To DE HIS CHICK I'LAYS SAFE BC. GOOD \ FUWECt OH THE PACKET

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