The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY &, 1984 1LTTBTPTLL1, OBI,! CODBESB FTEWB (Continued from Page 1) p.irticutarly noted as malaria carriers. Oilier favorite renclevons of the iiioaiuUoes ure along railroad j-iglit of \vny mtcht;s, Slionyo slated. Shonyo's privy building crew, which will supply sanitary oulitoor privies in sections ul ilic city not served by sewers, ni cost, will bc- Cin openitions soon, he said. A petition o( business men asking that the city's water sprinkler be used more frequently so still dust in tlio business section during :lte summer ' months was i tad. Muyor Shane he didn't tee much cliancc for better service in view ol the city's economy program but that It would be granted If possible. The suras aie now watered twice a week, it was stated. Maynr Shane said he had received complaints againM the erection o; an ice plant near the 'Cotton Hell ciosMtib' uti Main .sli-eet. Engineer Tull said he had .studied tlie building code and could find no reason for not issuing a permit. Fire Chief Roy Head in his report told of Hie condition of certain Imises which had brought about two or more runs to the same places by firemen. He was instructed to request, owners of tlie properties to have repairs made or the proix-rtles condemned. PAGE As Exile Ended for Fallen Utilities Czar Osceola Laundry Will Give Work To Needy Women OSCKOI.A.-Osccola Is lo have a luimclsy with women, In need o( •ct relief, doing tlie wuijt under tlif dli-ectlun of Mis. Wulier Wood. "1 Uixora, who has dunalal her MTvk-cs. Al a mcettiii: ol the i-lty council list night It was veiled to spon- n» lhe ui-oJeci, MiitseMed by Mrs. Wood. Money was appropriated lor necessary equipment mid plans v.ere made for opening the linimlry wiihin n few days. Five women, who have been working In the earning kitchen willi meals (or llu-li- children mid themselves UK their only pay. will te employed, The Imeicient of Ihe old grammar schuul building will Ije u.sed witli the elty liiriiKlilni' the lights iintl wciter ei'ed nnlll the project becomes n paying one. l.iiiiiiilry work will be elijne iilcuis iiieicteni lines with eh-clm-al n|nlp- iiieiit used. This project girw mil of eu-ilvl- tli-.s which tlie Osreiila Civic club I lius been s|]OiisorluK .sinei- the (oniilng kitchen was closed. r "his was Hie scene ofr Ambrose lightship, outside New York harbor, as Samuel Instill, former utilities /ar. was transferred from the S. S. Exitona, which bore him home from exile, to the U. S. cutter Hudon. This and other pictures ol Insult's return were taken by NBA Service stall" photographers from tug sent down to Ambrose light 40 meet the ship. Pictures were then transferred to a seaplane, down lo New York, and from there rushed by plane and train to the Courier News and other NBA Service newspapers. Vessels which carried pliotoprapheis to and from the scene are shown standing off the Exilona us the cutter drew along side Will Knrivr Diplomas I'Yoin Skrlr Sclioo! Sotting Foot on American Soil 1 KITCHEN BY MARY E DAGfE NEA Service Staff Writer Although way back in the sixteenth century borne doctor in England said of the strawberry ••Doubtless God could have made a . belter berry, but doubtless God never did." strawbciry shortcake is distinctly an Amei-icmi insiim- lion and of comparatively modern concoction. However, we might tay the same thing about the shortcake that this "chiclest doctor of England" said about the berry because there is almost no dessert that is more popular. Although shortcake is almost, invariably associated in our minds : with.strawberries; all in the fruit in their seasons are temptingly good served as shortcake. Old-fashioned shortcake is almost a full meal in itself. If it's served with lots ol rich cream r.nd plenty of fruit very little more is needed lo make a well balanced meal. With this in mind plan lo use a slioituikc dessert after a lii;ht meal unless jou serve verv .'.mail portions. (Uil-fashioned Strawberry Shortcake One Quart strawberries, U-4 cup B: niiulalcd sugar, 1 1-2 cups Hour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 4 tablespoons butter or some other shortening and butter mixed, 1-2 cup milk or water < u bout). Wash and hull berries and cut in quarters.. Sprinkle with sugar and let stand in a warm place while mixing and baking shortcake. Mix and sift flour, bakin" l»wtler and salt. Work in shortening with pastry blender or two knives. With a knife cut in liquid lo make a soft dough. Divide dough into halves and roll one- half on a floured molding board lo fit baking pan. Oil and flour pan ami put in the dough. Spread generously wilh softened butler and cover with remaining dough which has been rolled to fit lower section. Bake in a hot oven- 400 degrees p.—for twenty-five minutes. When ready to serve, split sections apart. Spread lower section with butter and cover with n thick layer of berries nnd juice. Cover with top section and add more berries. This may be topped wilh slightly sweetened whipped eieam and garnished with perlect whole berries. Serve with' plain cieam. Individual Cakes Instead of making one Inrge fliorlcake Ihe dough can bo cut in rounds [o make Indlvidunl cakes. These are split and served like (he large one. If yon like to serve your dessert from Ihe kitchen the individual shortcakes are nice but Ihe one large cake makes a very handsome dish for the hostess lo serve at the (able or for the maid lo nnss for each one lo help hlin- Eflt. Graluen crackers or bread and liiitler make excellent foundations for stwiirnkes for children. Simply pKicc the prepared fruit be- twecn layers of graham crackers or bread and butler nda srevc with plain cream or top milk. Tomorrow's Menu HliEAKFAST: Halves of grape Iniit. cereal cooked with dates, crisp rye toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Surprise baked potatoes, carrot sticks and new onions, fil'cd cookies, milk. tea. DINNER: Broiled bluetish, as- parageis In crusty rolls, cottage cherse and chive salad, strawberry sho.lcakc. milk, coffee. STEELE. Mo. - - H-hoo!s will close ]-vid The high school iias elnss in lis I'he Sleele ,iv. May 1H the 1 ' Inryesi history. ;n. A^ Ahnairac: authcir, born. eiz: his first a-fBuck- yelaxre. court panic! beiiitf. 'iriaople pro diet country, i-s "' ' to ruin- Thursday, Friday and Saturday at KIRBY BROS. DRUG STORES I Baccalaureate services will be held Sunday. May 13, wilh Rev. A. 11. Sadler, delivering the Thi comuienceinent will IH on tile following Ftidicy evening May 18. Addresses on "i'lie Principles of Education." will be «|VCT by the first six ranking seniors They are, In order: Hay Cum])- brll. Winfied Rhodes, E/rn Davis JuiH'Ue Frank, limel I.owiey. am llnxel Ueaver. The other crn'ilimles are: O;;al Hurls. Cecil Rails, Uel- cia Karp. Faiilic Fairis, J. Y. Ihiffmi.n. Walter Suii'.lv.-rn, l)un- tcjll Sti-ele. Mildred T;ite. Uean Vick. w. A. Vied. Byron Weaver. Tlioma.s WnitflHil. Jonnie Wll- |lliiins. Hettie Wocul, Jurm-a WO'Xi. i)<:i\uion<l Wright, Lee Ycaiscr. Paul Coo]wr, l.ioyd Maisliall. Clar- lence McC'ollum. Ililleiy Can ell, • Ihc'inci Learue. Hi own Miildlelon. I Maytelle Zahner. Hetty Glas.scoi.-k. anil Carl Demon. Tbe sponsor of the class i.s Mi>.i RuLye Ashley. City Enthused Over Philharmonic Orchestra KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP)—Kansas City Is assured of & philharmonic orchestra next year with the announcement that Karl Krueger, director of the band this year, has been retained to leail .the organization next'season. I The orchestra's first season has I put Kansas City definitely within | the group of major' symphonic | cities, Kreuger said. "Its subscription concerts far exceeded those of any other major orchestra, and everything points lo thi- city having one of the flnc.;t orchestras in the country." This was the first year Ihe city fponsored a philharmonic orchestra and it proved successful, bolli from a civic asset and a financi.1 .standpoint.. .MONTKKAL (UP)-Grral Ilrll- aln has rcpiatid tile Uniii-ii KtaL-i us Canada's Lest customer for cattle, figures Just Issued by Hon. 11. II. Slcvi-ns. Minister of Trade and Commerce, reveal. Enpuru <J cattle to the United States have fallen from 231.8:«) iit-ad in iho IIMMI year iya. ;md -^36.332 in IQ:iu to 5,Gi5 in the year emtal March, 1934. Read Courier News Want Ads. His long flight that followed crash of his utilities empire ended, Samuel Insult here is shown as he walked down the gangplank from the Coast Guard cutter Hudson In New York harbor to ctart his journey to Chicago lo face trial. Behind him is his Stiard and in the background, right, is Samuel Insull. Jr.. who made the trip to Ne\y York to accompany his father lo Chicago. Missouri Farmers Bombed Roosts of Crows Ozark Horses Replace i ar " the horse KEYSVlLt.E, Mo. lUfi-Cliari- lon county farmers devised a unique method of eliminating crows that have been increasingly annoying here recently. A group of farmers decided to bomb the crows. They connected dynamite bombs with u-ires .strung I in trees where the birds roostcd v When a bird flew against the wire. It exploded the bomb, killing many birds. NON-SKID SPOT 1'AI) TKIJSSKK The Pt'rfvct Ru|itur« lloldi-r-' -SKK Ollll K1TTICR NOW Coiisiihation ami Advice 1 I'r.-e. We have a s|x.'Cial type lor lulu nilitiire! KOHINSON'S, INC. HailrnLid ,V .Main St. • i , , r -i i . i Tllc m °tor and body of the car 1 Motors Ot family AutOS are being put aside. Many furm-i ITS are using the chassis of their car as a base for a wagon or I L. G. MOSS lilytheviilc's cut-K:ite UNDERTAKER Whj I'uy A Itig I'rice.' JOPLIN, Mo. (UP)—In the name • of economy, the horse is coming iMrk into its own in the Ozark Hills of southern Missouri. Farmers, hard-pressed lo gel the money together (or taxes ami interest on the old homestead, are unable to buy new motor li-1 censes, gas an d oil. And so the old family car. in many instances. | ;is being .-shunted into the ban) j buggy bed. They find the rubber- tired wheels run more easily than the old wagon or buggy wheels. HOLLANDS OF WOMEN SAY The Malay Archipelago Is tlio world's largest group of Islands. till HAS HELPED THEM Factori- Aothnriird \ FRIGIDAIRE ! * ^SERVICE • Goiniino Prteld^lre Paris ' | Factory Trained Mechanics j Reasonable Charges ! I>i.v C7 -Phone- Night 4H i Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 407 Main St., Blythevlllc Pays for a Beautyrest Mattress Hubbard Furniture Co. was a Famous Host in his day —and the hotel which bears his name maintains his reputation Dor.'I Mks MEMPHIS COTTON CARNIVAL "Sooth's Gr*at«t Party" MIT 16, 17, 18, 19 fire Pirktaf In • In modern Hotel Gayoso the Hospitality of the Old Sou:h and Ihe of the nev/ ioin to rr.ale your stay p!easi;rab!e—and memorable. "Famous for fine food—: : rce 1842." Rates as low as HOTEL *i ^ ONE OF THE FAMOUS HOTELS ot THE SOUTH Horn* of Radio Station W M C Pint loMlt. 1 1 Rubbing) \ Alcohol 2 for Sic VUcoliied Milk of Magnesia 2 51 Guaranteed Tooth Brushes Perfection Cold Cream 4 or Jars 2 for 51 S«ve during this great tale! You may purchaie one of each item priced alike at the Ic >al e price. Single units of «le will b« made at Ic leia than the "2 for" price. Hinkle Pills . . 2for26c Tooth Paste £. rt "'' d 2(or36c Fountain Syringe "M...«I," 2 for 1 .0 1 Algtt •eierv.rf f. Llrnl* Orlis TOOTH PASTE 2 Tubes 26c Contains Orllj anllsi-ptk—IrinoH llir mnulh frrlint ck»n and refreshed. 1'lrasinl utiil rfftctlve. Try unmet I "CertHled" 1 5-grain 'Aspirin Tablets \\ lottliiof 100 H 2 lor 61 For ftp tc Kntrf Chemm : (Mb. Jon 2 for A mm scientific bevisffa^c fund. Children love it! L'Adonna Powder and Perfume 2 for Purse size bntlle of perfume wilh every box of face |iuw- drr. Peaii-Donx (Po-Dol Playing Cards 2 decks Pints ([uglily canls, linen finish. RiU. or s'.lvpr rilges. Man-0-War £«»•». 2for36c Mineral Oil 2for76c Lavender Lotioi *<«» 2 for 31 c | MEN'S MEEDS W»ck Haul, I>1»« 2for51c PelDo Afttr Uavi 2 for Sic Sk»rli,, •ruhii .. 2 (or 74: MOB O'War, t«b« 2foMlc Po-Oa Talc. 2for2tc Alplrln, I2'l... 2 for lie Ptyllivm Seed, Ib 2for*U Mtrcurochromcc-2 lor 2&c Tine, of lotfint 2 for He loric Add .... 2 for lie . 2for3tc Milk °f Compho Lyptu 2 for 3»« IHI-R OintmiM 2ftrlle Syrip of Figt iftrilt L'ADONNA TOILETRIES 2 for 51 CI*tming Cream Cold Cream Foundation Cream Skin Food Tiimt Cream Focc Powder Aitrlnqent Skin Tonic lipiticli Rouge 2 for 26c Nail Gloss—Gloss Remover— Talcum Orlis Antiseptic Mouth Wash 2 Pints 76c Avoid InFiclloti by uilni Orlli Amlioplle r.iulirly • • • tnaulH wrfih And tar- fl«. lt'» not only elltc- tlv>, but ftownt u< te- Irnhlncl MailedMilk (fluid or Chocolate! Mb. Jar, 2 for SPECIALS Llto lighter Fluid 2for26c Hair BruiHei 2 for&lc Pound Paper 2for76c AdhcilY. Tap* 2 for 16c Campfior Ic* 2 for 1 DC Curling Iron 2 for 1.01 lath Brnihei 2for7ic Hure Morwecjian Cod Liver Oil (Plain or Flavored) 2 Pints Tyson Rubber Gloves 2 41 PeHeetioR Cleansing Tissue Boxes of 500 2 for 76c fPceu-Doux Shaving Cream Giant Tubes 2 for Sic TOsLETRSl-y Heir Oil ... 2 f:r 4;: TidyDcodcran! J f*r j.c Egg & Oil .... 2 for 5k Powder Puff* 2 for 1 Ic All.Purpose Talc 2 for 51,: Crcon of Almortdi .... 2 for Sic Brilllanlino .... 2 for 34c Vanishing Cream 2 for Sic H«.na Powder 2 for 34c

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