The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 8, 1949
Page 9
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" MONDAY. AUGUST 8, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHBVIU.B (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TAGR Our Boarding HOUM with Ma j. Hoopl* *0U gCOFFtft* V4M.L EMD *>O« B A PQKfc AMY GUY WHO AIN'T TRAINED TO EAT PIE AT A WALK. TROT AM 1 GALLOP IS WASTIN' HAFF HI*. LIFE/ WHILE HE'S MONKEYKO WITH A BIB AM' FORK, us EXPERTS 16 HAFF WA>TO A FIRE, FISHIN 1 . ER. SW1MMIW HOLE CORROtWC THAT TM.KIMA SCAT IMTO MV 6MWJ*.' IF THS SHCHX.O HKftfl IT WTHAMUMcWEUA, AND A 4OAT TrtAT NAL BOUQUETS ARSTVJOOOO6 AKJO EfJOS X. own; ' SORW THIRTY YEAES TOO SOON SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM t\ou e»»> enjoy Ihe wonderful JiTiTrntrnrr and economy ol harint soft water on rnar farm If you jet » modern Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. So. Hijhwaj II Phone 2434 For the Finest Prescription Service THK STORY i A virnJlb? WUM- HH, Mr*. Kv*r»o*, wfc« fcrllrvr* rnd ikr I'ivllUtd wo r 1*1 )• l—pe»d- Jn*r MM hrr cnok IN !•«* «l»T*MtJ* vHlh all Ikr- r.iMfort. *f HvlllH- tfun, arc liking- M r«. Kvfrmmm. *»4 Mm. Mmltimr SB IIITB b*1vre» rear of Ihr dUaaitr wh^fc »hr l« fc«- liellrf ihMi Mrn. KTPI-IMIP I« «•- »ane, Rt*rly. the e»a«1T«-Mr. i* * fttrvurr nlar nf (W MO VIM, »«* IN en MM, Mr». fvTer»nn*« rnm»**ii>M, U MM nlfcd HohltiMMM. II l» principally thrnwKh talk- with tb* Mnrrhmr fhM Mr«. H »!*•>« W- rnmc» rnnvlncrd rhNt **»r •••! *t«-ntrn<-ihm ^r^ r^Hllr «< him*. world. * * * XIII "I^ARLY in the aficrnoon of th« third day, as the trailer caravan passed through a small town, Rudy stopped at a garage and went into ft huddle with th« mechanics. The three men listened to the big truck's engine with the solemn dignity of surgeons about to perform an appendectomy. Mrs. Everson was frantic. " Wb at are we wa i 11 n g for ? Doesn't that tool realize we mustn't wait? We can't!" She hurried forward bo shoot a Rudy. "Tin sorry, Madam," he said. He began a technical explanation, but she refused to listen. "How long will it take?" "Four or five hours." "You were hired/ 1 she cried with bitter fury, "to see that nothini went wrong." "I'm not to blame if we're haul ing too big a load, I told you . , ,' - "Don't argue! Get to work! I'l give you an hour and a half." i Rudy's eyes flickered and lh> curious dents in his cheek deepened. ; "Very well, Madam. We'll do our best." While tbe mechanics worked, Mrs. Everson paced around them, er face chalk-white, her eyes timing like a tiger'*. •>Every few linutes she glanced at her watch, r swiftly up at the sky. The job 'as finished in record time. Then he relaxed, becam* suddenly ;racious and added a bonus to the ii!l. But the mechanics refused k. "No thanks," they said. * * • • pHEY wiped their grease-stained bands on cotton waste, gathered up their tools and turned away. Mrs, Everson stared after hem * moment, blankly. Then here came into her face an expression of triumph, jiich • look as might have confronted the martyrs in the arena had they glanced * up at the hostile and sadistic Vestals. Watching from :he kitchen window, Mrs. Malone [elt a pang of loathing and disgust Then the familiar gliding, pulling motion began again, and the trailer- passed through the town, out into the open country. That night at dinner Rudy was ilenl. He ate nothing, and before Mrs, Malone and Victor had finished, h« slammed his napkin down itnH stamped outside. "What's wrong with him, Victor?" "The Boss." "He doesn't have to take it." -We all have to take it. She hates lie. Rudy, because he is a man and does not fall in love with her. The Marchese because he is poor and a refugee. You, because you are a nice woman. Me, because I am a Yilipino." Mrs. M alone suddenly mad* up her mind, "Who fa Rudy, Victor?" she asked. * * • '"pHE little Filipino wa» *tlent, as if he found the question dangerous. He seemed to examine his conscience. "I will tell you," he said at last, "because it doe* not matter any more," "Wasn't he a movie actor?** "Yes. A long time URO. But I think I will not tell you his name. H is dead now, and belter so." he gel into trouble?" "Why? What happened? Did "Great trouble. A girl was killed. H was on * rich man's yacht, cruising oft Ihe California coast." "Rudy didn't kill her, did he?" Victor shook his head. "No. But he was not rich like the others. So they plotted together and laid the blam« on him." "But I don't remember anything about it!" Mrs. Malone cried. "You were very young," Victor said. "1 'suppose that's why, I don't remember reading about it," Mrs, Malone paid. "But [ do remember seeing Rudy in. the films—long perhaps HI tfie old silent movies." "There w^s a jrreat deal of piib- icity about it—but after Rudy was arrested it Hied out—like any other sensational case. People !ound something else to Ret excited about. "Rudy went to jail. And when i* came nut, oC course, h* cotild mt Ret a job in picture*. Nobody would hire him. For a while h* tiad a very hard time. Then Mra. Evtrson saw bim and /ell in low with him." Mrs. MalotM shuddered. "What an awful story!'* She felt inwardly oold, »n if her blood hart slowed. Furtively she listened (or the sound of Rudy's footsteps 0*1 the paved road tnit- side. The little Filipino smiled hie ineffable smile, touched with • sort of sweet malice. "Poor Mrs. Everson!" h* said. "Sh« hopes that this handsom* man will want her. Because never in her life has she had love. But be wants only her money. And sh« hat«« him (or that." (To B* C*ntin»e4) COM. 1*4* IV MC* M»VKt, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Fi»h No Like? "I'll bet no other baby in th» neighborhood less than one year old is far enough advanced to do that!" I'RISCII.LA'S I'OP The Hvlitpse liY AL VKRMKKR FIRST I'M GOING TO CATCH A FEW TROUT... 7HFN I'LL TAKE A DIP IN THE LAKE. THEN I'LL... YOU KtAN YOU'LL GET ORtSStO FOR WORK/ WE CAME. BACK FROM VACATION... REMEMBER? VIC FLINT Rendezvous IJY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE j w -\t '^ lonk-^A^li nin anv u^nonviluABV ^ FOR SALE Concrete cnWerts. lz tncb to t* inch, plain 01 rwnforcrd Ah* Concrete Building Block* cheaper than lumSer for barn*- chickm houses, pomp home*, tenant nouses, tool shed* W* deliver Call as for fre« estlmaU . , . Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO HAIRY VETCH Early Shipment Expected. .. Place your order now for your requirements, to insure your needs fom first car. Blytheville Soybean Corp. TH& GRAMS COMPANY nj \nor\s t-tdt- - Morl'iaqe L'"an- Phone 521 en THFML Phone 3075 Phone* 856-857 Blytheville, Ark "Jrterc'i no fire, officer. All these people just found out about the quick confidential loant that GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION make*!" In England It'i the Chemist Shop In France Ir'i tht Apothecary Shop In Blytheville Ir'i BARNEY'S DRUGSTORE For Expert Prescription Service •5 TUDEBAKER SPECIAL 1927 BUICK 4-DOOR Ha.« ne» two-lane paint, uooH tires, runs «lr» S*e Lhi* ear for Kiwd cheap transportation. Choose Your Or J947 Mercury 5-T'assenger Coupe I9U Plymouth 2-door IB 10 Sludebaker Commander l-door )9S9 DeSolo i-rioor 19.18 Oldsmobile l-door Only a Few of Our Many Fine Cars Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Krietidly Studcrwkw Dealer Railroad & Ash rhone 88f TUDEBAKER AND A FEW DAYS AGO I THOUGHT ALL WOMEN WERE AWRJl.' LOOK, BASIL.OLD BOY, WORRYING ABOUT THAT AAUROER WILL GtT YOU HOWKEPE. SETTLE DOWN TO THE PRESSING BUSINESS OF TURNING YOUR THOUSAND-DOLLAR BILLS INTO SPENDING MONEY; WASH TUBBS BY LESLIE TURNER .MATCH 7 ITS SO IOHELV WHEU VOU'« mis WEfomJEi DADDV! I TAKE A FLOWER TO SOME BEEM KUNUIU& \ Of TWE LADIfS Ik) OUK BLOCK Off LMEW TO \ DAV AMD 1«fY TM-K. "TO *»e I VJISIT WITH WE1GWBORS, , W "//' W - (•£=• SOUtOVe LIKE-/ OH.VfS... I WELL, UKE IAH GISSING.FOB/ IOVE M|S6 IWSUUCE, WOULD KMOW OO YOU THINK. WE COULD GET QUICK, POC, IS IT BUSTiP? DON'T YA REAP NEWSPAPER? WJIN1D/ J WHY? ARE YOU A PIANO VIOLINIST? »A«8ALL PLAYER? BY V. T. HAM1.1N BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY KDtiAK MARTIN OUOVSVb OOVVS6*) 1 .

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