The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 4, 1953 · Page 20
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1953
Page 20
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sqMCrV 6rt-SaOne, . 20 'ad THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. MONDAY MORNING. MAT 4. 1953 r SHU3EJ5T TONIGHT at 8:30 MATS. WED. & SAT. 2:20 HAROLD LANG 5 JlV A Ce-srawrma CAROL BRUCE LOCUST 1 MAY 11 SEATS NOW MaH. W.d. A Sal. MYRON COHEN NEW tNGLISH-riDDISH MUSICAL MICKEY KATZ NEVER A COYER CHARGE Sun. Mat. Doors Open 4 P.M. Star on Rt. 130 South from Airport Circle 7 mi., follow sign.. Black Horse Pike at Caliint Ave., Com- eJen. N. J. Amamu "t'l 'Kr i at Wa" caaemy Mam .K, C)ty cafii'tii' Admiral 2506 S. .'th NIAGARA "TROPIC ZONE" A Man Miie "M A PA KKTTL.E ioen at I rssnn ON VAr.ATION" M'rti O Hr. -Redhead Fmoi Wjroiai"' T-h. Anthony Wayne jn simmons An1rorI nd thr Lion A S2rd A HU MPHREY JiART MPOKO Thomp51)n "BATTLE f lKCLS" Plus Cnrnp? Wililp Tph. "TEEASURE tlf THE SOLOE COHDOR" An..!..1''" '"- (j.MI.M'.fa FROM MWS Avenue lqN- chaney. jr. "ATOMIC MONSTER" 'FLYIKG SAUCER" B B Germantnwn at Aimat Ona BOX flt. 2 PM: fit's. Show Sta. J PM F'izabeth Taylor, Fernando Lamas "mi WHO HAD EVERYTHING" Plus: Sterlire Hayden. Eve Millor Color "KANSAS PACIFIC" , . 2 Twhnicoior Hits Belgraae !.,, nt the Wlldernesa" 'lan Behind the Oan" iUlrrade Dinnenvare to the Ladies Belmont lOTINI WIS FRKH 1 P. M. Llghtnio Strike Twlee" S 2 "1 M.rkPt " A parhe r Smoke" Benner 'THE. STOOGE' D.rn In Color Sterline Hayden eenson -kansas pacific" tht Bowery Boys. "JAMIPY" n-ondi'd Pius Color Cartoons r-lAumer4 Brookline Tech. Thrills Sousevara cork el wtlde TREASrRE t The IHU.DFN fOMIflR' Boyd-Chester Last Dayl RICHARD WTDMARK. DON TAYLOR "DESTINATION GOBI" (Tech. Features: 3:35, 55. 7:40. 9:40 Tomorrow: Leo Genn. Don Taylor -THE GIRLS OF PLEASURE ISLAND" IV TFCHSICOr.OR D.J U N. Never Wave at a War" BrOaa Krii "1nntr of Claw. Cwdar" n !.. Mat. Eve. 7:15. 9:13 oromicy BARBARA STANWYCK -,10 "JKOPARm " Vnrk Rt "THK HOAXTKRS" Rpvn MeiuP FREE PAFiKING oryn rnawr Eve Cont Fr. P. m. Cornel Wilde, Connie Smith trrhnu-otor TREAH'KK of the GOLDEN (O.NDOR' Plus: Mark Stevens. Doroihv Malone "TORPE1MI AI.I.FI" Cambria 25th a MARILY.n'monrOE uamcna ramhrU "Niagara Castor zl wr ra.tnr James Stewart Tech. "The Nafced Spur" Cayuga 4400 In "RIAZING FtREST" Gta. Trdi. '-Rid th. Ma Ian" mm HOME OR THE STABS . i : lrTnntW IllOr l-'i M.'l. .t.Vrh United States and Mexican g (Lsi nm A am. inc. tix. tret rarmns r i i n ii i RiAX ,s,m I Recommend I iV 1 1 i I 'A1 J H fi I 1 ""iVIf I WS I fOpposit. Reading Terminil HaTS-IHI i1da,k'? 3'0 sssssMaauni WiRiiP Musical " ifwHft MEYER A COVER CH&RSE SHOW TIMES 8:15 & 11:39 V S?SV iMf LfTO i0D3 -yiSiA $JP 1309 'WALNUT ST. 33,3 JM r-rsa 1 ,A i movies are vv-;. Last 2 Days Earl Father Mines and Terry Gibbs STARTS WED. THE DIVINE Carman r,1,"- Mat. 2 P. M. n ijt-.. 1000BSy 25c GALA Tax Adults inc. Children STAGE SHOW rrTrnTsr: thb newest rr'i JOHNNY CRAWFORD AS MASTER OF CEREMONIES ON SCREEN BARBARA STANWYCK "JEOPARDY" TOXITE AT 8:15 P. IT. HANOVER'S ORIGINAL TALENT SCOUT SHOW Cailturu bttt & Ave. R A 5-6360 wtrnrury RED SKELTON "THE ri.OKX" at 2;J.T. 6:S0. :X9 Curnl Hil4. "Trtasart f Goldta Cmdr" In Terhnirolnr at 1:15 and 8:15 City Line Center City Line-Have Free Pirklnr 1000 ran BOSKMART rL0flET. tAlHITZ MELTHTnS ANNA MARIA ALBERTGHETTI Tn Technicolor Also "THE SILVER WHIP" Clearfield 2.112 E. "Battle Clren." ri-rf 4 "THIEf OF VERICE" Clifton Spencer -Tracy Tech. "Plvmonth Adventure" College Swirth- Pn Martin. Jrrr Lewis "THE STOOGK' Colonial "th!'1 So. Phlla. Showing Ritn-r IXIZARKTH TAYLOR Fernando L.mas. Tka Girl Waa Nad E.vythinl Also the Bowery Bovs: "4aln" Cresf r"0, "KANSAS PACIFIC" Rn. Sm Bowery Boys "Jalopy" De"r?rd "I CONFESS" Montgomery CLIFT. Anne BAXTER hnuMN RnMlind Pint Mir ia Fkd. Rtisaell Dwijlaii Hilsnn 'Never Wave at a Wac' Walt DiinT's Apart m Aajr.l-Winni'it Future tte "WATER BIRDS" COLOR. BY TECHXIC.Ol.OR rpn lsnh I'heltenham Ehz. Tavlor 'The Girls Who Had Kverythint A Bowery Boys "Jalopy" FtauifA Broad 4 olrwT Free Parking T Mat. 2 Pf: Ere. Shnw Bt.rr 7 P Acne Baxter. Richarrt Greene "BLUE GARDENIA" Pius: The "DEAD END" KIDS "JALOPY" FflRC 4nt" "dn.a Fraat Wy.mlM" Tarh. Jiamrt "Pa A Pa K.ttl. . Va VacatiM" ALL NEW SHOW! ! 8AK8BITS CLAIRE parties D'AKDRI? iJ TONY LOBIS VNEW SIX SIK 6 HAVE" f,Cl HENDERSON SHiI'lliSlllBllllH llnniAinAl Of nrliiim S ji lYlUlllUifJdl OldUlUlll ; ! speedway ;! i TflNITEmii New Thriller By Ida Lupino At Stanton By MILDRED MARTIN With nothing more than three able actors, a car, a lot of rugged scenery, and their own impressive talents as producers, authors and director, Collier Young and Ida Lupino have brewed a grim little chiller called "The Hitch-Hiker." While warnings against picking up pedestrians thumbing rides should be superfluous, the fact remains too many kind hearted motorists still take chances and are lethally repaid for their pains. The film at the Stanton should convince even the most determined do-gooder behind the wheel of the risk he runs in taking a stranger aboard. MURDEROUS CONVICT Toughly written by the Young-Lupino team, finely produced by Young and directed with masculine strength by the amazing Miss Lupino, "The Hitch-Hiker" presents William Talma n as - an escaped convict who murders a young couple and a salesman along the road before being picked up by Frank Lovejoy and Edmond O'Brien who are bound for a few days' fishing trip. Once in the car, Talman and his gun take over. And thereafter the killer-kidnaper gives directions from the back seat as his helpless victim follow orders and hope desperately for a break not knowing at what moment their maniacal captor will polish them off and continue his flight alone. NO LOOSE ENDS There are neither loose ends nor false moves anywhere in this factually based drama as the chase (for United States and Mexican authorities are both on the trail) i w ;.. ,.-v. r! muicj uiiuusu ouu .ucuucj uiisiiiuu "oirr of sin" (94 mm I. 11. Southern California over the ZF-S ;$?ZgBB&- border into Mexico. The tension isiTBA.s-n x "Mii. (lis mm.).: , . .. , . 11:13. 1 23. 3 35. 5:45. 7:55. 10.05. ! genuinely terrible at times, the ! world mo.ic.i sn.aiion." aa mini.' suspense, the sudden flare-ups of! "J; JnS?; Xl.Vo. Girard .Mf.?," Mayfair et"0" Tth BOWERY BOYS "JALOPY" CIBT - in VraVifeaT ,ir.r4 PLCS 3 COIX)R CARTOONS HKST 3D FEATURE ROBERT BARBARA NIGET. Glenside. Pa. cxnDrr 8TACK dittos dr. ck "THE BLUE GARDENIA" "BWANA DEVIL" also ELIZABETH TAYLOR .V EXCITISG COLOR "The Girl Who Had Everything" SEE . ,h . ....-.,. ,. SLIGHT INCREASE IN PRICKS Grand THK HQAATFRS. Pere: H.:;,l. K.10, ,V Media academy award winner r..,.. L;i63d4Ui)e. Oferb k C.H 3-6121 "HIGH NOON" wrBen ""'No Mat. TndT-Er. 7:15. :15 "AFRICAN QCEK.N" fleorge Bernard thaw's l lnnsic Comritu Mat. "Afrlr.n q-iren" 8 PM. -Hiah Noon" S:4!l ' "ANDROCLES 'AN,- LION" r" 'Hitn nnn' 1 )"4"- 'Afni-.n Q'ln :2 JEAN SIMMONS. ROBERT NEWTON Merbeil y.",,' f?r F,7"ni Hamilton 60thA Cornel Wilde. Color Fernando amaa.' Elizabeth Taylor" namuron 1tn , t ,,Cir Who Hd Eirythin" Hill Returned by Insistent Demand, "CLEOPATRA" 'Kind Hearts & Coronets' WT A Pliw Wilt PUm-T's T-rhnirolor Bhnrt 'Witw lirdt' lri$ On Our Brilliant New New Lvric 15123 atti.k circi s' Kew. Aiief-Silver Three-D Screen 1 ""txh. First 3-Dimensional Film Mew Mayfair .M "BWANA DEVIL" daYtooop" LESS TTIAN r)OWNTOWN PRICE, Sm&Utt Sh" FKATI'RE STARTS ::). 7:30. "KUBUES MARCH ' Jack can s,h marttv lewis Overbrook f;',d 4,?J,!.ind .'.I'1- 'i',r1 WOCKiOn J,rVn "THK STOOOK" w 1 wwi HrrCA (vilsnn "Rner Wan 1 f a Wac" lw 8:2 nnlr L.wlft. Rr.d" .In m Vim Front h Two Technicolor Hits . ,.,.,, jumoo flirird Rw.k Hudwn ..L,B, Brw,,, Oxford -,',, 3 DIMENSION Dan nniley, "Meet Me at the Fair" "BWANA DEVIL" Lawndale?ERy!RSuin6 Pr vi488 tm Xatlirnt rolor Barbara Stanwvelt Rarrv Sullivan Increased rriees for Thl. Fniajement Onlr Bariiara htanwycK. Karry builivaa Klrt,.. k r.rtono "Uttl. Wl "JEOPARDY" . . . , . .. BL. 31st ft lontld Reijtan. RHondi Flemlnc Extra: The Anti-Red Featuretta rflrll "tropic zom" Tech "THE HOAXTFRS" r. irrn. " PipI 21 ROBERT JEAN I ahinli ROBERT MITCHUM rari Kidp. MITCHUM SIMMONS uenign "anel face- in an evil woman caiaxd 2'th A Uhieh "PARIION MY SARONG" "ANGEL FACE" I anMv 5 4 til A Danny Thornm, Vttr Lea LenB ThMtr "4AZZ SINGER" PmcSJ.. 23rd A Snyder Mat. 1 :30 rresiaenr tech. double feat. LoCUtt 5?"d Txxnjst Streets John PATVE "BLiZIMB FOREST" CONTINUOUS FROM 1 P. M. n MORROW BLAlllU runLl . Cl.adett. Colbert. Warren Willams rix "PATHFINDER" IX CECIL BB DcMILLE'8 ' g ss. m . B.flal Barbara Stanwyck "Jeopardy" , MMm A 9.W smimsmMsrsiT " 2nd Hit "Tancler Inridenl' I M113Tr3 OTfnM rirrle Added Attraction "The Hoatera" .1 Bstl72i HUMPHREY BIXJART Flu. Charles Boyer. Margaret Sullivan 'iPlTJh?. BrIRl2."... Hy m fm Thn "TREASURE IF THE CIIDEN CONDOR' BACHL STREET Bialta13 "Naked Spur" Technicolor 6f- "Modela, Ine." . LvriC 2'w, "THE NARF.H rrR" Pi n "he- Kirk Douglas. "Bia Shj" 1 7r,fc Morris "MR. W ALKIE TAJJUE" ' R,onT horkeii "Mr. Malkl Talkie" ' "Scratching in public-peasant!" killer and captives all any one could ask In the suspense field. Among the three principals there is little to choose, for every one of them is excellent. Talman as the mentally deranged hitch-hiker whose partially paralyzed right eyelid makes it impassible to tell whether he is awake or asleep. properly dominates the explosive action. But Lovejoy as the better controlled of the victims, creates a vivid portrait of a brave man held at bay by the killer and the hope of returning to his family; while O'Brien has his best role in a long time as his companion who under standably enough begins to go to pieces-under the murderous strain Amusement Quide THEATERS SHIBEKT "Pal Jot," 8:30. Op an. tonlfht MOTION PICTURES ALDINE "Fair Wind to Jara" f93 mln.). 11. 12:45. 2 35. 4.25. 8 IS. 8:03. 1;jU ARCADIA -The Bad and the Beautiful" (116 nun.). 11:10. l:2i. 3.33. 4.50. 8, 10:15. BOYD "OaoM Bark little Sbeba" 99 mm.). 11. 12:45. 2:35. 4.25. 6.15. 8.05, 10v FOX "Tall Mo Madam" (118 mln.). 11:10, 1:20. 3:30. 5:40. 7.50. 10:05. GOLDMAN "Desert Lr.lon" (85 tnin-V 10 11:45. 1:35. 2.25. 3.25. 7:05. 8:50. 10:40. 12:30 A. M. MASTBAl'M "Hoim of Wax" (88 mln ). 11:10. 1:05. 3. 4.45. 6:30. 8:15. 10. MID TOWN "Hana Cbrt.tlaa. Andenon" (112 mm ). 10:03. 12:03. 2:10. 4.10. 6:1a. 8:15. 10:20. NEWS "Ladle of the Chora." (SI mln). 8:10: 11:05. 1:55. 4:45. 7.40. ail nlai-.t. "Captan Blood" 98 nun.). 9.10. 12.05. 2:53. 8 40. a.l night. RANDOLTH -Maa la tho Dark" (7.1 mln .j 10. 11:45. 1:30. 3.15. 5. 6.50. 8.35. 10.25. . STANLEY "Salome" (104 nun.). 11. 1:05.1 3.13. 5:23. 7.35. 10. istanTon "Tho Hitch-Hiker-' 70 mm.. - li1 - :30. 3 20.3:10. 7 8 Ml. 10:40. Drexel Students To Present Play Friday and Saturday nights, the student dramatic club of Drexel Institute will present a play based on the life of Dante Gabriel Ros-setti. The play, by the Rouge and Robe group, marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of the English poet and painter. Authentic Ros-setti manuscripts will be on display at the institute in conjunction with the performances. PREVUE IrJ.VI.I.TVJH TUESDAY I i n ITI If-m, KxanMO laTfw VM EAsona O'BRIEN WO ADVANCE 1rv.m;er r ANN MILLER. 127 yARlXNE PAHL SAMUEL colowyn'S TECHNICOLOR I MUSICAL WONOERfiLM 4 Hans Christian Andersen .DannvKaveff mhMlth" 7SAKAU MBTtT KETTH iHMKlM&COal omxiEBUl" gOBBT T't PtIms: Oata 5 P. $1.10: 5 50c to 1 r. M.: 60a. iflRVImmCJ 'i".VirkTUBES Alan tAPP .THE SPICTACUIAR DAYS LEOPATRA5 THE BOLD f AGENTRY OF JULIUS CAESAR'S ROME v THE SINFUL REVELRY OF THE EGYPTIAN COURTS . . . THE LUST. SAVAGERY AND LOVE TRYSTS OF CtEOPATRA AND MARK ANTONY! "FLEMING LUNOIGAN XfeC W' fm CAST OP THOUSANDS mm AT tmBBw X'- Mr M ' T -Ml K : m mT OUSTT FuTCHtK fnaA AAtLOWtlffiAMS3' ONE NIGHT ONLY Pricvs: 1.30. 1.95. 2.40. 3.25 Tickets SoU at Gimbelt and ArtMO . mV "mm- VL' 11 Rivoli Direct from Downtown Featura 2:'J5. 7:.".. 9:5S S2nd BARBARA BARRY Sanot STANWYCK SlLLIVAM -a woman JEOPARDY" Added THK HQAXTF.Rs" 10 Bie Star Rockland 4",( v Krt Flinbeth Tlor RWVMunuir Whn H- Kv,.thlnc.. 8 -.10 Only Bowery Boys 'JAIJIPV" Ravw"'9' Natural Vision ,VWA7Rirtse THIRD DIMENSION PICTURE IS ALIVE . . . NOT FLAT "BWANA DEVIL" .V THRILLIXO COLOR Adr.nrert Price, Ttii. Fniiiwnt Only Royal ifh HANG ON TO YOUR SEATS! This Is Your Funniest DEAN JERRY MARTIN LEWIS "THE STOOGE" MAUREEN O'HARA h the Ter.hnirnlor "REDHEAD From WYOMING" Senate "NAKED KPI R" "STRANGE FASCINATION SoruCf. Spruce Sts. Sll 7-OS05 I "NIAGARA" B:40, 10:10 "AROVr BKVOXir' 8:-JI Onlv State 52nd A Chestnut Street Mat. 2 P.M.. Kn. Shoo St.irt. 7PM Ana Baxter, Richard route. .at -Kiii" Cola "BLUE GARDENIA" Plu: The "DEAD END" Kida "JALOPY" ' Alan Ladd. Tkiadw la th Eitt; Raneaa Natariaaa Terti. M.t. Dir. Stratford 7,h Randolph scott M Die o D0NNA REED "Haneman's Knot" also "THE RING" Suburban dale Robertson int SHOWN 1:40 w Ntir w m w mmmjm 7 '110 90 also "RIDE THE MAN DOWN" Color cith Brod Crawlonl. Eve. Only 8:20 P.M. 'Starla Tomor. "JIKTICK IS DON F." I TOOO Rnaemary Clooney. Tech. 1 famne "The Mar. Are Mating" . Breakler the Sonnd Harrier" Uptown' , Bread A ANN SOTHERN IMunhin RICHARD CONTE WITH NATE "KINti COLE "BLUE GARDENIA" alao JOHHNY WEISSMULLER "SAVAGE MUTINY" Vaaira lh War. at WaM "n,tw Snider "Fellrate" ANTIQUES iwrnsrs' gvmvasioc ABINQTON HOSPITAL MAY 4, 5, 6 U; SHOW WILL RUB AWAY ACHES FAINS Ml" 101 N. 13th ST. RI4-4fy m Audriy TOTTER 'IjIjI 1 IN PRICES! NO INTERMISSION! RICHARD COWTE fJafflOtf. f f. M. to claw. 31.50. Ckilorta I r. 1 P. M. to tltu (Iml. tarn) LJJSji JF to THURS., MAY 7th m - m ma I o ClfP Vogue 2 Bie Hits In Color MONTANA BKI.I.F.' rnlimihia "FLAT TOP" Wnltnn i:ra -the tum.N" "UIIB" A rhew "Bla.lnr Koreet" Tech. Wayne Avenue Playhouse,, ALEC GUINNESS "THK MI'DLARK" John Huston's "THE BADGES lF COI KAGK" Last Show at 9 TOMORROW VERM S UPKRA "RIGOLKTTO" with TITO GORBI Ua.Hu I'arhr. MARTIN & LEWIS iienarfIlnl -the stooge" Also An Expose of the Real Menace THK HOAXTFRS" Ycadon Robert Tavlor "1VAVHOE" HATBORO. PA. Uatkara Cornel Wilde. Technicolor MOTDOrO conMance Smith TREASURE of the GOLDEN CONDOR' DRIVE-IN THEATRES Ihalae PiVaditmoM. Dmald AToannr wncicrrcN Dekbia Beyaold "I LOVK MELVIV" MARK STEVENS. "TORPEnrt AT.I.EV" Family Drive-in pr. Barbara Stanayrk. Ralph Meeker. B. Sullnaa "JEOPARDY" Srm 'FOR MEN ONLY Lincoln Drive-In Roosevelt Blvd. at Citv Line Barbara Stanwvrlc. Barry Sullivan A HOW,4 .V "JEOPARDY" 2nd La ft Hit! I.eo Gorery & Bowery Bo- "JAI.OP1 " South City Drive-In Krt'ad St Patttson JEFF CHANDLER. TECH. "Battle off Apache Pass" Plui Joseph Cotten. Teresa Wright "STEEL TRAP" Starlite Drive-In 6 .ML from Camden Bridie en Rt. HIT FIRST SOITH JERSEY SHOWING 3RD DIMENSION "A DAY IN COUNTRY" Plus Llovd Bridge. Lee Cobb "THE TALL TEXAN" Plu GEORGE RAFT "I'LL GET YOU" 309 Drive-In Theatre BETHLEHEM PIKE AT WELSH RD. 4 MILES NORTH OF AMBLER. PA. Bumphrry Bnt.rt. Jun Allrana. bum Wraa "BATTLE CIRCUS" "HURRICANE ISLAND" w mmm I millT 771 - onNmOan ETHEL MERMAN oo N aid O'CONNOR vera ELLEN GEORGE SANDERS JOSE FEWER .'mvmTT, TRANS-LUX TOP LAFFMOVIE m. a iti via W I IUION W DOLIAIS WORTH r OF TALINTI WORLD KI- a. I win 151 Chartm DMnOM10:S liM IN THE 19th St. SECTION... THERE IS AMPLE AND CONVENIENT PARKING at REASONABLE RATES Kabout New 30 PICTURE WITH is ansvSaSSiSSr51 BURT LANCASTER SOUND The Sound ' Follows the Action on the Screen HOUSE of WAX WARNERCOLOR ' AT TM .-1J ' CtdPt'V' . . f00rs PSiCES-AOUlTS-Osm it I pa fec-laSF Kc.Spi kCKaaSc CMlU)to-OwolM Tat . 1 1 M CtesM 35c . U TAXES WCltXO Riu HAYWORTH SALOME- tSSSm MUM CHARLES Ui&HTQM Eitn?--CntALO clStU- tO6TS STumcar locmKamt 1 I ! ( Susan HAYWARD CHARLTON HESTOH Funr STARTS FRI. BOYD .FRED McMURRAY VERA RALSTON FAIR WIND TO JAVATrucc!cr ROBOT DOUGLAS VCTOR MclACLDI XM RUSSOL BUCOY lAOt EDMUND O'BHEN-FRAXX I. ..... I Thttt 3 Tbistrit 2 fALACE 121k l Harirt VircinU MAYO J SJia'm Back m Bromdwmy m Trchmcolnr m AND frwik L(VEJ(T CENTER 1711 A rt,t MARTIN & LEWIS "THE STOOGE" AND 'BUCCANEER CIRLT , "Th SYSTM IENN C3rf A Waof laai BROADWAY raal A S4 ORPHEUM (to. A Chltfo STRAND Cta. A V.ainaa I THE WORLD'S FIRST FULL-LENGTH MOTION PICTURE in NATURAL VISION COLOR 1' s with ROBERT STACK BARBARA BRITTON NIGEL BRUCE Slight Increase In Prices for this Engagement 4 MIDWAY 2 Allca. C Keaa. Aaaa BAXTER Rkkard CONTE Aaa SOTHERN Rat 'Kiaf COLE "THE HUE GARDENIA" AND BOWERY Bar. JAlOPY 5 ..NEW 'TH Anna BAXTER 4 Uiaer Barky 2 Erea rarkiaa Cltiet Senica let 3 ASTOR LIBERTY B",,d Si 1 at Full Len r th Feature In"" 21 3 DIMENSION S "BWANA DEVIL" 21 .V XATURAL FSO.V 'COLOR ml ROBERT BARBARA NIGEL j: STAt'K BRITTON BRUCE 3 Slight Increase In Prices! 31 AND Sj SPECIAL ADDED FEATURE 1st Phil: Shewing? S Lloyd BHdrra "Thrtt Steps RoHh 2 COMMODORE Tecnaieolor Hits! -TREASURE mf GOLDEN CONDOR-, AND Maereta t'NARA Rtdhtad from Wymint' DIAM0ID6ti "atltey CLIFT , Dia. la Alfred HITCHCOCK'S J: "1 CONFESS- - AND B-30 r m. -TROPIC ZOXE" Teraaieoror' s C1DI Mh A MARTIN t LEWIS "THE STOOGE" 3tnna Reed Sfairmoumt,"81!. Girard Ma.rwa S'NARA Uirard -REDHEAD fram 2 LIBERTY. TAG. wrM'NC 3 -MA PA KETTLE mm VACA TION" S V B 1) 3 AMBLER ". Rosemary Cloonay Technicolor 11. "STARS ARE SINGING" AND Startl- RAYDEN "fCawaaa Pmcitte' Color EGYPTIAN BaU hitchum Crawra "ANGEL FACE" AND "TROPIC ZONE- Terirwvtfoe GROVE Ulo Robert TAYLOR fr' 'ABOVE AND BEYOND" LANSDOWNE Acadimy VYinnir! Actor of Ymmr- GARY COOPER Craca KELLY "HIGH NOON" MANO I Const WILDE rerk Torhmirviln -TREASURE of GOLDEN CONDOR") f. of Coroico- AND Rteaaea CRECNF -BonJ, KttK TURNER -DOUGLAS FIDGE0I1-POWELL Barry SUIfVAN tfmBmmmmama-mmmmmmmmBmmmmmmm r wm ram mmm j MILKS ABOVE BOXBOBO Clauorlta Colbert "Target 'Cleopatra' : ! Hon.kon." 2 HEW FILMS OF CREED LUSTt LHIT NO. lj' I (HIT NO. 2 Sim".?.! 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