The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 23, 1944 · Page 38
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 38

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1944
Page 38
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lO SO a THE PHILADELPHIA INOUJKER. SUNDAY MORNING. JULY 215. 1044 Nation's Bridge Experts to For Summer Nationals in By Bennett B rid at Expert bridge players from all sections of the country uill eather at the Astor Hotel in New York City, next ueek to- take part in the Summer National tournament of the American Contract Bridge League. Although the attendance will be somewhat affected by the difficulties of wartime transportation. it is expected that most of the top ranking players will be able to compete. The whole week, July 31 to Aug. 6. will be devoted to the play of five national and two amateur championship events, interspersed with a number of minor tournaments. The game for Mixed Teams of Four is the first scheduled event, to be played on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. The Men's and Women's Pair events will be contested, Eirr.ultaneou.sly, on Monday and Tuesday evenings and Wednesday afternoon, and the Master Team of Four game will be played in five sessions on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. The event for Master Pairs will take place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday end Sunday afternoons. The President Pair game, for non-masters, will be played on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening, while the Amateur Teams of Four will see action on Sunday afternoon and evening. SAFE AND SURE The first consideration in playing for a game at no-trump is the accumulation of nine tricks, and the most certain .route should be traversed in this attempt. It should be remembered, however, that an apparently obvious and expeditious path does not necessarily indicate stability, and that some tricks that peera to be assured may not materialize in the actual play. It was only by the application of a principle of safety that South made a game with these cards. North end South vulnerable. South dealer. Ea?t and West 60 part score. NORTH A J 6 2 vj AQ42 O Q 6 3 A K76 WEST EAST K10 A 9 7 5 4 J 10 9 6 5 y K o JU K 85 0 9 7 4 Q J 3 A 9 3 4 2 SOUTH A AQ8 y 8 7 3 O A J 10 2 A A 10 5 The bidding: South INT. 2NT. Pass Hut Pass North Dbl. 3 NT. East Pass Pass West's Irrational overcall of two hearts, probably induced by the part score, could have been heavily penal-izt-d. In fact. North was quick to insert a profit-taking double, but South, eacer to score the rubber Fame, saved West much embarrass ment bv going on with the no- trump. In the play. West led the jack of hearts and South started to count up to nine. He could win two spades, three diamonds, two clubs and two hearts, assuming that West held the king of hearts, as his bid indicated, and that a finesse of the heart queen would be successful. But had South taken an immediate heart finesse he would have lost the game. East would win with the heart king, that West was supposed to hold, and return a spade, which West would win with the king when South finessed. Now the ten of hearts would drive Chess and By Isaac Ash Men have no monopoly on chess in the S'vtet Union. The game has won great popularity among Soviet women and thou-sahis have achieved a high standard of p, This is true of all parts of the roun-t-v" from Sakhalin Island in the north to Central Asia, where only a quarter of a rer.iurv ago the women were veiled. Now these women plav chess with rare enthusiasm A few years ago special chess circles lor women were organized on the collective la-rr.s of Turkmenia. Trie first National Women s Tourna-r-er.t was held in Moscow in 1937. with 11 r.:rie The winner wan Olna RubtHova. an e'.K ne-r. who ubJiuenllv won many t .urr.amrr.ts and still holds the ham!on--..p. She also successfully defended her t :,e aea;nst the outstanding U-ningrad t.aer. Semyonova, daughter of the lamous eiiorer and geographer, P. Sem- yonov-Tyar.shansky. Amor.g the leading Soviet women chess p.avers are manv well-known artists, in-c the poet Susanna Var: the pianist Tatvana Gldfarb. and Ekatenna Elan-aksva. of the Moscow Art Theater. Until there is an international woman's tournament we naturally cannot judge their p.av.r.g merits, but we do know of the high :anc:r.e of Vera Menchik of England, who 1 r ears has been in the first rank. None of the chess leaders has escaped In various t'iu.amfr.!s from losing to her, and Join-lr.e the "Vera Menchik" Club. Following are two specimens of her play. QUEENS PAWN CAME (STONEWALL VARIATION) VERA MENCHIK A. V. MOHTFOOT I. 1. P-Q4 J P-K:i 2. P-K.t S B-W 3. Kt-KB3 a QK:-Q2 4. R-K 5 P-KS4 5. QKt-Q2 Q-K-" 6. P-B4 7. P-P.t 7. P-B5 K B-BJ . P-QK14 P-WR4 li-Kl in jv- Vt. RsP 11 KK! B3 11 U H2 12 ( o l .V ( - 3 '.. k' - Kr I t Kt KI.1 M f.-H: It. ! Kt t Is. P.-KR3 IS. Kt-Kl 3. P-K4 . Ifi. P-Bl V. PQP IT. PP : QK'-B3 3S. Kt-Kt2 3-Q2 Y. KR-K.1 2":. Q-B2 30. Kt-Bl "1 Q-K;.l 21. B-Bl 22. P.vKP.P 22. B-y( 2-X OvP 23. BxKt 24. KtB 24. R-K2 25 K:-Kt4 Black resigned wamr if 25 PxKt; 26. R-RSch. Q-R7 mate MRS V. MENCHIK TK E.NSONj J P-Q-i 2 P-Q31 K'-wB3 4 P-K4 p-B3 P. K i 7 KK! K2 0-J2 " P-yf SIR G. A. THOMAS 1. Kt-KB3 2. P-KKt3 3. B-KtJ 4 P-QS 5. O-O K P-Kl 7. P-Kt.t S. Kt-B:t 9. 30. 11. 12. Kt-K2 Kt-Q2 P-QR4 Kt-CB4 B-Q2 P-R5 3' P-KKt4 P.-KKtl 11. 12. O-O-O li. 14. K--K!3 P-KP.4 33. 34. 15. P-P.5 B-P.6 EB Kt-BV-h KtPxKt P-B"x:h IS. Q-Ktl 1. Q-RJ 17. Kn KtxKt P-RH K-Rl PxPrh R-KKtl Pxl' Resigns , 18. V.i. 20. 21. 22. 23. 21 y-R K-Ktl 2 PxP 24 Wl'(h Te Interference Theme consist In the hi.'.lins off of one of a pair or defending L piere. The square on which a shut-i f (crurs is kr-nvn as the critical squme. n-.l when the Black piece pasx-s over this Mua: prior to the male such defence is kr -t, -s the critical move. Where in the composition of an Inter-fr. Theme a White man is sacrificed v the critical square, the interference, in--.c rf beir.R cailcd a (Inmshaw is railed a N'oYOTNY Interference, after the com-rxe- Ar.tnn Novomy who died in 1ST1. Th- key mnvp. involving a sacrifice on the ct.rai Rouare. usually presents several t&ftaU and fAc White a choice of mates L Disbrow out the ace and West would, eventually, obtain the lead with his king of diarr onds and win three more heart tricks to set the declarer two tricks. Fortunately, South did not play the c ueen of hearts at the first trick. He p layed the two. Although he was just about ninety-nine percent sure that the heart finesse would win, theru was no good reason to take the finesse at once. It was barely possible that East might hold the lone king of hearts and would capture the queen if it were played. A heart trick must be lost at some time and the .safety play was to lose it right away and find out the size of East's one heart. West would hardly be likely to overcall in hearts with less than five cards in the suit, so East was marked with not more than one heart. After winning with the king of hearts, East shifted to a spade, South finessed and West's king won. Heaits were continued, the queen played from dummy, and the declar er, v ith a double stopper in hearts, had plenty of time to dispose of the diamond king and set up his nine tricks. H;.d West actually held the king of hearts, as the declarer antici pated, in addition to the same high cards in the other suits, the play would have been interesting. The timiig would be changed, but Sout h could make his game with the aid if an end-play. TOl KXAMEXTS HI THERINGTON TROPHY (1st ses sion i . 1. Mrs. loung-Mrs. Axon, 170; Mis. Ille-Mrs. Tavlor. 1H7: 3. Mrs. Gav- nor-IIrs. Hawley. Ia3: 4. Mrs. Bauehman- Mrs. Stewart. llS'j; 5. Mrs. BuiKir-Mi g. I'moik. Ill; f itiei Mrs. Caulwell-Mrs. Diltk.r; Mrs. Ii--.Mr. Wallace, l.ri'; ti"i Mis. Nwlv-Mrs. Nlcolls; Mrs. Hal- ley-.Yrs. Grove, 1:17 : 10. tie Mrs. MrNal-ly-Mn. VanCourt; Mrs. LeDuc-Mrs. Peter-sim. .154. Average 132. u( KK TROPHY (1st session): 1. Mrs. MiN ilIy-Dr. Boedde. 151: '2. Mrs. Har- rity-IIrs. Hinton, liV4: :i. Mr.-Mrs. Wilson, 141 4; 4. Mrs. Killinner-Keller. 137 ; 5. Colin ;s-VanCourt. 131 't . Mrs. Kessler- Mrs. Sohlorer-Smith. 121H: 7. Mr.-Mrs. Bacon. 11H: 8. Mrs. Bishop-Mrs. Van- Cour . IIS1.: !. Mr.-Mrs. Wooley. 117; 10. (.ie Mrs. Peterson-Dr. Storr: Mr.-Mrs. Trowbridge. 1161-. Average, 117. Di:LAN EY-"ON TO N. Y." (1st ses sion! : l. Burkliv-Lowerv; 2. Bocker-Warn-rr: :.. Dr. Ehrlirh-White: 4. Feldman-Ro-vine: 5. Sidkoff-Wesel: 6. Mr.-Mrs. Siibolt; 7. M s. Cox-Cardwell; 8. Mrs. Becker-Berk- ovits . Di riJCATE WINNERS Thursday, July 13 RHOOKSIDE -Mrs. Robert Smith-Mrs. Heniy Bell; Mrs. Stanley Swinehart-Hcnry Hell. F IANKI.IN Mr.-Mrs. .Tolin Dunlevy; Rail n llnmn-Geotue Greene, Miss Mary Rich -nond-Charles Millard. V VNCOUR'l Mrs. Olive Peterson-Dr. Russ Storr; Hail Wilson-Joseph Baker. Friday, July 14 BRIDGE STUDIO Dr. Russ Storr J. B. Lyots; Mrs. C. W. Neeld, Jr. -Robert German . GltAHN Mrs Roda Grahn-Captaln H. A. Irucksess; Mrs. S. J. Needs-Mrs. B. F. Don. ;hue. OvK LANE Mrs. Julius Slabey-Alfred .Torn son; Mrs. H. R. Grove-Mrs. G. L. Ills. Jr. W VN-OVER Mrs. Roy Powell-Mrs. C. T. Ivans; D. C. Patohell-Rnlph-Wooley. Saturday, July 13 BRIDGE STUDIO George Rovine-S. J. Sulk iff; Mrs. Bernice Baily -A. Mrs. H. A. Las- sen. GltAHN Mrs. Geotse Kessler-H. A. Smith; Mrs. Joseph iiraceland-Major D. H. :.Iiller. Sunday, July 18 RHF.CHWOOD-r-Mr.-Mrs. C. T. Evans; Mrs W. F. Harrity-Mrs. Clarence Rams- dell. nil.ANTEY Mrs. S. M. Frazier-Mrs H. F. Roney; Mrs. Albert Shmukler-Samuel wesiel. Series: Mrs. Henry baDott. Li KTUST Mr-Mrs. H. F. Robson; Mrs. n f Krick-H A Smith. OAK LANE Mrs. R. S. Moffett-Jarlt Torrlinson; Mrs. Gene Krewson-Mrs. George Heci:. Monday. July 17 B-:ECHWOOD Mrs. John Gregfj-Mrs Geo ge Helms: Mrs. William Hinton-Mrs, Dav.d KillinKer. Checkers depending on Black's move. This theme is rarelv employed in the two-mover be-cau ;e of the difficulty of giving it an artiste setting. PROBLEM NO. 4111 BY i. A. SCHIFFMA.V BLACK 9 La a s an it m.H a rrs m tit i 1 Willi E 11 V 'hite to play and mate in 2 moves. PROBLEM NO. 4111 BY K. H.ANN EM ANN BLACK 7 ...... A . St ..Ji.,. WHITE 12 "A'hite to play and mate in 3 moves, dilution to Problem No. 4109: R-Rsq. .'Solution to Problem No. 4110: R-Q4ch. CHECKERS PROBLEM NO. 1996 M. 1. BABCOCK BLACK 5 S5 o WHITE WHITE: 6. 11. K's 17. 18. BLACK: 7. K's 25, 27. White to play & win. Solution to Problem No. 1995: 2-6: 1-5; 6-15: 5-9 15-18: 2.1-TT1: T-8; 19-15; 8-12; It -11; 1-1-17; 9-14; 12-16; 11-2.1; 16-7; 21 -18 White wins. Mr. Ootwalt in the ending published last w ek plaved White and won in the following manner: 2-H: 19-24. 30-25; 21-30; 6-9; 3C-23; 9-20; and wins. Gather New York I BRIDGE STUDIO Mrs. Olive Peterson- Mrs. Roliert LlKKet; Mrs. GeorRe Kane-Gt-orjje Kessler. Jr. GRAHN Mrs. F. M. Hartley-Mr. Blanche Cole; Mrs. I.aui a I'atrn k-Mlss Helm Still's. HOUSTON Cyril Fehr-Raymond McGul-Kan; Alfred Gray-Charles Maloney. OAK LANE Mrs. M. H. Whinney-Mrs. R. A. MrGuliian; Mrs. N. E. 1 lammarlund-Mrs William Hess. PETERSON-- Mr.-Mrs. U. O. Gaynor; Mr.-Mrs. Floyd Cooke. Tuesday, July 18 GERMANTOWN Mrs. Beatrice Oberholt-zer-Goorge Flounders; Mr.-Mrs. P. S. Osborne GERMANTOWN CRICKET Mrs. Mer-ritt Huse-Mrs. Ethel Remington; Mrs. Clouds Smith-Mrs. Clarence Wells. LOCUST Mrs. Albert Shmukler-Samuel W'essel; Eomund Fleisher-S. J. Sidkoff. PHI LA. CRICKET Mrs. R. L. Tatnall-Mrs. Galloway Morris; Mrs. G. H. Thomas-Mrs. J. H. Hubbs. WYN - OVER Hall Wilson - E. E. Braendle; Mrs. George Ernes-J. M. Curry. Wednesday, July 19 FRANK FORD Mrs. George Hiney-Mrs. Beatrice Oberholtzer; Mrs. Herbert Petty-Jack Tomlinson. GERMANTOWN CRICKET Mrs. Howard Biddle-Mrs. Raymond Pvrrett; Mr.-Mrs. Laurence Barbour. GRAHN Mrs. Rhoda Grahn-I-eon Dun-lap: Edmund Flelsher-Harry Klicer. PETERSON Mrs. J. J. Sullivan. Jr.-Mrs. R. L. Tatnall; Miss Isabel Madison-Mrs. Olive Peterson. TRENTON J. S. Lang-Dr. Jopeh Piza; H. M. Haas-C. H. Sarles. Troc Bill This Welc A new burlesque show arrives at the Troc for the week beginning tomorrow matinee, starring Stella Mills and Irma Lee. On the bill are comedians Al Anger and Harry Le-vine; dancer Lorraine Chevalier; straight man Freddie Beck; singer Ralph Ellsmore; several others, and the chorus of Troc-Ettes. Music is by Merrick Valmote and Harry Kahn's Swingsters. PreHy Foxy, We'll Say Abbott and Costello, the comics, are taking no chances on offending ammal-lovers in their new picture, "In Society." As the riders to the hounds, they're staging a fox hunt. But they have a new, humane angle on It. The fox a stuffed one will chase them. HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Arm Frankford & Kensington m: rviTi'ui-i: KAY FRANCIS. CAROLE LANDIS MARTHA R AYE, MITZ1 MAY FA I R Four Tills In a Jills In Jeep" LEON EKROL. ANNE ROONEY "Slightly Terrific' Artnlnhi I'M!- Air-Comlitmned Moe,Pnl 62nt Continuous From 2 P.M. 2 BIG HITS 2 Dick ., Linda . Jack Powell Darnell Oakie 'It Happened Tomorrow i'ltl Hit No. "WEIRD WOMAN" T.ON CHANEY. ANNE C.WYNNE Admiral 28"b Double Feature N. 5th "Action In Arabia" You Can't Ration I.ovr" A 70.12 ElmvviHKi fAiiuwiT Continuous From 2 I. M. George RAFT. Vera ZORINA "Follow The Boys' HEALTHFULLY AIK-CONDl l IoNED A Irion Mldvalc nt Cresson miwcm Continuous From 2 V. M. EDWARD G. LYNN VICTOR KOdlNSON BAR I McLAULEN "TAMPICO" PLUS DEAD END KIDS "CLANCY STREET BOYS" Allegheny ji-T-, LON CHANEY EVELYN ANKERS "WEIRD WOMAN" PLUS DEAD END KIDS "PRIDE OF THE BOWERY" Ambassador Frwi 1'aulette tdward MarMurniT Rnddari Arnold !Wh t Bait STANIUNt; KOM ONLY" UnuntAIK-CON D IT1 N ED i-iiiiiiwiij CONTINUOUS WAYNE. VA. FROM 2.15 P. M. WILLIAM POWELL HEDY LAMARR "Heavenly Body" HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED ..U 52nd and Thompson ApOIIO Continuous From 2 P. M. JOEL McCREA LINDA DARNELL MAUREEN O'HARA ANTHONY QUINN "Buffalo Bill" Filmed in Gloriou Trrhnirnlnr Auonno itn. ab. Modern Youth on the Kampauc enue ihijli A I'irtnre That Will Startle You "TEEN AGE" "MAD MOMENTS OF YOUTH" VVllh Ac AM-Stnr Cant HIT NO. 2 A Whirlwind of iJiiighs And Toe Tapping M.-lodles JUDY CANOVA. ALLAN JONES JERRY COLONNA. ANN MILLER "TRUE TO THE ARMY" A WILLIAM UOLDMAS THEATRE D J Dow Germantown Av. at Armat St. Dunu bw Continuous From 2 P. M. UEAI.THFVI.LY Al f-CO.Y IUTIOSED BETTY GRABLE JOE E. ' MARTHA BROWN RAYE "Pin Up Girl" In Thrilling I'rchnirulnr Dlnee;e!ii Bt'lgrade above Somerset Ceigraae Continuous From 2 P. M. 2 BIG HITS 2 J. STEPHENSON-MA ROOT STEVENSON "Calling Philo Vance" V AND NORMA i MELVYN SHEARER DOUGLAS "We Were Dancing" Belmont .VJnd and Market Slnel Continuoui from 2 1'. M. ANN MILLER "HEY ROOKIE" Plus Smilev Burnett "CALL OF THE ROCKIES" HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Rcnnar 6054 Carole Landis, Kav Francis otnner rtor .FOl K .mi.ijS N A jkep' HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED B c 64th & Woodland Ave. enson Continuous From 2 P. M. THE WILD WEST LIVES AOAIN IN THE LIFE OF ITS MOST COLORFUL HERO' JOEL McCREA Maureen , Linda I nomas O'Hara Darnell w Mitchell "Buffalo Bill" .V TECHMCOl.OK Berwyn, Pa. KAY KYSER SWINtt FEVER" Rluohird Krud SI.mone SIMON oiueDirn Susq kent smith "CURSE of the CAT PEOPLE" Plus Rov Rogers, Ruth Terry "Hands Across the Border" Boro Z!" CLAIRE TREVOR ALBERT DEKKER WOMEN OF TIIK TOWN" Also "ISI.E OF FOKOOTTEN SINS" Boyd-Chester Anna STEN Kent SMITH "Three R ussian Kains Plus Texas Masquerade FEATURING WILLIAM BOYD Feature: ini. 5 22. 7 41. 10 04 P. M. PERFECTLY AIK-COND B..... 1 :iR BETTY VI ON ED RHODES I't. Brpre 'Vou Can't Ration livft1 I1ANDOLPH SCOTT. fiENE T1ERNEY "BH I E SURK" " ''W "' -1 i i "t 1 i - t J t W -i -j ----- - i ""' " - - - Tgimmicx .. . .t r, .fr j A YOUNG STAR AND HER MOTHER Rose Hobart and Jane Powell, in the role of film star, in "Song of the Open Road," on the Earle screen. PERFECTLY AIR-CONDITIONED 2-Hli; HITS 2 Rrnnrl 4sl i N Knnil HOHERT l'AICK Allbritton. Robert Henrhley "IIKK PUIMITIVK MAN" Plus Hettv Rh-xies. .lohmne Johnson YOl' CAN'T RATION IXIVK" Broadway Front York "ion Can't Ration Lov'p Outlaw Trail" Byrdj in a THE UNINVITED RI'TII HI'SSEY Bitit RAY MIT. LAND, Cambria J .'nh it t'jonhris CA1(( )I.E 'Four .lllln LANDIS anil a lcp HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Cameo -:,4 james cagney v,omeo Fkrt -ritlsCO Kll" Martha o'Drismll. Noah Herv. Jr. "WilK KMl PASS" (jOMI'I.Kl Kl.Y AIR -CI (NDITH NHI wuiman ( ',lt niuoua Fiom 2 I: M. GINGER ROGERS RAY MILLAND "LADY IN THE DARK" ;v TEciiMcnioit Casino HENRY Huverfonl JIMMY LYDON AI.DRH H FK l-HKSIDEN'T" IT.CS JOAN DAVIS BKAI TIKI I. BI T BROKE" Castor : 1 Castor Ketiirn if Ihe Vampire" 'Sine a .llnnle" Cavuaa Hfiilthfullv Air-Coolel I Ju t'nvuca Continuous From 2 P. M. BUS! ER CIABBE "THE CONTENDER" Plus ALAN LADD "In Old M issoun Cedar (.nth At t Vil.i r Continuous From 2 P. M. A SUMMER VACATION AT HOME! ! t SMASH HITS 2 GEORGE w GINNY MURPHY SIMMS CHARLES WINNINGER "Broadway Rhythm" IN GOKOKOVft TECHNICOLOR Plus Hit No. 2 A Riot Of Laffs & Fun THE EAST SIDE KIDS "Million Dollar Kid" r-.,,iliru tith & Erie Ave , lenTliry continuous From 2 P. M. 2 GREAT HITS -2 ERROL FLYNN PAUL LUKAS "UNCERTAIN GLORY" RITA HAYWORTH (Cover .lrl) FRED ASTAIRE "YOU'LL NEVER GET RICH" HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Chpttpn Chelten & Andcrsnn vllc"c" Continuous Shiw DENNIS ANN MORGAN SHERIDAN "Shine On Harvest Moon" Matinee WILLIAM KOYD. Only ' ANDY CLYDE "MYSTERY MAN" Clearfield 2fil2 E. Clearfield St. Continuous From 2 P. M. Ceorne SANDERS Virginia HRUCE "ACTION IN ARABIA" JAMES CAGNEY "FRISCO KID" Clifton Air I tnitl 'fhtiur KAY FRANCIS .lill III n 4eei" Colonial 11th & .Movh. At Ritner Continuous From 2 P. M. DOUBLE FEATURE PAULETTE GODDARD 1c FRED MacMURRAY "STANDING ROOM ONLY" also "Action In Arabia" Gforpre Sanders, Virginia Bruce Crest Risins Sun Ave Continuous from 2 P. M. George Sanders, Virginia Bruce "Action in Arabia" Plus -Maty II. til I luylii-n. Eddie OuiUnn "MELODY PARADE" rinnta Kr.iail hd. Air Lrrol tlynn. l'aul Liik&s Cond. rneTtain Glory" HI. I.iiiiiI l.ookln' " Darby, Pa. l'ontioiliis IODAY From 2 P. M. GEORGE JOAN WALTER It AFT BENNETT P1DGEON "HOUSE ACROSS THE BAY" SMILEY BURNETTE "CALL the ROCKIES" Dor "Til E M 1. 1. IVANS" itinc liaxter. Tims. Milehell IVo.wll ,1 A Edgemont 441 I Four Jills In Jens' Edvm't Crlmii Dr.'i Strung! Cm Egyptian f''vi1 Mickey Rooney "A.N II Y HAIIOV'S BLONDE TROl Bl.E" and "FALSE FACES" Monday Iturbi "TIIOUS NIS CHEER" tFrlcn U'th & Cheltenhum Ave. bl icn K,.llture: 07. 5 22. 7.34. 9.49 AIR-CONDITIONED Anne Baxter, Michael O'Shea "EVE OF ST. MARK" Eureka Carole Landis. Martha Rave "FOl It JII.I.S AMI A JEEr" lsi LEON ERROL "NI.M.IITI.Y THlKIHf" tilth MnrkH tAth ith lirl. Stmu'e Will rm.(inii,.iiD bN.n, I XT EDDIE BRACKEN BETTY HUTTON "Miracle of Morgan's Creek" rius ANNA STEN, KENT SMITH "3 Russian Girls" FrAlir Loi ise Al.l.HHi rioN nuns. , ., . ,,. i'aii:i.- HER PRIMITIVE MAN" Plus Warren Douglas. Ruth Ford "Murder on the Waterfront" S iE.N TIFiCALLY A 1 R-CONDlTIuN ED CirnrA 7,h Oirard Ave. OUT MUSICAL Fl'N-i'EST ALL 2 Happy Hits 2 II LYNN MERRICK LARRY PARKS K1NC COLE TRIO UKN CARTER CHOIR "STARS ON PARADE" I'l l S 2NI HIT ROY ROGERS RUTH TERRY BOB NOLAN & THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS ANDS A the s BORDER' LAST DOUBLE FEATURE AT 9 P M. Glenside .MAI', a. 15 EVE. 7 2- Bit; HITS 2 JAMES CAGNEY "FRISCO KID" Plus ANN STEN. KENT SMITH 'THREE RUSSIAN GIRLS" Grand 71 h Snvdcr MUSICOLOSSAL HIT Carole Martha Landis Rave Kay Francis "Four Jills in a Jeep Gufit Stars Alice Fayf. Minimi. .Ilirinv Dri-v Bfttv Gralilc i BHiid. I'hil Carmen Stlvprs 4(ith & Girard wronT Continuous From 2 P. M. . RAY MILLAND RUTH HUSSEY "The Uninvited Great Northern,-n,f0,fsnrrorieP. M. Here's the Greatest Outdoor Show ot all Times Joel McCrca, Maureen O'Hara Thomas Mitolirll, Linda Darnell "Buffalo Bill" V TECHNICOLOR Feature Time: '' 10. 4 25, K 50. 9 20 COMFORTABLY AIR-CONDITIONED ApAonunu '2ili 2 BIO HITS 2 BETTY HUTTON EDDIE BRACKEN "Miracle of , Morgan's Creek" Hit No. 2 Julie Bishop. Richard Travis "ESCAPE FROM CRIME" HEA 1. 11 1 FULLY A 1 R-COND1TION ED UMM;UMN fiuth ami Lansdovvne iuiiiiiivii rontinocnis from 2 P. M. FRKI) MacMUlUlAY PAULETTE GOUDARD EDWARD ARNOLD ir ROLAND YOUNG "STANDING ROOM ONLY" Also Ail. led Attraction LAUREL & HARDY "BEAU HUNKS" U;i Mat. Daily. Air-Conditioned nm c t i n I i HEALTH EL ELY Hollywood AIR-COS D1TIOSEU 22nd and Cambria 2 Swell Features 2 EDDIE BRACKEN BETTY HUTTON "MIRACLE OF MORGAN'S CREEK" JANE FRAZEE 'Rosie The Riveter' Howard AIR CONDI TIliNED llf'-ll J.iht Wlllir .llinmi l.i.l.m Jn Tliflr urst l.rnwn in Mulnl I omifly Utile "MY BEST GAL" Plus Hit No. 2 A Picture That Will Startle You! "TEEN AGE" A Drnmnttr Thunderbolt Of Modern Youth Iris Kensington and Allegheny oniinuous irom 2 I'. M. GINGER ROGERS RAY MILLAND "LADY IN THE DARK" V TEC II COLO A" Jatkcnn r,'h Undercover Murder rkun with TOM CONWAY in Falcon Out West" "The Plus JOHNNY ROSEMARY RALPH LANE DOWNS MORGAN "TROCADERO" Madge Evans Not One Bit Camera Shy Madge Evans, auburn-haired and blue eyed, has been before the cameras ever since she was two years old, but admits that the intervening 33 years haven't dimmed her lens in terest one whit. She realizes that the way to the public heart is through the public eye. "The time I'm going to start worrying about cameras, the youthful veteran of stage and screen says, "is the day the photographers don't ask me to get into the picture." Since coming out of her voluntary retirement of three years ago, the farmerette-actress wife of Sergeant Sidney Kingsley, Pulitzer prize-winning playwright of "Men in White," has been gathering steam again in her theatrical career. After quitting the farm, when her soldier-husband went into the army, Madge came to Bucks County Playhouse during its first Philadelphia season to play the Gertrude Lawrence role in "Sky lark." From that she went right back to Broadway to appear in a play that Sergeant Kingsley finished in between his GI chores, "The Patriots," which the Playwrights Company produced. She remained with that until an attack of whooping cough rorced her to leave just before it went on the road. Began Early Madge's real camera career began as a commercial photographer's model when she was just two. A year later she was in films and at the advanced age of four she had already become a star. Six years after that, she was forced to "retire" from the films. She was in the gawky stage. Her Introduction to the Broadway stage was made in the George Kelly play. "Daisy Mayme." At 20, she returned to Hollywood and again became a star through the medium of such pictures as "David Copper-field," 'Dinner at Night" and "The Greeks Had a Word for It." Jeffries Km- BUSTER CRABHE h.iro ARI.INE .lltnr.K "THE CONTENDER" Joy EDDIE BRACKEN 1H.H1. 11U 1 1 V'. "Miracle of Morgan's Creek Haver. HETTY HUTTON Also ".r; i in is toi K Jumbo Vr"nt AIR-CONDITIONED tfumuu tuT, Continuous From 2 P. M. DOUBLE FEATURE "ACTION IN ARABIA" George Sanders r Virginia Druce Plus "Bullet ocars REGIS TOOMEY AIR-CONDITH NED Keswick-Glenside Tt Takes nil Kind of Men Mat. 2.15 Eve. 7 IS Feat. : H.1S. 7.40. 11.45 To Make an Armv and All Kind of Women To Love Maxwell Anderson's Purine Different Story Them EVE OF Ann Baxter Michael O'Shea ST. MARK Win. Eythe Added Matinee Onlv Hnpslnnn Oniily Snlvrs AiKiiher Wi-stcrn MvstMT La wndale chSStt ap?m. ROBERT WALKER DONNA REED "SEE HERE PRIVATE HARGROVE" HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDI 1 'IoNED la... .Mth It 1'AUl.ETTE OODDARD kATHUA rhrsti-r FRED MacMURKAY "STANDING ROOM ONLY" Locust 52nd and Locust Bie 'A Hour Show A TRIPLE MURDER MYSTERY FOR "CHARLIE CHAN" TO SOLVE "CHARLIE CHAN' (SIDNEY TOLER) "The Chinese Cat" Plus "A Tune Studded Riot-Fest About The Sweethearts of the Swing Shift" FRANK JANE VERA ALBERTSON FRAZEE VAGUE "Rosie the Riveter" Mayfair 5H17 Market St. Duiilili- Fciitmt' 1'ronnim "TROCADERO ROSEMARY LANE. JOHNNY DOWNS Mar jorie Manners and 4 Great Bands also "TIMBER QUEEN" Mnulnir ' JOHN GARFIELD MayTair Fkrt paul henried 'BETWEEN TWO WORLDS' Media TWO FEATURES RICHARD DIX "THE GHOST SHIP" PLUS Eddie Guillen. Harriet Hilliard "HI. GOOD LOOKIN' " emo to iviom T.y l imr nso wiir VnU MMrkttpAb Air-1'onil. Fent.: :.15. 7.45. 9.45 IV v b ... Mat. 2 ir- Eve. 7 15. 9.15 ThrillinK. Reckless. BUFFALO Romantic. When America Was Youne. BILL In Hd-Tod Show Technicolor Jwr MrCBEA. Maureen O'RARA, I,ind PARNKI.L A.lile.1 Krilf : Mat Onlv "RomlM Over Wlirmn" nw -(eweiWrll smi.i.iwn v nmnn nlli-y" HEAL 1 111- ULLV AlK-CONDITIoNED kl A ... I M2.I Germantown fcyi iw Continuous From 2 P. M. PAULETTE GODDARD FRED MacMURRAY "STANDING ROOM ONLY" Added "MAIN STREET TODAY" HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Now Pahh 2-lJti k "Chio Off the New Block" CW renn ,irnwt, "Weird Woman" Overbrook tilrd air-conditioned w,el Bro" Haver. Contin. From 2 P. M. From Hi eh School Champ! To Colleee Chumo MICKEY ROONE "Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble With IIONITA flRANVlLLE LEWIS M i iNE IIEIMIF.RT MARSHALL Palm I Ml. at N-rri WOMEN IN HOMIAI.K" ROSIE THE RIVETER" Park Highland Dick Powell. Linda Darnell ui n pir!; pa Hapiened Tomorrow" Also RICHARD ARLEN "MINESW FEPER" Pearl 21st k KMk-e JACK OAKIE LINDA DARNELL DICK POWELL "It Happened Tomorrow Penn 1th it Dickinson Sis. 2 BIG HITS 2 SIMONE SIMON-KENT SMITH "CURSE OF CAT PEOPLE" AND ANDREW SISTERS .livln Jacks & Jills ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID Penypak 8051 'Between Two Worlds John Garfield. Paul Henreid Fkd. S'dney Greenstreet. Elennor Paiker The Dramatir Hichlii'ht Of The Year! C ONTINUOUS FROM 2 P. M. Pike .Will ANN SHERIDAN N (h DENNIS MORGAN SHINE ON HARVEST MOOS'" M'ntTom'rv "I'owhov nnd Thp Klondl, Service Entertainment Tickets for service men and women to various types of shows can be obtained at the Philadelphia Hos- , tality Center ior Service Men, 18 S. 15th st. There you can learn of special affairs each night. MEN AND WOMF.N rsO-llHr I'laa. It r barn Plata, np-poll C'lljr Hall llanrlni. refreshment. 1. M. to midnight. V. M. . A.. 117 N. I Sin t. l-oUln. pool, aoec'lal recreation, cym, (Bowers. Jewish Welfare Hoard Club and Canteen 401 8. Hmad St. Dancing and fo4. Traveler' Aid Pennsylvania Railroad. .onuses Itroad St. 3oth Nt. and North Philadelphia Matluns open t hours. Travelers' Aid Baltimore, and Ohio Station, 24th and Chestnut sts. upen 9.30 M. to s.:to P. M. Canteen for Serrlee Men and Women Baltimore and Ohio Station, 24tb and het-nut ts. Open 9.30 A. M. to 4.3 P. M. Book. magazine. aandwlche. coffee erved without rot. Philadelphia Hospitality Center, IS S. IMh t. Information and referral servtre; limited number of free entertainment tick-eta: free mending shop for men. Benedict Club (National Catholic Community Service). 137 N. 1Mb t. Dancing and food. S. W. C. A.. 180t Arch t. Hopltalitj and dancing. Salvation Army Red Shield Club, 703 N. Broad t. Entertainment, maale, lodging and food. Lutheran Service Center. II1I VTaJnat t. Open dally, II A. M. to 11 P. M. Lounge, writing room, hower, recreation, lunches .Sunday evening supper. Baptist Hospitality Center. 17th and Sanson sts. facilities for Service Men and women. Methodist Service Center. Erie ave. east of Broad St., from noon to mldalght dally Lounge, writing room, shower room, game room, snack counter. Morning Cheer Victory Center. I til Walnut st. Open 24 hours a day. Writing and recreation room, lounge, lodging and food. Church ior Canteen of Jenkintnwn. Homestead Hoad Snack bar and dancing. Open every night. P. M. to midnight. Willow drove Service Center, legion Builitln- Easton Road. Meal, dancing, games, dally P. M. to 13. Zoological Gardens, 34th st. and Qlrard ave. Open A. M. to a P, M. Franklin Institute. 20th at. and the Park-wav 0en I to 6 P. M. Closed Monday. Pennsylvania Academy of the Pin Arts Broatl and Cherry sts. Exhibits free to service men and women In uniform, dally 1 P. M. to 5 PM. I'niversity Museam, 33d and Spruce sts. Admission free. Exhibits of current Interest. Open weekdays, except Monday, 10 A. M. to S P. M.: Sundays. 1 to ft P. M Academy of Natural Science. 18th St. and the Parkway Weekdays. A. M. to 3 P. M.J Sundays. 1 to 9 P. M. Admission free. Philadelphia Museum oi Art. ,16th St. aid the Parkway Open daily. 10 A. M. to 4 P. M., current exhibition of Interest. The Philadelphia Art Alliance. 2(1 S. t"th St. Exhibits. Hours: Dailv. 10.30 A. M. to V P. M. Sundays. I to P. M. Exhibitions chanted weekly. Aquarium. 2llh and Green lis., ssss daily. n.3e A. M. to 4.30 P. M.t Bsssday. A. M. to S P. M. DELIGHTFULLY AIH-ltiMiniaMf n President n'i.. .SP1" Ae v.-'iiuiin'iuii r j "in a i ill. THE PICTURE THAT HAD TO BE GREAT TO LIVE UP TO THE 5 HEROES IT HONORS! i SULLIVANS ANNE i THOMAS BAXTER MITCHELL SELENA ROYLE TRUDY MARSHALL The World Will Never Forget Them Blu :?-Hr. Farnilv Mat. Added Feature Gene Autrv. "SOI TH OF THE HllltllK.K" HEALTHFULLY AIR -CONDITION ED Pencil xl'ril Ae k Robert Walker "5UI KnwiKit Hlv.1 Donnn Reed Sl-E III' HE. rillV ATI' IMIIIIHIlVr"." Regis IMIli k lini:li Itllll AIV A t "limt Nmlv Kilt Mill" Nlllhlttier' Renel 72.1N Air- PAUL LUKAS Ifcmitit (ond. ERROL FLYNN UNCERTAIN (.1.1)111" Rex IKtl J Hl.le- o. My llarllnK I lementlnef .lrnil Trail" Rialtn AIR-CONDI I'iONED muiiw Continuous From 2 P. M 2 HII. HITS 2 Paulette Goddard.Fred AlacMurray Edward Arnold, Roland Younjc "Standing Room lilt No. 2 Only- "Action in Arabia" George Virginia Gene Sanders Bruce Lockhart Binn4 onslinhiK'km. Al R-CtX)LED riani j,t continuous From 2 P. M 2 CiliOKIUI'8 HITS 2 FRANCHOT . VERONICA TONE x LAKE "Hour Before Dawn" Plus Charles STARRETT. Jane F RAZEE TEX R UTTER, MILLS BROS. "COWBOY CANTEEN" Nev Mat. Onlv "Hesrrt Hawk" Serial Ridge George lxih & Kid Ave. Contin. Doors OiH-n 2 P. M. Sanders, Virginia Bruce "Action In Arabia PLUS RICHARD DIX "THE WHISTLER" Ritz hth A Hunting Park Ave. Continuous hrnm Z I. M. NELSON EDDY "Knickerbocker Holiday" Plus William Henrv. Grant Withers "SILENT PARTNER" Riviera J,4. "JAM SESSION" ANN MILLER & H Bands Also "THE CHINESE CAT" Rivol 52nd and Locust Continuous from 2 P. M. 2 BIG FEATURES 2 Stnnse. I'nranny. Mysterious. Awe-Inspirin Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey "The Uninvited" Doiinld Crisp. Conu'lln Oti Skinner piua SusiM-nse and Action In this Intrluulng Story of a Strange Set of Peoule Simone Simon, Kent Smith "THE CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE" Rockland HrnfHl nnil R(Mkland Continuous From 2 P. M. BETTY GRABLE CHARLIE SPIVAK & ORCH. "PIN-UP GIRL" HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Dnvu J89 R'lKe Ave. """f Continuous From 2 P. M. Fred MacMurray Paulette Goddard "STANDING ROOM ONLY" Royal Smith FRANCHOT TONE LAKE at lt.lh VERONICA "HOUR BEFORE the DAWN" HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED C lth & Susquehanna Ave. betlQTe Continuous From 2 P. M. 2 BIG HITS 2 L eSide-SpIittine Comedy You Don't Need WALLACE MARJORIE BKKHY MAIN "RATIONING" also Ann Miller Iarry Parks "HEY ROOKIE" Cowilln Ailt l'IKiLED JClilC )r Continuous From 2 15 P. M. Bl; DOC RLE FEATURE "LADY LET'S DANCE" BELITA; JAMES ELLISON PLUS LON CHANEY "WEIRD WOMAN" tL....... J Alice Carmen Phil jiici muuu Kave Miranda Baker 51th k Halt. Benny (Joodman and His Band "The Gang's All Here" V TECHNICOLOR Continuous Performance From 2 P. M. HEAL'IH FULLY A1K-CONDI1 IONED Cnnthprn GEORGE MURPHY souinern oinnv TOMMY DOUSEY AND ORCHESTRA "BROADWAY RHYTHM" A No - "HENRY AI.IIKICH. HOY SCOUT" .r.wra mnh & Snruee spruce Continuous From 2 P. M. . GEORGE SANDERS MERLE OB F.RON " LAIRD CREGAR "THE LODGER" JON HALL FRANCES FARMER VICTOR MiLAGLEN "SOUTH OF PAGO PAGO" MIN rnlted Service Club. 17th aad Loeait a. Masie. dancing, refreshments. Opea 14 hours. I SO Hate Club. Rroadwood Hotel. 320 X. Broad St. Dancing. Open ft to II p. hf. South Broad Ht. LSO Clab. Sl S. Bread St. Dancing, snack bar. United Seaman's Service Clab. 311 S. 4th St. Dancing, snack bar. Navy Mother Club. Ji-4H S. Qataea . Danring and refreshment for Navy an, 10 A. M. to midnight. Stage Door Canteen. Broad and Loeasl sts. Open dally. II A. M.. danring, with refreshments, 5 P. M. to midnlghti Sundays. X P. M. to midnight. The Military Order of the Loyal Legion. IHDS Pine st. Museum of Civil War weapons, flags and picture. Opea 0 A. M. to ft P. M. neilcvae-Stratford OfSrers' Clab. daily from 10 A. M. to midnight. Opea rraa ui-ari ior amusements. St. Stephen's Service Club. 10th t. below Market Library, gymnasium, free refreshments. Opea 10 A. M. to 11 P. M. Presbyterian Hospitality Hnase. 22M Locut st. Hecreatlon. refreshmentk. sleeping quarters, laandry facilities. Open Door Canteen of Cpper Darby. 703 w. Garrets Knad Tuesday. Wednesday ""orsday dance for service men. tOME! Service Women' Clnb. C.0 Emergency Aid. 234 8. Iftth St. Home facilities, la-formation, tea service. Open weekdays. 0.30 A. M. to P. M. Closed Sundays until Sept. 10. Women' Officers' Clnb. 1821 Walnat . Club farllltle. A. M. to P. M. Rarin' to Go Louise Allbritton, co-star of Unl-versal's "San Diego, I Love You," recently spent thrfe months overseas entertaining service men In camps and hospitals in the European theater of war. Upon her return to the States, Miss Allbritton was vehement in what she thought about the attitude of numerous civilians. As Louise expressed it, "I got up on a soap-box as soon as I returned and said all I felt. Now I have calmed down a bit. It can't quite be explained what happens to any girl who goes out there and talks to the boys." Continuing, she told of the wonderful attitude of the boys and the spirit and faith they had in the "good old U. S. A." In fact, so enthused was Louise over the trip that she intends to do it again as soon as she has finished another picture. And she doesn't care where they send her "Just as long as it's overseas somewhere to entertain the boys!" Star Xh4 AIR-CONDITIONED HIO HITS I rvay rrancis. Carole Landii Martha Raye. Mitzi Mayfair JIMMY IKlRsFV j. npni Four Jills in a Jeep" . I'lua Hit No. 2 Weird Woman Chancy, Anne Gwynn I. SfOnehlirSt Air-Conditlonl Continunui Wallace Meerv. Markine Mla W RATIONING" Ac Lon Chanev. Jr . In Innw gunrtniii Kjin Wnrf "CALLING DR. DEATH" Stratford CnrihiiUMtia Krm 'J 1 M. NANCY KELLY "WOMEN IN BONDAGE" Plus "PARDON US" Suburban Nl"nt""m'rv Ave.. Animoi """('nnlinumii From 2.15 P. JIL AlK roMilTlns ;n FRANCHOT VERONICA TONE LAKE 'Hour Before the Dawn' Temple lMth Rl ri.7 An Exeltlng Drama Of The Air CARY GRANT MYRNA LOY "WINGS IN THE DARK" 'MOON OVER LAS VEGAS' A WILLIAM iol.lilA tiik at bv Terminal ! 'J!'. .V"1? I'W 2,p'.lt- HEALTH El LEY Al K CONDITIONED ROBERT . DONNA WALKER K REED KEENAN WYNN ROBERT BENCHLET "SEE HERE PRIVATE HARGROVE" tS1rA$,M?,-,A.I"st Heautifui Theatre HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Tioga lith & enantro Continuous From 2 P. M. a- SMASH hits You'll Thrill To The Story Of trr,i Sull i ne lvans ANNE BAXTER. THOMAS MITCHELL "SOUTH OFPPAGO PAGO" VICTOR Mct.ACLEN. JON HALL Towns HKi.H A ... . V " . J A M Ki ELLISON "LADY LET'S DANCE HEALTH FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Tyson AXNE B,XTK. TUos. MITC HLU, THE SCI.f.lVANs" Unique .,th SIMONE SIMON" KENT SMITH liaier. "Curse of the Cat People" I'lus Jimmy Lydon Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout lineal Continuous From 2 P. M. r um. a SMASH HITS I - KAY KYSER MARILYN MAXWELL. LENA HORNE "SWING FEVER" Plus,-lohnny WfNumulIer. Nancy KeLjf "Tarzan's Desert Mystery" Mjtlnw Only "Advrnlurn Of Fblnc Cadelt Adults 20c. plus tax. 'til 5 P. M. Venice lxih Snv1-r "ROME THE KIVETEK" Hiriry Alitrirh. Hov vouf Victory-: "MY BEST GAL" rrr Plns-fion Smerh Joan Bfiitl (ohhhm k iiinv" Viola air-comh IoNED i:m Continuous ('mm '.' P NL ANNA NEAOLE. RAY MILLAND "IRENE" . Also 'T APT 41V Fl RY" W..a 111 ANDREWS SISTERS ogue,.0limlli "swiNciTiME john.m" F'lus CLAIRE TREVOR "WOMAN OF THE TOWN" Walton Oielien Air-Conditioned k Vhrw Continuous From 2 P. M. 2 RIO FEATl.'RES 2 John Garfield, Paul Henreid "Between Two Worlds" Sydney Grcenntreet. Eleanor Parker tieorce Tobias. Fay Emcnon and "Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout" JIMMY LYDON. CHARLES SMITH JOHN 1.ITEL. OLIVE HI.AKENEY Wayne "IKIMII kill" JAMES CAONEY Yanrlnn AIR-CONDI i IONED eaaon Continuous from 2 P. M. TODAY ONLY JAMES CAGNEY "FRISCO KID" Plus JOHN GARFIELD. GIG YOUNG "AIR FORCE" HEA LTH F U LL Y A I R-CON Dl TION ED York 27th & York Cont. Fr. 2 P. M. ERROL FLYNN PAUL ,1, JEAN LUKAS SULLIVAN "UNCERTAIN GLORY" ADDED 3 STOOGES COMEDY "DIZZY PILOTS" HATBORO. PA. Hatboro, Pa..r 2 BIG HITS 2 'TMUHiva to RurlrMa Chnrtlp Chun rr-t r-lr"

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