The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 2
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TWO AVEBNESBXY'i ' candles also portrayed the coining Cockran of Luxora. ret uru. \on Ig lit halt been Alter the rook games the hostess buying stocit far °N. B.''liJcnar'iI, : ''Mio ,th.q cherry pies, olives and coffee. live Couucll Meeting. ^ weeks where lie uiulcru'cnaifop oration lor apiwndlcltls, Mrs. Nccly Bowen who is visiting her of Chicago sister, Mrs Halo Jiickson. In Osccoln,' and who BRIDGE M14-Weelc club i^is. J. Louis Cherry. (Mrs. Matt Monaghan jr.. Is en- Young Matrons Jttaiaing Ihe 1 ridge club. The pentral Ward P. T. A. j tient a play al the high school In the afternoon nnd will tning. The Elliott Fletcher chapter of United Daughters of the unlt- DaugMw of tlie Confederacy ' JJU have a Colonial Tea at the ' Oman's club. Friday ft Marlon Torngklnt wl)l — Ip piano at the hpo[ audlUpriurrj. Dorcas Sunday school cli the First Baptist church wilt ittrtaifiEU. by Mecdames W.- 1 ollingsworth,'J. M. Gillespic and Shoemaker, at the liome ol wtme. ARTICLE N'O. 12D 11V WM. F,. McKCNMCY Sfrrctary American iirldgc I^.nue football jjainc, we u-c all the cncouragliia Thc 41 teachers and officers ot the First Uapllst church who attended the cmuicll meeting at llu. home las', night. church Tuesday evening studied the standard of excellence for the tchcol, I'rlor to the program a delicious supper was served by members of tlie Intermediate department. In examining the records of trie school Jor tho excellence record, 'Allen Rushing spoke onJSWhat tlie Standard Means" and this theme wa salso discussed by Mrs. Kotot Mrs. Smis Miclilo, of Stcelc, Mo.. hopncrt here yesterday. Mrs. Louis Ncwblll returned to her home In Dyersnurg, Tciiu.. ttKliy after several weeks visit with her laughter, Mrs. R. L. Oalnes, nnd amlly. Eric Taylor, of Camlhersvlltc, , fai ^Visitor in the .,. ,,, Mlllllls School." .:,,»*> discussed Jfey Wfrtiblnr&ld UT'W, ., look up the theme "Fl- Through the Sunday 'hoir Members of the choir of. the I list Methodist church were guests. ;Mre. J. E. Critz and Mrs. Nelll ted at a party |lven Tuesday renin; at the church. iThere were games and popular jngs sung; to amuse the 15 pres- ft;'." 'A delicious, lunch was served. :'.-.- • 4 » fUge Chib Meets 'The Entre Nous Bridge club, ro- eritty organized for Tuesday alt- ;noqn parties, was entertained by [r». W. 'Owen Blue this' week. Miss Jathryn Lawler won the prize, a iewlng apron. 'Saint Valentine's Day was ro- iembercd In the tallies, luncheon oths and napkins. The hostess j rved sandwiches and an Ice after lie bridge games. Born Mr. and Mrs. Fay O. Davis an ounce the birth of a daughter ttday, February 6. The baby, ho weighed, nine pounds, has not iV. been named. lob En Mrs, O. W. McOutchen was host- is to the Tuesday Luncheon club hjn siie entertained with a lunch- i in at'tilie" Hotel Noble and later ve/ eight ladles played bridge at (e McCutQhen home. Besides the lembere 'Mrs. W. B, Tanner and. tri Louis Oreene were guests. IA; delictQUs four course menu was ' trvei-at » tal}le emp)iaslzlng thi ilentlpt holiday with licnri : lapeij place cards. 'In ths Qpntract bridge games |rv W^ D., Cham.ijlin Jr., and Mrs OiUs Greene won. high score, prizes tickets. M[e<ts j Members of thc Tuesday Con- ract club played. cards at tho pjn? o' Mrs, W. Leon Smith this ieeli. Mrs.. May Aldridge won tho rize, hosiery. lite in the alernoon an appctiz- ig hot plate lunch .was served. • •• * ^ Review^ 'Forty music lovers of this city foci advantage of the o?t:i mcc tag of the Music department i toe Woman's club Tuesday after jtopn when four grand operas, t lie : heard in Memphis Friday am Saturday, were reviewed. {.Mrs. L. M. Chappelle iras 1 •harge o! the program when thes numbers were given: "The Story o |' : Pagilacci," Mrs. J. E. Criti; plan solos "Piologuo" and "intermezzo from this opera, Mrs. R. A. Moore ioice numbers '"Laugh Clow L&ugh" and Screnata" from th farne opera, Ernest Jones; "Th fjtory of CavaUcria. Ruslloana lipss Maurlne. Branson; song "Ii Jermezzo" with Ave Maria word from this opera, Mrs. George "The Story of Mlgnon," MUs 'mtcriiity Meets. The Kappa Alpha Phi's local lapler met nt thu Hotel Noble last •cnlng for a business session. Plans r & dance this month wore ink- up in addition to ttc routine usiness. « » • !ave. Founders .iy Projranv For the annual Founders Da> rogram the senior high school arenl-Tenchcv association had a rogrnm Tuesday nfternooYr' on Commercial Recreation".'' ' ' Mrs. Ocorgo W. Dlllahunty dls usscd Uic cclebrntlon ot- the nd Mrs. OUo Kochlll»ky/sj1ci!C. n "Mother Looks At The Movies" Ilss Rosa M. Hardy .-.urged the o-operatlon of mothcrs'Un' 'liealnil Uh school problem of bojs and iris of tho adolescent age and a st of favorite shows and players ompiJed by Miss Lui^.-'ifej V elm. was rend. Bits of News Mostly Personal iast, n ilng to I A. (f/fWard Is atle ..„ „ iea? tojcarulhcrsvlllfftoday. f.Mf.'Jnd Mrs. J.ffw. D and daughter, of 'ft-imttv were ^visitors at tn hospital- loday. *'" Hospital Notes Palicnls dismissed from Hie Bly- .licvlllc hospital todny: Miss Delia B. Griffin, Kosclund; Mrs. W. I". Darne.s, city; Mrs. J. B. Hujlics nnd baby, Senath, Mo. Ekron News Notes Jessie Delberl Slayton Ot Friendship. Tenn., spent the past week hern with friends. Mr. McDonald had as. his guest fcr several daye Insl «r6mlsoi>t Mr. "' Jand/Mo! " : Mws Lillian with the fans to their .. . Him line!' pally, good pKtasc 'for ", woVjld be "Stop:(hat NORTH '•' — IT—B--8-5 D-A-J-10-9-3 C-M A'IJ | West has a heart trick there Is a chance 'then ol making a club trick, so tlie proper play for East is not the ace ol spades, but thc king of cl" ' that game. has been (lie Inspiration for a number of delightful social affairs since her arrival, was again complimented yesterday afternoon when Mrs. Jackson eiusrtalned twenty-four guests at bridge, the number including members pf thej contract bridge \ SOUTH—DEALER S—4-3 H—A-IO-7-6'3-2 D-K-U EAST S-A-KJ-8 H-J D-S-5-4 C-X-Q- 10-72 :lubp, hoping to^'ttop ." ^Declarer would \vtn Deach and Mrs. J- W. Portlock I state !n tho country. Th? runncr- thc guests of Mrs. Otieal at j up ( Or this honor is Connecticut, "' l Mrs' U J S( w y 'portlcck and' wlth 01!ly 258 members. daughter, Lavawio visited Mr. and ~~ Mrs. T. J. Bass of Dell, Sunday _.. afternoon. |' Mrs. Finley Nipper who has been' ill for the post few weeks is now : improving. Wilson and •yltited Harry with tlie ace v lose a clubia if he teatfe the Ve'of will get In with the king and then 'leaiT"a7"c[iib'"which" 'will 'liord"36"-' cliircr to three odd. Of course Ihe declarer might try n trick play and lead the deuce of Hearts and if West were foolish enough to play the (our, declarer would win In the dummy with tlie queen and immediately return a heart, up with the ace. He would then lead the king of diamonds fol- Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hoover Dclbridge and Jlmmle Buck Mrs.) Memphis, .who! „ ..,. parents, Mr. '' j. J. iMJpvcwcU, and low tta&r to Mrs. D. 8j The hcnorcr, was presented a; (nb!cs lwo c]ubSi Suu , h l.n». Out ol town Bursts besides |, )!( , a , lolhcl . llcart> East lowing with the queen, Ing In dummy with would then lead ati of diamonds, disca: ,:--^ V'. p\ Mr. and Mrs. Earl Snaiiiiylelt. b that-Uiff.unu^l have moved into their new honw possibly^ a Jieart.. on Dr. Rowland's place- 'Ik'nf I" 1 n ^y\y pg^ i » Central Ward P. T. A. Is ' Sponsor of Show Thursday The Central Ward Parent-Teacher association is sponsoring the presentation of tv/o (lerformances ' of "The Puppets Show" Thursday afternoon and evening. Mrs. John H. Hineman, of Rector, Ark., will present "Little Red overtak- Take Thedford's DRAUGHT To Avoid; I'ith ins ace. Ho Ridiiig .^ood." "TtejjThrew.iUlU* Ihe jnck and ten! Pigs" al)d "Three B3jp" in X&fch seardlng the two: the anfijial charactetj wlll,^«'a(k fch 'a(kl the honoree and Mrs. llughey, in-( _ «. - would! of leading tlie heart, West must! "The afternoon performance is to would; Jump in with thc- king and return i befiin at a o'clock and the evening! ' ' " ' eluded McsilamesJ H. Grain and 5 ncc , srary , WOI|U1 cn ', ry thc d « la . Roy \\lUon Wilson and Mrs. , lilt | OI1 . show ihe other suit, but North, 'i(j the club as his partner has directed him to do. (Copyright. 1931. NBA Service, Inc.) School P. T. A., speaking from inc'i, " . '" subject, "Living o'n ,n B our Chll-. ^f to four hearts, .tract, South would start iart and North would :iearts. Some play- even be bold enough to to four. With a three heart ' bid from Norlli, South would be in going to tour hearts. Approximately 50 members of •jwcek ^ hio, tile locjil orgnulzation inL-lutJliig a " - -' " ninnbcif tif lathers, for. whose'; -' tendance a special liivlinllo'n: doubled, The Play Mr. rjropei- opening would night with Mr,, and y/cst's r j:b'"yhc Franks .H^nt the urged, heard Mis., Lawson ami!"; 10 "" 1 ««'^''* ™™- ^ vh&' 1 - - - - t«n.. ^' Lone Oak Items Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Davis en tettalned a few of their frond? with a dance Wednesday night. The Lone Oak basket ball team played Gosnell Friday with the Lou? Oak boys winning D to 0 and l.he girls tying their score. at 1i45. Both will be given at the i high school auditorium with stu- j dents 15 cents and adults 25 cents for admission. Wed Hodge spent Friday j New Hampshire House Largest in Country CONCORD, N. H., (UP) — New Hampshire ranks 42nd in population, and 43rd in area among tlie 48 states. But ns regards the size of Houses of Represents lives, New Hampshire ranks first. ;• We. New -Hampshire House, with fm'mfemberjs, is (ho biggest of any vcr of Twenly-nine. Mrs- Jolin Rynn of Denrmon was the guest ol Mrs. Tom Hnrl, WJed- nasday. wns entertained yesterdtiy afternoon at the country home of Mrs. Geo. Edrliiglon south of Osccoln,| with two former members of the organization, Mrs. M. L. Simmers What are possibilities? If I.... us Memphis, where Misses Nell I H'.icdcs and Catherine Harwell and Mrs Harvey Hnr^tt «nem Fri- ] mlA Mrs . E . e ' rr i ni ' ag ' aill joining the. Mrs - c - M - Harwell. at Mrs. Ida Tucker who rShooie hare, w.n&.r Mrs. Enrl Ha.tch.2r, ' *'as the guest of her mother, Mrs. T. J.- Crowdcr yesterday^ ,_ The Rev. Marsh ^? ^^^jfTf to return todny tv'om tit-' le Kock xvl^vc he attended uu nd- Misses Anna Dell and Effic Min Sid BruiJshe'r or Harrlstjurg, was business visitor; in Osceola . . . . dnncn at Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Davis' -Wednesday night 'ssN'pflWb'ri viilfqU hfct •: irfs?Wk-"TonSirison 'if ' Blvtheville last Tomllnson Friday night. ' Miss Virginia RIchardEtm spent Saturday ' ' ham. •- 'f * M J »^ ,t Miss Gladys Grimes of day. Dr. J. G. McKenzie ruturiicd (o iii home in Partigould yesterday alter visiting Ills 'daughter, Mrs. ilarcus Evrard, anil fainllv^ lor a Mrs, Roland Green is spending odny In Osccola. ^ Mrs. Clifford Cavitt h' cd from a visit in Late, ler oarenta, Dr. and Mrs. C. ald.well. Mr. and Mrs. 0- F. . . as their guest this wcet'MrS. Mivry Cox, of Memphis. Dr. and Mrs. 1. R. Jphnsj>uj Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Tiptdijsurerej visitors In Memphis Monday- Miss Willie A. Lawson will go to Shawnec tonight for a meeting of the Parent-.Teacher association at which she wll glvo an address on Founders Day. Mrs. Otto KochtllzVy and Mis. Ross D. Hughes went to Clarks- vllle. Tenn.. today tor «vera\ days stay with ^Us. Hughes' sis'.er, Mrs. Jcsiah Fort, and family. Miss Flossie McKtnnoii went to Dyer, Tenn.i today where she will to the guest of her sister, Mrs. W. C. Holt, and Mr. Holt, for several days. Mrs. H. S. Davis, accompanied Half Moon. Orvll Reems of Holland. Mo. ; nnd Albert Snnford of Donrmon. Holton Corner and Jessie Dolbcrt, ShulU" Hamp Austin and family vfaiu\ frflnirj^ot •tiscc'bli Mr. and Mrs. Porter Smitli, Mr. and Mrp.f loin, Hart''find Mr,, and! end al^araway wiin 'friends. .Tip Mangutn, is confined (o IThe Ekron scliooi •' children a progressing nicely with their stu- ilies- Tliey have organizort a girls basketball tcapi and are making plans for the plaining of a flower garden soon. lltria Rusticana." Wood- w . waiimglon. of Mpnetle, al: piano selections "So- tended' the ArkaiwaVMJss.mirt-P.QK>-! odies from. Mlgnon."Mlss , ^ inuAixfe JhieH Tuesday nlgW: •' son. j Miis Hc5(er Lcc Wilson, ot al ?. eS - = q ; -°? ls> , e ' ". CCd , &achvil!e. .was a visitor in -the . D. Barksdnle. hQitcsriMVaty yesterdV - - ' : a dainty dessert with coffec.t A ^ on g tfl ^ c ' (r om-out*of w,vn Little; vocal seleclio song "Dost Thou Kno Fair Land," Mrs. Paul L n; violin selection "Sigllinnn" i 'Cavalltm Rusticana," Wood- Fisher; ' Melodies Wilson. j ! 'Mesdames P. ^nd J #erv.ed *• For this -meeting the' |jub was Attractively gay witr jon-1 fcuils and other spring (lowers. I j; '•• ' •'« .'.'. bas ,Roo< Pirty., .. v , , J t Mip. M. Jontz entertained ?*','<>' fcr friends with a rooX party Tuts-' piy atternopn. included In those present were Mii. Mary cox of tle'mphis' wiio .is'the hou^sguest of Jirc. C. P.', Tucke't ar.d Mi-s. U. W. i UiilUns, of' Macbn, MUis., .who is tlsiUng; Mrs. V. W. Muliins. jr. . |'Straw floors'made "an attractive Kiting for . the ,-Valentine decora- iions and. heart 'shaped' tallies .and by Mrs. L. L. McDearman of Lux- era, visited in Memphis Monday. Miss Beatrice Blankcnshlp, of Monelte. visited here last evening Sluney A. Bickers. H. Wilson nnd Mrs. W. J. Sheddau was hos'.csi to the two-table bridge club to which she belongs, entertaining be- Mrs. Hale - freshmcnts^ v,ero • served following Uie SflUiiJJ- n j-v j « ?,,-. • . •. ,'-. i .f Mls.f jlpliS AHolnstii. ; who vis la member of the Osceola high school faculty, was called lo her homo in Jewell. Iowa, Monday on account of the sudden illness of her sister. Accompanying Miss Hansen is visiting Miss Eddie Williams for PP COUGHS ^* Stopped qaickly Vrf iAFRLY r , iswallowof "" 'XINE Co., and Kirby Chairplane Ride Sale This ride will be good for small park or picnics and will make money for you. I have two of them. My reason for selling — for sale or trade JimmieBoyd \f. The new Ford for a visit their daughter, Mrs. Hale Jackson and Mr. Jackson. .leidames C. O. Smith. •'ifartnf Ray si pfd in • Blytheviile yesterday. iii'iretii-nedsljst ifti'f ?wncr&i she unclervvcnt .1" toiisil operation a nys _r^o v ghc^js.convajcsfing' 1. WaH. Mrs' 1 A. W. powcn and M^. S. M. yesterday |:iu *1. V '" '' : plnV 5 Mrs. Lccn Sullivan, who has been seriously ill in St. Josephs hospital. Memphis, returned lo lici home here Sunday night ami is improving. Mr. and Mrs. Densel Howard called on Mr. and Mrs. Albert Haskins. Sunday. There was no Sunday School Sunday morning on account of the VOTES ?:B!) " car j to own and drivel Low first coat, low cost of o/i«r- • anil up-Iseep 9 and low yearly } saving •. fo "* meeting, of the Aric^i- .RICHMOND AWARDS O.G. BIG VICTORY OVER RIVAL BRANDS/} , flupruviation mean a i .x. to every purchaser -,: : • "•'•'• TTIIE 'NET FORD is a splciuliil car to own nnd drive • I'-Jf ™" S " °^ its !lttri >Pt>vc lines nnd colors, safety, com')> >fqrty Bpc'cd, reliability and long life. There are, iii addition, three other features of' importance to every far-seeing automobile owner . . . low first cost, low cost of operation and up-kecp, tuid low yearly depreciation. During Jhc life of thc car, the day-by-day economy of owning a Ford will amount lo considerably more than thc saving on the first cost. You save when you buy thc Ford and you gave every mile you drive. The reasons for this economy are simplicity of design, high quality of materials and care in manufacturing nnd assembling. Many vital parts arc made to limits of one one-thousandth, of an inch. Some to three tcii-thousaudllis q£ an .inch.; Throughout, the WiiiSiBfe'Jc^rijQl^le of fine crafts- in automobile engineering. ; The.miire ypu'Bcejojyiho new Ford— the more you talk to Ford owners and experienced mechanics — lh<! bc.cpinc of this fact. ... It brings iiig y&uSvuut or uced iu a motor car at au unusually lovf price. BAKING POWDER MIIUONSOF POUNDS-jUStD. BV OUR coytfjtuJnBfl-;?^ LD GOLD BEST $435 to *66O .T.O. n. Drtrotl, flat /rfitJ.1 on tMttrj. H anr ,,, ,,4 ,pa, ,lr. • t .noil r.jl. Vou c«» ri'rr*c.« , r»,J on rconnnlrd Mmt lU XuliorUcd ForJ Ffoanc. riciu o/ lif Uxlteriel CtrJU 1 ivent doivn to Richmond, Yir£inu\, the other day. Richmond, one of the rimixn's capitals in tobacco products, where they know tobacco like Detroit knows motor I ftnvc OM Richmond smokers one c:icli of the '•fdiirlciKllnA cigarettes. . . wiiii thc nunu-s hidden by a black mask. "Don't try (o ftucss 'cm, Richmond!" I snid. "Jnsl smoke 'cm ... and pink out the tij.irctte that tastes best." It wns the same old story. Again, ().{;. relied up n decisive majority \ l nc. Cliuscn hy ihe xvorld's foremost lolurco town for its superior thronl-casc utid siumuhncis. If that isn't :i Supreme Court decision . . . what isf THE NKT FORD TLDOR SEDAN (Signed) FINAL OLD COLD ,;..„—^\;.. Brand X,,.^;..; NOT A COUGH IN A CARLOAD

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