The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 15, 1944 · Page 12
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1944
Page 12
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12 a d e f 2 THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. SATURDAY MORNING. JULY 15. 1944 Dell Concert Tonight BRAHMS PROGRAM George Szell, Conductor Bronislaw Hnberman, Violinist Symphony No. 1, in C minor Concerto in D major, for Violin a nd Orchestra Bronislaw Huberman whh ALEX DREIER, famed NBC foreign reporter from London and Berlins Analytis of the week's newt and forecast of future trends. Spoesered by NEW RED HEART J-FIAVOR DOG FOOD Every SATURDAY YW 12:00 NOON IMI jAfil PABkfWAY ONLY CENTRAL CITT RESTAURANT COCKTAIL LOITNGB. ZoUl r AKInWAT FACing fairmount PARK AND THE PARKWAY. EXCEL-DAWriDAU DriAki LENT FOOD. DELIGHTFUL ATMOSPHERE. LUNCH-PANORAMA ROOM ko'fi1 coacTAiLs. dinner, supper, sunday din- IN IRS- FREE PARKING AT DOOR. PRIVATE DINING ROOMS AVAILABLE. THE SHERATON HOTEL ink WaJnnt Its. Formerly excel ent will be .nr.,- , m'rin.1 ORIG NAL BOOrDiNUtK i lULUJ.,, Irt-tlv cooked. Closed Sun. dunna July A Aug. ... ir.mniis frr VERDI c-v 2zKT?h-pr ably price 1 r avp from 11 A il L. iV c. . . -re k I nil CD'C 227 So. Broad St. LEVY ItrNULtK i Sport Celebrities. Til I CC DCCTAl ID AMT RAD 1U0 San IILLkb Kti I AUK AN I -DAK ak all -P 3 BAR AND RENTAL' RANT rn ,.,1ir ODAfMCVC Juniper .s Chancellor Kts. Air-cooled for Dinlnst and BKAULtl J Wining Pleasure. Closed Friday. Open Daily & Sunday. ci CDDITV onniul Unexcelled dinners l,tLfcDK.I I I tJJrn tax No minim lm. MUSIC VILLAGE George Scotti will . . w I nt. m Air.rvtnlml CMMICM r A D fiCMC Limekiln like SUNKtN t7AKUtN5 Sanaom Hi use SANSOM HOUSE I HU-CI i Sni,M Luncheons Iro n SEA. BAUERLE. Inc. 14 So. I5th St. OPEN SUNDAYS. DOOVRIKinCBC SEAFOOD HOUSE. INC. Originated and supervised by members DUUNOIINUC (f 1hl orie ROOK! UNDER family serving the best seafood, steaks 215 So. 15th St. and chops. Not rmnected with any other restaurant. Open 6 tn a week, including Sunday. Closed 1 11 day Monday. Air-conditioned. CAI'.ARETS crirM I A'C f-ti Heat I'lke street. ' wo Closed i w ifc-v j Cuist tnc Radclift 9556 rn ikll DAIIIkiCO'C ? f atharia? St. Banquet Oepi rKAN rALUMOU O banquet resei vations. Wal. 5910. fill Catharine RUSSIAN IHESTAIRA1VT RUSSIAN INN 123: AiCLVr hi. Lu .uncheon. dinner, Open Dally Except PAl Al AlA 17( Sansom Kt. Closed c Ij r L I rvA Your patronage was api FRENCH - MICHAUD'S 1512 Walnut it. The H Dance A Dine to Hnw 1IISICAL II All Sat. Corklall Hour, 2 to 5 P. M. tUC fOVP l-ocust at i:tth St- Continuous Entertainment featuring foremost mu-1 c v-'v-' " t sical umu nightly from 5 P.M. Sat. Matinee from 2 P.M. Choice cuisine. DuMOND'S BAR Arrott A Griseom musical acts. No TAHITI BAR 126 S. 1TH ST. CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY. NOT SUBJECT TO TAX. ABOUT THE On each BOTTLE of the Fletcher's Castoria you buy today, you will see a Serial Control Number. This number is plainly visible through a "window" in the package. Here's what lie Serial Control Number nr eans to you: The Fletcher's Castoria now being made is given three different kinds of rigid tests . . . chemical, bacteriological, an i biological. The Serial Control Number on each bottle is your positive, visible proof that all these tests have been made. In this way, you have full assurance of the quality and dependability of Fletcher's Castoria long recognized as the Meal laxative for children. Millions of mothers welcome the news that Fletcher's Castoria is now on sale at their druggists! This is the original and genuine Fletcher's Castoria . . . the laxative ma ie especially for children. The next time your child needs a laxative, ask for Fletcher's Castoria. It's mild and gentle, yet effective. And it's pleasant-tasting, so you don't have to "force" your child to take it. 'Double Indemni a r. i k i M otudv in fviuraer By Mildred Martin Paramount has made a corking melodrama from James M. Cain's "Double Indemnity," a hard-boiled study in murder for cash and the eventual retribution meted out to a never-loving wife and her Insurance salesman accomplice. Brilliantly and toughly directed Amusement Quide MUSIC ROBIN HOOD DELL Symphony. 8.30. THEATERS BE L LF. V 17 E- ST KA T FO ED "Th Ulll Animal." 2.30. 8.30. FORREST "Catherine Was Great," 2.30, 8.30. MOTION PICTURES ALDTNE "Snow White." 11. 12.50. 2.40, 4.30. 6.15. 8. 10. ARCADIA "The Mask of Diml trios," 11, 12.50, 2.40, 4.30, 6.20, 8.10. 10. BOYD "Once Upon a Time." U. 12.50. 2.40. 4.30. 6.20. 8.10. 10. CAPITOL "Gambler's Choice." 10.30, 12.45. 3.05. 5.20, 1.40, 10. E A RLE' 'Take It BIB." 11.05, 2.05, 5, 8, JO. Glen Grav and Orchestra on stage, 12.35. 3.35, 6.30, 9.30. FOX "Double Indemnity," 11.20, 1.30, 3.35. 5.40, 7.50. 10. KARLTON "Un In Arms," 11, 12.45, 2.35. 4.25. 6.20, 8.10. 10.10. KEITH'S "Up In Mabel's Room." 11.30, I. 15. 3. 4.45. 6.30. 8.15. 10.05. MASTBArM "Going. Mv Way." 1X05. I 15 3 25. 5.:t5 7.45. 10. NEWS "Love Is Newi," H. f) 30. 11. 12.35, 2.1D. 3.45, 5.20 6.50, 8.25. 10. STANLEY "Two Girls and a Sailor," II. 1.10. 3.20, 5.30, 7.45, 10. STANTON "Cobra Woman," 11. 12.50, 2. 40. 4..Ot fi.20, 8 10. 10. STUDIO "Bill of Divorcement," 32.20, 3, 8.10. 10.45. The Wellington. Our Dtntne Rooms aerve Luncheons A Dinners daily and Sunday. No i natter If your choice U deluxe or light vou pleased end comfortable. BREAKFAST ftKRVICE AI.NO HOOKY'S. 125 Walnut Street. Estnh- Renowned for seafood of finest quality per- Banquet Rooms. OUK urL.x Auuitt. mod food for ovet 20 years. Reason- luncheons. Deliciously cooked dinners M. to 9.15 P. M. Saturday and Sunday . 1,1.. . - ' - - Finest Food. Meet and Eat with Theatrical and U S. Graded A A Prime Steaks our specialty. - om St "For that after-theatre snack." Bar open until 2 A. M. Banouet Rooms. "I In Re your entire family to dine at P M In coin-fort nd refinement." Harry Roth. 131 3. 13th iL from $1.25. Fine liquors and music. No cover at any time In the Vlllaee I entertain you from 7 o'clock to cli No Vtnnm closing. at 'heltenham and Oitonfs Aves. (Tnde manaKement. NOW OPEN SUNDAYS. HI. 35c. K) dinner to choose from 75c U0. Air cooled OPEN SUNDAY. FOOD Nationally known reputation (or good food. AIR-CONDITIONED. all - star shows nightly. Delicious Italian on Sundays. Banquet A Party Facilities. St. Banquet Dept. open for fall party A Philadelphia's most Interesting restaurant theatro supper. Har Russe. A1R-COOLK1I Monday All hummer. Sun. Dinner from 3 P.M. urlng July & Aug. Will reopen after Labor Day. ireciated. AMERICAN 'use of Fine Foods & LI(iuor. At Popular Price alian Musie in the L Village. Sts. Continuous Entertainment. Top-ranking Tax at Any Time. Sat. Matinee 2 to 5 P. M. SATURDAY MATINEE FROM 2 P. M. MESSAGE TO MOTHERS NO W ON SAL THE MAKERS OF ty at Fox; d by Billy Wilder, who also had a hand in the script, the new film at the Fox keeps a relentless grip on the audience from start to finish. Slowly, carefully, convincingly the drama builds plot and characters, underscoring horror by the very normalcy of everyday backgrounds as a conscienceless wife weaves her murderous web about her Intended victim as well as the wretched salesman she seduces for the sake of her lethal scheme. The film follows every step of the way, from the planning of the kill ing and the trick by which, an in surance policy with a double indem Inity clause for accidental death is murder itself. THEIR TERROR GROWS And going on from there. It grim ly deals with the growing terror of the guilty pair as a tenacious little claims agent for the insurance com pany goes to work to prove foul play, not accident, tumbled Mr. Dietrich son onto the railroad tracks with a broken neck. As the wife who already has blood on her hands, Barbara Stanwyck is in top form, brassy, relentless, brazenly seductive, a match for anything save the bullet that eventually snuffs out her worthless life. HCfcO MacMUKKAY Equally fine are Fred MacMurray, forsaking his usual light and lively comedy for the exacting dramatic role of the salesman tempted by a pretty face into committing murder, and Edward G. Robinson who makes his most impressive film ap pearance for a long time as the plod ding claims agent who picks flaws in an almost "perfect crime." The three principals are given excellent support by Tom Powers, the not-too-pleasant victim; Jean Heather, his unhappy daughter who has ample reason to fear her stepmother; Porter Hall,' Byron Barr, Richard Gaines and Fortunio Bona-nova. Rudolf Serkin Is Dell Soloist Brilliance of performance and supreme artistry marked the all-Beethoven program which was given at the Dell last nltrht (orieinallv scheduled for Thursday but postponed because of rain) , with the incomparable Rudolf Serkin, pianist as soloist, and George Szell conducting. The "Emperor" concerto is one of the finest examples of Beethoven's break with the traditional concerto form of his day. While he has given to the piano all of the bravura and virtuoso passages that any soloist or audience could wish, his interweaving of the solo Instrument and orchestra, and his orchestral passages alone, of which there are many, give it great depth and power. VITALITY ENCIIAXCED Mr. Serkin, as always, gave to his performance a vitality and freshness that greatly enhanced the vitality already inherent in the composition itself. Written in simple rhythm, there was no doubt of monotony in his Interpretation, but instead, an infinite variety of color. These same qualities, virility, vitality and freshness were evident in Mr. Szell's conducting of the stormy "Egmont" Overture and in the Symphony No. 7. A meeting of artistic minds in thft concerto resulted in full sympathetic orchestral support to the soloist. Tonight an all-Brahms program will be presented under Mr. Szell's direction, with Bronislaw Huberman, violinist, as soloist. MARGARET KAYE LETCHER'S CASTORI Look for these features on Castoria package: iuoruoit mm MXMIII kMAI REGULAR SIZE Sit CMTlKtt I tltll MC(I LABORATORY TESTED CONTROL NUMBER XT3I28 TSf CfTUI COMMST SITISII SHtUM MUC (MC. UIMl s. i. It St 71 ORlfiiNAt . 1 NOTE: Until sufficient stocks can be made available, it may be that your druggist won't have enough Fletcher's Castoria to meet all demands. If he happens to be out of stock when you ask for Fletcher's Castoria, please be patient. He will have it for you shortly. FLETCHER'S CASTORIA Hi a -r . ? I H Jj WL' ' 1 ?T ,H ... j . I I 1 W I 1 .1 . .. i I (A. P. Wlrrphoto) JOAN HLONDELL DIVORCES POWELL Dick Powell, the singer, was cruel to her, complained Joan Blondell, smiling up at the judge from underneath the hat you see in the picture. So judge in Los Angles gave her a divorce yesterday. It took only four minutes. Earle Stage Shoiv Stars Glen Gray and Orchestra Glen Gray and his Casa Loma boys, with Patricia Morrison, became the stage headlinrrs at the Earle yesterday while the screen feature, "Take It Big," unfolded a many-times-told success story with music. Maestro Gray has gone in rather Gail Patricks Trip Delayed JACKSONVILLE, Fla., July 14 (A. P.). Movie Actress Gail Patrick, who married Lieutenant Arnold Dean White here Tuesday, said today "the wedding was unplanned so the honeymoon must 'just happen' also, or at least wait until I finish my tour and the Navy gives my husband permission to leave his quarters." Lieutenant White flew here Tuesday from Miami and immediately after the wedding ceremony he was ordered back to Miami and confined to officers quarters for 10 days. "The whole situation is most unfortunate and unpleasant," said the tall brunette. "I have no idea why my husband is being restricted to his quarters, but, regardless of his love for me, I am sure he did not leave his base without permission. I have talked to him dally by telephone, but we did not discuss the matter." "I had no idea that I would get married when I came to Jacksonville," the actress explained. "Lieutenant White, upon hearing I was here, flew up and we thought it would be a good idea to get married, so it just happened." the new Fletcher's 1 tThe Green Band... around each package... quickly identifies the laboratory-tested Fletcher's Castoria now on sale. 2 The Serial Control Number... on the bottle label. clearly visible througha"win-dow" in the outside package. ' , 'i ; heavily for brass in recent . years with the result that his orchestra has lost much of its earlier charm. Noise has taken precedence over melody. 'FATS' DANIELS PLAYS "Fats" Daniels in addition to bewailing wartime restrictions in "Duration Blues" gives a plug to education, in "Swinging on a Star." Besides the voenl numbers, the lu'Ity gentleman also plays a mean, but not sweet, clarinet. . The Carr Brothers did some startling feats of muscular agility and flexibility, timed to the second, with a comic twist; Eugenie Baird. vocalist, was heard in a rather lifeless rendition of "I'll Be Seeing You" and "All By Myself" done at funeeal tempo; Jerry Lewis scored a hit with accompanying gestures to a recording of the "Largo al Fuctotum," (none of which was in the least appropriate) and a so-called imitation of Frank Sinatra. The band itself did its stuff in a. Vincent Youmans Medley in which the Maestro did a saxophone solo cf a few bars; and a Blues Rhapsody. 'FANTASTIC STORY Patricia Morrisonf in a graceful gown and an aristocratic hairdo, sang "Begin the Beguine" and two other numbers. Her singing in n little on the pretentious side but agreeable, but the sudden and incessant changes of angular poses rather destroyed the undulating rhythm of Cole Porter's popular classic. As to "Take It Big," that's about all you can do. A fantastic story, full of incredible people, gets nowhere in a big way. Jack Haley, Harriet Hilliard and the others don't look particularly happy about what they had to do, but did their best. M. K. U. S. BONDS AND STAMPS ON SALE EVERY jqvas CHESTER MORRIS NANCY KELLY M. S. War Dot. Rmtl 'JOL 'GAMBLER'S CHOICE' attack Doom Op.n rfl A. M. UnillULUI U WIIMlWii Tha BaHI. f N.w BrWals DAI AfCIHht AIR-CONDITIONED VlfTfjDIA Air-Conditloned I ALAUC Mkt. Door Open 10 A. M. I1WI WRIM 8th Ac Market GINGER ROGERS RAY MILLARD ANNE BAXTER MICHAEL O'SHEA "LADY IN THE DARK" T,TM "EVE OF ST. MARK" fir rj;im BKOAIJ WAY a CIHCLa. a tULUNIAL a MIDWAY a IttATE Air-LOflU illOrlBU at BvniA nHPHEUM . NFW WTH a UPTOWN a VORKTOWN SAYOIA NIXON CIRCLE TOWER Broad . Morrli 62d Bel. MarUrt Ffcd. & Margaret 69tli . Market UPTOWN ROOSEYELT STATE BROADWAY Broad Dauphin 47.19 Franfcford Aa. Jd A Cha.tnnt Broad A Snyder ORPHEUM YORKTOWN I Y E R N O N I Gta. A I ElMni Park SSOS Germantowa NEW 69TH MIDWAY BETTY : pH-UP GIRL" ""J?.!b" !l!!JL'; GRABLE , -rrcHNiroion JACK CARSON JANE WYMAN COLONIAL DONALD O'CONNER "HAKE YOUR OWN BED"-Triiris' th""f""" AIR-CONDITIONEO FAMILY" It-h Kay Francli-Carole Laadlt nrkrt 'FOUR JILLS IN A JEEP 1 MAD VET Fred MacMurla OJJ ItlAnrtCI 'STANOINU ROOM ONLY' PRINCESS Mk a Ray Mllland-Ruth Huoey kL "THE UNINVITED" SAVOY Market Ann Sheridan-Dennis Morgan Shine on Harvest Moon'' AIR-CONDITIONED nCllTCP Ered MacMun-ay-Pauierte Goddard uCn I Cn 17th tt Mkt. "Standing Room Only" BENN, FERN RUCK, OXFORD. LIBERTY AIR-CONDITIONED 3 ALHAMBRAm;, 12th LIBERTY. 3 BENN Womlland CrnPUinVOtn-nr. Mt. Airy rrnn nooiz uf FRED MacMURRAY renn nuur suiPaulette GODOARD "STANDING um unu Hm Are PLAZA rtnt ROOM ONLY' A.tur, Karl, Hromley A I H. CON 1)1 1 1ON LD ACTHD Kruiiklm P a Dn II UT Su HO I Un & liirard IHIIllligUlt I Olrard PORT. WALKER DONNA REED "See Here, 4 unumLi. I I Olney a EARL i SSth A It pert FORUMS Pvt. Hargrove" IMPERIAL si. LirtULL I Kn-kland AVON 2-inJ A, Ra.RaleaMd. "FRISCO KID" South Gao. Sandert, "Action In Arabia1' AIR-CONDITIONED nni mint 1 2T09 'ACTION IN ARABIA A uULUIVltSIA Col "You Can't Ration Lave'' C0LNEY;,? MODELS COMMODORES WILLIAM POWFLL HEOY LAMARR STRANDS.? "Heavenly Body CROSS KEYS AIR-CONDITIONED PDflCC rVCenthA JOHN GARFIELD unUOd IVt TO Market PAUL HENREID mXZto'Between Two Worlds' DIAMOND. GRANGE AIR-CONDITIONED DIAMONDS, CRANGE1;. UnDTUCACTCDU "Ml Tal lVT aTar null lii.HU I Llin 3 KENT!1-, nns. . Maureen O'Hara 4 DUDk 31 "Buffalo Bi lift IN "1 TFCH I MIIrA Iiivnon! Stanley Screen Offers Two Girls and a Sailor Ingratiating hot-weather entertainment is provided by "Two Girls and a Sailor," long, likable new musical at the Stanley. It's M-G-M's best tune-film since "Thousands Cheer," which Joe Pasternak also produced, and proof once more that Deanna Durbin's erstwhile movie mentor knows how to keep players and public happily engaged. The title is accurate enough, so far as it goes. For there is much more than Gloria De Haven and June Allyson, the girls, and Van Johnson, the sailor, in this breezy, happy-go-lucky fable about a couple of honies and the mysterious "somebody" who sets them up in a private canteen where they can entertain the boys, TOP FLIGHT TALENT On the slight, but serviceable, romantic thread involving the three youthful principals. Producer Pasternak and Director Richard Thorpe have suspended, though never left dangling, a double portion of top flight talent. On hand and very much in evidence? is Jimmy Durante doing some "old and some new routines In his most congenial screen assignment to date. Fitting neatly into the purposely free-and-easy pattern of the picture, and contributing to its zest are such assorted folk as Harry James r.nd Xavier Cugat with their orches tras; Jose Iturbi and his pianist sister, Amparo Novarro; Lena Home, Virginia O'Brien, and even Conductor Albert Coates, who aids and abets Gracie Allen in something called "Concerto for Index Finger." GIRLS CAPTIVATING The Misses Allyson and De Haven, who have been climbing steadily since making their film bows In "Best Foot Forward," are fresh and captivating whether singing the songs allotted them or falling in love with Mr. Johnson's boyish tar, who turns out to be heir to something like r0 millions. Though frowned upon, bigamy might bo condoned under the circumstances, since June and Gloria are equally irresistible. Best of the new songs are "Young 7 W- MEALTHFUUf lt-COOLEO 'Nls'l DANNY UP IM uiiinn uiiuiil. Technicolor , A WIU'AU PCIDMAN THf.TPf mm" r MARJORIE REYNOLDS LIU BEES DENNIS O KEEFE JmTZLTLmn GAIL PATRICK I HvGni MISCH AUER J a oi Thm "10 BEST" OI All Timml John Katharine BARRYMORE HEPBURN "BILL OF DIVORCEMENT" with KILLlr BURKS mer'Sith MARGO Maxwell Anderson's Crsat Priis Wlnnsr "WINTCDCrT" w w w m ssww smi mfvrtrJNOW Thin 1:1 jui i gi DEAN JAGGER MATINEE TOKAY in "THE MALE ANIMAL" Evrs., 93c. 1.(15. 1.9!. lax Inol. . But.) HaM. Wd. t Sat.. 93e. 1 24. 1.55 HH. 4474 iJK FRED STONE m 'LIGHTNIN' 1frl 1 Vt ' Plus JUSTINI EVtS.. g 0 IKS. SCATS. DAY AND NIGHT IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Al I CrtlCUV ' 'SOUTH OF DIXIE' a MI.LI.Ulit.ll I Alios. THEY LIVE IN FEAR feltonk:; George Raft Vera Zorina HARROWGATEu WYNNES 'Follow the Boy FRANKFORDnd 'CALLING DR. DEATH' S eV "JACK LONDON' imperial;0 Ray Milland Ruth Hussey alaut LiNDY OCONTZu "UNINVITED" vrvcTfiuc uto Bridge of San Lull Ray Mioiunuun. aV 'You Can't Ratio Lava' ISUC Broad & Edw. G. Rabinaoa-Lyas Bari "TAMPIC0 . 7th Aa. AIR-CONDITIONFO rinrn bsla carraoine LtAUtn 4)1)4 Iju,,,. "VOOUOO MAN" LIBERTY Hroa1 A fol. Betty Rhodee "YOO CAN'T RATION LOVE" AIR-CONDITIONED Broad A Jean Gabia-Richard Wharf WTorolns "THE IMPOSTOR" LOGAN ORIENT w r,149 Rita Hayworth-Gana Kelly ,'oxird "COVER GIRL." la Taeh. RICHMOND 3037 Rich. Simona Simoa-Kent Smith P "Curse ot the Cat People" WISH ART Front Ra-Released Jai. Cagney Allflt. "FRISCO KID" SUBURBAN AMBLER - Betty Grable-Martba Raya PIN-UP GIRL." la Tech. AIR-CONDITIONEO ARDMORE JLano Wm. Powell-Hady Lamarr Ilka "HEAVENLY BOOV CROVESST Robert Walker-Donna Reed "See Here, Pvt. Hargrove'' AIR-CONDITIONED ii iui a y Jen- Joel McCraa-Maaraa O'Hara nlnAT kjntown "BUFFALO BILL." ia Teeti. AIR-CONDITIONED LANSDOWNE Jeel McCrea-Maureen 0Hara 'BUFFALO BILL,' la Taea. I iiinn Fred MacMurray-Pauletta Goddard , lYIAnUlf vnwpeet 1'ark 'Standint Rnem Only I PARKER larbr. Ra-Relaaaed. 'Frlie Kid' A 'Aetian In Arabia' VJAVCDIV FradMacMurray-PauletteCeddard IIMILIILI trrexel Hill 'Staadlas Reoaa Only, yffliTO BRYAN I Man With a Horn" and "A Love Like Ours." But familiar numbers score solidly, particularly Miss Home's version of "Paper Doll." "Estrelllta." as a Harry James trumpet solo; and those Durante classics, "Inka Dinka Do" and "I Gotta Go, I Gotta Stay." On the straight, and it goes without say ing, brilliant, musical side is Mr. Iturbi and his sister's two-piano arrangement of "Ritual Fire Dance" from de Falla's "El Amor Brujo." MILDRED MARTIN. Inquirer war maps, especial--ly prepared by expert Inquirer artists, help in analyzing: strategic moves on the giant chessboard of war. nriSfIl.sIi7iiTln11Allllsl-J1T V-J-Skll.T-s- -.a-.-aa 1AR BONDS t STAMPS CAH BE PURCHASED AIR-CONDITIONED iBIHC P Ml .MIT? 'GOING MY WAY dooss oriN io,4 a. m. un." Or Stace ORCHESTRA PATRICIA MORISON I a. AIR-CONDITIONFO Fred MacMURRAY rj-TTJ7ja "DOUBLE INDEMNITY" DOOU OetM I0US A M. Al CONDITIONtO tu ttmsM mt m miRM - ummt DOOU OrtN IMS A. M. AIR-CONDITIONEO "-a sry WsV4aVt,i'i i T- DT HID soon ohm M as a 'IJj'??? BACK AGAIN COOKS OT(N 10.43 o'S. msKErs'SHOW WHITE -Srr. 'IN TECHNIC I , AIR -CONDITION" 10 MARIA MONTH "COBRA 1 POORS OrW IG.Ai AJA, " -j Added!-"T THE LIBERATION HEALTHFl'LLY AIR-CONDITIONED Aea KkdA Thus. Mitchell. Anne Baxter Mce Kmis. "Till; SI I.I.IVANS" Adilrl Matinop Onlv Western & Serial HKALTHKHI.LV Adelphi ATH-CONDITIONKD 'TU F. SI LI.IVANS" "OM ll A THAU." Admiral !S(I Air- ItAV MII.I.ANIl N. Mh fit. 'TIIK I'NI.N VITKIV Airport "SWING FI.VFH" A IJL' Nl?' 1 t-rl1' HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED A Mart Midvale MAIiTHA KAYE at Trwison 'Four 4111a In a Jeep" Allegheny 25HO Allit VERA ZORINA Wen 'Kollow lhe Boya' Allen 1 ( E. I'liellrn Shake Hand. With Mnnler' "HI. CiOI I.OOMV " Ambassador7" 1,1 t-rr. Hmoanogor, , rrV1,iM iirurVr" CONTINUOUS TODAY KU M J ' '. M. KiitdtP MHtlnei--WcMlern & Serial Aatkaau XA.uir-C.m.l. Mat. ! J V JS JJ IIV tandlnx Koom Only WAYNE. PA. Frpti MarM'irray. fatilette Goodari HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Annlla R'-'n'' Corttinuous From 11 A. M. MKU,,U TliMoipton ROBERT WALKER "SICK HCIt P.. ritlVATK HAIMiKOVE" Avenue ib. 'It HapiM-mil Tuiittirriw' hich "SII.P.NT PAHT.NFK" Band BoY Healthfully Air-Conditionrd Gcrmantnwn Ave. at Armat MICKEY HONITA LEWIS ROONKY C;R AN VIT.f .E STONE "ANIV HArtnVM HIIIMIK TKOI'HI.R" Belgrade '.!'4H Air Con'l "(Jlinr Ho' n.ltr.nle 'Murder an tha Wjttrtront RaUKat fMa (;EORC,E MURI'HY Market BROAIIWAV" KIIVTHM HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED R..... I5 Oleic Powell. Linda Darnell "" latter "It llnpiienrd Tnmorrnvr' Benson ('(INT. FROM VI NH).N GeorKi- RAFT. Vera ZoulNA 4th WnmU'n "FOLLOW THK HOYS' Berwyn, Pa. ROBERT TAYLOR SONO OF KI SSIA" Rhiakirrl "'""d "THE I NINVITPIT "SII.CNT part: TN ERS' Boro J" All Hnt The 40 Thieves" "TIIK, I'AVOFP" Boyd-Chester AKftSftEita "TUP. r:VK OF ST. MltK ANNE BAXTER. WILLIAM BLYTHE 518. 7,'il. 9.24 P.M. Features: 1.12. 3. IS. PERFECTLY AIR-CONDITIONED D...,. J6.1S Thw. Mltelfll. Anne Hatter preBte Pt. Brreie "TH F, SI l.l.l V A NS" Broad Alr-Cond DICK POWELL "IT TOMORROW" 4sn n Bmnd Also " A R KKR II 1 1 Broadway Front A "Sllshlly Terrlne" Ynrk "California Joe" Byrd WALL A Cli BEERY MARK IRIE MAIN 47th A Rtt. "RATIONINti Kiddie Matinee Western & Serial Cambria "Hi ERROL FLYN'N ramhris TNt'ERTAIN ;LORY Cnmpn 2n4 Air- ,,Hpt ened Tomorrow Acrnn theBiT(lJ rnrmnn Cermnntmvn & AlleRhenv Avra. Varman c.niinm.un Fnmt ii Noun PETTY GRABLE "PIN I P l.lltl." .V TKVHSlVOI.nit With Charlie Soivak and His Orchestra PLUS STAGE SHOW Casino 3!)r,l "WINtiS IN THE PARR" Haver. "MINKSWCCI'F.R" Cayuga A I'aniga RAY MILLAND THE I' N INVITED' Cedar .t "THE SII.I.IVAN'.S" MATINEE TODAY 1 :1S Century flth A K'ttv ijillton Kdilie Itrarlii-n Frl "Mlrarla af Morann i f.rk" HE ALT i f i s i X' a i 1 1 -en 'n i r r i n i : d " Chelten hfllen A Wallaee Meerv M Main Aiidrrwin ' "RATION IMi" Clearfield 2512 E. riearfd Ren. Tvrone Power "BLACK SWAN' ri:AMM Hts, Alr-Cond FRISCO KIO' ACTIOV IN ARABIA" Colonial 1 llh Move. LAST DAY Rllmr MAIITHA It AYE "rout jii.i.s in A .IF.I P" Crest RAY MILLAND TtUTH HUSSEY "THE IMNVITEP" snr Ttl rtitfl Dante Sr.,,,,, Air- GEORGE MURPHY fond Hrnndunv Rhythm Darby. Pa. Doris 4 01 11 "TIXAS" 111. flOOH I.4IOKIN "PANAMA PATROL" "RIIHNO WEST" Edaemont 4411 RAY MILLAND '.dem't "THF UNINVITED" MATINEK ONLY- KARTOON KARNIVAL rnurteiia Bala- Wm Powr-11. Hnlv l-airarr CqypTian rvnwvd "The Heavenly Hnilv Erlen 14th and Cheltenham Ave. Fenture: : 24. 6 n). K.lXi. 10 00 Bettv Gtiihle. Martha Rnye "pin i p ;nti." Air Cond. Piitolr 40th A Rita Havworth. Gene Kelly RX.4k -rfi'h heL GINGER ROGERS Snnire "TF.NDFR COMRADE" Frolic Sr,3 N. "WOMAN OF THE TOWN' ri'Jil "H.tlMi IIM t t.S" SCIENTIFICALLY AIR-CONDITIONED Gli-earrl "t" Gl,,,, ' Fr. 11-30 irara - hi ffai hit.i. Writh Joel McCrea. Maureen O'Hara J- DTCk ltnda ?iensiae, ra.ovELL darnell "IT HAPPENED TOMORROW" Grand th PAUI ETTE GODDARD Kni-der FRED MaoMHRRAY r.trd Arnnl.l "STANHINO RMM ONLY" ANN 1. ItAXTKH VI Wll I (llr.rd "THF. si I I.IVANS" j- l A --llTZTZ DICK POWELL Gt. Nortnem t.inda darnelt. B'd A Erie "IT HAPPENED TOMORHOW Added: March of Time "Musical Upheat Krat. Mat.: 1:20. 3.1ft: Fre : fi no. 7. So, 9 50 e- 52d AV "That Guv of Mine' wreenway (;reenwT "Wild Bill Illrkok" HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Uaialllna nth A Rita Hsorlh One Krllr ..U......W.. ,an, -COVER GIRL In Tech HHI S:i24 Matinee Riirv Alr-CondltioDed "LIFEBOAT" With Tallulsh Bankhead. Wm. Bendln HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Ll.ll HUMPHREY ROG ART neiiywooy 'ai.ithrc the moht !?nd A ramhrla "HI. GOOD I.OOK1N' AIR-CONDITIONED LlauinrJ Frnnt A W. Bendix. "I.tfehoat" Lehigh 'I'ark I n Voiir Trolllra, Iris Kena. A PAUI.ETTE GODDARD Allear. FRED MaeMURRAY In the HilaHntn rnmrdy. 'Stanrtln c ltoom Onl; Jackson FRANCHOT TONE VERONICA LAKE 5th t Jarkunn 'THK HOI R BEFORE DAWN' JpfFri PAUL HENREID UeTiritO TOHN GARFIELD RnThnrn "'BETWEEN TWO WORLDS' Joy Mrt A Mneef. IRENE DUNNE SPENCER TRACY A GVY NAMED 30T." I..U. Front A "KRIS4 0 KID" a... ..ww ,; '.Irard "II HaPIned Tomorrow j Sun. : The Inlnvlted Guest" "Cars af the Cat People" Mai. Toiiy I" OR REST - i 3o i JO MICHAEL TODD i -COMPANY Or TOO- ROBIN HOOD DELL TONiriHT BRONISLAW HUBEDMAN VIOLINIST GEORGE SZELL CONDrL'CTUK IRAHMS PROGRAM GATES OPEN AT 7:3 DANCE SERVICEKEN FIEI JACK ADAIR HIS MFXI.O-RHYTHM ORCHESTRA BeatotUol AIR-COOLED MET BALLROOM Broad Poplar Sts. AT ALL STANLEY-KAIMEI UUUt CROSDY. srevtars mZ6ALO - H PERSON nr. i CAS A LOMA "'llUts, Mr tivt cai saot. MS Barbara STANWYCK fo. G. mm m WITH NAU JfN HlATtafl "TWO GIRLS AND ASAILOiR" uirstx jMnu ttum mum coui i wci HARRY JACS hsORCHCSTA JAMCS QLEASON TE000NALO&ON - TO FILL YOUR HEARI wthAPieNtSS JON HALL SA LBUl OF ROME"-k War Dep t Releasa Keswick-Glensidefa03, Fnr t.auilu. Love. I.ttIcs, Teriinirolor M isiral RETTY Martha Rave. Joe E. Brown ; It ABLE Tharlt- sr,li, Orch . siacaf ralii. Has Zin as "PIN'-I P 4.IKI." MAT ; Rimter Crnhhe. "Thiinnerlna- Henl" Lawndale ';l"3s "THE SI I.I iVaN-'1 Ri :ti; Ur t. A, rm Starts Trxlav. "i-Mea va. Hlaek Dracoa" j-iust hiiv K.iuera Western Lenox Mth 4 Air-Conl RAY M It. LAND "Tlir: I NI.WITCD" LoCUSt SPENCER TRACY fcutulr IRENE DUNNE 52nd Loom "A .L Y NAMED JOE BieKiil1leShow--Western. Senal HEAl.Ti 1 FULLY AIR - (IN nff f.VN F. n" Mavfair 7W( F:r',, Elvnn. Pul Li kas A .Slorv of 4 rime That Waa Nor a Cnina Moyfoir ItEI.rr A i.Anr i-irr'H DA.irtr Media Pa pai lette goddard mcuia, ro. fri-:d MarMl rrav MA.MUXi KOOM ONLY" Narberth Air"conilitloried fnt- t " s awi wci '"Rnmanee. Adventure Thri'i- TUm Noh.xlv loves to flcht like th l' Irish Swell ahim.- T.r,m Sullivan ..Mt'ehell. Anne Baxtrr. Trudy New Jewel Seaetatita Aaaet a W, Vnrru "Sundown !ai4ia Kid" Matur I vrir'1'3 Air-t'ond. "Tea UaiavtteS HEALTHFULLY A J R -CON DIT i S KX) New D24thA HETTY H'JTTON " mn 'sliracla af atmiaa Creet HEA LTHFl'LLV A I R- OND1T OS ED Overbrnak GEORGE vera wverDroor. raft zorina. 63rd Harcrt d "FlU.I.OW THK ROYS" Mat. Onlv Extra Feature A Serial Palm THOMAS MITCHELL " N'trrn "THK Hi 1.1.1V A-NH" Pnrk Hifhland Ot. Murohv, Ginnv pTirr.a " I'ark, Fa. "BROADWAY RHYTHM' Pearl 21t A Rlte WOMAN OF THE TOWN" ALL COLORED CAST "FH.HTI.N4i AMFRI f AV OLIVIA deMAVr'LANlT" Penn 4th A liirkinann (41 V FR N M r N T 4.IRI." MATINEE ONLY- IST Jl M.LI," Penypak l'.l'l) A7lOTr LOU COSTELIO 'KI4RITA" SE RET ENF.MIIS" 'LAST HORSEMAN" or,i Kkd ike V Hth DELIGHTFULLY AIR-CONDH IONED Precidont HUMPHREY MICHELE IICIUCI1I HOG ART M.lpr.l.- 23rd A Snrder "PASSAiiE TO MARSEILLE" Big 3'-j.-Hour Kiddiea' Matinee 11:.) 1 1 EA Lf H F ULL Y A I R-CON DIT fONE D Pseinl Oifnrd Ate A B Mtliind R:-1 R -j Rom.-trlt Bird "THE I NINVITFD" Regis IlithA Mat. "Woman of tlie"Twn' fitmh. Mr 'KLONDIKE KATE." HEA LTH FULLY A I R Ct )S'D IT ION ED Deaal 723R Dirk Powell. Jaek Oakje 0onti "It Happened Tomorrow" Rex Oxford A Charlie Chan In Seert Serlea HHt "HI LI FTS H HITS ' DUUt I5 ft" Stara. 4 Bands KIQITO ,-,n fnA Kiillow lie IVva' d:.-iA Air-Ci Hjled font, fr J: .') N r WALKER. DONNA fr FI rnniholinrk. Pi. SFE Hf BE. PRIVATE HtavE Mat. Onlv "Klytns I adeti" A The liajiw R'iAm "h "CAREER GIRL" lage Bidt' ''Tranaatlantle Tonne!" ITA Hunt f Pit. 'Shine On HarvewtojWi -. 44441 "Deteetive Kitty O'Day" Riviera illn -si n down vtii EV". Rivoli "MIR r. Jnd A EDDIE BRACKEN HETTY H'JTTON MORGAN'S 4 ttrFK" MlltAIIIJIf. Rockland Ilr.l 4 I'nidelle fiodda ird "Mnn.tlna Rwmii Only IIEALTI I FULLY A I K-CXJND1T1 f )NED DB1 Hf.DY NOXVRidre "HEAVENLY BODY" CONTINUOUS st-iuvvs ium: Royal South at lHh MAUREEN O'HXRA "BI FKAIX BILL" HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONOIT'.ONr p benaTe u,n nt mfti." i-. t-h. MAT FROM NOON EVE. P. M. Mat Onlv- Hig artia.n Inl"L-- r,'ii c ll ttrvn Mat IP M. Seville Z, -the siT.i. ivanh" WUh Anne Tjnjiter.Thom.a .lltrhell m r llellta. Jnmea e.lliaon bherWOOd 4 Famous Bands 54th A Halt "I.A11V. I rT'S JI.OIE- ADDED MAIIr.r-. I'l.) Chapter No. 1 "THE DESERT MAR 4f .'ll'.Ma Broad HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDI 1 '.' if iJ a mrn lam. SANTA VT. MiHTf Juuinci n ...., etuh A to Marseille -iy aprure HIT "HEY. ROOKIE" A IP. -CONDITION ED aa Rem. a iev :jun"i-. v :t.h Star uLh "BROADWAY RHYTHM" Mat Onlv. 'TUMBLING Tl mbij o r.r.i'-- ei...ln..t Air-wnamonea StOneniirST Orson Welles. Joan Fontaine "Jane F.vre" Cl.-Utrei D ck Powell. Jack Oalre jTraTTJra Happened Tnnmmw'' 7th A THrVn "PrTECTIVE KITTY O'DAT"! S..U.. .k- jilonleomerv Ave., Ardmbre UDUrOan Alr-Cond. Mat. 1:15 "BUFFALO BILL" in Technicolor with Joel McCrea. Ma'rreen O Har THREE EVE. SHOWS: 6. S 10 Temple lMh A Tioea F.rroi Flvrn. Paul Lukas "UNCERTAIN tiLOKlt" Sweetheart of the V. 3 A. TarMiael Hralthlullu Air-CondtUonr lerminm aon, uw f-n 1 1 oo a n. T1FTTY JOHNNY MAFJORIE Rlli IDES .lolINSTOM WKAVaUl !1DV rAN' " HEALTHFULLY A I R C iNDIT'ONPD T;---Klh STARS. M BANDS I lOga Veniirwa "FOIJ.4JW THE BOV9" CONT. FR 1 P. M. Town 4163 r,m. "ACTION IN ARABIA" "MARSHAI.I, OF RENO" HEALTH FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED Tw.-.- 7000 RITA HAYWO'TH I yson r.flnT "covkr ciRt " Unique SSth A ERROL FLY:.-N "CNCFRTAIN GLORY JirfT. Upsal s.:;i Ctn. "RATIONING" "SPIDER WOM AN" Venice JL RATIONING Snr1er "GTRL IN THE CASTTV Victory n "FRIsrn LI ID" Brwre "The S I lent Partner V;l 2402 Alr-'MO,aitn. l-m4. H. Aldrlea. Bov Se-f' "Northweat R aarera" Vogue' 9.1.', SPENCER HALT roltimWa "A M Y NAMED JOrT- Walton Air- Totld. VERA Zf-RINA "Follow the Bova" A Chrw Waynes "THE MIRACLE or MORGAN'S CREEK' W.J. O Air-fond. Cont. 1 P. M ieaaOn,ra. Ginnv Simm. G.. Murphy "BROADWAY RHVTHM'' HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDIT'ON r.D Yetrlr 27ih A IT HAPI'ENFD TOMORROW I OrK Ynrk xi APOMI WOM AN" H.ATBORO. PA. ERROL FLYNN CNCEBTALN' GLORY 'CobiL

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