The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 3
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SATURDAY, OCTOP.KU 18, I0:!n El.YTIIEVn.I.R, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE TIIRRB Trade, Build and Invest In Blytheville "A City of Optimists' .Your Cooperation will help make Blytheville imghlicr. 1C ;"Skbot Lody," First Mission IU •' . -m T * . . t-l • n /—I LIKELY TO CINE m i Continued from page one) be conditioned in the right, ways • of working and living.' j "The main source ot the commercial' 'confusion ' and depre;.sic;ii I which is now prevalent is the -man- | ia for making money and seekin-.; i pleasure by which the country has I been, obsessed since the close' of • the world war. .This obsession h-j.i j brought on an >ra of lawlessness | which •'compares ^favorably .\yitli; Russia. The cost of crime, includ- j ing the expense of convicting the j criminals and the amount of dam- • age done by- them to business, is ! greater than the value of the crops I . of the country. ! "Can this nation survive' on less • religion than is now 'found in the land, if so Mr. Babson is'mistaken; nnd in an old Book more worthy of_coufidence than is even Mr. Bab- i son there is this fearful statement. 'The. wicked shall be turned into hell, and all of the nations that forget God.' Psalms 9:17. Is there a thinker so superficial who be- ', lieves, in the face of the truih af • these statements, that Sunday; shews will remedy 'the present ft- j nancial depression and stimulate j business lor all the businesses of •. the city'? i Religious. Revival Nredtd .{ "Any revival of business thai will be of a worthy and eudurlng ! remains iu the, system. Or Then, with the, motor ru | draiiiiiib water n-.ny persist In com- j I mg cut i-iisty'roll In color. In thntj case, a litile' 1 kerorenc mlsjlit t.j i 'mixi'd \vilh 1: M'alci and oourcd in. Then. witli-thi'' drain-cock closed, the motor might be run ugnin lor a qiuift,'.'!' hour, so that the kerosene cm) cul 'into the grease in the system and clear the rust particles lor their elimination. A way to gel th? rust out of the uuiiator particularly is to open the radiator cap. detncli the lower hose coupling, apply the hose w this opening and shoot a flow of water upward M a slightly heavier pressure than that used the other way. Care should be-taken, however, that| the pressur? be not too great or tliii' radiator may be damaged. After thorough flushing and refilling of lhe system with clean water, there inay be a few leaky spots in the radiator. These arc tiny holes that have been cut through by the rust but up. to til? cleaning process have been kept closed by tliis very rust. These holes should be sol&red up by a competent mechanic before an antifreeze is put into the system, or the:^ \\ill be considerable loss of EOlutLCIl. It is dangerous io use a gummy radiator "leak-proof" liquid, for this may 1101 only clos: up the tiny pinhcles caused by the rusl.uut may entirely block a few of the thin tub;s ihrough which the cooling solution must flow freely. ; The only method'Is soldering. tunnngal'ajJ- A. O'Bl'VUllt Is I Io ) I .... Oi'. U f , ry Mr. O'BryniH come tol' n| . c ; Ulytlicvi!!i- in 1925 with this open- e inul has time IL5 ll'.ll i{('lKlirillfl ' L ' 1 " 11 "' ""' w '"^h business In Ulr- j 'I • • b i '"'iis'iain. Ala., where lu> took <i \ the ma-,1 cojnpVettly' '°'-' r >"'••> r i <-">.?. He w«s liiti'r: jewelry nud watch re'- ! comit-rlcd wiili tho J. K. \Vriylil; down li> niitk'j a,' thu miijur v.m.ition.s of Hie . 3 ui r.c.r fninr—bccaur? of the ha:d- . . pairiii- [k-junmc-nls in Northeast i Jtv.'i'lry company, Greenwood, Arkan {)y J. A Aldrldge Jewelry O'Bryfc-u r>t the company |;?rc. Mr. O'Hi-ymu .socializes In rc- liairj.i'.; all makes tf watches nl- thoi:;r" "*' does any type of general jewvirs work uiclmllnu sizing of iins-. I'ligravlng i-ial stoiv> setting. Wi:h more than wveii years of Huschwnlil Jnvt'hy company. Jack- soil, Mis-, iiiui liayfonfA in Tus- caloKi. A!a. _ ATLAN'i'A, lUl'j — Initoor baseball, imicor KOlf. nnd now indoor football, nt the Atlanta Y.M.C.A.'s basketball com-;. The |,-..nms are composed of six lliu'tmen, two experience In the watch and Jewel-1 backs No trickling below" the/ waist. JHcad'Surgeons The old mission at Ca' aldo as it looks today nature and character inust be pre- ', ByNEAService • > | ed s'talues 'and ceiling panek. A: ceded by. a genuine and general re- j Old "Skoot Lody" looke like new i statue of the Immaculate Cohcep- j vlval of religion and such a revi-|»gain. • ] tion, carved from a log; would b-.] val Implies the indispensable ne-j And from j ts S j g h.tly eminence | an ornament to -any' church. From |" . cessity of 'repentance toward Gad, \ oll a knou llear cataldo. Idaho.' source, pieces of tin' were secured! for a sightly baptismal font. .No points were : available.. But cMored" clays and dyis 'thei Indians extracted- from plants''and'pthei "Skoot Lody" is.'- the > Indians' name for Cataldo Mission, first, and sources : gave the 'inissLoner materials for mural paintings (hat' undimmed ts this day ..... D . LUI 11; u[iu cit:ic;>iii3tn iiiidc^t. ijuk the sources of their distress. Re : int€rests .,i jke lhe artlsl and i}w ? n >^f.!°.-J'. n ;, a " d ..±",',': n |; ': builder, due to many features of 'and faith toward-our Lord Jesur | overlooking the- Coeur d'Alene riv- ChrisL. 1 Acts. 20:19. Such a revival j er and lhe Yellowstone highway, it of religion would cure us Oi the | aurac is the tourists now as it did moral disorder which leads][j le Indians nearly 80 years.ago.. nuncial depression. But while spiritual disease preys upon tne vita! forces uf life we cannot hope for ^.^ {o be ^ .,_ ^ _,,__ _. cm - a ___ _____ _ _ the consequent adversity to depart]^ llorthwesl u has splendid his- What composed the paiiits, and from us. The sins^of tlie_p_eop_le _are | to _ ic ______ ecclesiasl i c intmst . But! what-the'priest used for brushes iM not known. A" tli^t is known 13' that Father Ravelli and liis con- 1 verts looked to nature for their! materials to glorify their God— and found them in" unperishabl? -quality. The mission was completed in 1853, seven years after work was started. Father Ravelli was succeeded by Fnther Joseph Cataldc, who spent many years here, teach- ing'the 1 -Indians. The mission, and being x holy djy un'.o the Lord,! cleans In California. No tools or i this town in time took his name. n'.id" . • • . | materials were available — yet Time ravaged the exterior of "Whereas: there does not appear| Father Ravelli builded for ages. •'• i the structure, winch for many God will remedy'the worst w-hich we.are suffering. "Theretqre: "The Ministerial Association, com- ixiscd o'f "the Protestant Ministers pf Oie city of Blytheville, Arkansas, desires to state: "Whereas: there are laws of onr t!-, county, city, and of Alinig>-tiy construction and decoration that are unique. Pilled • with -soul-Saying zeal, Father Ravelli, in 1843, left more comfortable and pushed quarters • elsewhere westerly through a wilderness (Hot would daunt .many another. He took no military es God favoring and calling for the con or force-of artisans and as- otacr\ance of the Sabbath Day as Uistants as did the earlier Fran- . . effort on the pari| Logs, hewn by the priest and his cl the officers ol the state, county, ; Tndlnn - convpr t s , form tlie walls, to be eso and city to see that such laws are enforced; and that the breaking of tlie Sabbath does continue The interior is finished in wood also. Since no nails were availabls. years was not used. This summer, i the Kiwanis Club of Coeur d'Alene ' City led in a movement fur restoration. Exterior repairs have been th buik ,, j tno ut them. And even msd.e The exterior hns been rein tee form of conducting business j tod , h( , structurc v architecture ! painted. New pews have been in- for personal gain; and the jndulg- ( fe • , easin I su> u ed alld , lu other ways, the old In various recreations for a, Wcod also sup , ies mftlerial for .edifice has been renewed. But. the 'n^ "f ^ churcn ' s decoration, repairs were not elusive. Father wlth adz(; lnd . penknl{e . tlle pr i e st I Havelli. apparently, buiided to;fashioned an imposing altar, t- centuries. ffi e*)ce profit a.rd Unties in direct opposition to the laws; therefore, • ' "Be It Resolved: "First, that tlie Ministerial Association go on record as having noted the laxity of such law en-j fcrcement and observance: i "Second, lhat a copy of these; resolutions be s-pread on the minutes of the records of the Association and lhat a copy be sent- to the district attorney, Uie county attorney, and the city attorney, nnd to the press; and "Third, that the ministers,of the ] SHE BY ISRAEL KLEIN 4 Scltnct Editor, NEA Service Oft repeated has been the ad- speed equal o about 20 miles an ; Hour, with the dr a ,n-cock open, can Watch ami Jewelry Repairing (All Work (lUiiriinteed) Jewelry (.!«. Telephone .17 Hlyt'hevilh', Ark in this tcn-itory for the famous WOODSTOCK typewriter. Ask for a tloinonstni- tion. H. G. WICKHA.M I'honc 2.'H. BLYTHEVILLE TYPEWRITER CO. 210 W. Main See and Hear It At Walpote Electric Co. - - - Phone 314 WELL GROOMED Men and women let us keep (heir clothes spic and span— RE-NU CLEANERS I'hone 179 For Quick Service PUT NEW LIFE IN YOUR MOTOR Grind Valves Renew Caskets Clean Carbon Install Kings COMPARE OUR Let tl s T n n c U|> That Old Cur—All Work Is Git.irn.iitccd AND PHICES. ANDERSON S GARAGE OX HIGHWAY 61, ACROSS FltOM RUSTIC IN.V D. CANALE & CO. Wholesale • Produce - - Groceries - Fruits, Oldest and largest fruit and produce house in the Sot'.tl' .-'.'" BLYTHEVILLE Memphis Helena Clarksdale. THE BEST COFFEE IN TOWN We're not hoasting hut ils true. Drop in some lime and see for yourself. U'e also specmiize in fresh fish, oysters, chicken dhincrs ;ind hot chili. JIMMIE O'BRIEN'S CAFE 105 K. Second gf. ' DRINK UR. PEPPER IN liOTTUiS IT'S GOOD FOR LIFE NUGRAPE BOTTLING COMPANY offi , lhe - Ameri . o£ Surgeons . aend " Association make ic a duty toi vlc,3 concerning preparation of the call . attention of these facts to automobile for the winter, but it I heir varicus cougrejations in an- j bears repeating again, if we are to take the word of service station a hose should be applied to the top| ch05cn l]lc other d \ y a j, thf . lnir 1 mtakp nr u*p rnnifltnr anrl wntfM-.. .. _ ,' • ... . ., . nouncements or sermons. -THE BLYTHEVILLE MINISTERS ASSOCIATION." and repair nun. I teenth annual convention, held in allowed to flow through at a rate j Philadelphia. President-elect is Dr. equal to its draining. j C. J. Miller, top, of New Orleans, This Hushing process should con- .^ professor of "ynccology at Tu- tinuc until the water at the bDttom I lane University. Dr. Frederick A. r -i. i. _ , _ . - ._ . ..i . j _ For these men still sec automo- j cf tn f radiator comes out clear. j Besley. below, ol Waukegan, III.. .-,,„ , , ... .. . .. bile upon automobile coming in * ! was chosen treasurer of tlie organ- Chemists regard the black dia- wjth _ rackcd enginc he ads andj However, considerable rust still | i?a tion. leaking radiators in winlor lime, all! because of the ncglcctfulness of j their drivers. Yet the easiest bit of | pnparation will avoid the trouble! and cxpeive that is incurred fromi iuch neglect, : | Today we discuss the cooling) mond as the hardest substance known to science. It is considerably harder than the ordinary diamond. Many Improvements Mbde at Cooter Public School COOTER, Mo.— Many improvements have recently been made in the school plant through the ef- ports of Supt- Rose and with the cooperation of the state board of education. Vocational Agriculture has been adri?d to the high school curriculum and a large work shon prr-vll^l for the department. The largest class room on the high school flox hns been divided by means of a glass partition, making a very "P" lo-dato housing arraivgement for the Commercial Department. Sliow- ers h»ve been put in the gymnasium and some ctungss made in the Homo Economics Department. Ssveml drinking fountains h»ve added to all three h»lls of the mHa building and on6 fountain baa been ..r' plactd in the qymnaslum. Many books liav.3 added ti the hisli school and grade libraries system. • « • Regardless of the kind of anti- '• freeze that is to be used for the car, the same preparations should be made for the winter. This includes thorough cleansing of the cooling system, replacement of worn hose couplings and tightening of all connections from motor to radiator. Cleaning the cooling system requires much patience and lots of water. First all the old water in the system should be drained out.j Then, with the. drain-cock below i closed, fresh water pour- j ed in. mixed with two 'or three i| tablespo-mtuls of baking soda or sal soda. The motor should be kept running for it least 15 mm- utts in Uie radiator to that It will »irk thoroughly throujh the accumulated corrosion | The drain-cock should be opened ,ind this rusty solution (irainod.i NOTICE TAX PAYERS Tax Hook for Sewer Improvement District No.' 1 has been placed in my hands for collection of taxes due the District'Tor the year 1930. The Book is now open in my office located in room 203, Farmers Bank Building. Glad to announce that the lax is 25 per cent less than 1929. Taxes are due and should he paid before December 1st, 1930. G. G. CAUDILL, Collector Wagon Covers Flat Covers Heavy Weight Duck Seat Covers Cotton Sucks, Specially priced in dozen lols. Top and side curtains for Fords and Chevrolets CARNEY AWNING COMPANY 113-115 S. First Phone GI3 WE DKY CLEAN OR DYE ANYTHING Blythevilie Laundry Plioile 327 /'Hey Mister I can save you SI |>er ton if you'll buy your, coal now" Don't Wait 'Till Winter Feed and Coal .L Bennetts Co. Phone G-l CCAL S1PSEY SATISFIES Also Other High Grade Coals Buchanan Coal Co. Office Phone 107 Residence 717 A New Kind of Service Little things count. We try to maintain a special attention to such details as not spilling oil on fenders or giving your car a gasoline "bath." In other words, we're not careless. Tom W. Jackson Ash at Second St. Phone 8 A. S. Bavboro&Co., Inc. Blytheville, Ark. Wholesale FRUITS - NUTS — VEGETABLES BEAKS — PEAS Serving southern merchants over fifty years. Phone 920. Second and Roze. Chicago Mill AH£ Lumber r Corporation

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