The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1949
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 1949 BT/mTEVTU.E (ARK.) 1 COURIER ItBWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams I NEVER VARV I TAKE UP FOUR HOLES DUR1M' 7H' DAY AM' LET OUT FOUR AT SUPPER, GANGWAV/ MY STOI»V\CH'S LEANIN' ON MY BACKBONE/ I RODE OL' JIG6IM 1 JACK TOPAY. PUPDIW. TOO.' WELL, \ J ALLOW ANOTHER NOTCH FER THAT.' AT LAST IT'S COME TO A DIET . TO CURE UP MY ACHES AM' MY ILLS, AN 1 3'M SITTIM' DOWN AT TH' TABLE- TO WATERY SOUP AN' SOME. PILL'S," TH' FOLKS THlMK IT'S GRACE I'M A-SAYlM' WHEW I CLOSE UP MV EYES TIGHT AN' FAST, BUT 1M JUST BLOTTIN" OUT WHUTiS BEFORE ME AN 1 LOOKW BACK INTO TH' PAST.' PAGE BLBVEH Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople THM'S 66TTIW' A TRUCK, MA.30R ixw, ™ w> GREPCT CABSAR, NO / ' OhSe OF THE SLOGftMS t SENT IfJ UNDER , _ NAM6.'->-Ort,FOUU MISERA8UE FAT6 AtW PART OF TUWTl CAB8AG6 WH.L B& EASY AS PUT- TINS A toe -HOLD OfJ A, BOA. 9TRICTOR/- . . J, FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO88EB H« Means Chow Wanted to Buy cioort used adding miu'hliie Hotlirock niK Co., ph. -1451. 5,9-i;k-]2 For higticst, prices brlnj; your chJL-k- ens to Piirccll's Grocery 12S IJUy Si We buy UBerl fur tit Lure 2660 te 5 4- OGER THE LODGER By Elizoberii R. Roberts COTYI1GHT IT GtftNCEtC- rVMIWCt WSTIIKITtD IT NCA ^ElVKl, IMC Lost- Lost, one \ir. plastic rim classes, flrsli color. Jlehcvpd lost m lair ..rounds. Ph 573 or 37Jft REWARD. 5,£>-|Jk-12 The spot ten gunnel, or butt fir- fish, rolls its eggs into a ball atul coils \\sc\l around them protectively. Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DHEIFUS llmfiis . . . Wear Diamond] H W f \l\l\ IIOMI n minus, tUTmvitu i» All Work Guaranteed XXXIV AV?E didn't have two b;»bies con" currently. While Clnudin was .slill hospitalized, Dick Morgan re- oeiveci ordnrs for S;iipan, an<l Betty look their baby home again. The ba&ciTx,*n< looked slwpworn nn<l tired utter the so-so housekeeping o£ the sitters and school girls Betty had employed. I counted myself lucky that the washing machine still perked and that the electric iron—(hough it had fallen on its head a few times, as attested by the bent nose, broken handle nnd blind light—slill heated and lhal the mangle still worked; and 1 closccf my eyes to the disorder nnd for ting anyone else to live there as long as the duration lasted. We'd hit the jackpot wilh our adopted children, and (or my money I didn't need anybody else around. As usual, I reckoned without Roger and the lifting of the bnn on army personnel living in town. Roger trooped in with his val- pac, foot locker and musette bag. "Look,," he began, and then hesitated, "Yes?" I encouraged him. ^ need Mnry. Every mail's belief oft with hfe family. She'd come nut if we had a place to live. Any kind of a place." "Yes?" I said again. wa« hc<T>« cm the lost cliiiginess of the apartment, had no intention of permit- "\Vell is what I was thinking .. now that your basement's empty, maybe "Oh, but a basement, Roger!" I wasn't being sarcastic; 1 was sincerely doubtful of the desirability of our basement. "Yes, I knoiv," Honor said chastened. "1 was supercilious when you said you'd help me find a little apartment, and I did refuse the house Rob found for me— 1 just couldn't bear to give up living in your house," he explained with his disarming candor. "But I'd live in when I leave." . "You do need Mary," I said. "She should be here wilh you," "She's going to bet" Roger said, llis (n« glowing. *I wired her to ll» out with tb« boys immediately." "Oh, but where'H you put them?" "You'U let us have the basement, won't you, Lee?" Emotionally unslrung. I agreed I would. • • • AT Uta< moment a taxi arrived and began discharging a motley assortment of trunks, suitcases, cartons of dishes and groceries. A boy dressed in half-uniform ami half-civvies and a pretty girl in slacks were piling the stuff on our lawn. "Slop!" 1 called to the boy, as he picked up a couple of bngs and started [or our baseinenl door. "There's been a mistake. You've go* the wrong house." "No, ma'am," the girl said, "Mr. Roberts told us we could move in." Not wailing to hear more, I stormed into Hie house. "Oh, you!" I shrilled at Hob, forgetting thai Hoger, Mary, and the twins were on my conscience. "You've done H again! You've not kep« your word 1 ." Struggling to give reason ascendancy over guilt, Robbie, vitli unusual alacrity, mcl me in the front hall where I stood trailed by Roger and the young couple, plus a bewildered taxi driver who didn't know whether he was coming or aoing. "Keep your shirt on, TOOLS," Hobble said loo rapidly to denote any certainty cm hie part that be would escape with his life. "1 did it for you. All for your sake," he repeated, still talking fast. "I couldn't bear to see you working so hard. These kids are going to help you," a tent now to have Mary and the i "Yes, ma'am," the boy spoke up boys with me. I love them. 1 I and he was talking fast, too. "I've truly love them. I found that out I just got my medical discharge, and Nancy and I've l«cn trying Ui fln4 i place to live. We've bt-en slcop- ng atid cooking niui eating in on« -com, in a hotel above n down- own slore, anil every day when finish work, we've been walking i|> one street nnd down the next HHlchinu doorbells looking for nn iparlment We sot here while you wore mil ,ind Mr. Roberts made a teat with us." fOU won't be sorry you look us in," NiiiK-y snid. "We're going lo work owl our rent n( (he file of an Itotir ;inH n half's work a day." "They didn't have a dwetvl place Ui live," Hob explained in a sollo voce grumble. "Thai lci<i'» been wounde<I." They were young, uns|x>iled, earnosl children. I wiived Ihpm on lo the basement, hnlf-inloxi- ualed at the prospect of A pail- lime maid and yard man, "Look hole," Kogcr snid. "What about IDC?" 1 sobered u^ in a huriy. "Olihhhh." I sunk down onlo the hall chair. "That's riRht, What about yon?" Rob exploded. "Whut is [his house? A beehive?" Safe in the knowledge that Kob bad broken faith llrsl and was on n worse limb lhan 1 was, 1 said. "Yon beal my lime. Dun't you scold at me. If you can let Naticy and Joe in, I guess 1-can let HOK- er's family live here. . . . Only you've gummed the works by giv- inR away Ihe basement." "Of course, Claudia and MicK- ey'll soon be leaving. . . ." Hofjor said. "And Hill's room's ein|)ly now. No one's in it." "Oh, but Roger," 1 objected, "that's not a very big room." "BiR enough in an emergency," he said. "As soon as Claudia and Mickey go, we can have that whota half of the upstairs. That'll be plenly of room. And," he added solicitous as always, "1 told yon ywi needed Mary. That sbc'd be a lot rX help lo you." I looked up lo see how Itob was taking the turn at evcnls, but that chicken-hearted craven had sneaked back to his chair and was incommunicado behind hi* newspaper. (To Be Coolinaod) UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Get Our Prices iTAX: and TRUCK [ORIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors - Gabardine $12.95 HUDSON Cleaner-Cloth ier-Tailoi 25 or mure Iratlc in allowance on >'uur old washer, regard less nf makf or condition BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance lor Heal Suvings— Come in Today HOARD & HOKE Appliance Co. I SHEET METAL WORK Duct work, hlowpiprs, sutler . . all types I'ur expert work call Taylor L.ljton, 8^S. 112 North First. Blytheville Tin Shop COTTON FARMERS Chemically dellnlcd cotton iced iccrmtriale quicker, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense and produce more collan per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE O. It P. I,. No. 11, per 50 l.b. Ba( .................. JIO.OO l>. * P. L. No. IS. I'nr 50 Lb. 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ME M OWCE, ~y I KNOW / DM OR NIOUTl VOU'LL/ MUCH II / BE ^^A^^Ep now MUCH HE ^LRE^DV. I II HELPS TO TMK WITH I COURSE HUM IT. \ SOMEOWE WIIOB HEEM \ VMHH All I'lPE GOl! \ HI THE SAME BOW! By LESLIE TURNER ...<VWD 6..A.WOM'T T'lF I WERE * MEMRER. RMP LET VOL) FORGET THMI FELT MVS6LF BEGIMWlWc; VOU HAVE WO MORE \ TO WEAKEN AGAIHf CHOICE OF STOPPING \WHM SHOUID I DO t AFTER ONE DRIUK THAW A, HW FEVEK VICTIM 5 OP ARRESTING WELL USB II STEPS TO HELP SOU PAST THIS CRITICAL PERIOD, MOD 1O CORRECT THE OBSESSIONS WHICH CAUSED VOUE. TROUBLE- n WON'T SEEASV.CIO.BUT WU1L II BUGS BUNNY By FRED HARMAN "EA.U DE 006 HAIR."... A V UGH.' BUV A, BOTTLE OF THIS SWELL- PERFUME, BUGS? OSLV A. .,——-"' I OKAV, QUARTER //\>fe>~. V KID/ WHAT COULD BE. TH PRIZE PER SELL1N' THIS JUN< ? TWENTV- FWE MORE BOTTUES... OF DEODORIZER. TO SELL TO TH' DOPES WHO 8OUSHT TH' PERFUME. " TWENTY BOTTLES A, VALUABLE By V. T. HAM1.IN PALMER, HERE'S THE LAP I WAS TELLING 1OU ABOUT... CAM YOU FIX HIM UP? WOW, ALLEV, ^CXJVe MO \ '/AWT GDNM A EXPECT DR. I GET ME IMTO VvOWMUG TO TAKE ND( I / MO STUFFY Ol' OKI A IDMG KVOTOR .'SIORE. PODS, TRIP LOOKING LIKE A TRIP OR MO THAT.' ^^flt. TRIP.' OH.VES, POCTDR... , SIR... INDEED WE CANJ-- HOOTS AND HER RUDDIES Hy EDGAR MARTIN ,

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