The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, September 15, 1939
Page 2
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SEPTEMBER'15,' $UMPAY SCHOOt LESSON COURIER NEWS CQHPUMENTAET TICKET ." T1U.; Ti*W ' WU Admli Rey Freeman A Companion < Lux«r», Rt l Brig ^"Torchy P1»y» With Dj-i»»irnle" Entertains. at Luncheon Instead of (lie usual afternoon jparty given for the Double Pour Brid<» tfuh Mrs. John Foster en- tfrl»ln«4 Ihe numbers M a lunch- con at Jier home yeslerdav. A,n orsflgj an,d-bla«k, cojor scheme iy»s ia*4 to- currying out the Mexican maiifi Tfie t»p colois were seen uvttfe' various courses of Die lund^eoq.and, ixw$t was the predominating- sh«4« of the fall flowers, Mgxjcan, pUcecards mulched the MeMcan p^ayiiur, cards, In the bridge games, Mrs Howard Fri$by wfL? high scoier and Mrs lyy W. Craufprd, second high • * ' * Is',, Hwkss to. Club •Mi?, John P, Lend »as hostess to ,mewbers of. the Town nnd Comitry, cHrb , \sith a p^rly at he.r hpjn? Wednesday afternoon yjerpenas and demetis decorated the. horn? R€/r*^iijients of Icsct drinks and, cake. vipre sencd In the Mrs Ja(nes B, Clarl^ \\as high scorer and Mrs Lenfl, second high, in the bridge games. , Pmeut> fnifnat at W. F. M..S. Sj^tlinj Mrs ij^ry. Aclanis was in charge " oj the prpgratn presented at Hie meeting ol 'the Woman's Foreign Missionary society of the First .Cnurch-'of. the Nazarene yesterday af(ernoon at the church She was asslsted'm r^rescntaUon by Mrs, Joe Cagle -whose topic was -Doing (Ije'Will of Gcd" a«,d Mrs •Wils|e_ Taylor- who discussed 'How Wp Know We Are In the Will of God" Mrs Harpld Thompson read the scripture from the isih chapter of Mat(hew A poem, "Go, Woik In My Vineyard," \\a's read by Mrs i. Q Tyrone and an article from the Herald of Hcllness was read by. Mrs O. A. Duniuant. Pravers were ottered, by Mrs Oscar Ale,s- antier and Mrs Taylor, * • » H*s Class Party Mr? Harold Thompson entertained. members of her Sunday Khool class Tihich c.nslsts of tccn age bojs and girls of the First Church of the Nazajene a I her home last night After games ) had been played, the hoste>s served a sandwich plate to the 1 'n members present * » * Hlsn School, <Jroup H *M . Ruwell Farr Jr , president cf Hie Fellows' Foruui c}ub of the city - high school, entertained member;, of that< group at his home last night Plajis for Die jcars activities and ether business nss discussed at this lint meeting of tjie year. The next meeting will be next Thursday at the high schoo) Refreshments of cookies and Iced drinks ner« served during the so- cjal hour^hich toileted. FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Bits of New§ Mostly PenooaU Join.) Mahan of• Princet«i, Ky. came Wednesday night-to tipciia a Text: Micah 3:1-12; (i:C-8 HV WILUAM K. GILROy, I). 1). Editor of Advaivce • The nhcphef Micpli 'Stands - 111 the history of religion as the author of one of: the briefest and most- concise, and at, the same time I sublime, practical' definitions ol - rc- illglon ever given. H is the closing • sentence In'ou;- lesson from the eighth versc : 61 thc ; sixth chapter ot his prophesy, "He hath slipwed hce,,"O.ij)aii, whiil, is goo<l; 1 and vlial doth .Jehovah require of thec, to 'do: justlt';aiid "to love' k'iiij- ton and. Mrs.'-jR' D. ,Underwoptl, were present: 'They arc expected lp traiisfer- their niembci^lups to this chapter. . , . A (lessert course of ice cream and cake was served .'during the. social hour.' ' Roses, v.liinins, nmvi- jolds. and oilier- garden flo«crs «eie used to decpi-ftte • the house. Osceqla! Society -^ Personal Club Bepns r»rl!a, One of the first of the bildge clubs to begin meeting again after having disbanded for the tiinnnci is the Thursday Bridge club" winch nas entertained yesterday after noon at the home of Mrs Oeoigs A Hamilton Bachelor buttons ol various colur^ .decorated the Hamilton home At the conclusion of the games, (lie hostess served a salad plate High score prize went 'o Mrs L 'E Baker and second high to Mrs Charles Alford * » • Club His First Paris. The first party of the recently organized' Thursday Desser' cluh was _ given jestcrday afternoon when Mrs Eugene Dickinson on- i tertained the' members ami two guests, Mrs V G Holland and] Mrs V. o Miller, at her hom\ ] Members of this new club arc Mrs Eugene Dickinson Mrs Richard Dickinson, Mrs Tom Brad- shcr, Mr$ Earl Buckley, Mu D Hammock Mrs L L Kubcncr Mr* w, W. Shaver and Mrs J K Turner The dessert course v>as -,er\cd Before the group phjed bridge Mrs Holland received hosiery for high score: prize and MR Ricliuid Dickinson, a<h trays, for low score. The. hostess used a red and White Color scheme m the decorations for her parly. Dahlias, zinnia* and ivy -s^ere the flowers Well she had arranged about the hous*. - U. D. C. Meets.' ; '.The first meeting-of the Elliott FJeUher- chapter of the united Daughters , of the Contcdwy since adjournn\ehv for the •mm- mef months was held jestirdiy afternoon when Mrs \y. T. obcrst and Mrs.-A. M R Branso-i were co-hostessej at the Oberst howo *Mrs>p. ^ Crlgger Sr pre>.d£r) over-'the- .business session which pteceded j.he" program Miss Amy Jl^th Morps placed two violin $e.]C3, TschsilcosRsky''; "Romance In A" and^'Mighty Late a Ro»e ,' she , was.vwSconypfinied' by^ Mr ' Perci- ;rtle *£*, }.;•- ,'j v , * -J\Wrs^ Ooefst, ^president of the leal chapter, 'read* a paper on the "Hfetory of'the Organlzat'on _» i«---n. -_r _, ,, . , C,,, ana 'Mrs, L-, I* New Supper Club Organized 1 Sixteen Osceohv society matrons make up. the. new Monday. Night Supper Club organized this "week Ui.;the:home of Mrs. EM'Li Quinn >vhens Mrs, Quinn was named : president anil Mrs. W. E. Hunt, sccrc- ta.ry-treasiir,er.-..j - .": ,'; 'Differing J 'sbtiicwliut ; ' from '"other' bridge clubs In the city, .the new. club!will meet.for dinner' the'sec- ond Monday night of each month at Crainers:Cafe nnd go'later to the hcme of a member for aii-eve-. ning of bridge. Ij, was voted; that standard prizes of hose and playing cards would be given each time Roses were used Oh the ttv- blcs at'; Cramers this week, with baskets of snapdragons and giant zinnias used nt the Qulhn home on Broadway. Winner's this week were' Mrs. Qljmd Perrin, Mrs. ohnrlcs Sullenger and Mrs. Wade Qtiimi. Mrs. R. G. Bryan and Mrs. Wade v*umn ere the only guests. . . Those making- up the club 'are Mrs. Ed L. Quinn, Mrs. W. E. Hunt, Mis Dwight II. Bliickwooil, Mrs. C S Driver, Mrs. H. J. Hale, Mrs. J. H. Hook, Mrs. j. H, Lovewell, Mrs \V. C. Masai, Mrs. ,'.\V. W. Prewlll, MrsAqiaud Pcrrln, airs. K. V. Mnddci'i,. Mrs. J. L. Ward, Mrs, Charles. SuHcnder, Mrs. Sam Coble, Mrs. John Edrliigton, and Mrs. S. If. Gladish, * * .• Elylhevillc Pastor .'Speaks The Rev. G. V/. Patterson, pas- lor of the First Presbyterian Church, Ulythcvilte, was the guest speaker at the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club when all members of the Osceola High nnd Elementary School were special guests, c. L. Moore yas (carter of the program, A. C. Spelings of Marked Tice was Ihc only ether guest, . • O. E. Matscngtll Is the leader of next week's program nl which the Rotary Anns arc to be gucsls. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night' at Hie Community Clubhouse * • ,» Mrs. Spann Teiiclics Book "Homeland Harvests" Is [lie name of the new mission study text which was begun by Mrs Mary Spann at the Methodist Missionary Society Monday after- neon. The book traces Hie development, of Home Mission work of the •Methodist Church from col tmial times in this country In jii- troQUclng the book, th; leader used Matthew 10:1-8 for a devotional 03S1S. ports from the recent zone meeting held at Leachvlllc which many amended n-ere given by vaii- j, Bscoe Craf- - - -• v s," v " *JJ VlU |members, New members were s. Paul Holt, and Mrs, E W Moore, * • « Rulli ('ah-lcy Elected Ruth Fairfey was elected nresi- dent ot tl,f ohmtian Endeavor wctety organized at th» Chruffai, Church Sunday night by the Rev Lester M, Hick-font, pastor cnwtn to serve with Miss Fairley were Dudley Lynch, Jr., vice-president; Dorcas Jones, secretary-treasurer. Adult counselors named by the and Miss.Vivian Scuriock' The-new officers will, be Installed on Sunday night, September 24. Standing committees named by the president are: prceram, Betty fe*- days lujr? wjth his .niolher, Mrs T. J,. Mahan, and family. He Will probably retiirn'.'Sunday, - ' •'-'-'•'••• Hann-'n. IZoblnson': .will leave Jfonday for F^yetievlllc , where he will attend the Unlycrslty of. Arkansas, He has spent. su#mi;r here with his mother, Mrs: Edwin Robinson,, and family.-- ;-/.; : - ;-.-'-. • Mrs. James Ney Hunt, p[ Mnnlla, vislled Mr. and, Mrs,- -Ney-.-Hjint here ypslerday. "Slie.. and' "Mr,'-:lj«n't plan to- return, .tonight.' l:r 'the opening game pf the football- season between Blylhev'lUe'"and Pres- COll. • . : , ,,' .;- Howard Prlsby Marvin Nurin and J:c iJiirnctte, all graduatis of the city high school this year, will .leave tomorrow afternoon, for Riycttc- vlilc where, they .will attend the University, of Avhansas, ' Odin 'Douglas, and Albert-Ridings will leave Sunday,for the-University of AVkansas at- Fayettevillc. They huve spent, the surnmer herewith their'parents,-Mr. and Mrs. Frank C., Douglas,, and Mr. and Mrs. 1 E. E.. Ridings, - Miss Hilda Scott returned' to her lioino In Hot; Springs Wednesday uflcr spending, two, with Miss Annabel Bryant.' iafoe was formerly a public heaflh riuiise'ln this county, Irving Osbornc went, to' Memphis yesterday to attend- Sou'lh- wc-stcrn college -again; this year. He Is a-sophomore. He- had' (he summer liere with his imrciits, . _ Mr. and ; Mfs.'\V. I.'Osborne: for the'rcsinnptlon of the weekly j J. H; sinart Jr. Is in Meinphis >rnyer meeting which, has not met today to undergo examination clinic. Mrs "Siibtiact 146 fiom 394—what's the diffeicnce'" "Gee, FJIU, is that the feel about it, too?" iiutiei-, nnd Mary Catherine Griffin; ;, lopkoul,.~:Eflnn Corp, Dlllie Driver; . s'qclnl,. Josephine Sciirlotk, Lincoln ^Fal'rley. . plans ,are. also being discussed ''- 'or some liionths. « V Services Sunday' Morning ' a clinic. Mi;s. Smart .went' down •with him. They will probably stay overnight. Miss ,-Mildred 'lion Hiibbard will The, U'ev. Matthew Curry will leave Monday fo'i- Oxford, Miss., prench at Oalviivy .Episcopal where she -will attend the ''.Hale ' . and held communion Sun- , university. She.'wlll go down will day, mpHilhg in the flret' Sunday morning since h(s return -from vacation! . . _ '... ' .' ' ' 'Morning services are held here on the first and third Sundays, and evening services on. the '.second, fourth and 'fifth Sundays. Alter-' mite dates arc used by the Rev, Mr. Curry, -for -the 'St. Stephens Church ln : BlytlieVllle. ; TJic pastor-hits recently returned from'two manths study at Columbia' University in New York.: and •. a short vacnlion will) his parents. ; al Bridgeport, Conn. - ,, r Miss Patty Atkins cf Ihc Mc- LniighUn Studio In Memphis arrived this - week- to organize her dancing "classes at-the Osceoln high school. Miss Atkins tilso laught here last term.'When In town she is at home 'with Mrs. B. M. Fletcher., Janet' King has gone to West Memphis to spend,the winter with her mother, Mrs. Jnck Tuft and Mr. Tuft nnd attend school. Mr. .and Mrs. Ed Tampion attended the wedding of his brother^ James Hampten in New Madrid, Mo., this wck to Miss Lena Hart of that city. Mrs.-Hampton spent several days there while Mr. Hamilton went up on Sunday nnti accompanied her homo. - The Rev. Lester M. Blckford will return tomorrow from a week's business trip to Little Rock, and Qurdon, Ark., and points In Okla- homc. Mr. and Mrs. Thar! Fclton nnA daughter. Susamie, ct Baylown, Texas, spent, Monday here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.. J. H. Unwell. Mr. and Mrs. Fclton were enroutc to Washington, New York aucl points In Canada for a vacation of three weeks. Accompanying them was his brother, Sam Felton, of Little Rock, who went as far as Knoxvillc. Tcnn.. for a visit, with anctlier brother, Stoney Fcllon. Susaunc left with her grandparents while her parents nrc away. Memphis visitors tills week have been Mr. nnd Mrs. H. J. Hale, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bryan, Mr. and Mrs, Wivdc Quinn and son, James Wade, Mrs. Hale Jackson. Mrs. Charles Jr., atid Mrs. R. M, Fletcher, Mrs. Susie Kciscr. Mrs. K. H. Jones. John Kclse-r. Miss Elliel Jones, Mr. and Mrs, Authi.-r Brickcy and Miss Ethel Brickcy. G. B. Scgravcs was a business visitor in Pine this week. Dlulf Ihrcc days Blan Hale of Albany. New York, s here transacting business nnd visiting his uncle and aunt, ».l. J. Hale and Mrs. Ida Tucker. Mr. Hale was graduated from Harvard Law School in June and upon his rctvrn to. New York will take fix weeks graduate study In the laws cf that state before beginning practice in New York City. Mr. Hale spent his 'childhood hi Osccola. ' At The Hospitals Blyliicrille. linspilal Edward Vowcll, city, admitted. Willie Friar, city, admitted, Le-slte Uukcr, Hollauii, admitted. Harold Elvb; Martin, city, dismissed. . - . Marion Lewis, Hlckman, dismissed. Walls Hospijal • Mrs. Thomas Roark. city, aiimlt- Reindeer, although muth snoie intelligent than cattle, are not as intelligent as horse;;. Miss Rliby Cfnln, of Wilsoii. 'Miss Hiitlv Bradford and; a 'party of -friends from- Kclscr visited Miss Bradford's sister, Mrs. Kos- coc Crnfton, and family here Wednesday night. Mrs, Murray McHnfTey is real- ing well at the home of her mother, : Mrs. S. Gpfl, following n ton- sllectomy - performed nt n local clinic Monrtny. Mrs. nalph Caudle, Mrs. Slor.r .ling ' M'nrfln,'" Mrs, Biiford •", Yo'iuis 'antl: Miss June Martin attencjwt tUe '.Mid-South Pair;"in Memphis ypsterclny.. - ' . . ... MlsS Mnrlnn Toinpkins, who is a student 'at, Judson college M Mn- rion,, Ala., ',rcUirn,cd_/lh.cre Tuesday for her sophomore year. Sh'c was molored down by her paienls Mr. and Mrs. r Clirls F. Tompkins wltli whom she had spent her summer, vncatioh.'.. Urover'Snydcr ami E. A. SUicy nccompanled D. S.- Laiilrlp, county ngricultural agent, and R. W- Schroeder, assistant.- agent, to Pais agould yesterday for- a clem:nslra- tlbn on the:buliaing of a papcrsllo, Tent Revival Will 'Close Sunday Night Pastors of Baptist churches of this city, .Dell t Armorcl, Huffman and other' neighboring communU tics aunoiuiccd last, night at the A. D. Muse lent where nn evangelistic meeting, pKgress that there would tie no. services u\ their churches Sunday night In order Hint • their congregations. might nt- lend the closing' service of tin' meeting. The Rev. Mr. Muse will use as his subject "Faithfulness to Jesu.' Christ". The service will begin at 7:30 o'clock. There will be no afternoon service at three o'clock Sun(Iny at the tent as has been cus- H Is.planned with the coopcra- tomary. lion cf these churches, to make the closing service the greatest service of the, entire campaign, those in charge 'srtld today. All churches and nil people of this city and surrounding territory are urged to attend, the evangelist nnnounccri. Half Moon News iv. M. s. Meets: The Woman's Missionary-society of the Methodist church met with Mrs. C. W. Oarrlgan Monday after- neon. Eight members were "present. Following llic program, plans were made for the the entertainment to be given Thursday night by the Jewel Cowboys. Proceeds from the program will go to the new church building. Mrs. R. L. Hawkins, Mrs. J. E. Johnston', Mrs.'E. B.'. Walker aurf Mrs. C, W. Garrlgnn attended the zone meeting.of the Methodist, M. S, In LcitclirlHc. Thursday. Mrs. Addle Ingrain, who lias been III at.the honie cf her daughter, Mrs. T,'Alexandra, is much improved.- ..',-.Calvin Peeplcs.;ts i expected to bs returned from Booneville scon. His condition Is still serious. The Four-H. club will meet Tucs- - to \ra1k humbly wit)) t lyilcah. was "eoiitething more than i srcat^ Idealist denhlng the essential nature of religion. It has always been safe cnoueh , for church' leaders to siwak about rc- 'Iglon in; terms of idealism and in i general--way. The preacher'or tirophoy'in'ay-'exalt' the 'nature of righteousness and appeal to nien : 'rlglitcousn'ess. He may insist hat all the'problems of life are at icart' religious-pvbblems, and that there' is, 'no. 're.-il solution of our social c'i- political problems until ncn get back to God and to God's ways. There would lie Htlle pro- est'aBainst his preaching or leach- Hut- let him begin lo denounce particular evils of the people and challenge, those-in high places of toc-iety, state, and business who are responsible for these wrongs and their- continuance, ami immediately he Becomes-himself the object of attack and of persccu- Somcpnc has pointed out that Jesus was 'not 'crucified because He exhorted men to live righteous lives and because Ho preached the beauty of holiness and love. It was when He.assailed the .wrongs : of His day and brought the responsibility-, fpr those--.wrongs home to leaders In church and In slate that He aroused the 'opposition that brought Him to Calvary. Manila Boy, Seven, Suffers Broken Arm A fall received while playing caused Lcrer, B. Mo'yer, seven; of Manila, fp have his arm In a cast TM n^^ltl , ---- -.-,. T-J -M il«»c J*13 UI1I1 HI LI LilSl in atldltloii to being a. great and today. The lad was given cnier- clear-scelng Idealist,, .Micah. was al- BCncy treatmcnVfor'the broken arm ^i,? ' ' *, pr ,°' )llet a ."1 l»'P» cl ' cr - at lllc Walls hospital last night eain, , , . out plainly and. fearlessly agpinst- the, evils of : his time and and , - brlnging the rcspoiislbllity f Cr them lerday afternocn home directly, to. the. rulers 'of 'the ' "' nation.. He .charged against them that they had : iio regard for Justice. He accused, .then? of. hating the good and loving the evil. He asserted that they were destroying the We, pf t|ie. people, using the terribly realistic words hi verse three of thp lesson .'about . "eating the flesh of : my pecple; and flaying their skin from off them, and croaking their bones, and chopping them hi pieces, as for the, pot." : It Is a terrible figure, but it is not, too strong, considering, what lias happened 'again and agiln In history a^ those set to i-ul'e . and govern have betrayed their peopje and led 'them into degradation and ruin. Ncr are .'the results of suih a course confined to the havoc upon innocent lives. The trouble with such evil is that it destroys .' the' very power., to discern the right and vision upon which all better-' menl depends. Are., th'ese words of Mlcali too strong for tcday? They are, if. 'we would apply them to all, for there are many among our rulers and leaders whose .hearts are genuinely. for the right and welfare of Hie people. . • But they are not, if we have in mind self-seeking politicians and grafters who have been all too numerous in our social and political life and whose' chief concern has been their personal gain and aggrandizement, regardless of their trrj'sl and of what happened to others as a consequence of their. betrayal -of their trust. later returned to • his home The accident- occurred late ves- Cliilcl Prodigy Is Musical,Wonder Of; WorJd's Fair At New York BY GEORGE ROSS , NEW 'YORK, Sept' 15.—Loiin Mtiezcl, 9^ years _old, curly-red hair, blue-eyed and-' four feel—is the town's musical-wonder. ' An unbelieving throng at the World's..fair nibbed, its eyes the Other night,' watching this self- possessed- shaver from-. California rave his. tiny arms authoritatively over fifty high ' school musicians playing: the Mar'ch'c; Slave". 'No score rested 'in frcnt of the chubby, little ToscaniiiL All- the notes, were, hi-his head and you would have felt that the slightest qissonance-. from, the, flute-, sector surely,must.ha,vp'caught his eaiv MIDGET MAKSTRO • - '"•' ',' iEtAl'S,.-.TOO.',. ,.,' ... ,,;.,, Brought here by ..his- parents—• his' fattier, Lincoln, is n singer— he-;'has convinced skeptical • folk thn'ti he knows three difficult sym- phdnhs wltoliy by heart and that ne;has. memorized many another lenplhy nnd dtfllcult musical work. He plays the piano'and violin like a..veteran, but he is prodigal with these two instruments, not, a prodigy. He Is a wonder, however, .vUli a baton'. A fantastic sight it is to see 0- and take cornniancl of \\ huge cr- chestra. Grizzled macslros command no more respect than he when lie lightly taps the table day night at, the home of Mr. and Mrs,. Orville Mitchell to make final •arrangements for a booth at the fair. , ",,'.. : Mv. and Mrs.' L. H. 'Gorman of Beniie, Mo., visited Mrs. Lightfoot, Sunday. : Mrs. Thomas Penninglon of Ash- poit, Tenn., visited her sister, Mrs. Lightfoot, Sunday. ;/. Alyle Jarrett, who was recently Injured by a falling lice, is slowly improving. vvith liis stick and poises it-. HAS AVERAGE BOV'S INTERESTS - Off the conductor's stand, however, Lorin is like a million other kids under stern parental discipline. After. finishing .with the Marche Slave,: the other evening;, his mother rushed'him off to the rest rocm to exchange, his white linen suit for .warmer garments. On the way, he compared' notes with lite-father. "You saw, daddy," he exclaimed. "I just took it easy.'I uidn't want lo tire them!" .His .curly leeks blew in. an energetic breeze and he looked like a (act-who had just been dragged off 'Hie sandlbt by harassed • 'e'nl.' Unlike many another prodigj who closets himself' with his - divinely .^rendered gift in a 'world o! Ills ow'n a'lia-is'a. stranger to other children, Lprin Maezel lias a variety of healthy/adolescent interests. ' , ,Foc example, his . remarkable 'memory/hot only holds symphonic scores, but basebajl scares—and:he can tell you just as-quickly as he can accent a beat, what:-the.Cuv cintiati Reds did the - other day in year-old clamber up to the pile of that double-header. He plays bad- crates hastily erected for n podium minton and clamors to 'be taken U> the movies during spare-hours These outside diversions don't make his parents angry. They like them. hospital last night for a broken arm which she received when she fell at her home.' :: ' She was able to be returned home after a short- time. To Head Harvester Dealers Organization _ i • t OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 15.—Ben! : IV Butler, Gf-jsila International • Harvester dealer, was elected president of the Arkansas-Mississippi I Dealers Association at their meet-.) ing in Clarksdnlc this week, succeeding Lee Forrest of Tunica, Miss. Mr. Oliver of Kosciusko. Miss., was chosen vice president, secretary and treasurer t -^succeed James Hand ot; Lelaiui, Miss. ".-.The assoclatiou including 50 dealers in tire Memphis territory meets 'monthly for ah exchange of idsas. dealer jwllcies and. the study of new machines tf the company. .The next, meeting Is. to be held in Memphis in October, Mr. Butler slated today. Lacerates Leg In Fall Over A Tub Mrs. L. A. Herny'received severe lacerations on her leg. last nigh when she fell over a tub in' tlie back yard of her home, 2219 Mer- guerltc- avenue. Pride subdivision After having been given emergency treatment (it the Walls hospital, she was rcmocd.ta licr home Farm Wife Breaks Arm Thursday Night Mrs. Pete Marlou, whs lives on Houte 2, Blylheville, 1 was given emergency treatment at the V/tvlls TERM I NIX 'TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE- MEMPHIS . Miss Louise TEACHER OP Dancing ANNOlWCEfs the opening of her studio, Monday, September 16th!,' £01 Ch(c.{»<awba. , Fhonfc 174 'Buzz-Sting" -Itch/:- Attend Roih Haihonoh Rites In This City One hundred, and fifty rcm Mississippi county and South- iistcrji, Missouri attended, (lie sei-- ices held'Yn'Temple'Israel Wed- esday night, and Thursday, rriorn- on the occasion of Rosh Hasli- h, the Jewish New War.' The crytccs ushered hi a ten-day holi- ay seasdh 'IcrminaUng" on Ydin •Cippuv, the. Day of- Atonement, •lilch' will be pbsen'ed on -Friday Sept.' 22,' and during the s (lay, Saturday,-'Sept. 23. the sei mpns fpr the holiday i Herman 'Pollack pointed out he heed for a program to give >ecp)e a goal and aim in life. Alu'ch. ofi'Uij! present despair, and ruslvatiorx njise out of the lack fa. urn-post; in - which individuals :an become completely absorbed :iul by means of which, the pre- 'ai:ing mood, of defeatism will be ivercome,"-he-said. • Referring to the-subject nf character, he-stated that the moral lerspn, is the one who does not ear. and flee, from life but- eop^s with, It.; "Strength of character is net developed by abstaining from evil but by meeting H-, conquering it and emerging victor. ' The pre- vailing'formal'control and cultural la? are factors impeding the nor-. mal development of character and have, led to the bankruptcy of morals and; human values," he concluded. ichools arc related with, unusual 'JT particularity arid- c'aruiU, be ques- • Joued, they w'(ll seem to younger teachers and to the youth ol today as almost unbelievable. It is hard to realize that- conditions In our stale only-a generation ago, were as crude as described. - ' • -. The reader will be shocked, amused and almost, provoked to tears as he, reads the Intimate stcry of the farm. boy. who, Ui rough multitudinous 'vicissitudes, finally became the State'Superintendent of Public Instruction, and President' of one cf our Teachers Colleges, Knowing the author and admiring him, this reviewer read the book avidly and heartily recommends it, not ; merely -to the ycung teachers but to the directors and patrons. . . . ... Some of the. experiences may be valuable as warnings and examples of, both, the things ID dp and} not to,do today. the.-hisUry ol education l.i Arkan- This book will take its place In sas.—Arkansas Methodist. The moon often, appears to-be sailing through the clouds.. As a matter of fact, it is about 100,000 t trues farther away. CHILLS AND FEVER : Here 1 a Relief From Malarial Don't let. Malaria torture youi ., Don't shiver with chilis and-burn " with fever.'' At first sign of Malaria,-, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. 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