The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 11, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOOTHBABT'ARKANSAS AND BOTJTHKABT MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 281 BiylhevlUe Courier, Blvthevtlle Herald. Blytheville Dally Ne-vs, Mississippi Valley Leader. Hi Y'PllPVII I I," APKANSAS \\T1"IN1''^V)AV RPHTHTAllY 11 1'1'U '»''' 1UA n ' u " AltKAiSSAh, U l.DM'.blMt, M,m(UAIU 11, 1J.U SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS CELEBRIS HIS Veterans .Bureau Headquarters Noted Inventor Has Busy Day; With Synthetic. Rubber Experiments. • FORT! MEYERS, Fla, Feb. ]|J CUP)—With a large brilliant sunflower, symbolic of his latest interest, In 'Ills coat lapel.- Thomas Alva Edison, noted inventor, observed his 84th birthday here today by granting his customary an^ uuul Interview. "11 feels flue to be 84 years oM," the silv.jr haired inventor said af-, ter laughing and Joking with Har-j vey S. Firestone, tire magnate, as he answered a wide range of questions. Then te pointed significantly to tile sunflower,, "There's a lot of rubber in that." • The Interview was the first event rS a.busy clay and was followed by 1 a ' sala parade out to (lie newly, constructed $7(8,000 bridge built in his'- hoor. \vherc\hc participated In the formal dedication of the structure. "I' am getting ?.'jout' six per cent of rubrer from the gflnen rod now," Edison said, "and am breeding up the plants so thev will produce at least eight per cent." Tor years Edison has experimented with synthetic rubber and indicated today today his labors in umt direction would require about three years before he would obtain satisfactory results. Firestone was naturally interested 'In the rubber experiments which Edison hopes to evolve Into a wartime emergency supply for the United States, and asked Edison ho wlong he thought it would be before he would have enough '"to mate a Kt of tires." "I think I will have enough rubber in two years to send to the Firestone works and get me a set ' of home grown tires," Edison re - plied. Prince of Wales Picked Her Arkansas College to Remain 4-Year Schoo LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 11 (UP)— Assurances" that Arkansas collegi ftt Batesvllle'will continue as avtoii: y«r-»»nloTi.ins'OtuUcn. was ' seen tn the acceptance yesterday b the Arkansas synod of the PKS byterl&n churcji of -a prbpositioi offered by a group of Bate'svill citizens. • -,- The future of the school ha been In question some time an several plans have bee,n offered t merge the school with another col leg'e. ThQ plans for continuing th school calls for citizens of Bates vilie to subscribe 510,000 annual! to be matched, with an equal sum by the synod for a period of fi\ years. ' 'The synod also will assume t".: entire indebtedness of the colleg In order to carry out Its portio of the agreement the synod w incorporate and execute notes bonds in the sum of $200,000, th interest from which will be to retire the institution's indebted 'ness. Ark-Mo Employes Hold Meeting at Hotel Nob! The 55 employes of the Arkansa U. S. than Some ORE THAN A MILLION DOLLARS A DAY is spent from tills greal building, which Is the eterans' Bureau headquarters at Washington. Bm-e the World War, It has expended more ve billion dollars for insurance, hospital care and as compensation for wounds or Injuries. jfl.OOO former World War soldiers or their relatives ore' getting help of one kind or another. This lii addition to. the bonus, timed to be paid In 1945, which' would require an additional »3.500,50.000 if paid, immediately. Inset is General Fran!: T. HInes. Administrator of Veterans' Affairs. Now .Cash . BOIUIS Fight Emphasizes High Cost of World Conflict. KDITOIVS NOTE: , 'This Is the Jlnl of t, lerlci.ot.fqur itoric-t Uy iRodnty Uiit«h<r, Wnshliigdui forro- ppoiident'fpr'lhp Courier News nni NKA Service; on what lie; bt'lilnd .'.tlio lxmu>:. fljht in 'Conxic^s. The ollifr. will follow daily. I HY'RODNKY nUTCHKK (Copyright,'.931, NBA Service. Inc.) ! WASHINGTON.—Ever since In: 'Revolutionary War, and even before, this countiy has . rewardct with pensions of money.or grunts 'I of public laiid'the men who have jcorrled'Us ring on the field of uul- •. tie. • Decades before tlie revolution, the ' Colonies pensioned disabled vetcr ,!'ans of Indian wars. In-1818, atte. '• ;-previous laws had rewarded vet .i'eraris with service-connected, dlsa ibllltles, an act was parsed to .>cn 1 '311 .'all survivors of the Revolution It was George Washington, him Vever Felt Better Says Humorist Continuing Relief Fund Drive. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 11 (DP) — (Viir Rogers last night denied re- wrts circulated from Tulsa,-'Okli- hat his health was breaking under the strain of appearing in ronv eight to ten shows 'dally while -giving benefit performance, or drouth sufferers in Texas; Okla- ''" National Bank is Opened Deposits with the First Notjo.rial Bank since it re : opeiiEd for -business this morning, after a ten weeks suspension, totalled approximately S35.CCO over withdrawals A. G. Little, executive .vice'-presl-l dent of the • Institution,' 'stated at the close of banking hours this afterncon. .' - -•'. ' ". The doors of the institution opened at 9 o'clock this'.morning.and the-bank lobby was soon filled with clients end • visitors'.who- extended SMSEiT! iP™. LOtn- horria *nd^._-—__ "Me and rriy : boy'• spend a Ic of time out, en my ranch In Call fornla roping and tying calves, :he cowboy humorist said. "Ther s more work in tying up one small calf than I have Uoiie. on this entire show tour," he grinried. Striking "Rogerlsms" were por- tray-cd on the stage last night by - captain Frank Hawkes, transcon- fie ^ "xtra cash 'reserve tinental air sneed king who ap- _. .! 7. iu \. , peared on the Will' Rogers ' pro- SSSaU^re Srt forced gram. Hawkes praised Uie- work] „ ...^ ^ aca being done by the-famous wit mi , _ withdra . VE j s ; aiding drouth victims. I .- -' • •.. During Rogers' 15 days of benefit performances he has raised approximately $115.000. In appearance here last night the Rogers company brought near S1.000 into the drouth relief fund. Rogers gave his first show yes 7 terday mornin;. at 8 o'clock before coming to Little Rock end continued until nearly midnight. He ..„,.. said It was the first time In 25 j I 1'Oilt-1 aking Nine Bills Passed:" Devotes Time lo mil tee Reports. LITTLE ROCK-, Feb. u - cup)—• Nine bills were pass?d;, one rejected and three introduced in- the senate session tqday while the diejnber largely devoted its; to '.consideration.of senate bills' and committee • report?! oxer time self, 'who had received n grant o land for Ills service In Hie FVCIIC and Indians wars, who successful ly urged Congress to reward wit kind the veterans of 1TO. The sam 'principle was follovlsd for anan decades and even to sonic u.xtei: after the Civil War. Abraham Lin 'coin applied for and received grant after he had'> served, in IV Black Hawk War. , !' Varying In form, but not" 1 "principle or purpose, there ha\ '•followed money pensions to vetc •ttns of" the Civil War and Spanls! 'American War, and rewards [•"adjusted compensation"—or "the soldier bones," as it 'b best known —to veterans of the World War. Throughout 'history, politicians have always usod pension bills to curry favor. - - . ..." 1 • ". These "adjusted compensation" certificates are, in reality, the government's I. O. U.'s to pay each holder a certain: amount In 1945. The. average face 'value U - about $1000 per man..They also carry a Many a girl would like to have been In hu dancing shoes. Foi pielly EhMiiuir H. Nichols above, formerly of Newport, H. 1., was Uv Prince of Wolc. 1 !' partner "and occupied most of his time ut n dance given In his honor in Pnimum City. She Is a duiiRhlcr of Commande Newton Lord Nichols of the Balboa Naval Radio Station. their . congratulations 19". the bank officials.-. Directors...!.if officers of the institution greeted'each person> £ucccet ]in<? who entered the bank and an at-; senator ,_At ^ itireside .I>wtS_llle Inwjwrf.t pro "tern r ''of ! that -boir?,' Senator C. R. Counts, represented mcsphere ; -rJ frleridly confidence ; l!)( , ?lst senatorial ^district; comn-s- prevaded as merchants: and otter :„, of -Miller.'Columbus and t«: cttirins lined: up dt nhe' tellers | ct ,_. coi-htles.-.*as" unopposed/ windows to make deposits while | A bill scomored by a-nrttors'Mc- withdrewals.were scattered and in- E i hannotli Mitchell and Bailey re- frecuent, mostly confined to small.. (1U | r i nB , the . rtatB . 4;.. wa v depart- -The upp-r house also elected Ned;' ;C3!lh value which,-at present.,-1* .1 -.. j..-_i- ,-.i^ ai .,,, .__!!*•.. 'w.fOx.ut sx.per.cent of trie face value, TE «ES' Take Cave of Poor.But Expect Those With Autos Money to Pay Say Meds That Mississippi county "physlcl but of . I ' rr.enl t-^ tcike over maintenance and construction of- airbridges on public' roads. In Atkansos:'.irjcluded in i the present rtnh-highway, .svsleni : purl to ,assume.-and pay bonds, of | such bridge Improvemerit dlstrieu, : '.vas unaniroously ad opted ..- and .a .loan value-which-Is''now about .2.2 VI .pe. cent. ..Such Is the background of .on 1 ! of. the major. Issues.of the present session'; Into ,,which Congress ihno isuddenly-.been plunged. This the movement to have the govern- this money to the vet?r-- ans now, Instead ol waiting, until 19*5. . •--. . It 'Is backed .Dlvcrce BUI Up LITTLH .RCXJK,. Feb. 11 (UP)— In. the by. certain headers ' who con- Nelson Has Substitute Apportionment Measure LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— Senator R. A. Nelson. Blythevllle, Introduced a substitute to his original bill calling for a realignment, of senatorial districts, embodying amendments suggested. In' committee at yesterday's session of the legislature. The nesv bill- would make few changes In the districts as now arc. Mississippi.'county,- with population nf .about 60,000 would. . become a senatorial district. BiKi" 15 Brc P"""'! 11 ? •« sljis t th ln» county would be added to the'!"e.normous amount pi-free • serylc district comprising Garland and they are now cilteoV upon ,to «lv Montgomery counties,• sntlaskl and was voiced at the : nd»tlni .of "• Perry counties would Jetnaln tU county .medical *«afe-,inmost one district as-at present' with two 'lost night, 'An acUon'of protest-was voted after U.c matter Iiad been thoroughly discussed. ; « '• In' voicing the protest the physicians stated .that they expect-to continue charity as Is-the.custom. "Wo will :always fake'care of the. poor who are'.broke and 'who hav wondered into this territory. What we are. talking about! Is thosa .wl: come to our -offices.In. automoblb; and with, money'" In'.theli: pocket Necessary to Insure Funds For Operating Expenses Say Aldsrmch. • : • : The clly council Indicated : at; Its . regular monthly, meeting last night Out 11 favored' tiio proposed ; blll now before'the legislature, to .extend (he paymetit 'of state and' county taxes to October with th; ndded provision of .-a ten. per "cent ^penally. Meinbrjrs of the council concurred In opbilon 'that sbmo penally v.'ould te necessary. In order to Insure thb'paymsnt ,'of iiiquuh taxes to', keep'thi govern;! uents of Hie slaiol'county and v»-;' lous municipalities operating. 1 .","' The council voted to send Mayor Nclll Reed to 'attend the Mayors.- Association meeting at Little RosH, cday to use his influenco and 'vote In an effort to have' the Un -psf .cent penalty added to the 'proposjd legislation. -• ' . .' ' : -V''.[V, The aldermen unanimously pass-' id Ordinance tia 243 providing; tor' u license, of: $23 dally for auction sates In this city. .The ordinance provides for a fine of from $100 to $500 for violation of the ordlriance.-- Clmrles Ncwcomb was appointed as commtssloner of Sewerage Dls J - Irlct No. 2 succeeding Dr. L." 3. . . Brjscoc who asked that his realg-. nation from tiie bsard of commls:. sionera bo accepted,- to which tha ouncll agreed. ....:. .Need Tax Money. . - •...' Mayor Nclll Reed and the older- ien discussed at length.the proposed measure iwudlng before (Be-.; late legislature torextcnd the >i>?-; lod for payment' of. state and' ouhty taxes from April to Ostobar;' of this year. .The general opinion bt he. city ofBctils was .that the post- -• ponemcnt would prove disastrous to. nany municipalities In. the -state, which depend for - operating expenses, to a large extent, on'their share.of the county tax.'' . - .;• The. aldermeri . expressed' them- , aelyes as favorable ,to .'any exten- : in. ine J4nreriuan •-IX^JLQU wnu con- • ., ».nu ^mi »i*v*-t.j • •". .•««.<. ^-^.^w- tend that 'distressed and unem-1 First-Radio SneecK DV Pobe who say - tosy «.« . hunttaB Hc<'. ployed'veter.ns-need the cash' Im- „. IV ~ ^rVV 7 i .• Cross .doqtors .and, who .say trie- ployed mediately, and that 'putting- such a large arhbunf of money into circulation would greatly aid business. It- Is opposed by' Secretary Mellon and leading bankers who t „, _^- __ , . . VXiy*l , UU^W* a '. ll ~ "l + W I^BJ. H.W PlUS 1O DC KebroadcaSt have no moneyiwith pay," . • TT i I'he physicians said.' -One,'of " America 1 hursday: .' worst abuses', according' to n IS A bill known as the,"dlvorce t bill"jsee therein the necessity for a huge was , returned fbr : o tb.lrd reading and final passage in -the house of i re preservatives .shortly, after con- venln? In the afternoon session by Representative Campbell, Sevler years on the sta?e he had given a "before breakfast" performance. Today Rogers, Hawkes and the Revelers quartet will visit Bates- vine, Joii-^boro, Paragould and Missouri Power company in District I Forrest City. They will wind up "A" who attended the bi-monthly i their tour of Arkansas tomorrow- meeting here last night heard in-1 after appearing In Helena. Stutt- teresting phases of the company's | gart. Pine Bluff. England and Tex- program activities taken up In a given at the Hotel Noble. The towns of Blythevllle. Osccola, Luxora, Lenchvllle. Monctte and Manila were represented. , "Public Relations" was the theme of the program In which Miss Alberta Ross, C. V. Sebaugh, J. A. Bage. Clyde Matkln, Ralph Blb'.c, all of here, were speakers. A dramatization by the Women's committee concluded the program. In the Women's committee meeting Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Marie HIckman, chairman, presided. The seven numbers on the program heird by the 17 present dealt with the women's part in the company. Sceakers were: Miss Hester Lee Wilson, of Leachvllle, Miss Agnes Barton, Miss Clara Ruble. A. C. Ward, Miss Lob Davis. Mrs. Marl; Hickman and O. p. Moss, all of here. Eirkana. Mrs. Rogers who flew here yes- ..erday will fly back to the Pacific ccast via Joplln, Mo. Rogers will . Held Re- i countv, author of the measure. Most of the ... _ „ . i aiust ui me uiLciiiuuii w»a IA- SDOnSlble tor hrraticlnected to be taken up by debate Movements During Day, NEW YORK, Feb. 11 (UP)—Pre- holiday profit taking caused irregularity on the stock exchange today. • . ' Trading was one hnlf that of' vrstrrdav in the first half hour, j but .'cTiins. picked up later and | for s time the tape was running j orcer to be in Hollywood to; jj' g g)M j ft ., hl , ve( | r i y a start work on a new motion pic-1 frncture |n ca - sl ^ g fe]llng ^ lsa . * urc - con - : where making it open at 145 7-8. " : ~ illnped to 145 3-8 and later came I Recommends Denial of ; tack to H6 i-s. where it was 'ff on the bill v:h|ch reduces the requirements for residents seeking divorces In.this state from one year to 00. days. Another Ten Day Days government bond issue, n shattered market for all securities and a resultant - business ' depression fp.r worse than any yet known. Three Main Proposals Supporters of the plan, varying only In detail, have put forward th following proposals: CONGRESSMAN WRIGHT PATMAN of Texas: To piy the full, face value to each veteran noT,-. There are about 3,500,000 certificates of average value of J1000 each, meaning that to;do this $3,; 500.000,000 would be required. At >)to-' )bers of the organization, tl: mein- 13 tha VATICAN CITY. Feb. 11' (UP)-. | of .farm - tenants, whose employer; Residents of the papal state day b^gan : tho flrtt of two busy days U'hich' »-ill be cllmaxsd tomorrow . afternoon when a mMsa?e to tha world will 'bo broadcast by the Pope for the first time In history; allow them to sSek free medical at:' "We will take notes, as others dd and collect ln-trie fall but we cnn- not continue-.this-wholesale abus of'our livelihood." officers-sjld. Dr. V.. R. Fox, Manila, read r paper on "Non-Suppuratlve Myo'al- Grace for Motorists I Present, the sinking fund for thU LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 11 lUP> — llcer. p e without being subjected to the ten per cent penalty. Governor Parnell late sterday a pjoclamatloni extending I t D J* D _•( JOneSDOrO tvaaiO rermit on - fomth ' Kllnt from tll[ l I? rcviaus ; the time to February 20. Usually close. ' I the penalty Is invoked after Jan- I Yesterday's specialty favorites uary 10i b ut the legislature by LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 11 (UP)— ! moved irregularly. Auburn auto- a d 0 pn on O f a ] 0 ( n t memorial au- Dcnlal of sppilcatlon nf the A?rl-! mobiles dipped t" IIS from its high t]l& cultural and Mechanical College 1 fir thn day of 18« and near noon tcl] purpose tolals only {625,000,000, meaning titat the rest would have to come from a bond Issue. . CONGRESSMAN JACK GARNER of Texas, the Democratic leader: To pay Immediately the present cash value of the certificates. The cash value Is computed at about. 52 per cent of the face value, or a total of about $1,703,000,000. OTHER PROPOSALS are to Increase the loan value, on which Preparations for broadcasting of i tls," and "Tularaemia" was the sub- the voice of Pope Plus XI. throneh | jcct of another paper by Dr. W. J the powerful new Vatican radio; Sneddan, Osceolu. station, wore completed under the| Members of the Osceola group personal supervision of Its Inven-1 served refreshments to these physi tcr. Gusllclmo Marconi. clans: O. M. Denton, V. R. Pox -The Pop- will make a brief ex- W. P. Hutchens, Manila; N. R tcmperaneous rndto speech, to Be Hosey. Joiner; R. L. Johnson, Bas rebroadeost In America at IO^D A.;sett; T. P. Hudson, Luxora; N. B M., casifrn standard time, The Ellis. E. R. Barrett, Wilson; J. A Pope will speak In Latin, and will be. Sallba, Paul L. Tlpton, A. M Introduced by Marconi. The re- Washbum, C. B. Wilson, I. R marks will be translated for the Johnson. P. L. Husbands, F. D. benefit of the International radio Smith/ Blythevllle; L. D. Massey. audl:nce. Pop.-* Plus' radio snccch less thnn five minutes slon that would alleviate the firian- clil-biinlen on the "taxpayers this .•• sprint. They eitpressed: the., hfljp*," " ally'/wquld'tiuae • nuiny.'Corpora!ions :•_., I rt^ J i^5i^'r^;a«-J^t---"^s-----^^^*^i'^--'-" c and' .. romp'tly olid provide.some liicbmo . ifliile, not necessarily a-.rii&vy'.fcifr-'-': en. "on the'-small«st'-ta)ipayeis who' i would .-allow their 'taxes, to 'be' 'is- urned' delinquent until. October/'."' Thi: -proposed amendmeht' t6''the ' ax extension bill that w>uld pro-' Ide the usual ten per 'cent' psn'«l(y' ut not the/usual teri per', cent'In'-" erest,' certificate-costs arid 'adv'ef- 1 -..- Uthg- costs :uhtll after 'October''i'0'--'t vould'oe the most-.desirable legii-" ailori,- the ..council:'agreecl.-' : A reso- 1 ution' ins(rucUng - Mayor -Reed Vb'. use. rils Influence rmd vote at th?-' rfaybrs Ccnference in -Little .ROyk •• odcty for; U\? ten ;per'cent penaity.' measure:was voted'unan'lmously.. r - To. Tax' Auctioneers A proposal'for an ordinance r tax- ng. auction sales was "laid before ' the :couhc!T with''^.petition' for; its; passage signed by a large number'. o fBlytlievllie merchants; After 'ft minor change in the propos»dj ordinance to make It a police '-mtta- -. ure. rather than a revenue .measure, the ordinance was passed unari- Imcusly. The ordinance was drawn by Capt. Ivy W. Crawford, city attorney. - • • • -i ..." Dr. Brl^coe tendered 'his reaijna-' tlon by letter to the council asking to be relieved of his duties -as. a' commissioner of Sewerage District ^fo. 2. The council accepted and at the request of n number of taxpayers In the district appointed Chaai'- C. M. Harwell, W. J. Sheddan. will be Osceola. In length | and will open the new station. f; erce R a t Attacks i :cd the chief executive to ex- holders may borrow. The present B-oadcnstlnj company of Jones-i was holding around 18*. off 41 toro. Ark., for authority to con-1 points from its previous close. J. I.! d the time to March 2, st his pleasure. struct o new broadcasting station • Case dlppe d In early trading but' _ was recommended to the federal! fame back to 118 radio commission by Examiner El-1 bus clor> of 112'. a P revl- Radio corpora- mer W. Pratt, according to advices lion, Allied received here today. ' Can. jjethlehi Masonic Lodge No.w In Elaine Building S421,000,000 Increase !n National Bank Resources i The Chlckasawba Lc^ge No. 134. WASHINGTON. Feb. 11 (UP)-| F 2nd A M is now established., in Aggregate resources of 7.038 rs-j nj new 'icm: In the Blalne bull!- chemjcals, American ........ ______ lem Steel and a', ling list of other Issues were below 'their rvrr:vious close- Bonus Proposals But Two Eliminated Michigan 'Fi'ats Raided by Cops On Big Rum Hunt Will Receive Bids On Seven Highway Projects Woman at Little Rock ANN ARBOR. Mich.. Feb 11. (UP)—In the mcst extensive riH I ever conducted on the campus of loan value is about 22" per cent of the face value. Strongly advocated U a plan to Increase the loan value to 50 per cent. Bonus Not Fixed Policy In the background of this congressional fight s the fact that the United States has never committed Itself to a policy of paying cash bonuses to Its ex-soMlers. I It used to give land grants to veterans and In the vrake of Its wars It has alwoys pensioned them sooner or later, first for Injuries arising during their service LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 11 (UP) — A rat of huge proportions aroured LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 11 (UP)-I an enttro neighborhood here late Bids will be received Feb. 18 for j >'"terday. sevrn additional road and bridge j . Mrs - c . construction projects. U has been! "siting a neighbor, and when she *""'"" f • •> • ... einrtarl VIAPIIA »Vin frt t ron frrt-ti Mrs. C. M. Games had been announced by the state highway department. The work will Include 733 feet; of ste;l and timber bridges on started home the rat ran from under a house and attacked her. The rorlcnt secured a firm hold in her shoe but Mrs. Games man'' aged to kick loose andj scamper .7 « j TI< *. agtu to IULU luuse int. avtv the Montlcello-Rye road, H ?hway fc | ck to ;he ne ,g hb ,,. s house . 35, Dreq County, six miles of g:ad- Newcomb as commissioner. Suggest - Dlrtrict Audit A. G. Hall, city auditor, suggested' that an audit of : th^' district's books be ordered but Mayor Reed expressed the opinion that an audit w?j a matter for the commissioners and not the council to'-determine. Mr. Hall stated ho'boliev- od the district was having'to borrow money to pay Us Interest and retire its fcsnds and that a delinquent list of property In the district had nsver been filed since the district was' created. ' • • " ' •Gorge' W. Barham told 'the council that the commissioners of the district anticipated having an audit cf the district's books made In the near futurj.- The board of commissioners of i the district is now composed of.Dr. and and subsequently disability. During and Immediately miles of grading end .„„ ..... _ . WASHINGTON, Feb. 11. (UP)- the University of MIchl?nn. five porting national bank In the i n g O n the second floor at Main The house ways and means com-1 fr.iternltv houses were invaded fa- United States, Alaska and Ha^ili Kn & s-ccnd streets. This organlza- rnittee today eliminated all voter- dnv by Ann Arbor police. ,. ,„- .. ,„ ,. - . i _ ,,_.,, on Dtcembcr 31, the date of the t i on ^ived from the Ford build- &n3 bonus proposals brought before! They .nid llovrar was connscst;3 tn * World War the government i county, recent tank call, amounted to, $28,- haring exchanged except the Bacharach plan to from each house. |contemplated no bonus to thesa 799.648.000, an increase of $«l,-| p]acK ,.| t ji the W. O. W. lodge.' increase the loan limit on certlfl- Warrants charging d Up to date equipment has been ca tes and the Fish plan of optional conduct have been Issued for 33 stiv | arranged for the new Xiasonic.payn.ents tn cash of 25 per cent of dents. Search warrants for t're raid [ •• home where meetings arc held the i tt. e f u |. value of World War veter- were Issued by Justice of the PMCC for all types of Highway 64. Conway county, and, , „. , „ , 11 mlies of grading and gravel' Siolland Ulll bUCCUITlbs after | sui facing on Hljhway C-5, Searcy 001,000 over the resources one year • earlier. r | v I veterans and hoped to get away from the old general pension Idea WEATHER Senate Approves Bill For Postoffice Clerks Eecond and fourth Tuesday nlghtsl Brls > certificates. of each month. NEW HAVEN, Conn. (UP)—An (UP)—j Idea originated In New Haven has drouth'given Colombo, Ceylon, its first Inter- charity commissioner. The commls- nmtod In the senate fdav for sioner is Dr. C. E. V. N'athanioUz. _ passage of Ihe bill to establish a giaduate of Yale Divinity school, j WASHINGTCN. Feb. II Attack on the compromise relief nrogram was brleflv • Bert E. Fry before whom the :tu: dents are to be arraigned Frld&Y. 3AN IONACIO, N. M. (UP)—The Pcstoonement of the arrilgnmen'.s prize ballot box of the reason used untl Ithat time was made at th; rs- hcre In. the justice of the pjace punst of Albert Rapp, prosecuting election was a small box that had attorney. contaltiJd a ]ar of salve. In other Th<? houses raided were the Dol- parts of the country In the Justice Is Kapoa Epatlon, Delta Kiopa jf peace election, shoe boxes, cake Skin a. Phi Delta Thcta. Tr-rto flvcv and a half day week for post who transplanted the Idea when he j btwcs. and various other boxes were Delta Chi and Sigma Alpha Epsl- oiuce employe*, went to Ceylon as a missionary, [used for the ballots, Ion. ARKANSAS— Par Uy cloudy end soldier $60 which was supposed to, My him a suit of clothes as he re- i turned to civilian life, and em-' aarked upon an elaborate program of Insurance, hospltallzatlon. vocational rehabilitation and compensation for service-connected disability on which It his thus far disbursed more than $5,000,000.000. But the World War veterans cb- (Contlnued on Page Five) warmer tonight. Thursday partly According to the official weather observer, tho At Blytheville Hospital Charles Phillips, minimum temperature here terday wsa 26 degrees and maximum, 55 degrees; clear. On dertakln? company Is in chief, city ensineer and city auditor were read to the council. City Engineer Crnlg reported thtt 5,544 hours of "Red Crois" labor hnd been used on the streets of the city during the past montlv, Funeral services will be held to- Among the various projects corn- day for Dovle May 3turch, ITpleted with Rsl Cross later under year old daughter of'Mr. and Mrs. i city supervision was the cpentn? of W. S. Slurch of Holland, Mo., w/io i Brcedway from Ash street south to died at the Blythevllle hospital i the Cottcn Belt railroad, Mr. Craig yesterday. < reported. The Rev. McFoder will officiate at the services and interment will NEW BRITAIN. -Conn. (UP)—A yes-e made et Number Eight ceme-i jar of prunes routed bandits who th« tery near Holland. The Cobb Un-:>.eld up elderly Louis Nalr. Ordered charg-i by two bandits to put up Ms hartdi. the same"da"y R~year ago the mini- of funeral arrangements. 'Nalr hurled ths jar at the nesrsr* mum temperature was 32 degrees The deceased Is survived by her. and the bandits fl3d. "I'm-getting and the maximum, 57 degrees; parents, four brothers and two sis-1 old so I took 'a chance," Nalr ex- cloudy. I ters. plained to police.

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