The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 1947 BIA'THEVILLE (MIK.) COU1UKII NEWS PAGE SEVEN Agri Committee To Revise'Parity' Long Range Farm Program Needed, Legislator Says WASHINGTON, April 23 (UP)-- Cliiiiniiiin Clifford If. Hope of House Agriculture Coinmitloo, today (hat. readjustment <>[ the % formula for farm prices will tlic first stc'p In cicvclODing >» loHB-range agriculture program for the nation. Tli e Kaiisns Republican said lie nerccd with Albert S- Class, master of the National Grange, that tlic prc.sent purity formula Is "out of line im<| (he cause of many of oui present, troubles." "But it's Koine to be n very difficult jol) to find a new formula,' Hope snlcl. Ifc did not believe liis> coi»)»Htee c:>ul[i recommend one this year. Ho|)C said ills commlllec's current study into the requirements " a lons-raii^c farm program ccml< luudly lie completed by the ciul o this session of Congress but w clear the wuy for legislative lion next year. tokl the committee Coii should, "as .soon as possible," pas-s j new parity legislation based on support, prices without acreage control, He said cither o[ two new formulas proposed by the change would I]C a "vqry yreal improvement." In the first proposal, Goss s»R- gcsted using the present 1D09-H base period but adjusting Hie tor- muln to include farm labor costs and changes in production costs. Ooss said lie did not Have all details of his other plan worked out. but thai it would be on a , basis or iictuiO farm income com- 9M pared to parity income. Navy to Have 'Canning' Season This summer the U. S. Navy will "can," tor future use. some 2000 carrier-type planes in big corru- AiaU'd-slcel celbj like those above. A seaman stands al vapor-ti^ht dour, whk-h permits inspection. Owner of Hope Diamond Dies; To Whom Wilt Its Curse Pass? jenator Seeks Spending Curb On Politicians WASHINGTON. April 23. (UP) — Son. Allen J. Ellender, : yesterday introduced a bill lo revise "utterly inadequate" election huvs, which he said have miule collection of campaign contributions "a racketeer's .paradise." The measure i\ou:«l permit candidates for the U. S. Senate to spend vp lo $50.000 in some cases :t would set. a $12.COO absolute to) for House oflicc seekers. •At present senatorial cai may not spend more than in their campaigns 'and House ot- fice seekers arc limited to Ellenuer's bill ' present J3.030.000 on spending by the National Political Committees. The bill- includes • a—formula, by which spending by candidates ••amid fce limited to either: •si:. ;S25,COO for Senate races and "J^aOO to House "races. 2. Or a total arrived at by multiplying by five cents thc number of votes cast in the last general or primary election for the post which the candidate seeks, or the total number of votes cast within the state or district for all candidates for any office at the last election in which a governor \vas chosen. But in any event, no more than $50,0(10 for a Senate candidate or 812,000 for a House candidate. Thus, if the votes east in 11. Senate election \vere multiplied by nvc cents anil cam c to less than $25,000, the senatorial candidate couldspcml up lo that figure. 'If thc votes multiplied by five cents were more than $25,000. he could spend only the precise amount up to thc absolute top of WASHING'! ON, April 1!0. (IHV, —The sealed wi 11 01 lhe 1 :*te M/s. EviOyn Wills) i Mi-l^nn Jjcld Die answer today lo ilx- j-itlt|)o ol \vhc- hcr. lu-r "acnmsrd" S^.CO.COO Hn;):; liainond would ^» to her .sons or o some institution. Mrs. Mo'Lean scoffed at tlio ea that the ;»ront' wus iJJ-fated. Yet her own life w:u; marked by series of Ita^i'dirs, cuhninatini; her doath Saturduy of Pncii- nonia. She wa.s GO. The Hope diamond also bronchi ulver.sity to its previous owners. Amonx them wore suirh Iiuures t>l; lisLory as Catherine the Great ot Rus.sia and Marie Anioinctle ol' France. I Mrs. McLean always wild her misfortune stemmed from her own ina'oility to discipline hersell Vo handle i-i'cat. wealth, Horn in a hutnblc miner's cabin', s he inhcnV- cd inillion.s from her Hither, who .struck it rich with *.i f;ibMUi\)S copper and y;Q.ld tnine m Colorado. Neither of her .sons, Jolm McLean of Dallas, Tex., or Edward 'J Beverly Hills. C;\L. was utilc to reach her bedside before .she died Saturday. Her luncral will be today. The Rev. Edmund A. Walsh, vtaci president of Georgetown University a\ut 'A longtime (rieml of Mr:;. Mc-Lean'.s. will ofrUriatc, Only members oC tl^e family and a few close friends will attend thc funeral. Thc fate of her dniruomi will be known when her will Ls filed •ould abolish thc I for probate, nrcbubly next week, vearlv limUution according to family friends. (if a w t trail liy pii?>li.sJiJ[i^ BUVII licr the -\\ 1-2 carat diamond. Her first born son, Vin.son, known as the "tmnflnPd-niiJlioii tlnJt ir ttassen Returns To U.S.After Tour 3f 16 Countries NKW YOUK. April 29. lift') — uvoM K. sutssen, uvowed civndl- atc for the I'.HH liepuiilli-nn pr-i- .-U'lMml lunmrmtlon. ivn'lvcd «l la- jiiiirdiii J<>ii>!,| yiwtmlny ull<T .1 U.tiru-iuile lour of l« KuroiUMii 0111)1 ilr.s. 1 :<m optiumlU 1 . \ve can have iu'r jn ih<< world for nl (eitst J> seiicratioii." stiis-scn told n'liorters. 'if svo lolhnv u 1 of wisdom nuL huiiKinUiU'liUJlsm, particulurly lie latter." 'I!,, refused to comment speelfl- -iilly on (liuiiiiir.s of his trip but Uvliircii liiiuseir "Imminently satisfied" with its results. •British Mnlayu supplied IheVlnil- e<l stairs with 08 per cent ot i!a tin imixirls in 1938-1830. uajicd. sum at uurllon in H>;r.l ami il),- laler redeemed Din ili'i- moml. HIM- only diiiiyhler. ,MI" Kvalyu HfynoUls, wife of I lie foriiu North Carolina senator, died Sept. 20 last year, apparently from an overdose of sleeping tablets. j Implement Manufacturer \ Offers to Boost i.v O. .V'HI :!). itj/'i Inl'j-- il 11 u \<vl< r Comi iiny lu'.l.iv.- U':i<t o( CHUT nuiJ.T indus- (.>. >iu.. '.t. olkut'v. Us i'!i'.an It 3-:! i«'nt hourly wav>' *• .vlnl :..S 1IUH hiHul:a.v • iln'r. inacli 1 io ij, 1 . 1 .!:'!! nn- ui "I tL'-.lni'i, 1 ;, I\;K |i itii'in- rd iifler iigrrom'cnts raicliccl In I Hie steel and uulo industries, I The con,piny said Hie offer was mnde on condition it would wlpa out till other "economic demands' by the 10 union.! invrrivod, Union i:i,:)'rtri;mi'j] were not itutiiedhvtely iivii>li.b'.p for c( mmi nl, ll:irveslcr paid Hie \vai;e inneuxos v.i Hli) nut '.UK-cl tbe prUt levels nl its r.ri,(lucts . Fuliccman Aid* Victim BOSTON (UP) — When Richard 13. Rogers was felled by a bullet from' the guri'o'f I'alroiman DsvW Ahearn during an attempted burglary, doc'.ors sent out a call for blood donors. The first to respond fits the" policeman who tired the shot. Dili Hie family met. more mi chiuire. Wlu'u Kmctavy'of Inter lor Albert Fall was accused of ai eepliiiK ' 51U3,0"0 in I lie Teiip. Dome on si-aiidal, lie said the check came I rum "Ned" McLean, her husuand •Mi:L?an jKtmitted Hiving Fall u c)ie:k but investiitators found ilu; chec'k hud tjeen returned unca.shod. Their marriage broke np wllli Mrs. Mi-Lean cbargini; licj ' baby" was killed by "n anloiucbile w m, iU Uillery. lie laler illcil til .1 when lie eluded Biiards nl 1-Yiciiil- | mrnlal instilution. his own family shi]> whi: c his parcnl-s atti'iiclert the; i or i mu . dissipated. pawned Mrs. McLean's friends itrued her lo ;;et rid of the stone, .she replied that it already had brought, her th c greatest tragedy possible. . - i — Mrs. Mofjeaii once diamond wlien tne depression her hu.'b'ind'.s biislmvis and he was IIKUH; the Waslniii;- ton Post. She failed lo save the For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoc Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. BLAN HEATH CUTS PRICES FOR Diso-sler first struck Ali'5. McLean not lonu 'after lier husband, thc late Edivard Beale McLean, heir Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20J3 10'1'J Chichasawba ALL TOYS.... 50% OFF! Tliis menus nil our toys . . . no holdouts! Come in ;\nd take your pick, nearly every conceivable toy im- aginahlo . . . Dolls and blackluiardK, trucks, clicm- Craft sets and badniinton s:uLs. You're sure to find toys or ifiiinc.s lo entertain both .voting- and old! Dial 3382 When You Need Office Supplies —28 Continuous Years— DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" 118 North Second Street Perfume and cologne, men's shaving sets, comb & brush scls, serving trays, whiskey scls, \vulcr nets . . . anything you can think of, we luive it, and ;it this IUG REDUCTION! Don't wait, come on down while there's u good selection. Lamps and floor lamps are also included in this lot. 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COMK IN TODAYl BY THE FIRESTONE LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE w MORE ON MILEAGE AND SAFETY c/c TIME AND TROUBLE . . .USE THE CONVENIENT FSRESTOf^E BUDGET PLAN & up lo 55% STRONGER New Safti-Surcd cord body gives extra protection against blowouts and can be recapped again and again. — up to 60% WORE NON-SKID ANG1ES New Safti- Grip tread assures extra traction and extra protection __ against skidding. ^£-- up to 32% LONGER MILEAGE Wider, flatter tread and Vitamic Rubber provide extra protection against wear. " '".' ALS0 SEE yUtf iXYHA VMBg MgRCHANDISE FOR HOM ! AN1> FARM,_ CARAN!) TRUCK WORKANDECiEATIOi

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