The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1934
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Served by the United /Vf*» THE WJM1NANT NEWBPAmi OP NOKTHKA m. AHKANHA« *^ri^.rd^^£~ < ^ •*• ^ -*-^ »» ^-/ "* J^ OP NOKTHKA BT AHKANBAS AND BOOTHEA8T MISSOURI r VOL. XXXI—NO. 45 ^> ulythevllle Dally News ulythevllle Courier .;> Mississippi Valley u-udcr lilylhevllle Herald HI.YTHKVll.l.l.:, ARKANSAS, WKDNESDAY, MAY 9, 1934 SINGl-K COPIES FIVE CENTS SHELfF SPEEDS LUKE LEA TO PRISON Simon Wan Is Properly Owners To Be Heard by City Council Rea.1 I .if.-" Protest against passage of an ordinance, advanced through second reading ISM niulu, which] would prohibit erection of a service station within the fire zone, including roiHhly the business section, was made by Furls Simon, who manages considerable business district piopcrly, at last night's council ix'ssion. Following Simon's prolest and plea for delay in final action on the measure until next month, a motion by Tom W. Jackson, second ward alderman and service station pro] die tor, that rules be suspended and iho ordinance ad- ' vanccd to final reading, failed la; \ want of a second. Mayor Cecil Shane told the council last night 1 that Hie measure, which failed to ; advance past first reading al lasl month's session, met with his iuvor, in asking If further action was to ho taken. Alderman Jackson, who made' Ihe original motion, moved thai ; the measure pass through second reading, and it was carried. At! this poini Simon, one of the few i present outside of officials, arose j und made his protesl. Smion ask- I td lhal property owners be heard | before final action was taken, de- ; clariny he believed the measure unfair to them. What apparently was directed as a challenge ui Jackson, who opeiateb a station in the zone where future slalion, would be prohibited, was made when Simon said if ii was fair to- -—JOBWrict future—stations it .would — also be fair to ' require ' stations' now operating within the proposed restricted area to withdraw. Offers to Sell Mayor Shane said he was In favor of the ordinance because there are too many stations in ihe business section now and lhal eu'ii the best of them arc almost a nuisance, keeping the Mdewalks blocked with cars and causing other troubles. Aldeiniini Harold Sternberg wanted lo know il the piopostd ordinance would "keep anybody from erecting a service station if their building burned" Added impetus was given Bly- and the mayor told him it would. lhivUlli.-'s relief scrmt program to- Alderniiin Jackson, sponsor of tlie day when lioss Heavers, city clerk measure, said if there were too prepared to use 55^-1 in the cur- iiany service stations already and lency to pay local bills of the mull anyone wanted to build one he nicipalily. would gladly sell his. Alderman F.. Beavers was ordered lo pay in R Jackson said he thought Ihe script liy Mayor Cecil Siiane. who cilys building code, enforced. laid at last night's council would make erection of a station sion thai such almosl prohibitive In COM. The fi.llowt-d mil. code has not been tlie subject ol much enforcement in Hi,- pait Drouth Threatens Crop Failure in Middle-West PlfllMI CHICAGO, 9 I UP)—A lim- >!><';is Corpus Application Will Re Heard by Aupoals Court Judge CIlfCAiiO, May 9. (Ul 1 )—Judge Will M. Spirits o[ His- United Slates circuit court, of appeals today accepted an application for n wrll cl habeas corpus [or Siumcl Instill end set hearing on the \vril for U:30 a.m. tomorrow. Insult's attorney. I.'loyd E. Thompson, sought the wrll on tl'.e ground i that the S'JOO.OOO bond demanded ' for the ulllille.s e/ar's freedom Ls unconstitutional because 11 Is exorbitant. He tirst sought the wrll before Judge Samuel I>. Alschuler. who reinsert to hear arguments on the pell/ion. Thoni[is'.:n then canvassed other members of f.e circuit court, of appeals, finnlly obtaining consent tc Hie hearing from Judge Sparks. Although it usually Is customary for clendanu to appear at such hear- hiBS. riioni|>;on ;aid he would not bring iJKUll Into court tomorrow. The erst'rtlle power king mus'. appear for arraignment Friday on two federal charges In connection with the collapse ol his vast empire Meanwhile he must remain in the hospital ward at tfce county Jail unless the habeas' corpus writ is granted tomorrow or the S200.0Cf honcl is supplied. :Jw crop failure for tin- 1934 .season ] threatened today us promising rain clouds evaporated Into tliln ulr and left the middle western farming sinirs p:irched and burned. Roosevell Explains His Silver Attitude Bnruch's Niece Tries Movies WASHINGTON. May U. lUl'l- ri'sldeni Kooseveli said today lie bi-lleved any ..silver pulley laid down by congress must i*. mandatory bill Urn metr.ods of carrying It out should rest i llw He added SllVr chief execn- he did not consider legislation n s on Ihe "niusl" I tills K-;ssiou of congress. IN COTTON BELT Acreage Contract Coinjjii- ance Will ,,'3c Deinniuleci of Landlords WASHINGTON, May Oreator pi'Jiecllon of Not? Carries Orders from Child's Kidnapers TUCSON. Ariz., May 5. IUP>—A not.;, believed an authentic communication from the kidnapers of une nobles, was pushed under the,, , , Jilice door of County Attorney Clar- " IB rcdll ™°» nee Houston Monday night. It was . Ifnnnts - cvealed today, as tlie cnild's family ii'ted to carry out Its instructions. Carlos Rubles, uncle of June, is i di-puly in Houston's ollice. The nole wus similar in every Lei n, I inin.d to "iiinki: the fi;;lu ul his life I Inssill is shown here as In- ];oscd for ]:huto^raphers ii|K>n reuch'.iig • Ni.-u' Vork harljor, oti his way back lo Chicago lo face r. ml. strain ol the ordeal lliroufrh which lie has passed was plainly apparent on the lace of Ihe fallen utilities czar. or^tion," Sam-| Asl ' 5 $25,250 for Injuries Sustained at Manila Gin .Woman's Murder Adds Charles B. Maltble, mechanic, has filed suit in circuit ccun hero Bgalnsi W. W. Shaver seeking $22,250 damages for Injuries allegedly o'fn ft ' t ft • ' "i"vvj iiuni viic l_TUilH V./JII to MaVISKV Sensation company plant at Manila during a i Tire which destroyed the gin on I.ORIENT. France, May 9. (UP) —Tlie mysterious miLrder of Mme. .M.iit'lierile Henrlo;. found si.ot to 1 death in her garden, r.dded a new a 4 ci iv , n isi-nv:itioii iod.iv to the lung chain IVlnyoV Ohane. IJireclS t ay- cf i.nicidcs. minders, and scandals nf All RilU Witli l' rowil >3 »"l °' thc notorious Stav- oi /\n nms wiin lsky . l[1;iil . mrnt Cerhficnlcs Tire which destroyed the : Jan. 11. Maltbie alleges that while he was watching l^e fire as a spectator, a watchman in the employ of the gin. owned by Shaver, asked him lo take a molor out of a second lioor room in the i;hi. while at| tempting to break down a door to 5J strange| Judge Al- I even the city requirements, some sny. f.. E. Tull, newly appointed engineer, told the council federal relief workers were ;.es- a course -.vonitl !>• the cily dads ol>- jicled. Ku dis. ent wa., n.-nr:! Tlu ' sclil>t Wl " >x " fca lo ""' Mine. Henriot. who 'death p.irslleia chat of bert prince, the I'.uis wro "knew tou nine:." about ihe Slavisky scandal, was a cuusin of I-i*iKily lloiiriut. wi:ubj alt-.lcke, in ihe chamber of dep'.L'.U'S uncovered [ ihe moil shocking u uion.ii bank fc.indal cf modem Frar.ce. Slie was a sistor-m-law of the projections altoim'y of Lorient district, where ti'r un.,li r swindler Ali'.\a:i:lrf Stjvhky . ad rldilc-n hl^-li on ihe profits of hi* un:l?r- worUl busliiesr.. (!ollnr . city for will be exc n amounts, which that money. em- In ' paving the bills " " fracliuiiiil p.iid in yfj LllltrS ground. The plantiir alleys he sustained permanent Injury frcm a fra-tured skull and broken ril>s. He ! ; ; represented bv three Jonesboro altor- nevs. H. M. cooley, Foster Clark and Arthur L. Adams. Appoints Committees Cooler Angler Lands Two Fish on One Hook COOTER. Mo.-Il's r. good fiish- ing yarn, and more fling of some streets was to start .soon. He .said only 300 men are allowed the city under the federal piograin. ConiMieming on the difficulties of his new jjosl Tull .viid lhat Ihe "job of collecting nuts is like pullin:; teeth." Most Cows Tested Enfoicement of the standard milk ordinance und the city's dairy license ordinance as usual v.hicli has already been cxchani;- the coining: year have been ap- .•il several times. pointed by I'residrlll There is at present aboul SG.ROO Tiu-y are: road committee. .John of Ihe relief serip: in circulation .Morgan, u. I. ciarl: and Fioy W. Blytheville. R. L. Banister, per- Measurer of the relief committee, said today. More than $800 has been realiwd from the sale of stamps, of which StlCu has already oicn allocated fur purchase ol ma- i.-."=assi.y=. ffil «'J='-A= milk inspector. Dr. Driscoe, had V /\ > r> it "ported a,l dairies except two had '' ( ' IIJ '"IfdHS COUOfl made tests of cows for lu'jer-1 NEW ORLEANS. May 0. (Uf» — Recent buyer?, disappointed bv sil- !) iUI').- llie "little fellow" In tlic coltou l;elt — the sharecropper and the dls|xiwssed fanner—was promised today after n conference of guveriniirjii officials and representatives ol state extension forces. Farm adnilnlstralois were determined to prevent further injustices to the tenunl class, said lo have resulled from the cotton control program. They Instructed the extension agents to see to II Unit landlords abide by contract terms prohibit- In Ihe number of especl to the demand for $15.000 •;.r>.:i>m delivered the afternoon Inne was kidnaped two weeks ago totiay. take anil i Matron Called Failure in Naval War Games WASHINGTON. May 9. tUP)— niilure of the giant airship Macon to prove its efficiency in tr.c naval war games was admitted by the navy department today. Tne Macon was "destroyed" by Utacklng airplanes during the Caribbean Beet maneuvers and technically was of no further use to the fleet. Secretary of' Navy Swanson revealed. Ti:e airship's failure In its flrsl major lest was considered significant In that the department had held up recommendations for further funds for lighter than air craft. French Airplane Takes Six to Death in Channel May Use Kenled l.jnil Resources of two tjoverninent agencies, the federal emergency relief and . farm admlnlsirallons. were joined t o reduce agricultural unemployment in the south und Idle farmers off relief rolls put them back In the fields. Meeting with Assistant Secretary f Agriculture Rexford Guy Tug- veil, FERA and AAA officials and '^tension workers considered thc wssibtllty of placing dispossessed 'armers on land rented by the government to remove it from cbl- n production. Such action, It wns explained, vould require consent of the land owner. If he WPS found to have educed the number of tenants, he K'oultl be obliged to employ the original number although lie need not hire the same Individuals. Government relief agencies would "furnish" the tenant and he would be allowed to grow products for home consumption, although he could raise no cotton o;- other competitive crop. ' Found Tenant* Sufftrinj I The decision to speed up relief activity In the cotton zone was nspired by a report of Dr. Cal- | LONDON, French air aboard In the May 9 (UP) — A liner with six [xrsons has been found wrecked English channel with all six apparently dead. Croydon airport announced today. The wreckage was found off Boulogne and was identified ar that of the missing plane which left Paris for London this morn Ins; and disappeared In bad weather over the alter sending um dlstrefs signals near Boulogne The unckagc was identified b> an Air Fiance liner which hnr- • itd across ihe channel from Croy- the S. O. S. was nii Fight Agriinsl Extrai- dilion Dramatic Close — •- --• vin I). Hoover, AAA economic ad- 1 visor. Hoover Informed Secretary of Agriculture Wallace that several months of personal Investigation In the south had revealed tenants suffering as a result of the cotton control plan. Wallace concluded that the conditions which the Investigator described were largely due to noncompliance with contracts. He recommended that a temtiorary or- ganl7JilLon be set up to supervise contract compliance. Her inarriaEe lo 1'eny Del- mout Frank, New York banker, ending in divorce, Ani.illc Itnruch, niece of Hcrnaid M. liarurli. famcil finaju'U-r. lias turned lo ihe films for balm. Slic Is sliowu here In a new picture after she arrived in Hollywood for her screen tests. Her I'allier, II. N. limiclt, once was au aclor, Earl Magers Suing Insurance Company Life Insurance counxiny .seeking approximately $2.000. The suits arc thc results of an in- Jury sustained by Makers In a I Highway IS accident on April 28. (UP)—11933. which is alleged to have tesis of cows culasls. Warrants were to IK issued lor the two dairymen. It was :,tat- ed Sam Manalt. oily attorney ver developments, were prominent said one of the two had promLsed '" Why's Icavy lifpiid.ition on me to have cow.s tested immediaiely IoK >! cotton esclun^e. Net than that it Jon as soon as harles Smiir:, sent, wtio live.s on tiie J. H. Smith farm a mile southwest of Co:ter. cd a small catfish. Before he coulc ... . I'" 1 ' il i" a uig cat came along and swallowed the liltle one. No tlii one didn't get away. Charles pulled „ - '" his line and tfere they were Harper; cemetery rommitlee. H. the hook inside a quarter ooimc - .-.-.-„- „ ... C. Sleclc sr.: eiiterlainment com- fish and thc quarter uounder In- kidnaping Marjorle Crawford surance company lo pay claims un- miltce. Dr. L. E. Cooper. H. L. side a six uounder I Wellman. actress and flyer. appar-|der total disability clauses provld- Veagcr. C. E. Miller: publicity _ committee. Kani Hamra. J. K. A.. -J . iir- .• , Pounds. Ua\ter Southern, and 'r.. rtccloe nt VlCtim$ A. lla^Hrd. Two membership committees were named, otie consisting o- I-Ted Kelly. N. Johnson and J. L. Moore, and the other of Harper. Reno and A. Rhodes. Withdrawal of Free Luncl Tickets Brings Disordc in Florida City TAMPA. Fla., May a. (UP)—Fifteen hundred school children at four schools rioted today and tcrew N. C., May !) (UP) . —Uherllf Lawrence Brown was «-'peeled to arrive here Ijelueen 5 mill 0 P. M. today wllli Col. l,uk'. 11 i mid Luke Lea. Jr., en .cute lo :;latf prison al llaleioli. Commllnienl papers for'the Im- Dilsonmeni of the I-cas were mud? out this Lillernoon by J. U. Kano, lerk of superior court. Tlic papers were scnl to the lerlll's ollice to uwalt arrival of le parly from Nashville, Tenn., •here Co'onel Lea and his sen 'ere suneiHlered this morning to Caiollmi iiiilhorltles lo serve cnlcnccs on convlcllon of charges f violating North Caiollna's la WE. Surrendered by Court NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 9 (UP) •The supreme court today surrendered Col. Luke l,ea and tJike Lea ir. to Sr.erlir I.iwrence Brown of iJnncombe county, North Carolina, where the L?as are under convic- . !on for alleged bank law violation. The former publisher a»4 his son were whisked through t'r.e corridors or the building lo a waiting auio- iioblle on the circular driveway en Capitol hill. Tr.e automobile then sped away, Its destination unannounced. The court Itsued the order as the former publlslwr and hU> son appeared In the chamber to be officially notified that trc United Slates supreme court had denied, (Heir appealed nell'lon-for a writ-:- cf habeas corpus. ' ' The world war colonel appeared distraught as he walked down the eapltol steps in custody of the North Carolina sheriff. He refused to comment on th» court's action, brushing aside -the inquiries of trailing n?wspap2rmsn. Machine Gun Kscort For unexplained reawns a mi- chine gun guard, riding In another automobile, roared cut of the cipl- tol driveway aV.ead of the sheriff's car. Another car bearing machine guns and men pursued. Fifty armed guards were stationed about the eapito] when the court handed down verdict. They Earl Majers, Dell planter, has Tiled actions In clrcuil court here I police si against the John Hancock Mutual I niinieroiis Dowling and "Kidnap" Victim Are Marriec LOS ANOE1.ES. May 9. Tlie state's case against R. C. (Dan-1 manently disabled "trc planter. The ny> Dowllns;. film dancer, charged! complaints recite failure of the in- v.-hich bronjjhl forth the comment : 'l lll t' fiom Mayor Shane thai "they do P a 'nls. when they have to." Tix; mayor I repealed his statement of previous *'"}' •• t-tssion thai ihe ordinances slioiild J "'y .. be enforced or repealed. Dr John-' Oct". .. fon suggeslcti lhat dairymen be l:to <;. .. told to go to him for health ex-l jan animation as It was just ns lin-;'*"'- . portant, for milk handlers to be, ~ heahhy a.s for cows. He lold of esamlnlng the city's school leach-1 ei.s and issuing healili certificates. O. Shonyo, supervisor for the stale health board in its malaria control campaign, snld a survey uf thc cily had revealed numerous breeding places of mosquitoes, carriers of malaria. One hundred lain barrels ifor fire protection) i a; the Chicago Mill yards offer I Ideal breeding places and are I thickly Infested. Shonyo snld, adding lhat Ihe condition will be alleviated soon. A low bayou area north of the mill was also rcpoil- cd to have shown signs of a large amount of larvae of mosquitoes (Continued on Page 3) CH?:'-? V i open .. 1130U .. 1147 .. iiiss . . 1172 .. 1175 1188a re from hijh 10 mi lltiO 117:! 1175 low 1131 1113 lisa 1105 rlc-s" 11191) im 1M9 1IC2 1167 117fb Closing Slock Price? NEW YORK. May 9 CUPI — Stocks loday lo~,t llieir gains on Ihe preceding session while silver futures declined live to 50 [lOints. Note Book Is Sought „, A note bo*, lest when George B Crocker's automobile was struck by •> train at Canady Switch Monday, -s sought by members of his fain- Spois closed steady at 1144. off II. York Coil on NEW YORK, May 9. (UP1—Col- t«n closed steady. oj>cn hi^h lo-.v 1138 1138 1121 1148 11)9 1131 1IC3 1HH 1143 1171 1175 ll'JO 1179 1173 11CG .... Spots closed steady at 1150, off IS v May Ji:ly Oct. Dec. Jan close 1123 1135 1152 HCi A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Cities K rvice Co:a Cola Grnernl American Tank Gtncral Electric General Motors :.'U tnulii nal liai \ej-ter Mr'dlewesl Utillll s Wonieomjiy Ward New York Central Kaaio Pelrrleum Corp 110 5-8 1! 3-8 36 1-1 43 116 37 l-l 50 33 I 35 1 5-lii 2G i-a 28 4 1-4 n :-s 7 3-1 which is of no value . . - enlly collapsed today when Dow-ied in $5.000 and ilO.OOO llle Insur- llng annnjinced they were married, ance pollctfs and to continue such Dowllng was scheduled lo apjwar policies in clf-'d wllhont paymenl rocks because free lickels for lunches were discontinued. nads were forced to make arrests. Including par- in court for Irial today. Mrs. Wellman had charged that he forced her to accompany him to Yuma, Ariz., last month to get married. Dowllng's recent appearance In court to answer the girl's charges produced many sensations. Mrs Wellman denied dramatically t.'al she agreed to elo;ie with liirn in Tre book to anyone else, has nanics ar.<l ad-I March" ns a publicity 6 tuiil dresses of jjersons with wVo-n "' Crocker must get in louch with soon. The book may be brought or lo tlie Blytheville hospital or anyone having information mav call 17G at Blytheville tearful slory ct hav- She told ing ucen forced to accompany him lo Yuma at a gun point. of further premiums after his In- Jury occurred. Magers filed suit against the Mathls Bus Lines in connecllon wllh the same accident several nionlrs ago. asking damages, lie claimed the accident was due lo lite negligence or a Malhis bus driver. Harrison. Smith and Taylor, local law tirni. represent Magers. . She adailtted, however. she neglected to use several opportunities to escape en route. She Insist- •Vi.iimoiis Brrls 1G 1-2 fi Francisco 3 I-Q eiandaid of N. J 42 V-S 1''M'» Co 24 !•'. S. Steel 44 1-2 Hold Negroes in Robbery I Al A. S. Barboro Plant ..... i Four- negroes, accused of r-'.r- ticipatlng in a recent burglary ol the A. S. Barboro wliolesilo Hunt here were to face prelimln- aty hearing In municipal roiirt ihis afternoon. The negroes are: Herman Joseph,! •lolm Caler, Harry Burton and Benny Joiner. Lee Floyd and Fred Wllils. ne- groes, faced Iheft charges in otlur ed Dowllnj held a hotel room. her prisoner In Wnca f ,<> Corn low close | -1R 5-R 4fi !!-4 May -19 1-8 « I -J | July op^n high May 4G 3-4 43 July 49 7-8 50 I-2 open 655-8 83 5-8 Wheat high low close which barks like a dog; the spc- 803-4 85 ' 853-skiPS is found nowhere else in the 8S 3-8 83 1-4 83 5-8 World. Local Couple Adopt Homeless Little Girl ents, elder members of families, and children ranging in age from seven to 14 years. School authontlcs r satd the lunrt lickcls were discontinued bscaiibc relief funds and food supplies were exhausted. The schools are in the Lalln sections of the city. Many families have been unable lo fiir- nish their children with school luncr.cK. aiithorilies said. Accident Victim Not Former Local Man Joe Pelscnthnl, 27. of Brownsville. Tenn.. who was killed in an automobile accident Sunday night, was a cousin of Joe Felwnthal. formerly of here and now of Lake Clnrte's. La. The two Mr. Felscnlhals were first cousins and many friends here believed Ihe accident victim to be Mr. who lived here for a number of years as he also was reared In Brownsville. New Grandchild Born to President Roosevelt PORT WORTH, Tex., May 9. <UPi— A 6-pound daughter was born here today to Mr. and Mrs. EUlolt Rooievelt.son and daujh- ter-in-law of President Roosevelt Both mother and daughter were i*»,or!cd "doing nicely" by physicians at Cooke Memorial hospital. So name had been cr.csen for the child. Mrs. Roosevelt was the former Miss Ruth Googhis nf Fort Worth Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Andrews | have adopted a pretty little girl' recently placed in the care of Mrs. John H. Lou?, who has been doing probation work in Mississippi coun- ty Loulse, who is two and has lovely red hair Is one of several clitlUrtnl"' of parents who are without any Lepanto Lions Plan Park and Playground ^ ml b2 found were brought here secretly by Sheriff Brown who for months ha:l fcir- ed an attempt would be made to deliver the Leas. Tlie large eapltol building, which looks down en Nashville's midtown section, brislled with nmblne guns, filol guns were In the hands guards who stoo^ around ths scene cf the colonel's numerous sive.-tacular ]>olitlcal conquests. Sberllf Brown would not reveal the course 1 c planned to follow, presumably lo Raleigh, N. C. He was nM eXDorfd tn f->llox- the nearest route, via Knoxville. Ashe-- vill?. Winston-Salcm an<l to Rnl- cfgh. It wns unofTicinUy reported thai he would drive through C'-al- t-)iio«:a. Atlanta, and Ihen turn through Soulh Carollni, entering North Carohnn a'. C"arliit=. Counsel Busy Elsewhere The nvc-nnn Lea counsel was not in the ansl°n> sui>7eni» court chamber when the court read tha decision . All Lea attorneys were in fede-al court pleading a petition cf bondsmen, who sougM an Injunction restraining Sheriff Brown fro'n loav- in<r the sht-! wllh his prisoners. The b"mdsm"n p!ead«'l th^t courts In Nashville and Kiravllle. when* Colonel !.°i faces r"-nr?ei of hank law violation, hava priority claims. Fvdcral Judee John Gore wa5 hearln? the ueU'ion. A mes'ien^er ran in the dr-or with lh= n""-': that M-c I^ri? «-»-o In. i' 1 " sherifT'-; au- t'-mobi!". T->'n at'ornr>''s dnhed o"t haUr 1 ^. others followed. Ti>ev a few mlnule.5 LEPANTO, Ark. — Plans have been formulated by the Lion's club for a town park and In the soutli end of means of livelihood and who begged - 1 ™* ncar Ule C|1 V ^" ™*3 Twelve lols were secured from Ihe original owners and the cily water works for the site of the Fined for Firin* Rifle p: \ rkl u k an ldeal pbc<! ' wlth rinea ior Firing ixuie i oa i( and e i m trci!s tnl( . Hy scatt( , r . someone to take the children lhey inlghl have a home. so T^o ,,-WM ,.-,, colonol' 1 : battle "irain':! extradition wss long and dra-i->t'c H» went lull t*r- itnit- ed Stales suureme court three times, each lime suffering dafail. WEATHER ed over the area. Work will start 16 year old youth was fined Immediately and plans are for a In municipal court yesterday dedication picnic in July, charge of discharging A $10 on a charge of discharging fire arms wilhin the city limits. Thc youth allegedly flred a .22 calibre rllie near a r»ilroad rightlinay h»ve their eyebrows plucked, London has a children's beauly parlor, where girls of nine years of way. I nails tinted, and hair waved. ARKANSAS — Fair tontqht. Thursday partlv cloudv. cooler In extreme northwest portion. i M»irinh1s and vicinity—Fair and continued w°nn tonight. Cooler Thursday night. The iiia\imuni temperature here yesterday was 88, minimum 64. clear, according to Samuel P. Norris. official weather observer.

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