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Jamestown Weekly Alert from Jamestown, North Dakota • Page 4

Jamestown, North Dakota
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iSt- Mi '11 I lib- 1. S5000 prominent MDXAK 11007 CIUD BRAKEMAN SERIOUSLY HURT. Brakeman C. A. Jones was seriously, and perhaps fatally, injured Thursday morning by being struck on the head with the iron mail crane at Eldridge.

He was "head" brakeman, and in that capacity rides in the cab of the gine wben not otherwise engaged. Coming east on a-'stock while leaning out of the window, the crane hit the skull above the right temple, and causing a part of the brain to ooze out. He did not entirely lose consciousness, ever, until after being brought lo the city hospital for treatment. Drs. Rankin and Sifton performed an operation about noon, removing a tion of the brain, and picking out the pieces of fractured skull.

The tion was successful, and the doctors stated there were some chances for the unfortunate man's recovery. His faculties may be somewhat impaired, however, if he wound being of a most delicate and dangerous character. A portion of the wounded man's brain was removed from the dray bed after Mr. Jones had been taken to the hospital. "FREE MEDICAL ADVICE TO "WOMEN." Women 'would save time and much sickness if they would -write to Pinkham for advice as soon as any distressing toms appear.

It is free, and has put thousands of women on the right road to recovery. Mn. Pinkham never violates the confidence thus entrusted to lier, and although she publishes thousands of testimonials from women who have been benefited by her advice and medicine, never in all her experience has she published such a letter without the full consent, and often by special request of the writer. AAA FORFEIT if eaocot forthwith produce the letters mad signatures of Mr. Jones is 22 years of age and came here recently from Sparta, North Mustang Liniment cures Cuts.

Burns, Bruises. In use for over sixty years. Sprains and Strains. woman forth, of St. Joseph, tells how she was cured of falling of the womb and its accompanying pains and misery by Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.

MRS. looks dark indeed -when a woman feels that her strength is fading away and she has no hopes of ever I being restored. Such "was my feeling a few months ago when I was I advised that my poor health was caused by prolapsus or falling of the womb. The words sounded like a knell to me, 1 felt that my sun had set but Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound came to me as an elixir of life it restored the lost forces and built me up until my cood health returned to me. For four months I took the medicine daily and each dose added health and strength.

I am so thankful for the help I obtained through its FLORENCE DAJJTORTH, Miles Ave, St. A medicine that has restored so many women to health and can produce proof of the fact must be regarded with respect. This is the record of Lydia £. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, which be equalled by any other medicine the world has ever duced. Here is another "DEAR MRS.

PINKHAM For years I was troubled with falling of the womb, irregular and painful menstruation, leucorrhoea, bearingdown pains, backache, headache, dizzy and fainting spells, and stomach trouble. 441 doctored for about five years but did not seem to improve. I began the use of your 'medicine, and nave taken seven bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, three of Blood Purifier, and also used the Sanative Wash and liver Fills, and am now enjoying good health, and have gained in flesh. I thank you very much for what you have done for me, and heartily mend your medicine to all suffering EMMA SNYDER, 218 East Center Marion, Ohio.

Hu. Carolina. He entered the employ of the Northern Pacific on the 26th of last month. NORTH DAKOTA NOTES. A visitor at a Rugby hotel is said to have put up his wooien leg as a bond for an unpaid board bill.

Hard tack. The Great Northern depot at Minot old rat-trap last Sunday, and a much needed new one will now be built. Lawrence Johnson, seven years old, fell into a grain bin at Anamoose and the suction pulled him dawn and smothered him before the machinery could be stopped. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS. The annual meeting of the holders of the Russell-Miller Milling Co.

will be held at the office of the said corporation in the City of town, Stutsman county, North kota, at two o'clock p. Thursday, October 20th, 1904, for the election of officers, and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before said meeting. C. IT. Sanborn, Secretary.

cures Spavin and Ringbone. MEXICAN MEXICAN Ml DISCHIKD NOT SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE TO SHOW VIOLATION OF THE PROHIBITION LAW. The case against Jacob Keilbach of Cleveland, heard in the court at Courtenay Saturday, was dismissed and the defendant discharged, on motion ol' the state's attorney after Mr. Keilbach had testified. There was no convicting testimony to show that Keilbach had violated the bition law.

There was testimony tending to show that he occassionally drank himself, and some to the effect that lie had treated friends, but none to show that he had been engaged in the sale of the liquors. Also it was testified that he had been in favor of closing the blind pigs of the town. Attorney George Thorp of this city appeared for the defendant. There were about sixteen witnesses taken from Cleveland and Jamestown, and the party returned home yesterday by the way of Valley City. Justice Carrot' Jamestown, subpoenaed as a witness by the state, was not placed on the stand.

The case was taken to Courtenay on a change of venue from Justice son's court, the Courtenay justice being the nearest after Justice Carr had been subpoenaed as a witness for the state which prevented him from acting. State's Attorney Baldwin appeared for the state. INQUIRY ARISES. So far the campaign methods of the Stutsman County Democrat, consists principally of a fusilade of mud slinging. It is mostly directed against Messrs.

Seiler, Knauf, The Alert, and others who are not dates for any office before the people. The inquiry naturally arises, who are the parties responsible for this burst? Are they such upright, model individuals as to be beyond criticism, or have they records that might show otherwise? The editor of the paper is announced as M. P. Morris. Others who seem most active in the prise are Judge Glaspell, a perennial candidate for office, and others.

As the democratic paper takes great delight in the use of epithets and in efforts to disparage the motives and characters of others, it might well be asked, what are the records of those who are responsible for the Democrat? COUNTY OFFICERS ENJOINED. In Billings county Judge ter has granted an injunction straining the county officials from ing for the dipping tanks, and all penses connected with the dipping of cattle which were effected with scabies. All cattle in the county have been dipped, and a large part of rent expenses, connected therewith, such as the paying of the men, have been paid by Sheriff Reid, with his personal fund. REAL ESTATE TAX NOTICE. An extra penalty of 5 per cent at taches to all real estate taxes on November 1st next.

Pay your taxes this month and save the penalty. FOUR PERSONS PERISH. Hotel at South St. Joseph, stroyed by Fire. St.

Joseph, Oct. Tracy hotel in South St. Joseph burned ing the morning, four persons losing their lives. A boy is fatally burned and a cattle buyer was barfly hurt by jumping from a third story window. STEAMER SANK IN FOG.

Four of the Two Hundred Persons on Board Drowned. Vancouver, B. Oct. a heavy fog the steamer Boscowiz struck a reef on Harbledown island. Four passengers were drowned.

The irew and 185 passengers were saved. One Killed and Seven Injured. Pittsburg, Oct. person was killed and seven injured in a collision on the Panhandle railroad between the Wheeling express, eastbound, and a light running freight engine, eastbound. About 150 passengers were on the train and all were badly shaken up.

The accident happened at McMurrays curve, ten miles east of BROKE INTO HIS HOUSE. S. LeQuinn of Cavendish, was robbed of his customary health by vasion of chronic consti pati on, hen Dr. King's New Life Pills broke into his bouse, his trouble was arrested and now he's entirely cured. Thev're anteed to cure 25c.

at Wonnenberg Avis' Drug Store. REAL ESTATE TRANSFEBS. Sperry to Shockley, part lot 13 block 13, Randall's add Kensal, $1. United States to David Kerner w4 of and nei of swi David Kerner and wife to Adam Kerner, of 10-137-68, $700. David Kerner and wife to Peter Kerner, nej of 10-137-68, $700.

United States to Thos Hayes ei of ci 20-140-65, Pat. Hidden to Catherine A Hidden, 33-141-65. Mary Dwyer and husband to Joseph Hackney, lots 10, 11, 12. block 2, Dwyers add to Medina. Marie Carnagan to John Schwab, lots 36, 7,8, block 3, K.

F. 2nd addS Russell to Marie Carnagan lots 17, 18, block 4, 2nd add. Black well and wife to Wm Kavanagh ci or ci 20-140-65 $000. Davis and wife to II Jones, ei 1-138-64, $1,680. John Leuthold and wife to Joseph Zigmund nwj of 22-138-6o, $800.

United States to Wm. Thomas Mclvin, 12-138-65, Pat. Johnston Land Co, to Wm Lenton, 12-138-65, $1,000. A Dodge and wife to Wells Dickey Co, 4-143-65, $1. Hans A Stinson and wife to Hugh Smith, part of swj- of 12-144-64, $600.

Marshall ct al to Rounsville Doty swj and wi sej 6-140-62, $1. United States to Samuel Atcheson, 2-144-63, Pat. Patrick McGlynn to Augustus Roberts, 10-141-65, $700. Wm Armstrong and wife to John Smith, 28-144-64, $700. Wm Armstrong and wife to John Smith Jr, 28-144-65, $2,400.

John Conroy to Maurice Conroy, 14-138-66, $800. Mary Milsted and husband to Nora Avis lot 10, block 58, Klaus 2nd add, $325. Auditor Stutsman Co, to Geo Ingraham, lot 8 block 19, original Jamestown, $18.06. Thomas Price et al to Dr. Van de Erva, lot 7 block 25, Pingree, $12500.

A Nichols et al to Martin Hoff, 31-143-62, $1,040. Martin Hoff and wife to Ernest Bischoff, ct al, 31-143-62, $1. United States to Wm Armstrong, 26-144-64, Pat. Isaac Posey and wife to Charles Scoville $3,200. James Price et al, to Charley ley, lot 5, block 21, Pingree.

$100. Charles Lovett to Homer Lovett part 27-143-65, $1. Lora Randall and husband to Holmes, nt lot 8, block 5, Randall's add, Kensal, $1. NoraS Avis and husband to John Milsted north 40 feet lot 11 block 3, Klaus add city. $1.

Frank Kellogg and wife to II Cieszynski, lot 1. 2 and 3, block 2, Windsor, $1,650. Lora Randall and husband to Boe, lots 5 and 6, block 8, Randall's add Kensal, $1. If States Attorney Burke is such a poor attorney as some of his political and personal enemies try to make out, is it not a little strange that he was endorsed for the jtidgship by the tire republican bar of Barnes county, with two one of the two was a candidate against him in the county convention, while the other wanted to be, but could not get the endorsement of his fellow members of the bar. A third ber of the feated for states attorney by Mr.

Burke years ago and very ally he has no love for him. These three men are the head and front of the opposition to Mr. Burke in Barnes county and they are working "tooth and nail" to secure his City Patriot. TEACHERS' EXAMINATION. The regular October examination for teachers' certificates will be held at the court house in Jamestown, Friday and Saturday, October 28 and 29, beginning Friday morning at nine o'clock sharp.

All applicants will be expected to be on hand at the time mentioned. Stationery furnished. Bsan the Bigutan et MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN Fred M. Wanner, Supt. of Schools, Stutsman County.

Dated Oct. 5, 1904. OAflTORX The Kind You Haw Always Bought Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment for Man, Beast or Poultry. Beat for Horse limbers up Stiff Joints. MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustaipg Liniment iv, Now Is The For the benefit of those who don't know we are on earth, we will say we are at First door west of Severn's Livery barn doing all kinds of Painting at prices never before heard of in North Dakota.

With 18 years of experience we can do you good. Call and see our worltf. Plenty of all grades to show you at all times, at prices that will do your heart good. Paper hanging dene promptly and in first class manner. F.

G. Macomber, House, Sign and Carriage Painting JAMESTOWN, NORTH DAKOTA. FOR SALE CHEAP! 18 Fine Wool Bucks, young and in good servieable condition. Inquire of G. H.

Frank Renz, COOPER heals Old Sores quickly. Best for Cattle ailments. penetrates to the very bone. Beet thing for a lame horae. MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN Spring Valley, N.

Dak. SHIP We are the only ttnn in jog exclusively with tbo wHU farmer. All Mil are of one grade WHICH explains why onreenrlc ny other concern. 8ubmlt us Minplea (or etc farmer. All know that oor are of one grade and not elevator mixed, ne why ODrMrTlceUmoieaatiBfaetory than connissioN nfasMpdu, nior ib 11 Taken At Once.

112-ft. Jones Header, In good repair. 15-ft. Jones Vertlcle Mower, ly new. 130x48 Threshing Separator, plete, with self-feeder, near new.

1 Steam Engine, 12-horse, portable, In good shape. The Complete Threshing Rig at Price ef Separator Atone if Taken At Once. You will be sorry If you look further for bargains. Wagons and Buggies cheap for cash. I want to clean up my stock.

Come and see me before buying. Will trade for Horses and Cattle. J. W. Goodrich THE OLD TiriE MACHINERY DEALER, CORNER SIXTH AVENUE AND FRONT 5T.

Jamestown, North Dakota. 1 1 1 if At I- ft I DON'T GET TIRED and give up the battle because you've had bad luck with dishes. If accidents have happened, and yeur supply is small, CALL ON US and we'll sell you anew lot. Of course that costs money. Not much though, and less than you suspect.

Then again you won't miss what you spend in this way as everyone knows you're getting on and can afford it. Our new stock is in and see Adams Furniture Go, Umdmrtmkmrm, Jmmmmtmwiw. Mm O. GREEN BAY HOTEL Martin Eikman, Prop Best $1.00 per day Hotel in City FEED STABLE IN CONNECTION. East Front St.

Jamestown North Dakota cures Frostbites and Chilblains. alwaya fivea oat all iaflaauaatiMb.

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