Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 9, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1896
Page 4
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*i John Gray's COENER. Dn all kinds of light weight underwear. AH Styles anfl prices for men, women Md children. The extreme warm jirwther has so far made this a good un- ••rwenr season, and John Gray Is th« place to be suited. Greatest Discovery of tne Century. 19th Dr. NK1V MMXUY Mttdlciltetl Air 1'or the Cure ot Ciitiirrli, Anthmtfc nnd all PniraonuTj Diseases, It hfus no equal for Sick and Nervous UeiiU- Kcbe, 1,000,000 people ule ADnuHlly from tho iibova nniued lUsoaaes. Wny sullor ana dlo, when lledlcatea Air Is KQaMQtecil to cjre jou. KedlcuteclAlriu.il «rn<; Co., Richmond, Ind,, U, S. A. It Is the best remedy on earth for La bsr.^pe. It trill give Immediate relief (•d will effect a cure where all other Mmedles fall. •old by B. F. Keesllng. ^EDICATEOA^ DAILY JOURNAL Published every day In tlio week (except Monday) liy the Logansport Jour, . nal Company, W, S. WRIGHT '. President A. HARDY Vico President C. W. GRAVES Secretary S. B. BOI'BR Treasurer Price por Annum... $4.80 Price per Month .40 Official Paper of City and County. (Entered as second-class malV-mattor at the Logansport Post OIHce, February S, 1S8S. TUESDAY,-,1CNE 0, 1SOO. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOKT, IKD. OflFITfVL, - $2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. 3. W. UUery, Vice President. H. J. Heitbrink. Cashier. DIRECTORS. J. T. Johnson. 8. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. •W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy ancl sell Government boii'ls. Loon money on personal security and collaterals. Issue special certificates of deposits bearing C per cent. Interest when left one year; 2 per cent, por annum when deposited ilx months. Boies In Safety Deposit Vaults of this bank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and other valluables, ranted at from (5 to J13 per year. W Our I E never put up any Flonr under any other Brand than oar own. Magnolia Patent Flour Is Guaranteed to be Tweuty per cent better than any other JFlonr made in the State. Peru MliTng Co. KRQEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. CIO BROADWAY. LIVE CITIES AND LIVING WAGES Muucie Is a city of push. Irs success i« us much duo to its excellent government by ivu liom'st Kepu'bllcan administration ;w to anything else, Muucie's style is not a cheap grade. Her wise managers dp not believe lii cutting down .salaries to the point of niggardliness Cor tlit 1 purpose of creating Uic impression that economy Is Miiif pracliced Her salaries, :ts compared with those paid liy Logausport are si.s follows: Muueie's mayor gets $1,200, Loga.ua- port's wayoi' $1,000. The city clerk o-t Mnncle is paid Sl.SOO, this includes help, and the clerk of Lopansport re- oetvcfi, iiidndang- ho!i) ,fl,OSO. Tho Mimcio treasurer gets $.1,800 besides a Ui'pwry's hire. Logansporfs treasurer is pa-id $2,000 but he has charge, with hl,s deputy, o>[ the electric light funds, and liis duties are much ..nioi'O arduous and L,la responsibility is much greater than MuiK'ie's -officers. The duties or sewer inspector and street commissioner are dumped on -the civil engineer or Miracle, and for the whole he receives $1,050 yearly. In Logansport, the work 1* done, as it should lie, to insure proper attention, l>y two officers, both receiving a total of $1,800. The city att.biiiey of Mnneie gets $1,200 yearly against $1.000 pakl in Logansport. Muucie's flre chief jre'ts $1,000 while that officer is here paid $S40. The salary of Muucie's health officer is S-150, while Logansport pays $250 for that son-ice, A city can- uo.t be run properly and economically on a plan, that begins cutting expenses where high -grade efficiency Is most linportnnt. ^MflPERSONAL y Frank S. Skinner, of Chicago, a ,1.1). VauBuxliirk was at re.ru Saturday. A. B, Ki'eport returned yesterday from Gas City, , .• I. S. Vuraon was at Lafayette yesterday, the guest of friends, proof reader on the Post of thai eiry, was here Sunday op.' ; Ms way to Terii. Miss .Katie. .-VJidersoii has been for several days tbii "guest of fYieuds at Ft. Way no. lilflmio-iul Item: Train Master Connors was at.I/igausport yesterday ou neighbors,-summoned by her shrieks for help cauld re-move flic Insects from her s'wollen body. I TOTAL ENROLLHENT. Of the City Schools for the Past Year. Highest of all OL Leavening Power.—Latest ILS.CoT't Report. Here are some interesting figures for those who still cling to the idea that Democrats meant business when they talked so grandly of opening the markets of the world -to American exporters. Exports under, the McKinley law greatly exceeded (imports. Tor the week ending May 20,' the exports from New York were valued at $8,048,701, The imports were^of the value of ?S,070,200. TIUs shows an opcnlus of market's in the wrong, direction. For the year ending May 2G, the exports reached ?158,105,17;. For the same period the Imports were ?204,OSS,072, or a balance in favor o£ foreign traders of ?40,SS4,000. American sugar suffers additional woes, In the increase of •imports of sugar from ?1,OGG,235 In 1S05 for the corresponding -week, to .?2,427,0-12, in the week ending May 20, 1SOG! JERSEY ICE CREAM, Bett in the City. Little Candy Kitchen, 314 Pearl Street, AH of onr fine bon bone 23c a pound The "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Will •piinklo lour times greater area than any •there. Highest award at tho Chicago Exposition. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC. ••!• Manufacurers, Springfield, Mass. F»r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber •tores In the United States. The English press contains such arguments as this, taken from the Mark Lane Express-, May llth, 1S9C. "Tills is what' the country needs: less TOOney sent abroad to pay for for elgn grown com .and foreign matlo goods, and consequently more work for tho British agricultural laborer and mechanic." This sensible'rippcnl for protection to English labor and enterprise should reveal something to free traders and low tariff blatanbs. Spring Suits. Good Goods and Low Prices, the Combination that Wins. ® Made in the Latest Styles. W. D. CRAIG 426 Broadway. Second Floor. WANTED. A HENTS "WANTED: New book; Illustrated anil A Dramatic History of tbft ht Louis' Cjclone Poll gropblo account or ' In 1&)2 Democrats declared that ,1 vote for Mr. Cleveland was a rebuke to the conversion of a surplus Into a deficiency. Four years previous, the cry was, "a vote for Grover is a denouncement of surplus hoarders." In 1SOC the popular majority for Major McKinley will be a direct rendering of a sey.ei-e judgment against Democratic Incompetents by an outraged people, who know that tih« deficit rebuke is timely. Yestej'day was the-anniversary of tiro day that saw -the company of Mexican volunteers inarch a-way ,to the seat of war. Fifty yeans ago, ninety young men, tho wetma of the youth of this portion of Indiana, started for the Rio Grande country. There are twelve, aged survivors u£ that baud of bold Hoosier sons. May fliey sec mauy more comtogs of the anniversary. Filed Ite, nati. Ohio. Ttitois free. .r"-vn.«"ition. Baiclftl & Co* Cincin- "\lf EN to take orders In every town and city; DO JM.ael!verlDg; Rood wages; mj weekly.-BO capl- -.LSttmljwork. GLEN BROS,, Rochester, N. T, Tt is quite a compliment to Indiana that Hie Republicans of the country art: advocating the.adoption of the financial plank of the Kepiibli'can- -State convention at St. Louis.'" Indiana, luis largely con-trolled National politics for a, decade- and the indications are that the Hoosiw; State Li srlll at the front. J. M. Ca.Hwo.ll of SeveuteeuMi street is enutcrtaiiitLng Mr. Marlon Todd ot Ur- 1)11111.1, Ohio. Miss ,'Ieau and Master Hunter Wrijrhit :vi-e the guests of relatives at New Haven, 1-nd. H. C. Tlioru-loa and Maxtor Jos. Graf- lis hiivc returned from a few days' visit a.t CiiK-iniiii-W. Miss Agues I'-cek of HuiUingron is now a.t '\Yiiba.sli eoMitaiming a visit oi! several days. Miss Mabel Sluiltz is visiting her sis- tvr, Mi,ss Flora at tiie Oxford, Oh.io, Ladies' Seminary. Mrs. A. .T. Brake, of Rondivillo, lu<l., has reitunied Iwmc after a visit with Ijoga nsport relatives. Claim Inspector Price oC the Metropolitan Life Insurance company, was Iu Wie dty over Snuda'y. G. W. Kef£ ami! family o£ Richmoua we t'l:e jtucsls of Mrs, C. C. Neil of W-tishiaprtou township. Peru Journal: ili'S. Robert- Larimer son and chiiiRbter weat to Logansport. today to visit friends. Mrs. May Co-bP.rts and Iva Chapman spent Sniwlay a;t Ft. Wajnje with the- t'limHy o-f M. H. Ilowan. Mrs. J. F. Callan and son Jnmos, arc' the guests of relatives at Covlngtoii, Ky., anil Dayton, Ohio. Mis. Lin a Brooks, w-ho was here for timo trying to start a kindergarten, has gone to MeiMminee, Mich. Mrs. John Banta, and Miss Grace Hi-ldebrajKlit who have been thc'gnests of relatives 'at South Bend have returned lionio. . . , . ........ Prof. S. A. Hunter of Michael's uni: verslty was called to Brootvllle, Pa.; last evening by a telegram announcing tlie serious illness of his mother!'"' Kokom-o Dispatch: Misses 'Alpha Blaeldidgc and Blanclie Woocly 'nre.en; tortaiJiling Misses Daisy' Bell o-f Lo- ganspont and Elsie Thomas of Galves- t.ojn. Guy Davis, formerly of Logaiisport, now an engineer 011 the CWengo & Erie, has been- visaing 'here several days. He returned yesterday to Ws liomd at Huntftigton. Ft. Wayne Journal: Miss '"• Bessie KnigJut wIM eu'tertain MLss Nelso'n of Logansport next week... .Hiss Katie Andrews of Logansport, Is visiting Ft. Wayne friends, Horace McCuwe joined the -Buffalo Bill advcrtilstaff car Saturday 'even-lug while it was side-tracked at the Wa- basli station. His position is tliat' of an advertising man. ' ; Wabasli Plaiudealer: Mrs. H. Kraut ami daugl«ter-in4aw, Mrs. Henrj- Kraut jr., arrived In the city Friday cventos on a visit to Mrs. August Hipskind ana COM Kraut. Uocucster Repu-bllcau: Mr. J. Ei Eed- inond, oue of the court iiotisb contract- ore, wont home to L-ogainsport today, to greet flic return of his daughters, who have been attending college flt Lexington, Ky. WabasOi Tribune: Mre. Loeweiv of Logaiispdrt, arrived yestcitlayand wJll spend a tow days' with Mrs. J. Cries: Mrs. Chas. -Buucly as at New Castle to attend the funeral of Her sister, Mrs.' FJ1 MMHka'n. . . . -' Ft. Wayne Cassette: Miss Helen Kuisht returned, from PUladelphiii. yostei-day, accompanletJ by MJss Rlch- •ardsou am<l Miss Stuart, of Philadelphia. Miss Nelson, of -Logansport, will arrive the flrst of tlie week. .' Among those wlio visited here :ind attended the Kill-ne^Wilc'w-cdding, ware George KM.ua and wKe, Lewis Kline and wKe, Mrs. George Kline, jr., Philip Httfctsnianpergcr. ajid • wife -, 'Earnest Hettsmamperger and wlife, of Roann; Mra. Fr«I Mctx and Mrs. Pat Brady of, Wabash; Mrs. Wagner, Miss Anna Wagner, Sir. George Wagner, Misses Rose amcl Emma Clay, Mr?. Miller and (1a,ug,lita-; of Pern; Mr. and Mrs. George Wild, Mrs. StelUiorn and' Wio' Missed. FollwgOT of Ft. Wnyne. | . The report ol Superintendent Douglas's for '0(5 shows 'the enrollment of the .public schools as follo"v\-s: '. •' J-Ii-gh school ". .275 Central '. STi'i Sixteenth street .'322 Eighth, street 221 'Wcsteide 750 Sonthsido 240 Xorthsidc 179 Total '95 enrollment . . ,,,.2.842 2.0S1 Inerwisu ST. JOSEPH B. L. OFFICEltS. Sunday al'ronioon at the regular mooting of St. Joseph Benevolent Legion the follow'.ng ollfcers were elected to serve iVm-Jjig tho coming year: President—John Ilailx. Vice rrcsklout—Baniey Hctos. Secretary—John Gross. Vice rnvjident—Barney Bender. Treasurer—John Rothcnnel. Marshal—Louis Holle. ClwiJrmrtn Sick Committco—Pcior WalJratli. Sooiefy Messenger—Gcoi-ge, Bubcl. . Executive Comma I toe—August Glei-ts. Matt Schneebergor, John V. Schnitz, William Brixkis, Charles Fcttipr, sr. Ward Commi'ttec—retcr Scbrader. John Eckci-l, Fred Gnisenmeycr, Michael Kiohl, Otto Bechdol. Sick/CannnSttce—Fa ret, Joseph Schneider; second, Dan Biwvn; third, John Klrcher, jr.; fourrh, Andrew Schork: fifth, Joseph Lintz. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE THE RUSH FOR GOLD. Exodus on the Increase to tb.e Rich Fields of Alaska. to Bo Drained and Valuable D posits of 1'ollow Metal Eipcctcd to Bo Found—The Balloon Trip to North Pole. LEWIS MERGENTHEIM DEAD. Lewis Mergpoitheim, proprietor of the Peru Woolen mills and who is quite well known iu this city, died at his h'Oinc in Peru Sunday from the effects of -injuries.caused by falling from a ladder at his home two- weeks ago. ' SUNDAY SCHOOL GRADUATES. Sunday at the Baptist church, instead of the regular lesson, the hour was taken up wtu the exercises of the graduating class of the primary department. Tills department is under direction of M.iss Maria Cockburn who has performed her duty in a creditable manner. Each member of the class was presented with a diploma, and a neatly bound Bible. AT MT. PISGAH CHURCH. The children's day exercises at the Mt. Plsgah 'church south of town last Sunday were a success in everyway. The children, who were carefully drilled, performed their parts in a manner •which, reflected great credit both upon themselves and upon :U1 members of -the congregation. GILMOKE-LAXTIMORE. The marriage o-£ Miss Afines Latti- morc of Evaraston, 111., and Mr. GiLmore of Chicago, is announced, Tlie wedding will take place on the 10th inst. at the home o-f the bride's sister, Mrs.- Bond. Miss Latti,u>ore is the youngest daughter of the Kev. and Mrs, Lattlmorc, and has a number of Logajisport friends. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Heury Harris, a son. Mi-s. L. Myers of West Market, street, is sick. Mull's low .shoes, late styles.—Walker & Ranch. Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kelley, a daughter. The Republic® drum corps will meet this eveni-ng. Children's dny was observed -at the. Indian 1 Creek church iu Harrison township Sunday evening. The money Question is only one of! the Imonblos • of Kentucky Democrats. BreekeiinMjje will again run for Congress. 'General Weylor wLtli his lit'Ue embargo, and Dr. Hnrty, w,ith his idea that tobacco spit'Me is- offensive, may corn- blue against the tobacco business, but the habit wil-1 bo todiilged nevertheless. Tbore is no abatement in the rush to Alaska; on the contrary, the exodus is on the increase, and no less than J5 vessels, big- and little, with a passenger list. o{ fully 1,000 men, freight and supplies in proportion, have sailed from Seattle, Wash., recently for the golden field to the north. Enterprising 1 Sitkans iji- tcncj. to drain, g, ;ate bs.^ of that staisl old town and , gather by the wagon- load gold bullion and dust that for centuries has been brought dov.'n and accumulated in the bed of the lake by glaciers. The tunnel will not be or. extraordinarily long one — only about 1,000 feet — and it will run water from the hike, whose bottom is believed to be paved with gold to a great depth. The feeders of the lake are believed to have been ancient glaeiers -which, in their slow process of travel have ground up the mountains into debris and deposited precious metal along- with sediment in the lake bottom. Claims have already been taken up and preparations for un-locking the secrets of glacier and Joke are to be pushed forward, Another bit of news from Alaska is that the great ice-bouud region is being- made nware of Prof. Andre's proposed neriaJ trip to 'the north pole, and that the natives from Point Barrow to Greenland are looking forward with keen interest to his appearance. The Pacific Geographical society has in hrjid the disseminating of the news, and letters have been sent out by the commercial companiea doing 1 business in Arctic Alaska, with the request that the information be imparted to all accessible natives that Prof. Andre will start from Spitzbergen some timo in July next, and expects to land somewhere to tho westward of the north pole. A WOMAN SAVED THE SHIP. Por Weelra She Stood at tho Wheel Absolutely Unaided. There are Wgh-hearted women who have performed many brave, heroic deeds while saJlingr the seas with their husbands. Among them Louise Dittmar, the -wife of the captain of the Prussian steamer Edgar, deserves the highest praise, says the New York Commercial Advertiser. On the way home the entire crew, except the captain and the helmsmaji, were attacked with serious illness. Tho two men. -undertook to attend to the engine, while the woman stood at the helm and steered the ship, uxid this was done night and day, almost without relief, for weeks! The steamer arrived in port safely, and seven of the crew had died on the passage, In this case the valuable vessel had actually been saved solely by tho captain's wife, for it is difficult to estimate what- tho two men could have done without her oic?. Captains whose shipowners forbid them to take their wives with them might aptly cite as an opposing argument tho example of Louise Dittmar. ONE BITE NOT SUFFICIENT. SIGNIFICANT SIGNS. STUNG BY BEES. ; firs. Oliver Baughman Victim cf an Angry Swarm's Attack. ' The South Bend Times, Deiu., says the bill taking the -power to issue bonds out of the ad-mlnlstratlon's bands Is popular with tbo people. The Times cannot say the same of the Gonnan- Wilson law, that rnjule bouds necessary: " iho Issue o£ Two men will row in a small boat across the Atlantic. They will start with sixty days' provisions. They are looking 'for notoriety. They might gain It more easily by staying at home • An angry swarm of bees attacked the person o,C Mrs.. Oliver. Baughraan of south of the city Sunday'afternoon, and tire stings inflicted on the victim of the attack, were very serious. It-Is-said the 1 hurts may possibly prove fatal. ;Dr. BracMeld attended the sufferer, 'and said yesterday that while she was suffering severely from the' thousands of stings, sue was out of danger. .Sirs. Bnughman tried to hh-e" n tewarru of bees by raking them into an • empty hive. She hnd seen her husband .care for vagrant swarms -in this -'way, 'land did not realize the danger attendant on ,the performance. She was terribly Injured before the PICTURES FREE In exchange for coupons with Mail Pouch "Chewing and Smoklnp" 'ho onlr NICOTINE NEUTRALIZED TOBACCO. Handiomo' Water Color Fac-similej, Laud• ecapasndilnrlnc, sizol«2s. 12 subjects. Finn Pastel Fnc-similct, lUinilecapi! and Fisuri-'s, else 20x2* Inchon, 12 subjects. Bonutitul -Venetian Scones, Works o( Art size 20s30 Inches, 4 subject*. Magnificent Water Color Gravurei, after fa- mo»8 artlBts, size 22i28 inches, 4 subjects. N:' ADVERTISING ON ANY OF THE ABOVE. SaeKExcclltnt Works of Art have never before tcenoffcred. Except ThroughDealcri, attcry htghprtea. TkcyarC tmtabledKOratiimt/or any homeland tv bo a)ipreciattd mutt be seen. Conuona explain hpw to »ecure the Abovoi One Coupon in each 5 cent (2 ounce) Package, 'Two Coupons in each 10 cent (4 ounce) Package. Mall Pouch Tobacco Is sold by all dealers. Package* (nmo on ia.te) containing no coupon* ivlll bo accepted DO conpom. '^oz." Empty Bay at me Coupon, "4 or." .Empty Bag a* two Coupont. at one Coupon: "4 or." .Empty Bag at two Coupont. __'_-_ —1TEO Calalqau* ofotncr Valuable Articlet 'with explanation Tiomfo gtt them, Milled on roquitt. ILLUSTRAT The Blooh Bros. Tobacco Co.. Wheeling. W. Va; .;.:,:.. V No Coupon*, eichimited .utter July 1,1801 ^^^..^.^ Iow;i DOK» Uliut Talno Two to Be as Dangerous. One; swallow docs not make a summer, nor, for that matter, does one bite m.ike a vicious dog. Two or more do. That's a peculiarity of the Iowa flaw, ns Police Judge McMaster, of: Sioux City, la., understands it. Johncie I'obier did not know this, so, whea a dog belonging to W. A. Onstat, Fabler's next-door neighbor, bit him in the leg the other dny, he applied to the judge for an order for the animal's execution. "Sorry," replied the court, "but I can't accommodate you. Under the law of this state a dog is not classed as a dangerous animal until he has taken more than one bite. If you'd shot this one right in the act. you couldn't 'a' been prosecuted, but at this late day I can't order 'im killed." Fabler tried to explain that he didn't want to shoot the creature down without a moment for repentance, but the magistrate waved him ns-c^e. "The law takes no cognizanns of such weakness," he said, "If he bites you again, though, let me ki»ow. Call the next case." WIVES KNEW A THING OR TWO. Can Distinguish Between a Masquerade Ball ana Important Business, Four Addison (Mich.) married mew fixed up a story about their being called to Moscow, Mich., on business. One •j]' the men's wives Ir-ippencd to know tliere was a masquerade, ball at Moscow. Che didn't do a thing but hire a livery rig and have the bill charged to he'.husband. Then'Bhc drove around and told the other three, deluded women what she suspected. They got into other gar- ir.onts at once, drove to the ill-fated town, purchased masks, and went to the ball and danced a-11 night. When the unmasking time came in the morning each one had her own true and loving husband by the arm. Then the husbands begged off, promising' never to go to sea again, and no divorces will follow if they keep their promises. A N'.co tittle Sam. The people o£ London are computed England'* Lateit position In Regard t» Settlement! In Dllpntcd Territory. British Guiana papers dated as late as March 18, which have just reached the bureau of American republics at Washington, indicate the abandonment of Great Britain's determination to insist upon retaining all the settlements established by Englishmen throughout the disputed territory, should the Venezuelan claims be sustained. In regard to these settlements, Lord Salisbury, wrote Secretary Olney four months ego that, under no circumstances, coulO they ever be surrendered to alien jurisdiction. The Georgetown Chronicle, however, in its issue of March JS, snys: J - "Tlio public generally, and those In-' tercMoil In rcimnp conp/.-rns particularly, liavu learned with regret that work has boon clofiod down on ihe properties ot Uie \VirUer syndicate, the Hartley syndicate end iho IBarfnia Development company. It Is alleged the reason the proprietors have deckled to adopt this course l;i bocauso they do not consider that In the unsettled stale ot the boundary question their rights are at present sufficiently secure to justify them In Incurring the heavy expenditure which continued prosecution of the work would require," In another port of the paper a statement from Mr. Connolly, superintendent of. the Barima company, is published, declaring that he had received instructions form London not to incur any additional heavy expenses until the government gave grants to the property, "the company's solicitors thinking- it would be injudicious in the present position of the Venezuelan boundary dispute to spend money de-. veloping property which might be taken from them without compensation." Other superintendents had received similar instructions from London headquarters. The location of these companies is the richest gold fields that has yet been found in Guiana, and the capital already invested there is greater than in any other locality in the colony. RECOUNT HIS OCCULT DOINGS. Interesting Pupcr* of Lute fThcoiophbt Leader Opened and Bead. The papers of W. Q. Judge, the late leader of the theosophists of America, have been examined by three members of the executive committee. The contents of the safe were found to be of surprising- interest, comprising- a diary recounting many of Mr. Judge's occult doings and almost daily communications with the tuahatrnas in Thibet. Most surprising of all was a document which may be described as the lute heirophant's theosophical will 'and testament, in which he formally declared his successor. In it Mr. Judge stated t!>at in the event of his death the society, instead of finding itself deprived of a directing genius, would prove to have in its ranks a high adept, worthy in all respects to assume leadership. So carefully, stated the document, ha<i the identity of this individual been concealed that it would remain unknown, stive to an initiated few. The will concluded with a solemn injunction that for the space of one, year the name of rhe new hierophant should remain a secret except among those to whom the communication is addressed. This mysterious adept is now in. practical control of the society. He communicates his mandates to those, of the inner circle, who, in turn, willi in time convey them to uhe rank andl file of the society. .In addition to these direct and presumably verbal coromuni-, cations it is said that members of the, inner circle residing on. tho Pacific: toast and in many distant sta.tes liave beea mysteriously informed of the existence of the new hierophant. Itis also- stated that the new leader has asserted; himself, and that his first order involves the changing of tho convention; of American theosophists from Chicago- to Kew York, It is now announced; that the meeting will be held at Modi-: Eon Square garden April 20 and 27. Riches from »n Accident. The shop of a Dublin tobacconist wa» • destroyed by fire. Whi le the owner was fazing into the ruins, he noticed that lis neighbors were gathering the snuff from the canisters. He tested the snuff, arid discovered that the fire had largely mproved its pungency and aroma. Best-cured another shop, built himself a ot of ovens, subjected the snuff to n itating process, gave the brand a, par- icular name, and in a few years became rich through an accident.—N. Y. Cimes. ! ifo.COO.OCO. daily. Eczema BABY Grow Worse under Trc»tment of Beit Physlclani. Tried CUTICURA REMEDIES Great Change In Fieo Days und To-d»j is. EuUrely Cured. My b.iby had Eczema In its tvorst form. • Ono ot tlio best physicians in tlic city attended her, but sba continued to cct worse all the time. He dually admitted he was at bis wits' end. I then Rot COTICUKA REMEDIES, and in a ftM day* noticed o great c/jangg in her condition. She continued to Improve and ta-aay it entirely curitl, has nice Bead or hair, and is lively and hearty. I gpentconsldcicable money for drugs and doctor's bills, whlcn was useless, J. B. JACOBS, 2031 Wilkina Avc., Bait., Md, Srtinr Cunt Tm*T«»!n'—Warm btthi THh CCTI- cmA Sour, crntle uni>1lc«UoDJ of CnricL-KA (ointment), thf »r?.t .kin cure, Jnd mild do«i of CunocBA SUaoL- VRITT, grcjktatt of humor cure*. • . **old (hponchout th« world. Pricr. CimccnA Wc',r »OAr,2Sc"rR«SOL.-«!.T.»0.«Ild»l. roTIEltDlDOMD- . ClIRU- Co»r., 8ole Prnpt., Boitan. . oar " How io Care E«iy Skin Unmor," mulleil fin.

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