The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 20, 1936
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. 106 J£E COURIER NEWS ^BPAPKR OF NOKTWUBT ARKAN8A8 AND BODTHKABV MI8SOTO1 „ ^~^ • -•^^•—i ^^ ^M TCT DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOKTWUBT^ARKANSAa AND BOOTHIABV liLYTHEVlLLK, ARKANSAS, AIQNDAY, JULY 20, 19!Ki SINGLE COPIES F1VB CENTS.' CM OFFICERS E Ely Fills Threat to 'Take a '.Walk' — Negroes Involved in Two' Murders, a Shooting and a Hit-Run Accident OFCFOI.A, Art~Jlllv 20-TlTO murder.H. a shooting affair in which (wo men were hurt and a hlt-and-iru accident on Hi'i-h- way 61, mi Involvir.-; jie B rocs gave chief Deputy Sherifl Ilnle J.ickson and hlr, staff Iheir molest, week-end In mojilhs. Eleven arrests were made Snt- I'rdav nlpht and Sunday, some ci these for minor offenses such as public drunkenness and dis- orclerV/ conduct. Purchases o r autcnioblles, whiskey nnd firearm, by recent recipients of veterans adjusted compensation cash have contributed lo an increase in, law lessnesK, In the opinion of Mi Jackson. Wife Admits Killiir,' When Godfrey Evans, negro ten- put on the p. E. Tonipkiiu farm tailed to ,,u| i,, an sppr-arance ..aim-day or Sunday morning Mr Totnpltlns called Mr. ,lack-son who questioned ihe ncgl-o's wife. Auciia n »d obtained n confession Unit she killed her hr.sband follow in- a Quarrei Friday night and Ihen had her son buvy him a short distance from the nouse. Mr . Jackson and Mr. Tcmpkius found the body, buried six feet d and had it removed to Osceola. ' | (right), former Henry Robinson, negio e:nploy t of Jor- Miller, at Basselt, shot ant! killed "Big" Le-.vis. a negro empicvcd on the Gridcr plantation, following a crap e"tne Saturday night. Robinscn, nho i-.'aimed that he intended Ihe shot for another, negro named Sipcs, pave himself- up to Jack Hay, manager .of part of the 'prlder, plarita- t !yV'.« h -Q_' brought --hinr-lo jail here. . . . Bonus Car nils Fmir . Lowrance Maxwell, Allwrc Smith and Marie Perrcll, negroes, are in jail here charged v.-ith leaving flic scene of an accident. It is alleged that they failed to slop after their car ran into four . negroes who were walking on the highway south of Clark's store, near Frenchman's Bayou, s?jt- nrday night. Two_ of Hie four were seriously .iiiirt and were ^^_^ Reported ready to "campaign for Vi/ Ka! Even»s in County History Merit Markers? What events In the, history of .Mississippi : county-Kre mcsl deserving of 'co'ihmcmpjntlori? The .Arkansas ' Ceitamla; Commission hns liiiule fund available for the '.purchase of o»c to three historical' mirk- ers to be located In.tlfis cimK ty, bi-t first, It wanU U> knon what three . events the pccpl. of (he county regard as most worthy of markers. John li. Fordyce, of the Centennial commission, has v,ill- ton li. A. Lynch for sui;?e!>- tions, nnd Mr. Lynch .in - turn has asked the Courier .-News to submit (he -luesllcn .i.v Ihe people o! the county."' individuals or crganlatloiis are Invited lo send their liiiggcs- tlons to the Cornier News or lo. Mr. Lynch. . , Accuse Ex-Ghief in Kidnap'Diyvy' arn enior of Massachusetts, is ieen Inking a walk" with John D. Hamilton, Republican nalional chairman, at Springfield, Mass,. after a breakfast conference. Elv joined in Al Smith's protest at-amst Roosevelt's ni'io'inlnaUon I a ken to Quick work Memphis by .-- Olficers hospital -* _ Jackson. J. W. Thrailkeld and Jesse and Webb Oreer resulted in Die arrest of Smith, owner of the car, when he slopped to nave his car serviced at Gridcr. ' Tin; other tw-o were arrested at Vi-.ison and Crawfordsville within n few hours. Smilh had received his bonus check only a few days and had just purchased Ihe involved In the accident. Apnointmeut Believed Likely If He Loses Mississippi Primary Race WASHINGTON. July 20 (TJP>- IB mm Health Officials W _ . .. Thai Infantile Paralysis Danger Remains MONTGOMERY, Ala., July 20 IIJP)— Three new cases of irifm- tlle paralysis were reported lo Urn I stale health department lolay orm-tlii" the lotal invnbcr of cases reccrled In Hie present year to There have been ten deaths. Two new cases were roua-t-nl yesterday alter nine : and elaht had been listed on Friday and Saturday, respectively. Ollicers ol Die stale health department arc- hopeful the epidemic,- Is being beaten. : However, Dr. j. N. Baker issued a - sharp warning against jiilgra- I lion, and declared the danjcr Irofii I the dread dtecase is as sjrent as ever. All people in north Alabama should slay there ami should avoid gatherings of all kinds and use the new experimental spray of the United States health department. Baker Scnalor -Pat' Harrison may be Two negrccs were shot and scr- | nomination lously injured on the Joe Cramer named comptroller general of th United 'States if h e fails of re- nominaUon in the Mississlpoi Democratic primary next month informed sources said ioria.v President Hooseveit, ir was said plans to hold open the' job recently vacated by Jolir, R Mc- Cari ,mtil after the August 25 primary. Harrison, a staunch New Deal supporter, is reported facing strong opposition for re- plantation near night. Driver Saturday Osceolan Catches Foot in Chain of Motorcycle OSCEOLA, Ark.—A r.imiher of Osceoia's young people suITered minor accidents over the weekend, the. most serious befalling Adair Hook. In alighting from a motorcycle driven by his brother, Jack, In front of the Gem theatre Saturday afternoon, his leit foot became entangled in the chain and was badly cut. Two Iocs were crushed. He will be confined lo his room for Severn I weeks, Mary Ann Cartivrlght, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Cartwright. fell from the patch of her home while at play Saturday, breaking lier cellar bone. Nelson Scgraves has tecu at home for several days with an infection resulting from two lo?s being cut white swimming. Mrs. Russell Crockett is ton- fined to her bed with an attack ot blood poisoning, resulting from nn Infected sptrtcr bite. New Cotton NEW YORK, July 10 (UP) - Cctton closed steady. open high low close July 130-1 )3:>J 1301 1317 Get 1217 1245 1!1G 1231 Dec 1213 1238 1313 J22-1 Jan 1212 12:13 1212 1221 Ma r ch 1213 123li 1213 12^3 May 1213 1235 1213 1224 Spots closed steady <\<, 1327. up 15. Spot Average Is 12,90 The average price of 1-8 Inch middling cotlon on the 10 lead- ii'B spot markets today was 12.96, according to the Blylhevlllc Board of Trade, Although McCarl, a Republican appointee, left office July i at the expiration of n 15-year term Mr. Roosevelt has given no timation of whom he win Point. McCarl, mirfrr Ui c was m cut. , not eligible for reappoint- McCarl held n tight rein on on New Deal spending and in leaving office caustically assailed what lie termed waste and extravagance. Ha.-rison has had charge of New Deal I3iiff and revenue measures In tl.e scnale and has been in sympathy with the spending program. Company Union Goes ._ J " —•* i !«^oi.ii*m.-u uii Over to C. I. 0. Group £? ™ SSSS" Suspension of Thomas Brown, nbove, former St. Paul pohce chief, followed startling testimony that na had received a cut of $25,000 .of 'tlie JIOO.OOO ransom paid in the kidnaping" of Brewer'William Harnrri, Jr. The charge was made by Byron Boiton, former Barker-Knrpls lieutenant, during'trialbf John Pfeiffer for conspiracy In the ; abduction. trie Service PWAV.pief Objective Ih Effect of Third Party < Movement Uncertain M Wy Unltul 1'icsv -Rpiyrcisilotn ot ||u. cluilaml loMiknd lomcntlon iippic- »|J<»MI«! coiiuli> (ortni nl h 111 I lUtlm ile, uma of lluf [)ihd puly mjivehlentjon tlie 1035, moslcknt-il clrcljbii i. Mill umtrm,»islLill) «n Celllh) nnjni.1 hlllllli hi {M official-, • who Murdered Co-ed FBTMirS EIS Capital', Hears. Governor ' Has"IVIac{e Selection 'of His Candidate LITTLE ROCIC, July 20 (UPJ- nunioi-s were current today thai, the -administration or Guv J M Futrell had picked ,1 gubernatorial candidate. Liei-tennnls of Ihe sovernor when questioned on the mailer CHICAGO. •'July 20 (UP)—Van Bitlner,- chairman of the steel Workers Committee for Industrial Organization, announced today that 350 members of an Inland 3leel after spending the week-end at his former home In R-uagouId. Coupled with the - rumors were reports that one candidate who opened his campaign four yccks company union iK.dTo'ne T "I 1 . 1 " 11 * ll ™<**over in a body to the Amalsnma- ,." lllc . "^dmiarters of two led Association of Iron Steel nnd aspirants for the governor's Tin Workers ' ° KKO reports wore funds were They represented the jr.tire !,™.. II " < !.! M)5slbIy Ulcy lvt&M wllh ' membership of the Employes Mutual Protective association ha "aid. • : . The decision to join ihe st.-cl workers connnittee was made i'l a 'meeting of plant workers at Chicago Heights last night. Brittner said. The committee for industrial organization' is backed by John Lewis. draw soon. Closing Stock Prices A T and T m 1-4 Chrysler Oitles Scn'ice Coca Kola C.eueral American Taut General Eleclric .-. General Motors International Harvester McKesson-Robblns ...... Montgomery Ward New Vr.rk Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Hadio Corp Simmons Bed Standard of N J Texas Co .: U S Smelling , .U, s Steel ; Warner Bros , Zonilo 11C 1-4 4 109 1-2 Company M. Returns from Annual Encampment Company M, 153rd Infantry. Craighead Jail Breaker Arrested at Hornersville JONESBORO, Ark. —Walter Stewart, 38 years old, wanted at Caraway, near here, on bnrglarj- and grand larceny nnd petit larceny charges, was arrested Friday at Hornersville, Mo., his homo,!,, and returned t/\ t>,n ,rvnirr],A» r i l 11 bile Works Adiiiinlslraioi-vlii.r- old J..,' decided Icxllfv to override- public utility opp^lllon nnd stress niiinljlpnl 'power-'plant- ou l S : : : b!'l,^ <ti ;; 0 ^:?'»°-'- iris plan' , was understood le "•e the full consent of President Roosevelt.- u ntted cxnc( . ly-the-New .Deal's lon s rwige plan cfi-shig-federal .moiwy for uui>- Hcly .owned power developments Icke.i- may finance up to HI mnnlcliinl electricity protects cost- lug • nround.' $10I>,OI)0,000 while tattling' power company .charges his -action would violate-Ilie constitution.- . Public: power- systems were pupii- cd to the front In the big construction program after President Hooseveit rrled I'WA could finance projects only where, n cltv them. One. municipalities already 'huve"'certi- (liHl Ilsls of; jobless av:iliable for (be work of -installing genenitors. dynamos and.'-Mrinelii'i irausmls- sion lines. ; .;.•.:'. The power program, If ,\\\ applications ore, financed by PWA on a 45 per. cent mnnl , basis, would Include ..>G9 nc;v munlclpiil power plants, 58 Improvements to existhiT. plants, 11. Inslitntlonnl plants, ami three dlslribi'.ticu svs- tems. , The final decision on V.,t gov- ernmciil's. right; to , spend publie funds financing munici'.ially own- siiinclenfrellof Ip.boi' to bill d hundred . aivl. forty- one ' ed ^ systems coins next from. JhcvUnited .States'.'-supreme, court. , '- '!»'." \ • -•----::' the Blythevllle Mississiopi county unit of the Arkansas nn- lional guard, rotunwd Sundry from a two weeks encampment at Camp Pike, Little Hock. The local company, .a machine | Elm unit, was one of a number in the annual en- and returned to the 'Craighead. County jail here by Sheriff Houston Johnson. Stewart was arrest! ed with Bunk Pickens and Gerald Taylor in connection' 'with the theft' ol chickens and robbery of the Happy Lcntz home near Cara.- way..lint escaped from jail, friends Cool Winds Bring Relief After Weeks'.of,'Searing Temperatures CHICAGO, July 20 (UP)—Conl winds, sweeping out of the north across (he Missouri and Mississippi valleys, brouclit w!lfi tlicm today a "definite lireak". in the searing month-long hem, wave which gripped the middle west. At least two more days of temperate weather were promised for Chicago and vicinity by forecaster J. R. Lloyd. Local showers, he s-iid, will fall over Iowa, northwestern Missouri, Illinois and extreme northeast Kansas In the north central slates today. Rain was e.vpected in eastern and southern Missomi, southern Illinois nnd Indiana, lo- luck:, on I icsldnu icuns ml tainsl at- t\ill wns route to confer with Nuibini nuuccrallc Clmlrnnn J.IIIIM A l-nrley. Heat and Alcohol Claim Life of John Linson Morris, 42 The body ol .John Linson Morris. 42-vear-old mfe cook, i i-, found; 'fully clothed, 'on a bed In his room on the 'ieeor.d ilooi of, 1 n Simon blilldlns. mi tin southeast corner of Main ,mul Second streets. »l;oiri. 7 O 'cl«ck thts morning. .Coroner W. H Stcvall, who invc-Mujnlctl-nut did not crder an Imiiicsl, ^siud thai Morris had probably Ireen dead about t) lo 10 hours. Morris' death wus believed to Imve been" caused by nnile ulco liollsm .and heal. .He had been drinking Imntlj icsUirtnj nnd wus In a diuuken s''DO \\lic.. Jlminle O'Brlcn, proprietor of the cafe where Morris workiul.- enter ed his room about 0 o'clock In iiijltt.' At tlie time. Morris wa lyliiB on Ilie bed nud o'nrlcn switched' on an nleclrlj fan to cccl him olf. So far n.i Is known no other person was In his roam after ,-lhat lime. '. Coroner Slovall -said that examination of Moirls bod> dis clcsed no wounds'and tlwt ilitr'i vms 1 n»'--Indication of foul. .play. Mr. Morris is sur'vlytd by Ills estranged wife, Mrs. Grace Morris, two daughters. Mrs. 'Irene. Mersci- and Miss nutli Morris of New Albany, Miss., a sister. MM. .Vena Wftlson, ond li brother, 33:i Morris, both of New. Albany. Funeral, arrangements arc in- complele pending arrival of rcla- livcs, nccDi-dbiif to the Joblj Fi;n- tral home. • ' Pffl-f IN REIL Government Cmslies Re-* volt in Capital and Holds Major Cities ' ' A woman's scream heard above' the lOJi of u tluimicistntin helped fix (he time of. llio mysterious 1 imirdet of hlondc Helen Clc\cn- Kcr of .Groat Kills, N.-.Y.. the pielty New Yink Unucisity 1.0 od whose pnjnmn cl,id bods was found shot nnd shbbttl in a liolel room nl Abbeville, N C Aciom- p.mleit bj liei uncle, Piolessor W. I. CleAOnijer of Iliiloi(jh, N. C., slia liacl been on a tour of 'EOiillmni universities. II DOTH n , July 20 ivjp) ^_ 1 ""'""' " r ''it'ri; iinn 'CO SnaTi- nrd,, killed ,„ „ fl!! l,t Vlwem ^ims icbels nnd left wlnir forces "V today i,i the street, of 'La llnc-i ncro« Iho fionll,>, tenor- MiliVen refugees «ald. Ihej BliconicU up lo ilie frbii- " ' Adjcvillc, N C Aiithon- tics Check Alibi In Slaying of Gill Jlllj No Rush Today to Pay Second Tax Installment There wns no taxpayer 1 ;' Hue at the office of Clarence H. Wil- >"""« "« rcicnsca at 0:30 tonight son, sheriff and collector, at the I ""less formal charges -'were placed courthouse here today, the final " AS!IEVILI,B N (UP)—Rnnlionecl Brown Indicnlcd todnj thnt Maik Wollnci conceit violinist would w held bojond Not Hi Caiolina's 4fl-hour limit foi quesllonlng i, the Helen Clevcngei mmdei inquiry, Wollnc'r, arrested nt 0:30 p M e.s.t. Saturday, was lelt lo cool off In Asheville's mob proof jail on - (tie 15th floor of the courthouse while, police sought -statements to dispute his niibi that He was home In bed when the blonde 19-yenr-old New York university honor .student was attacked and shot in n swanky hotel cnrly Thursday. ; ' Under slate law - the musician would be released at 0:30 tonight day for payment of second quarter state nnd county taxes without penalty. A nrmbcr of taxpayers paid the full amount of Iheir taxes when tilt first- ' quarter bennmo ' due. Others apparently have been forced lo await early proceeds from .their 1930 crops lo pay the re- . mainder. "ifalnsl him. However Brown n- dicated Wollner's status would be unchanged .until statements of seven peraotw disputing his alibi had been compiled. It was .explained tliut lie was being held because his nlibi did not check with assertions of several witnesses who told Brown they saw Wollner In a cafe on -a downtown street - n tew hours Fire Quickly Halted — f nf(cr Miss Clevengcr was slain. or tomorrow. LIU.!; channel Defective wtrin? was blamed for mnnrnhirn n-or *«-„—,.» *•„_!' ~ •* _ _ 'mui'.u .iui i. *.•»«•! ,v i uL'iL'ci ivu wtntiz \vns umin^cl for in temperature was forecast for a nre that caused slisl I Ti ,HBC easier,, and southern Kansas rmd to the residence of T r,,eV Kis U'^cl Aftl 1T1/T lltvll, .,,-„ -\* I .. _'__ _ •, «* U(.i J> J3 western and northern Missouri. LOS OATOS. Cal. (UP)--The entire city gave a "box supper" lo J. J. Nnjel on Die occasion --. ~ 1-x.u I4VIJI Jttkl, IIICIIUA or the ini]>risoncd man forcing lock off the Jail door. ••° i yenrs. his 90th birthday. He had a school teacher for ' 50 sell morning nlarni brt the lire wns hailed in sliort order. Aside from re-wlr- Int' of a part of the house the repair work will not amount to much. i. Ida Catchings, 78, Dies at Daughter's Home in which (ho sracciilo v n'tii"^'? inaelitna nun me left On- stieeti ' rtotted vim-lined nn1 ^orjuded ns icbek (onsolidated theli hold Ilie icfugces reported that 'a' blC iorrc of Jovil r,\ciinneiir, mops WHH n,hi, n: i,i R (0lVill(l „ trim lo attack tlie relcls ljryallsl.s r\fcutrd Morocco, July 20 (U i,, , r. cxcellll ° 11 '! nf loyalists by icict troops weie icpjrted to- ' day by refugees fiom Spanish Moiocco, held In n iiieicllr-s« grip bj (lie men wlio pioclpltated tho molt aRnlnsl Si-aln's left wln» (.oicriimenl •"* A prominent resident of TituVn »ewly ailived from the Spanish zone told the United Puss thh morning that j, c pe^nnlly ,iw lio muss ewculiom,. thy victims Including hid, aimy otllrers «ho r . lefi scd lo Join the rebel-; * ' ^ He said also that ten Moor- Mi children were killed by bombs from a loyalist ahplune which, bombarded [he town and de- slroyed a schaolhouso, I Slortes of refugees agree'tint Iicrc 1ms been teirlble shugliter In the rebel' lerriior , ^civilians ns well as, anny men who lefused lo co-oprrui^. ^nith rcbofi have* been victims, jljjey'Mid j., Mi rt rid Re bels.' ^nrrcndc-r~ MADRID, July. 20 (UP)—Willis Aniencon=i were belng'Mnviteit <-by (lie United btalcs cmbiissy to ta rcfut'e there, the govi nounced by radio ' right wing nr had inc residence of Turner Kts- », r T -. ., ~ — . 513 Lumerate street 'till-'„ r f'' Idn C: >(<:li'''gs, 78. died nt •nlng/ ' -.,. ' | th , c ^ Ol »e ot her daughlcr, Mrs. Ity firemen responded lo «»! loUn • lliams ' nfc Ar " 101 ' cl . at Anaconda Copper 3!i 3-4 ^'''dpa'S'it,' in the annual en- Uelhlehcm Steel 53 3.4 •'""'1'nicnt. atiended 'by about 1,- r;hM,pioi, «.^ . . COG puarrismen OOC guardsmen : •Capt. Wendell Phillip? and Lieutenants Ardeli B. Crnwder and 53 3-81 ° uy T - McHcnry wen? in cliiirjje, 41 1-41 of 'lie local company. | 63 5-s' Major Ivy W. Crawford oi ttilvj 82 1-2 ci( 5' Ims also rctiirn«l from the encampment, where he served on the staff of the commanding officer. To Protect the Nation's Gold •13 1-4 39 3-4 11 46 1-4 12 33 S-8 (54 3-3 39,3-8 IB 1-3 63 1-2 11 1-8 G 1-4 Chicago Wheat low close 103 3-4 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. .Illly '20 (UP)_ Ccllon closed steady. open high low close July 1299 1307 1293 Ocl 1212 1241 1212 1232 I3ec 1209 1234; 1208 Jan 1200 1222 1206 March I20G 1233 1200 May 1203 1229 1208 : lia -. Spots closed steady at 1297, up IB. 1223 1222 1221 1222 '•I'V 11 in^n July 103 ; 104 1-4 103 Scp 102 1-8 103 5^8 101 3-4 103 1-8 Chicago Corn July Scp open 85 1-2 82 high 88 85 low close 85 1-2 87 5-H 82 84 3-4 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III, July 20 (UP)—Hogs 11,000 Top 10,80 , .170-230 !bs. 10.G5-10.75 HO-160'-lbs..,:9.25-10.50--- Bulk sows 7.8S-8,(S5 Vl-.e- world's gVc.itcst' hoard of gold—$6.000.000,000 of Uncle Sam's vosl-holdings—soon will lie in a, suspended vault in this $524,000 "billion 'depository," shown' under construction nl Fort lyiox, Ky. Kvery fnfcgiiiivd that man can devise—gum ds on 21-iiour duty in .four machine i'i"i "pillboxes" mounlrd in the oilier wolls, bombproof roof, radio, "electric car?," and other equipment— Will protect the wealth ivom theft and c\-en from seizure by ah invniling army or frenzied mob. <is i , "• •*" *»'iuuiL'j, at o'clock this afternoon following- a he.-irt attack. She had been in ,11 health for some time nnd a month ago had a stroke of paralysis which almost cost her ife. since then she had become much improved, however, jiml her relatives had returned to their homes. The widow of W. S. catchliigs of Georgetown, Miss.. Mrs Catch\i' 8S l!??,, '' Mi " c " wttil Jlr - - nl ''d year's " S f ° r "' e "? st clg i lt Her daughtors, Mrs. D. 3. IvbV. "I Batcsvillc. illss., ana Mrs. J , H. Carth, of Hazelhm-st, M.sii nnd her son. Wilbur, of Jack-s-ti.' ] M'SS.. «ill arrive In Memphis tlih afcrnoc-n by plane. Mr Williams will accompany (hem ;o Armorel iiid they will take the remains to Georgetown tomorrow fcr burial. , The Cobb Funeral home is in charge of arrangements. | flKlUInt;, eiueciallv at Ibc Montana barracks, which nre In the hand? of government.^ troops workers and mlllllr/.' repreant- Ini! the left, wing fiilloii, the" aiinounccnient said ' There was no direct word of " the situation In other cities although dhlurblnt; report \\ereJ rerehcd of njliliiiff nnd casual-ties. — The Inferioi ministry :ssued a" broidcast tonight admiti'm; tint (he cities cf Znrago<w and Vallnd- olirt «eie in the liaiiJ-; ,f Hie rebels but claiming th it the government controlled thu remainder of Spain. The interior ministry'-broadcast . said that luMtdrcds of rebel officers in Madrid have been -nla'c- ed in prison. I The broadcast 'urged calmness •'• among labor nnd the. militia. Gov- einment forces were oske:l lo re-, r , fraln from nnswerin'3 the. sporadic firin? In progress in various parts of the city so as to avoid spreading an alarm. [Judge Bone Will Speak ;• j in County on Wednesday Judge Marcrs Bone, of Bitcs- vlllc, candidate for governor has announced that lie will spes\ twice In Mississippi eear.ty -on Wcdifcsday, July 22. lie will srcak at Blylhevllle' at -1:30 Wednesday aflernoon shd at Os- 8 o'clock that nljtht. '. City'May-.Buy Airiiorl i TOLFDO. (UP)—Pnrchnss by the clly, of -Toledo's Transcontinental Lovers Face Death for Killing Woman's Child HALLIDAYSBURG, Pa., July 23 (UP)— Roy I4cknrd • .liid Mrs. Margaret Karmendl, illicit lovers who were .convicted recently on a charge that they murdered the woman's child for fear lie would "carry iales," were '.sentenced IOT day to die In the electric chain nt Rockview penitentiary. Cotton Duster Killed When Plane Hits Tree BRYAN, Texas, .luly 20 (.UP) — James Daniels, 31, Laurel, Miss., aviatcr, wns killed near here today when (he airplane from which lie was dusting cotton with boll weevil poison stri:ck a dead tree. and crashed to the ground. The plane was destroyed. WEATHER ARKANSAS —.'Local thundershowers and cooler tonight. Tuesday part)y' v cloudy and probably showers in east portion > Memphis, and Vicinity — Local thundershdwers tonight and Ti'ei- d«j" Somewhat ccoler Tuesday". . Tlie maximum -,temDeraturc -here yesterday fta? 94,' minimum 70, clear, according ^to Samuel P. ah poll, is being considered. 'Norrls, ofilclal neathtr observtr

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