The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 2
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ItffrtT •***••£ , ft PAGE ; TWO BLYTHRV1M.K. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAVOCtOBER 18. 1930 of Personal Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities and News of Women Youth I am not sure 111 knew the truth What his case or crime might be, I only know that he pleaded Youth, A beautiful, golden pica! Youth, with Its sunlit, passionate eye*, : Its roseate velvet skin— A plaa to cancel.a thouumrt lies, Or a thouiand nights ol sin. The men who Judged him were old and grc-y, Their eyes and their senses dim, He brought ttv> light of a warm spring day To the court house bare o»J grlih. Could he plead guilty In a lovller way? .. ]Hls judges acquitted-him. '.' : —India's Love .Lyrics by Hope. Entertainer Mrs. E. D. Ferguson also «s hostess; circle 2, Mis. Charles F. Wood '. with Mrs. H. E. Neblelt also as hostess; circle 3, Mrs. J- O. Sudbury; circle 4, at the church for a i one o'clock luncheon. - iTlie Maple Drove cemetery association will have a chicken dinner. The woman's auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will have its annual Rally Day program at the church, 'beginnilig at 2i30 o'clock. Tuesday The Maple Grove cemetery association will meet with Mr, Bits of News Mostly Personal ST. STEPHEN EPISCOPAL , CHURCH The Her. C. r Burke, of Marlanna, will conduct church at 11 Knauff, who Is also a student at I o'clock *'th the communion ser- St. Mary's of Memphis. The two vice. rlrls arrived last night to .lie with Mi's Buck's parents, and Mrs. C, . LUTHERAN CHURCH M Duck ' -. _ JI. J. Klflnditnst, Pa»tor Mrs. W. M. Taylor, Mrs. M. O. Usrey nnd Miss Elizabeth Martin iLlUmlecl the Kelser - Biytlwvllle football team at Kclser yesterday. Mr. anil Mrs. H. If, Dyer and ; Society Calendar ' ' Monday .The circles of the woman's missionary society of the First Methodist church will meet at these | _ JJIuml p^ces: 1, Mrs- A. C. Haley with H arold Nnthnii RoMnthal, son of - liinkle Whctlc'jiXamp, who has l-een employed in Memphis, is now mi um __ r _,.. „.._ buying coltni will: headquarters In : M ,., W11]u , M cox are In Memphis I his' nflenicon for the fifneral of J. W. N"rr;s, clean of the Southern Fur.cinl Directors, who died Thursday. Mr; Dyer was formerly employed by bin). The, Rev. Few. pastor ot the Newport . Methodist church, arid Roy.-ILiillmer were guests of Mr. ami Mn. K. C. Fatten yesterday along wllh other Newport people here for HIP football game. K.' A. R«H|. of Newport; attended IVe foclbnll game here yesterday. Mr- airl Mrs. Henry McKlnnls anil son, Henry jr., who have been this city. 1 Mis J-plln Hale and dauglftcr, Miss Louise, of Osccola, shopped here Thursday. Jake Wagner, ol Memphis, transacted business here Thursday. Mis. Chris Tomriklns and son, Chris jr.. accompanied by Miss Parkins, of liurdetle, spent Thurs- clay in the city shopping. Mr. ami Mrs. R. N. Ware Jr.. : liave as their gueit for a week ! MIES Jicrla l-'anl, of Clarksdale, ] Miss. Dr. nnd Mrs. 1. R. Johnson have . . . . murnccl.lrom Rochester, Minn, ™ ll ™ b , Uoscnthal, old but lie shows marked talent in singing, playing Ihe piano nnd dancing. In •*tcur contest, SIHJII- • Theatre, lie wpn ct In which he • photograph. Neill the sored by Mist prli appearr sen underwent treatment. Mcsdames Floyd Willie, Reccl nnd R. N. Ware Jr., Thursday In Memphis. •returned 1 niter a i to. Mrs McKlnnls' parents, id Mrs. W. D. McKlnnls, for several weeks, have gone lo Mil ! \vaukc,;. Wis., to make their future home. L • Mrs. C. F. WilBon nr . return home Sunday Sunday ichool'lncl Bible 8:15 a.-'in. Divine service, 10 a. m. Sermon topic: "The Rich Young Hubr and the :True Way to Eternal Life." Services are held at the St, Stephen Episcopal church. A cordial welcome to all. =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON How Wisdom Depeads On Character SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH E. Z. Ncmom, Paitw Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Church. II a. m. the Rev. P. B. Langley, county missionary will preach at both church services, B. Y. P. U., 6:30 p. m. Church, 7:30 p. m. Members of this church ara asked to remember state mission day October 26. The 25 .;,.i . escort foi IIK Hallowe'en ii, usual black hii:! most in evidence, ml. Irconis thrown o;ic: Saliba. cr set. Included in. tlia Wednesday • Miss Grace Webb Is having Hie Wednesday club! Mrs. E. R. Mason Is havlvy a bridge party. Thursday The Thursday Luncheon Is meeting with Mrs. Otto kr> i y. Mrs- B. A, Lynch is ha\, Mid-Weck club. ; Mrs. J, Neal Gesseil wUi be I..-.1- css to the Young Matrons Bridge club. Friday . The Woman's club Is meeting at the club house at 2:30 o'clock. i invited on with the shades the two iiu young- 50 present were several Newport and Memphis visitors. B'N'al B'KKU to Meet The local B'nal B'rith will meel Sunday allerncon at the Temple for Omaha, N;b., where she expects t? spend two weeks wkli her father. Mr. and Mis, i,. G. were In Hornersvllle anil Kcnnclt son-are to from Hot ; been visiting relatives for a month. ; Mr:,. Wa!k:-'r H. Baker is accorn- ! panying Mr. aiid Mrs, A. B. Falr- ; ncld to. Chicago for a, visit. They 1 are leaving today, i Mr 1 , and Mrs. Cecil Shane will • have as their guests Sunday Mr. ,, and Mrs. George Bush and daugri- ! (er, Cciistance, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thursday night nnd Friday. They attended the fair at Kennelt, Mrs. M. Rubcmteln and Ro:c Goldberg, of Osccoln, visitors here Thursday. Mts, Anna Wclnbcrg, Israel for nn important business! nnd family. been at Nashville, .Tenn., and liu- dora, Ark., for a year, arrived Frl- i day to spend tlie winter with her daughter, Mrs. Wnller Rosenthal, i , \; of Pnragould. Mrs, T. 11 Hayhes returned Fri,,..„ ' day from Memphis where she speiil .a week with her daughter, Mrs wore Unwell Parr, ar . Mr, and Mrs. E. C. Palton wil FIRST METHODIST CHURCH P. Q. Rorlc, Pastor Worship and sermon 11 a. m.and 1:30 p. in. Morning service broad- cost over KLCN. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Junior, Hy and Senior League 0:30 p. in. Board of Stewards will meet at 0:30 p. m. at church, Monday night for supper. "'. Prayer meeting Wednesday 1:30 P. Choar rehearsal Wednesday 8:15 p. ». , Only 10 days until North Arkan- jas Conference meets at Helena.. Tfec InUnuUwuI Unlfwm S»n- 17 gcMM ttmtt t*r Oct. H. How WMom Dtpewb on Character. Lriu 2:W-*t. * * > . BY WM. B. OiLKOY, D. D. Editor at The CwMT*tallorull5t The general title lor this lesson Is given a» "Simeon and Anna: the Insight ol the Pure In Heart," This title Is jomtwhat more accurate than the topic for young people and adults which heads this article, for wisdom In the sense in wnWi we are speaking of it is [ really discernment. Discernment,; in turn, Is a matter ot clarity and ccuracy of vltlori. And, as In Ihe matter of physical vision some irh- perf^ctlon, of astigmatism or myopia, In the eye, distort* or blurs he vision, so Imperfection of the spirit Is bound to affect the things that can be only spiritually 1 , discerned. to se3 with clear and unobscured vision is necessary for discernment; and It becomes, therefore, a truism that it Is only the good who can see. goodness, only the true who can percleve truth, and only those (i'hcse hearts are,full of loVej [hat can understand and discern | the meaning of love. Must Be Discerning To perceive goodness, to see truth, to understand love is to have a great enlightenment that brings into one's ken a world that others do not, know. The world ot these he* relationships is a world of constant discovery and of ilorl- ous contacts, the man whose moral sense U dull and whose spli-. go to.Memphis today for the weekend. Misses Emma Hood and Monta re visitors in Memphis muting. Woikmar Young Mrs, Ike Miller is 111 at Iwr home C. A. Cunningham has returned on Walnut street. M. C. Cook and C. B.' WcoiU, of A man- ;e license was Issued to- huoxra. wcro visitors- Jay to N' • Faye Young, ot here, | Tlnlrsduy night. hi I from a business trip to Memphis, ! Jonesboro innd Pnragould. ' .. .. Marsh M, Calhnvay jr., who has m *.UEnvseriously ill for'(en days from LAKE STREET METHODIST ) CHURCH W. J. L*Roy, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Church. 11 a. m. Subject: "Can We Do Without God?" Special service at 3 p. m. for women only. Subject: "Judas or Mary." Church, 7:30 p. m. Subject! "If There Were No Church.'-' Club Entertained Mrs. Russell Phillips won the prize at tre . Thursday .Luncheon club this week when Mrs. Ross D. Hughes was hostess; In the luncheon which preceded the bridge game, when a, dcuble deck of cards was awarded, the. hostess served a delicious two coiifte i <'rMnu at an .attractively appointed'table. Pink rosebuds formed the ceiiterpie'ce. Miss Mary Satterfield, of Memphis, was the only girest. * * • Joins Dramatic Club Miss Winifred Ooodnch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Oocdrlch, byrr 1 . Mo. is E, Workman, of Ar- 3rmJh-Mllll7 Miss Georgia Murry nncl Mr. Roy Einitli, both of Manila, obtained a nmrrlnge licen;; yesterday. * • * Bailey-Huff Frank Field returned lo Elclon, Mo., Friday after" a:,week's vaca- • lion spent with his parents', Mr. and | : Mre. J. J. Field.. _ •. ..•-•-'""• C- C. Adam£ wus n vlsitcr In Ciiiuthersvlllc Thursday night. .John Lett relumed to his home In Pontlac, Mich., Friday after ft 1 week's stay with his parents, the The marriage of Miss Ottlft Huff! Rev. and Mrs. T. N. Loll. and Mr. Calvin Bailey, both of this j Mrs. May L: Aldridgc lias return- city, lost; place yesterday with ltd from a business trip to Green- ft knee infection, Is now Improving. : MltEM La Vergnc Hood and Lula i Scott arc going to Memphis this ! nflernosn for the weekend. | Miss Nolllc Kerr !s spending tlie i wrek.-md in Memphis with friends. Mrs. Sue R. Mason will rcturli tonight from St. Louis where she has been visiting for two weeks.,; FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Alfred S. Harwell, Putor Sunday school. 9:45. a.|m. . ; Church service, li a. hi.''Subject, "Tlie Man Who Walked to Hea-" - ' !•• • B. Y.- P.- U.'s G":I5 p/m. • • Church, 7:30 p. m. Subject:'.'"The Tragedy 1 of Neglect." ' : . Itual vision is blind can never form, high contacts with his fellow men, iior can he discern what is worth" while in human relationships. But Just as Jesus discerned in the live* of men the elements of goodness thai lay benealh evil deeds or evil reputations, so It U given to the pure in heart to see Ocd, aiid in seeing God to perceive and understand godliness in all of his children. The prophet, whohi Ihe blind and the ignorant stone. Is really a prophet to. wild looks'.-'out. through "ejfcs - of: L ^itli and love wi(hiUle power lo discern truth without prejudice. The teach- ' Text! Luke 2:25-39 And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalcpi, whose r.ame was Simtcinj. and the same, man was Just and devout, \vaitii!3 ; : or the consbiatlon 'bt Israel: and the Holy Ghost WJB upon him. And it vtis .reveale 1 unto him by the Holy Ghcst, that lie thcuki not see death, before he had seo.-i the Lord's Christ. :: 'Arid He came by the Spirit into the temple: and when His ' Barents brought in the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom of the law. .Then took he h!m up ih his arrris, arid blejssd Gcd, en-1 raid, Lord, now lettesf tooii thy servant defirt in pc,ace, acccrding ;tb 'thy word: ' For. mina.eyes have seen thy salvaticn. . Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people; 'A'ligKt to h'shte'n , the ''"Giait-iles, and the glory of thy '.icopla '' . . „ . ...And Joseph " aiid .. his mother" marveled at those the 'cJ;nlonV. ' - ' i t * * SliinauK-Ashv iirlli Miss Vioin Aslnvorth and Mr. Jeff shinault, both of Lcuchviilc, were iisiitd yesterday. n inarringc license Justice Oscar Alexander perform- who is a student at Hendris-Hen- ed the marriage ceremony yrai-r- derson college at Arkadelphla. has": day when Miss Odcll Znlm-r of ,»l.,^ ,„„ „....,.,_ ., SUBlc _ ^ _ Mr MCCUUT| of CQ ^ were married in this city. * • * Class Strives for AUciiilancr. The Dorcas Sunday school class of the First Baptist church is striving for n record attendance Sunday morning. Interesting activities lave been nn impetus lo the mem- joined the HendrLx - Henderson Dramatic club. Assigned to group seVen, which is dlfi.-cicd by Miss Lucibelle Workman, of Conway, the group plans to present several one act plays during the year. • 4 * Will AUend Memphis ' Affair Tomorrow S'ijhl A number from here are planning to attend Ihe Junior Hadassah dance and cabaret at the Silver Slipper Night club of Memphis tomorrow. Among them are: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Applebaum, Phil Slein- bcte- Miss • Florence Arian, Miiret; Sara, Pauline and Mildred Lang, William Lang, JCD Applebauin, Een- niejBerfield, Louie Isaacs and Maurice Rosenthal. • * • * SIcncrlef-Hogan The marriage of Miss LUlian V Began, formerly of Luxora -and now of Tampa, Fla., and Mr. W H. Mor.crief, also of that Florida city, was solemnised in Luxora this W. U. Turner Is in Helena for j two days on business. Miss Mary S'atterlleld, of -Memphis, who is spending two weeks in the home of Mr, and Mrs. C. W. Afflict, is gclng to Memphis loclay for the weekend. She will bc ac- by Charles and Mary Jean Affllck. Airs- Robert .Kiivinjrlon' - and daughter, Jane, of Memphis, are guests ot Mrs". Kilvlngton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Z. A. McQuls- lon. . Amctif; these from Newport who were here for the football game were: M!EMS -Josephine Unison. Culstoii. Mary Alice Gregory, Lucy Luxora Society—Personal Oscar Lynch wns a visitor in Cov- ingtun Tenn. Sunday. Mesrtnmes Landrum and ViolH re'UimcJ Monday 1 from several days visit In Clarksvlllc nncl Helena. : Miss Lai\ra T. ~Lindsey, of ^^em- phis is the guest of 1 her aunt, Mrs. T. F. Hudson and. family. My. Elliott Williams was a Memphis visitor Monday. Mrl- James Driver and dmighter, ^•Inrlha Poscy, were the. guests ol Mr. nncl Mrs. Jessie Brown on Tuesday. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH Services are -held each Sunday morning, 11 o'clock, In room 104 of the -Hotel Noble. Subject' f'6r ; -toncWow: "Atonement." Golden .text '. John 2:1, 2, "If any man sin, we. lave an advocate .With the -Father, Jesus Christ, the rig'hteous; -and he s the iiropitiation for our sins: and :iot for ours only, bdt also for the sins of the whole world: " . . Wednesday evening service, 1:30 o'clock. er, :whbm btners negiect and d'es-1 were s P° ken of nlm - ' things which pise, becomes the. sublimely influential guide and leader "of those who can discern the glory of> the truth that ha has to impart. It was all this that was exemplified in the coming of Jesus iri- to the world. It was the pure and the good who were looking for his coming and who knew him and re- BirneorY blessed thcni, arid said iihto Mary his rrnthfr, Be. hold,' this child is set for the fell and rlsir.j again '61 many In Israel; and for a sign .which shall .bs spoken against; (Yea ; a sword shall pierce through liiy cwh stiul also;) lhat the 'thoughts of many htaits may be revealed. 'And there was one Aniia, a prophetess, the daughter of Pha- -nuel, of the tribe of Aser: "she was of. a frtat age, and had lived with a husband seven years from her .virginity; ceived him when he cams. Here iii ] And sii? was a : wiclow:0f about fourscore and- : four years, which i* our lesson we have two old saints who had schooled themselves ,in, rfglileo usiiess . and devotion. They departed not from- the prayers night and day:., but served 'God with fflslln»s and •' ' ' ' •" ''"•'•'' '~ '•' were as well Irairied by moral and spiritual discipline to know the | ; ment In attendance. Wllman. Virginia Hinklc. Jnnc j M r . nnrt Mrs. B. W. Thwcat were Marianne Parish. Illldegnrde Me- visitors In Uaruthersvilie Fridav. Bandy and Randolph I'atton, O. L. Miss Margaret Williams of Altus Oklnhomn, will bc the guest of Miss IcLnin nnd Garland Hastings J. A. DUES, who has been serious- j ly ill nt the Memphis Bnulist hos- According to the U. S. Bureau of I ,;„„,. \, m pl - otab | y Standards, tungsten nrcs under • \ mav wlthm „ L PnESBYTERIAN CHURCH Marsh .M. Callaway, Pastor ; Sunday school, 5:45: ; a. m. Ray jWorihlnglon. superintendent. "A class to fit the need of every Individual." Morning church, U o'clock. Ross Stevens will sing a solo as special music and the pastor will preach. Christian Enrteavcr societies, 8:45- p. m. Evening worship, 7:30 o'clock. "I was glad when they said let us go into the house of the Lord." Master when he came as some min- \ Jerusalem, er .whose heart was all set upon gold might be trained to recognize, the. golden vein when he saw it in .the rock. : Finds Satisfaction And she coming in that instant gave .thanks .likewise, unto inc. Epake of him to all them that looked for redemption in And wlic'n- they had performed all things according to the law of the Lord, they returned into Galilee, ta their own city M Nazareth. | accomplishes ils triumphant .work. .It is the fellowship of. souls like Louise Hudson for the week end. Mr- nnd Mrs. Charles Shoaf and Mr. Harry Worslcy motored to hurli prcssuic of Inert gns have ,iow improving, been raised to more than 5<KB dc-1 Miss Jane Bin glees Fahrenheit. ; for brought i Jonesboro Sunday, s. He is I Dr. J. J. Richards relumed Fri, , ; day from several days visit with his ick 1ms as Her guest daugh'.er. Mrs. Waller Duncan of .. . weekend, Miss Mary | cnrutlicrsvllle. Ma. morning at the home of Mr. and Secretary American liiiilsr, Mrs. E. R. Bogan- The Rev. T. L. D RIDGE By.WM. E. McKi:\Xi:v .comes to make the filth ^SMVs.'szs.^SJas'ris-s-T-sFj The bride, who is a sister of Mr. (declaration, this piny tbes ari'- E. R. Bogan, spent two years with j A" e.xample of tiie When holding nvc cr Mr. hand. suit nncl you ! K,T «.,vi,,... ~ i ." •" -I J -'"- M ""* LHU niai, trick, return rLiit- 1 by ^partner-against a no in:,,,,, ner's suit fourth best- therefore y rt=« ari^. East returns the dei:ce of clubs her brother'beWgolng^oT^lplay^s'iyWVlunrtTgiv'^b^ fcw" "" ^^ ™ S w ' Ul llle ' ^shehas,iv 6 dforthep,stj.ow. ^ _^_ " ^t must do Jusl . llltfe MUs Mary Jane Wootlson of Oi- ceolu wns thei guest of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley McRae on Sunday. Mr. and ^^Ts. Will Wood and" Mr. and Mrs. Herman Spiccv and son were Cnnill-ersville visitors Friday Mr. and Mrs. Maud Evans of were Ihe guests of Mr. find Mrs Stanley Mcliae this we Miss Coleman to Meet With Clubs Next Week Meetings of Boys nnd Girls 4-H clubs nnd three women's groups throughout Mississippi county will occupy Miss Cora Lee Coleman county home demonstration ngenl next week. Etowah ai visited Mond The reward of the righteous I.Simeon ana -:--iina that our own comes in this enrichment .of their I Vision is clarified- it is in the Ives. The 1 man of clear Vision and [ companionship of those who have of unimpaired vision sees so much! the -vision of love that we attain . and Mrs. Frank Vollmcr A native ot Georgia, the bridegroom has been a resident of Florida. for the past eight years He is employed with the Ocean stone and Oravel company of Tampa r home Soulh the dealer at com,an. „!-,„_. ,,„.„.„., (11 ,. „ though holding a five-card clb-'. chits must be the fourth niond suit. f ccls that the Wcs t must do Just a thinking before playiix to ( trick. Certainly the deuce ivcu business visitors in Blythe- Ulle on Monday. Mesdamei E. R. Began and L. A. Rlgg3 were Osccola visitors Men- clay. Mr. nnd Mrs. nay Graham and more- So these devout souls found a deep sntlsfaction in the revelation that came to them late In life. Simeon has a revelation concerning tl:e babe brought lo the temple and Anna, who shared in the worship of the temple, in some way perceived the significance of the child and the fact that In him was to t2 the fulfillment of the great] prophecies to which their souls' were fully attuned. But tlie vision that they saw was not ail of comfort and satls- facticn. They perceived that the salvation the Messiah brought was to come through sorrow and suffering. Mary could not have under: this time the words that ,nd Shady Bend will be ! s ™ eon addressed to her, but in' ,„.,. .iday for the 4-H meet- a " et " ^ r "rs.-: especially under the Ings and on the following day she sna do<v of the cross, she must have will go to Kciscr and Red Line for i lccan ™ these words, "Yea, and a similar meetings, while Wedncs- . 5wor(i - sh:l11 P'erce through thine day's schedule calls lor Hatcher I ?™ E0u1 -" And in that dark'hour lo that vision ourselves- -And there ••inrifiiul and the eyes are trained to see them: The 'deepest, truest law of all the universe is expressed in the simple saying that it Is the pure in heart who see God- MATERNITV HOsi'rTAL--FC!r un- 1s-no other way. It Is'hopeless to foftunalc girls; secluded private, ' rates reasonable. For infotihition expect to see the things that can-1 v , rl t c pnf.nnnunt Hospital, «I1 East not be seen except as the vision is I 27(h, Kansas City, Missouri. and West Ridge. it Is prcbablc that nothing so much Both the -1-H club and Women's : he 'Ped her as the recollection of club of Stlllman will meet Thurs- lnC£e words—the realization that day and Friday morning the Lone i tlle wn >" of tl] -- cross wns the way Oak 4-H members will meet before i ° r snlvalicn and the way of blcss- thc Women's club meeting here | "'B which her son had brought to that afternoon. The Perry Women's club mem- mankind. Discernment is written over ev- wh'ere they will make thei after October 25. Bridge Club Has Wtlntr Roasl. A weiner roast wilh an outdoor fireplace for a fire was the unusual treat of the Night Bridge club this week when Mrs. Jos Watcon was hostess last evening. The summer house of '.. • y arc i was decorated in keeping u;;h the Hallowe en holiday with two ghosts at each side of the entrance Or- of goiii; no trump tli • As the ha' | and cont [opening r West pr 1 three nr contractn.. enge colored footstooh made ^.-,- forlable seats for the eight prc 1 it who cooked weiners, collee "a toasted marshmallows over t'-i- bcrs. Later, fortunes were t; Later-bridge was played fcles gay with orange an decoralions. Mas Irene c. won the prize. Mrs. Oliver W. Coppedgc was in: it'st WEST S-K-7-Z H—1-9-6 D—Q-8-5 C-0-10- S6 S-! . K-A-7-- . D-X-7-1: 0-5-3 of! b;s: re-. possi- turned by pariner. If the declarer i" li ticatcr in held tlie missing small clubs, err-: the mnmr suit. | tainty the jack would not Imve- ! r Min.- stopped ! been played to Ihe first trick ! m «: 19. th;' Therefore West must not p-jj-1 ••> li'.Kiip K-r.lcii j the .eight of clubs, but should play I lamei it to: the ten which, will allow ins part-: <;•*"* the . nor to get in and mak? his lifih ; | club. The declarer plays tlie kir.s ! ', and queen of hcnrls, and then the ' ; ; daughters. Meredith and Olivia "' visited relatives In Marion on Sun-" thy of last week. SOUTH—D£*LEJi S-A-Q-9 H-K-Q-10 ' ft-A-9-W-3 3-6-S •'-9-5-i n-j-io 0--A-9-V. 4-2 ! n spnde. the declarer a diamcn i nnd West the seven of spacios.. i Declarer leads the jack ! spades from dummy l:m«:r. i Wcst winning with lift king. \v,; returns the queen of clubs. ~ ! er dtscarding I club. H- a Finnll cliair.--.!i.i ! from dummy. East irtayinj t;,e 1 four of clubs and declarer di-~?.:r- Ina a diamond from his Inn-; The Play West's .--rrect c;:oi:::-. = i s the i clubs which Easit cverlnkr-s ui;--, t'MS suit. » sk spo'.. hi- ;curlh"the nine and then cashes his srvei: led, cl'.imjv.v piavs 1 of clubs. In this mannn KM.', '-ins tiie UK-* with i nnd West have made four club >:-uarcr fc!!n\vu:2 with | tricks and a spade, defeating the I3y appjyiai i!- e tu \ t | declarer's contract one trick. fornial d,n« g ,ven-, aft cvenin s byic-aier M ^HJ h ^^^^^ i'-ijis Patly Moore.ifctac home ol- nlfincr than the six C ^T A- >,i c ' «r v,^ «-,^inor-c <-iit iv,c,v «*>,*'* LC- her .luu, Mrs. 'ffiSST PhiPips, panncr only held'ouf ^ ' n t "^"'S^U"d«S ' & .where she is spending the he ncld five, his problem bs-1 from going game, ais. ' " " .1 Library Notes "A Woman of Anclrns" by Thornton Wilder is nn old story, c-f course. Many \vcre pleased with Inter bcok. One wise m-in slid a lew years r.go, "Never rcv.d a book until it , s a year o!ci." We lake the new M -n'- salioiiK calmly, at least, and witli more than a grain of salt. Who remembers "Robert Elsmere" ,Miri what a rage it hart? Sjm? critics pronounce the mys- le:y stories of Earl Derr lii;ci-r. JDancc Gircn. H was "Girls' Night" 1 at the in- l l lr of West continues wilh the- i-icl-.t n; tl:c bcs '- writtcn-nt least the „-,-,,. - - - - - - - meandcrlngs oi Charlie ci:.-n» n:c always amiisine. "Black c.'.::.. <••'•" is nc',v at the library. nascMl fans, whether int«iv< nr mild, can hardly fail to pi-.ti;,-^, '»rr an nrticle iibout "Co-.iii.ii M.icV." in the June American--• i;., F:.'-:n Seven Cellars,." There :> ', I Jl .the.. library— The H»-;« Mack Built Over Seven Ci-:i-l nfeetlng 'Kere Saturday. Locri; Pastor (pi Services at New Liberty THc Rev. W. J. LeRoy, pastor of the.Lake Street ltte|)»o«f, ; "-church- cs, concluded 'a' ttfljfs•'? 5! ''Church' services at New ''' Ubeifty Friday night niter having ^rjreached. for four, successive nights. - bers will bc hostesses to the Coun- cry word attributed here to Sim;y Council ot Farm Women at the | eon. He sees the inevitablcncss ot the great spiritual law that ns it makes for the rising of many through their acceptance of salvation through Christ makes for 'the falling of those who refuse to bring their lives under the power Of the Spirit. • •' He sees the reality ol that grea law of sacrifice: through which he CARD OF THANKS We wth to triable' our many friends for kindnus and sympathy rhcvrn durinj the Illness and dcalh of cur little Lois Nell. W. F. Bell and Children. Roseland, 666 Relieves » Bu.Aacile or In 30 minato, checks a Cold th Ant day, and checks Malvi*- ia\ three dajs, | 666 also in Tablets ' If ycu.lack vital nerve energy nnd are troubled with various ailments you will benefit by chlropraitic adjustments. By the use of a si:?clal verve pressure delecting machine we arc able to tell exactly where Infi-imcci nurves arc, nnd Ihus rrlieve tlie abnormal pressure. We treat colds, headaches, Influenza and all diseases peculiar to this season. J DR. W. S. EASTBURN Chiropractic. Physician 10th A: Holly.;>iw.«. Phone 290 Noble Hotel INVITES You lo dine Sunday in the most pleasant surroundings and where the euisine leaves nothing to be desired. MUSIC jNoon and Evening by the Scubert Trio Ross Baldwin, Chef

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