The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1938
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY i<s, lo BIATHEV1LUO '(ARKJ COUllIKU NEWS PAGE FiVl CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line (or cwisccu- <'lve Insertions: One time per line lOc Two times per line per day ...08c lliree times per lluo per day . ,06c Blx times per line per day ....05c Month rate per line 60c Cards of Thanks 50u &s 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times anci sloped before expiration will be charged for the nimi- bcr of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising coj>y submitted by persons residing oiit- lide of th ecity must be accompanied by oisli. Rates may be lasily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes (lie one time rate. • No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect, Insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Harrv Bailey's CURVE IN CAFE Good Pood at Good Prices l-'RKSH RIVER Cat Fish EXPERT AUTO REPAIRS Garage operated by Floyd Hargett Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Tlioncs 5-F-i & 878 Poultry Nice Fryers for -sale. Highway lil. Mrs. vuia Oglesby Mutlhcws. Phone 18-K-a. 13-ck-6-l'J ~WE~BUY~PbULTRY Highest Market Prices F»ld. J. W. MOORK 324 K. Main St. . The national zoological nnrk in I Washington. D. C,, In its curly <iays. bought- its first kangaroo by jalsing guinea pigs mid trading them nt 15 cents each to the kun- garoo dculer. It required three jyeurs to |>ay the imrcluisc price of $75. For Sale I The pin net Vi'inis appears to us when we see only •i small portion o[ It, When we ee It at it.s "full" |x>sllloit, it Is Laredo Soybeans li.vtra (iuud (tiiallly—Jtrclraiird 1 Husln-l ui' a Carloail W. A. GEMEINHARDT ['hum- 1MO, Alallhews. Mu. KOO bushels (jood car corn. Also some rough i:ypre.w iliineiisiiHi lumber. G. Ci. Caudill, phone "M 01 797. H-ck-tf I.IU-BC Klondike strawberry jilanls. •10 cents per hundred.'or $1.00 per 'niotisalid. Cnrlts LiUle. Highway ci, noil]).' H-pk-?l REAL BAHCiAIN — new national ^ total cash register. Cash $150, terms $175. Rustic Inn. O-ck-U-9 PLUMBING Fixtures, pipe, litlinss. nil bathroom ni'ccisories, ralvcs. electric wiitcr sj'slenis for runners, wafer toltcners, or any othcv ilcin con- icctcd with plumbing or healing. "Pete" The Ph/mber Used Furniture WE I!UY & SELL USKI) FUnNlTUKE BUY NOW - - PAY NEXT FALL HUBBARD 2nd Hand Furniture Next to GofT Hotel Piano Tuning I'lanoa tuned and repaired. Call George Ford at Watic Furniture Co. Phone 155. Hardware Used -Lawn Mowers S2.S3 up Used Oil rook Stoves ....S2.50 up Used Bicycles ; $4.50 up , All in Fair Condition rSHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Coal & Ic My Coal Is Black But I Treat you White ICE LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan Blytlieville, Art. Theme 107 Repairing So. 2nd. LAWN MOWERS Shnrpcnerl & Repaired Bly. Machine Shop Phone 808 Shoe Kcpairiug Quality Shoe Shop NEW SAMPLK SHOES Everything For Your Shoes Phone 120 Free Deliver Auto Paris SKI: vs FOII U-scd Anltt Pads for City Auto Parts Co. Next lo Bus Slalion 1'IioncXl S25CO Worth <it USED l-'lfKNITUKK All Slakes Radios Repaired WADK FURNITURB CO. 112 W. Main Tbonc 15: Wallpaper KOOM LOTS WAM.l'APEIi $1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson LUMUKK CO. Real Eslatc IJCKN.SEO KKAJL, ESTATE JJKOKEHt We list farm and clly Properly. If you would be a buyer or a seller fccc T E R K Y 'ABSTRACT & REALTY CO 213 W. Walnut Phone 617 Personal" Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers hrftriKehrft. Active LjVer PDlK get »t thr r **l eagle or TOUT HlnggtsboeM «na tnak« j-oa !ce\ liJcc § new person. KM "onr • yfllem of mrplai rjoinoni with Aelitr I.l.«r Will. H»rrclnn, |<nlU. ^old &l R]! Efrbjr fin; Slorei, For Rent i-'iirntsltcd house for (he summer. Mrs. George Crow, 300 I.nke St. lU-ck-tf room furnished apartment. SCO W. Walnut. lC-pk-23 furublied rooms, Phone m-j. fieasoiiiiljle. 11-ck-lf Comfortable bedconi, 1017 Walnut, Call 102. 2-rk-II 3 room unfurnisliccl apartment. 700 VI. Walnut. Mbs Kliso Moore. 21-ck-lf. Nicely furnished bedroom. Inner spring mattress. Miss Hall, phone 280. 18-ck-U Wanted To Rent By June 1st. Small unfurnished house. Prefer Centra! School District. Phone 802. ID-ck-l' For Sale or Track Uruccry store iind gas station $300 ciish, balance on llbern 1'nrins. Will clear $200 a. month Write hox "Z". '> Courier. 16-P-23 Coiuiilctc Line, of ELECTRICAL fixtures * Aliplliliii rs KXI'KK'l' WIRING Walpole's The Complete Klt'elrica) Klnrc 110 ,So. 2nd rlioni: .11-1 DIRT Sand & Gravel 50c VAH1) Phone 700 on the tnrthcr .side oi the orbit tram HIP onrth, mul Ibrivlori', H|>- ixur.s • very uiuill. Bulgarian Buttermilk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY & NICiHT CALL 30 Holt Funeral Home ELECTKIC & ACETTIJENk WELDING AT DEST PIUCK3 •PBOMPT BERVIUB Barksdale Mfg. Co. FOWLER DRUG CO Y01JK Now Located »t 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITES SERVICE BUREAU WON EUWAKWS, Proprlclw All milts of Rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Mnililiiti tat C»le«J»(Ms—Ktp airing—J' CURKl) WITHOUT SUKGBKY.& (ilJAKANTKKI) Safe ami without hospital cure. All other .raitul diseases fronted, fissure, fistula, etc. We also fallen nrclics; treat & cure skin cancer by special treatment. DBS. WES & N1ES Ostropalhic riiysiriaiis 5H Main riionc 98 lllythcvlllr, Ark. Rolls of ROOM LOTS $1.09 up Mw,l complde lliir uf 1'ulnls nml Wullpaper In N. K. Ark. lilvllti'ville I'JiliU & Wallpaper < % n. lllljllu'rlllc Oirneil ,t Ojictali'Jl Cill'llflll! lilll),-. I'llOHfl «W) DRUGGIST & 1st I'hone Ml SAVE MONEY ON Meats Groceries MHJMKST QUALITY GAMES MKT. us w. iuuiti riionc n Drs. Wert & Wcrt O1TOMETUIST8 tJVfr Joe Isnnra' Btor» "H'K MAKK 'KM SKK" I'lioue 64(1 SEED We luivc on luinil for tale or Uiiik'. for olher product;;, Benns —Lnrcrto, U e I s I n, Mammoth Drawn, Wilson mill Virginia Brosvn. I'cns—Whips mid Now F.I a. Lospcdoza— Korean. Cotton Been—D. P. L. 11-A and Stoncvlllc -I-A. Will sell for cash or liiidc wllli you for olhcr kinds of beans or cotton seed. I, R. Matthews Gin Co. Trl. 11-1'-;|, Varbrtt, Arkansas Cotton, C'utton Seed * Coul SCREEN WORK AT A 8AVINC1 ltr|i«lrlii| A New Hi'icrils MAI)K TOK ALI, IHIHrOSEB Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 10 CRESCENT Night Club The Home of (lood Food HOT I'lT l!AUm>;OJK Kl.KCTJlU: COOKI01) STKAKS I'MflCf) CHICKKN George Ford's "jMl-ltcilui'st" Iliuul Cover Cliai'su We |)cr per: For Reservations Call Holland 17 II. W. Gl Holland, Mo. .Doctor'of.-the- Mirid- HORIZONTAL I. V The man called "father ol psycho- nnulysls." II Pertaining to air. Aiuwer to Previous Puult tiHllcr. 14 To twist. 10 Indian. 17 liookinjf- Khissca. 10 Tree. 20 Street ?! Mongrel. "2 Ti> scold. M Tom- "B," A monster, Zil Mnmitfiic pronoun. IV Mules. .!« Hack. '.'I) Gibbon. 3D To employ. Kwirful. l.iisl word ut n prayer, :i» tty. 'JO Purl of n circle. M Snout:;. 40 Southeast. \ I Sheltered plnce. \'i Kabuluu.'i Ijlnl. •M Curse. •Ill Hide bone. •lac.'irdin.-il number. 53 Shrub con- luinliiK ipccae SSKoilllktt work, '!>« licgrels. 57 !!e developed methods for life. SI) iris tlieoiT attaches importance to . VERTICAL I Sofa. •J Wrnlli. • .'1 To depart. •I One. 3 Null her. 'I Woods plnnt, U Klcclrlcal unit U [lubber tree. lOScaweedj. 11 His nation- • ality, . - .. ; . 13 Therefore 15 He lias attained world -- . 17 Genus ot rodents, 18 South America. 21 Sailor. as Values. 26 Hell. 27 Resembling ', (i wal!. 28 1'arl of rnout!: = 33 Cause. 3 » To ebb. '37 To repurchase 1 ' 39 Mnle child. ; 43 Rlnjjlet. '-' 44 Company. •15 Moriinllti dye. •tO Etlgo of skirt. •1? Wi'ili»K (ool. •ID Myself. . • 50 Sun ijod. , Rl Dyewood tr;e . 51 1'rcposilioi). 5C Munlcul note. BY. V. T. HAML1N ^®M$, 'Ife ritOPOSKI* CONSTITUTIONS t, AMF,N1>MKNT NO. 2G Proposed by the General Asceinbl: and filed in (he office of the Secretary ol Stale on February 'M 1937. BE IT RESOLVED BY TUP HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATE OP THE STATE OF ARKANSAS. A MAJORITY OP ALL THE MEMBERS ELECTED TO EACH HOUSE AGKKE- 1NG THERETO: That the following is hcreb- proposed as an amendment to I hi Constitution of the Slate of Ar Kansas, and upon being submillci to the electors of the state for approval or rejection at (lie nex general election for Representatives, and Senators, if a majority of the elector.-, voliug thereon, at such all election, adopt, -such amendment, the same shall become a purl of (lie Constitution of the HUilc ol Arkansas, to-wit: Section 1. Every citizen of Hie United Stales of the age of Twenty one years, who has resided In I ho Slate twelve months, in lire County .six months, and in Ihe precinct, town or ward one month, next proceeding any election r.t -.vhich they may lo vote, and who shall register in rhe county not less lhan six months next proceeding such election, and agnin in the township, precinct or ward not lew than thirty days, next proceeding such election, It Mich citizen changes residence following the last registration, or who may have become of age nf- ler the time for registration, shall bo allowed lo vote at any election held in the Stale of Arkansas, but. (lie General Assembly shall have Ihe )x>wer lo pass a ]>cr capita tax not, to exceed one dollar for Ihe benefit, of public schools and to safeguard nils conslitidionnl amendment, but in no even! shall it, abridge the right ol suffrage In Iliis Slate which shall extend equally upon men and women without regard to jcx and thai women shall not be compelled to serve on juries. Section 2. The LCRlslalurc .shall by law provide a just system of registration for nil voters' in this slate and tlie Assessor .shall be Ex-Ofticlo Registrar. Section 3. This amciitimentshall 7iol, be declared lo have been adopted by the Speaker of the House unless a majority of all (hose voting at the election vote for same. Wllncss my hand and y fa | ||,j 5 1st day of April. 1938. C. O. Unit. Secretary ol Slate. PITTSBURGH i UP)-The campaign to get University of Pittsburgh students to take free tuberculin tests is proving success- tul. So far. more lhan 1,000 ilu- dents—250 women and Oil men— liave submitted to the examinations. llure Co mi's tiic ( P-AWD OOP ^ED OUR NEW 1WTR.V Z US.' JU57 AKJOTHERTHIMGJ MAKES ARE A SWELL) COOK / J PAKADI5E BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Well! Wc-ll! Well! HY EDGAR MARTIN YOURE fX W\CVi OOT O? NT : WASII TUBES l.nok Whn'.s Here I?Y ROY CRANE rr's corAtw TO ^ y PASS, BY GOLLY, WHEN AM i'w\ TJRED OF PAYIM' PKO- SIT JUST UJAfflNd TOR THERE, YOU \ COUPLE 0' FRIEWOS TO ouhAWvy! wny DROP By, USED TO RUM DON'T YOU /A MMHINE GUN IN 00 SUkA/ DOWW 1H HERE THEY ARE 1 , COWE IN, BOYS, AVID ' Nt) WITH CmZEN CANT RUN A> BUSINESS WITHOUT V. TECTiOW AN 1 DAWWE5 FOR Ml W5 PROFITS 60W TO A, CEQOKS! _ TW\5'M THWl I PRKCKI>ES AND HIS W WHAT WERE YOU \ ^ DOIKK3 UP HERE, MAKING ALL.TMAT NOISE _ NH t ' r " wtl f(lr Freckles CAM'r TELL YOU BOY,'IF DOLORES DREEM IS IN "lOWN, I_SOTTA GO SEE- MER J :E, SHE'S A B(3 MOVIE BY MERRILL BLOSSER~ NOW, MOM IT'S A SECRET / I GOTTA GO DOWN TO THE RIALTO THEATRE AND see MISS DREEM ! ITS IMFOR3ANT/ .„, jfy'i *^'M MISS DREEM )SWE CERTAIMUY MNT SEEN' / DOES .' You JUST TELL Meft FRECKMQ GOOSEY is our WERE , AMD SEE WHAT HAPPEMSI ! AIN'T SEEN VISITORS ' BEA.T IT—' SCRAM I SHE DON'T EVGM K You / <\ tsj OKAY—OKAY / I'LL TELL MISS DREEM YOU WISH TO HAVE AM AUDIENCE WITH HER.' TELL HER. I WANT 1 ALONE

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