The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1945
Page 5
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JHUUSDAY, JANUARY -1, 1945 Georgia's Rebel Remain In State; t List Of Widows Pension Growing Jiln. 4 (UP)—Goor- -''in gray line has narrowed l <> If) men. but Confederate Pension '"u reveal tlwit widows of Con-late veterans are still helm; •''» M to pension rolls that since lolh,' s : 1VC C ° St " 1C SUUC 53 mim<m Miss Lillian Henderson, director fMimatc-5-. thai, widows' pensions may still be on the books 50 years from non-, or 130 years from the ciul of the civil War. Under Georgia 1,'iiy any woman who married a --onfetiurale veleran before Jan 1, •J-'t, becomes eligible for n pension wnen tii-j. soldier husband dies. Miss m-iinei-.'-on points out lhat some of 1! 'c brides were yoiinjj women. At Ihe fame time, It's revealed Hint a move is ufodt to Increase the .'•iiMicrs 1 monthly pension payments ficin $50 lo $75 a month' and their' payments from $30 to $50 a month. Attorney General T. Gmdv Head ruled last spring that an eliglbl- wlciov who rnuanics regains hei eligibility, when her second husband dies. A total of 45 women have been in.t on the roil, b i nce April under Heads reversal of previous rulings ') total of ill!) women are noiv orawmg : monthly 1)HJ , mcills fl . om the Department of Confederate- Pensions and records. . Current records of the department indicate that the added can of the proposed pension increases would be absorbed before many vctirs bv advancing mortality. " ' The state's oldest veteran, General J. n. Jones, celebrated his 100th anniversary j n Atlanta vet'terday His _ eighteen surviving buddies are .HI ni excess of 90. «Missouri Fliers Glad To Learn Yanks Were Near SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE Near the Gcrmui Border. Jan. 4 (UP) —It's no time to start figuring'BUI, wnos who when y. 7u ' re pulling out ol parachute shrouds in Ionian's Bui if Sergeant Robert Bolin of , Campbell, Mo., had just taken a second look, he wouldn't have had lo spend two hours in snowy wcods hiding from American troops Bclin.- with other crew members had to bail out of a crippled Su- perfortress returning from a raid over Germany. The sergeant didn't know whether he was landing in American or German-held territory. .H tljdji't help matters much when, just; brier he landed, n Qer- V's Have Just Begun To Fight Long-Range Buzz Bombs Developed By Germans Could Span Oceans In Next War, Military Experts Soy COURIER NEWS G-Ponfs for Pilots the rbifd.' Bolin didn't stop lo°ask questions. He dived into the woods One more Irak nnd the sergeant would have seen an American star painted over the swastika, and a Yank at the steering wheel Tt wasn't until five or six American trucks passed by in the next two hours that Bolin decided he must be inside American lines. v Then there's the case of Sergeant ' Charles Knaus, of St. Louis, a tail- gunner on the same crip'ptai Fortress, lie was fired at. while dropping with his parachute by Amer T icau engineers who llvnight he was n Nazi parachutist. He started limning ns soon as he landed and didn't stop until he heard some Americans shouting instead of .shooting. Says Knaus, "The was Ihe second best moment of my life. The first was when I landed in one piece." N'ol in Line of Duly LAPORTE, Ind. (UPi—Police Sgt Charles Olson, working his usual mirtnighl-to-S-a.m. .station trick read a Chicago newspaper account of an appeal for rare typo 3 blood to save the life of a hospital pa- licnl. Ho Jeff for Chicago ns soon as he got- off work, returning minus a pint of blood, in time to begin I the next day's work without sleep By THOMAS M. JOHNSON NEA Military Writer WASHINGTON, Jan. 4.-II is fn less Important that the Germans have counter-attacked us will, some success, than that they have counter-attacked with new secret weapons and robot-bombs. Tins rust reported use of V-l on the battlefield instead of on cities, plus increasing development of long-range rockets means more than the loss of some and lo the ground. M our future future of the world. It emphasizes Ihe recent warnings of leading military and naval authorities, that the first timid hopes of those contrivances are developing into soaring nights toward a future when they will bo decisive weapons. The long-range missiles have just begun to fight Already, they fight more effectively than at their first appearance. The .enemy is solving the problems' of aiming and range; not completely, but more than is realized. Some buzz-lxrnibs have a radio signal that Hashes the robot's position .when it dives. The launchers then, by map triangulatlon find the spot where they hoped it would fall adjust for weather and wind and shoot another flock. Apparently the faster the robot, the more accu- rat-e.—.-ltB^rarige - is -greater • - than when wc'-believcd that lo stop it we need only capture the rather miscalled "rocket coast." The • real rockets, the V-12's, avc been striking Britain for over a month. They and the robots came from points so numerous and dis-1 parsed that no single counter-measure, is fuily effective, v-2 unlike V-l, can hardly be intercepted, gives httlc or no warning, and can probably be guided by radio waves Already it probably outranges V-i and may even carry COO miles. From Europe to America> roughly •, miles. with liielr V-weapons. They might is have made D-d;iv impossible—which „• - S 1C— WlCI 'lo span that simply proves rr.eard, muH be n ' " - -- -" .>('.... i.uiv .-.uiijii) LMUVeS is probably, though not certainly, « n:,h w . Alter V-Uay in Furoue and unpossibe-ln Ibis war. And thus!Asia, Armv and Navy ho, , u ar wind prediction difficulties, so [ country will uo ;ink b ,ek I to £ far away would seem to limit ac- i complacent p'"n, | ,,, ± i< • f curacy. But what of the next war We ',„„„ r oSe Inarch! nirS haiv money and men. Mnj. Gen. Oliver p. Ecliols, chief Air Force authority on supplies says: ^ "Today we have the grcntesL Air any? Today's news indicates how the V's are creeping up on us VYAIt WITHOUT \VAUNl.\fi Our defense leaders and scientists seriously believe these weapons may enable our next enemy to open war upon us without warning, repenting Pearl Harbor not only at New York but at Detroit or Pittsburgh, which would be more serious. And the bursting robots or rockets launched from land, sea or planes of the future (we arc now' nearing lOU-mile-an-hour speed* far greater .than our B-29 of today In range and carrying capacity in bombs or paratroopers. Army nnd Navy today are pushing research and experiment not only in how to counter the nytuc clcalh hut how '- ' in the world, or three yea mcnt which we now wllhln two VOll I'KACli y In America ( s the firs', lu the direction o[ a lusllng . .... fast as It can. to other wmmrlitt. H Is ill America, how,"",' wheie men have the key to in-os{»•' ty ami'(he United stales 'must lead lhe-))roce.«.s|on lo high livlnr tlon" ( ' S "'""'K' 1 "PPii comiicll- moriji^tiiula'nt life, for ouwi'hVs- or olhcra, < a' At fl^ftholishl. some people mnv t)l nBrtii|Hml prospn-ltv has nnv- ihuiB to do with IH-IICC. Hut. m,"/ 1 '', 1 ,' 1 ; l) " t ' k - ' I ' ro "«lt l .s i thal im'm »|i to Ihb prcsonl ivm- wi-rn m>- iionilc ti-oublos. Hitler and Musso ""I toll climbed to pmvrr ovei n> »; ruined forluncs, ruined hopes nilncd iiyfs. •!•),„. sol „ foHo^i,,', "V inninlsliig people relief from misery. Want Is Sri'luii!) '<'iip!e will be patient nnd ran- out I ipmsclvcs to ivnlt for .solutions o oi-.llnnry poliuciil problems, lull "J'.v will do desperate and violent "mjjs ivhen hungry; W |,,, u (h ,,,,, anilhes need food. Prosperity helps o iiinlnliiln pence, mid (as r said in the first sentence) prosperity in Aiiii-rli-ii is die Hi-fit step. Tlie'rea- ioii s iilnln. Uncle Sam Is tho world s best customer. When sve think about (he Imporl- '!.";• of (lie united stales In world iiiihs, (liesc simple figures slaiul oilt boldly: We have only 7 p ev wnl i MIC cm-Ill's population and vet. we """ « per cent of all Ihe raw ma- Us m thu work! from which m.'inufaclm-ed goads are •pniduced. When wheels nre lurnlni? in America, markets gel active to the four corners of the earth. Looking (u America when American smokestacks nre warm and American factories hum »-'.tin mines of Mlllnvil gcl |)|( the rubber plantations of Sumatra •in with workers, and ihe Ciirlb- i countries commence shippln'u coffee, clilcklc an ( | bannnas. Our world's nrosncrlly ii'.t obsolete To maintain an Air Force equipped with olrioli-lc eqiil|)incut is fjilse Bcciirily and waste of money With the research now equip- nml the key t o world iicnce wlll-be why discuss it unless we can do something nljout It? i hnslen to sav we can! >.".>. Foreign hinds prasper when they sell freely to America. They sell to turn it to our purpose Rocket production now has "must" priority. Soon we will be speiuUii" $112,000.000 n month on it atone The loliely lands of the Mojave Desert in California will soon see 4tr,in«<; experimenting with genuine likenesses to Men from -Mars. This is but one of many areas sacred and secret to research and lies, electronics and improved explosives, we have no Idea what the nil-plane of the future will be like or how the Air Force will be equipped or operated in combat. We , ..o.t.i^u. iiicy M^ 10 America when Jobs arc plentiful nod irootl here, when most Americans have money to buy what they »nnu Jobs are plcutlfuland rood nnd;wwkei's prosper; when biisi'ncss expanding. Hiusiness e.Vpunds ^-iv'j'j'vvi ui ujjifiiuvii in coumat. we l:> cxpaninng. ijiusincss e.Vnitnd do know Unit it will be ( |iilte differ-1 wl 'c» Investors .s'cc imsslblc returns cut than it is loclay ami there is O'hm Investments. Tliov could KC" every reason to believe the changes •'%'" opiwrlunillcs now if tlicv were in the nexl 10 years will ho much "»' "InM of taxes, (irenter lliii!i the chunges during the j Unccrdilnly Kills lasl 10 ;..(>;>.•« •• Very few business i men in' the M'Kl.o KSaEiVTMl, I United States have any, Idea today Hear Admiral J. A. Purer, Navy .I 1 '" they will be able,: |,o expand Cuoidinator of Research and DC- '" i Pence-time pursulta. i-Most of VQlopment, . says: - """" ' '" '•' ,. , , WSAAF i'lioto Irom NEA) ; C.-siiils (Ihe G .vtand., for ((ravlly) have been adopted by Ihe Army Ah- .orces lo prcv.-nt |i t :l,iet- pilots from "blncklnB oul" (losng conclpusom) in .steep .lives. Tho iinli-K.-avily pnouinalie na s !• apply pressure to the ,li|ol' s abdomen and lej!» >,"ve, Ini o Wood rom ijoolh,,! in Ihe lower uxlrtinltics. The panU may i* I JiMi^Kii.jis^ilqinonsli'Hiyi.1 Hbove, by liiiiK-powcr or mecJitml Veteran /Jocfoi- Dies ii Fdtillctia- County COMVAY, Ark., .(an. -I (UP) - Llr. Henry ]!. Hiu,|y. 7!-year-old veteran Fimllincr County physician near Conwiiy cmlv yi'sterduy ">r. Hardy, In ' paor hcal'tl, [•„,. .'nil mouths, iepi'esi'iil ( i(l the I2lh nislrlcl. coiupilsln,; raiilknor, IVr- T am! Conway Counlli-s, i tl |] 1( . "rkaiikas senate. Survivors Include his wife, lour liniBlilers and two son* '.eachville Soldier Is,Killed In Pacific ies in sptcd oi "True security accuiniillshincut." Secretaries Forreslal and Stimson have just approved creation of ttnsw t. , . e crea °,fT I™" 0115 w "i<=h!««»ly thai iiilghL be called ' The services have • inevitably money "The Nev- Board." Us object Is to sec >r again shall we uertfcl research, ft will he a ncr- know UJ.'cy; can't''-nffgi'd lo if lhF~nfese~jlt-dijy '05'per them expand cent excess profits laV"rcmnins''in force, it wns enacted i', s a war emergency measure,' Nobody thinks If ought to be repealed Ihls hour _ is the "only yay to keep ahead li this complex technical 'War of- measure and counter-measure" whlcl will continue Into peacetime ' . -' '«• V.IL i in 111 JHMY 'it It will not outlive Ihe war J r'""n " 1 " 1f "" lrra "'•'' I'": hardest of nil laws lo leppiil TIIXIS '"'Vly nvl smaller, iuit unless lares «n liusiness net smaller iifier (lie vnr Investors would l;o insane to pe-nd new billions ;»[• expansion Ijiislnras men want to ph, n |, ( . n ,. e . Ill 1C sales aiul employment' now. When miikps n rMi^oiinlilo !"l.!l!. W !« '•"'ome.rru.ctivc with MVI Id pence will have jt.s Villo WHS killed In ixctlon Nov. 22 In the South 1'a.clflc. lie was (.In. .son of Mr. and Mrs Alfred Young. He also leaves two sisters. Miss Cliaclc Young of Lcnchvlllc mid Mrs, Huulnh llrown of neiir Mo- iH'llc; u brother, I'fc. Tlllmim Yomiu of C,'nmp Cook, Calif. Si'i'Bciinl Yoiuiif was Inducted Into Ihc armed farces Oct. l(i. lfl-12, nml served 2-1 months overseas. Temperatures Alllllilii nittii .... fiO Low Charleston CliarloU'c Chattahbogn Chicago Clncfnriall Deliver Bclrolt' , Jacksonville Kansas City Macon Tallahassee Mlainl Nfoiitgomciy New Orleans New York', San Antonio. Savannah lampi , Washington llallas Houston Jackson , Little !iock Shreveport .. 58,, , '48 48 . ' 23 34 . 45 . 28 , 05 . 33 54 55 46 70 C7 .35 53 , 59 07 41 50 CO W , VI 44 , 33 39 8 I J5 51 40 •W 34 64 41 53' 34 4Q 42 CO 33 34 M 44 ,31 41 Kitchen Helpers Sought For Jobs AtLoca! Field Caplaln James K Holmes food ' ipeiihoi foi thn filjtheillle Army nil Held, announced lodij that jin,riil men cxisl,, fci negro men o fl l posU'ons ns kitchen helper, hlhc officers mew and' cadet aic Ix-ing emplojcd as i ildlv a, possible lo icplncc en- "sUd pcihonml who are hcini; i lansfuiul to olhcr slillons Captain Holmes will be at the offices nf the United Blnte? Employment. Boivtce 118 fcouth Second Sheet every day j, om a to 12 o clock to lutervlBW appllcuiiLs for these jobs' NOW SHE SHOPS CASH AND CARRY" Without Painful Backache J^rffiJ.'^'&w ]'j'ir!iUt,'«; ik f Ui i?ri,'! ti , i ' - f l!l ' t '°', D '' 1 "'' .Cleaning --Pressing — Alterations and,Repairs, > 24 HOUR SERViCE! City Gleaners 308 E. Main St. Phone 3197 not stop research conquers iis —un- Thursday — Friday — Ant! Saturday Nights 9:30 to 1 O'Ciock In the Beautiful of the NOBLE Admission COc Inch Tax. WAS Tb*j tr, « Wcc 3d y «U »*wtp*ptxt, bosca, P^ 11 **. Th«T aw not burning «U«rojrbf wm«t« p«pci « thej- «*t ModJng It K> mak. o* wrap *«* 700,000 Afferent wax aiticlca vued by our Co «e^ pe« tloo« wi4 ^MM pttriodc Qst jv\u duJx, «irk tad ckvch groupi b«hiBa thk BOTWMO*. ColUcf WMM pap«r~bxMidJ* Jt-tad tun it k.'.. tod help ihoctM tin wwi U.S..VICTOIY WASTE PAPER CAMPAIGN heU>lden Browsn Loof Enriched with Vitq- min B-l and Energy For Victory. Your Grocer HRESH every day! "'''"'•' -Open 9:30; Close 6:15 9:30; Close 9:30 ALL DAY SUNDAY Blytheville Owned, Employing BlytheYilk People

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