The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1939
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Be Sure To "Attend itiitot Countu FcUr Sept. 26-Oci. 1 VOLUME BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER nr> MrmTa*i««r .,!,-,,.„ ^^ ~ ^*~^ ' » lk_X —• = _____ "nwinion ui JMUKIHEAST ARKANSAS AND snirrripieTi .nco^T,,,. • "•»• i^NO. 161. Blythcviile Courier Blylhcyllle Herald , Pay You? foil taxi, Before October 1 , Advance Works Of German Westwall //PARIS, Sept. 1(5.."(UP)—French tvoo'ps hnve fiUered into the advance works before Germany's west \vall line of defense, it was disclosed today. .The penetration was made on * . -fftise. ;It was ', for Die first- linie advance positions 'were rail and only a ° short' ai'- m front of the niain de- emphasized Ma.»r J^'THEVILLK, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY,. SEPTEMBER 15 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Proclaims Quota To Re- 1940 Crop To 1 2 ion dales a^ point which son •"'s may prove of the west wall. command the war, said: N disputed ground in the since region offensive movement memion- e ,;. ", le Se » l - communique. the n!eht wc ,„ local line de- prin- , .spite strong enemy reaction" ' cipally from its artillery." vi^l • ', lieh COIt "nana made it known-also that there was Ocr- £*"L, art ""P f »'* east of Saar- at tie French had filtered into the outer works of the west wall For days the French had put a M lGaVy arUUeri ' bar '«8e on sides of Saarbrticcke n ; the My town. This mornln^ the German bit; guns opened an intense bombardment of the French positions before Saarbruecken, to keep. them from occupying if. or 1U au-- -„. - -., on the west in Warndt forest and at the town of Volklingeh. '.;• •'- Sa ^fe?ecXen?-and'-:sierc K w .•positions, of j importance' present. rivers,-: the " . Saarbruecken Uiree Sultz and the Naval Board Of Inquiry 1 Reconvened To Stud Tragedy PORTSMOUTH, N. II. Sept. 1 >U p > — Navy men removed U bodies of 24 of the 26 victims froi the submarine Squaliis today nil the naval court of Inquiry r«con veiled to determine ofTiclally th cause of the disaster. Bodies of the other two victim were pinned under machinery an were to be removed later. One by cue. their bodies ji-er carried from the after sectio while their 33 more 'fortunal shipmates, including their com mandcr, stood rigidly at attention The work started a llltle befor midnight and proceeded througl the night under flood lights Th navy permitted no outsiders t^ witness the denoument of its trag- Thc Sqiialiis had been towed lo -he navy yard after salvage workers had struggled for months to ift her from her grave 240 fee below the surface of the Atlantic where she sank May 21 durine a practice dive. The water weighted~.-steni sank >elow water nt the dock yesterday momlnffi The salvagers lifted t again. Then tlie Scmalus' colors vere raised on her conning lower bridge and compressed air forced vater from the after compart- nents. When all was ready, Lieut Oliver Naquln. two other surviving mccrs, nncl the surviving cre> who scaped in a diving bell, lined up aj.; attention.. The : first, drowned ailof'iwas take n., from the '• engine oom .where -deat)F- : foiind- p hiiiv at nis post.; The bodies t«ken.-to the will oKler their ciispcsal. Fisch,"empty into the' Saar Then- yard hos P' tal Cor identification and valleys lead on to-the main west P re P aratl °n for buridl. Relatives wall defense'In the region of si '""' ~~" " ' Ingbert,.;.-6>t miles northeast of Saarbruecken. • .;A'..-Brussels dispatch quoled reliable sources as .saying that. French trpoja, /supported Vby their tanks, crossed the'.-.Mpselle river 'yeslcf- <tey;.pnly ; about; 500. yards from the Luxembourg; -border, ni«l attackct tile"; Germans. . . . • Announces As Senatorial Candidate JEPPERSON CITY,,Mo., Sept 15 (OP)-Oov. Lloyd C. Stark tcday announced-his candidacy for the United States senate. : ./Veto York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 15. (UP)-cot- Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. \fay July closed steady. ,open high low close . 940 940 .929 92S . 909 010 900 900 899 869 858 900 892 870 858 896 880 800 845 80 In 880 860 845 Spots closed nominal at 948,«m. Orleans Cottor, NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 15 (TJP)_ Cotton futures closed steady today up five cents to off 45 cents a bale. open high low close 001 952 952 940 840 BW 918 919 909 910 Jan 910 an (XH M4 May July 902 882 868 902 882 868 899 870 857 899 870 857 Spots closed 'steady at 930, off 6. Stock Prices NEW YORKT^sTpt. 15. ( UP) _ Traduvg on the slock market dropped off sharply today to the light- e Negro Prowler, Accosted By House Wife. Flees Officers are seekiiig a negro who entered the c. M. Buck residence yesterday afterncon but', who i-an when Mrs. Buck confronted him. .Mrs. Buck was lying on the sofa for a rest at three, o'clock when she was aroused by a noise. She walked to the rear of the house and was returning to the living room ulien she saw the man stand- Ing in the hall. When asked why he was there the negro fled through the rear door by which -route he had apparently entered.-Hie- house. Sergeant Ridenour Sails For Honolulu Sergeant Samuel J. Ridenour who until recently has been with the Extension schcol Division of the Unlle<l States Army at Richmond, Va.. sailed Saturday for Honolulu Ha-,vaii, where he will now be stationed. He is the son of Mrs. Jessie Ridenmr, of Armorel. • On •-— -~t.< , • KJl-UV. - 1[J (111'] SH^nH—'"" !»'''«lrIc\V7flle 7f W1 cotton° the „,,„ " CCO.W ale Last Decemlier 84 ,, cr ccilt 0 , ' WM ' S Vot1 " 8 "PPMMd qnoS Judge's Wife Injured ^Seriously Mrs. S. L. OMdlMi, 57, of highway accident seslciday iO.^i-ccclved Jess serious injuries, accident occuired (seven w seriously in whlc)l j w "" In n '"" s west of Brlnkley, enioutc ' t Memphis Jaw, inteinn] hijwlrt. scu're laccmtlons f n ," » f s WK| i 10 ^ 10 hitoinal Injuries. a received fac nfler Ins a , X?T; 1:" IM r fo ****& w «• «*«« Both machines were badly wm be designed to sullen cut coivscrvallo,, progmra by as- hn g farlllel ' s who plant wltnm pn-nitT eas f alloll »™ts (hat- their ± r l! n . to , !WlI " sts »Hpirto'de,n n nd LOG Fill erators mmln «l by non-coop- rs who plant within their nnrl t a |l 0l " lmts "'111 be able to narkct nil of the cotton grown on their alloted acreage wiiiicut penalty. Normal yields on nllol- eu acreage for 1940 would produce approximately l2,Cffo,COfl bales Wnl- ace said. • , . . ' If: marketing quotas are in effect a grower who fails to observe bis creage allotment must pay a three cnt a pound penally'on all cbt- cn sold above the .quota for his Wallace said the quota procla- latlon was mandatory' under the lAA act which says that when otton supplies reach 107 per cent f normal a quota must bo pro- laimed. The present supply of 5,500.000 bales is 140 per cent of ormal, Wallace said. - . - "Tlie present world crisis makes ie cotton, situation-.a difficult |ie," V\(allace said. "Whatever the [feet of the war in Europe '. may c, supplies of cotton in this coun- T arc more than ample to meet ny demand." Willie Friar, 40, Injuiel While Unloading Log From Truck Willie Friar, «,' was crltlcnll Injured when a laigc log lolled nvpi" nt> lid.i' irt-1 .,1,1-t .-, ,1 over on hi m i ns t was unloading : logs ht (lie Walke: mill, onc mile ensl of BlytiieVllii on the Barfleld hi N * BlytiieVllie l Injures Arm In Fall On Concrete Walk Kay Thomas, daughter of Mrs. Kalhleen Oglesby Thomas, injured >ier left arm late yesterday when she full while walking on the concrete walk near her home. X-ray pictures were being made his afternoon to determine whether the b:ne is broken. est levels since the war boom first day . Anaccnda Copper ... 35 Associated DC. ....... o Beth Steel ... ...... '.'.'.'."" Boeing Air ........ ".'"" Chrysler . ........ !..'!!" Coca Cola — . . ..... in i General Electric ...... General Motors Int Harvest ' 92 3-4 27 1-2 , , "" £ „ .'.'"" -~ , , Montgomery Ward . . ' « n ~l NY central ... ......;/" 5! \'\ Packard ..... ..... 2 ? '' 8 '" Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Sept, 15. (UP)—Hogs: 4,000 Top, 8.00 110-230 Ibs., 7.75-7.90 140-160 Ibs., 6.75-7.15 Bulk sows, S.75-7.35 Cattle: 1,700 Steers, 9.25-10.50 Slaughler steers, 6.50-11.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.00-9.50 Slaughter heifers 6.50-11.00 Beef cows, 5.00-6.00 Cutlers and low cutters. 4.00-4.75 Chicago Wheat Radio 6-4 Sept. Schenley DIst ,» i , Deo. SlninKns : '" ij f° Socony Vac " " .4 i"„ Standard Oil N J " 52 * Texas Corp <. " jo U s Smelt ....'..',', 64 ]-2 U S Steel '"'_' n s ," a high Ion- close 8fil-2 873-8 851-8 85 7-81 |Jo. Relief From Heat , Expected Before,Siinday The heat wave, which has kept eople, crops and animals in ft fthcrlng condltini for more than •week, was broken momentarily lortly after one o'clock when a ry light shower fell. At two o'clock ie sun had beamed again and o lids were passing over this city. Whether any sections surroundhW lytheville received a general'rain ad not been learned.. • '-. Weather forecasters today tcnta- vely premised more definite reef Sunday by predicting showers id cooler weallici-. In Ihc mean me their observations werc no encouraging foreseeing fair am irhi •'weather through Saturdiv ght. . . ' The moxiinum temperature hen sterday was 103 for the third me within a week and the offl al thermometer registered 93 this orning. which'was unusually sul- y. before Ihe sky became over- sU ittle Rock's Reduced Rate Schedule Filed LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. is._. A schedule of cleclrlc rates for Little Rock, announced several weeks ago by the Arkansas 'Power and Light Company, was filed in live city clerks office yesterday.' Tlie rate is effective beginning (his monlh. The residential rate is -a flat charge of CO cents per month plus 3.5 cents per kilowatt hour for the first 100 kilowatts, three cent'; per kilrn-att for the next 100 and two cents for all additional kilowatt hours. For controlled electric water heating service, a minimum charge of $2 per monlh is .fixed al- thcugli the rate Is one cent i>cr kilowatt hour. Sales lax Is added. September 30 Is Last Day ToJ>ay Poll Tax LITTLE ROOK, Ark., Sept, 15.— Because October 1, fixed by a 19,M act as the deadline for paying p:II taxes this year, falls on Sunday, poll tax receipts for voting purposes between October l, 1939 and October i, 194.0 cannot be Issued after midnight Saturday, September 30, Atlcrney General Jack Holt ruled yesterday. The opinion went to Oscar rtnd- ler, Blythevllle lawyer. H. F. McEIroy Dies At Kansas Ci,ty KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 15. """ H. p. McEIroy, city manager ?.nc r'iti* tntt i*» .,«„__ * _i ., > Several vertebrae In the lumbar region of his -back weie caishec and be received mlnot lacemtlons on his right arm. He was icported resting very:well at the Bljthtvllle hospital tills afternoon ! His life wn's probablj sated because a 12-year-old lad asked permission to watch him unload tho timber. ... John O'Dcll, who Hie, hi tho west end of Blylhevllle asked lo accompany Mr. Friar when ne stopped at the E. n. Jackson seulce statlpn enroule to the mill to unload legs cut for Marvin Dildlne of Half Moon. When (he accident occmrul Mr Friar 'and Ihc-!ad were alone ni the mill yard. Conscious, despite his acute pain, the Injined man told the youfh lo go' for help ,, OIDelL^anVto'. Hlglnvny 18 ari called' llisllly to thV'first approaching car that'-some one was hint Roy E. Nelson stepped his machine and upon,leamfiiB br the accident made arrangements . Immediately for removal of (lie log. •• i . Mayor. Is Father of. 28 CON WAY, -a, p.., (UP)-Ed ;j, Roberts,, who was elected mayor of Conway, over-23 opponents, claims lie will giilde the citizens paternally. Rrberts, aged '89, Is (he father of 28.children. Former Heimwehr leader Wants To Fight Against LJ.i1 * A Hitler s NICE, 'i Inee Ernst Se " t Von Slarhemberg army the erg foimcr rice chancellor of Austria and organizer, and leader of lln. AtistUan anti-Nazi Heimwehr, snli tottaj that he hoped the. Preiich Bo\«nmnil-. ; would permit him to «f"i't "iidarm an Austrian-reel- nient to be incorporated In the Fiench army. 'I cannot remain Idle without Playing an active part In Hie lint Is combatting HlUerlsm, „,, Jliadow of which Is darkening . iho Prince. Von Slarhemberir He said that he believed it wa not passible tlmt Austrian offlccrs of his generation would nghl except under compulsion ' for the Germans. 'Anstrlnns arc forced to fight in the ranks of the Ocnnnn urrny " ie said, "but their morale must be low..- The real Auslrlans have willing against I'blnnd, Francp 01 Great Brllaln." , Roosevelt t es'No Other Mattci- On Hi Legislative Agenda s .epl. 15, (up)_ Presldeiit Jloawwlt Indicated today thai (he ndmlnlslrntlon'B special 1 ! 1 wsslon 1)ro « 11 "» w»l to revision of tho neii- irailty law, Mr. Roosevelt said at, his press to ask COIIRI-CSS lor legislation lo conferelico that he does not expect a " C " VMIes ° f W lll " b Enifilmsl?.lng n B nln (hal all plans for this country ,,rc on a pence t me basis he said (lint no weft-Id, said. Every body Wears Them in London BEHH BF lions Imve ever been considered for increasing government personnel In Washington. The president, referring to the neiitrallly patrol lit waters off (he United Stales const, snld that territorial waters of n nation can extend just as for n .s Us liilc«al.s •equlre them to extend. "Dees Hint extend our territorial waters as far as Ihc Rhine'; 1 ' a reporter asked, Mr. Roosevelt chuckled and said hal- his definition applied only to ;nlt water, . -.....The president said, however, that Ihc fact that |h e nelllrallly patrol Is opemllug ns far as 200 miles cff shore in the north Atlantic does not necessarily Imply that the United states Is extending Iks territorial walers that far. He snld the patrol Is operating In those wnlcrs only to obtain m- formallon— to find out. whnt l.i go- Inir on In the waters off the coast cf Hie United Slates. • Mr. Roosevelt said (hut poll6les developed by the tcderal govern' Allies High Seas; Progress OfGermansCntinues Pros), " a " th>c toddy ment. during' civil War la Five "Wonder Boys" 0( I • • .-« ..." Are Louisiana Politics Found Guilty NEW OnUSANsTscpl. 15 (UP, -Fccicrnl judge Wnyno a. noiiu today denied live promlncia Lou si ar new t,tahon " tC " 11S Dr Wclsa ° llg ' S | M01 " 00 >* A>.| I j *-«miX|I, lUIIlllil pros dent of Louisiana Sliito Unl- ffl^^W^; S'S W -'•"•'" ""- '''vr^^r^r^ company offlclal, and j t[norv Adams,: Dr. SmUn's-neiiiiew iy mninage. They weie fined *'"•"• vessels iietiitg as si tldns for the U-tals, 4 On the mnneland-front, French lioops reported moio Iccnl ndyahces oast of tho'Saar ilvei- and near (he Luxembourg frontier. The. French, hoWlng their groiind Mill! 1 iL ,, 8U ' nlly llltcll ''"le't Nazi ar- I Icry fho, iienetrate<l German ter- rltoiy east of Iho Saar •until they were In contact with Nnzl forces UMoie the glcgfricd line iuid aho ' cariled out a iliong attack In the' Stock sector which some believed to be ,i weak point In the main German forllncallons. 'Hie Nazi dilve tliiotigh Polaixl Polish Resistance S t O'U t ^ But Isolation '. Appears Likely Soon T ZALESZCZYCI, Poland, Sept.-15 . -— -„ , „. (UP)—Polish troops rcrenforeed by Si-fee 1'er pupil riding the buses heavy artillery arc fighting bitterly Tlie fce would be, limited to $3 per In defense of Lwow,-messages re- family mill tlie liability Insurance making effective its blockade against the confederacy are qilllc pertinent to the, present situation lu which Brllaln and France have established a blccknrte of pet-mar Insurance For Rural Schdpl Buses Sought UTTLE BOOk, "Arlf^sept 15- A plan foi financing liability Insurance for buses' of (lie" Pulaski County S|»clal (rural) School District nt a ccsl of $1 per- pupil was explained to the Piilaskl ' County Council of Parents and Teachers by Supl. j. L. Watson' yeslerday. - No Insurance Is -, carried on the buses at present-. Mr, : Watson said a tcnlntlvc plan called, for cooperation of patrons of the district and mrent-lcacher tin Us In financing -he Insurance Ihrougii pnyiiicnl-.of a- day In Ihe federal tltiry. NEW ORLEANS,-Sept 15 , UP ) -RfiUm^i.^ tll-lj. i x.wclss, who 10 sc from to . rei of (ho late Hucv P Political mnchlno. ami fo'n "»ondo. boys' of LouKlan" politics, awaited •.entenccs toitas foi mall frsud . J A Jury In federal court took only * celved here today rcjiprteil. bcugbt would protect- the children, Formidable Oermaii motorized tlu ? lr I )nl 'ents nnd P. T. A. members' columns had succeeded In reach- . . . riding the buses.'- Out of the - .Ing (lie outskirts of Lwow, Poland's Insurance fund created by the fees, most Important southern Indus- Ins «»ncc which would protect each' trial center, but they fell buck It I 1 " 5011 up to $10,000 and the bus i was reported, after Polls!! resist- "'' to would be bought. ' . ] mice shewed they were unable to Tllc Rtt orney general tins' ruled storm unfortified iipproaohes to the scli: ° l district directors ihay be center of the city. held liable 'in case of accident War is no picnic—but it brings Chicago Corn 871-8 881-4 853-4 8fl 5-8 °f Kansas City for 13 years aiid the ' a Plenic atmosphere to "London" 2 un )t tao ma " '" the Tom J - B k sincss mcn . office girls, arll- pendergast- Democratic p:lttlcal sans, even nurses go about with machine, died today of heart dls- knapsacks on their backs In- (*fl?f> • . -}_*_ 11 _ » •• •' > , Dispatches indicated however raus ed through negligence but, also that the Lwow defenders soon lias r "' ctl ' llal district funds may would bo Isolated by German col- n ° l bc vvsccl lo buy liability Insur- umns advancing to points east of nilce ' ' ' Ihe city along routes north and - - **ih cfL,vo«.. ^^ j Boy, Hit By Auto, ! ^ as Minor Injuries Uwm of having H Se \i< the ilefraud Loiilsiiiiifl, of »76000"j'ii'tha Waynq O,.Borah defer.Gd>inS: "I them .until their nltftrncy? n. pleaded. today for a decree spuing aside HID verdict warranted, or, falling tlmt trial." •..',--..,. ' Coiiyletccl' with Weiss wow Dr Jnmcs/M^oiiroe .Smith, whom Long lifted from obscurlly to president of Lonlslann- , state Unheisily; woiite E.,Hart, an'electrical con-' trnetor who,: has had many sfatc contracts; Loulg o. Lesnge, wlio -was an. cjtecutlvB 'of n Inrgo (ill crmpahy until, lie whs itidlcled; ami ,1. Emory Adnms, Smith's nephew. ftnlth Is under more Ihim 20 federal and state Indictments crowing out of n multi-iiilllloji dol- Inr fraud at L. s. U. VVels-j has been Indicted also for nllegei 1 dealings. In Louisiana "hot oil. 1 r _ f er Company Gets Channel Work fontrarl , E ? ward Yowe ". four-ycur-old son *-itan«ci nOFK Contract of Mr. and Mrs. w. T. Yowcll, re~ . . . , cclvcd " l! " or in i" r 'es when struck Ti, n „ i , r i s wen sruc me contract lor chnnncl enlarge- by an automobile driven by Miss ent of npproxlmntely 45 miles cf Evelyn Hnirc, of Memphis, late r , District 17, west of Ely- yesterday afternoon. t liovlllc, has been let to Clarence Tlic accident occurred In front of vo imcr CoiistrucUon Co., :of Mem- Hie Ycwell residence, 128 Bast Svca- phls and Blythcviile, fallowing ter- more street, shortly after four mliiatlon of tbe contract with the o'clock. Ha ,7 l ' 5 Constrac:l1011 Co., of U is said thai five young chll- ;i i , ! drc " werc crossln ^ tllc simi when w onc cf a Mlss Hnlr e s'oPPCd her car to allow up mimhP ii , car o a number let by the drainage district them to pass. When she started . sare up m the channel enlargement pro- again, the Yowcll child Is said to gram. ca ii s [ O r work on Ditch 21 Dave darted into the path of the and various laterals. It Is dun to machine be iinisiietl by February 2, 1940. , The child, ivho has skin nbra- n '.""""wrm cf the contract with sions, Is at the Blythcviile hospital Itie Harris construction Co.. was Miss Halrc Is vlsltln? In the QUO lo failure of the contractor In home of Mr. mid Mrs, Odls Dallas. making necessary progress, It was — anmunced by the district. Pol«»» D i The new work sWrlcd this week. ualent <> OOastS . Pound Weight Advantage Convict Becomes Expert j PHiuDEu^Tsept. is. < w , In Plant Grattine Art'~ To " y Galcl "° wlil hnvc a »"'' * .pound weight advantage over Lou 'Nova In their IS-ronnd heavy- Smith • was remanded to Jail- the others/were 1 permitted their 'free- ^om'on the bail they nl.-cadv had posted. ."' ", " When Long first entered nollilcn, Weiss was a shoe salesman. When Long was elected governor In 1928, his friend had lifted himself to the post of night manager of the ., „ . . . m mie _ Weiss became Increasingly useful to him As treasurer of Ihe machine, lie progrcssca iniildly tie aennans blasting at uis'foi- tlncatlons before Biest-Llbvsk and driving hard through -the south in- - nn effoit lo cut off tlie-'RumaWiu , froiittcr communtcnllons' • ' ,•'•"' [<- Waisnw still held out> ropotllng-V umt awmaiw again Imd 'beeif hmcd back In nghtlug m u, e ' su . Wiibs ni)d p.ollsh' artillery was re- lioitcd'ibroiiBht.Up to stand off n stiong Nn?.l attack on Lvoiv In Ih6 . , , In Paris (hi} Polish Transconfl- ncntal neoncy leportcd a'Lww broadcast charging that Oeiman air lalds, over Poland had killed 20000' ' icMllnns jind that refugees iwd" MCU machine gunned by Nazi airplanes. The siiccil of the Qeiman ilrlve eastward tluough Poland put the NiiKls In n dominant position 'in more than half of the country and advanced so rapidly toward tlib RiBilnii fronller tlmt nn /early jOioiulown appeared likely oh the Russian government's role in, the European war. Hints lhat Oennany and. Russia • had i cached an agreement on'Po- ' land cnma fiom Nazis in" the Ge'r- mun capital but whether the.sug- gcsllou was wishful' thinking-' or pie resjllUot.^cent, coiiferences> between Soviet j-eprescnlatives and' Nazi milKaiy lenders iwos' not Indl- calcd • , ' . *'"',' 'xi " Soviet aollon against 'Polaftd" but It-was believed more likely that a buffer stnte between Qernmny and nussln would bc formed ns-n reiiilt of the conquest of Poland'. ; In bath England and. France negotiations were rcjiorted' under-' way to set up a Czech provisional iovcrmiicnt in line with the Brit- Isli objective of liberating Kin from Nazi rule. --, Scores Wheeler-Lea Waterways Measure LITTLE ROCK, Sept 15 (UP)— 3horp criticism was directed against the Wheeler-Lea bill today ly Lachlnn Macleay, St. Louis piesldent of the Mississippi Valley Association In an address heie be- orc a group representing the Ten States Watciways Conference. "Tho greatest problem facing (lie nation," said Macler.y,• "Is 'how to obtain cheaper transportation. Inland waterways can provide Hi!'; > free use of i Ivors and navigable, streams' -Is jicnnlttcd." Wade O. Martin,' member of the was required to testify before a r ",Z" "', , n • ° ! Ule senate committee. Asked nhonl. Lolll ? ln '"' slate, public service corn- senate committee. Asked about Ihmnclul details he lold the com- mlltee It was "none of yoiir- busincss.' Carvell's Widow Is esoecallv His ne^v technique of prcKludng «anls from cuttings has attracted wide attention. Unable lo cbtaln Galcnl ° wef 8' le(1 ln th ' noon Bt 22416 and Nova at 207, '*' a hot Iron. He has perfected the otisa uii. uieir oacKS, in- i«ji». ,, >-""»» i»»i>», • wuivii the .kits, however, are „,,? Iy dt> " ot reproduce frbm 41. oocn lifoh inn. „! i ,;' slQ e me .Kits. hDvvever are I "•"•"•"•* «u »">- reproaucc irom and WM 691-2 5778 Sf, ,- Ml [-M«««V,-»-J«> WM 74, wslgntd things more remindful of the SJ'ST "f h f a1so sllcc ,^ed in ««„ au[ 577-8 581-2 shortly * ner^endergast was in- grim bu 5 .n Cs , . at han,-ga S ^'7 £S M , hl .*5L^ ' rt l » ^ dieted last April. masks. stead of bulbs, lliercby reducing beat «.ne Ph-Un. cost, 2 0 per cent. comnl ^ d ^ Given State Post LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 15 (UP)— Mrs. Herman Carvell of [felcna, widow cf a sales (nx auditor who was killed recently, has been appointed deputy of the sUte revenue dcpnrlmenfs Phillips county office. World Series Will Begin On Oct. 4 CHICAGO, Sept. 15. (Tjpj — Easnball Commissioner Kencsnw' Mountain Laiulls today set Oct 4 in the park of the American League pennant winner for the opening ot the 1939 world scries, Clipper Planes Carry Tiny Chicks to Hawaii SAN JOSE, Cal. (UP)-nawaltaii chicken growers nre now having live chicks frcm the Santa Clara valley sent to them by (lie Clippers. Transportation and feeding for each chick Is about $1. The chicks are shipped when they ore one-day old. Tlie expense ... " Is said, Is little more than-what of the Ger- it would cost to ship eggs that way iv jt had for hatching. The Clippers have equipped with a heater In the mission, snld the Wheeler Lea bill would place Inland waterways under control of the Interslale commerce commission and hinder their- development. Ex-Luxora Merchant Succumbs At Memphis Julius Berfleld, merchant in Lutc- ora for n number cf years, died in ft Memphis hospital lute Tuesday following a heart attack '12 days ago. He had lived in that city for Ihc past nbie years. Known for his rhauy charities, the 79-year-cld former merchant was bom In Russia but he and his bride came lo America more than 50 years ago. , He operated a dry goods store in Luxora after he went there In 1914, He leaves his wife, Mrs. Thelma Kravltz Berfield, cf - Memphis; three daughters. Mrs. Joe Warshaw of Crawfovdsvllle, Mrs. Rose Goff of Memphis. Mrs. Reba Bradley of Houston, Texas, and two sons. Frank Berfleld of Memphis and Bemile Berfleld of Carmi, III.' WEATHER Arkftnsns—Hair tonight and Satr urday. not quite : so warm in, northwest portion Saturday aflst- noon. Memphis^and vicinity—p^ir and warmer tonight and Saturday; showers and cooler Sunday, The maximum temperatuis! here yesterday was 103, minimum 69, clear, according ts Samuel F. Nor. official T\ father observer.

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