The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1931
Page 6
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PAGi! SIX (AUK.) couuiKU M;WR Likely Pro spec Is From Coast Teams TUKSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, Sheely Bounces Up Again,! Indians Get Pilchcr,- Four Oaks On Way Up.! . ' BY Cl.MRt nimCKV : NEA Service Spurt* Writer ' NEW YORK—If a sliorl.-Gc "'| cxpci'lcniKd troupers is r.otuTdl jn rehearsals of Const League teams j this spring, it may bc traced t^j Hie fact Inn US who took ihrlrj bows out there, last FC.VOII havej moved eastward to (ry out ljcfoi\v more critical audiences on Iho bie- j time circuit. I Records tend to sliow thai a m:i-1 jorily of tlicsc westerners wi!![ make gocd. as most Coast Lc:ii;- j ucrs In Ihe past ha\e done. Fii'.i.-j half of Hit in bhould calcii u;i this year, according lo prr-indnirv.; .season gossip prevalent in n;.v:.r KM- gue cities. Oaks Have Four •'' Pour acorns from Ihe O.iks. comprising the largest batch of new talent sent eastward by or.e city, figure to land regular jobs. They are Buzz Arietl, one of the brs: hitters in Coast League history. . who reports to iho Phillies' outfield; Johnny Vergez, hard-liitlliie third sackcr purchased by the'. Glanls; Ernie Lombard!. VVnllopIn'• Wop catcher sold to the Hrooklyni Robins; and Howard Cra^hca:!/ classy young righthander Ixnighl Uy * the Cleveland Indians. Arlett, was major league Umber years ago.'Anyhow, his balling average of .350 for 13 years in the Const League should qualify him; for grazing privileges In tlic same-; pastures with Chuck. Klein. \ By a continuation of the lilt-; ting he provided for Hollywood, i Mickey Heath can add p.-nvrr ioi lion-ley's Cincinnati outfit. Hcnthj should have litllc difficulty In I measuring up to Ihe fielding stan-' dard of big league first teemcu. | Seattle's lone contribution to t"ie majors is Marvin Owen, an infielder of only • one year of professional experience. His debut lasil season caught the eyes of Tiger} scouts. Buck Harris needed a shnrt- stop—and Owen mny be the savior. Two of the three Los Angcler. t contributions ar; rig lived as r.urcj things. One is Wes Schulmerlch.j .371 balling aver- EFEflTSlOCt BKUSHING UP SPORTS By La a it Fences lo Match The ball they are going lo use In. the\bis h-apros this year jnay lie Harder lo kucck out of Hie lol. but : It wrn'l be su vi'iy luird al HrnvcV i Field at tint A screen In light, field that made Iv.-o-basgers of! tome of Wally H-?rgn-'s tungist hits hist year lias bi'cn ordered le- mcr.Td. Now Wnliy and Wes Sclml mriii-h. who also drives long ones ti> right Oeld, probably will i-lvnl IHck Wilson.' "'he major ^a^iie magnates have i r.giced to deaden the ball, but I 'iippr.vj they should start building I the fences to match? New .Krscj' court tiro other day for S25.0CO by a young process-server who ri'iirws Max heaved him down « flight of stiiirs and who had his! liielnre, tuken in bandages to pruve! II. Mux (ieu'.js lie tossed the yrmu;! man dov.-nslaiis, which Just mnkc.v one woudei: Is Max ns mo<lest as all thai? ! • t * Another Struggle Rene LaG'oste Is returning to (he 'tennis wars Ihis year, which nia^s our tennis people feel very much like llii' English yachlmen who have tolled so iong Irving lo win the A!i'..-'rka's cup. The French are beginning to look upon Davis Cup chanllengcrs Irani America much as Americans regard Sir Thomas Lip'.on. Good sirarls, but .come, ct me boys, let's beat 'em T . ' ' llclllc ' , , ~ The Hold Things! The loslcr of Ihq Chicago Cuhs shews thai (hey will play their firr*. practice game Friday, March 13. against Ihe Angels at Los Ansel::;:.. Tiic Detroit Tigers will play Ihelr first mactlce gan-j^ on Ihe t.ainu day against Sau Francisco. bought by the- Cubs. Oulllcld?v Johnny Meore, anolhei- Angel. wa:;j a Cub cliultel reclaimed by tiic-m.! Indians Get I'ilchcr It is entirely possible Hint both; Sacramento grnds will reach star-j dom In their first year. Myrll Hoag, j young oulflddlng sensation pur-| chased by . u".? Yankees, is said to.have a great chance to make] McCarthy's starting lineup. Pitcher! Fay Thomas, specializing in speed, with strikeouts on the side, l-.asi enough stuff on the ball to win In any circuit, his admirers claim. A point In Thomas' favor is th'J "luck" that seem!-, to go with Wh.'n h™ Is imacfccd on the chin ho luuglis. Maybe It Jtisl tickles Cleveland's freshman hurlers. nicn after all. None of a half dozen athletes — • Connie Mack took from Portland is' rated strong enough to push a I world champion out of place. I Muck's new purchases are Out-; fielder Bob Johnson, brother of • Roy, the Tiger; Catcher Jo? Pal-j milano and Pitcher H?rb Lahl1.[ The A's also reclaimed Orwall and | Snider, pitchers, and Cramer, anj outfielder. j Lock Who Is Back When Earl Homer Shccly, 35-y;ar -old first baseman, joins the Boston Braves this spring, at St. Petersburg, he will have tied the cross-country record of Arnold (Jigger) Statz, who made five trip-; between the majors and the Coas: League. Sheely is the ex-major leaguer who has been taking pos'.: graduate work with the Trlsco Seals the past yfnr. This will bo Earl's third trip up. and doubtiess he knows thnt the third time is supposed to 'oe the charm. He also should know that a man who sinks the third time never tells about It afterward. Sheely was with the White Eos Shirkc-y Will liyln It may bc a year or more before you rend that Jack Sharkey and somebody arc going to fight for the world's heavyweight championship, but scroncr or later you nre going In read it. For. nfU?r Sulmielhit; and Slrlblhig get through, and Car- r.Era and the winner of that one tin their act. tlvre will be another concerted shout for the Silly Sailor. • • * - v Push-Vm-Dmvn iMiixic Max Schmelini; must, bc a clinm- I Big Blanchard Upsets j Old "Mountaineer" Jack I Big Boy Blanchard. erstwhile', i nlylheville heavyweight, resumed, •his Icalher pushing career nt Nasa-i jvitle. Tcnn., Friday night after an absence of several months from the : squared elide, wllli a victory. '• The Hlylhcvllle boy headed a card In a NnshvUte sindlum by dlspaslny j of "Mountaineer" Jack Prcsun of ; Louisville. Ky,, In five rounds. Blan- chtird had the "Mou*ntalneer' J doivn for a nine count early In Hie fight |and Blanchard also rested on th: nil) YOU KNOW THAT— One ot the early Robins is Caplntn niciin Wright, vVho mulorctl. to Clcarwater. Flu., from his home In Missouri and Is frl;4:n)g ab3ia In Ihe balmy breeds. . . . uncle Hobble will arrive on [he scene and begin calling his players by the wrong names about- February Ii2. . . Bob Meusel probably will piny this year In tfo American Association. . . . Sidney Well. Reds' prexy, has placed him rn the market. . . . The Boston Red Sox will \senr red stockings sewed en il:«: sleeve of the new uniform. . . . The Rr.ivcs will envoit ;ibo!it in ml. white and blue outfits. . . . This Is an. aBe of amazing machinery, but/'no • ne hus devised a machine that will sew covers on baseballs. . . . All baseballs are hand- -'itchcd. ... Of all the paraphernalia used in sports, thr basketball Is the hardest to make ... It must be perfectly round and made from many pieces of matched lealher. Missouri Team Nosos Out Rlytheville Quintol in Good Game at Armory. Tne Horncrsvillo Independents wc:i over the Hlythcville All-Stars! 30 to 23 at the Annory here last ni!!ht In a (jam: that had many! llirilis for Ihe small audience that I luniprt out for the cage card. In a preliminary contesl the Armorel boys tlej'eatcd the Oosr. II !j ys 40 to 1. Tin uncanny ability of Ilcmpsoy. llcrnersvllle forward, In hitting the basket with distant shots really acccunted for th? viclory of the visitors, the flashy little forward was accurate from any place on the C'.ml and scored twenty points during the fray. Henry Hudson, tali pivot man, led th" niythei'llle basfateers with eleven points while Tatum, guard, The nlylheville hoys sunk tlw firjt g=al of the game but after the! Iccals had broke the Ice in a scor-' ing way the visitors pulled out Hi fr nt and spent mo?L of the ,?ve- . ning (here allhougli the bailie was nil) and Luck. The Hornersville sqund played a man to man defense which kept th? nlytheville ; team upset in the firsl half and the . 'cculs never gol their passing yame lo work In j with consistency. At : (he half the scoro was 10 to 15 in ! tho visitors' favor. I The line-up of Ihe game follows: B'ville (23) Pos. " "' Bunge 4 F : Bible 2 ' F i Hiidscn 11 C i Tatum 8 O iSanly G H'ville (30) Dempsey 20 i Chailland 4 ' Grain 3 Hauls 2 Burlison Ken- Substitutes: nlytt^ville- | nlngham 1. Warringlon 2. | T'efeTi'L Slmvart. Scorer—Wilson : Timekeeper—Sudbury. canvas at one time during the fray llmt was described as rather loniil by a Nashville newspaper. Blanchard is managed by Joe Craig. j Caruthersville Cage ] Tourney Ends Tonight ; CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — The ; Fitth Annual Invitational Basket- l,a]l Tournament, opened here yesterday morning with eight teams ! competing for honors. Games, will j be played throughout today, the i finals being played nfT tonight, i The history of the Caruthers- vllle Invitational Tournament has I :nus far, been an exploitation of ! Iho basketball ability of • Dunklin (County lii^h schools; for the first ! Ihrcs successive annual meets the i pri7e was confiscated by the Horn- DAVE BANCROFT, former New York Giants' shortstop, has always' been noted for brains. But absent-mindedness one day made him a member of the bonehead club. With a runner on third and one out, Dave hit a long fly to center and was near second when the ball was caught. .The outfielder whipped in the ball trying to catch the runner dashing in from third. Dave, thinking he had made the third out, ran over and, bare-handed, cut off the throw and ran to his position.' The umpire checked and double-checked Davi'g boner by calling the third out because of his interf«r«nct. RASEBALL'S nlGGEST UONERS ersvllle fives, then, last year Campbell, another Dunklin learn took the coveted prize to the north end of Dunklin_ Hornersville placing second. Teams entering in Ihe tournament this year ore Steele. Decring, j Senulli, Holland. Campbell, agevllle. Hornersville and 1 uthtrsville. • for 75 per cent of the divorces! OMAHA, (UP)—An amifireworks granted annually County common pleas con figure is based on returns of I.MO questionnaires filled out by pave o; the 5,000 couples who have bsE.i t ..., 5 relieved of Ifgal ties by Judge A. J. Port l[ Pearson. Car- in Cuyohcjn : bill banning fire-cracSsis i:i fho entire state is to be inticduced in the Nebraska j;ais!a-.u:e by p. j. McMnhon. Omaha passed nn ordinance carrying a can 1-11 fireworks which was effective for Ihe fust time last July 4. CLEVELAND, O., (UP) — Tile | "eternal liiangle" can to blamed j He was sued in a. HOME THEATRE Tuesday-Wednesday Thursday SEK if "ilarriagc Kills Love" .In With CONRAD .NAGLE &! GENEIVE RITZ THEATER Tuesday, Wednesday ;ind Thurstiny .See Lawrence Tiblntt niitl Grace Moore in ncui - mooflr Hear Them Siii^ "1.0VEH i COME BACK TO ME". and the Pirates, but both sent him Slimmei'lield—also Xil^ll Pills. board HERE is A You OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER — that is the time you can back to brush up on his batting. The Braves grabbed him In the draft, following his feat ot leadlnj the Coast League In hitting, with a mark of over .400. And if there's anything Bill McKcchnie likes better than that, it must be a .400 average at Boston. Admission—^Inlincc & Nittht i Coming—Friday & Saturday 10 ami 25c j—George Bancroft in "SCAX- IDAL SHEET". ; Q WSOWS mi BoT SOME OF IJE_ •PRISONERS 3fLL [>0 A U«£ ^ NOTICE Automobile Owners Automobiles mid trucks owned or opcvalcd liy residents of BlyUicvilU- must be oquippod witii city license plates by Saturday, February Mth. Obtain your tag now and avoid penalty. Tags arc available nt my office in the city hall. SIDNEY CRAIG City Clerk save money, r* A STOCK Fire Insurance Company representative recenriy recommended to the architect who was drawing plr* s for a $200,000 office building that $3,500 bc spent to make the building more fire-resistant. The advice was accepted, and the owner now pays $1,461 per year less for his insurance than he would have paid if the original plan had been carried out. On any building project we can put property owners in touch with this money-saving servi-i, at the same time yready reducing the danger of fire. Consult any member of the Insurance Exchange of Blytheville W. M. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO., INSURANCE DEPT. FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY I—IE IS ihe Stock Fir< Intnraace Conpmy Agort. Available through him is t fund of infofraationthdt you should have f of the better protection of your family, lione, business, and community. More than a hundred years ago the Stock Fire Insurance companies established relations with property owneis through local agents. To this system Stock Fire Insurance owe? much of its success in serving the individual and the public. STOCK FIRE " INSURANCE is represented throughout the country by thousands of the best citizens of the various states. They offer and ksve available a service that embraces the many activities of the companies for the conservation of life and property, better building construction, in-proved safeguards for homes, business, institutions and communities. Stock Fife Insurance means much rrore than reliable indemnity. Your agent may be able to suggest ways through which you can use his service and that of his companies to your greater advance. Sloe* Fir« lmirr«nc« Con*M<uu tn Rtpnitnttd by CtpMt As«its In Your THE NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS •> 85 John Slrttl,N«w York * ItCAGO SAN FRANCISCO ' Wc*l AdmtSMtt Madunfa Exditnsc Olc!}

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