The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1934
Page 7
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Hurl by Jap Seizure of Manchuria, She Is Still Russia's Pacific Port Tills Is the fourth of a series ol five stories liy William t'hillr. Shnms, foreign affair* authority, mw touring (he world fnr <'iiurirr News and otlirr NKA Senior nrws- raper*, un the now *late cf .Mun- ehukuo, V'Ja-lhn^tuk, the Soviet's dying rastern jwrl, ami Ihr "Hln- denburj llnr" lirlnj; liuilt III this troubled area. BY WILLIAM PHILIP SIMMS iCopyrlglit, 1334, NKA Sen-kr, Inc.) VLADIVOSTOK.— Japan's sel/- • lire of Manchuria killed* this ]iorl deader than tf.c provovuliil door nail. Its laier resurrection (k j i>onds entirely on the -fnlc in store for eastern Siberia. To the eyo, Vlfidldoslok re.scni- tiles n down-at-the-heel San Vtan- c.isco—hills everywhere, with houses clinging 10 tr.cir llnnks. and tlie sea and buy on three sides. From (he hills the view Is nmg- niflceiu. Below lies the harbor with vessels from Ihe four corners of the world. Ycl (here were not sc very ninny. The jiorl Is pretty dead. Vladivoslok's Si rods Arc Em ply 'Main Slreel" of Vludivostok, wli lllllll SOHiL-thint; ll,l|)|X-|l:, ere consular ullictis wo:!i h; al oclng detained ftr n while, she WAS released mid ordered on ln-i 1 \vny. The skl[>;;er had n<ti l>oen silly noiiijh lo have any iiicriinin:illiig documents nbonrd, and the in- slrumcnl.s were not in'lver. incriminating. That is n fair sample <>I «hal is gulng on litre all the lime, giving nn uneasy feeling of impend- Ing fate. NKXT: Knim VliillviKtok al Ihc ~ M i . . , • nr..xi; rrom > lamviKLcix For the better part of a day 11 ,|p, Uuek ah,,, B thr iK.rilor t. watched the harbor from hills I Kalim] Ku.ssia overlookm? the Go'dcn Horn, gnle- way to the Sea of Japan. But 1 saw only one s!:ip put Lo sen o" enter the Ice-logged harbor mouth One* Hummed Wllh t.lff The Chinese Eastern railroad, "short-cut" acrcKS Manchuria, wu.s the chief feeder for this |»rt. Nlithl and day the harlror nsi'd to Im.stlt wilS activity as ships came in to unload eoods destined for the 30000,000 people c[ Mnncliurin. nn- -take on cargoes of soya beans, bean oil, bean cakes, Umber, lish canned goods, lest.-or. nnd lur. Then, like a thunderboH came the Japanese occupation ot Manchuria, -nnd the cie:Uion of the state of Moncbtikno. And. uiulei Japanese direction, new, standar: 1 gauge railroads were built ith; Eastern Is broad gallic). Japan and Miinchukuo can yet along perfectly well without Ihe Chinese Eastern today. And about 100 miles south of Vladivostok is the newly developed Korean |»rt of Yuki. A tew miler below that is Rashin. and tt:cr Selshin. Vladivostok Trailf Gone These three new |>orl.' Lave been nnrt are hilng linked will! brand-new railroads criss-croisini.' Manchukuo, which drain to Ihcm almost, nil the Irndc llinl used to go to Vladivostok, leaving this once thriving seaport pretty rancli hlgl and dry. Bui Vladivostok, tr.ou«rr !L Ims Itttie present, at least, lia:; n past, nnd a future. For coming developments of eastern Sll>eria by I!IP Soviet power should make il nijntii a thriving port. For the innin "line of the Trans-Siberian railroad. which curves up and around the northern border of Manchtikuo. still terminates here. And llils is still Russia's best bcl as a warm-water |l'rt on ire Pacific, nn objective for \vlilcl) Im' serial Russia once was willing to fight, and for which Soviet Russia may again fight. Consul Job Is Dtadly On the main sircct leadinsr up the litll from tr.e railway elation, two fine buildings were p:iiued on. to me ns the future home aiul of- ftrps of the American consul-general. Investigation revealed, however, that Consul-deneral George c' Hanson, formerly of Harbin, bin now in Moscow, had indeed looked at the buildings, but only looked Until the port picks up. there i 1 iittle likelRocd Hint ihe Ur>:ed Slates will maintain anything 1110:0 than a, consular office here. Foreign consular officials already .on the scene say their hardest joi; is finding ways to kill time. Cock-! tall parties seem to be tic favorite means. Ttnsion In OIF Air But despite its sleepy cip;Mnrance. Vladivostok feels a tension. HV? instance, a little while ago. a sn'ans-c ^raft came nosing Its way up the Trapped channel created by a nus- ;lan icebreaker through the Ice- •lazcd surface of the Golden Horn Jiid ancnored oil Skrlp'.ov iMotul. ' To watchers on the fcrtilit-M' :iills of Vladivostok (his scc:ne:l • •(iieer. For Skriptov. at Ihe' 'o the Bay of Peter the Great ami ; ;he harbor, Is unimportant except ! .or Its strategic value. I •After the strange ship had re-1 malned In position for sever;*', j :iours. investigation was made. | She was a Japanese motorship. i Her chief officer reported that, he *as having motor trouble, Yet examination revealed no trace of i breakdown. J»P»n G«ts Htr Secrets On the other hand, the ship was found to be equipped with a complete and very ( expensive set of Instruments lor sounding, surveying, and r»ngc-fln4Jrig, such as no fish- Ing craft such as he claimed to be ever needed or carries. The ship Iwd come for, and. ob- Uined, according to Russian officials here, very Taluable. information for tlw J>t>»n*M ntjvy. After . :, „,!,.,,« line to wcurr di-wl ....... cm of a irw "empire" In Siberia, while. J:i- un watijies ^hitll mi\t'il t-jivy, un- islncss, ami i.'ur. Tractor Abandoned In Famed Death Valley TONOPAH. Nev. lUl'J— A lliiue ilenin tr.iu'.or di'S'gncd lo conquer l!:c sofi, shlftliiB Minds »f ilif luterl nnd enable Us uiHirutors to Irnw wngon kucl.s of borax from Dealh Valley, was found iib.i'iuton- on nn iiniisj druail by Us <te- sniT 45 years "flrr il wa.-, built. John Wallace lormcr superintendent of a San Franuiscq iteel works, recently nine neross '.:e tractor, nis'.y ni>;[ ] Kl tr burled in sand. It had been sent |o D-.'alli Valley wiiero It was exuded lo inci'ml Ihe Imlurb -it-mule- teams In Hauling borax from ihe mines to railroad shipping points. Tiie machine's grimi weight civtis- ed II to sink in itic s:nul :ui;l il uns nluiKlonril together wllh Ihe ivugons ii wns to haul. Cincinnati Sparrows Won War With City CINCINNATI. O. iUI'1 --Aller six mouth-, i)l "war" Ijy the city. C'm- [•illllall'.i liuwnliiJ-n ;uea l.s iciii-- llciilly s]i;inm-li-.s. Ijul leiidns ol the oijfilor mmx'liK'iil oaiuuil hoa.s- j ol victory. Anthony San: r. MI- |:eriniemli-nl. who headed tin- attack, lulmiiu-il (hi' Liiuls ivlraili-d iiitTcly liiTau.s- Uio utaUier had | t-ecumt* mild .•iniuoh iur iti'jin lo I "move out" lu tin: |j:irk:: and .'.ulj- in bun liomi'.s. Kaner MIJI!: "Wo \ivio just ilo- Usai-j sunn 1 Mou i <|iil|)m'.-lil wlnoli would have \vi|:i-d iill trace of llieni Irom thr i-ailli. but \i/ll Iw if il iev fiiiiiv dcHvnioAii ill Ihe fall ' York. Ohm. ii:-,<l Vcriniinl :* thne-tniirlhs of l h o .•iii-i.f In Ihe United Stnto.s Mrs. Hugh Craig and Mrs. Hugh Uilluhuniy also guests m addllluii to llic club members. Mrs. Ed L. Qulim won high score prize and Airs. John Edrlngion cut consolation. Mrs. Hell wus given a favor. MeinU-rs of ihv WILson-Osciolu Conlriict cluu we re guests of Mrs lluli Jnckson at a iwo table party whun Mis. Hell mid M rSi Mas-sey were entertalnid. M. fs . j. n. Craln ol Wlhcn wus hitjli ;cor l.iiw winner nnd Mis. Jltll »iu. pu-senl-.d ti favor, • » • A block will be added to "Senlo: Walk" on ihe Osceola High School campus with funds derived from presentation tonight of'Tlie Whole Town's Talking," the animal senior class play. U-ading parts are tnken by Ella MiirKiiK-t. Doyle uml Malcolm Taylor with Clint Caldwell, Mary Dll- lar..d. Marian Margaret Rhoads. James l.owe, Frank Chiles, Velii Miiy Minff. Mary Stewart Duller, linn; Leo Tucker, Keucccu Nitkol ;i.s<l Hilly Snclson other members ol the cast. Members of the William Slroni; CJhaplvr of U. A. R. will 140 lo .MemjiliLs I-Vlday where lliey will hold :i special memorial service ill :i !• in. in I'orrest. Hill Cemetery for tlie late Mrs.. Allison 11. Hlovos o] Minion. Mrs. Louie Walters entertained eight friends at bridge al her country home north of Osceola l-Yiday afternoon. Ihe number including Mrs. O. E. Keck and Mrs. liobt. Klrshner of Blythcville, Mrs. Joe Hires nnd Miss Orlena Hires Mis. Gordon Bell, who with of Lnxora, Mrs. E. S. Driver. Mrs. her small sun returned lo their,John Whltworth, Mrs. R. S. Wil- hume in Crowcll, Texa'i, Monday, son Jr., and Mrs. Ben Butler of alliT a vlsil here wllh Mrs. Bell's Osceola. sister. Mrs. 1.. D. Musscy. was | Mi.s. E. S. Driver was winner ol complimented at a number of dc-.lihjh score priw. lli;htful social allnlrs last week. ' ... Mm. A. W. liowen tnlcrtnlnid TUESDAY, MAY 8, 1934 Osceola Society — Personal a picnic luncheon In 'aik Wediu-.sdiiy. Then- will t. 21 i;iiPM.'i. Dr. mid Mrs. L. D. Ma f s;-y Imv,' is ihi-lr £in-sLs for »cvfriif ila ? Mr. and Mi.s Ufllinai: ^;;riiili 11 Memphis, Mrs. J. W. .IrjhiiK a:jil icr small .son. Tommi-, oi ci.i- ?uto. Mrs. Smith is Mrs. Mat.i..j- p .; Isler und Mrs. Johns ln-r UUTI'. Mrs. Johns v.ill l;e ivintmbr-r -.I :ieie lu-s the ferine t Miis r-'r-ihtt^ Smllli. Mis. P. P. Jucok, Mrs. J. W. Eiiriiiglun ai.d Mis. Miirvai-.-t H;ir- :lers of O;cv*i!a aiietuled Ujr fnv;:i- o( ihi- William Kiiony chajjur. J. A if., at Widcinr Friday nf- finocai v.hfn Mis. J. 11. Uiimtu uid Mrs. Mary Swcrl wet'j ho.;- j-.^sfs. i nli'ilaliiin;.; al ihe f Mr-s. rmtiry Swcrt. Mrs. Ji. N. Wilson and h-.-r d'Hi- htei.i. Uoiis. Hninci's nnd Njir:/ -i-.K L-I 'J'uiiU-a. .Mi's., Juni'd Mr. 'iVil.:iin here for Hie week-wal. hey were ijnc'ils ol Mr and Mis. I'M. IViyle and of Mr. and Mrs. j.' Hires of l.rjiora. Mr. and Mis. A. Cnnway nf UlylhevilV- veiled with Mi. ami Mrs. Oixlfrey White IIL-IX- bini-lav nfternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Caipejitfr were Sunday Biii'.sls cf Mr. itml Mrs. J. Louis Cherrv in lilythe- ville. L. I! Williams of Ornnceburf;. 3. C.. Is hrvc lor n visit wltli his ilbler, Mr.s. Jolm White, and lib Irlu'iids at un uflernoon I'rldlji* when Mr.s. Massey won Heml CuilllH News Wmit Alls. Mrs. J. H. Lovewcll was hostess lo her txvo [able conlract club I'Viduy iiftcrnuon, enlcrtaining an myn score prlw: and Mrs. Dvll tslra table of guests to Include «ns pres.nltd :in lionoree pii/c. '• Mr.s. I,. S. Milchell, Mrs. J. L. Other Hiirels wove Mesdaines Ruth I)rlvi-r. Mrs. W. J. Driver, Mrs. Carlyslij, R A. White. O. E. MILS-I c. K. Snllenaer and Mrs. S. B. ^ell•;ill. Hale Jnukiiuii. A. W. You u.; Coble. !\Irs. Joe Cramer was hiijh and Iliiyi's Guu'L'ii. |seorc prize winner. Mrs. J. Ii. \Vnrd was hostos.--, • » • . . lo tin- Thursday Drldgc club ai: Mr.s. Hale ,]ack.son was hostes, tin- home of her dani-lHer, Mis. I to the Nlyht Bridge club, enter| A. W. Uowon, when Mr.s. Dell w:i» • tulniisi- l 1 ^ i;uosls, Including Mis • llic honor 1-110,1. will) Mr.s. Mussvy. Jaok Uraell of Kvndale. Mrs. BKIX- 1 The mighty cultleash lias arms ong el.ougii lu ciiclrcli: a wll-llt's b<xly. Tuesday - Weds. Mnl. 2:10. lrt-2f>r Nito 7:ir,, 1()-:--H' Glorious Romance Unik-r the Spell of It's Time to SUMMER IZE - ^ fNOVARRO auqhirMy Boy LUPE VELE S VAN I') KL ri^lu-lk^l Out nf the pases of Iho Pulitnr I'rivo imvil steps an llmiblilm- «il), the in>slir si ell of ilc.sert nights; I'aniniminl News "The (,'nld (Jliosl" A Slar ('oniotly Spci-ial COMING TIUJRSDAY - KIUDAY George White's Scandals Featuring- Hutly Valoc, Jimmy Duranle, Alice Fayo.i Ailvieiinc Ames, Gi'cj-orvl RalolV, ClilT Kdwai-ds '1111!" George White | DANCK - SONG - COMKDY ROMANCK - IlKAUTY Don't let Winter-Worn Oil and Grease Spoil Your Vacation .... H OT weather comes early in tlie Southwest. Soon you will want the refreshing coolness of brooks ant! mountains ami lakes. Then is when you will appreciate IIONV much Magnolia "SuMMi:R-izr." Service can add to tlie performance ol your automobile. "Su.MMiiK-izn" Service means n compile check-up of the things your automobile needs for safc,cc( MI miner driving. It means treciloni Irom hot weather trouble. "SuM- Mi'ix-r/.ii" Service is distinctly a Mag- iioli.i Service, created for your pro- '•'jiijn. Drive in toiLtyl Get Summer-he Service Only at „,,„ thd [c tmioH | • ---l.l illllV.k . ... , . j . i ,. , i_^, u. 4V"tiJ|]^ g _\11- Qjlll \4-| ipovni ii.ii-! a -verifs .,. L . U oi;s li.-.J. W. Cartwilght, Jr ., ' aml j',,1 '!.«'-. cf inihirla fever. three clnldr.n i:*elmllnjj h UIi .. M ! f : .Mr. .IIM .Mis. iiojer I'oltras ! AHIIC Uaimri.-lil, who \vas i rml ,,i-iiiiii-J l;ni..s n-uiii Miami. i-, ;l .. In- Kirl in ihe wedding' ' T ; \|-i re lii.v ,:L.W' the wjiler.! Mrs. Ik-n Butler had as h !!-.r. l'c,i;i;':. .1:1 »,i!ay lor u bus- Riioht over llic week-end her nice !.i..^ lu;i in Isfw Voi/.. Mis. i;,,- Miss Hrll Ilainilion uf Meinnhi. ' ir. :^r. INIUH, >1 lu, ;, u.sii^itl^l-er ^>'-'"^ l <'"*i[ Slii|i]»n mid h -••".••'•• ai.ii iiilur i..l:i!ivc . l.illle li.w'k To.- a' vlii u-iUi fi-'i* • :,.i. ,u.d Mi... <.', i) Ailiiii]., ihuir Li't-s. ;• j 1 ,„" w^ ].-. L^K. r* k t!; 1 : •^ i ^;: 0 ;; i f ^,«»" ^ lu ^ ! Wniii- ,u:d Mi. :\.,il Mrs r.uluvy o'.er Tcrmcc. Mrb'^^Wiillum-ij'i' •to iur I.,:,,,, 1,-,, KIM'":,--';.,','!".,! Ohio. 'Sns'^-n.m.s^y'^M, ,:ii,r .-p.iu.m; ihi- nv,k lii c.a.v- ll.iyv.ard ;l ,,,i ], IT f|11 „ ; lau ,|,'|, i:iih h,r m,-H, r. Mr^'niil mate an e:uen<Ud o I.'.:: i,.LI::, v.i:,, I;,,.,, .-.- r ;,,...s!y mid v,iih frieiuls in Memphis •"• : !: ' '•• 'I'allafeno, who aiiem i Miis WiKic I.ii'.iron r,t i.ntli- •'"iii'stxi.-o A .v M Culli-ai-. .spi-il ;l:u.v. visii.-d wild irii-mis in fj.-! l)K ' '^-ok-i'iul here with his 'HIIJ ,u-.,:;i Tlm::il:iy 1:1; lit K,!iiiv.iii^ .• r ' Il ' s - J - 1>. lloriiin, who i.s rccove iiii-i-iiii; ni .-.-111.01 :ii|icniii :id.-iii. m 'S "'I*-''* a wci-k'a M-rlniia Illnt :-.iid |.iiiu-lj.:i!-, ;il V.'h:lu,u. u, en; "- miilaria lover, .-in- was uin-j.t .-ji<M : :rr. nnd nt- : Mr - ami MI.S. Lion Green aie :| itinleil llio tea rivon Friday at- '•'• lll[> f" 11 »» exicmled ^lay afii . l-ri:ci.!i al Hhuwhr-c ConioliilatiMl •Ji"* l "liiis ilio winter in j|, ,:c!l(iol ti:r i!i-K--;;iti-; K> tlm .sr.illh- .''•'' 'UBS. : i rn n-ijiaiial hoiiie eecaoiiiies inn- i • !l<i<ii(T in MeiiiDhi.-,. I I'ilninciii.s of the first eletti Mi.s. Drivt-r of Little | "»"l« were inaile of carUoji. jfti.ek is Iur a visit with j uMr. Mis. C. C. l!o»ni and i ', Air. and Mr.s. ]•:. s. Driver. I j Aintnr.; the CJsn-ijla li'la'i\'e.s ond friends v.ho alu-niktl tho . CmFS-tjeqi ;,VOK vcdllin; in filv!l!i- villL- Sunday nlu-ri:(.oji woie Mr. j . land Mrs. (i. n. Hi-r.u-rs All'll lai:il Mnry Viiyinla L. G. MOSS Ulvlhevillo's Cut-Kale i UNDERTAKER NN'hy I'ay A H\ K J'rieeV J6e IMiMM&^it «f4jtuie*s6p iffa/otMr.'w .t , • H'? T 9-y EIlns " 1ni "'-'i''c<l its Iciulcr.s1ii[i in tire aevclo]tiiicnt l>y -irmim-i,--; a new tire for I9.(4 ^atll » wiilcr Iri-ail, Hat lor <'onl<iur, ,lec-ii-r non-ski,l, Krcalur ll-irkm-*-, HMC! more and tougher rutikicr, wliich yivus -jruuler non-skid safety, inure traction, .-renter hlowmit [iriilerlion, and uiorc than 5U% t*-R^ lunger iiuu-Hkiil niileagv. For We«k-En<J Trips or Lonj Motor Toun You NEED M*gnoli«'i 7 POINT PROTECTION 4 Drim, flu«h inJ rtfifl crantc»e wiih corr-rci • &rij f of Mcbiloil for •nimnMt Jrivinjf. O Uuin, cTfj-i inJ refill UJnitniiiion *-it]i Cc-ir Ojl. tuninirr grade. ^ Driin. (lem anJ rcfiH Jiffettntiil with Gejr J OJ, wn.mcr gtjJ-r. M Motilubricne ctiinii thoroughly, u^ing j-xciil \iot^- gr«JKi Jt ipprove-J by jouc eir nunufjct-jier. C riuiH anJ clem riJiitor tlinro-jglil) 1 . oim< Sivonv •* Kj-iiiiur Cleaner or Soccny KaJiitor'l-Iuili. U' ncsTCMir-f. 6 Ch---:k biucry »nj fill with Ji«ill e J w Jlei - ltir ^^ .... lt - i „,.» i co. COMO:I inj grease icintiniii. •y Till {iiolir.t link will> lumnxr Mot>[lji> or Mobilgu Aik my M«snolii Slalion or Dti!«r for < dtmonitrttion o! Moblloil Product! MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALERS Stay wirlt Magnolia and you slay ahead!" OSUM.IS, M,,,U L r«,., ]tamC ^ A Soc<,n,.V« uum Compn, _ . and for Silent, Eagci- Performance » 4 * . Mobilgas! DEEPER NON-SKID GREATER THICKNESS FLATTER mil WIDER TREAD MORE .nd TOUGHER RUBBER MORE TRACTION MORE NON-SKID THE New FIRESTONE HIGH SPEED TIRE lor 1934 Tirestonc HIGH SPEED TYPE SIZK 4.50-20 . 4.50-21. 4.75-19 . . ,5.25-ltt. . 5.50-17 . $7.85 8.15 S.fcS 10.30 1I.3O SI/K 6.00-I71II) 6.00-1 Him 6.00-20 HI) $14.45 I5.IO* 15-55 16.4O 17-5C Other Slut rruiwrrinnarrly These ni'hicvcnienls lire made praclirnl hy liie Firestone ]i;<icittcil ]inii ess lit' <:niii-I)i|)]>ing, providing greater jiilhesinii Iiutwren the plica of tbe liigli slretub cords and between the Gum-Dipited body of the tire an<l tlie toufili, massive non-skill tread. I tulso provides grriitnrstrvii^tli, longer flexing life, ami greater protection against bliiwouts. Gum-Dipping made it possible for Firestone to design, develop and put on tlio market tbc lirst sni't'cssful balloon lire in 1923. Tlii.s tire uns tin: ]i;iltcrn used by all others ami completely revolutionized tbc lire industry and set new standards for tbc automobile industry. Firestone also developed tbe first nll-rnblicr nun-skid tire, and lias always hern first to giv« motorists llni lienelils of nev/ iliscovcrici* in non-skiildesign. providing more traction and greater non-skid safety. For fourteen years lending race drivers hnvc driven to victory on Firestone tires, built with Gimi-1 lipped lii^'i slrctcli rords. Tlicy have trustwl llieir lives hi Firestone Leadership—us lliey know tlint Ihe putcnted Firestone construction features provide them •»\ith greater safety — longer mileage —and greater blowout protection. Protect yourself and family by driving in today and replacing your smooth, thin, dangerous tires with the new Firestone High Speed Tires for 1934. if u A I' islfn to /. airrrnrfl Titittrlt or JficfcanJ Crunks ami Hurrcy Firestone, Jr., crcry Monday ni'g/it^A'. B. C. A't?tlrorfc MORE THAN 50% MORE NON-SKID MILEAGE The NEW Tir*$tOfi* AIR BALLOON for 1934 The new Firestone Air Balloon for 1931 embodies all the Improvements in the new Firestone High Speed Tire. The lower air pressure provides maximum traction :::iil riding comfort. Gum-Dipping safety-locks the. rord.x. providing 30 lo 40% greater dcllection and blowout proU'clinn. Get 1935 low swung style by equipping your car Unlay wh^i these new tires and wheels in colors lo mulch ymir car. FREE TKUL OX YOCR CAR. Firntone Tires arc Trick Tnslcil on the (rotot profinR grnniul in llic vi-urlil —Tlie liiiliniiapolis TirrMone Tirts RTO HO.M) tllSTKIIontlni Inr^c Jlt'rl ofFirfslnnc Icsl r:ir!», liny nnd <UMlil. r\rry<!ny in .he year, over Ml kimls of ro.uls mill highwiiys. S<c lK«t« new Firestone Higb Speed Tires mide it th* Firctlenc Ficiory •nd Exhibition Building at "A Century of Progreti" —Opening Miy 16 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. QUICK SERVICE STATION Fifih and Walnut

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