Spirit Of Jefferson from Charles Town, West Virginia on October 18, 1892 · Page 2
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Spirit Of Jefferson from Charles Town, West Virginia · Page 2

Charles Town, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1892
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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON. Cqaklu Town, JarrBBSox Couiit, W. Va. TUE8DAY MORNING, OCTOBER U, 16U2. Democratic Ticket. Elation, Tuesday, November Sth, 1S92. For President: GROVEH CLEVELAND, of New York. For Vlce-Prcsldcnt: ADLAI E. STEVENSON', of Illinois. For Electors at Largo : C. WOOD DAILY, of Miucral County, S. S. VINSON, of Wuynu County. For District Electors: First District?M. D. POST, of Harrison. Mccond Diet,?B. I.. BUTCHER, of Randolph. Third Dist.?JNO. A.I'RESTON.of Greenbrier. Fourtli Dist.?JOHN O. McCLUER, of Wood. o For Cougress: WILLIAM L. WILSON, of Jefferson County. o For Governor : WILLIAM A. MACCORKLE. of Kanawha Connty. Eor Auditor: ISAAC V. JOHNSON, of Barbour County. For Treasurer: JOHN M. ROWAN, of Monroe County. For State Superintendent of Schools: VIRGIL A. LEWIS, of Mason Connty. For Attorney-General: THOMAS S.'RILEY, of Ohio County. For Supremo Judge (long term): MARMADUKE H. DENT, of Taylor Couuty. For Supreme Judge (short term) : HOMER A. HOI T, of Greenbrier County. o For Stale Senate: ROBERT EARL, of Jefferson Connty. For Judge of 13th Circuit: E. BOYD FAULKNER, of Berkeley couuty. o For House of Delegates?7th District: STUART W. WALKER, of Berkeley. JOHN B. BROSIUS, of Morgan. o For Sheriff, J. GARLAND HURST. For House of Delegates, A. 8. DANDRIDGE, J?. For Prosecuting Attorney, FORREST W. BROWN, For Assessor of First District, D. G. DONNELLY. For Assessor of Second District, J. W. GARDNER. Jr. For County Commissioner, ISAAC II. STRIDER. For County Surveyor, 8. HOWELL BROWN. The Si'iitiT of Jefferson to new subscribers from now until January 1st, 1894, for SI.50 cash in advance. Next Friday will be Columbus Day. ^ Gev. McKinley will not meet KxGov. Wilson of this Stale in joint debate. The Washington Star discusses the possibility of the Democrats not only getting the Presidency and the next House, but also the Senate as well. Forrest W. Brown, Esq., in his speech at Bolivar a few nights ago, said he was informed that the price of wood pulp had been advanced CO per cent., and asked those of the pulp mill employees whose wages bad been advanced to rise up. There were some of them present, but none responded. Edward S. Elliot, Stj'led "the boy orator of Preston county," is to address the Republicans here to-morrow night. A letter from Grafton to the Wheeling Register, dated October 11, which we regret we have not space for in this issue, charges Mr. Elliot with plagiarism in making use, in a speech at the soldiers' reunion, at Kingwood, extracts from Ingoolls famous reunion speech. Col. Wm. A. MacCorkle, our Democratic candidate for Governor, was greeted by a large number of citizens at Charles Town in the Court House on Wednesday afternoon last, at which place and time he had been advertised to speak. In spite of his severe labors during the campaign he looks hale and hearty, and proposes to pursue the work continuously until the day of election. In private conversation he speaks encourageingly of the prospect of Democratic success, and no one who talked with him could fail to imbibe that confidence which he posesses. Having to speak in Martinsburg that night and to drive by private conveyance to Shenandoah Junction to catch the 5 o'clock train, he had only about one hour and a half to spend in the town, and could uot therefore make his promised speech on the issues of the campaign. lie however for a half hour recounted to his audience some of the details of the liepublican scheme to colonize and capture West Virginia, and assured them that by vigilent effort, continuous work and close watch on the part of Democrats in every section, the;e echo^es would be frustrated and an old time Democratic victory won.? Those persons who have not heretofore had the opertunity to see or hear our future Governor were very much disappointed at not being able to liear him fully on the issues of Hie campaign. They were, however, reconciled by his promise to return and speak here during this month. At the closc of the address the speaker was presented with a handcome boquct of choice flowers, A. E. Kenned}-,Esq., doing Uie honors of the occasion in appropriate remarks jipd pol. MacCorkle fitly responding. .? RALLY! DEMOCRATS. Virginia I Maryland ! West Virginia I GRAND TRI-STATE DEMOCRATIC MASS MEETING AT Island Park, HARPER'S FERRY, W. VA., Wednesday, October 19 ADDRESSES BY Hon. Thomas F. Bayard, Hon. Wm. A. MacCorkle, Hon. Wm. L. "Wilson, Col. Victor Baughman, Col. Buchanan Schley, Hon. Thomas R. Clendenin, Hon. Wm. A. Anderson, ? Hon. Joseph S. Ileuisler, Hon. Wm. Cabell Bruce, Hon. E. Key Buchanan. The Hon. Barnes Complon, Chairman of the Maryland State Committee, and the Hon. Basil B. Gordon, Chairman of the Virginia State Committee, have promised hearty co-opcration to make the meeting a grand success. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad has agreed to run SPECIAL TRAINS AT ROUNDTRIP RATES. Rally, Democrats, and show the Force Bill and Monopoly party that West Virginia cannot be bought. Our brethren of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Florida, have spoken in thunder tones, that the infamous Force Bill cannot be crammed down the throats of the Southern people. Democrats of Jefferson! stand to your colors! Remember thatJefferson is the Banner Democratic county of the State. Two counties of the State have served notice on us that they will contest with us this year for that honor. We welcome the rivalry and have r.o fear for the result. Democrats of Jefferson, stand to your proud position! Hold the Banner! The members of the Democratic Executive Committee of the county are requested to act as a reception committee, and in addition the following named gentlemen: Forrest W. Brown, R. W. Morrow, Wm. M. Morrison, Wm. O. Norris, Jas. W. Coyle, Albert F. Davis, James A. Aldridge, Vincent G. Moore. Isaac II. Strider, J. S. Bragonier, E. Hess Reinhart, Wm. Butler," J. Garland Hurst, J. W. Rider and Jno. F. Foley. Members of reception Committee are requested to call on Mayor Geo. McGlincy at the Potomac House, and get badges. John M. Daniel, Chm'n. Dem. Ex. Com. of Jeff. Co. A colored orator, "Hon. John P. Good," discoursed in the interest of the Republican party at the courthouse last night. We only heard him for a few minutes, and during this short period he dilated upon the opportunity of making desks and getting two dollars for them by protection where only one would be received under free trade?his colored auditors of course being all engaged in making desks. A few wild assertions, such as that pearl buttons were so much cheaper than they used so be, (when a merchant in our heartng remarked that he had to pay for them now just twice what he did two years ago,) seemed to be the stock in trade with which he hoped to gull the colored vote. His appeal to the Democratic colored inen to return to the Republican party was a sad wail, indicative of the strait to which the g. o. p. is put in its last dying effort for existence. The Cleveland and Wilson Club of this place was adressed last Friday night by Hon. Win. R. Alexander of Winchester. A large and appreciative audience, anions whom were the fairfaces of manyof our ladies,greeted the speaker. In the absence of the President of the Club, Forrest W. Brown presided and introduced him. For about an hour and a half Sir. Alexander ably and eloquently discussed the issues of the campaign, presenting thein in new phases, and often eliciting tumultuous applause. After dealing with the tariff and the force bill he referred to the character and political records of the different candidates, and the mention of the names of Cleveland and Wilson and the eloquent comments upon their life and character were received with cheers by the audience from time to time, which made the old courthouse ring. We think that no one who was present, after observing the enthusiasm, of the audience could say that anything like apathy prevails in this community. Hon. Thos. F. Bayard, The former eminent Senator from Delaware, and late Secretary of State under President Cleveland, will apeak in the Court House at Charles Town on Tuesday Evening, October 18, 1892. at 8 o'clock. The public (ladies included) cordially invited to be present. Public Speaking. "on. Chus. J. Faulkner will speak at Shepherdstown on Thursday, November 3, 1892, at 7 P. M. Charles Town, Friday, November 4, 1892, at same hour. Harper's Ferry. Saturday, November 5, 1892, at 8 P. M. Hon. Wm. L. Wilson will speak in I-Iedgesville Oct. 20, at 2 o'clock,and in Martinsburg at 7.80. Hon. Stuart W. Walker will speak at Charles Town, October 2G, 1892 at 8 P. M. Hon. Stuart W. Walker and Frank M. Logic at Fairmont School House in Kabletown District, Thursday, October 27, at 3 P. M. Kabletown same evening at 7:30 o'clock. Hon. Stuart W. Walker and T. C. Green will speak at Summit Point on Friday, October 28, 1892, at 7 P. M. Hoii. Stuart W. Walker will speak at Shenandoah Junction, October 31 1892, at 7 P. M. Maj. A. W. McDonald and Mr. James M. Mason, Jr., will speak at Halltown Friday evening, Oct. 21. Maj. R. W. Hunter, of Winchester, and Hon. Moses Walton, of Woodstock, Va., are expected toaddress the Cleveland and Wilson CIul. of this place, iD the court-house, on Friday evening, October 21,. 1892.? A letter received from Maj. Hunter just before going to press announces his positive acceptance of this invitation. Maj. A. W. McDonald and Capt. George Baylor will speak at Summit Point next Saturday night. Hon. A. S. Dandridge will address the Democratic Club of Moler's on Friday, Oct. 21st, at 7 P. M. Forrest \V. Brown, Esq., and Hon. A. S. Dandridge will speak at Kabletown next Saturday night. Maj. Holmes Conrad, of Winchester, will address the Cleveland and , Wilson Club, of this place, on Friday evening, the 28th instant. A heavy snow-storm prevailed in Colorado last week. The last of the Pennsylvania troops have left Homestead. The eighty-fifth volume of Harper's Magazine will be completed with the number for November. A Grafton special to the Wheeling Register says that the official brigade under the direction of Commissioner of Internal revenue are making desperate efforts to defeat Congressman Wilson. Mr. Wisner says the Force bill is not an issue in this campaign. Ben. Butterworth, of Ohio, discussed the Force bill at Morgantown, and promised the adoptiou if the Republicans continue in power. The declaration of Bishop Brown, a talented and sensible colored man, will be found in this paper, and his candid appeal to the men of his race should reach the hearts and minds of all intelligent, thinking men of his color. Mr. Cleveland has written a letter declining to attend the dedication of the World's Fair buildings at Chicago, for the reason that he desired no political advantage that might result from the journey while President Harrison is detained at Washington by domestic affliction. On the Way to Paradise. Let ii8 hope I lint the peorle who habit unity disregard their health will reach that desirable place, and avoid the locality whieh is let* desirable as an eternal residence on account of the heat and Hirrounditurs trcnenilly. 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Bishop Brown has heen a strong factor in the Republican party's work among the colored people heretofore, and he has changed his politics because of the settled conviction that his race has nothing to hope from the Republican party. Such a course destroyed his influence. So long as a party was sure of the negro vote that party would have no respect for the negro or the negro wishes. The negro must begin to vote for that party from which he has most to expect. Bishop Brown has written an open letter to the members of his church, , in which he discussed the question of which candidate the negro should support. He says: "For nearly thirty years we have done all we could to make the Republican party successful. We have voted and some of our people have died for its progress. But now the question isrbeing asked by a large number of us, How are we being benefited by our adherence to it? The chalice is but to our lips, but it is made to vanish before one comfort comes to us. "Our men are sometimes nominated for office, their names sent to the Senate, but before the Senate has time to act the name is withdrawn." He then contrasts this with Mr. Cleveland's course in nom'nattng Mr. Mathews for register of deeds in Washington and his insistence on the nomination until he was shewn that the Republican Senate would not confirm him. Of Mr. Cleveland he says: "Not long ago he spoke most kindly of our people and urged kind treatment toward colored citizens. I was told by a gentleman in New York?at one time chief of the Indian bureau, a man of wealth and social position, a Democrat, a Southerner by birth and education and an ex-slave-holder?that he had been assured by Mr. Cleveland that if elected President he would prove himself as true to the interests of colored men as any man who might be elected. "The question comes to us, What is our duty in casting our ballot, if we vote at all? For Mr. Cleveland or for the person who has no pronounced opinion for the colored man only on election day? It is not social equality we ask,but we do ask that we be treated fairly. "I now appeal to you, dear brethren, to think before you act, aud do not act so as to engulf us in other and more severe difficulties. If you cannot consistently vote for Mr. Cleveland, then stav away from the voting precinct. The time has come for us to act, and act decidedly." Bishop Brown says he has talked with many intelligent negroes and finds much feeling in the matter, all taking his view. Democratic Mass-Meeting at Island Park. The Baltimore and Ohio R. R. will sell tickets at rate of one fare for the round trip to those attend ins: the Democratic Mass-Meeting at Island Park on Wednesday, October 19th. Tickets will be on saie at Frederick, Ilagerstown, Winchester, Berkeley Springs and all intermediate stations to Harper's Ferry and Island Park. The orators of the occosion will be IIon.Thos. F. Bayard of Delaware, Ilon.Wm. A. MacCorkle, Democratic Candidate for Governor of West Va., Hon. Wm. A. Anderson of Va.> Col. L. Victor Banghman of Frederick, Md., Col. Buchanan Schley of Hngerstown, Md., Hon. , seph Ileuisler, Thos. R. Clendenin, E. Key Buchanan, W. Cabell Bruce of Baltimore, and Wm. L. Wilson, Democratic Candidate for Congress, "The Silver tongued orator of the South". Our Clothing for Full and Winter is right In louch with the Reason, attractive, bright, satisfying and enlivening. Extra care has been given to the selections and innkinir. We show a stock without superior. Wm. Kaiiu. Sadler Building. The strongest and best made Boy* and Children's Clothing in America is here at the most reasonable prices. We are Headquarters for the little ones. Wm. Kaiin, Sadler Building. Earlcy buyers are wisest. They get the mogr for their monc\* Lccause they get. the best selection. 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Wilson, of this place, spoke at Uvilla la.-t Friday night. The Democrats carried Chattanooga, electing seven of the eight aldermen. The city has been Republican for many years. M. Palmbaum & Bro, have received a large assortment of Blankets, Comforts, Underwear, &c.? Prices lower than ever. Do yon want a Ring for yourself, sister or sweetheart! If so examine our new lot just received at Brown's, the Jeweler and Opticiap. Various Items. Daly, the circus man recently shot at Mnrtibsburg, by a colored boy in the employ of Mr. Evans, has since died iu new Jersey. Irvin Finley, sou of Rev. Dr. G. W. Finley, died recently from the effects of a t:uu-shob wound, received accidentally about a week before. The Baltimore aniJ Ohio thnps at Martinsburg are now working full time, teu hours a day. The force is engaged chiefly ovehauling locomotives and freight cars. Richard Daily, of Harper's Ferry, and Miss Cora Caton, of Jefferson county, W. Va., now visiting her sister, Mrs. Hoffman, at Eakle's Mills, were married at Frederick, ThuisJay, while attending the fair. [HtLgerslovm Globe. The trial of Edward Lee Arvin, at Martinsburg, for the murder of Barney Watson on the 4th of last July, at Iuwood Park, terminated Thursday before Judge E. Boyd Faulkner, the verdict being murder in the second degree. Senator Faulkner has made 26 speeches this campaign and is billed for 25 more before election day. The Democratic party is truly fortunate in having such an able and popular stumper with physical capacity to endure such a strain. fMartinsburg Statesman Settlers'Excursion toCalifornia The B. & O. R. R. announces a Special Excursion to San Francisco, Cal., via St. Louis, on Oct. 20th, leaving Harper's Ferry at 5.0+ P. M. The Excursion has been especially arranged for the accommodation of persons desiring to settle inthe West, and should be largely patronized by them. 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For the bath, toilet or nursery it is preferred to most of the soap made. At Dalgarn's FOR LOW PRICES OF LUMBER see advertisement of LIBBEY, BITTINGEK & MILLER. Election Commissioners. State of West Virginia, Jefferson County. Set: At a Special Session of the County Court of said Jeffersou County, hcldat the Court-House in Charles Town on Tuesday October 4th 1892. pursuant to the provisions of the Acts of the Legislature in such ease made and provided. Present the President and all the Commissioners of said Court. The Court this day made the following appointment of Commissioners of Election for the various Election Precincts in said Lounty for the next two rears : Charles Toxon District Voting Place No. 1, at the Court-House?T. P. Lippitt. Geo. T. Light and J. N. Dunlap. Voting Place No.2, "White Free School-llonse on Samuel St.?J. V. Simmons, George F. Walker and Samuel J. Boyd. Voting Place No.3. White Free School-House on North alU'3* near Methodist -Church ?B. F. Raiuey, C. M. Hough and L. D. Getzendanncr. i Voting Place No. 4. Manning's School-House on east side of Shenandoah river?John II. Hostler, Jr., B. E. Beavers aud Grant Johnson. Voting Place No. 5, Free School-House at Shenandoah Junction?John M. Daniel, John D. MeGarry and James P. Conley. Kabletoxon District. Votiug Place No. 1, Free School-House at Kabletown?W. O. Norris, George Harris aud Adam Brenneman. Voting Place No.2. White Free School-House at Summit Point?N. H. Willis, James W. Coyle. and Thos. E. Woodward. MidtUeway District. Voting Place No. 1, White Free Sehool-TTouse at Middlcwny?Samuel II. Fowler, James W. League aud Daniel Clendenning. Voting Place No. 2. Office of Geo. D. Johnson nt Leetown?James W. Stridor, Zaeh. T. Fleming and Benjamin Bnsey. Voting Place No. 3, at. White Free SchoolHouse at Kearnevsville?Geo. W. Seibert, Jas. T. Trussell and M. S. Miller. Sh epherdslotcn Dislrict. Voting Place No.l, White Free School-House in Shepherstown?J. S. Bragouier, W. N. Lcmen and Geo. W. Chase. Vot ing Place No.2, White Free School-House at Moler's X Roads?A. P. Reiuhart, W. J. Knott aud John N. Sclioll. Voting Place No.3, White Free School-House at DuHields?T. O. Link, James S. Maddox and J. C. Tabler. Harper's Ferry District. Voting Place No. 1, White Free School-House ouCamp Hill?James Con way,T. W. Beule aud J. F. Hartgrove. Voting Place No.2, White Free School-House in Bolivar?John II. Marten,A. M. Sponcelllor and Alfred Burton. Voting Place No.8.White Free School-House at llalltown?F. P. Lynch, J. W. Rider aud George Koonce. Voting Place No. 4. School-House at Oak Grove?Robert M. Duke, Jacob II. Engle and Jacob W. Staley. The foregoing Commissioners wore appointed on rceumuieudation of the Chairmen of Democratic and Republican Executive Committees of said County.and the lists containing said uauies were filed with the Clerk of this Court. A Copv Teste. GUltARD d. moork. Clerk of said Court. [County papers please copv.] October IS. 1SU2?2t. 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I HAVE a Saw-Mill located in my woods on the Berryvillc Turnpike, and ain prepared to furnish Oak Lumber of all kinds. Special bills sawed to order on short notice. JOHN T. COLSTON. March 20. 1S92?tf. Second Hand School Books. ANY one having Second Hand School Books cau have them disposed of by calling on light ?& watson. Notice. rpiIE 21st of October (inst.) having been apJ[ poiuted a holiday by the Governor of this State, the Bank of CnarWTown will l?e closed on that day G. A PORTERFI ELD. Oct. 4.1892?St. Cashier. Shoe Shop Removed. aIHE undersigned has removed his Shoe. maker Shop to the house lately occupied by Mr. Manncl on West Main street, between Water and West streets, and will be pleased to serve his old customers aud the public generally. Special attention given to repairs. Charges reasonable. L. W1NEBRENNER. April 2. lSSP?tf. For Rent. ~ THE Now Honsc on 1st avenue nearly opposite B. ik O. Depot. April 1892 tf. A. W. McDQNALD. For Rent. FOR Wheat Crop, from 35 to 40 acres near town. Apply at once to T. C. GREEN, Ang. 30. 1892. "VfOW is the time to have your Fire Place _L\ Heater put in order, for 'Jackfrost is coming. EASTERDAY & CO. do It, you know. EASTERDAY & CO. Jefferson Co., Agents for Eton's ^eaters. New Stock ?OF? Millinery, Fancy Goods and ISTotions, just received by MRS. C. F. THOMAS, to be cold at Low Prices. October 11. 1S02. J. F. REININGER, MERCHANT TAILOR, Has just received tbe Largest Assortment of Fall and Winter Samples ever exhibited in Jefferson County, And Will Make Suits to Order AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES Ilaving 32) years* experience as a Cutter, vrill guarantee you a fit or no sale. Work Promptly and Carefully Executed. Call aud be convinced. Yours resnectfullv. J. T. KfilNINGER, September 6. 1S91. Merchant Tailor. H. Gr. KNAPP, "W atclunaker and Jeweler, CHARLESTOWN, W. VA. You will fine! me at tl?c Burton stand, corner of Main and (Jeorge streets. Fine Repairing A SPECIALTY. All Work Warranted to Give Satisfaction. March 24. 1S01?odQ331)0. HAG LEY '.S SUMMER STOCK is on the go. Reduced Prices have given them all a double quick. PEOPLE ARE CALLING for tile bargains. FALL GOODS ARE COMING IN RAPID L1" AND CROWDING OUT THE REMNANTS OF SUMMER. And tbe shrewd buyers are watching their cUunccs. Hagley, the Outfitter. Sept. 0. lSi)3. TO THE FARMERS Hipp on and Charles Town vicinities. WE extend to you our most hearty thanks for your liberal patronage the past year; and ask for a continuance to our new firm of Reed, Long & Manning, Owners and Opporators of the George Street ElevatorDealers in GRAIN, COAL, SALT, SEEDS, CEMENT, ETC. Rippon and Charles Town, General Office Rippon, \V. Va. July 12. 1803?Cm. THE CITY ELECTRIC HjIG-HT CO. Is now prepared to furnish Arc or Incandescent Light for the Illumination of residences, stores, public buildings or streets. SATISFACTORY RESULTS GUARANTEED. Spccial rates on large contracts. For rates, &c., apply to WM. CAMPBELL. Feb. 0, 1893. Secretary. STAUIV ?TL' oiv MILITARY ACADEMY, STAUNTON, VA. A Military School for Young Men and Boys. HANDSOME Illustrated Catalogue mailed on application. August 16.1893. HENSH & DROM&OID'S SAW MHJLmdEHGINES A wonderful improvement In Friction Feedk and (?ig-iiiick. Back motion or Carriage three time as fust as any other in tUe market. Friction Clutch Feed, causing all the flevd gearing to stand still wbile tacking; crral saving i*i putrer aud wear. Write lor circulars and prices; furnished free upon application. Also Sprint; TootljUlnrrorvn, liar Hakes, Cultivators, Corn 1'lanters, Sihellerm, etc. tku paper. HENCH & DR0M60LD, Manfrs., YORK, PA. Oct. nth, isre?ist. Locust Posts, A LOT of I-Ocupt Ports for .ale. Apply to JOHN T. COLSTON. Jane 21. 1803? tf. TRY DALGARN'S Homo-Made Laundry Soap. AT BAWJARN'S yon can get 3 Wheeling Stogies for 5 cent*. Removal! Removal ! NEW STAND AND NEW GOODS. V Having leased the comtnodions ?tore-room of Mr?." O'UanuGn. on tbe corner of Maiu and Lawrence streets, Charles Town, \V. Va., have removed to the satno uud opened up a choico and fresh stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries, TEAS. COFFEE?. PURE SPICES. CANNED GOODS. TOBACCOS, NOTIONS, &C.. at lowest prices, for the Inspection of which I cordially Invite iho people of Charles Town aud Jerfureon county. Best Brands of Flour always In stock. I solicit a liberal share of your'patrouajjo, and will endeavor by fair and courteous treatuieut to give full valae for .every dollar Invested with me. ^"Country Produce at highest market prices la exchange for goods. Kespcctfully, H. W. RUTHERFORD. Oct. 11. 1S93. Order of Publication. The State of West Virginia. Jefferson Comity, to-wit: At rules held In the Clerk*s Office of the Circuit Court of Jefferson Couutv, October. 189*3. ALBERT F. DAVIS, Sheriff Committee Admiuistrator of Augustus Ketzner, deceased, Plaintiff, TS. MARTIN KETZNER, John Ketzner. Joseph Ketzner. Mary Ketzner, Edward Tenrney aud Joauna Ketzucr Defendants, IN. CHANCERS. mHE object of this suit is to asccrtaiu tho JL real estate of Augustus Ketzner,deceased, to convena his creditors, to ascertalu their priorities and subject said real cstato to tho pavmcnt of his debts. Tt appearing, on affidavit tiled iu this suit, that the Defendant Mary Ketzner i* a non resident of the State of West Virginia, she is hereby reonired to appear within One Month after the aato of tho first publication of this order; aud do what is ueecssary to protcct her iutcrcst iu this matter. T. W. LATIMER, Clerk of the Circuit Court Fouuest W. Drown. P. Q. Pet. 4. 1S93?It. [Spirit Fee. gO 7S] Order of Publication. The State of West Virginia. Jefferson county, to-wit: At rules held in the Clerk's Olfleo of tlie Circuit Court of Jefferson County. October. 1892: ClIAULKS J. CAVALIER, Administrator ot Alary E. Wentzcll . Plaintiff. vx. JULIA IlANNAIl, Sarah Sanders. Jano Childs, William Garnhart, Cathoriue Cordor, A. M. Spouceller, M. A. Cavalier and W. U. Spaugler, Defendant*. IN CHANCERY. THE object of this suit is to conveuc tho Creditors of Mary E. Wcntzell, deceased, to establish the amount of these clulins and priorities and sell her real estate for the payment of same. Iu appearing, on affidavit filed In this suit, that the Defendants Julia Ilaunah. Sarah Sanders. .Tune Childs, William Gurnlmri and Catherine Cord or are nomrcsideuls of tho State of West Virginia, they are here hereby required to appear within One Month after the date of the first publication of this order, aud do what is uiicesHurv to protect their interest iu this matter. T. W, LATIMER, Clerk of tho Circuit Court. - Geo. Bayi.ok. P. C^. Oct. 4. ISMS?4t. [Spirit Fee. $7,041. WOODLAND COAL. ANEW variety of Coal just re col veil, for Bale at.the CharlesTown Elevator. What in remarkable about tliis celebrated Coal, it Is a Semi-Bituminous Coal, partakes of the fren buruintr quality of Cnmbcrluud Coal, and of the uleauiy quality of anttruclU*. Burns art freely ns dry hickory wood, will outlast auy other Coal iu the market, making no cinders aud is perfectly clean of slate. It has given satisfaction to all who have used it, aud all wo ask Is a trial order. For the convenience of in}* customers I have placed a slate ut Mr. S. C. Young's meat store, next to the post oillce, where orders can be left or by postal card. Also keep on bund First-CIuss Holler Flour aud Bran, as well as all kiuds of Hard aud Soft Coal. W. S. KENNEDY. May 10. IStlg?flm. Do You Drink Beer? IF so, we desire to call your attention to onr celebrated Pilsener Export Beer, It is the purest and best beer that Is made. It Is brewed especially for us from the choicest Bohemian Hops, and the jlnes(quality of Cancula Malt. We are the ouly persons south of New York who use Bretague?s Automatic Mottling Machine In Bottling Beer. It causes our bottled Beer to be equally as good us draught beer, and every glass to have as lively a taste, because while undergoing the bottling process the Beer Is not exposed to any air A trial of tills beer, bottled by the NEVV PROCESS, will convince you of its SUPERIOR QUALITY over all others. Messrs. Jno. 8. Kastenlar, Geo. A. Mock and F. B. Souders keep this Beer constantly in stock. The trade supplied ia Bottles or Kegs, by J. C. McGHAW, July 7, 1801. Harper's Ferry, W. Va. Attention ! Everybody. AS nil ore aware Winter Is approaching, and It in the rcuson of tlio year thul UNDERWARE, BOOTS A SHOES, AND Gl'M GOODS OK NEARLY EVERY DESCRIPTION arc in demand. 1 Invite nil to call and examine my etock l?fore purchasing elsewhere. October 4. 18S?. S. 8. DAI.OA UN. Painting and Papering. fpHE underpinned have aMOclnted themX eel ves together to carry on the Painting and. Papering Business ill all its branched. Willi do all kinds of PAINTING ANDGRAINING.PAPER HANGING, SIGN AND SCENE PAINTING, dcC. Will do ?ood work at reasonable prices. and promise satisfaction in every case. Give us yonr orders. Respectfully. May 10. 18P3?y. BAKER A GUNTFIEK. Summer Cooking Fuel. I AM just receiving soinc of the CELEBRATED POCAHONTAS COAL, nald to lm very superior us a light, chcup Summer Cooking Fuel. 8AWEI) and SPLIT WOOD.and all kinds of Fncl, Steam and Forge Coal on band. li. O. WASHINGTON, Art. May 3. 1803. ' Salt. JUST received a car load of SALT. Large Sa<-ks, Clieup for Cash and in exchange for Wood. B. C- WASHINGTON, Agt. May 3, 1693. Feed at Retail. EAR Corn. Oats, Chop, Bran, Ground Corn* and Cob. Chicken Feed Ac. ?fcc. at Coali and Wood Yard. B. C. WASHINGTON Agt. May 3. 1892. Fresh Cement. JUST received a Car Load of fresh Cumberland HYDRAULIC CEMENT, for sale by the barrel and less, and in sacks. B. C. WASHINGTON, Agt. May 3. 1S83. I WILL ship Lire Stock at the W. & W. stock yards. Weduesday. Oct. 19. If you have anr good fat hogs or veal calves, we me before yon sell. C. F. WALL. I intend to make a specialty this winter on good stable fed calves. if you bare a y--ul to sell see that It is tied np In a good warm place, and that the cow is fed well on good milk producing food for a prime calf ISO to 200 lbs. I can pay 1 to2cts. a lb. more than for the ordinary barn yard calf. C. F. WALL. PARTIES wanting cattle butchered this winter can have them fcntchcred at my slaughter house at a reasonable pries. October 11. 1992. C. Y. WALL. EASTERDAT ft CO have a Fist Class Rifle which they will sel] cheap, call and see It.

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