The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1936
Page 6
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*' Coca Cola Takes Unclis- v puled Gills' I each Pastime Ties Robinson •Teams The Slimline W. Robinson Drug Pasllme Bllliird Famous Store *MeMulllns Gioeery 'R D Hughe* Co ; Phillips Motor i Ark-Mo Power 'East AiKaiis.i5 U 3 11 3 9 -I 7 7 5 7 5 8 •1 10 2 II Pet 78 .78lj .CO! .GOD .41 .357 -MO .151 BI i i> ritii\i> ' COM Coli Bcttlcis I'as'lm* Billiard Pailoi ind McMilluis Cash ( Grocery came tlnoiigh win victories In (he, soflLill liJpL header list nl'hf The Boltlers slopped the •.-iri- tionol stre-il, of the Nu-Wi Chi tiers and look ) os.vesskm of flisl .Place in Ihe Olils 1 l,a»ue b/ \ <n •nil--. 10 1 Pis-nip Rilnirt Pn Icr sllrprrt III(D i tie vith Pol In- FCII Ding loi NO i un HID i |r the Ceininriciil Foftbili lc-\gu" by burjIng AiL-Mn Pc.vci uiidei a 16-9 count McMtMlln took i strangle hold on louilh phco In the bojs' loop wilh i hai I fniiBhl uphill 8 5 triumph over R n rjughes Co ^ ,„ Eolllers Score (Mien Coca Coh iwered from (i custom m beating Nu-Wa Heretofore thej have been htulnii bit - one big ..Inning, in uiiich IHM i ' conccnlrafcd Ihelr Ullfnc alhck ' After going hltlcss and ruulcss they pir-nicd ovci Uio m (he „ third fmn in Ihe fovitli and six In the ntth Sadie Sla-rej, Nu- Wi ace, v,jis the ilUlm of (he n<sauU, althoufh she alloied bill seven hils Inch din; a tilolc b> Sena Triiniblc and double-; bj Buchanan and Lucille Oldlmni . (ARK.) COURIER .NEWS Top Tiger Returns to Wars The T.jeis are happy and confident again— Mickey Cochrane Is back. ' . After (i IOHR layoff from Illness (he liehgal pilot Is 'shown here ns le again look ov ( ci Iho hilm Ooow Goslln, left, and nilly nogell arc pictured above as they Joyfully greeted! -'their chief utter his inhal at (he Yankee Stadium In New' York Oily. „ " i-uvmu UKinan) ** WUIN, outl IVII-MIUI& ien Nil Wa eriors added maleilal- WWners hit ami Hiiej s dike to '<• to (he STOIC, but the I3olt!eis rlthl (hat \\ent for a home run ! tt OI "" cyned enough lo win when t\j mKsed Hit. ball Irvlns 01 i V ...I (n. .. ~\.nn ..I.E.... . .. I r I. IAn.n.1 Fl.n QLCCIC IS , . ^ssily eirned enough lo win when Hy mKsed Ihc. ball Irvlns "'' «' clll ' 1 ^.V*" 6 "- . MMiry Lou wiiltllc «n, |,, 1)r il-.foi a shoe si.iln» latch tcoietl Ihc ,^ tcelc , ls .." 1 ? n , rat satisfactory Hunt form, Melding bit ton lilts Hughes qua. let 100 pound tillcholder isince, Mickey, - .. ,>.v«...l fa HI i. IUII1 11ILJ all singles and no two coming li one imimg A fendcncj toward ...«.*. . - - »iwne<>s kept her In tiouble nnd Ulnclon nnd Baikn s single figured prominently hi U 0 ,,r [|, e Hughes malnlalncd thai four-run three Nu-Wa tallies --'- ---'— ' -— •-" 1 - • Beiidonm HUCV handled " t *"; u "" i nuuy nantuct] sl\ in tncir turn nt uai bums E,"-.VJ^ &«^ ULUIUUHVH m chance's without an enor Bucli- followed bj Widncrs pop double lll<1 hhtory of the 1'aclflc' north- anan mile Bottler mi-iUnf ,,^ n /,,i rini,,,, n, n i,.i n v west— such a blu card that he anan mile Bottler iccilver incccl the hitters with t« 0 far two Bals BIISJ „, Stephens, In jul far Ark• . --- •••- HV.IOII/ ILH i\[ j\,- Mo Poner wilted under a powerful, long distance Pablimc bitting ntlnck Horns nan bv Hershc' Wesley Willoughby Heinphlll Tmj' t Gloier, and doubles bj Frank Whit; orlh and Ace Puck ett featured ih c ]3 CL£ url)H blows Moslcjs four baser came QlouT on bis" Ic-ui » in the third •- nnd ga\e the winneis they never ic-lmqulshed Glrver got hold of his m Ihc n?\t In- 1'ing and counted ueluiwl Pucketi nnd Whilwoilh They roucluded U'elr scoring *jih seven runs i > the sixth on six hits, n pair of VA'ks, and two errors b\ Wiinm" Bui ns ' Ark Mo Po»et did a bit of his tj hitting themselves The> slap l»d out nine safclles oit Dunn _ Warrlngton, ihrcc of iihfch BC rr> of the extra base bariety and ac- counled for most of the HotnMnt runs "Pig' Hires tripled In Call - Ganske nnd 'Wimpy Burns in the second, and put them bul on" run behind Paslime Gonskc niatched Moslej s homer in their i half of the third sconn« jimmy Terry and Bill Chealham as well as himself, Jceping Ark-Nfo m the game / Hucy's ilngle dioic in Tommy Warrlnglon v.ith the si\th Ark-Mo score in the sixth Din talked Terry and Tajlor to open the seventh Bill cheatham drove The Standings Southern League Atlanta xNashville Birmingham Chattanooga Neu Orleans liUle Rock .JCnoxvllIe' Memphis . . W. U Pet 00 J4 51 - 41 ,5GB 49 41—527 .45 - 41 43 ,4D 41 48 38 54 31 54 Rational Ltagnr Chicago . . St Louis ' Pittsburgh .Cincinnati New York Boston Philadelphia Brcoklyn W. L. Pet 51 30 51 33 44 39 41 33 43 41 40 44 32 50 28 55 American New York . • Cleveland Detroit .Boston . .. . Washington '.. . Chicago .. Philadelphia , . St .Louis W. U Pel 56' * 25 .667 47 ,38 TO 47 40 .540 44 40 524 « 40 51 25 56 309 N«rthe»i Arkansas i xOsceola , 8 Newpoit 7 Bateivllle ... ... 5 Curuthersillle 6 ^xJontsbort . .'. .. . 3 . t. '*! i 3 ,G 455 teninc liner down the left field oi'l'llnc for a liome run. muini L aclinlns Ihrce. Ernest names obbed Chealham of a sure home un In Ihe first wilh a remarkable [itch, firoccrs Get Hot McMulliii siMllcd H. D. Hughes our runs in the'second, tied the core with u four run rally In he fifth; and then forced ahead ilh three runs In Ihe .seventh. A walk, Jacl flushings tilple McMnllln gol one Lack In Hit Wnlk of Hie tlilul. on n doiilc bv uclc - nd\anlngc, however «llh n score in Iheir turn nt bat Bums lrl.)lc (he trick The Grocers got. busy and 'lied Ihe score hv the filth -on singles «'«• home run Then .came the winning rally. Embanks jingled. Hkjdon strolled. Barker; popped lo n. Rushing, who,-Inciilenlally, had seven' outs. ClaincS' slti3lcd In ?Iubanks. Little rolled out. Fry cracltwl n long double lo ccntei 1 , scorinij-Hiy- tlon and Oaincs. •Tnlmndgc Hiicy allowed 11 hits, while Hughes •. collected one less o!T Evcrott Evbanks. Scores by Innings: K. II. E. Ccca Cola 002 40—10 7 :i Nu-Wa 001 11— 3 4 10 M. L. Whittle, and Buchanan; Stamey and C. Whittle. ' Second Game Pastime .... 313 M7 0—10 13 a big card that he never has had to leave the coast. In more than 100 contests over the nine years that the 23-yeur- old Steele lias fought, he -has scored inore thnn 60 knockouts, le has had 98 per jjut oMits op- Jonents oh the floor. Steele, the Jaw' 1 breaker, knows what It Is himself. Ari Impacted wisdom tooth provided tjie wcak- Ark -o 023 001 3—9 9 0 .... — Warrlngton and lievll; Stephens nnd Hires, Third Game McMullln's 001 R. D. Hughes Oil 040 000 3— 8 11 0 0— 5 10 2 Eubnnks and Phillips; Hucy and Young. Indians Play Nev/port At Osceota Tomorrow BV J. V. FKIEN1I OSCEOLA, July 18.—The Oscci ola Indians, sllll in Iho Northeast Arkansas Leagiie band wagon, will, make' their first Sunday ap.- rienrance before local frindom since Ihe second half gol under way, tomorrow afternoon, when (hey clash with the Newport Cardinal-) The game will start promptly tvl 30. By winning eight of their last ten starts,; Manager Roycc Williams', I.ndlans appear .to be headed i for'another great btd for the nag.' It will be recalled they made n flght of it all the way during Ihe first half, only to be beaten in the last three game's, costing them the first halt sjennont. Earnest Blngluim, Alfred Kelley; 1 Jim McLean, Johnny Sain .nnd Sheldon Brumier have be«n Vhurllng great ball, have beeri a'ccorded tine support, nnd timely hitting Kelley's 1-0 shutout last Sunday In Carulhersville »as perhaps the most outstanding formance. • After pllchlng Brunncr per- had iuccumbed to the heat In the first Same with Newport, Tuesday, Johnny Sain put on a fine show before Billy Evans of the Boston Red Sox, beating the Cardinals, 8-3, and finishing In a blaze of Slory. Kelley's two homers helped . s pe .«.....« , u „ uruw.wiin Keep them In the game \mlil the In Seattle In 1934, again "•-• <•- ----- • • nlnnlng spurt iVewport boasls three of 28 s? m , WM , h " cllncr Bingh»m or Kellej 28 53 346 t oe i ng the slab for the Indians - —-— --• ...~ ,.^,i«i^ ».-«« J»T, F uwicu me lormer oaruthcrsvllle defeated Para- chimpion U times, and-knocked '' L**f* thi. wrlri , 4> i ?l . P » ra 8 0 «><» f>r him out In the third round In wTtJ Pet »mt ih. i i r t , 8li « rlum|]l1 Spcer SeaU!c ' 0 °r»l» Jones was well i 4' aw X, , le llmlt for tho Wo's. Hm- shellacked hi 10 Swede Berrlund 8 2 SCO King (| 1C R c bei s tn -,,,,,., ,,„' ,. ne ,—,.'.' ™• °* TOC : «rgnuia , ' " 1C Rcbcls to d 8' 11 '>»* At Bil ^ ll| e the Ne«poH club Sluhley , -and Oldenburg of lllle engagement. Harry Gray son Freddie Steele winning the .-orld mlddlewlsht cliumplaiishlu from Eddie (Babe) RIsko in Sc- altle was lost track of hi'a del- IB<! of major siwrts events and The pity -of it is that -._ Is no flrst-cltiss opposition I'llli wlilyli he would restore 1 the iresllgc of the class. ' ! The Tacoma .Thunderbolt Is the ilosl magnetic gate attraction in ,oolc Like' Greek Gods But' Seldom Have: Dollar In Pocket By MRS. FRANCES MOEKGER Nationally Known Swlmmlnr less that 'resulted in his 'own be- IIIB fractured -by, Leonard' Bennett's nrst left hook In 1933.' ' A y tin- before Steele was stricken by a serious blood, ailment trial icpl him out of ' 'action 'for .eight months.' Physiclatis reported tlvc youngster In bad shape, 'his future black. • . • i . ..--;••; ; *"••'•*'• "• • •_ '' - ',". ' Rtal Name Bunelt . : , Steele -was 'bora Frederick , Earl Jurgclt In u siimll' to'wn 'between Seattle and Tacorna , ou Dec. IB, 1012, his mother Irish, 'his fa'- :her a Scotsman: Steele' Is' the lame of Ills stepfather. ;'.. ,. •' : As fur back ns Steele lean re^ ucmber he had one cherished desire—to flght within the ring. Tod Morgan, whom he saw break in al. Concrele, Wash., was ):ls boy- iood idol. Overcoming his mother's objections, 'young Steele first donned professional gloves in 1925, when »• was 13. He weighed 95 pounds wilh oil on his hair. He fought its way through' Intermediate high school as n skinny little, : big-eyed batam. ; ' Slcele -first attracted attention >y knocking out 'and breaking the law of Wildcat Carter as a light welter in his thirteenth, professional start in Tacoma • in 1930. FVom that night until now, he lias written his ..colorful and spcc- lacular career : upon the western I shore lo such an' extent that, he tins emblazed his, lianie on lii- leriiatlonul pages , pi . pugilism. Seattle, Tacoma,, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Spokane, and San Diego have been his fields of warfare. Largely; how- ;ver,'he has come up under Seat- lie skies, through the co-operat- :ion of a youn? and capable promoter, ) Nate Driixmnri, who gave ilm his opportunity to fight Rlsko for the top rung before a'|65,000 turnout,' the richest gate 'in the hlstoiy of .tha section. I NEW YORK.-A brother to the "tennis bum" is the ."swimming bum." You can spot one at almost any pool, with noliilng. oii.hls niliid hnlr on Ids chest, and the abllltf to loaf 365 days'-ft year. " .' Hor that reason, 'l[ lor no pthei I say a man should give-up com l^-tlllve swimming after' leaving college. If he.Intends to, follow u caicer, he won't find It in a tank I'm speaking of t'ne so-calied ami- leur swimmer, of course, who Idles nbdtil In a swinimlng suit In the belief he's a public Idol. A good professlonul Is something else again. Curiously, I. never have seen a woman "swimming bum." Women whether tlicy have won Olympic titles or otherwise, usually posses; enough common seiise to turn their talents to something worth while after a few years of compe lilion, We have many examples among our present-day Stars. Two good ones are.the backstroklng Kompa sisters, Erria and Elizabeth, wlfo achieved swimming prominence after winning a .tougher battle oTTtslde the pool than ever was waged In It, What to Do at 35? ' : Handicapped by Illness in the fnmlly and forced to work hard for themselves and for their parents, they not only came through' bill demonstrated the will to triumph In athletics as well. < What tire men going to do when, at the age 'of 35 or so, they no longer can'.'swim fast enough to' merit a -billing? Few star swim-' iners 'nave any other prospects'.If a man has eslablLshed himself in a' recognized position and then wants'to swim, that's'differ- ent. But 'amateur swimming', 'as a profession,:Is a mirage that should be Ignored. > In my many years of coaching I have seen men with good minds and fine business chances who preferred the cheers of a - fickle, crowd to a career. I have seen them lying about In southern pools and on .southern beaches, without a dollar to'their names and'rio hopes of getting one. ' • s.-l have seen''more than one''who didn't -know' where his .next meal was coming from, but still lie achieved a 'synthetic happiness because some- slmple^niliided visitor looked in his general direction and remarked: "oh, MB i,i, u! ^^ BUI, Bum.- He;held the 86!i-yar ( 'r title n fe w , years' ago:" i ' - Rtfult iWarrlaje Theory < 1 : Marriage Is another reason 'for' the masculine swimmers, for'it's-niy-opinion they lose l . hclr --^d.after."stenliij to wedding bells. • i , ' ; •-' For. purposes of domesticity I believe .that women' should quit swimming after '•marriage, but they have demonstrated that a iiiereMuisbanii. Isn't ,a detriment to natatorial prowess. • : As an example I might idle Mrs rMH 0 ? (Ktsht ' wl "S ar d- She married ast summer and broke records In the recent iwiloil diam- plonshl|)s. Mrs.-Eleanor Solm Jarrett is another who came back "I do* r - tha " cver . after W'S . Bu , t . men-well, I repeat, they should climb out of the tank after graduation from college. Tt, cy '' Dive For Olympic Points .SATURDAY,. JULY h «,,' swm nt the same time for any appreciable period, and a "swimming bum" | s no treat to the experienced eye. Steele Teams In Tie In Second Half Race lilasls Way lo Title Slcele w»s given his first real test in 1932, when "he twice flattened Ccferino Garcia, the Fill- pino. . Freddie conceded . Oorllla Jones poundage and traveled 10 savage rounds to a draw .with the' Negro that he could stand up under a the hard rap. -..,...., .,L vuc league Stcele hopped down to Sau -._.... ihan John Smith, and Francisco last year and knocked Sutherland 'Chesty' Ed likely out the redoubtable Freddie Apos- II ent th» n(i.«ii..,. , „ ( O n )n llle mih. round.'. '' The tagger broke Vince . Dun- floored the former oe four teams nL n\ S1 f e ' C 'ofl-ball leasue are deadlocked at this lime In the second half race with each team having won one game mid ic-t The close rivalry Is expected to INKi: 'em In at ) 0 cil gar.ui. His features . are unmarked He looks more like a college boy tiian a Qghter. Steele has saved a small'for- tune and Intends to retire -within four years. If satisfactory opponents develop. t!ie middleweight division win see plenty pt action In that time. real .fiA'irifneflnit. FACTORY TRAINED RADIO EXPERT Now available for repairs on all makes of radios. 14 Years Experience Phone 233 Henry S. Werner at Hardaway Appliance Co. Vena Dnnn of Monrovia. Calif., , up; Cornelia GiiHsen of Ifev York ta cm; Ruth Jump of.Lc s Anyeles. left; and Mrs. Dorothy Poynlon mil members of the American women's Olympic diving team make a striking picture In this exhibition of their form at Asloria Tj£ Island. Baseball Results Southern league Knoxville 4, Chattanooga 3. New Orleans 5, Atlanta 3. Pirmlngham 4, Nashville 2. Only games scheduled. National League New York 6,-Pltlsbiirifli 0. Brooklyn 5, Cincinnati 3. Boston S, Chicago 1. St. Louis 5. Philadelphia 4. American League Chicago IB, Washington 5 Cleveland 5, Philadelphia 1. New York 9, Detroit 4. Boston 2, St. Louis 1. Northeast Arkansas League Newport 14, Batesville 4. Caruthersville 0. Poragoiild 4. Osceola at Jonesboro, night a me. Read Courier News Want Ads. Today's Games Southern r.eagup Memphis at Little nock !il°lit game. " Atlanta at New Orleans. BIiinhiBham nt, Nashville. Challanooga at ICnoxvillD National I.e.i^ue Phllfldc-ljihl:! at Chicago. Boslon at St. Louis. New Vurk nt Cincinnati. Brooklyn at Plttsburuh. American' League Detroit at Boston. St. Louis at Nciv York. Cleveland at Washington . Chicago at Philadelphia. Meet in Monday Night Feature at Legion Hut; Poole Faces Becker BY J. I'. FRIEND . Two local favorites,' and members of that almost extinct group showing. He, too, isn't so strong on the modern "rasslln", but has a fine use of his i egs , i {ook 6cls . sow, a la John Paul j mfs his specialty. He should test the Cracker. Famous Withdraws ' Protest Against Game Forfeiture Joe Applebaum, owner 'and manager of the Famous Store team of the Commercial soft ball I T •"" """ '••""".v BIUIIJI it.-""] ui me commercial soft ball of scientific wrestlers-Hex (Tex)! league, announced late yesterday i •£ A"'?, 1 ' 1110 ' Texas, and Mor- afleraoon that he ted withdrawn ris "Ike" Bloomfleld, .the Jewish M-h formal protest of Umpire n fir B 2 0y i' r0ln iW yn> N ' Y " Chler "<Tb Bnmrt,,U ftSeliuM leluin Monday night to head the <>1 Famous' Wednesday light r^r«,- &«" v - tsr^r ihTs • Kuo^r .akrrryor^r^ Se^roui X^' r^SS- for&, thr£^?; h ninety minutes, two bast falls out' park by Umnn-e Urownln/ (V, Of thri'i' ffpltlllff t.hft rl<u>leln n «..:.„.._,.* . U ,"l>" <• BlOftlllllg for , of three getting the decision. Have Met Here nrilng" tactics he wns using against the umpire from the ' field lind brushed ropes, accounting actions. Ihc ropes they were out in the center of the ring, and Referee Mike Meroncy, seeing Moblcys shoulders on (he mat patted Bloomfield on the back. The tall, clever Texan had a dangerous rolling rocking chair split on :ke and was unable to see. On one of tho rounds about the ring Bloom- agalnst the for Mobley's Mobley and Blomnfield are the 'tops" with the local cash customers. They arc big, strong, have an unusual knowledge of .the scientific end of flic mat game, and .sdck lo Ihe real ari, ralher than the kicking, slugging, biting, etc., that seem lo accompany, the most up-to-date form. Cracker Koas Firpo The Georgia Corn Cracker did not hiivc an opportunity to do his .stuff to any great extent, against Kmll Firpo. The Argentine was constantly in his hair nnd whiskers, making a great, play for Iho facial sea weeds. But Becker did pound out two quick Talk in succession, something no oilier grappler has been able lo do lo Firpo In some lime. Becker's whiskers It is possible for sheep to go did not have the usual neatness without water longer than camels.] cither. He claimed he didn't have Hara-kiri," the Japanese inclM-j lime for his makeup od of official suicide, is translated] Poole wrestled here'several times llltO "hailm- flilnnlrli " lort ...,.,.. , -, , ' •la^.r.jffaKwsSjr-iS in Blythevllle. and staged per-'and re nrned f t, , B T° haps the best wrestling match'was sva ted hv .» 5 ' C ever held here among the heavy-' again B ^J\ 1 ^ ofu ™{'' re "-'f weights. Hloomncld was declared Upon '•<- -" - ° • o! tllc |rart: Ihe winner when Mobley, thinking ing f lie and Hloomfield were under the 'son. ' ropes, let down expecting thcj Ma referee to command them to!I forim break. But, Instead of being under Nortlicisl Arkansas League Open date. B oC 'o d U ' e en '" C l ° Hobln - Cr ', A "l" cl ««™ I'l his protest charges tint tho of from Ihe park rested '"mWlho ,' fS^SrtrwS 411 rownlng should hare him from the yame, call- The attempted expulsion of Guard and the forfeiture caused considerable controversy which has continued as a principal subject or conversation among soft ball Browning submitted hts rcsi<nia- tion as umpire the day after the affair occurred. So far as known his resignation has not been acted upon and he has continued as chief official of the games In communing on. the wilh- lawal of his protest Applebaum aid he W as "sick and lired of all Iho argument" and wanted to foreet ihe matter , into "happy Oispatcli." es 1 last year and always made a fiuo Before You Bny Any Outboard - Soe (he NEPTUNE 2 II. P. m-jr . Single Cyl. SP •!•'J (Other Sizes to 16 H. P.) HUBBARD TIRE & UA1TERY CO. Read 'em and REAP The advertisements in this paper are guide-posts to the best values in town. If they weren't the best values in town, by any chance, the advertisers would be foolish indeed to call your attention to them. Because no advertiser can afford to focus upon a fault! Just as you consult a road-map before taking a tour in your car;-just as you pore over a bill-of-fare before ordering- lunch or dinner; just as you read reams of booklets and folders before starting- out on a cruise—read the advertisements before going- downtown into the shopping traffic. Advertisements are advance news of all that's newest and best in merchandise and service. They show you, in the quiet and comfort of your home, what you may expect when you '^ally forth into the marketplaces. You can check the items that interest you, and "chuck" those thatj don't. Read the advertisements. Read 'em and rqap!

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