The Daily Standard from Raleigh, North Carolina on August 4, 1866 · Page 3
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The Daily Standard from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 3

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1866
Page 3
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mm Another OutrAgk A.Ujutyx Pfficku pji,LEt).--On Wednesday' night lastr at-11 e"cloek, some luvlf tJojten- rebels from Webster county, Kentucky, crossed the Ohio river at Owensboro' to the Indiana eide, and forcibly took from his beil .LjcutiIIampwn, .late f the Union army," carried him out totbe.rive'r,: shot him dead, and threw hi:r body into the river. It bus not oeen found. -vMrs. Hampton who was with her husband. at the time V tlip occurrence, is in great mental distress 01 ',rc T ! .... a. TT i. 1 i i not)nV. Aiieut. rmuiueuu ucinugcu 10 the 35tli Kentucky, anl was a loyal and re- ppected citizen. Morton has been called to Union citizens of the bonl Z:..a in view of this murd the matter. The ler are greatly ex cited in view ol tuu murueraus rail. Tlie Lynchburg Virginian forcibly says: 41 There are vast numbers of young men in the South living in idleness, which we re-rret very much to see. This, says a cotcni-porary, was tolerable when they possessed fortunes; but now that most of them are penniless, it is an evil of vast magnitude. We know that in many cases these young men would be glad to get work of a certain kind. They would practice law or medicine or engage in mercantile pursuits, or manage a fanit! or get up and deliver a lecture ;b'ut, finding no opening in these occupations, tlioy are lying on their oars and doing nothing. The young men of the South must come down to. manual labor they must coiue to the conclusion that honest work with the hands is better than no work at all." The National Convention. So far nothing has been definitely agreed upon with reference to the organization and general deliberations of the approaching Convention. It seems to be a nearly settled fact, however, that no extremist, either from the North or ijouth, will be admitted, and hence such men as Vallandigham in the North, Aleck Walker and Dick Taylor in the South, may as well save themselves the expense of a trip to your city. Such I know is the feeling of the Democratic Union Club of this city, and such, there is no question, will be the'feebug of the Conservative Union men everywhere. The States should see to it, therefore.'that no delegates are sent who would stand the least danger of rejection, as their representation would be thus weakened. Correspondence riuaaeipuct, ije-iger. The Cabinet. Mr. Harlan having resigned the Secretaryship of the Interior, and Orville H. Browning, of Illinois, having been appointed in his place, the Cabinet, on the 1st of September, when Mr. Harlan re tires, will stand as follows: Secretary of State, William H. Seward; Secretary ol War, Edwin M. Stanton ; Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles; Secretary of the Interior, Orville H. Browning ;" Postmaster-General, A. W. Randall ; Attorney-General, Henry Stanbery. Alfred Stanly, Esq., an excellent citizen and worthy man, died recently at his residence in Beaufort county. He was a brother of the Hon. Edward Stanly. Sentinel. Suffering in tiie South. The most piteous tales continue to be received of the suffering of the poorer classes in South Carolina and Alabama these two States being apparently in the greatest distress for the necessaries of life. The Bureau is doing all in its power for the relief of the unfortunate, and private contributions are also reported to be numerous, including quite a number from abroad. But the work is a great one - almost incredible, except to those who have made a tour of the States in question. Phil. Letlqer. - . . Improved Apple Mr. Wesley A. Coe. one of our most skilful and ingenious mechanics, has just perfected the best apple-pealer we have ever seen. It peals the apple, cores and quarters it at a rapid rate, and does the work well. He has applied for a patent, and is prepared te fill orders for the machine for those who may need or desire thein this season. Greensboro Patriot. The Richmond Enquirer says a young man was recently arrested in Norfolk, and confined in theLibby prison, fbr singing the "Conquered Banner" at a concert in that city. Death of an Cherokee Chief. Washington, Aug. 2nd. John Rossi Chief of Cherokee Nation, died here yesterday after an illness of two months. Soldier's Convention in Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, Pa., Aug. 2nd. The State Convention of soldiers favorable to the elec tion of Clymer as Governor, met here yesterday and numbered nearly eight hundred. Resolutions were adopted endorsing President Johnson's restoration 2olicy and the course of Senators Bigelow and Cowan. Mr. Clymer, Gen. McCandless, Wm. II. Wallace, Gen. Miller and others addressed the vast assemblage. Markets. New York, Aug. 2nd. Gold, 148. ton, 34c. Turpentine, 68 Jc. Cot- - Cholera in Brooklyn. New York. July 2nd. There were 19 cases and 4 deaths of cholera reported in Brooklyn, from noon to noon yesterday. Today 8 of these cases were in the jails and penitentiary. The Cable. Heart's Content, Aug. 1, (via Aspy Bay, Aug. 2.) We are now receiving messages through the Atlantic cable at the rate of over twelve and a half words per minute. All the electricians are delighted with the perfectly distinct character of the signals through the cable. (Signed) CYRUS W. FIELD. The South American War. New York, Aug. 3. The Herald's Havana correspondent says another Spanish fleet is about to sail for the South Pacific to resume the war against the allied South American Republics. It consists of one iron clad, four steam frigates and four transports, carrying 184 guns. The transports carry ten or twelve taousand infantrv. Another Fenian Invasion. New York, August 3. An Ottoway, Canada dispatch says that information has reached the Government that another Fenian movement will soon take place, with Gen. D. Taylor as commander-in-chief. It is thought the next struggle will be a severe one. The Markets. New York, Aug. 3. Gold 147. Wool has a downward tendency. Cotton quiet, sales of 800 bales ; middling upland, 35J37 ; Orleans, 374;38 London Markets. London, Aug. 1. Consols closed at for money. The latest sales of 5-2018 was The Liverpool cotton market to-day ruled steady. " The sales amounted to "10,000 bales. - . ; ! .-; - : v lT."',V.?JBP..yA.a8t. 1, .1.808. ;.. Report of thr Petersburg Jfarketsbed- upon actual transaction, August .1, 1868 : . ' "gold AintstLYKa r&f -i.fiold-r-Bnying 148 ; selling 150:-....V Silver--Buying 137 ; selling. 140." '.jr '; f - X . TOBACCO. ';""v;?' .- -' The market remains steady. ';-, The following sales took place at the different Warehouses to-day : 'West ll'dl Warehouse Vaughan fc Par-ham, Inspectors First Break. lhhd. opened, 1 sold $9. 7 lots loose $2 75, 1 1 50, 4 70. 17 25, 1 75. 2 80, 8. Centre Warehouse Rowlett & Maclin, Inspectors. Second Break. 17 hhds. opened, 13 sold $16, 15, 16, 17, 19 50. 9. 14 75. 18 50. 3 70, 4, 10 50. 16, 11 50. 5 boxes loose $9 50,18 50,23 75,21 50,18 50. Oaks Warehouse Bond & Hawks, Inspec tors. i mrct Break a lilicls. opener!, 9 sold $10 50, 14 75, 8 25. 19, 10 75, 4 10, 9 25, 1150,17. JIbore's Warehouse Jones & Branch, Inspectors. Fourth Break 8 hhds. opened, 8 sold $13, 15 25, 19 25, 4, 3 90, 17 25, 18, 8 75. Cotton. The market is quiet, with small sales at 33 to 33 cents. Corn. In fair demand at $1 15. Wheat. Prime wanted at $2 75 to $2 85. Bacon and Lard. Without change. "Wilmington, July 31, 18CC. Turpentine. Sales of 133 bbls. at $3 75 $3 80 for virgin, $3 . ?3 05 for Yellow dip. and $1 50 1 52 for hard, 280 lbs. Spts. Turpentine. Only one lot of 30 bbls. changed hands to-day at 40 cents gallon for white. Rosin. Sales of 46 bbls. No. 2 at $2 12 J bbls. ; and 490 do. at $3 for opaque, and $4, $4 25, $5 $5 50 for No. 1, as in quality. Timber. Sales of three rats at $3 for inferior, $10 for ordinary, and $12 M. for fair mill. Rail Cars heated by their own Motion. A new heat generator, adapted to the heating of railway carriages, consists of a cone of wood covered with hemp, within a hollow cone of copper, both enclosed in a metalic vessel, through which air heated by motion is conveyed into the carriage. It is to be situated outside, and the motion will be given to the wooden cone by the axles of the carriage. The air becomes heated from the motion of the cone. This heat generator is in actual use in Prussia; turned by a force equal to one-twentieth of a horse power in ten minutes the air escaping from tiie apparatus had a temperature of seventy degrees. Bishop Early. We were glad to see that Bishop Early was well enough to attend the funeral of Dr. Holcomb yesterday. He bears scarcely any visible evidences of his late severe injuries. Lynclduu-g Virgiiitcn, dlst ult. General Grant's Staff. The general-in-chief of the army has announced the following named officers as the aids-de-camp upon his stall', each with the rank of colonel: Brevet Brig. General F. T. Dent, 4th U. S. infantry ; Brevet Brig. Gen. C. B. Comstock, U. S. engineers ; Brevet Brig. Gen. Horace Porter, U. S. ordnance corps; Brevet Brig. Gen. O. E Bahcock. L". S. engineers; Second Lieut. A. Badeau, 4th U. S. infantry ; Second Lieut. E. S. Parker, 2d U. S. cavalry. Revenue. We learn that information has been received here bv the Revenue Tax Col lector for this district, from the Commission er of Internal Revenue at Washington City, to the effect that " Rosin is exempt from taxation under the new Revenue law." Wil. JournnL Upon the health of the Teeth depends the purity of the breath Preserve t hem unblemished by the use of the famous Sozodont, that perfectly harmless vegetable preparation, aud you will never regret it, August 4, lSOi. 5S It On Tuesday, the 24th Jul-, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. F. II. Jones, Mr. H. K. Reid and .Miss Caroline L. Settle, daughter of Judge Settle, deceased, all of Rockingham county, N. C. X3iel. 9 Su Idenly, in this City, at midnight, on the 2d of August, of congestive chill, Mr. Geokqe T. Nte, a Clerk in the Quartermaster's De partment, j St. Albans (Vermont) papers, and Newborn i Times, please copy. In Wilson, on Saturday, Jnly 21st, Dr. James E. Gobiiam, late of Pitt county, in the 45th yeai; of his age. Neir Advertisements. Battle's; IDiprest. THE DIGEST OF ALL THE REPORTED Law Cases in NorthjCarolina, from the earliest period to the present year, is now nearly ready for tiie binder. It will consist of about 1,200 pages, including the table of Cases, fcc. Tiie Book has been so arranged that it can be bound in oue volume, or in two, according to the preference of the purchaser. The cost of publication has been greater than was expected in consctjucncc of the book being larger, and it is ascertained that the author cannot afford to charge lest than $15 for the Volume, or Volumes, of the Law, and 10 for tiie Equity Volume of the Digest, to be paid on or before the delivery of the Volumes, respectively. The. work, though containing much more matter, will cost but little more in currency than was formerly charged in gold, or its equivalent, lor the aggregate of Iredell's and Jones' Digest. When a purchaser wants an interleaved copy. he will so state iu his order for t lie book. There will be an additional price of one dollar for such CODV. We have consented to act as agents for Judire Battle in the sale of the Digest, and now solicit immediate orders, accompanied with directions us to how the book shall be boaud, fcc. The printing of the Equity volume will be commenced without delay. NICHOLS, GORMAN & NEATIIERY, Book and Job Printers, Raleigh, N. C August 4, 1806. 58 tw 3t-pd LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST ! THE REMAINS OF A FOUNDRY, consisting of One half acre of Land, one Large Steam Boiier, (in good order,) parts of three Steam Engines, pig Iron, rough iron, aDd a quantity of scrap Iron. The above property will be sold at public auction, in the town of FAYETTE VILLE, August 20, 1866. M. A. BAKER. Aug. 2, 18ti6. 58-Stpd rpWENTY DOLLARS REWARD ! STOLEN FROM THE STABLE OF THE subscriber, in Harnett County, on the 18th of last month, a sorrell horse, white face, two fore legs and one hiud one white to the knee, about eight years old, medium size, thick and chunky. I will give the above reward for the delivery of the horse to me, or such inlormation as may enable me to get him again. My nearest post office is Elevation, Johnson Connty. E. A. HODGES. Aug. 3, 18. 58 2tpd. JJEMOVAH EDWARD WHEELER & CO., WOULD IN form their Iriends, and the public that they.bavt removed to the Store off). C. Murray, during thi alteration and repair of their old Store. juiyi.i8Cfc. i - ee at. "RANKING HOUSE .OF JAY COOKE & CO ; Corner of Wall and Jkassaa Sts., Sew York. In connection with our bonses in Philadelphii and Washington, we have opened a NEW YORK . HOUSE at above location, and offer our services to Banks, Bankers, and luvestors lor the transaction of their business in this city, including pur chases and sales of Government Seocbities Stocks, Bonds, and Gold. We are constantly represented at the Stock Exchange and Gold Board, where orders sent ns are promptly tilled We keep ou hand a full supply of C0VE.3FAT SECURITIES OF ALL ISSCFil, buying and selling at current prices, and allowing correspondents the most liberal rates the n arket atfords. JAt COUK & CO. may 12. 3 tw&wly. Works of Nature. I i state of health the ntestinal canal may be compared to a river whose waters flow over the adjoining land, thro' the channels nature or art has made, and im prove liieir qualities ; so long as it runs on smoothly the channels are kept pure and healthy ; if the course of the river is stopped, then the water in the canals is no longer pore, but soon becomes stagnant. There is but one law of cir culation in nature. When there is a superabun dance of humorial fluid in the intestinal tubes, and costivencss takes plaee, it flows black Into the blood vessels, and infiltrates itself into the circulation. To establish the free course of the river, we must remove the obstructions which stop its free course, and those of its tributary streams. With the body, follow the same natural principle remove the obstructions from the bowels with Brandretii's Piu.s, which never injure, but are always effectual for the perfect cleansing of the system from foulness or disease. Remember; never sutler a droi) of blood to be ta ken from you. Evacuate th umors as often and as lonir as they are dcr used, or as long as you are sick. See that B. BRANDRETIT is in white letters ou the Government stamp. Sold by all Druggists. July 3, 1800. 46-lm Itch! Itch ! Scratch I ! Scratch ! ! Wheaton's Ointment will cure the Itch in forty-eijrht hours. Also cures Salt Rheum, Ulcers, Chilblains, and all eruptions of the Skin. Price 50 cts. For sule by all Druggists. By sending 00 cents to WEEKS & POTTER, Sole Agents, 170 Washington street, Boston, Mass., it will be forwarded by mail, free of post-ire, to any part of the United States. P. F. PESCUO, Agent, sept 21 ly Raleigh, N. C. BrickMachine. The National Brick Machine, a Clay Tempering Machine, and makes, with ouly two horse power, U0,000 SeLENDiD Buicks per day, with well defined edges and uniform lengths. If the Machine does not perforin what we claim for it, we will take it back and refund the money. Unusual inducements offered o purchases of territorial rights. Address ABRAM REQUA, Gen. Agent, junc 13 lm. 141 Broadway, N. Y. MARRIAGE AND CELIBACY, an Essay of Warning aud Instruction for Young Men, Also, Diseases and Abuses which prostrate the vilal powers, with sure means of relief. Sent free of charge in sealed letter envelopes. Address Dr. J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Puiiade phia, Pa. may 1, lSo 19 m3. Hill's Hair Dye 50 Cents. Black or Brown. Instantaneous, beautiful, durable, reliable. The best and cheapest in use. Depot No. 6(5 John Street, New York. Sold by all Drug, Patent Medicine, Periumery and Fancy Goods stores everywhere. March 13, TStiG. ly. T" EA1 ESTATE FOR GOODS. FOR SALE, A DESIRABLE, COMMODIOUS and healthy residence, in town, with about Twenty Acres of Land attached. Dwelling, 43x34 feet ; lirst floor, G lcet from ground two stories, 12 and 11 feet between Hoors, containing eight ueat and well-linished rooms, with closet and tire-place for each two Halls, rock basement, with three tire-places front and rear high-pitched double piazzas Balustrade round r-ol am! piazza with all necessary outhouses. The residence fronts the lvailroad'and the centre of the town is liberally supplied with thrifty shade and fruit trees; has a well ot good water; is very healthy, and near a goo.i business locality. To any person desiring it delightful and healthy residence, with sutlicient land for maUiug support for a family, a rare opportunity is here oilVred. Money beiug scarce, only one sixth of the price will be required in cash, the balance in Dry Goods, Groceries, and Drugs For further particulars, apply to EDITORS "STANDARD." July 31, 18C0. 57 Ot JEWETT & NORRIS, ATTORNEYS AT liAW, 46, Washington Street, BOSTON, MASS. CONTINUE TO COLLECT UNCLAIMED PROPERTY, MONEY, DEBTS, &c. IN ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND, IRELAND, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, EAST-INDIES, WEST-INDIES, Or any other British Colony, FRANCE, HOLLAND, BELGIUM, or GERMANY, J- CHARGES MODERATE. Sl Cases prosecuted on favorable terms. ALL LETTERS MUST ENCLOSE A STAMP. $500,000,000 of unclaimed Money, are invested in the NATIONAL DEBT of Great Britain, alone in trust for the Unknown Heirs, Legatees, &c a large number of whom are known to be in America. Mr. Jcwett is an English Attorney at Law, late of Ess. x St., Strand, London, aud of the Firm of Jewett, Dean &. Archibald, LONDON. References : Isaac Taylor, Esq., Merchant, Boston, Mass. Capt. J. B. Gkeoort, U. 8. N., Hamilton, " Chas. C. Fillet, Esq , New Orleans, La. Aug. 2, 1806. 58 tw6m. JPURTHER NOTICE I PERSONS HAVING CLAIMS AGAINST THE Connty of Wake, which have not already been preseuted, will bring them forward and present tliem to the COMMITTEE OF FINANCE, on or before the I5tb of Angust, next. ; - R. II. WHITAKER, n ' " " y ; Secretary Com. Finance. Balelgh, inly 31, 1306- V 57 twfc-wlt THADDSOS UcOBT TTTTE HAVE THIS D AY ASSOCIATED WITH V Y- us . . - , r 'Mr. Thaddeus MoGe 1rI of the firm of MoGEE & WILLIAMS. The business will be hereafter conducted -under the style and lirm of W. II. & Ii. S. TUCKER & CO. We solicit for the new firm a continuance, and an increase of the patronage so liberally extended to the old ttrms. Aud with the experience of each member of the lirm in the mercantile business, and intimate acquaintance with the people Of tlUS section Ol the Oiaie, u m. tucrgy nuu perseverance which will be tnrovvn mio the busi ness, together witu Tuc Known Reasonableness OK OUR I It I C E S COMPARED WITH The Cost and Quality cf the Goods, We flatter ourselves that success will follow our efforts. Our thanks are uereoy teuaerett to liberal public. W. H. & R. S. TUCKER & CO. RalMirh. .Tulv 10. 1866. 48 tf --r, ? 1 - - Kelloff, "Wheeler & Co., YTT-QULD RESPEUli ULii Z''" mn- mnTTT T XT SI A t T flTfVr t V tion to their new siock oi SPRING & SUMMER DRESS GOODS. Ladies Trimmed Hats. Bonnets, Shawls, Balmorals. Hoop Skirts, White Goods. Hosiery, Insertings. Edgings, Laces. ALSO Boots, Shoes and Hats. Jeans, Tweeds and Satinets. Sugar, Coffee and Tea. nnnrhon Whiskey, French Brandy and Holland Gin. Raleigh, N. C. March 20, 1866 ttf. JAS. JL. HATHAWAY & UTLEY. ,.t v wiTIIAWAY & CO., IMTOKIWIS ur aiu- LASSE3 AND SUGAR, WILMINGTON. N. C.) SHIPPING AM) lUJl.lIii"J JucaiuaJio, 171 PEARL STREET, New York. W Naval Stores. Sheetings, Yarns, Tobacco, ti,,.r Southern Products, to the sale ot which ,,t m-sn:il attention win ue cntu. c iii .,..,1,1. lih. riil advances upon receipt of In- .,. iinH Hill of Lading. All .Mcrcnanuize mm roduee shipped to us for sale are lnsureu irom r l,i,,., r.t willi or wunoui auviee. jh- oifi-s should alwavs accompany eaeii BUipnient. n.,ik r,, l,iiviiir nnd over iwcniv i-;iit c.- . . " ..... 0.....1. ,wl T T fl.n.i- vi-ars in JNew inru. we leei coii- ..,,t ,.-n (iiri- tr.ll prices lor our inciius ho will favor us with j g. j" if A TH AW A Y, WM. R. UTLEY. February 19, 18W5 Cm. J. E. CONDICT & Co., SUCCESSORS TO Condict, Jennings & Co., SADDLERY, HARNESS, LEATHER, Saddlery-Hardware, &c, d'c, etc., Nos. 55 & 57, White St., New York. JENNINGS, TIIOMLINSON & CO. april 21 15 fun. Charleston, S. C. DRY GOODS. r ATHROP, LUDINGTON &. Co., sin T J ron ilivav. New York. flflerto Southern and Western Jobbers anC Re tailers, at the lowest market prices, FOR CASH, A VERY LARGE AND ATTRACTIVE STOCK OF DRESS GOODS, CLOTHS, NOTIONS, HOSIERY, WHITE GOODS, C. jan. 10-ly. 3ITIXOXJISOIV &Co. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 188, Front Street, NEW-YORK. WILLIAMS & MURCHISON, Commission Merchants, Wilmington, N. C. I") ARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID TO THE sale of Cotton, Naval Stores, and Country Prodnce generally. &n emwitrnme.nt intended tor our New York house are covered by insurance from the point of shipment, and win De lorwaraea turougu nu uiington free of commissions. All orders will receive prompt attention. J NO. D. WILLIAMS, K. M. MCRCHISC N GEO. W. WILLIAMS. D. R. MURCHISON July 7, 1866. 47 lm MEDICAL COLLEGE OF VIRGINIA AT RICHMOND. SESSION OF 1866-'67. rPHE NEXT ANNUAL COURSE OF LEC- JL TURES will commence on the 1st of October, 1800, and continue until the 1st of March. .No Bummer course will be delivered in ioo. The organization of the School Is complete, and the means of illustration ample. Clinical instruction at Howard's Grove Hospital, containing :5o0 beds. Fees, (navable in enrrencv.') Matriculation, $5; Tickets of seven Professors, $105; Demonstrator of Anntoinv. S10: Graduation. $30. In view of the pecuniary troubles of the JSouth- ern people, tne acuity nave declined to lmuuie the Northern Colleges in adopting an increase ot one-third in the Professor's fees ; and students who may be unable to pay the same In advance, will be allowed to give negotiable notes at ninety ftnvR with nnnroved citv endorsers. For further information, or a copy of the Cata logue, address, L. S. JOYNES, M. D., july 28 lOtpd Dean of the Faxnlty. F OR SALE t 1,000 BARRELS " WniTE FLINT CORN, 1.000 44 N. a. Cut Hprrinirs. 250 44 Family Roe Herrings, (in barrels and half-barrels,) 10,000 ponncls jn. J. cured Uaeon. Apply to M. MCJVlAXlWi-x, une 2 tf. Halifax, N. C. TO THE CREDITORS OF THE INSANE ASYLUM OF N. C. PARTIES HAVING CLAIMS AGAINST THE Insane Asylum of North-Carolina, for articles furnished prior to 10th of March, ISIM5. are ren nested to nreRent. the same in per son to the Board of Supervisors, at the Governor's Office, on Saturday, 11th August, at 10 o'clock, A. M. - By order of the Board: W. E. ANDERSON, I Secretary. Raleigh, Jttlj 81, 180& 67 twtd XUuiing:,r iirr.ij.opas, CARHAirntWHITFORD;:CoS ' "VC V .MAJ5TJPACTUKERS . ; , WHOLESALE J-DEALEB8 - Z8T . READ Y-MADE CLOTHING; AMERICAN EXPRESS BUILDING, 55, 57 59 and 61 Hudson, Near Duane Street, New York. W. H. WHITFOnD, J. B. VA! WAGEKEN, T. r. lAKUABT, ... BEKST 8HAF2K, A. T. HAMILTON. Office of Payan & Carhart in liquidation. jnneo, lSbtt. 33 6m KEW TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT! GRIFFITH & McDONALD RALEIGH, N.,C. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE OPENED A iashionable CCTTIXG AM) TAILORING ESTABLIS1IJIEJIT, Up Stairs, Near the Yarborongh Ilonse, Where they intend carrying on the Cutting and Tailoring Business in all its branches AT LOW PRICES. Mr. GRIFFITH, late with Mr. Farriss, wil have control of the CUTTING DEPARTMENT. 1 lis well known taste as a skilllnl Cutter throughout the State and the South will guarantee satisfaction to the most fastidious.. Gentlemen procuring their own Goods and Materials may rely upon having them cut in the Latest Styles, and at Lowest Kates. GARMENTS of every kind FOR CIHLDREN cut to order on accommodating terms. We respectfully solicit a share of patronage, promising to give entire satisfaction in every par ticular. UKlr r l TH & MCDONALD. may 5 3m. Opposite new Post OlKce. NO. 44, FAYETTEVILLE ST., RALEIGH. N. C. Spring Trade, 1866. Large additions to our Stock of Miscellnneons Hardware, Woodware, Crockery, Glass and China Ware ; Hollow Ware. Tin Ware. Swedes and American Iron and Steel. A commanding stock of Busrtrv Materials. Lamps, Lanterns, Lamp Wicks anil Chitnnevs, Kerosine Oil. White Lead and ot her Paints. Snirits Turpentine and Linseed Oil. Window ula ss from 8 x 10 to 30 x 30, Putty ; an extensive stock ol Builders Materials, Locks and Nails, Family Groceries and House-Furnishing Goods, 20 Cooking Stoves, of various approved patterns Plaited Knives, forks, Tea and Dinner Spoons. J. BROWN, with april 10 10-tf. HART fc LEWIS. g FECIAL NOTICE. MR. L. n. KELLOGG HAVING RETIRED from our firm, tl e business will hereafter be con ducted in the name of EDWARD WHEELER : CO. We hcrebv tender our thanks to the citi zens of Ralefgh and vicinity lor past patronage. KELLOGG, WHEELER ta CO. D RESS GOODS, CALICOES, &C. WE HAVE JUST OPENED AN ENTIRE new stock, embracing Grenadines, Muslins, Ginghams. iVrc. Also, 3,000 yards Calicoes, of the la test styles, all of which we will sell cheap. Call early and secure bargains. may 5Si tt. ED WAKD WHEELER & CO ORDAN WOMBLE, Grocer and Commission Merchant, for all kinds ol Produce and other Goods. Special attention given to the sale of Flour. Racon and Lard. Consignments solicited at Old Stand 4th door ! North side Hargett street Raleigh, N. C. aug 1 1 ll e. YYTHEAT I WHEAT I I WHEAT I I I v WANTED TO PURCHASE, 400 BUSHELS prune white or red v neat. U. W. WILLIAMSON fc CO. Raleigh, July 7, 1800. 47 tf NEW FOUNDRY AND MACHINE SHOP IN CHARLOTTE, N. C, a k 31. XtiT-tin & Oo Havinjr removed their works from STOWES- VILLE, Gaston County, to CHARLOTTE, re-siicctfuliv inform their old patrons and the pub lic generally mat tney nave opened a Foundry and Machiue Shop, At the old Navy Yard lot, in the City of Char lotte, where tiiey are prepared to make all suits of CASTINGS, For 8team Engines, Mills, Factories, Water- wheels, Cane Mills, Farming Implements, &c. REPAIRING. Particular attention will be paid to repairing of all kinds. All work shall be done in the very nicest style. and the best material used. M. MARTIN, JOHN WILKES. July 3, 1866 46-tf JOSIN BOILERS. We keep constantly on hand Iron Cauldrons, 75, lao, and aoo gallons. M.lUJllt:L.L, K AL.L.IL.FK, Hardware Merchants, nov 14 tf 8 New hern, C. N. 0. It. THOMAS ATTORNEY AT LAW, NEWBERN, N. C. 3P Office : Corner of Middle and New Streets. E3 Jnly 12, 1866. 50 2m NORTH STATE IRON AND BRASS WORKS. TTAVING SECURED THE SERVICES OF rl a competent person, we are now prepared to gum Saws in the best style, and on moderate terms. We are also prepared to furnish all kinds of Castinirs. and reuair Mill Irons, Orders sent to us will meet with prompt at tention. B. P. WILLI AMSOiN & CO. Raleigh, June 30, 1866. 45-tf MATTRASS MAKING AND UPHOLSTERING. THE SUBSCRIBER IS PREPARED TO CARRY on the above work in the best style, and with dispatch. M-ittrasses will bo made out of raw materials, or old ones will be taken apart and done up so as to make them as good as new. Now is the time to have your mattrasses overhauled, repaired, and renovated. Also, cushions and sofas of all kinds repaired and renovated. The subscriber is working at low rates for cash. He may be fonnd on the premises formerly occupied by Mr. Shepard, just above the Railroad bridge, on Uillsboro' street, nearly opposite Judge Sauuders'. Orders from persons at a distance, living on or near Railroads, are solicited. Work for such customers, as well as all otacrs, will be promptly done and forwarded. RUFUS HARRISON. Raleigh, July 31, 1866. 5Z tf Raleigh, N. C, Jnly 30, 1866. Mrs, H. W. MILLER IS NOT ABSENT, either is her House Closed. Jnly 81, 18SS. ' : , . , . 57-i-3t-pd "Miscellaneous Adycrtiscments - JgXCHANG?! OFo W., C. BONDS ' STATE OS it. C.," TREA8URY DEP'T., - V; " -Balbigh, -June 27, 1866. " "-Under-ne authority of an ordinance. of the Convention, ratified June lOtn,-1860, scaled proposals will be received by the Undersigned until the tlnst day of November, I860, for the exchange of the principal of any bonds issued by the Stute, prior to the 20th May, 1861, lor certificates of stock and other interests held by the State in varions corporations. The principal of these are Stocks in the following Companies North-Ci.roliiia Railroad Company, $3,000,000 Kaleigli tv Gatton Kailroad Company, 9 os,aou Atlantic & N. C. Railroad Company, $1,066,000 Western N. C. Kailroad Company, $1,418,000 Albemarle & Chesapeake Canal Co., $ 850,000 nd. Bonds, secured by - mortgages on the en tire property of the following corporations: Wilmimrton. Charlotte & Rutherford Kailroad Company, $2,000,000 Western Coalfield Railroad Company, t COO.OOO Atlantic & North-Carolina R. R. Co., $181,104 88 1 he Interest acquired by the purchaser of the stock of any corporation will not be greater than mat ot tne Holders ot the like amount ol tne gen eral stock of the same corporation. The stocks belonging to the Literary Fund, e. g. the stock In the Wilmington & Weldou, and Wilmington & Manchester Kailroad Companies, and in various banks, are not included in this advertisement. Bids at less than the par value of the stocks or other interests will not be entertained. Any premium realized will be applied in payment of past due coupons ot the bonds delivered in ex change. Copies of the law authorizing the exchange and more detailed lists of the stocks, &c, will be for warded by the undersigned to applicants. It is made my duty to accept those terms deemed most advantageous to the State, and the option of rejecting any or all bids is reserved Junc 30 15-wts Publie Treasurer. TO STOVE DEALERS. A NEW COOKING STOVE. w in this section our celebrated This is a strictly first class Cooking Stove. The Joints, Doors and Dampers are ao nicely fitted as to make it perfectly tight. The Doors, Bottom and Hack are lined with Tin, thus retaining the heat in the. oven and requiring ycry little fuel. It is made both with or without Reservoirs and Closets. It contains more oi durability, dispatch, convenience, economy and beauty than any other now made. It has an Immense sale throughout the North and meets with great success where it has been introduced in the'South. We have cuts of the Stove, also pamphlets giving a full description. Parties wishing to introduce this excellent and popular Stove will please address ns at once. We give to Agents the ex- elusive sale. MORRISON & CALWELL, Sole Manufacturers, Troy, N T. jane 5 tf JR ANSON & FARRAR HAVE REMOVED TO THE NORTH-CAROLINA Book Store, the old and popular Book stand so long kept by Mr. H. D. Turner, No. 1 Fayettevllle Street, Raleigh, on the Corner near the State House. Mr. H. D. Turner, who, for thirty-three years past, has been a large publisher and bookseller, now retires from active business, leaving his entire stock in our hands. The stock consists of an extensive selection of Enp-lish and American Law Books, besides a great varietv of School and Miscellaneous Books. Mr. II. D. Coley, so 'oug Mr. Turner's representative, w ill still be found at the old stand. With this valuable addition to our former ex tensive stock, we hope very greatly to enlarge our iif-elutness to tne iraee. we win use ciur best efforts to secure the continued good will ol our old customers, and those of the North-Caro lina book Store. jnne 14 tf BRANSON & FAKKAK. IIAIiT & LEWIS, 44 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, N. C, AGENTS FOR " STEWART'S EXTENSION TOP," 44 QUEEN OF THE SOUTH," AND " WESTERX EMPIRE " C00KIXC STOVES. J. BROWN, anril 10 10-tf Willi Hakt & Lewis. Standard Office, Raleigh, N. C, Jilt 18, 18G6. rpO ANTIQUARIANS, LIBRARIANS, J. B1I1LIOPOLISTS, AND OTHERS : A BOUND FILE OF THE PENNSYLVANIA CHRONICLE, published at Phi adclphia, 17o7, RIVINGTON S NEW-YORK GAZETEER, pub lished inNew-lork, 1773, 17.4, 17&, and l7b, and other rare old Revolutionary and Colonial papers, published in New-York and elsewhere, has been deposited at this office for sale. These papers contain the news, political, mill tary, domestic and foreign ot those days, together with original communications irom prose writers and poetical contributors. The proceedings of the Continental Congress, which adopted the Declaration of Independence, and the proceedings of State Legislatures, Conventions, ifec, are all given as they occurred at that time. This is a most rare and valuable file. Persons desiring to purchase can call and examine it, or if they live at a distance, address us by letter on the subject. TO COTTON PLANTERS AND OTHERS. CALL AND SEE THE CELEBRATED UNIVERSAL COTTON GIN AND CONDENSER. B. P. W1XLIAMS0N & Co., HAVE THE PLEASURE OF ANNOUNCING TO THE COTTON PLANTERS of this section, that they have succeeded in making arrangements with the PATENTEES and MANUFACTURERS, by which they are enabled to furnish these invalrahle GINS AND CONDENSERS, adapted to Steam or Horse Power, "on very MODERATE terms. They invite all parties interested to call and see these Beautiful Machines, at their store, FAYETTEVILLE STREET, Raleigh, N. C. Jury, 31 1866. 57 tf SION H. ROGERS, JOS. B. BATCHELOK Warrenton, N. C. Raleigh, JN. C. ROGERS & BATCHELOR, ATTORNEYS RALEIGH, June 5, 18C6. AT LAW, N. C. 84 3m "pXCELSIOR WHEAT FANS. WE HAVE RECEIVED A LOT OF THESE Fans, which we will be glad to sell to our customers and Farmers ou moderate terms. They are stronglv recommended as a good and reliable Machine giving'Satislaction in all cases. and have no superior in. the market. Call aud see. B. P.. WILLIAMfiON & CO. July 24, 1806. 5 tf JLANKS FOR. SALE. WE HAVE JUST HAD PRINTED VARIOUS Blank forms for eases in the Superior courts as fol ows : Indictmennt for Larceny, lo Misdemeanor Altering Marks Do do Unlawful Fences. Do do Fornication at d Adu.tery Do do Assault and Battery. Do do Disorderly House. Do do Unlawful Retailing. Do do Forcible Entry. Do " do Affray. Price of the above blanks $1 per quire. These, with various other Blauks. such as Land Deeds, Marriage License Bonds, and Indentures, are gotten up in superior style, with appropriate blank endorsements on back, and printed on good paper. : They will be sold on reasonable terms for cash. - - Any Blanks, not on hand, will be printed to or der at the shortest notice, at the - STANDARD OFFICE. - Schools,' fec; in ENi HANE'S SCHOOL FOR BOYS. DC . , . CONCORD. N. C. ! THE SECOND SESSION- OF THIS SCHOOL will commence j.r. . - . ,v ... i Monday, September 3,-J8C6V ; .The. Principal .will be aselsted by a Graduate of the University of Virginia, r For Circular, apply to '.-', JAMES H. LANE, A. M.;- r Principal. . Concord, Jnly 81, 1866. " 57 lm gT. MARY'S SCHOOL, Raleigh, N. C Right Rkv. THOS. ATKINSON, D. IV, Vlaifftr.- Rev. BENNETT 8MEDES, A. M., Assistant. -The forty-ninth term will commence on tlio- 17th July, and continue until the 8th December. ' For a circular, apply to the Rector. , t June 13, 1866. 87 tf s CHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. MRS. LACY PROPOSES TO OPEN A School for Young Ladies on the 16th of Jnly, at her residence, north of the Institution for Deaf and' Dumb. Competent teachers have been prectired in the different departments of study. ') - -v Instruction will be given in the usual Encllsb . Branches, Mathematics, Mental and Moral PLilcs- - opby. Natural 8ciences, Ancient and Mock.-n. Languages, and Music on the Piano.' Tui ion per session of twenty weeks $80 CO. : Payable in currency, half in advance. Musie and f. Modem Languages extra. . June 23d. .' . 4aJ . : 't- gCHOOL FOR BOYS. . Rev. Dr. LACY. Prinripat' Rev. Wm. S. LACY, At&tar.t. ". The exercises of this School will be resu v.ed ut, the rooms before occupied, on 12th July, 18L0. '" Every effort will be made to prepare boys t thoroughly for college or business. Session twenty weeks. Tuition half in d vance. Terms as heretofore. - . June 23d. 45 v . YXTARRENTON "'. ' ' VV FEMALE INSTITUTE, Warrenton, N. C. " t THE NEXT SESSION COMMENCES Jnly 25th, and continues twenty weeks. Charges per Session in U. S. currency, l.alf in,' advance. For . Board, including Washing, $75 . Tuition in English, 25 And other branches at the same reduced rates. Located in a Town noted for health and refinement, furnished .with every means ol comfort aud instruction, with educated and experienced Teacher in every department, this ' - Institution offers SUPERIOR advantages. EgT" For Circulars, address R. W. JONES, Principal, s Or Mks. M. J. Wilcox, Warrenton, N. C. July 10, 18C6. 48 lm T IN WARE I AT No. 44 Fayetteville Street. We have a large stock of TIN WARE, ef our own manufacture, for sale, wholeealu and retail. J. BROWN, with HART fe LEWIS. Raleigh, May 15, 1866. 25 tf. " ENERAL BUSINESS AGENCY, or THE UNDESIGNED TENDERS HIS SER VICES to the community at 1 cine and abrcsd, rs a General Business Agent. He will attend, diligently to the collecting of all claims, tl e settling and closing of all accounts, the buyh g ocd ' selling of any and every species of property, or any other business in the State to which parties cannot attend in person, or which they miiy find it to their interest to entrust to the management ol an agent. As to his character and qualifications he 5s authorized to refer to Geokge W. Mohdecaj, Hon. Thos. Bbago and Kisr P. Battle. - 4 RUFUS H. PAGE. Raleigh, June 16th, 18C6. ; tf W. PULLIAM. W. H. JONES. GEO. W. 8WEFBON PULLIAM, J0XES & CO., Whclesals Grocers and Commission MERCHANTS, IT AVE IN STORE A LARGE STOCK OF GROCERIES, which is offered at the lowest cash prices. They respectfully solicit orders from the Merchants ot North-Carolina. PULLIAM, JONES A CO. Raleigh, May 1, 18fi. 20 tf. fTTATSON'S PHOTOGRAPH W GALLERY, RALEIGH, N. C. PHOTOGRAPHS LARGE AND SMALL, plain an. colored, Fcrrcotypes, Ambrolypcs,. Carte devisites; also, that new and bt-anlilul style of picture colled Albatypes, all executed -in the very best style of the art. I am also pre. pared to make Photographs views, buiidings, &c, at short notice. A call is solicited. may 23, 1866 28 ly. J. W. WATSON. E. Murray & Co., Wilmington, N. C. James T. Murray fe Co., New Yobx.. THE UNDERSIGNED ADOPT THIS METH OD of informing their friends aud customers; that from this date, July 2d, the style of. the firm will be E. MURRAY & CO., in this City, and JAMES T. MURRAY & CO.,. in the City of New York.. Our long experience iu this City, and that uC James T. Murray- ' for some time in the City of New York, wilF.en- . able us, we confidently believe, to serve the interests of ur customers, as well as any other ' house ; and we respectfully solicit a continuance of the patronage heretofore so li'kcrally bestowed upon us; promising that, at all times, our Lest efforts &hall be used in bchalt of our customers. ' AH shipments made to our house, in New-York, will be insured from point of shipment, unless otherwise ordered, and forwarded promptly through by our house in this City; and no c'harges will be made for forwarding, except those actually paid out.. , We have ample warehouse room for produce. Our OlBce in this City is at our old stand, .' North Water Street. . E.MURRAY, JAMES T. MURRAY. ' Wilmington, N. C, July 18, 1866. : 62 lm 3?" Wadesboro' Argus, Wilson Nortb-Caro-linian, North-Carolina Standard, and Sentinel, Raleigh, Goldsboro' News, Salisbury Banne r, Charlotte Democrat, Fayetteville News. Sumter News, Marion Star, Tarboro Southerner, coj y once a week for one month, and send bills to the Journal office immediately. - rRAPPING PAPER. ' ' " '; :. ONE HUNDRED REAMS OF FOREST MILLS. ' wrapping paper. A tine article. . , : B. P. WILLIAMSON CO. Raleigh, July 7, 1866. v 47 tX W. W. WESTv ; VKALEK In - '.- , ' MUSIC, BOOKS, STATIONERY, FANCY ARTICLES.' v , : ':f AND NEWSPAPERS, . ; , Raleigh. N. C. July 24K 1886. 54 it KEROSENE OIL AND LAMPS. JUST RECEIVED A LARGE 8UPPLT - HAND, PARLOR, BRACKET and SWINGING. LAMPS. ,': - ' ".. ,. -" ' " Also, the best - Kerosene OH, Lamp Wicks and Chimneys. Dry Hop Yeast. ' :- . J. BROWN. ; , . With Heartt A Lewis, ' 44 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh. uly2S1866.--fi6-t

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