The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1931 BLYTIIEV1LLE, (ARK.)' CQUK1ER NEWS PAGE FIVR CLASSIFIED /kJ first Two cent* » word Insertion »nd one «nt » word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than We. Count the *oida and send the cash. Phone 306 a FOR SALE OUR BOARDING HOUSE BEGIN HCSK TODAY To kcr» lift >!*• «.""•' D «,..';» FOB SALB-Baby Chicles. All varieties Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, BlyttcvUle. 20-CK-TF 3K RENT dull l» Hid 1'htiuk, loim GBI1 KI.I.A TOI.WVKU ur»»» « Junior ronBiry clab. u wi b* .O.ClhlOt »Cl»l«—>»< '<• FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for light housekeeping; modern conveniences. Address "K", Courier News. C-K-13 FOB RENT—Shane apartment and five room house. Best of plumbing fixtures, light fixtures and healing plants. Both kept In perfect condition. Telephones 197 and 511. ' ck!6 -FURNISHED APARTMENT FOR RENT — Two rooms and bath, nicely furnished, private entrance, light! and water furnished. Only $20 per month. 715 Ash Street. 9P-K11 WANTED PLAIN OU FANCY SEWING-Mrs Allte SIsk, Phone 612. 124 Dougan. 4C-K11 POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid al C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Store, 21Q N. Railroad St., west of courthouse. J. E. Fisher. 4C-K16 POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hat' chery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, TCH S. Lake St. 11CK-TP Glnier* wboae fnlher «•• « wln- iiltr and wlione .Icpmo'"", lh« lornirr I'llll. VAN IMIOHN. "n. Luih iTrnllbr and iDdulK"", l>ur- rl>a»4 on old ««tm »ooi» "« r«- To K«d' rhrmh «ra« HAHf* HUM.OWA1. • rooni ntll«< «»o trni Noln.lnr nrnand Ikt eoualrr. AllrnrlfJ bj Ulns«. He nnrffil lo • inr and putnt l>orlrnln und Jjro. rut* the mtvr cluli hou«r. nurd EnTf Ike name -Jole de Vl»rf lo Ike club. And kr Ikunskl II would I), >tilen<lld It Ikejr roold lm|iorl I.KXO. Kor Mrnlu wn« ilJiU«nme and hf could can!* and "InK nnd >lr>« « Kullnr. He would mnkr u utvlurtMilur uddltlon lo (kr cluh. iial Ja tfleolo** place lk«ri> nr- rlvtd lhre« ot kU fonnlrjnirn. l.lllle A.XCEI.O "•• • BjMlrlnn. ind I'lETll" could «»«• . *»* BK.MTfl conld -Inn. Mrnlo, II • rrmi-d, cuulil ""I romr. nnd Ilirr hnd crn;e In hl» vlate. t,lnt:fr '°\-lc*ctrn°** "' "" <•""• ""• " great lurrr**- Vlttrti. Anurlu llrnlto ad«>d J««' 'ke He"" lonrk of tglnr. ll»r* litKn» tn rettlln ( irn. lalllnu ID !«»» "I'r. «'"* and he «UFRC-»lfd IrarluK lUd TM'mxb bul I'kit. knntTin* h UlNb'er fell nlntot II. Nerinadrd htu JD.reHiEila lOMKrr a» the Tolll- »rr«' «u»«t. Bul .fce did ivrlle lo SI'KKtt RONISY... ty«i«r Irlei him ift rlMlt tkeal. flke fell Sptrd wiinld «<*•*. llnr* nome ciiinpcll link nnd rouble (ilnKrr to knnv hrr IIITII tnlnd. 1 filHicrr lkereaj>n« Inrllrd I'A'l- TV KrlMiH tn lake rare ot Speed Hal I'flllT wiitildn'l cnulr, inr^d- Inn Injnlu to F.11IIV JArKSUX \Vbrreuimn. Olnuer^ >«enl te F.H} nrn "ben tilncer reee'«d uord Iknl Klifrcl ivn« fartnnlnK kin BtBlrr irllb lilm ihe « = t F.tti, lo enme inn. And Cddr dei'lded (n hull IHnit« an nnd mnke life nilirrn* blr fur <;lnuer. . HtnntThlle Uenlto km made n Irlp lo rklraE" nad retQined nJlh pre^rnl*. K-nv ah an WITH THE STOUT CHAITEH XXIV ; yEARS tiefore..when Ucnito waf ends to dance and dine and wlue th tbtm—friends Just a lltt\a lea; ch thaa ther. Thi'88 things would require oney. And tor 15 jearg llenllo id been turning all lili native tal- its slowly, surely, to Its acnulie- In. the nieaQtlmo, Mnrla harl rown fat aud carelCEs,. aud the illilren had grown up and warned armors and tho daughtera of farm- rs like themselves. But BCIIIIU'B cposlts In different banks ol differ nl cities *ere grovlns steadily uu as his money multiplied lila am Ulons aoarec!. It was more lhan his lungs tlm lie shrewd ncnllo utilized tn. till anaclty. Those iraall black i s ling yea of his were schooled to" Hi tlermost Very Illtlo escaped thei nnd that little was ot no value I anyuody. Upon his arrival he Imd bee quick to appraise the costly a lOlntmentfi of Uoorndco. Ho ha( lot fulled to remark the espenslv motors. Hie simple elesnnce ol tl clothes worn by Ginger and Mr i'olllver, the iwo fluely bred noree saddled at tbo mount. • .• • O NB glance had tc!d him th Ginger was Ibe apple o! t older womnn's eye. Mrs. ToJlivei slight air ol annoyance at the ad vent ol the •'three Italians nad t deiir It, that the had married e minister eo eho could tbare his uughler. Vca, >llss Phil said hcrsolt lhal Inger was to Inherit evory ccut 10 had to her nunie. Ani then ouldu't tho money fly! B ENITO'S ruliid worked slowly but InetlUhly. Lightning Hashes t Inspiration came to him, but the ubscquent details were tho fruit t laborious effort. Inspiration told him Instantly iai Clluger must tx> kldnnpcil nnd eld for ransom, that .Mrs. Tolllver gladly pay any sum for her elease. To got hold ot Ginger, who was al^s'cil to go wherever she \vlslied 111.out tho slightest supervision, vould tic child's piny, liut like all sclt lo accept so heartless an alternative except u a last extremity. Ginger was a nlco, bright, urv lumllrig girl. Dcnllo liked her. Until by temperament and by lu. cllunilou ho was hotly opiwscu to ucciilees cruelly anil blooilslied. Ills preference In business dctilliiaa lay nlnaya along iho route ot kind cou sUK'rntlou. (Jettlui; the money from Mrs. Tolllver, who had tnoro than she ami would uc-ver miss II, vas nil lu the courso ol n Oay'a voik. The forclblu retention ol against her will was to lie !<], but a necessary menus 10 tlie ilostrcd end. J)ut tit murder. Ik-nlio frankly balked—cxce|il, ol Cd'.irsc, In case ot direst ncci'sslly. Kver since the mornliig ot lil^ nitlval at lied Tliruali, bohiiid (lie twlakUrvB black eyes ot llenllo. lie i):ath lila quick oiiMiursla ol Jotiai Slighter nnd his ready lapse Into rollicking song, liis mind Imri workeJ wltliout ceasing In the el fort to untangle the knots In llif piohlcm ho litid to solve. great Inspirational projects this was 101 vvlihout Its complications. Tbo girl must be kidnaped, the money pocketed, and tliu eutlrc eplsoje closed, without the Hngei of suspicion having been dlrectod to him. Clngcr tiereclf must re tnnln lu complete Ignorance ol her abductor. No easy matters these foi I "|)t;N'ITO," Ginger culled chceilly the slow-working brain ol a simple *-* "conic quick nnd buthl a son of the soil. . bird nest. There's a IniminluB bird 1*. could 1)9 done, of course; all things were posslblfc. lienlto By Ahern down in Uie honeysuckle." fienlto =book bis great netted loto an aiiiueed tolorance when Ginger admitted It «aa ol doing. The money that lay be- WANTED -- To bay nice second hand furniture cheap—for cash. Phone 492-W. 9p-kl4. WANTED — Housekeeper, at the Frisco Rooming House, opposite Frisco Station. 9P-K13 yet a young, be learned that (be world Is redolepi with opportunities ripe for the bar vest, .anil with that knowledge the aeeda ol ambition sprouted In bis hind the well-kept establishment plainly belonged to the woman. There was nothing that Binacked o!. worldly affluence In the manners ot the mild and modest minister. Eton In the eyes ol a novice be onld have been Instantly classed a. mere accessory to the-meuaee Neither bad Oeulto overlooked Singer's breezy, freedom. Ibe loose elu allowed her, tier almost un Imlted independence. These were omraon properly ol the girls at her ge ond class In Ke<t Tbrusb. bul Uenlto was unt Interested in other somewhat of a philosopher In his sadty. -UtinitnliiE.blnls dnn'l uesi jmail way, and bo knew It could Be j| u uojes. Mha UlnBor." ho snld re done. Would, alas, that be were one grettiilly. "They make tlielr love ot the master mlnda ot which ne O n tho wine" read so fatuously In lurid detective I stories, to wbom details of crime, like Its conception, were born of Inspiration. 'Come easy, go easy, cli," su& stories, to wbom details of crime. [ >cs teil Hard lightly. "[lilt I think," wld Uenlto more cheerfully, "1 think I'm KHIIIJ; lo One ot Upmost daiigerou'3 ele-1 set birds-.In .my upsiulrs .-B: la ot tho situation lay In the Hie window. T bad robins up then tact llmt he and bin companions llils morning looking It over." v:ero marked characters, there be- (^ if vT VOSM T6R PER VJAUKIMG eXERCISE I <3ET is MV .NEPHEW ALV/IU His MAV wokipeR AT i-li s UUUSUAL- MUSICAL ABIUlY BUT IT IS A WA-fURAU AMP ArlE-M •— MW <3RAUPFATHEi? WAS TIRST SVMPHOWY, TATrteR WAS A MASTER ceuuisT U/JPER iHe BA-TO^ OF AMP -fen yeARS 'rie LEARM To BLAT PER HA,*~IM iPERciRcusJ, stte/^i JOOCaLES BE55SR TROW ALFUM, UUP ALL kMoW ISS •To EAT' VJAS A WIZARP -Trie WANTED — OOOD USED CAR- CHEAP. Coupe or Coach preferred. Willing, to take up payments on car. Interested In only a good bargain. See E. T. Wralght at Courier News between 4 and 4:30 any evening. WANTED—Position as hoLsekeeper. i Experienced in" practical nursing, also.' Address "C", Courier News. 10P-K13 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. 10 tUP) — Colton closed very sleady. open high low close 1076 1081 1069 1080 1095 1120 Mar May July' OcL Dee Jan . 1102 1127 1155 1173 1180 1081 1100 1133 1100 1179 1187 1106 1131 1149 1159 1165 1179 1174 1186 Dilnd. True, bo wished eventually to retire to a rural spot, but he was not to De 36-'slled with the count less petty privations or common tar ID life In Italy. lie woulrt be a !armer In a coun try of rich farmers, and the riches among them. He rroiild bring nl wife and children from the ol . country.: and they' would be Ilk princes and gentlemen on tb'elr ?as estate. They would have flpe bouses, ol cars, rich clothes, servant* to wo upon them, and a multitude of a till engagement!, countless lie "lioblns!" ejaculated Hard. "Why 1 , ng so few of their countrymen l#] loblns are pests. They'll sins you lliat pnrt or the country, and none out of your morning sleep." "• like roblus," said liciillo tlicy sing me mit' ol ot their btyle nnrt attainments. Ouc oi tuciu could not tare forth upon I smugly. even Iho most wdlnary and luuo Ibcd mornluRS, I'll sing them bnrk cent ot errands without attracting to elccp ogalu." the Inslant anil frlenilly Interest of llenlto's the boy that can ' iris. Before ne bad been at Mill Rush wo bours be was In full possession of the facts from the fatuous Ben and Jeuky. facts which, in every case Justified tils lirsl Impressions. Certainly Mrs. Tolllver was rich, richer than the First National Bank a great deal. She waa even richer than the state debt Everybody tild she was a millionaire, and some said she was a millionaire twice over. Cerlainly Ginger. Ella was the apple ol her eye. Anybody could see BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES : AN IDEA—HOORAY! By every one he encounlerccl. lib tt." said flard, This was u plcosaot and nattering "(Jard." wblspcred Gln(;er. "wo slate ot affairs when the errands I must do something lo attract all were ordinary and Innocent, -but the birds hi the country. As lous would be a fatal hindrance to the as we can keep birds In bi3 houses, successful accomplishment of a' llenllo will never leave us." project as sinister as that he contemplated. U meant that during ITAVING provided ID every way her abduction Qlnger must bo con "-* passible against every coucelv- ealed somewhere within the con- able contingency, tjinger was able lines of Mill Rush. . '|to anticipate the coining of Steed Honey and his sister with eriua B ENITO sighed. He realized, ofl'ilmlty II not with, unraltlgiitrrt course, that' the simplest ami Pleasure. That they jioMponcd «fest way out for Him lay lu lower their coming for a week also helped ing her gently Into the mud at-the In her arrangements, ami gave her bottom of the river, ooce and for ample time to coapose her mind to UJtf. t\l*J LJUUJ LUU1U 31.4. wuivu.u u- i..- . . «sl»i,^Hnn how Mrs. Toiler dotKi o.-. tier. all. But Ile.ilto was at heart a kind the situation. It was wmmon talk.. MM ir* .did! man. and he could notjirlnsjifni-1 __J T "J ! «_ CotUl _ n " cd '_ Spots sleady at 1090, up 20. Neiv Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 10 (UI>)Cotton closed steady. open high low close 1074 1085 1072 1083 1098 1110 1096 1108 1124 1134 1121 1133 Iia2 1160 1148 1159 > 1165 1177 1165 I177-8b im usi an nai-5b Spots steady at 1060, up 22. I1IBSV writer BY ISRAEL KLEIN iniusuai crouglit United Mar May July Ocl Dec Jan | of its depth is ascertained. • This is all the moie important , ironi consideration oi tlie fact tha: . a low drop In a road can sink even 1 farther under a flood. Driving intj : a flcod like that means giui:]j . stuck for good until the flood sti'o- | sides and a wrecking Iruck can ex- ; throuph back pressure of water en- while the instrument Is covere;l| ! tcring' the exhaust. ' v.ith water, anil the cxlmust might | The radiator sliujter might bs also u; covered by a flexible pips i clcsed in order to keep the wnler fiom splashing tlirough the vidia- tor aiirl over t'.ic ignition. While driving across in low gear, i the motor should he kept goin ISP VME h VORt«t4.-.6J.OW .', above the coil danger the carburetor, it •wov'.d best to back out, and Iry onn:!i;r route. For if the water i-ervjiirs over the carburetor, thai i;i ; l:u- mcnt has no means of brMthiiv; air lo fcrm the mixture needed (or combustion, and the engine will stall. I AUTOGREASING Gulf Service Station Bryant Stewart, Mgr. Fhone 4 Main & Division Red Ball Barber Shop 3l8 V,'. Main Williams & Damon, Prop. Felix Kyle, Fred Boyett, Guy Rogers, Virgil Williams, Earl Damon. The States inhabitants experienced last year, scientists say. has left the ground so parched and spongy that it will seep up much of the | flood waters that are expected wilh the coming of spring. But floods \vilt come nevcrlhc- j tricate the car. less, although not so heavily as i" *'*..* former years, and so motorlsls, jj t | lc wa(er ovei - (he road is lo'A, should be prepared for the ;t shou , d bc ful . ded vcry slmvlv troubles that might arise from ami , n low . gcar If „ mo!or i 5t Ihem. Floods have made it dilfi- splash ', s rcc kiL'.^ly tlirotieh n ^e'-. cult to gel around. Low roads. bpot fl]( , re is A&n? ,, r of get tins especially those paralleling anJ ;yaler al| p;er ij.,. ^-K p i llgs aiui . crossing swelling rivers, have: distrll .i ltori O f water-soaking tlie • been inundated, shutting off com- carbllr(:tor all ,i of'itallins; the motor so that air can be breathed liiruwh I inunlcation to many flood-bound towns. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Yet some motorists have Irietl [o defy the floods, to make short cuts to the Isolated towns, only to ind themselves stranded in one of ;he fords on the highway. OI course, it doesn't take a flood to put' one in this predicament. Any slight rise in a body of water, any hard rain, enough to cause a deep pool in a low spot on the road may cause trouble to those who do not know how to ford such spots. leading upward level. The distributor anil coil also should be covered and the spark j i me motor SIIOUIQ ne KL-JJI y^mii itu t plugs waterproofed to avoid water-1 1 a fair spsed to prevent its stalliujf.' 1 soaking. I If the waler is so high as to en- ... Dace cut of a lord, it i", import- -. uiit to slop ami the brakes.' Water might have seeped through the cover into the lining 50 us to ; cause the brakes to slip when nse'J. ! If they are not dried out Immcdl-' atcly, they may [nil to hold wh:n , most, seriously needed. i To dry out lliq brakes, driv: If there Is no oilier way of -jet- slowly for a while, applying lh= ting to your destination than brakes lightly and otcasionally dis-1 through a "deep ford, careful und engaging them to avoid burning, patient preparation Is necessary. A.ihc heat of such application will flexible pipe might be sccure'.l to dry the brakes, the carburetor und pointed upward WUAC/C£// Repaieeei FAY O.DAVIS ' ueacl C^urie: Sews Want ACM. TO Til 1C RESCUE! By Blosaa AME ALARtAED OJEQ. HIS' OlJS AB Phones 234 or Local and long distance . Special rales on carload kits. Team tor local liaullnj. V. E. WAS11AM TRANSFER UK ChlckasawNt Fhone 851 JACK 1)ELK Radiator Expert, is now wltii us. New Dtid Used Radiators For All Cars Jackson Auto Paris 2020 W. Main—Phone G6 Fording a low stream or an overfloodcd section of highway requires extreme Care to avoid being slrnndcrt because of a water- soaked motor. Sometimes it may require careful preparation before a ford can tie made, but usually If the driver is careful and slow he tan cvoss without difficulty. 'The first essential in driving through low water is to make sure lhat the water is really low. so that one may not find himself suddenly sinking far below what can be considered sale- Sometimes the appearance cf the laud on cither side may lell about ho-.v deep the water is or someone who knows the district can tell. At any rate, no ovcr- flooded part of a roatl should be attempted before, absolute HA? Or.o bale -or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, 88c ba Shuck off, 86c P«r bu., In car lots. Cotton Si.ii« Sales Co., IDC. Blythevlllc, Art. phone 11-1 or LD 1SOG. Coals Kelincrl— Dresses Hcmorielcrt— Everything Cleancri. -RE-Nl/CLEANEHS -Phone 170 Chrysler and,, Plymouth To individuals or shops. 30Ct oil. " . . L. FOWLER ^ I'honc 88S LINDY AMD SOME OP THE WDS.... Us A LAST RES02T,TWey DEcioS It) CAU- THE ••• pouce..' DO i CALL VJHEtJ POLICS?? / POU!CE...toLlce.. V.-7/7 GBAOOOS'.! I ' SES.'A To LET FO?. MO US£ ALL- EXCITED... BESIKJS \WITU A p' COCSUT IT ? OH.' HERE HIS ONLY CHANCB wlf^GRAl'fWHEU'' (>, UM>9ER UP THIS THlklG i WE SW\WESTAIM4 AUVt, \m J • ^-— .Tinrz^ UT OTHER SOLWEftS ARERUNNlNCi OP

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