The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 20, 1981 · Page 21
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1981
Page 21
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Tuosday.Jan.20, 1981 Philadelphia Inquirer 5-B 'THE ARTS- Today's book Keeping Americans in the wild I r tl f If V: . ' V If pX", . " " fl WmX H ! ! As the incredible shrinking woman, Lily Tomlin finds that she can drown her sorrows in a little wine, or it can drown her 'Shrinking' role may restore her confidence ByGeneSiskel , CMcofO Tribune Strvk DALLAS Lily Tomlin has been hurt She still is her old comedic self laughing and making others laugh as well but Tomlin undeniably is showing the effects of being hurt. The failure two years ago of Moment by Moment, her romantic drama with John Travolta, still clouds her mind, especially now that Tomlin is meeting the public and the press for the first time since that film turned up at the top of virtually every critic's "10 Worst Films of 1978" list, earning some of the most vicious reviews ever. The attacks on Tomlin were particularly cruel, often center-' ing on her close friendship with Jane Wagner, who wrote and directed the film. Some people accused the two women of ganging up on Travolta. However, any assessment of Tomlin should also note her Academy Award nomination for her film debut in Nashville; her Tony Award for her one-woman Broadway show, Appearing Nightly; her Grammy Award for her comedy record album, "This Is a Recording," and her three Emmy awards for her TV specials. And who knows? next month, Tomlin, 40, may receive another Oscar nomination for her role as a put-npon executive's assistant in Nine to Five, which also stars Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton . as secretaries out to get their male chauvinist pig of a boss. But before Tomlin can talk about Nine to Five, or her title role in The Incredible Shrinking Woman, a comedy remake of the 1957 science-fiction classic (opening nationwide Jan. 30), she has to put Moment by, Moment behind her. It may be difficult for people outside of the film business to understand how the failure of one film can upset an actor's confidence, but the failure of Moment by Moment was something special. "John (Travolta) and I were totally unprepared," Tomlin said. "We thought it was a sweet, small, lightly funny movie. We were not prepared for what others thought." Now, two years later, again facing the press, this time on behalf of Wine to Five, Tomlin says she thinks that the Moment by Moment fiasco was character-build ing. "It has to be," she said, "partly because it's the one thing, that all performers live in fear of total failure. And when it happens and you survive, I think you're probably in a much better place. It made me place more importance on the experience of working with other artists than on the reaction of critics or the public." "Now, I wonder, why does everything I do have to be so great? Why cant I simply enjoy the community of working with artists I respect? Thtt's why I was so delighted that Jane wanted me for Nine to Five. I didn't want to hold myself back and say, 'Well, now (after Moment by Moment) I'm going to make sure that what I do is so perfect and fabulous.' I wanted that community of workers. I think that if you allow others to do what they do well, and if you don't try to do everything yourself, I thrnk the result can be even better. . "I don't know," she said finally. "Do you think I'm kidding myself?" The answer to that may come later this month when Shrinking Voman opens. It, too, was1 a project that was touched by the Mo ment by Moment debacle. Also written by Jane Wagner, Shrinking Voman was delayed in production for six months by Universal Pictures, which slashed the film's budget by more than half. Originally budgeted as a $30 million special-effects spectacular, Shrinking Woman was to be directed by John Landis after he completed The Blues Brothers. But with the failure of Moment by Moment, Universal got cold feet. The result was a production delay, a change of directors, and a movie that Tomlin now says cost approximately $13 million. "We actually enjoyed trying to figure out how to make it as cheaply as possible. Still," she says, "it involved nearly two months of shooting in front of a blue (special effects) screen." In the film, Tomlin plays a suburban housewife who gradually begins to realize that either everyone and everything around her is growing, or . . . And why is housewife Pat shrinking? "Because of everything in her life. She's a suburban housewife. She has an idyllic relationship with her husband (Charles Gro-din) and her two perfect children. She has a perfect house, which we built on the studio lot. "The director told me not to tell why she's shrinkingBut basically it's from everything in her life. Her husband is in advertising, and he's constantly buying home products that aren't even out yet, and she helps name them. She's very supportive. "It's really a dark and light piece that we play sort of on the edge." Playing it on the edge has been the hallmark of Tomlin's best work, her solo work on TV, on the stage, and on her comedy records. A full decade after her debut on television's "Laugh-In," she remains unique in the entertainment world a woman doing comedy that consists primarily of essays into the far corners of human emotion. Her best known character may be the lovable Ernestine, the tyrant of the telephone wires, but Tomlin has since gone beyond Ernestine to deliver such off-the-wall characters as Crystal, a wheelchair-bound paraplegic who is convinced that she can fly, and Rick, a lonesome urban cowboy who haunts singles bars looking for a score. Don't fret, kiddies; this reindeer comes from Norway What has a side of reindeer, 30 kinds of herring, a roast goose and dozens of other dishes? It is the first smorgasbord put together by Soren Arnoldi, owner-chef of L'Aigle D'Or, the fairly recent addition to the ever growing ranks of Center City restaurants. Arnoldi says he was introduced to smorgasbord as a child in Copenhagen and learned the basics of putting together such a feast during his apprenticeship at the Royal Copenhagen Hotel. The chef has been in the United States for some time now and, before opening L'Aigle D'Or, was the head teacher at the Culinary Institute of America. The smorgasbord will be available every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from Monday through Feb. 18. The reindeer is being shipped from Norway, it being kind of tough to get good reindeer in Philadelphia. By JOHN CORR On the Town canceled their appearance at Resorts International because lead singer John Edwards injured his neck , . . Harrah's now has nine lounge acts going from 3 p.m. to 4 a.m. and the number will soon go to 12. Harrah's still hasn't decided what kind of show it will put into its large cabaret theater . . . The next hotel-casino, Playboy, is shooting for a March opening. That will bring the total to seven, with two more expected to open before the end of 1981. THE SHORE: The Spinners have TODAY: The lovely Kay models will be doing a fashion show at lunchtime today at Rascal's Roost, ,the new place at Second and Chestnut Streets. The owner, Jack Calhoun, says he is not upset about the fact that some lout cracked his big front window one night. "I was telling myself that I would replace that window with something more attractive one of these days. This just forces me to quit putting it off." PUB CRAWLING: One of the most convivial bars in town, the one at the New Shippens restaurant, Fourth and Bainbridge Streets, now has a two-for-one happy hour. And owner Tom Toohey is providing some interesting snacks to go along with the sauce. This is Chinatown night at Rainbows, the new nightclub at 1215 Walnut St., with prizes, special drinks and, of course, Chinese food ... The new maitre d' at 'Arthur's Steak House is Marvin Roman . . . Palumbo's, the nightclub at Ninth and Christian Streets, has added Pat Cooper to the spring lineup. The comedian will play Palumbo's from May 17 to 24. CONGRATULATIONS to Bernie Wasserman, another bartender who realized the dream of owning his own bar. It's the Pine Street Beverage Room at 13th and Pine Streets, and it's a small, friendly place across from Dirty Frank's which is not owned by anyone named Frank and is not even particularly dirty. And congratulations to Donna and Abdullah Dundar on their 14th wedding anniversary. He's the bartender at Onassis on Sansom Street and she's the hostess at Captain Cook's Seafood House on Walnut Street. RESTAURANTS: The Tiffany Dining Saloon in Centre Square will be celebrating its ninth birthday all next week with free wine, balloons and other goodies for the customers . . . Salloom, the Middle Eastern restaurant at 10th Street and Washington Avenue, is living proof that South Philadelphians do not live by hoagies alone. Although it is relatively new, the restaurant already has doubled its original size. The Bistro, Front Street at Fitz-water, has a new menu and it includes dishes flambed at your table. Nightly entertainment continues there in the adjacent Rick's Cabaret ... At all 21 H.A. Winston restau-j rants you can now get your sand-" wiches served on croissants for 25 cents extra ... the Jameson Irish Whiskey distributors here are holding their annual Irish cocktail contest at 4 p.m. tomorrow in the Windjammer Room at the Marriott. Bartenders from all over the area are competing. The winners get prizes and the judges get somebody to drive them home. SPEAKING FOR NATURE IIow Literary Naturalists From Henry Thoreau to Rachel Carson Ilave Shaped America By Paul Brooks Houghton Milflin. 512.95 Americans have not come by their recent concern for the environment for nature and the Earth's shrinking wild places haphazardly. There is, as Paul Brooks reminds us so enthusiastically and so well, a rich and lasting vein in American literature that belongs to naturalists, men and women whose lives and work have shaped our relationship with nature. Mary Austin, who spent her life taking the pulse of life in the deserts of the American Southwest and put her observations down in her classic book The Land of Little Rain, said it well: "Man," she wrote, "is not alone or helpless in the universe; he has toward it and it toward him an effective relation." Words as pleasing to hear as a bird's song. When today's naturalists and lovers of nature, from Anne Dillard to Edward Abbey, put word to page-when a man flinches at the hapless extinction of yet another species of wildlife or the senseless pollution of another river, when we bemoan our remnant wilderness, we borrow heartily from Henry Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Austin and the moody Joseph Wood Krutch, from the practical Edwin Way Teale and the almost mystical Aldo Leopold, from Bernard DeVoto, even from President Theodore RoosvelL Brooks considers the influence of these and other naturalists on our views toward nature and finds that influence deep and enduring. Each of these naturalists, and espe- ' cially the writers among them, like Thoreau and John Burroughs, Rachel Carson and Gene Stratton-Por-ter and Krutch, extended and greatly popularized the nature essay, freeing it from pedantic journals and putting it before the general reader. In short, these writers helped get America out of the house and out of technology's hold and into the woods. Brooks even discusses such writers as Southern poet Sidney Lanier, who turned a hack assignment on Florida into a remarkable poem of nature's resiliency. Olive Thorn Miller is here, too, thank goodness. Miller is pretty much forgotten these days. It was she who began chiding litter and litterers with such relish. What Miller could not fathom was how seemingly "honest, well-bred, and thoughtful" human beings could of a sudden when out-of-doors become "devastators and thieves," especially on her stretch of Maine coast. Brooks' essays are sometimes perceptive, always delightful, straightforward and appreciative. The last essay is on Rachel Carson and particularly the writing of Silent Spring, her last and most upsetting and challenging book. Brooks speaks of Carson last as if to renew the anger and challenge of that book, to remind us not only of Carson's outrage at man's brutal treatment of the earth but also of her everlasting love and celebration of life's promise and possibility. The same celebrations rage inside all of these naturalists. They have not only changed our minds about nature, they have helped us change the way we live, helped keep alive the precious wild around us and within us, for all our efforts to deny and extinguish it. Reviewed by Horry Middleton. MOVIE ASIC BOCKS Kitll 2 357-WOO Buirtefon P and ltr! Anad Twl-ljte Show 11 Ji Lid To Sealing Tlm Shown For Today Onlr I AMY WHICH WAY YOU CAN (PC) (tOOatl J ITWCRArYIR) IXC HO MALI 2 BuiiWon-Somerlon I IU9 Bustletori Aw Twl-Lit Show II 75 Ltd To Sealing Timet Shown For Today Only V SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES IPG) S4Sttl7S)IOO MIRROR CRACKED (PG) l 00 JUS) I IS AMC PREMIERE 2 3JI-IW0 Rt flAPa Tnk Neihamtnv MaR at Seari Twi-LiteShow eoOLId ToSeaNng Times Shown For Today Only Barg Matinee Wed Only I Mmil 00 I CHANGE OF SEASONS IRI ( IS till 7511 14 1 THE JAZZ SINGER (PG) (Mail 75)100 AMCMiAVEN MALI 4 43, 4,44 15 at Woodhaven Rum) Route I Twi-Lite Show 11 75 Ltd To Sealing Times Shown For Today Only 1 ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN (PG) leODaSI 75I0M 2 BEAR ISLAND IPG) ItOOall 75)a 15 3 FIRST FAMILY (R) It 15 all 751 1 30 4 ELEPHANT MAN (PG) S4SJWS)tlS ART RQUCAV 4700 Frank ford Av ( Amott Parting Churcti SI Slop ol El) XXX RATED FILMS XXX MATINEE TODAY ) PM3 DAYS ONLY Brooke is me Pertecl Woman She It at good at a " 10" but doet to much more. "irm lflO-J4(M)vo-tio STAR VIRGIN (X) ? 75-7 35 KM0 POSITIVELY ADULTS ONLY Gin Aye Conl Fr UNoon Ao Lehwrt BA TWO TATTOO OR AGOtl CONNECTION IRON MONKEY AVENUE (III l57BaiAye 647-'0O5 7 10-9 J0(R) &tTc scST THE FOHMULA uirtnin PI 1-1771 7 15-9 JO IR I Adulht: 50 Cattor r:i n..A, f mil ucdwi m BIUJ IUI Ml Mill l RaddiHe Srt (Eyet fr PM Sat i Sun. coot lr t PM) ONLY is INSATIABLE MATINEE DAILY I PM MOTION PICTURE RATINGS (0) Ganaral Audienc (PG) Pararrtal Gudanc Suggmtad R) RanrictRd. Under 17 not aoVnmad urtau accompanied by par am or adult guardian (X) No on under 18 admitted (XX) or (XXX) No one under 21 admitted. hK 1 FIRST FAMILY (R I 7 30 ?S J ELEPHANT MAN (PG) 7:15 JS Dimrn irriinuv uivur mu om Hvm mi i nyn i nmnL BEAR ISLAND (PG) 7 15 10 FreePkg. Rtinrfl ftlBU 5013 2080 Free Parking iml tmi VTMSDylsiwn.RIIII I FLASH GORDON IPG) 7 15-9 20 1 FIRST FAMILY (R) 7:10-9 25 3 STIR CRAZY (R) 7 15-9 20 4 ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN (PG) 7 15-9 JO 5 PRIVATE BENJAMIN (R) 7 15 9 15 8UDCQ B8YK MAWR TWW FL1 r"0 J Lancaster Pike W of Bry Mawr Ave. FIRST FAMILY IRI7JO-925 mirirfi fin i wr m l vwvvv vii i binh inin GR 3-2045 I ANY WHICH WAY TOUCAN (PG) 2 BEAR ISLAND (PG) 7:30-9 ?S EilDCO COUESE WSP BEAR ISLAND (PGI7 IS-9-IO BflOCflEXTOIHIiailEMAoo 1 ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN (PG) 7I5-9-7S 2 BEARISLANDIPGI7IS 9-10 BIIDC0TEWAt31VspFw7 1 ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN PG) 7 15-9 30 I FLASH GORDON (PG) 7 IS-HJ 1 POPEYE IPGI 70-io RBfltnilTRnMOSS"" PwkFr. BEAR ISLAND (PG) 7 W :?S Rttrtrn ntinUt 1 Coman BuVWon vvvvv vnbfcnne y ra 1-7575 I POPEYE IPGI 7 !4-?5 J BEAR ISLANO (PG) 7 15-9-10 i FIRST FAMILY (R) 7 15-9 10 4 ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN (PG) 7 15-930 MAT TOM 1PW II 50 ALL SEATS MPITM0.TH CtflWm-AWP IPG) 1 15 1 10 !wn tPDwttirift twi ki 4-4510 wvuvw ei ninui illv l nin Ball Pike 1 POPEYE IPG) 7 70-9 30 2 FIRST FAMILY IR) 7 30 9 25 BUDCQ 3G9 CINEMA 3 pf4 N Fnd ot 309 F pwy , Montgomeryvllle I POPEYE (PG) 7 IS 70 i FIRST FAMILY (ft) 7 JO 9 25 3 THE JAZ2 SINGER (PG) 7 15 15 M0ITII S?no wu nut Cont 17 Noon Girard GR 3-7755 Black Kids Crawling Oul ol the Ghetto Rut Irene Cara f lur Gene Ray InffC Ptut THE ALLIGATOR PICTflB 4631 Csior GoWieHawn(R) pX PRIVATE BENJAMIN CENTER 17th & Market LO 4-4942 Conl Fr t 45 AM Ooen All Mile 2XXX)HOWSWEETITIS(X) Rated Hilt FRAT HOUSE (X) Barg Mat Mon -Fri 10 AM 12 00 CHELTENHAM TlriccXh,mSra 1 STVR CRAZY (R) 7,15-970 2 BEAR ISLAND (PGI9T5 Plut FLASH GORDON (PG) 715 coloniu n,h &R,,Gno;H.wnH0 3 ,383 PRIVATE BENJAMIN (R) 7 70-9 30 CREST 5100 Ris Sun II 56 Adults PiS-40S3 7I0-9W Frank Sinatra in Fint Deadly Ski (R) 0EV0N&orL,,te AN Seats 99 Somewhere In Time (PG) 7: 15-9 20 ERIC TWIN ARDMORE Are' Free Pkg Ey i Sun Rear ol Theatre II 50 I PM Mat Wed. Sal & 1st Show Sun ORDINARY PEOPLE (R I 7 70-9 JO Or ELEPHANT MAN IPG) 7 75-9 35 626- 1266 ERIC TWIN BARCLAY .(lOARt 1500 Garrett Road. UDoer Darby Pa 11 50 I PM Mat Wed, Sal & Isl Show Sun. ELEPHANT MAN (PG) 7 70-930 Or STIR CRAZY (R) 710-9 3S ERIC TWIN BSOQKHAVEN II 50 I PM MM Wed. Sal & 1st Snow Sun. ELEPHANT MAN (PGI 7 75-9 JS Or ORDINARY PEOPLE (R) 7 70 30 ERIC TWIN CHESTNUT DILL II 50 I PM Mai Wed. Sal Isl Show Sun. SR DINAR Y PEOPLE IR) 7 20-9 10 r Seem LfttOM Tenet (PG) 7 20-9: 459 522S ERIC TWIN CONCORDHHLE Rl 707 at Jcl US ) & 377 II 50 I PM Mat Wed. Sat & Isl Show Sun. ORDINARY PEOPLE IR) 7 70-9 10 Or 9TO5IPGI7 J0-9X JsTTO Feast Shoo Plaia II 50 I PM Mat Wed. Sat i. 1st Show Sun. TO$(PGI 7 JO-9J(l ERIC TWIN f AIRLESS KILLS K LeyittownPkwy iOidsBiyd II 50 I PMMat Thurs, Sat 15 lit Show Sun SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES (PG) 7 30-9 30 Or RAGING BULL (R) 7.70-9 40 ERIC TWIN FERN ROCRtI 5',. 11 50 1 PM Mat Wed. Sal & III Show Sun. ELEPHANT MAN (PG) 7 20-9 30 Or ORDINARY PEOPLE (R) 7 7S-9-J5 ERIC TWINER Rl3WnRd H50 I PM Mat Wed. Sat & III Show Sun. 9 TO S(PG) 770-9 34 Or ELEPHANT MAN (PG) 7 20-9 30 ERIC TWIN HORSHAM II 50 I PM Mai Wed, Sat & Isl Show Sun ORDINARY PEOPLE (R) 7 20-9 30 Or RAGING BULL (R I 7 - 40 ERIC TWIN IVY RIDGE u;o Domino La. . RidoeAv i 5u t r-w Met weo. sat & 1st snow Sun. 9 TO 5 (PGI 710-930 Or RAGING BUU. (Rl 7 70-9-40 ruirramKnic-'M1 m otscnuyiiuii HI I BIB Kind 2216 EowyonRI?07 II 50 1 PM Mat Triuri, Sat & Itl Show Sun SEEMS LIKE OLO TIMES (PG) 7 10-9 30 Or RAGING BULL (R) 7.70-9:15 ERIC TWIN LAWRENCE PARR K II 50 1 PM Mai Wed, Sat & 1st Show Sun. CHANGE OF SEASONS IR) 7:30-9:30 Or RAGING BULL (R) 7:70-9 40 EJIC TWIN MjxDADE MALL a I 50 I PM Mat Wed, Sat 4 Itl Show Sun. RAGING BULL (R) 7 20-940 Or SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES (PG) 71030 ERIC 3 MONTGOMERYVILLE i"s w i 11 SO I PM Mat Wed, Sal & Isl Show Sun SEEMS LIKE OLO TIMES IPG) 7 70-9:70 Or ELEPHANT MAN IPG) 7:70-9 30 Or TOS(PG)7 JO-9 JO ERIC TWIN PLAZA II 50 1 PM Mat Wed. Sal & Isl Show Sun. TOS(PG)7JO-9M Or ELEPHANT MAN (PG) 7 70-9 JO ERIC TWIN PINN IERSEY Loo o& ill II SO I PM Mat Wed, Sal J, Itl Show Sun. ERIC-PafiRIMCAROENS II 50 I PM Mat Wed. Sal & Isl Show Sun. TOS(PGI7JO-93I) I 6thlMkl ERIC-TISMiKAl II 50 FIRST SHOW DAILY ZOMBIE 1 45-0 75 CHINESE MACK 17 40-5.70-1000 PENITENTIARY 2 10-6 50 152-2100 Free Parking E yenings & Week ends 1 1 50 I PM Mai Wed. Sat 1 1st Show Sun. ORDINARY PEOPLE (Rl 775-9 35 PRIVATE BENJAMIN (R) 7 20 9 25 Or ELEPHANT MAN (PG) 7.70-9 35 ERIC TWIN WEST GOSHEN i&o M UNCfilN PLAZA TWIN RftE' Route 707 1 Paoll Pike Net to Oitord Valley Mall 752-7900 II 50 1PM Mat Wed, Sat ft Itl Show Sun. I FIRST FAMILY (8) 7 15-9 30 RAGING BULL IR) 7 70-9 10 J STIR CRAZY (R) 7 15-9 15 v Or SEEMS LIKE OLO TIMES (PG) ill I mm 7 10-9 30 yiyCIIBFrankford and MA 4-3212 HIllIRCotrmanyet. gC WYNNEWOODMU"Lood!3Pim fcr0 The Formula ""Eli SEEMS LIKE OLOTIMES (PG, 7 30-9 30 MEDIA si..t MoC 'lOOO fflUfVinown usi.ti.Ntt.s.1 MV BODYGUARD A,CT rUA-lLlliluna.Reedman'i WI6-0900 ' Clint Eastwood 7 15-940 WIDDfDTU MO 7- 1st Area Showing ANY WHICH WAY YOUCAN(PG) MKDlKllloilS AdmUOOToAII GCCBAEDE00DU2& ZJL !! 2THEF,RSTFAM,LY,R,;45-40 PRILMOKT CINEMA '"X r GCCCLKION HEIGHTS 1 12 Fr'pKg. Baltimore Pike at Bauer XXX KAltD HLM5 XXX t ANY WH.CH WAY YOU CAN (PG) m 1 THE JAZZ SINGE IRG) 7 30-930 3 DAYS ONLY .nmnauwTOHjno ANNETTE HAVEN, LINDA WONG and lrr UilBTurif T i Roofed A7A- J0MN HOLMES star In a visual erotic GCC NORTHEAST 4 2 welsh id 1601 '2lhl0oet beyond ordinary hard MftflMon Thru Sal Till 6PM ' nrre n. .- rTHJEs,aEvR,PG.,,,s'ro"0n,y SHEER PANTIES 100 3 10-5 20-7 40-103 2 CHANGE OF SEASONS (R) PUnt """d tr0,,c h" iWSffilsr HOT IN THE CITY ) 00-3 15-5 30-7 45-10 00 7:50ft 1035 4 THE RAGING BULL (R) mTy Tiiwre u . r . 2-4 35- 7 10 45 I T7 TH&FF i yles To Talk About '"J WltinMli 714 Walnut SI 925-7900 GCC PLYMOUTH MEETING MALL 1 1 2 SSS GermanlownPk .Pa Turnok (75-0312 2307JO-95 M (Vl Sal All Shows TiH 6 PM . U mUMt: SEASONS (R." ' MMUSHA '"01 Mi StK iln 5 1 Jeoane-seWEnjIlsh Sub-ThTat 1 amv wuirii"ai?v riir.a,iv. Sun Thru Frl 240-5 0O-IO0 3 ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN PG) Sal Only I IS-4 15-7 15-10 It 1:00-315-530-7 45-lOflO w.umy ''-J" " ' , 3 BYE, BYE BRAZIL (R I GCC VALLEY FORGE 1 ft 2 msn "..Lei .t'A RtJ63lttAv King o( Prussia Reduced Pkg SE Cor Jnd ft Walnut I STIR CRAZY IR) 775 40 7. THE JAZZ SINGER (PG) 7 50-1000 TfltfHF TWIN '-'""" Shop Ctr Rt II I Pin Wt6-!O0OPk Fr 6000 Cars GCC WALNUT MALL 1-2-3 W lXfn- ' 7 SlST"0 C"C,lED IP0 TYJlil C4,0f Tvr Moor. (Rl rfJfYHrCHWAYYOUCAN, p'mm ORDINARY PEOPLE ij tt',s i0Nw,3ciLwftCh.;SPM Action Parked Triple Features UU'IV Jenkinlown 12 00 Adults 2 00 THE MACK l)inM4-o?39 7 15 10 J C. REVENGE 0HW.wn PRIME BENJAMIN (R) U"HMYBOC.YGUAD07'S-920 JUT BODYGUARD BUDC0CBMfll(m,e3R,Nroj POPEYE (PG)7:15-:70 B0DC0ELUS6URG Rts 70 ft 41, Cherry HDI.NJ. Park Frog 1 MIRROR CRACKED IPG) 7:15-9 10 2 PRIVATE BENJAMIN (R) 7 15-9:20 Mai Tom'w fpM All Seals II 50 BBOMMILlSIDETWiNRaj . BEAR ISLAND (PG) 7 15-9 10 i Any WMdi Way You Can IPG) 7 15-9 25 JimrflMi7'Vh,,Hr', 85B-J331 DUUliU KIM Oaklyn, N.J. Smoking Seel. TRAMP(X) 7-00-10-00 Plus: Here Comes The Bride (X) 130 BUOCIIWESTMONT fcT? I54-6KI0 FREE PARKING BEAR ISLAND (PG) 715-910 ERIC PLAZA M00REST0WN In me Moorestown Mall, N.J !! 50 1 PM Mat Mon -Sat ft 1st Show Sun. RAGING BULL IR) 1-7 20-9 40 ERIC3PENNSAUKENft'i3o73 971-0450 665-3372 11 SO 1 PM Mai Wed, Sat ft lit Show Sun. ELEPHANT MAN (PG) 770-9:30 STO$(PG)730-34 : Seam Like OM Timet (PG) 775-9 75 ERIC TWIN ROUTE 38H,,iM?d II 50 1 PM Mat Wed, Sal ft Itl Show Sun. CHANGE OF SEASONS (R) 770-930 Or : Ordinary People (R 1 7 20-9 30 ER1CIWINSTRATF0RB w.'hop n" II 50 1 PM Mat Wed. Sat ft 1st Show Sun. ORDINARY PEOPLE (R) fo-30 Or: Seems Ut OM Times (PG) 7.30-930 ERICWESTMONT Cumban Blvd II 50 1 PM Mat Wed, Sal ft Itl Show Sun. ELEPHANT MAN IPG) 7:75-935 ERIC TWIN WILLE8BR0 Z!,Th 1 1 50 1 PM Mat Wed. Sat ft Itl Snow Sun. ORDINARY PEOPLE (R) 7:70-930 Or STIR CRAZY () 730-914 f0ATWINWILUNB0R0W,oSo 1 Dhney-t ARISTOCATS (G) 7 15- 2 PRIVATE BENJAMIN (R) 7 70-9 JO crrruroDY uihrouium mWI Dvv itlUKRI DILI Cherry Hill Mall, N.J. fIY)Mon-Sal 'tl6PM ft-W Sun ft Holldayt Itt Show Only I. THE JAZZ SINGER IPGI 100 1 15-530-745-10:00 2 FIRST FAMILY R 1:15-1:15-5.15 7:10-9:45 6CCDEPTF0RDMAU4 OepM J2.00S W5-8184 OepMord Ctr Road (Opo Sean Aulo.i mon. i nry Ml. I IH a KM Sun ft Holidays In Shaw Only iriRii rwmLT INI 1:30-3 30-5 7 J0-:M J STIR CRAZY (R) 1:15-3: 15-5:I5-7:I5-:15 3 A Change el Seasons (R ) 7-4-6-1-10 4 BEAR ISLANO (PG) ):4-J4-5:-7:45-9 45 err trur! At1 vii i voomeesNj. wwHiiuvniuti 777-1779 Sommerdale Rd N of White Horse Pk. 1 (Vl Mon. Thru Sal. Till 6 PM iUM Sun ft Holiday! Ill Show Onh I. ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN (PG) 1-3:15-5 30-7 45-10 2 FLASH GORDON (PG) 1 K.1 ICQ 1&-rjl.O-t t TO i IPG) 1:30-3 30-5:30-7 30-9-JO PUL2A2"""9 TurnertvliM THE FORMULA (R) 7:10-945 BUCCOBRANMARTWIN 'h N Wilmington 302-475-1444 I BEAR ISLANO (PG) 7 30- 25 2. ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN (PG) 7 ) 5-9 30 . BUDCOCOHCCROMALl uVe' I POPEYE (PG) 7:70-930 2 FIRST FAMILY (R) 730-925 Mat. Tom'w I PM II 50 All Seats ERIC 3 TRi-STATE MALL RE5E NaamansRd ft 1-95, Claymont. Del . II 50 I PM Mai Mon -Sat Itl Show Only RAGING BULL (R) 1-7 70-940 Or ELEPHANT MAN (PG) 1-770 10 Or SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES (PG) 100-7 30-9 JO BUDC8 61ST STREET DRIVE IN Just oH Skyl. Eipv at Jerry's Corner Stt 730 Radio Sound Heaters BEAR ISLAND PG) ALLIGATOR (R) BUOCO 303 TWIN ORIYI-IR MI6-1099 End ot 309 E up at 63. Montgomeryvllle Stv 7 30 Radio Sound Heatert I. AIRPLANE IR) UP IN SMOKE IR) MEATBALLS IR) 7 BEAR ISLAND HE KNOWS YOU'RE ALONE (H) MOTEL HELL i

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