The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1934
Page 6
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TUESDAY, MAY 8, 1&84 •LTTDYim, (ABU. VAGKBEVBN t& ci4ssiiiED SECTION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally ruie per une ror consecu- rive Insertions: (Five tverigt voids to a. lino One time per Unit .......... J3c Two times per line |ier day .. OK Three times per llni per day .. 06c eix Umu per lice per day .. Ooc Vontti r»t« per Un ........... Mo ?bs>n)« He POULTKY & EGGS We will par M« I*' pound for heavy HENS. B. T. Worthy, 315 E. Main. HckD-14 Gold Coin Salct at New High Prices Brinj Arrests ] Franklin D. Roosevelt raU*d th».w>l eligible, [price of eoW recently to »35 ail BABY CHICKS All Varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Set each Tuesday, hatch eacli Wednesday. MAH1LYN HATCHERY Hatchery Code Cci. No. Wi Ads ordered to" inrcc or si> times and ttoppcrl before explra- foil will be charged (or the number ol Units the »d appeared ana adjustment ol bill made. FOR RENT 2 story well furnished HOUSE. RigUlalrc, electric stove, Immediate ixxssession. Very reason able. 801 W. Walnut. Call 451. ck-26 NE\\: VOUli tUl'j—TIM; incut in prosecuting those who buy or sell yoUl coins at the new out-dated iiH.Tra.seil pi-Ice of Bold. The slt- iKiiion is twy of ounce, he jumped the price mor« } than «5 i>cr cent to the figure In ovn 60 year?. Any form of old Bold such as (or (heir fun; vului 1 . Mranwhlk 1 , ugi'iiLs reci'inly] advance In. the pi-la 1 of Bold, mll- l»u men in I'hllii-ji"" " H'Mill "I tlic iinpii'mlcnU'il dclphla; one for selling;, the- other Ions "f dollars woilh ul old eolil [or buying gold coins »t thii nrwli-s MIUJ illsixiveml In American price. T'tic coliu, In llic truusai-- ! homes und liinu-il Into aish. MuWBM I'AIUS (HI 1 )—The HiV»ll*)s V»- M-iiiii is (pouring » new fHhibti ot JiiTh' uiilfoi'iiu* fruiu 'lhv Greeks crowds of children and Interested Thf! uniform exhibit s|io» p s In- funlry and cuvalry costumes on llgtmvi mounted on horseback, from the Crusaders during the uf I'hlJIpHc Ic Bel to the ot 180J. Sljow cases arc tilled with medals, huts, arms and All Advertising copy submitted by perse/i* residing out- Bide of tlic city trust be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. NO responsibility will be UKCIJ HII more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Advertising oraeitd for irrcgu- K Insertions wke toe one time ; t«te. Nicely furnished Ward iipartincnl on W. Ash St., 4 looms nnd bath. Call 650 or D6B. Scktf 1NOKAM apartment, heat, water furnislied. Also store building. Reasonable. Apply I. H. Parkhur&l. c-klO NICELY furnislied cool bedroom. 515 Walnut St. Call 292-W. l-ck-8 TRUCK BARGAINS '3Z FORD l!i Ton, Dual Wheels, C (Juod Tires. Huns Gcod SiSl ''K CHEVROLET l!i Ton, C .New Tires, Motor A-l .... $348 •20 (i. M. C. 2 Ton, Motor A-l, Good Kublier *1*3 •30 FORD I'ICKlJr. (iwxl Rubber, New P.-iii:J. Motor A-l. A tU'al Buy ?- I8S •SO CHEVKOLKT CC P1CKIU' Yrui-k, 6 I'ly Tires Like Ne«. Bargain Sl'*> Many Others To Choose Krom. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Used Car Ixit Coinei First & Walnut Sis. Nicely furnished cool BEDROOM, men preferred, lill W. Main. Call 280. 1-ck-lf FURNISHEO bedroom, 1017 W Walnut, Mrs. Kd llardlu, afler 5 P. M. Ic ktf Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30c k5-3Q UNPUHNISHED 5 room apartment, 1013 W. Walnut. Call 676. 30c k-tf NICELY furnished apartment, 209 W. Kentucky. Apply after 6 P. M. He k5-H FOUR room FURNISHED apartment. 700 W. Walnut. 19-ck-tf AUTOMOTIVE Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lwnber Co. 10ck5-10 BUSINESS mRECTORY 1'urniture Repairing—Upholsterini Also automobile upholstering. We will be glad to leler you to customers as to quality and workmanship. Complete line samples. New Location 118 No. Second JENKINS fc SON 5-ck-B-b HIGHEST Cash Prices paid tor brass, aluminum, copper, zinc. New Deal Tiading Post. 120 W. Main. 8c k6-8 Start A Savings Account With Us On Everything for the Automobile Uubbard Hdw., Automotive Depl Pbane 476 Phone FEEDS FOR SALE: HAY and CORN at a bargain. S. B. Roaelle, Luxora, Ark. 24p-k5-24 STRAYED~ STliAYED—One black horse mule, weight about 1.100 Ibs., 6 years old. From my place at Clear Lake. S5.00 Reward for information. B. L. Holmes, Route 2, Blytheville. WANTED TO BUY WHEN you are fish hungry come to McFall Fish Market, 415 W. Ash. Fresh Fish At All Times. 1C k6-l We buy Chickens and Eg£ s i highest prkes paid. Kile Price Grocery, phone 231, 111 t. Main. 9c kb-S ROOM & BOARD Trice Again Burke Sets the Boiled Linseed Oil ...... U5c »al. Turpentine .............. 75c sal. Aladdcn Lamp Parts 30c each BURKE HARDWARE CO. The one price store COUNT!' WORKERS UNION Court House Monday, 7:30 p-m. For men, women over 16 $1 per year Roomers and Boarrrcrs — Home-like atmosphere. Prices reasonable. Mrs. J. F. Sanders, 510 W. Main. Rooms wi(h or without board, steam hut, hot water, reasonable rales, Phone 23), Kite Price Gro. 29c Ask as about the Hagen Honry Ctnttr Uolf Balls. Tbej j re Better, Hubbard Hardware Co. 5ck5-5 Soy Beans and Pr»s will b« hard to find neit month. Buy new from HubbaH Hardware Co. 12ck5-12 REAL ESTATE Farms for sale—20^ down Balance like rent Ethel Thompson, Carulliersville, Mo. ll-pk-5-1) FOR SALE OR TRADE National Cns^ Tiegistcr. Ne\v Dca ! Trading Post. 120 W. Main. 8c k2: HOME REPAIRS: Steps, Soon, screens, wall paper, paint, etc. ANTLMITE for Termite control E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 100 Mrs. I. 1. Davis, Phone 421 Spencer Corseticrc. 26C. k5-26 EXPERT Typewriter an* Adding Machine Rcpalrinj. U. S. Blank- cnship, 116 E. Rose, Call 165-J. 22c kD-22 ' SEEDS & I'LAJNTS LOST frames, on Miiin St. ttovarrl to: return to Courier News. 8pl:l' IF YOU WANT A WONDERFOI O(>iwiiunity to make $8.50 s <iaj Tiid gpt a np* r Ford Secian a. 1 bonus !>csirie.s. send me your name immediately. No contest or lottery Particulars free. Monmoiilh. Cincinnati. O. ~ I.EOA17NOTICBS Peas for Sole Drive across trie river for Ihe fin- rbt Whippoorrrill Peas in West Tennesite. Prices Rea««naMe. William Vucker * Co., Rlple;, Tenn. Z8-ck5-28 FOR SALE For quirk cash sale: S87.50 Chif- $2* round . dining fcrobc, S12; room '*ble, . S15 StcreUrial desk, H.M: $10 Oak Rocker, J3.50; anfl m»ny other f«rnitnre items. On br seen .it Parkhuret. 7pklO LAROB Iron Snfc. Oood us new, [or Cash or on rasy tcnns. Rex Hold. Phone 204. H. C. Camplwl). 2«c-ktf t!otton Sefrt: Kowden Bic Boll No. 2SSO for (hitl 'and; also Stflnc- ,-ll[r No. 1. 51.50 wr hundred Mariin Robinson, 310 K. Main. 18-pk-5-lfl 1 Large Fop Corn and Peanut Roaster in perfect coudllion and us good as new. Very cheap. Phone 63, Hayti. Missouri. Gilbert's Gro eery <b Martet. Op-ko-9 F«d5, Hour, Groceries A Mwts at Best Pricts. We Deliver. Phone \ 2M, RH« Groxtty. I mistress, Mrs. A. N. Hunter, Jer 8c K5-91 ry fought tDe snake off. Jewelry, deilU! and ends of nil mid Romans thruugli the •lid wcvc Bold (or HO worth of old i;ol(l, iiei-lmps much unique In the long hls- law, til gold returned lo tin; oro, slill lied Idle mid often for- (miner |H>iM!l*r exlilbit a( lead lotion throughout OUR BOARDING HOUSE YKAH! WIIKKI*: IK SHK (JOING? MO,i rioN'i-)/ HE 6em worto TOCHJEEN WHAT XJ UHPKTEEOLE 1HA1 HE HAO S ( 61VEH WOOTIETOOTS ( TO \ TO KANE S PARED FOR TH' V WHEN THEV GOT PACK FROM THE IX) YOU MtYvS 10 ULL •f tllAf ALLEY OOP 1C) con',6 10 M&nnv , GOGGLE-LVtD, sunivEt.eo-up / VEP.1HA5 RiDN'lCHA HPAR AB001 HI' YES, I "B&UEVE THE OF THKT SEIV SERPENT SEEv4 \N THE LOCMS eVBSOLUTEW JBEOUSa l,fAV$ELF, S^W f\ SErX SERPENT 2OO WILES THE I WAS "FIRST rViATE Of THE "BELLE OP BNRNABY "/•-<. I W^ ALC3NE ON THE BWD6E ,AK1D THE ORE MURE •ROSE DIRECTLY IN PRONT OF THE STEAMER IN TEN COILS -WTHEM,BY AWCrVlON,^ SHOOT/ YOU' PULLED TH' WEIGHTS ON HIM,HICKY, AN' NOW V COME IN f FROM \ GUZZLE !• THEY TH 6TUPF CANNON-DEW, THEY CALLED HEY" TH'? WHERE Yr\ [THATiSTH'MDST IMPOSSIDLt" VARN I tVE« YOU KNOW THftT TH' KING V'OULO INTO T»' PIT, F HE COOUJ LAV HANDS ON HIM/ - 6t,)T O0P 5ANEP GUZ'S UFE,AN'NOW AGWN - »C EVEN SENT VJORD TO LET ALL OF ' FRIENDS GOT OF TH' PIT- DISOHDKll IN THH IfANKS! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OWPN'. BUT A **SK KM ' WCttfv , MOW, IN TWtt MU6. ' ? 60 j WWW) UP WASH TUBRS HUKIIY CALM Y. ABSOLUTE^ NO PH6 1 CAN TliRH'TO IN> ( TIME OF WNGER BUT YCXJ STC3P I IMPlpBt x ^ TO COME' WITH UTMOST SPEED ( THE OLD I MAN WANTS I TO see you V \ R3R VOU. SALESMAN SAM HE ujftMDEBS ALL "N»sU ( . THEM IT'S POSSIBLE HE \»K> APOONO TH' NEIGHBOR- (OMTU'SCeWE UUHEW TH'CRIME W, HOODl /tOMMITTEO I OOSH , H= TUM BEAST CCKJLO OtJLV TALK 1 . MEBSe CCKJLO QIMrie A LlFTl UP ACERTWM RO6BERV 1 . WHERE ABOUT EUEV>tl4 C/C-t-CXki ONTH' MIGHT OF APRIU ,HOOF ;IM BftCK OF ,• CXUZEMS ' STORE, HftS 666M INTERVIEW KJCi (SOfVT OWNERS, (N AN ATTEMPT TO FIND THE THE KIHST STEP! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS MR. HavEWSTEIN, FRECKLES WANTS MXI TO WAIT OJ H'M RIGHT AWAY THESE OTVER GUYS GET FIXED UP. 1 tT'S IMPORTANT... HE WANTS A ...ANO TELL U M HOT TO ACT STRANGELY WHEH I IM....ITS ALL PART OP !'Y P^AVJ... MOV/, RUM |M AM3 TELL LATER! BUT.IF t PROVE-IT, OSSiE,Yo'J CASJ HELP INTO THAT BARBER S40P AND TELL MR.HOWENGTEIN TMAT I'M COMIMG IM AKD SIT IM ONE or THE CHA'RS... I WAVE Aw Y«J THINK HE'S A CPOOK I SAW : WANTED A MUCH LONGER AM I COMMA HAVE TO WUT? SCONCE "IMAT A JUOOE CAN A, PRONOUNCE .IN A. MINUTE.' A MR.DIRK WWOM ME- THINKS IS A CROOK f HAS FRBC*UES UP MI5 COMMISSIONER'S SAI.F, Pursuant lo a decree of Chancery Court, of this comity, tendered in the case of 1'cop'cs Building it Loan Association vs. B. E Snider, cl-al. I will, ivithm lawful hours on May M. 1934. sell at the front door of the court house Blytlicvillc, Arkansas, lo the highest Viiddcr upon a months, the following property, to-wlt: Lot number twenty-six (26), of the Original Survey of the town ol Hlythoville, Arkansas. The purchaser at said sale will be required lo give band with approved security to secure* payment ol liis bid. and a lien will also be re- lalnecl upon the property tlwrelor. Dated this 8th day of May, 1931. II. L. CiAINKfi. Commissioner in Chancery. Held. Kvr.itd & Henderson. Attorneys for Plainlin. 5-8-15 I>«g Won Snake Meda SEATTLE. (Ul')—Jerry, a common ordinary hound, possesses a bright gold medal for heroism In saving his mistress from a snake. The ralllesnakc was coiled and ready to strike his unsuspecting

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