The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1949
Page 8
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; fAGE EIGHT BLYTITEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 11,1045 River Projects Okay is Sought : . Chief of Engineers Appeals for Orderly Development- Program WASHINGTON, May 11—(ft 1 ) — MB}. Gen. Lewis A. Pick recommended yesterday that Congress increase ils aiilhorizntion for tlie Ailt- nnsas River program by $427.000.000 to permit "orderly" construction during the next six ycnrs. General .Pick, chief of Army Engineers, testified before the House Public Works Committee which Is considering legislation to authorize various flood control and navaga- llon projects. Hlit said the additional authorization (or the Arkansas Valley, if followed by actual appropriations, would permit work on seven additional dams .and reservoirs, allow a start on the iiavngBtlmi feature of Die [HoRram and [>rnni( mud bank stabilization work. A large delegation of Arknnsans and Oklahomans attended the hearing, many of thorn witnesses, in support of the proposal. Congress In 1945 approved a comprehensive nava-jtion-powi-i -flood control program for the river but limited appropriation authorization lo $55.000,000 for a start on the Eufniiia nntn on the Canadian River in Oklahoma. Several Projects I'mt"""''! Work on the dam has not stiuted and the result has bren lo delay the comprelipiisii'o program. However, varioti other projects in the over-all plan have been and built separately. Pick said. Including the $55,000.000 authorization for Knlaula and those for sepajtite projects. Congress has authorized a tolnl of S237.000.000 for the overall plan. Of this all except S7.GOO.OOO is represented in projects under way or those for which funds are earmarked. Pick testified the additional authorization and appropriations would permit work on Iliese protects: Toronto. Eik City and Neodesha reservoirs in Kansas: Markham Ferry, OolRgah and Kulaula reservoirs in Oklahoma: DavdanelleMOs- ervoir in Arkansas, and navagatiojj and bank stabilization work In Arkansas. j David D. Terry of Little Pock. ! director ol the Flood Control Div-] jsion of the Arkansas Resources; .and Development Commission, told the committee in a statement: j " "We are not asking that the , cost of Ihe whole project be nuthor- Ized at this time, but that a reason- 1 able amovmt. as justified by the engineers, be authorized for appropriation, so that the engineers will he permitted lo porceed with an orderly program of construction." J. C. Murray, of Little Rock, discussed in a statement the navigation feature of the plan, which contemplates a nine-foot channel In the Arkansas from ils immlh lo f*near Tulyn, OJdn., a distance of .480 miles. ;-He estimated such » channel, opening tl x " stream to navigation, would result in saving the region $41.270,000 annually in transportation costs. Other Arkansas witnesses, many of whom merely submitted statements for the record. Included: Senators Fulbright and McClcilan and Reps. Hays, Norrell and Trimble; Reece Caudle, Russellvillc: and C. Hamilton Moses, president of the Arkansas Power and Light Company. Boy Rescued After Cave-In Harvard Prof's World of Tomorrow Can't Afford Hot Dogs and Ice Cream NKWARK, N. J.. May 11—f/l'l — There'll be 1 no hot dogs and Ice •rfiim In tlie ivcrM of tomorrow. They are to expensive on a "yeo- :hemteal" basis. That's Ihe prediction of Prof. Ku!enc O. Rochrnv of Harvard. But (Merc will be conipensiidons. There may be machines that build your house with earthwarc. bricks f dik's out the foundation, When you wake up in your new idnbp house, you'll pull off your )ajamas and eat them for nrcak- ' The professor was awarded a £1,000 prize for his research sand dcriviiives. The ban hot dogs and ice cream must come, lie said, because the world is eating up its resources too fast, 'rof. lloclmw said meat and egt?s must disappear from mini's diet because the animrils producing them consume too much food. .So that leaves tenderloin steak out of tlie picture, too, in Prof. ltocho',v's bright new chemical CliHlu's must come fiom synthetic materials, he said, and must be niiulc so they can lie turned inlo suear and calcn. The HHiin.stuy of man's diet, ho told the North Jersey section ol the American Chemical Society, would be li-ees. He suggested they could be matte digestible by converting the cellulose in Lhcm into sugars. Prof, Roehow has n name—geochemistry—for the science thai can (urn us away from our present ".suicidal trend." Appointment Upheld TKXARKANA. Ark., May J!. —Chancellor A. P. Steel has upheld he appointment of Max Tackctl ILS Pexarkana ,Ark,, police chief. The appointment was attacked by he Arkan-siis Mun!clpn) PoJicr,* Association which charged civil scr vice laws wore not followed. The association .-said it would appeal, ft ic ha I'd Naylor, M, is plm-rct on a stretcher at rilrlilmrp. Mass,, while firemen administer lirst aid nliei Ihr boy was rrscued from :i sandbank cave-in, Naylor was burii-d alive for an hour when f\ playhouse he had mill In the bank collapsed. u\l' Wircplioto.) Profitable Day WASHINGTON, hid.. May 11. OPi Fiobril Kittle .struck li rich while plowing on hi.s farm yi-Merdny. His plow turned up a \valle.t containing $1.400 in currency, .some j war-lime pJi.solJne ratinji .stamps and h's draft resisli alien curd, Kafile last the wailei July 10, 19-l. r >. j Hi.s bank .sent the dot-living and | motel net currency to I he U.S. Treasury for redemption. St. Peter Sells to Sinn 1IOHOKUS. N.J., May 11. Wj — AllM'rt St. Pcicr sold hi.s home— the buver was W. K. Sinn. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO IN THK rnonATK COURT FOR THK C'HICKASAWHA DISTRICT OF MISSISKII'l'l COUNTV, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OP R. A. MOOflE, Deceased NOTICI: Notice is hereby Riven by Byron Morse tins day appointed Ancillary Administrator of the e.sliite of R. A. Moore. All persons having claims against said estate are required lo exhibit Idem properly authoiicatcd for allowance by the undersigned as Ancillary Administrator of the said estate of R. A. Moore within six (0) months from this dnte or same will be lot-ever barred. This the 3rd day of May, 1949. 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OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. - , ... cr! l'i>«rr >r|. l ')|i|«mnlii|p aj.arl from r\rr\ ollirr r.n ! 'IlKll's llir "Nc» 'I linll" the KiM-Wr f^l.Urnoliilc's nltra-^'h nnccil :tos- cnpm* lliat tiiki 3n\ antacc '<E tinln\- .< furU! 11 nrts /uorr cM-itins energy from /<•'* C' 15 ll"- 1'iiliirami,' [,,,,,,,,.|,- of liicli-fiiiniirrtsiiin.' And tin- ri". ..!nli,nKi ing liMiiinl ll,p '•!(,» kcl" linked |.,,»sil,l,; .w»wWwi.'.M and I'o V"int "|> lliit l.rninl new kiii.l <»f ^.crf..i ni.incc. OMsimiliilr Imill a H'lirr airi-.iin.i[,. s tlint "Uoclft" Kiipinr tl.isli and il-iKli 1 . Tin- "KH" IIM rnliiraini,- .u| ms : \ n ,\ t ;„ ,| lr .- BBi - f| v ,|, ,,.M at i,. Drive* lean.. ii|< oitli ^ . 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