The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1936
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUIA' Id, 103G BLYTHKVII.UC,. (AltK.) COUIUBU NEWS PAGE FIVE 1 CET WHAT YOU WANT fmm tfu> WANT.A51 CLASSIFIEEI ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dallj rate per Une tor conwcu- insertions: , , . One time i»r Tine ............ 1CJ Two times i«r line p«r &»y .. , Month rate l' cr Hae .... ..... Minimum cnarge 8Co '•Three times per line p.':i d»y . plx limes per line per da; .. Ana oidcrcd ior inree or times and stopped before expira tion will he charged for the number of times tlic ad appeared and "•UusUntnt ot bill marie. slj G'liissinec. Advertising copy subinillcd by nt-rsons residing out- Bide ol tnc city must bo accompanied by cash. Hates may be t*tlly computed Iram abova ublc- jAOvcriisii'S oraercu ior irregular 'insertions take the DIM lime 'rate No icspuntjbimy will be tukerj tor more than one Incorrect lu- lerllwi of any classified ad. Business Directory Dance Every Night At the Silver Moon Nightclub Newly ' Remodeled Good Music 1 THIS CURIOUS WORLD % William fergusgn Most delightful Night Clifd between Memphis and St. Louis. Good Barbecue . E. BAILEY, Mgr mowers sharpened the Ideal way on Ihc Weal Mower grinding machine. Guaranteed job We Iliu rolloulnj- only $1. Blytheville Michln Shop I or Sale GOOD PEACHES, $1.50 bu. GCO. McCarn, 2 mi.'; west town. n-p-k-24 '•32 model MOTORCYCLE, 14 Hnrlcy Davidson. Justin Tidwell, Dell. Reasonable. H-p-k-21 Slightly used FACTORY BOAT and late model Johnson Ken Horse 12 h. p. OUTBOARD MOTOR, good shape, $100 cash. Paul Byriim. 9-ck-lf Good Used Trucks 1934-V8, Jli Ion truck 1934 Chevrolet I',!r Ion truck 1A3 • truck intcriiaLlonal I'.i Ion Sj Irailci- 1C35 Intel-national M'J ton truck & trailer U ton Intcrnnllonal Pick Up ITiRMS Delta Implements, Inc. rou SAI.K 5 room hc'.iK, Inth. Large lot. Across from high and B rilde tchools. Cheapest taxes in town. Could be maCc into apartment 809 Clrlckiisuwlra. clh tf Real Estate We Make AU Sim of Airplane Type Fans A few used desk fans for sale cheap Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 TRANT1IAM TRANSFER CO. Moving SOc roomm>. Pianos (1 up. PHONE 064 Keep Kcoi \yiih Hunler Electric Fans Hubbard Hdw. Co. THE RELATIVE QISTANCES OF THE FRO/A THE SUN FOU-QW A CURIOUS RULE KNOWN AS *sooe's STARTING WITH THE NUMBERS O, 3, £>. 2A-, ETC.. CXXJEyjNO EACH TIME, THEN AODING- THE NUMBER TO f£ACH, WE' GOME REMARKABLY CLOSE TO THE SCALE. OF DISTANCF/S FOR. AULTHE PIANETS EXCEPTING NEPTUNE AND PLUTO. CARS IN STOCK !!>»•! (:Hi:V!U)l,HT COACH ivcw lites, motor overluitilt'd IIKI5 KOUI) COACH &AM while side-wall lircs tjrlij CUHVltOI-rOT SUDAN, trunk - t; duy (if July, 1030, mill i>x|ilics on the aotli dny of Juno, ia;i7. KOWARI) 1'IIIU.U'S. 11-10 Cat KIsts I'roni Cntvc llUVAN't-SVU.!.!':, Miss. (UI'V — Clarence I'rnU cannot account for tho eight rcimiinlni; lives ol his pet nil. H was iilt by an avitonio- tjllo ami appiircnlly killed. 1'ralt Ijurlt'd his ]«( rmd. rclurnlna hoinu the s«me' evening, lie was met ul the front door by the cat. j Courier News Glnsslllcd Ads ray, I HIM l)oil({i! new [mini Lee Motor Sales 315 Kasl ). Ship by \V. PARKER TRUCK LINK Dependable Dally Service to and From Memphis Keep Freight Money at Hume Call 127 809 W. Ajh St. WE BUY 11IBES & ALL KINDS METALS We Sell Coal, Wood and Kindling Give Us a Trial and Be Satisfied Blytheville Fuel Co. 118 S. Railroad St, I'or Sale: Corner lot E. Kentucky near Park. TERMS. F. T. Elder. % Bell Calc, West Memphis, Ark, '" Get Ihc benefit of summer prices. Fill Up Now My Coal Is Black But I Treat You White LOCAL 'HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN^l'JIONE • :..•"— j?oE SALB • Several thousand acres smilheasl Missouri ricii alluvial cotiou & corn lands. Any size tract. TERMS LIKE RENT. Everelt B. Gee, MK. VETERAN! Here is a chance to invest your Donus money wisely. GOOD 53-ucre larni near St. Louis. CHEAP. TERMS. T. P. Elder, Care Hell Care, West Mcmp'nis, Ark. For Sale or Trade—My home at !H9 W. Main. Bargain. Mrs. S. 6. Sternberg. Call 98-1. Help Wanted '1PIACHERS—Many vacancies' listed; write us your qualifications, enclose slatnp. £;achcrs' Exchange, Kansas City, Kans. IVAKMNCi OUDKIt Spcrry Candy Couii);\ny, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is wmncd lo :i|>lH':ir In the Municipal Court nl the City ol mytliuvillv, Ar- kiinrns, within thirty diiys mid answer Ilic complaint nted 'msninst it by 11. N, ywearenycn, ilo|tijj bf.Mncss as Contral Colfec Coni- putiy. Ualed this Juno a-l. 11)30.-'. FRANK W1UTWOUT11. Clerk.. Reid ,t livrard, 27-l-ll-lil (^UT NO ONt HAS BEEN ABLE TO GIVE A REASON FOR. THE LAW/ 7-<g ; . . ; - 0l«fi DY WCA EERVICC. INC. BOOKS LAW Ib one ol the mysteries of 'usU'cncmy. Udng the number 10 to represent the distance of the cnnii from tljc sun, Hodc's Law shows Mercury lo be 4, Venus 7, etc. At the lime Ihc law was (liscovei'ecl,' v :i larue gun existed Ijctwcen the planets Mars and Jupiicr,.and, since the series of figrrcs showed llmt n planet should Ij0' : ln this area, astronomers went to work and ilis- covcred tlic astcriod, group occupying the space. . NEXT: I.KH'OH I'lilinllT. Nollvc Is liereby i(iven Mini the Coimuissluiu'i 1 . af Revenue ol (he. Slate of Arkansas has tailed « ln'i'iult to, Kchvnnl I'hlllip.s to soil niul dispense vinous or splrlUiolis liquors for bcreragc ill, .retail on tlic premises described as Gamp Moiiltric Liquor Slid]), Dlylhcville Ark. This permit Issued on the 1st SWIM ALL DAY ' Vot 10e - J5c" Chicago Mill Pool l-'OU. QUICK SKKV1CK ON WAS'Hlll) SAND New York City iinb apiiroxl- mnlcly 1,500,000 telephones in use. These nre fiervcfi by 163 exchanges, Onlj"'a. few Slrndh'nrl violins nro In exklence todny, nml their own- era generally'nre well known.' • ^TRUCf BARGAINS DAY SI'BCiALS All Trueks ri|iiliiiH'>l will, dual 1D3U OHKVItOJ.HT 1 1-3 Ton Track '... 5525 IMS niDVKOl.KT 1 1-a Ton Trufk ,...,,... ?;<D5 Dr.. Wert & Wert Over joe TBaacs' SU>r«, "lye MAKE ;-'EM ..SEB'V Phone WO ','•':••.- ' Truek .., I TO (i.M.C. I Ton Truck $105 anil GRAVEL PHON15 700 Superior Coal it Mining Co. t Anil we hiinillc ull U,iilin K llranils uf HlRli tiradu Cunl— Summit, (ireat Henri, llillllint, . lUrintlccllo, tU 1 . 1932 oiiKyiiOLi-rr i 1-2 Ton Truck . ................. S>'i!> l!)ao Cllf.ltVUI.I-:T 1 :-a Ton Tiwk ..... .......... . .. 5 75 Thr^u (ruvks :ire :ill rkicutMlllium-d ind ^u^ranteeil. Ollii'rs lo- >oin. • - TOMLITFLE CHEVROLET CO, '. riione M3 , ..'..- ' : ; Now Located it 101 North Sffcmd ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWWTER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, rroprtolot All make* M rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Macnlan ftnd Cil- culalon—Btpalrinj- Part*—Ktbkorx ONE STOP- SERVICE STATION 'FOll YpUK CONVENIENCE 1 S1NCLA1KGAS AN!) lAJIHUCATION W-YSB IM'UtUY In '"cliarjre of. Service Department,: L. H.JOHNSON in chiirge uf Body Dcrwiimeiit. f -HATTKIti; SKIIVICE —KAhlATOK IMPAIR • -—BODY. WORK . :•• —FKNDEIl WORK . —OLASS INSTALLED , -AUTO •'PARTS'. W.T.BARNIP AUTO HEAR! If you : li!ivc a buriiil association curtilicatc of liny,; kiml : on your loved ones '.when they pi»ss usyay, wo.will iicccpl it at full value on. the, fuiicriil,. providcii you-.-lmy us mudi as $00 : or inure in ' CQBB FUNERAL HOME : PijONE 20 ; ;-.. : .;_ Highest Prices Paid •For Used Furnhure WadeFurnitiireCo. 301-303 E. MAIN 'Airs J. J. Davis—Spencer Corsellere Call 421-W for appointments "WANTED — KU. KINDS JDNK Scrap Iron, $3 to $5 ton Aluminum, lOo Ib. Brass, 2c to 4'.4e Ib. Copper Wire, 4c to 5c Ib. Radiators, I'.ic ib. HIDES & VUR3 WOLF ARIAN PHONE 176 128 E. MAltV Wall Paper SALE 1036 I'ATTKRNS 1 ( or Kent COOL bedrooms for |>c-rmanciit & transient guests. Fans free. Bess Hall. Cll W. Main. Three room furnished apartment, 021 Chickasuvba. Will redecorate for rcs|x>irjT.)!e renter. Apply at Einnnons Tin Shop. IG-lf FOR RENT—2 unfurnished rooms, lights & b3lh included, $8 month, 300 Soul'h 16th St. lfl-pk-20 2 newly dtcorn(cd apartments in duplex, unfurnished. Call 7ii<! 8-ck-tf Large 3 room modern furnis'hed apartment. Cool. Reasonable, call 280. 13-ck-U Store for lease. Best block on Main. Nice show windows. Reasonable rent. Thomas Land Co. 1 ll-ck-13 Position Wanted EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHER and Bookkeeper wants position. Good references. ElcanM Sml-h, 1315 W. Main. Cail 331/-W. 13p Batteries EllTlTER. BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Chne At Tom Jackson's Service Station LUMBER CO. Phune JO Salesmen Wanted -_^^^™! A NATIONALLY .ADVERTISED PRODUCT WITH ESTABLISHED MARKET Thousands of customers, retail outlets, better service stations gnrases, car dealers, industrial pinnls for man selected as factory distributor to look after Pyroi business. If you have sales, merchandising ability, integrity, ambition, clean record, Ihls opportunity wortli upwards to $10,000 and more yearly.. From Saturday Evening Post, Popular Mechanics Country Gentlemen, Time, Fortune, Trade and Class Magazines newspapers, billboards, radio,.more than 75 million prospects get the Pyroil story of Its ability to save motors, repair bills and industria lubrication savings of $5,000 annually. Highly indorsed by mil lions, leading laboratories, large industries, etc. Life time opportunity. Write fully. PYROIL COMPANY, 1606 Main, LaCrossc, Wis Personal AUTO LOANS Car-h Advanced — Confidential PAYMENTS REDUCED Ho co-Mgiicrs. Jus', wing car and registration card alonj. U. W. MULLINS .".iiry HI,!;.. I'lionc 'W5 Eggs, Poultry Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry III K. Main Blood tested. Barred Rocks, White Recks, Reds, Leghorns, etc., 100 $0.00. Prepaid: live delivery. O Halchery. Westphalia, Mo. Gentleman wants lo' rent cool bedroom in private home, Re-1 s ply to Box 12, courier News. 17-P' Wanted BROOM MAKING ctnilpment t( buy or rent. Stanlon A. Pepper •!CT<!I Huffman. 14. [BUT WE'LL GIT ACROSS ALL RIGHT- SAV, GRAB IAHOLT AM' I'LL 6WIMG Y'OVER., HE HEARD NOTHING EHIWO US FOR. QUITE A SFELL"- JE MUST HAVE. WUR.TH' SLIP/ S'LUCKY POP US-'CAUSE BV TH' LOOSES OF THWGS IT'S GOWMA TAKE SOME TIME T'GIT OVER THIS- EUERYBODYS OVER & HUN& 'EM OUT TO . WASH TUBUS GREAT SCOTT? A BULLET HOLCJ PICKET LU6S AM CMPTV NITRO6I.VCtRJM CAN, INSTEAD OP A FULL ONE/TO Tits OIL FIRE, HE SETS DOWN. • ilBCKI.KS'ANl) HIS KKl) I DID WHAT "THATS rJOTTriE WE'RE GOING TD'fKY TO ELMSPORI MORKIWG....1HAT MEANS WE'LL HAVE TO SHIFTS;..FDUP, HOURS . FOR EACH WATCH ! • STEER FDR A SIAf-S?GEe, NUTTY, "THIS ISN'T A ROCKET SHIP, IS ^OU POOR SAP...-THE STAR '|5 ONLY A DlRECriOKAL GUIDE...POIMT -me- HOSE OF THE BCAT TOWARD J AMD KEEP GOIKG !! iWE SfRUCk SOMETHIMG. Mf XXI TOLD ME, .STAR l "' BLTTHE' ^ ED oar, YOU : STAR KEPT I CHUMR...THATS AN AIRPLANE;. AN OFF, AH ^ BE^CCW ! ; IT WAS HARD ;.;..- ^f TO FOLLCW. 1

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