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The Cincinnati Daily Star from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 1

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Thursday, August 14, 1879
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THE CINCINNATI DAILY STAR. VOL. 16. Twelve Cents Per Week. CINCINNATI. THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 14, 1879, Single Copies Three Cents. NO. 38. Fourth Edition. HE LATEST III Brief. Nationnl Associated Press to the Star. London, Aug. 14. A dUpatoh from Rome rays the Pope is 111, but refuses fo content to any change of residence or to rest from bis labors. Chicago, Aug. 14.-In the archery tournament to-day Mrs. Brown, of Hnstmps, Mich., won the Columbia round, and Will. H. Thompson, of Crawfurdsville, Ind., the double York round. New York, Aug. 14. Chas. J. Fisher, formerly Assistant United States District Attorney for the District of Columbia, and son of Ex-Judge Fisher, was to-day sentenced to the Elmira State Reformatory for fraud. London. Aug. 1 1. Henry JL Stanley arrived at Sierra Leone on the 24th of July. He was in good health and line spirits, and his company in good condition. He left Blerra Leone on the l lthof August for Ban-era, on the Congo River. CIRCLE OF CITIES. News Notes (Hearted and Garnered bj Star Special Reporters. Detroit. TWO PERSONS PIRISHXC IN THE STEINHOFF DISASTER. Special to the Star. Detroit. Aug. 14. It is now believed that James Orr and Anna Flushing were burned up in the steamer Stelnboff yesterday morning. Orr was a boy, who had been lleeping with the engineer, and it is believed the flames cut off Ids retreat. I.ouiaville. IOME 11A1) PBOH.J ACCIDENT ENGJ.ISHMBN AND IIASE-liAI.L. Bpccial to the Star. Louisville, Aug. II. Jack Oleason. who murdered Wm. Kelker, is out on $a00 hail. Jennie Lawes, a notoriously had woman of this town, died yesterday, aged fifty years. She will he buried Saturday. At one time she was wortli $75,000. Mrs. Kate Creel Miller, of this city, was thrown from her carriage at Long IJranch yesterday and seriously injured. The Eclipse liall Club will play the Co-lumbias, of Cincinnati, at Eclipse Park next Hunday. One hundred more Englishmen, in addition to the large party lately 'arrived here, will reach this city in a few days to work in the DePauw American Plate Glass Works. SI. f.oula. DEATH'S DOINOS r.Eri'd EES FROM THE SOUTH murderer's soaps Special to the Star. St. Louis, Aug. 11. Madame Cortambert, the gfand-daugh'ter of the first white ivoman that landed in St. Louis, is dead. She was buried this morning. Mrs. Charles Speck, of Morrison avenue, died last night from Injuries received in a runaway Sunday. The dead body of II. Sauer, eighty years fcf age, was found to-day in an old house on the River des Peres. Sauer had occupied Ihe house alone foryenrs. The City of Greenville, that arrived from like South yesterday morning, had two hundred passengers on bourd from Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. Resides these sleven car loads of people and one car load of whites came in from the South last night. Richard J. Derry, an Arkansas murderer, 5eing returned to Little Rock under charge 3happ Shaffer and Deputy Sheriff Hender-ion, of Frement County, Colorado, made bisescupe from the 1'nion Depot yesterday. Indianapolis. SOLO RED KNIOHTS HAYES WILL RE THERE . PERSONAL, ETC. Special to the Star. Indianapolis, Aug. 14, The Colored Knights Templar marched in procession to the Exposition Grounds this morning, tvhere they are now competing in drill. The following telegram was received yesterday by the Secretary of the Slate Hoard Id Agriculture: "President Hayes will attend the Indiana Btate Fair. 11. W. Thompson, "Secretary of the Navy." It is said that Chas. Warner, the veteran printer who was buried yesterday afternoon, set up and worked off on a hand-press the first number of Godey's Lady Hook. fHE STEWART SNATCH ERS. Negotiations Now Pending for the Return of the Remains. National Associated Pre to the star. New York, Aug. 11. Another though not yet dual chapter must be written in the Strange romance of the theft of Alexander T. Stewart's body. The negotiations began In January last have' come to naught, and the body is still in the hands of the robbers. Of the live robbers only Henry G. Romline is known by name. The lawyer through whom they have sought tu negotiate is Pat-rick II. Jones, formerly postmaster and later register of New York. The sum demanded was $200.0110. Judge Hilton refused to pay more than $:5,000, the original reward for the return of the body. All efforts having failed to secure both t lie rob-bersand body, Judge Hilton on July 24th reopened negotiations for the ransom of the body without regard lo the conviction of the thieves. These negotiations are now pending. The name of the detective, who is represented as Jones' co-agent, but who In reality only approached him to inform him that he was under the espionage of the police, is James Irving, formerly captain of the de-tec ives of the police force. He was accused several years ago of complicity along with Detective Philip Farley, now of the Excise office, in the Rank of England forgeries, and after two trials was dismissed from the force. Farley had previously resigned. Irving rendered his services to Judge Hilton when the search for Stewart's body began, but his help was soon dispensed with. Judge Hilton does not say that Stewart's body lias not been recovered and he will not be seen by reporters now. Four men are on guard at the Stewart Cathedral Crypt at Garden City, Long Island, and a gentleman of position in the city-is reported as saying: "It is hard tosav positively how far negotiations have gone with the Stewart grave robbers, hut I feel pretty certain that a transfer of the body has already been effected, and Judge ius leaf' FROM FOREIGN LANDS. The Sanguinary Struggle in South America. Interesting Inforniaiioii from Ireland's Isle. It 11 M.1I1 TURCOMANS AMD LAWYERS. National Associated I'resa to the Stiir. St. Pbtbbsbubg, Aug. 14. The Turcomans are preparing a vigorous resistance to tiie Russian advance on Merv. Two prominent lawyers wore arrested in this city yesterday charged with Nihilism. Ureal llritalu. PANAMA CANAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. London, Aug. 14. The Standard understands that no official statement as totlie subscriptions to the stock of the Panama Canal will he made for live ur six days. PRESERVATION Of THE PEACE. London, Aug. 11. The Dublin Gazette announces that after the 14th of August certain parishes in Counties of Derry and Tyrone will be placed under the peace preservation act. DEMAND FOB AMERICAN PRODUCTS. Washington, Aug. 14. Tli3 United States Consul at Manchester, England, in a dispatch to the Department of State, gives a glowing account of both the agricultural and manufacturing interests of that country. The failure of the crops is much more serious than is generally supposed abroad. The demand in England for meat and grains from the Uniied Statf,swill be enormous, lietter methods of placing American butter, cheese, beef, hams, fruits, Ac., on sale in the dngllsh markets would increase their sale immensely. Africa. INFORMATION FROM ZULULAND. London, Aug. 14. A dispatch just received by the Daily News from Madeira gives an account of the meeting of Sir Garnet Wolseley with the Zulu Chiefs. The dispatch says the result ot the meeting enn not have been altogether satisfactory to Sir Garnet, as immediately after its close Col. Clark's brigade was ordered to move forward to Kntowangon, and to be reinforced immediately by tie whole of the Eightieth Regiment and two Gatling guns. Another dispatch transmitted from Medina by cable, and reaching there by ship is dated Port Durnford, July 22t It states that Cety wayo that day made another effort to ascertain from Sir Garnet Wolseley upon what terms his surrender would be accepted, and what degree of liberty and independence in the future would be granted him. '"It is said,'' continued the dispatch, "that Ceiywayo's warriors have completely deserted him, and that further fighting Is impossible, unless the terms offered are so harsh as to compel Cety wayo to reject them and drive him into ihe bush, from whence he may, for some time, continue a desultory guerilla warfare. Austria. ANOTHER EKI PTIVE VOLCANO. San Francisco, Aug. 14. The steamship Australia, from Sydney, N. S. W., via Honolulu, has arrived at this port. The volcano of Kilanca has been very active for several weeks, and is throwing out a river of lava. Bmiifti PREPARATIONS Bt THE TURKOMANS. National Associated Tress to the Star. London, Aug. 14. A St. Petersburg correspondent reports that Turkomans are retiring on Merv and the Northern Desert. They have sent several thousand sheep to Khiva to exchange for corn for the coming campaign. It is reported that an English merchant has sold to the Tekke Turkomans 1.S0U Martini rifles. Spaiiifeli America. THE TRIANOtLAB WAR. CorreEjondeuce National Associated Tress to Star. Panama, Aug. 11, 1870. The latest news from the South reports the bombardment of qulque by the Chilian fleet July 10th. About fifty shells and shot were thrown on shore, but without causing any serious damage. One soldier and a girl were killed, and Lieut. Osma wounded. As soon as the news of the bombardment reached Arica the ram Huascar and the corvettes Piteomayo and Union were dispatched South, with the design of retaliating on the Chilian coast. The Huascar captured the transport Rlmac, with a regiment of Chilian cavalry on board. Three Chilian sailing vessels, loaded with coal and copper, were also captured. LA ROE FIRE AT RIO JANKIRO. Advices from llio Janeiro report that a large lire lias occurred in that city. No particulars were given. ACCUSED OF A TRIFLlKO FRAUD. The Municipality of Dttenos Ayres lias been accused of committing frauds to the amount of JL'OOJOO.OO'J in paper money. FATAL CALAMITY AT LAKE NICARAUOUA. By the upsetting of a boat on Lake Nica-raugtta July 2d two children of Kx-Presi-dent Ohamorro and two servants were drowned. Others were rescued after clinging six hours to the upturned boat. IriNh .News. (From late Irish KxdianeeM The Grand Jury of the County Limerick have awarded 1,000 for the malicious burning uf hay. At the Lei tram Assizes a jury awarded a man 0(1 damages against another who said he hud murdered Ins wife. Miss Annie Foules, of Dublin, sues John It. Gordon, of County Down, for 15.000. for a breach ot promise of marriage. An old man was sentenced at the Dublin City Sessions to seven years' penal servi tude lor stealing 'd. Irom a church. The Armagh Board of Guardians gave a retiring allowance of 100 per year to Dr. Leener, of Keady, he having resigned the charge of his dispensary from ill health. James M'CulIoilffh was sentenced to ten years' penal servitude at the Ormagh Assizes on the verdict of manslaughter re turned against turn recently by the jury. At the Armagh Assizes, before Baron Fitzgerald. Thomas McIIenry was charged with the willful murder of Edward Car- berry, near Keady. on 8t. Patrick's Day last, and was acquitted. An accident occurred in Broadlane. Cork. recently. Two men were engaged in plas tering a house when the scatlold upon which they were standing save wav. One of them, named Martin, was killed, and the other sustained a severe fracture of the skull. Patrick McMahon and Arthur Hamill, of Derrytrasna, County Antrim, were returning from Lisburn with their horses and carts, when they were set upon after they nau got a snort Ui.-tam.-e mm Li inirstown by a band of about thirty, and severely beaten. Catherine Webster, flow under sentence of death in England for the murder of Mrs. Thomas, her mistress, is a native of Killan, Conuty Wexford, and is but thirty years of age. She left her home a few vears kiro and got a situation in London. The unfortunate woman declares her innitencoof the crime with which she is charged. Bankrupts James Moore, of Portrush, 4er tMHMtr WaUana.. of Derryhillah, Knniskillen, farmer; James Price, of Daragh, County Permanagh, farmer and cattle dealer; James McDowel, of Newtownstewurt, County Tyrone, and Maurice, of Donegal, County Tip-perary, farmer, have become bankrupt. Tlios. M'Cardle brought an action to recover 1,000 from the Newry and Armagh Railway Company in respect to the death of his father, H. M'Cardle. who by alleged negligence on the part of the Company, lost his life on December 25th last. A verdict was returned for the defendants on all the issues, and damages were assessed at 50. A crane, used in the extensive works o the Cork Harbor Commissioners, was lifting a large block of stone from a Imhter in the river, when the crane suddenly gave way. and the entire machine fell from the platform to the stand below, a height of sixteen or twenty feet, taking with it the four men who were at work. One of the men was killed outright, and the others were more or less injured. A deliberate attempt at murder occurred at a place called Knockanagher, near Mar-kree Castle, County Sligo. It appears that a quiet and inoffensive young man named Thomas Kelly, son of a farmer, who was in company with a young mau named James Kerins, a shop assistant in Gallagher Bros., Sligo. were sitting together on a stile near Kelly's house, when James Kerr was returning from an Orange Lodge in Collooney. Seeing the two young men, he asked what they were doing there. They replied, "What is that to you?' "I will let you know," faid Kerr, at the same time pulling out a revolver and tiring and wounding Kelly In the left lung, and no hope is expressed of his recovery. Kerr's statement is that he fired in self-defense. CO N H 0 N WEAL'1 H CURRENTS. Kiilckknacks Knocked Together Old Kentucky. In Specials to the Star. Madisonvii.le, Aug. 14. H. J. Sizemore, fined $500 for running a wheel of fortune in Hopkins, has escaped from the jail at this place. Stanford, Aug. 14. John Johnson, for the killing of young Lucas, lias been held to answer for manslaughter and bail fixed at $1,500. Hopkinsville, Aug. 14. The preliminary trial of E. L. Gouhot, Ex-Marshal of our city, has closed. He was held over to the Circuit Court on the charge of murder in the first degree. Bail was fixed at $5,000, which was not given. Euzabethtown, August 14. George W. Fisher, a prominent farmer of this county, made an assignment to B. F. Collins for the benefit of his creditors. Ho assigns two farms. F'rankfort, Aug. 14. There was a large meeting of citizens of Frankfort at the Court-house yesterday to arrange for flie inauguration of Governor Blackburn. Lexinoton, Aug. 14. A boy named Jim- nne Shannon, son of Mr. James Shannon, of this city, was drowned at High Bridge, Kentucky River, yesterday. His body reached here this morning. New Haven, Aug. 14. Michael Kelly, aged thirty-one years, recently from Ire land, was killed by a premature blast on Brush Creek yesterday. otrTmVossip. river thief killed. National Associated Press to the Star. New York, Aug. 14. John Mason, the alleged "iver thief who was shot by Captain Somers, of the schooner Wm. Van Name. July 2d, while attempting to force an en trance to the cabin ot the vessel, died last night. Allrooklyn ISulloonatic. Special to the Star. Brooklyn, Aug. 14. George 8. Pednzzi, an adventurous amateur aeronaut, made an ascension yesterday afternoon in his balloon, "The Flying Cloud," from in front of the Hotel Brighton. Mr. Peduzzi is a druggist in Brooklyn, and the husband of a well-known soprano. His hobby is balloons. Three years ago he made an ascension in a balloon of his own make and, not having the proper amount of gas, went bumping over the hills of Long Island and was finally thrown out against a tree, while his balloon started on a voyage whence it never returned. It was on this exciting trip that Mr. Peduzzi dropped his ground line and called to a farmer to help him, but the farmer made a face and said, "To- with your old balloon," and Peduzzi went on bumping. Agi-it'iilti! rata National Associated Press to the Star. Chicago, Aug. 14. President Hayes has accepted an invitation to be present and iforni one attraction at the Agricultural Fair at Neosho, Kansas, on the "Joth of September. Rochester. Minn., Aug. 14. The wheat being threshed from the shock is turning out better than expectation twenty to twenty-two bushels to the acre. Stacking is half through and fall plowing commenced. Oats are heavy and plentiful at 25 cents per bushel, but the immense crop will bring the price much lower. V.vtehtown, Wis., Aug. 14. The refreshing rains of the past few days have greatly improved vegetation of all kinds. Corn, potatoes and fall feed were suflcring from dry weather. jtfiraioa Itaces. National Associated Press to the Star. Saratoga, N. Y., Aug. 14. The first race to-day, Congress Hall Stakes, for all ages, three-fourths of aniile heats, was contested by Bramble, Lady Middleton and Skylark. The first heat was won by Bramble, Lady Middleton second. Time, 1:10. The second iieat was won by Bramble, Skylark second. Time, 1:18. The second race, purse $400, for maiden three-year-olds, one mile and a half, was won by Peter Havnes, Gorilla second. Time 2:15. The third race, purse $500, for all ages, selling race, one mile and a quarter, was won by Surge, Vagrant second. Time 2:13. The fourth race, steeple chase handicap, alt ages, purse $000. about two miles and a quarter, between Disturbance and Moonstone, was won by the latter. Time 5:01 . An Arlifttlc Operation. National Associated Press to the Star. Chicago, Aug. 14. Safe blowers entered the office of the Union Rolling Mills hist night while the mills were in operation, opened the fire and burglar-proof safe, and secured $500 cash. Six young women are spending August in six tents, near Norihvvoou, N. H. Only one man is tolerated in the camp, and he is a servant. For diversion, they fish, row, ride, shoot at a mark, play games, read, sing, and frolic. The camp is called Gumption, and each of the party is ''Gump 1," or "Gump 2," and so on. THE FEVER FLAG Floats Mournfully Upon the Breeze at Memphis. Thirty - five Kew Casos and Twelve Deaths To-day. Special to the Star. Memphis, Aug. 14 Noon. Thirty-five new cases, seven white and twenty-eight colored, were reported this morning. The names of the whites are: Mrs. Kennady, Jas. Dolan, Christian Riser, Lizzie Markey, Mrs. John McNulty, S. H. ClibsonandThos. Mofiatt. Dr. Oscar Berti is among the dead. He came here just before the fever broke out. Isolation flags are being hung out all over the city at infected places. Pickett. Memphis, Aug. 14 2 P. M. The following additional deaths were" reported to-day: Lizz;e Somers, Jacob Clements, Anna Dowd, Thomas Downey, Maria English, Johanna Osteman, Lizzie McElroy and J. M. Tighe, white. Carrie Doyle, John 01111-tan, Maude Roe, colored. Pickett. National Associated Press to the Star. MEMPHIS THIS MORNING. Memphis, August 149 A. M. The weather this morning is fair and warmer, still unite pleasant. The resignation of Hon. John Tolinson, member of the State Board of Health and Superintendent of Quarantine, is said to be due to a disagreement between l)rs. Mitchell and Cochrane and Mr. Johnson. Dispatches from Corinth deny the existence of fever in that place. Four more new cases and three deaths were reported after our last dispatch yesterday, closing the official report with twenty-three new cases and twelve deaths for the day. dr. cabell's opinion. VASHiN(iio.v, Aug. 14. Dr. Cabell, of Virginia, President of the National Board of Health, in a conversation this afternoon expressed the opinion that yellow fever would not spread beyond its present limit In this country. He thought the vigorous measures taken at Memphis to confine the fever to the limits of the city has proved most successful. lie did not think it would last much longer at Memphis, Ciiiciunatl. The following dispatch was received by Dr. Minor this morning: Memphis, Aug. 14. Twenty-three cases and ten deaths since last report. W. B. Winn, Inspector. Electric Currents. John Campbell was killed by the cars at Leesburg, O. Dr. Gulick, of Hyde Park, was shot last night, while intoxicated, by Dr. Oibbs. The DnbuqueMattress Factory on Fourth street was burned yesterday. Loss $f),000. Miss Estella Cavinzel, a young lady of Norfolk, Va has beeu in a trance for nine weeks. Zach Chandler and General Grosvenor, of Ohio, made speeches in Portland, Maine, last night. Bob Whittaker, charged witli murder, and John Stoker have escaped from the Dallas (Texas) jail. The trial of Parks and Tolliver for the murder of Moody at Bloomington, Ind., has been postponed. Capt. H. W. Smith and Edwin Hubhell, of Goshen, Ind., while on a spree, suicided by taking morphine. Choctaw Bill, a half-breed Indian, was lodged in jail in Carthage, Mo., last night on the charge of arson. Fire in the drug house of Davis & Miller, 12 North Howard street, Baltimore, destroyed stock valued at $20,UOh, and damaged the building $5,000. Insured. Katlier Eulogittic. Atheureum, An enthusiastic admirer of Virgil was once known to apostrophize the human race in a college declamation as "Wo for whom Virgil sang; wc for whom Christ died!" and the suggested puraliel was thought a little in excess of reasonable hero-worship. But the eulogist of Man-aoni goes nearly as far, when, in explaining why the "Promessi Sposi" remained its author's sole claim to distinction as a novelist, he says: ''Conceive, if you can, two 'Iliads' for Greece, two 'Divine Comedies' for Italy, two 'Hamlets' for England, two 'Faust.s' for Germany, two 'Don Quixotes for Spain," . Rev. A. A. Willits, D.D., of this city, is as good a shot as he is a preacher. A Quaker who met him as he returned from the field, with his game-bag well filled, said to him, in an admonitory tone: "Friend Willits, it seems to me" that a bird has a right to live until its time lias come to die." The Doctor replied: "Friend, you and I agree perfectly, for I find that generally when I get my gun trained on a bird, his time to die has come." Philadelphia Timcst. In Pope Leo's garden, in the middle of a large gravelled square, he has had reproduced by a design in young boxwood, carefully trimmed, the arms of the Pope. He has ordered all the tapestries in the Vatican to be placed in chronological order and according to the schools to which they belong. In many ways he shows taste in things not ecclesiatical. Henry Baggs, a farmer living in Stokes Township, Logan County, O., was instantly killed by falling from a sawlo'g. Ifew York Stock Report. The following shows the range of quotations and the amount of sales to-day at the New York Stock Kxchange, is received by Lea, Slerrett A Co., 28 West Third street: O l T W. Onion 92V Pacific Mall 10. N. Y. Cent 119 Del., L. A West... 5S Erie Hallway 27 Lake Shore 88 Clev. A Pitts mi Northwestern 77 do pref 'J8 Rock Island bt. Paul W do pref 95)4 Wabash 37 Ohiodt Miss. ltig Union Paclllc 79 Fort Wayne Han. St. J. io.. MM Mich. Central. t3J4 Chicago A Alton. 92 C, C.,C. 41 ai'.i Jersey Central nojil Del. a Hudson... 4H Mor. 4 Essex 92 &8 MX 90; bV4 . TIM. wJB. 140 i, KM . 9.V.4 . 37 L 16 I. 7M. m 88 87 17 ya 05 v7; H7 79 78 K)' is yi 19 83 91 50 Total shares reported sold. mm Not Settled Tet. The Emma Settles case came up again this morning before Judge Wilson. The following affidavit was filed by Mr. Thos. F. Shay: ' Thos. F. Shay, of lawful age, being first duly sworn, makes oath und says that, on the morning of the alleged trial of Krnma Settles, he was present in the Police Court. When the case was called Mr. Fitzgerald, appearing as counsel for said defendant, aked for a continuanee, and the Court refused It, and suggested that the defendant should enter a plea of guilty, and lie would pass a sentence on her und suspend the same, provided she would agree to quit keeping a house of ill-fame. "That thereupon Mr. Fitzgerald turned to consult with his client, and stated to the ('unit that she protested against entering the plea, and again wanted a continuance and was again refused. After the second refusal he himself entered the plea of guilty, but whether with the consent of defendant or not, affiant is unable to state, and further affiant sayeth not. "Thomas F. Shay." "Sworn to and subscribed in my presence this 14th day of August. 1879. "Rami kl Smilky, "Clerk Police Court." When this affidavit was tiled Prosecutor Murphy asked time to file a statement in rebuttal. Judge Wilson gave him until next Saturday. The County Treasury Safe. On the 1st of this month the County Commissioners approved of the plans and specifications for a new burglar-proof safe for the County Treasury, as designed by Architect Henry Bevis, of 1C3 Central avenue. The result of the draucht will be a serious kick on the part of Maeneale tt Urban, Mosler and Mosler, Bahman & Co., as they allege that the specifications as made by lieTis are not in accordance to the instructions given by The Commissioners. They claim that it is a put up job in the interest of the Hall Safe and Lock Company, as the plans introduce the dove-tail door and the conical bolt (both patented by the Hall Company) in the structure of the safe. The letting of the contract will be hotly contested. Local . Personal. George Crawford, Esq., leaves for Canada to-day. Mrs. Hassaurek and daughter and Miss Katie Lamb have gone to Atlantic City. Hon, John F. Follett arrived home yesterday from his summer vacation and recreation. Mr. Fd. Hart and Miss Leonora Solomon were united in marriage last evening, at the residence of the bride's parents, No. ':' West Ninth street. Coroner Carrick returned from Chicago this morning. The Doctor says he enjoyed a most delightful trip, and was very favorably impressed witli the city of Chicago. He visited all places of interest and prominence, and had many pleasant sails on the placid waters of Lake Michigan. Off For Niagara. Niagara Falls do not exactly roar at our very doors, but through the instrumentality of the unweariwd Shattuc it comes next thing to it. An excursion train on the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad for Niagara Falls will leave this city at 1 p. m. next Monday, allowing three days' stay at Niagara, and a stopover at Chautauqua of six days, with complimentary steamer rides at the latter place, all for the modest sum of $fi 75. All the accommodations will be first-class and the tickets, which are limited, can be obtained at the office, 44 West Fourth street, or at the depot. Esters1 New Palace. The Messrs. Fsher, who were formerly the proprietors of the old Palace Varieties, and the most popular of Cincinnati managers, have leased the premises on Vine street once occupied by .Schickling and will open them on Saturday evening with one of the finest vaudeville companies in the country. The interior has been thoroughly renovated, and a new scenic ariist has been busily employed for some weeks past upon the stage department. It will be tlte aim of the managers to make the New Palace an essential family resort, to which end the entertainment will be equally chaste and recherche. City Commissioners. D. Forbes communicated with the Board, drawing attention to the dangerous condition of the Browne-street bridge over the canal at the Brighton-bouse. Referred to Superintendent. Peter Maiir, uf No. 400 Sycamore street, filed a claim for $.jnu damages done his property by the overflow of a sewer on Sycamore street. Theodore Dulweber and Maria Johnson also tiled a claim for $75 damages done their property at the north-cast corner of Sycamore and Abigail streets by the overflow of a sewer. Claims referred to the Committee on Claims. Shadows of Coming Events. Mr. John McGraff, of 317 Broadway, will treat his many friends to a choice musical entertainment to-night, which will be participated in by Lon Anderson's band and quartet, assisted by Mr. Morris Sonfield. Thomas H. Soward, Fsa., of Augusta, Ky., an able speaker, and Mr. Z. Getchcll, of Cincinnati, will address the people of Walnut Hills on temperance, this evening, at the M. E. Church. A number of persons in the city will meet at the Gibson House at fifteen minutes before 7 o'clock, and go to the meeting in a body. Wedded from Home. This morning, about 4 o'clock, a hack containing John Greyson and Annie Mon-tery, of Clermont County, O., drove up to the Ashbrook House, in Covington, and inquired of the clerk for a minister. The obliging manipulator of toothpicks immediately procured the services of Rev. P. B. Wiles, and after the twain drained their roll to the extent ot two cases, he united them in marriage. The bride was evidently under age, and the groom was apparently in a hurry to have the ceremony performed. Falling of a Wall. An excavation for a cellar being made at No. 174 Hopkins street caused the three-story brick adjoining, No. 172, to be undermined this morning, and a large portion of the wall fell in. Luckily nobody was injured. There are three families residing in No. 172. who refuse to move out, thinking that there is no danger of the house falling down. Steps should be taken to compel them to vacate the premises before there are any lives lost. Marriage laoensea, The following marriage licenses have been issued since our last report: William Schroder and Minnie Rehde. Edward Jacquet and Emma Stover. James Smith and Annie Green. Peter Welsh and Mollie C. Cunningham. Frank Mangold and Mary Miller. Frederick Prentz and Anna Westerkamp. Henry Arnold and Mary Finkiec HOAXES AND HUMBUGS. Plots to Disinter the Petrified Bodies of St. Patrick and F.nn McCooI. National Associated Press to the Star. New York, Aug. 14,-Giuseppe Sala, n athfM cutter nf this eitv. and author of the stone hoaxes, the Cardiff and New Humnshire triants. says he, in company with oihers, once had n scheme to steal the remains ol lieneuict Arnoiu from the grave-yard in London, but the police prevented their success, and the party went to Ireland, when they decided on two schemes. One was to disinter a stone image to be called the Free St. Patrick on the property of the Earl of Leitrim; the other to dig from upon the lands of Mr. Coleman at the Giant's Causeway the petriiied body of Finn McCool, the giant of theCauseway. The first scheme was abandoned, owing to a quarrel about the land witbthe Earl's agent, but the second scheme was partly successful. The grant was unearthed, but the Irish press, backed by scientists, made sh&rt work of him, and the plotters returned to America. On the voyage other plans were discussed, among others the resurrection of General Putnam's remains. When they arrived in New York the discussion was renewed, and Sala avers that the feasibility of robbing the Stewart vault was canvassed by the party, including a man named Ford and a woman from Troy. Sala could not agree with them. He says if Hilton furnishes him with sufficient money he will secure the Stewart grave robbers. Folioe Conrt Docket. Drunk John Joyce, Mary Ilurnett, Clara Baker, Frankie Newton, John Croddock, 3$; Eliza Smith, $50-30; James Weller, $25. Disorderly Conduct Wm. Walker, $3; Conrad Bender. Frank Bender, dismissed. Assault and lluttery Wm. Johnson, dismissed; Ed. Jennings, continued; John Young, 30 days. Miscellaneous T. 8. Francis,grand larceny, continued; John Hays, David Archie, same, bound over; Joseph Bacciocco, cut ting, dec, dismissed; A. Schlauser, keeping disorderly house, continued; Jeff, Shields, petit larceny, dismissed; Valentine Korell, abusimr family, continued; Owen Holmes, same, $50-30; Mike Sehickdore, J. W. Reed, false pretenses, continued; John rornish. obstructing sidewalk, continued; John Koss, peddling without license, $o; John Moody, Chas. Davis, exhibiting gaming devices, continued, Wm. Keller, abusing family, dismissed; Theo. McClinan, cruelty to animals, continued; Chas. Goldstein, vagrancy, 30 days. One Uore Unfortunate. A young girl named May Earl, who oc cupied a room in the three-story brii k house, No. 305 West Fifth street, committed suicide last night by taking a big dose of morphia. Dr. Judkins. Mu&croft and Fairchilds endeavored to save the girl's life with the stomach pump, but were unsuccessful. The body was removed to Ha-big's undertaking establishment. Through a note deceased left under her pillow it seems that she left Memphis a counle of years ago in company with one Richard Kupperschniidt, who lias since been providing for her, but with whom she had a quarrel a few nights ago, when he struck her, and Krievintr bitterly about it she ended her life. Nothing new has developed respecting the robbery of Bussing's bank, antf, owing to the very slight clue which the detectives have of who the guilty parties were, it is doubtful if they will ever be brought to justice. The amount stolen was $1,000 in currency and several United States bonds. Mayor .Tacob has been invited to attend the River Improvement Convention at Quincy, Illinois, on the 15th of October, and to appoint delegates of intelligence to represent the City of Cincinnati in the Convention. The balloon belonging to C. E. Bid-well has been attached by 'Squire Block on a suit brought before him by Striker A Nathan, who have a claim against Bidwell for $63 80. A box containing a dozen whip holders for buggies was fouud concealed at the corner of Niuth and Sycamore streets yester day. The Colored Republicans of the Sixth Ward will meet to-night to organize a Foster and Hickenlooper Club. The Tryphenu Club gives its picnic this evening at the Bellevue House. To make the arms, face and neck look plump and whitt, use onlv that harmless cosmetic, Ilagan's Magnolia Balm. Doct. Avcr's Laboratory, that has done such wonders for the sick, now issues a po- tent rcsiorer lor the beauty ot mankind for the comeliness which advancing age is so prone to diminish and destroy. His Vigor mounts luxuriant locks on the bald and gray pates among us, and thus lays us under obligations to him, for the "good looks as well as health of the community. JAMUSEANTS ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN. mi n:c i; 8VNDAY, Alljrust U, SOMETHING NEW AND NOVEL. p x 3V a ir ore: ON A REAL SHIP ! The Opera will beto'ven by the following named nrtists: Josephine. Louise Leigh ton; Buttercup, Kstelle Mortiirtfr; Hebe. Helen Corbyii; Kaiph Rackstraw, T. Wilmot Kckert; Captain Corcoran, Georges. Weeks; Rt Hon. Sir Joseph Porter, K. ('. B.. Sidney Smith; Dick Dendeye, HeurvMoran; BUI Bobstay. Alfred Holland. Magnificent Chorus of 31 Young Ladies and Gentlemen. it BELLEVDE HOUSE Grand Concert ! TO.NIG11T, GERMAN MILITARY BAND, CARL, BEYER, Director. R. GEWERT Soloist CONCERT AT THE FIFTH.STREET GARDEN THIS EVENING. CUKBIEB'S BAN I. It WAHLE & WOLTKRMANN. ESHEK'S NEW PALACE. a22 and 924 Viue street. GRAND VAUDEVILLE GALA OPENING, 9AT UK1MY, AUGUST 16th. auU-3l POOLS. HIOEEY&CO.'SPool-Eoom, ITS Vine, Oppoaite Arcade. Pool, daily oa all Important ennta )ju -m X. j, BUITH, Manartr. PROCLAMATION. . MAYOR'S OFFICE, 1 Cincinnati, Augustlo, iwij WHEREAS, THE 10th DAY OF SEPTEMBER A. IX 1N70, Has been Named for the Opening of Hv 7th CINCINNATI and for the dedication ol the new building 1 Exposition purj)Oses, Whereas, The Industrial Expositions in thf part hare been ol Rre;it advantage In thsetkf&a furthering lUoommerclal and manufacturing interests, as well as cultivating a taste lor the One arts; and the dedication ol tin. nr. .t uu ings to Exposition purpoaes is an evidence to the permanent establishment of Expositions in toll city; and WllEEEAS, Thaausnic . s undo, -hi. .v. ent Exposition is opened is an event exceeding almost in Importance any other in the history of our city; Therefore, I, Charles Jaenl, I. .... - City of Cincinnati, do issue this my proclamation recommending ail good citizens of the city of Cincinnati to desist Irom common labor on said 10th day of September, A. D. IsT'j. and aid in the inauguration of the Seventh rnd.,...i. ..- i.Ajiuuutn and the dedication of the new buildings to Expa. pui poaeai Given under my hand and th,, ttooi ftf .i- of Cincinnati, this 13th day of August, 1871, an 1 1 -tint CHARLES JArQii, ja MlyOT NOTICES. AS i, Ju",'ce ( lbe P84M "' Cincinnati L."" 1 Y Mwuiiwii vumiiy, unlO. J. W. R uck.'-meyer pWnt, vs. Samuel Koss and Hojir, Wright, defendants. On tha out. ,i .., !iJ A. D. 1879, said Justice issued an ordcr'of attach! ....... ...v . i nmuii lur me saffl 01 one hun- dred and one dollars. Said cause Trill come on V u " u" September, A. p 18,9, at 9 o'clock a. m. ... KUCKEMEYER, PlalntuT Hehm. UAJtCK worth, Attorney for Plaintiff Ctw iNNATt. August llth, ia auH-3Th REMOVALS. f)n..VV,I!UHAS RF-SI.'JVED EROil NO. .. .u.. .MM. mm lu :o. M tvetl C12tiLa street, betvrceu Vine and Kace. Jy34 lat'I li.sjTu FOUND. 1 I fJJlt,'nny pounds food Family D MJJ U 11 tor 81, at THORNBURY'8, -ji and Central avenue. aul4.2rrn s WANTEDPARTNER. lf ANTED PARTNEP. ltusliiess inan wita one of the best onyin businesses In llie nountm Call and Investigate or address J. RUTHVJSN. No. M Emery Arcade, auM-a MISCELLANEOUS. -10TNS, MINERALS, FOSSILS, RELICS, CURJ. CER, 147 Central avenue. ivlt-tf rsnnn Ptrrvmn a a ra ivn ...nwbj i , . ...j if iuuau i i ram T made tn all of weather at KELLY'S Gallery, 196 W. sth st. bet. Elm and Plum. SNAKES OF NEW YORK. OK TRICKS " AND Trans nf ttio :r,..ii - swindle, hnmlm n,t ,,i , r : I ..r ,'i , . out, nearly --'IW lanre pages, profusely illustrated. oue, ot any bookseller or newsdealer or by mail. JESSE HANEY 4 CO., 119 Nassau street. Near York. Millinery; A : : l : , - r i oX UkJ '"rt'iriinii-streii, i! i . hoc r.y. moved to the CENTRAX BLEACHERY, im Central avenue. latHon nmi rhn,ir..,.'o i.,.m shaped in nil th leading .styles for 'JOc, and irmmiea lor'J.x cai -sim tnni iveii. or im charw. tmV'.I llTii WANTED -MISCELLANEOUS. TANTKD YOr(, M --T,, '-..! Z ni- i.!1' m -j tt,ii. ,-nui sireec aul4-2t 1T AN"! ED WASHIN'i To do by a poor wo-Tf man, at home, ur will go out. Oat at al Thirteenth .street. utjt WA N T ED A 1 V K ii TI S 1 X G TO DO - By "four youiip men going to walk m Mammoth t'ave, returning by the way ot Lou is vi IK Addre WALKERS, Commercial offlco. i:t-;it J'OK RENT. IOR RENT-BCIi'k" HOI'se - Willi room tna, wat'-r, and ba h; 177 Liberty uUvet. Inquire at 475 Liberty street. lg-3t TOK RENT-lIOl'SIC-Briok ofTroTiandafc . tic, in good order, 826 L mi street. Applval HlM'onrt street, or 1VJ I'opla: tr. t-U 13 lit 1?K RENT STOKK AND OKFirES-DpsiralJ rooms for Mores and offices in die new biiittfl iug, ci Sixth at., next phm of h Giiz-Ue ltuiifc ing. Inquire Of a. J. THOMPSON, 82 West Thiart st-eet. j v30-1 ft - - - FOR SALE. IfOR SALK. Good route on Una paper. Inquire at this office at a o'clock. tf FOB SALE GROCERY Stock and fixtures of a retail grocery; also hor-e and wagon. For particulars inquire it Walnut street jylO-Th.SATutf L'OK SALE OR RENT SKWING MACHINE- All kinds of new and second hand Siuger Family Machines, with attachments, for$10, and a variety of other good machines for $.". at Kg Wa'er street auM-St JfOK SALE NEWSPAPER The Kort Scott Daily and Weekly Monitor newspaper, with Job printing office und book bindery attached; equipped with power presses ami engine, and in splendid condition : the daily receives all the dispatches of the Western Preffl Association. Address W. C. PERRY. Fort Scott. Kansas. U-3t JWANTED--SITUATIONS; W w ANTED SITUATION To housework. As. ply at 3d Ellaabeth street lMt ANTED SITUATION As cook in a prorata family; good reference. CaUat89 i mm at, WANTED - SITUATION - By n good sir! fa geueral housework. Ouil at51'.l Central aiai nue. 11-31 WANTED-SITUATION-Byason.l &k. Ileal reference, city or country, Call at 331 Wamf Eighth itreet. 12-3t "llf ANTED SITUATION By a steady girt; Tf is first-class cook; country preferred. Call at 125 Mound street. IK WANTED SITU ATION-To do up stain woe or cooking, in a small family, ('all at Si McFarland street 12-Jt WANTED-RITUATION By aflrst class cnada. man anil gardner; good reference. J . DUH- KEL, 467 Walnut street. U ANTi:D -SiT U ATIOX By a good girl lo da general housework, who understands cook, lug. Ua'l at 7,t I'ark street 11H "Ijir ANTED SITUATION To do up flairs work; t r ll willing to assist in washing und ironing. Call at 244 (leorge slreet 1!' TIT ANTED - SITUATION - By a woman to da TT gelteral housework or cooking, in city Of country. Call at 206 Seventh street, li-3t IT ANTED-SITU ATION-To cook, wash, anal TT iron; no objection to the country; refereuca good. Address 12S West Third street. TMl TJ-TANTED SITUATION By a first -class cook! TT city or country. Call at 121 Spring street, between Woodward and Liberty street1:. 13t WANTED - SITUATION -By a German girl, to do housework : good cook and laundrasaj city or country. Call at 296 Court street, UM Mnstrial Exposition

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