The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1966 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1966
Page 3
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Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News — Friday, Jun« IT, 19M - Pag« Thtet Dieters Cruel? Van & _ >ui'en y (McNlUlbl UBdlCtt* IDC.) «IBBM»»«II» DEAR ABBY: I tliink diet- United States need to register crs arc Ihc crudest, most selfish people in the world. Dieting lias become a national mania. If you wear a size 12, the diet nut tells you you should wear a size 10. How crazy can people get? I gave a coffee recently and stayed up past midnight the night before, baking date-nut bread and four kinds of cookies. Of the 20 women who came, nine took only token servings, and six refused even to sample my baking One had the nerve to announce to everyone that she belonged to some crazy kind of diet club and was on an 18 - day diet with a pack of other women. 1 didn't sleep a wink that night. I was even too sick to cry over the way my baking had been scorned. I will never entertain again as long as I live. Do you blame me? THRU ENTERTAINING DEAR THRU: I appreciate your disappointment, but look at the other side. ' Those who are lighting the battle of the bulge should not be made to fee) guilty if they count calories. A gracious hostess appears to take no notice of how much or how little her guests cat. The purpose of entertaining is not to show off one's baking, but to show one's guests a good time. So entertain again, for the sheer joy of fellowship. And have diet wafers, and a no - cal beverage available for the dieters. They will love you for it. DEAR ABBY, Tills boy and I are pretty good friends but we have never dated. He is 20, and 1 am 17. He is quite handsome and by no means shy, but he hasn't dated much. I'm quite a bit overweight, but have been told that I have a pretty face and a good personality. Tlic other night we were sil- ling on my front porch and he flsked me to get him a date with a good - looking girl. He said he could take a girl to the movies, hold her hand, end talk sweet to her as well as any other boy. Now, here's what I want to ask you. If I were lo tell him that I could be taken to the movies, my hand could be held, and I would enjoy sweet talk more than some good- looking girl who hears it every Friday night, would he get the wrong idea? LIKES HIM DEAR LIKES, No, he'd probably get the RIGHT idea. DEAR ABBY: Does a man who is a citizen of a foreign country but is residing in the for the draft? If so, how long after he gets here must he do so? CONCERNED DEAtt CONCERNED: Yes And he must register for the draft WITHIN 6 months of his arrival in the United Stales. CONP'IMENTIAL TO "SUSPICIOUS IN GREEN- bearing gifts. And also Americans, French, Italians Germans, Hungarians, Dutch, and Scandinavians. Astrological Forecast SATURDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: Until sundwn, it will be difficult to turn adversities into benefits, so avoid definite decisions till evening when all improves to your advantage, if you adopt a new and more expansive attitude. Think things through clear ly, and then decide accordingly. Greater awareness of those surrounding you is also necessary [or best and safe results. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Think twice before you act or speak now, or some unkind comment could lose you valuable Hal Boyle NEW YORK (AP) - Ever i Meek at the wheel, ask a young fellow for a light | At a cocktail party, if it kicks and then suddenly realize you are talking to a young lady? Well, don't brood about it, the mistake is a natural one. People dress so much alike, talk so much alike, and act so he, much alike, it is small wonder that it is becoming harder to tell one sex from the other. A keen student of the subject still can note certain key differences that tell him whether a new acquaintance belongs to the male or female gender. Here are a few examples that may prove helpful: On a hunting trip if a person is careful never lo point a gun at any other member of the party, it is probably a man. If it holds a loaded shotgun between ' bablv its knees while powdering its L, * off its shoes and starts letting down its hair after the first martini, it's a she. If it insists on going into the kitchen and making its own martinis, it's a Does it. keep reminding nose, it's bound to be a woman. If it plays jacks it's a girl. If il would rather chunk a rubber ball against Ihe wall, it's a boy. Does it usually sit wilii its legs tucked under it? Call it a girl. Docs it like to sit with its legs stretched out and the feet crossed? Call it a boy. Can you pull off the beard it wears at a masquerade ball? That's milady. But il you lug at Ihe beard and it yells "Ouch-" that's milord — or, a million to one chance, a female attraction from a circus sideshow. * * * Does it have lo beg for its lunch money .every morning? That's papa. Does it reply each morning, "What are you doing keeping another woman?" That's mama. At a bar, docs it lake its turn in buying a round? You can bet it's a guy. Does il never buy a round? You can bet it's a girl — or Ihe barlender himself. If a motorcycle cop snarls at il and gives il a tickel, that's Mr. Meek driving. If the same cop blows a kiss at it as the car speeds by, that's pretly Mrs. someone that it gave someone the best years of its life? That's grandma. But if it really looks like il had given someone the best years of its life, that's grandpa. These tips should enable you to tell the sex of anyone you meet unless it is ] teen-ager. The disinction in thai case is not worth bothering about. No one could possibly care what sex a teen-ager belongs to ex- teen-ager, and it is to let them solve :hemselves. allies, support. Get your regular work done early. Then evening augurs very well from the social standpoint. TAURUS (Apr. 29 lo May 20) deal day to get your property mproved by some specific work or additions, cleaning, etc. Don'l be extravagant. Impress on others that you are a good provider. Then you can go forward to greater success. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Daytime can be full of delay and obstacles but if you are patient, evening changes to wonderful things that makes your life much happier, greatly successful. Do not be forceful with olhcrs. Use charm, dignily. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Relieve that feeling of inner discontent by doing something thoughtful for others. Tonight is fine for anything romantic or for amusement that really pleases. Bring the artist out in you. LEO (July 22 to Au; 21) Be careful not to confide anything personal lo you*' friends or they [will certainly gossip about you behind your back. The evening I can then be fine socially. Choose your friends carefully instead o being with the run - of - the mill kind. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22. You are undt. the watchful eye of influential persons, so be sur lo watch your P's and Q's. Pay ing obligations on time is indeed vital now. Evening's sociability can then be truly ideal. GROW LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22; Your obligations must be attend ed to during A. M., before going off to new interests and fun to night. Being congenial with oth- this problem ers should wait evening Don't permit others to take ad vantage cf you. SCOPRP10 (Oct. 23 lo Nov Don't say "aspirin" WORLD'S FINEST ASPIRIN If* mosf fobukiw 17-/ewef Diamond ELGIN at only JUJT$I AWftt So dointyv because it's ihe tiny petite £lgin movement —wnall at tb« most luxurious Elgin made. Bright xilh the dazzling beauty of diamonds. USE YOUR CREDIT OPEN AN ACCOUNT CHRYSLER The luxury car. An indulgence or an investment? The 1966 Imperial is both. When a man reaches the top, he deserves to reward himself. And the 1966 Imperial reflects all he's attained. For it's the uncommon luxuries that are common to Imperial. A unique front seat begins with a 5-foot sofa that converts to'twln armchairs, or to an armchair plus chaise lounge. An Interior Inlaid with 100-year-old Clare walnut paneling. Upholstery leathers of western steerhide. . Stop by our showroom soon. You'll find the investment in an Imperial to be a rewarding indulgence. THE INCOMPARABLE IMPERIAL Finest of the fine cars built by Chrysler Corporation "6V 7 Motor Co., Highway 61 - North, Blytheville, Ark. ) If you stop procrasllna!;ng obligations you have assuin- d, this becomes a very success- I day for you. Your intuition ay be erroneous, so use good ommoh sense. This also applies social affairs of P.M. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 lo ec. 21) You are tempted to love unwisely, jump into new iterests for which >u have neither the experience nor Ihc i .Evening can be very happy at temperament. Get out for good I whatever hobbies, etc. you like, time with pals Instead. Avoid j AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. that problem in A. M. All clear 119) Although associates may dis- tonight. CAPIUCOKN ;Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Jumping into radical changes the' -oiild. jeopardize what you have worked so hard agree with you heartily during day, by evening all changes to the favorable. Cement relations. Slur clear of much activity in outside circles during day. Trou- to achieve ere this Wiuld be | ble can be vertd thusly. foolhardy. Show consistency. I I'ISCliS (Feb. 20 to Mar, Mk Don't add to .rouble.; at horn» by complaining about own worries, anxieties that may be truly. groundless. Do some entertaining at abode in P M. 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