The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on May 31, 1963 · Page 7
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 7

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1963
Page 7
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Pfl!., MAY 81, 1W8 SANDUSKY REGISTER PAGE 7 Railroader Was Fastest Man Between Toledo, Cleveland fiailmflding has figufed large* \f in the life of Eryin Pitcher, fl, 1808 Carr St., for 44 years an engineer with the New York Centril, Me was bom on Septeml)er 17, 1878, the date the first train puffeJ into Sandusky, spewing cinders and pulling a handful el passengers in an open gon> dola. That early railroad was known as the "Mad River line." • Pitcher's grandfather was one .ef those early passengers, and never tired of telling how shoeless children had to keep their feet clear of the hot cinders fliat fell on the gondola floor. Pntttfcll 'S FATHER, loo. was a railroad engineer for many years. Pitcher served as an engineer with the NYC from 18W to IMS, serving the entire lime on steam locomotives. Diesels did not come into full service until aft* er he retired. Although Pitcher worked on both passenger and freight trains, his morft memorable service was on the old "Mercury," express trains that ran between Cleveland and Detroit. These trains, in service in the late 30's and early 40's, offered fa.ster service between downtown district's than the airlines of the limes. An engineer on the section of the Mercurv run between Geve- land and Toledo, Pitcher says that he was scheduled to make the 101 -mile run in 90 minutes going east — but was allowed 100 minutes westbound. "The fastest portion of the run," Pitcher recalls, "was on the section of track coming into Port Clinton." Shortly after that, he says, the eastbound trains were forced to slow down to 45 miles per hour to cross the old Bay Bridge. NEAR HURON, the steam locomotives had to take on water, and this necessitated slowing In ."jO miles per hour. In those pre • diesel days, it was necessary for the trains to periodically take on water from troughs between the tracks. According to Pitcher, the troughs were about Ift inches wide, six deep, and half a mile in length. The water was taken into the locomotives through scoops lowered from the engines. The Mercury limited train."! tried to make their best time over tile remainder of the nm aside from these areas of forced reduction in speed. The speed limit for trains at that time was 80 miles per hour. Pitcher says. However, his record run of 72 minutes over the 101 miles, averages out to M mph as an average speed. The "limited" trains were the epitome of .speed. Pitcher says each time they p\illed out of To- I«lo or Cleveland, there would be a crowd on hand to observe the event. AND THE COMPANY did not overlook this prestige factor, Pitcher says. The wheels of tlie "Mercury" trains were painted with bright aluminum paint, the locomotives were enclosed with a steel sheath (a "mother hulv bard" Pitcher calls it) that joined with the cars to the rear, and there was evjcn lighting un­ der the "running boards" just over Ihe wheels. The "Mercury" trains were also unique in another way. way, Pitcher says — all Iheir hearmgs were the roller type, making them faster than the average train — but also more difficult to stop. The old engineer is now almost blind. His wife died in 1941, a few years before he retired. He is visited frequently, however, by his grandson .Ilm, 18, who he terms his "main- slay." ,fim is the son of Pitcher's son George. He has one other son, Ralph, who lives near Mansfield. THE STAMP. OF flPPROVAL Ytt, tht public opprevts ef our homt loon plan. Thty Ilk* tht fact thtlr equity grews every month, end the interest gets less cmd less. When you plan to refinance, build or buy. come in and let's talk it over. CITIZENS BANKING MAIN O <^ P If ( P EQKINS OFT ICE 160EMARKfT SANPUSKY OHIO 702fVPfRKINS Sf-rll^ -• — r7 -<V>'i^__ Rf AD AND USE THE CLASSIFIED ADS OLD-TIME RAILROADER Erwin Pitcher aad his gra hold photo taken after Pitcher made his last run, in Bob White) ndson, James Pitcher, 18, 1943. (Register Photo— 1505 MlUN RD. CASH 'N CARRY PRICES WHERE YOUR DOLLAR GOES FURTHER 'I^A'm >' THROUGH 14'— ZX4 S 16' THROUGH 20' ADD $5.00 . OwZ'« 8* THROUGH 16'— ZXO S 22' THROUGH 24' ADD $25.00 OwO'« >' THROUGH 20' ZXO S 22' AND 24' ADD $22.00 OwlAV 8' THROUGH 18' ZXIU S 20' AND 24' ADD $19.00 LUMBER Premium Grade Hemlock >' end Pra-Cut Stud (53e M.) Ptr 1000 Beard Ft. »100" $107" n 10" 2x12 *5 ySliSM„5... 4x4's LINIAL FOOT WHITE PINE BOARDS 1x10 and 1x12 No. 3 WP $ 99.50/M 1x6 and 1x8 No. 3 WP $ 9S.00/M 1x6 Center Matched No. 3 WP $108.00/M 1x12 No. 2 Shelving WP $150.00/M AROMATIC CEDAR CLOSET LINING 3/8x2" TAG end tnd matched 40 ft. in g iHndlt $7.20 ptf bundle 1,000 ft. $180.00 RUBEROID ASPHALT PRODUCTS $6.69 $7,77 $2.85 $2.2$ $2.00 $1.80 $2.00 $2.20 $2.20 $1.9$ (i.ifiit.i. ii.i.t... 235 lb. SqHart 8utt Shingltf 240 lb. S M I Down Shingltf 90 lb. Roll Roofing. Sloto Surfoct 65 lb. R«ll Roofing. Smooth ... 55 lb. RoN Roofing. Smosth 45 lb. RoU Roofffig. Smooth ......... Hdf-Mn RMflRf 15 k. m (432 ft. r«N) 30 lb. Pfit (216 ft. r«N) Rfi Rfiiii Peptr (500 ft. roUl HAULING AVAIUBLE Si|uart Squort por roll ptr roN ptr roll ptr roll ptr roll PLYWOOD tq. ft. 3/4 4x8 A2 Birch ;39 1/4 4x8 A3 Birch 25 3/4 4x8 A2 Mah 36 3/4 4x8 AA White Pine 37 Interior 1/4 4x8 Fir AD, 1 side 08 3/8 4x8 Fir AD, 1 side 11'A side 133/4 side 15'/2 side 18'/2 side 22 1/2 4x8 Fir AD, 1 5/8 4x8 Fir AD. 1 3/4 4x8 Fir AD. 1 3/4 4x8 Fir AA, 2 PLYWOOD SHEETING %q. ft. 5/16 4x8 CD 073/4 3/8 4x8 CD O8V2 1/2 4x8 CD IOV2 5/8 4x8 CD 12 3/4 4x8 CD 15V4 5/8 4x8 Plug 1 Side, Flooring Grade and Touch Sanded. .123/4 ShMt $12.48 $8.00 $11.52 $11.84 $2.56 $3.60 $4.40 $4.96 S5.92 $7.04 ihMt $2.48 $2.72 S3.36 $3.84 $4.88 $4.08 PREFINISH PANELING VA 4 X 8 '/4 '/4 '/4 4x8 4x8 4x8 4x8 VA 4 X 8 VA 4 X 8 VA 4 X 8 V-Grooved V.Grooved V-Grooved V-Grooved V*Grooved V-Grooved V.Groovtd V-Groovtd Rustic Birch, prefinished Birch, prefinished Oak. prefinished Solorh Sopell Mah. Corol Soptli Mah. .. Cordovon Sopell Moh. Champagne Okoumt Moh. Stondord Mohogony » • * « t ShMt $6.92 $8.51 $8.74 $4.80 $4.96 $4.96 $6.15 $4.48 BEAUTY.WALL PANELING hy SRADLfY VA 4 X 8 Chtrry $14.80 VA 4 X 8 Amtrican Ash $12.00 VA 4 X 8 Knotty Pint $10.88 WOODGRAIN CHERRIBORD PANELING VA 4 X 8 Smoky Mtuntoin $6.08 >/4 4x8 MtimtHoo4 .....v $«.08 Trio Treated In Three-Car Collision Three people were injiu'ed in a three-car collision at Neil and Warren Streets Wednesday. Michael A. Tuohey, 16. 609 Wayne St., was shaken up when his auto wa.s strucic at the intersection by another car operated by 16-year-old James 0. Mitchell, 1621 Columbus Ave. In addition to both drivers, injuries were sustained by one of Mitchell's passengers, David Nath, 16, 521 McDonough St. All the injured were taken to a private doctor. The owner of a third car parked on Neil Street and struck by Mitchell's auto, was not identified by police. ' The other cars were towed from the scene. Sunihlna Krispy Crackers \t: 31 e Crisco Mr Oalihifl l»l«cru«« Fluffo •lb. 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The elementary reading and arithemetic classes will meet for one hour each morning. Classes will be held in the junior high building. Swimming classes will also be held in the morning with open swim hours scheduled each afternoon. Driver education classes will be scheduled at the convenience of those who are enrolled, but are tentatively planned for later afternoon or early evening. Instrumental music classes will Be scheduled on an individual basis. Pates for the summer session are June 17 to July 27. Pure, Enough for Babies Skin — Personal Ivory Wonderful Ivoi Ivory Safest Soap Possible Ivory Flakes Wonderful Ivory in Liquid Form Bar* For 32-os. BMtfg 29c 89c "i^r 32c Detergent In A Tablet Salvo Packagg of 24 Tablgtt Sic Service Set For Perkins Graduates The Class Service for Perkins High School's third graduating class will be held in the school auditorium Sunday at 3 p.m. The address wUl be delivered by ttie Rev, Jamee S. Robson, pastor of th? St. John's l4Jther8n Church. He will speak on the subject "l^oved Decisively." The invocation, benediction, and scripture reai^ng will be given by Rev. Edgar Shelly, Jr.. of the St. John's United Church of Christ. Music vkill he provided by the hi^ school choir. Organist will be Calvin CritchfieU. A rec^ition for the graduates and their parents wiU be held im mafotely alter tivs service. Makes Clothes Sparkle-New Green Oxydol Premium Detergent DlIT m0%MMi Dinnerware America's largest Selling Washday Product Tide With Miracle Whitener Blue Cheer Deluxe Detergent Dash For Dishes and Fine Fobricei Pink Dreft Make more sudi faster Giant Pkg. 75C PK. 51 c 23-os ^*122 73c Giant Pkf. r 79c Giant Pkf. 75c The Once-Over Cleaner Joy The Once'( Spk and Span With Clorinol Comet Cleanser Mr. Clean Wgtgr Canditioner - Makes Clethtt Soft Downy 22 91. COfi Bottit 89c n4c Bottif 09^ 79c

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