The Bystander from Des Moines, Iowa on June 30, 1921 · Page 2
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The Bystander from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 2

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1921
Page 2
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1*111 *5f 0^ wjt I»V' X' eeed. tlS £f ari ar All AdnrUnamti And then Again, the trick Is to get one blade of grass to grow where none grew before. What has become of that D'Annunzio person whose name used to be on the front page ao often? Cheer op! Even for those who cannot get a poet's license there is possible a fishing license. One reason the country !s short of hoipes Is that too much money has been put into the cellars. Nowadays When yott hear of a puncture you don't know whether it's a tire or a wage adjustment. The man who made $15 to $20 a day by begging, while .it lasted, had a better job than working. Milady's latest Is artificial eyelashes. She seems to have used up the visible supply of pencils. Nowadays there are many things that are "a darned sight better business than loafin* round a throne." Some men get fringes on the bottoms of their trousers putting fur on the bottoms of their wives' skirts. The prince of Wales may be impulsive, but he does not exhibit It In picking out the nest queen of England. The ultimate consumer remains coild, dead cold, to all those precipitous drops of prices In the wholesale field. Fortunate Is the amateur who knows which growing things to cut off with the hoe and which to leave growing. Einstein says he sees an end to time and space. This robs the world of all chance of ever understanding his theory. Portugal is broke and wants tTncle— well, there's a sort of understanding around that he Is pretty well off and a fclt easy. If France rules the air. will it kindly speak to the neighbor on the windward who mixes rubber with hlB spring bonfire. French farmers also are fighting daylight saving. They have an additional grievance that it make# them work on German time. The farmers are saying that If things don't improve about the only thing that will be run Into the grottnd this season will be their prices. '•if* fcnbiiiblBfc everjr Thursday by tw Br.tander Publiehlhg Companr, DesMoia* /-sra, OflM ia Chwnleal Buildinfe Comer of 8*vtnth and Mulberry itwti P^mi Walnut ®W. xi Bnte-«d si the iro«t Ofll«e of De« Moines, Iowa, as Seeoad Class awUer. $ A E N E O N E S I is a E it or fft 0 ROBERT D. DURR. .Traveling Editor and Advertising Manager CHAS. M. SHEDD.. Secretary and Tourer SUBSCBZPTION BAT*B: fo aay part of the United States one jreai, postage ptfd WU Months ..— pet Htsb Aeadlag Notletti, par IH&e Contact rates {JJveli nj^^^ppHcat^r AO TIHEMO BATBS: imt. :„r.:.r„ raaea."v' "'w"-4- All matter ahcnld be addressed to TBB BYBTANDBB PT7BXJBHXXQ' OOMPAK*. Des Molnei, low*. Weekly news letters moat be received not later thaa Tuesday of eaeh week. EDITORIALS. (By Eobt. D. Durr.) are for -war in time of peace.'' As winter is coming and indications "Prep are that times will be tight. Chas. Gilpin has proven that it pays to '/stick to your.calling until you stieGh&rlie through difficulties mounted the golden sliofres of BroadWay. We jack Joinsoh will prove himself manly when released July 7. THE MAP OP OPPORTUNITY. This has been the seasn for high school, college andu niversity commencements, graduates' essays and orations, class honors to whom class honors are due, and words of advice from the successful to those whose success lies just beynd the turn in the road. While the high school,, college is not the only one just embarkibg upon a career of individual and social endeavor, and while a great many of the youth of the land are stepping forth upon the highway cif aspiration unhelped by higher aducational equipment, the commencement season of the year supplies the occasion for words of advice and encouragement from the doers of things to those who aspire to he doers, regardless of who they are or what their present equipment or opportunities may be. Distinguished men have just been heard in every school with a class of graduates. Among these advisers and encouragers have been the president of the president's cabinet. A line from the. commencement address of each of them reavels this interesting sympasium: President Harding: "Never was there a time when the call was so insistent to those capable of giving unselfish, broad, comprehending direction to public thought.'' Vice President oolidge: "There is no progress without industry mankind 3s so made that it develops only through effort.'* Secretary of State Hughes: "The man who does the job well Will find opportunities ho never dreamed of spreading out before him in ways he never thought possible." Secretary of War Weeks: "The man who reaches the top of the ladder does not get there by performing many tasks fairly well, but by concentrating his intelligence and energies on the task he is best fitted to perform. Attorney General Daugherty: "The conclusion of a collegiate course only fits a man for a practical and beneficial occupation. Keep busy. Do things to a finish." Secretary of the Navy Denby: "To win is fine only when the goal is worthily attained. To be a man—that's success." Postmaster General Hays: "Service is the supreme commitment of lite. I can never accomplish what'we'can do." Secretary of the Interior Fall: "One never stops learning till he draws ^Secretary' of Labor Davis: "In many a carpenter a true architect waits '0I ^Thete^is logie^in the sayings of all these notables. It leaves the one thing before the American Negro and that is more work and loss talk counts in solving our social and economical problems. *'i !(Sf'V-. A Styles may come and styles may go, but the old-fashionied umbrella stays with us all the time—unless some fellow borrows It. The fellow who comes across ao old silk shirt In the attic now remembers what should have gone Into the savings account then. Japan threatens war In Siberia over the capture of a carrier pigeon. And the carrier pigeon is .first cousin to the dove of peace! Another thing that adds to the complexity of farm life is that fishing begins to attract about the time plowing becomes Imperative. Strawberry wine may be made, the government says, for "non-beverage purposes." What do you do with it— rub It In your hair? Every time we read the mimes of participants in Russian affairs we feel that few of them can be regarded as pronounced successes. Nine people are killed every hour In American accidents, indicating that the safety specialists have their future in front of thenu Just when things are beginning to get a bit monotonous, some official announces that he intends to enforce the laws against something. Conclusive evidence that Hungary la now In reactionary hands may be found in the news that it has abolished the fox-trot, one-step and jaz*. The discovery has been made that Roger Bacon used high-power lenses in the Thirteenth century but he never knew the joys of tortoise shell rims. "Spraying the mouth and throat seven times a day with a good antiseptic solution will wkrd off trouble," ja medical writer. .75 .4.50 .10 It lay the dttst, Wouldfit would fcfeo It* Colored People Delighted With New Discovery To Beach The Shin learance _. that you can't afford tin be without it. Just think how much prettier you would look with that old dark akin gone and new soft, ligh* skin in its place. If en and women today must car* for their complexions to enter society. If your drqggist wiU not supply with Oocotpne Skin W)iitener, ijjpd 25c for a largo Atlanta, Ga.—Says that recent tests have proven without doubt that swarthy or sallofr complexions can bo made light by a_ new treatment recently discovered by man in Atlanta. Just ask your druggist for Goeotpne Skin Whitener. People who have used it are amazed at its wonderful offiwt,. Ri'' yo«r |,e«anlet^taTe^m1"rute»0l0lt Toombs spent last Sunday in LaGrange, ?**«•.•••.r:«yV' •/r-T" r^v-i/v.- Our Neigbors The little infant daughter, Lucille, of Rev. and Mrs. R. P. Palmer, which was buried Monday afternoon. Mrs. R. P. Palmer is critically ill at her home. Her mother, Mrs. White of Mt. Pleasant and brother are at her bedside. The lawn social given at the Baptist church .Thursday night was quite a success. Mrs. Crump and her son, Bijlie, are Osltaloosa visitors. Jessie and Robert Smith are'visiting their mother, Mrs. Adams o£ Des Moines. Mrs. Mabel Crowder and Cora Moore are home from Council Bluffs, where the^ attended the lecta Grand chapter of O. E. S.. Mrs. Cora Moore was elected grand associate grand matron. Mrs. Mabel Crowder and Mrs. Cora Moore were guests at a reprecention in Omaha given by Mrs. Fred Pondexter and William Jaekson for visiting delegates. Th ehorse races will start Wednesday June 31. Mr. Nelson Boyd has purchased a ear. Mrs. Hackley was hostess to a small Perry, Sunday evepiflg. elaring Mrs. Hackley and daughters, royal entertainers. Mrs. Hobbes and Mrs. Taylor are on the sick list this Week. ricla: Luncheon Frl ard's teiddence. Members of the local Masonic lodge .iourneyed to Davenport on Sunday, June 19 and Assisted in the observance of St. John's day. The Iowa Social club is planning for its annual outing, together with the Twentieth entury elub on Aug. 4. Rev. Goddard has returned from Chicago, The Pastor's aid gave a supper on Monday evening the 2nd of a series of entertainments, the proceeds to assist the trustees of the A. M. E. church on their indebtedness. The stewardess will give a program on Thursday evening. This effort likewise will be for the church debt. A trustees rally was held on Sunday, The sum realized from the few contributors was good. Our people must bear down hard. Rev. L. H. Owens, presiding elder, is expected during the week. Mrs. Ben Wilder and Mirs. Orvel Wilder are visiting in Galesburg. The annual picnic of Bethel A. M. E. Sunday school will no held at Eagle Point park on July 21. KEOKUK NOTES. The U. B. F, of held a joint installation of officers at their ball Monday night. Rev. J. W. Whitfield, representative of the National Commercing company of E street was present and gave a talk on the need of business among our people. The First African Baptist church closed their financial rally Sunday. The total amount received was $249.50. The M. Y. O. L. Art club met at the boine of Mrs. Fsther Bailey last Wednesday after a very interesting session light refreshments -were served by the hostess. Union lodge No. 1 A. F. and A. M., Alpha and Electa chapters O. E. S. celebrated the anniversary of St. John the. Baptist last Friday evening at Union lodge hftll. A very interesting program was rendered. The principal address was delivered by Rev. J. S. Moore. Music was furnished by the People's Institute band. Mr. A. L. Cook of Burlington waB an out of town uuest and gave some very encouraging remarks. After the program light refreshments were served. Miss Geraldine Baker of Burlington is the house guest of "Miss Ruth, Johnson and is being highly eutertained by her friends. MrSi Jennie Toombs is indisposed at this Writing. Mrs. Harry Asliby and daughter of Burlington are visiting her mother, Mrs. Hcndrick and other relatives and friends. Plans have been perfected for a financial drive for the stewards of Bethel A. M. E. church. The pastor has selected twelve ex-pastors to be represented at a ihock conference to be held the second week ift .August. Rev. J. H. Garrison has returned from Chicago where he attended the Bishops Council. Mrs. Minnie Taylor Will give a lawn social at her home on Morgan street Thursday, July 7 for the Bethel A. M. E. church. The Bethel A. M. E. church has diseo« tin tied their evening service. The M. Y. O. B. Art club will give a lawn social at the home of Mrs. William Mills Friday, July 8. Mrs. M. E. Moore and Mr. Warren Mo., and took part on a program which was given by MrSi Q. F. Neal of that place. Rev. SWain of St. Louis and Rev. j. W. Whitfield of Moline. 111., were vis­ itor- in [t&rkage to Cocotone C®« Mfclden. Mass. over ounaay, tb't citv over Bundav ft 'b I 1^™,-. '«. THE BYSTA»tEB. DBS MOtygS, IOWA 1 OSKAXOOSA ITEM®.. 1'. (Treasola Taylor). Mrs. Taylor was called to Kansas City, Mo., by the illness of her father who has been quite sick. Rev. Lee of Kansas City was ia the city last week holding quarterly meeting at the Wesley chapel church. Mrs. Williams of Des Moines is at the home of her father and mother very ill with paralysis. Her little daughter had the misfortune to run a needle in her foot. party of friends, Mrs. Taylor, Thomas, light picnic on the church lawn Friday, Thev left de- night at Mrs. SteW- OLZKTOV ITEMS. (A. A. Bush.) General Robinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Robinson passed away Sunday afternon at 1:15 o'clock, June 12. Deceased was horn in linton, May 14, 1903 and attended the Clinton schools, being a Btudent in the High school when taken ill some months ago. He ip survived by his parents, two sisters, Mrs. Nora Easiley, Miss Mamie Robinson, four brothers, Henry of Sioux iCty, Ike, George, and Joseph of this city. Funeral services were held on Tuesday afternoon at Bethel A. M. E. church. Rev. Goddard officiating, assisted by Rev. W. W. Williams and Rev. Bates, the latter of Quincy, 111. The pallbearers Were members of troop 17 Boy Scouts of which deceased was a member. The floral offerings were many and beautiful. 15n Bev. J. S. Moore, Mrs. Blrddie Williams, Mrs. Carrie Smith, Miss Thelma Seals, Mr. Maeo Bird will attend the North Missouri district Sunday School, and B. Y. P. U. convention as delegates from the Pilgrem Best Baptist church. Mrs. Ida Bird will also attend the convention. WATERLOO *BWB. Bro Henry Hart officiated at the service* of the A. M. E. church Sundfl V. Rev. H. C. Boyd went to Chicago the former part.of the week to attend the presiding elder's and bishop's council. Bev. G. W. Carter offleiated at Mt. Carmel and Bro. Henry Stephens at Antioeh Baptist church. The Antiech Baptist church was favored by a very fine talk from Attorney S. Joe Brown of Des Moines at the Sunday school Mrs. Evt McDonald, W. C. of Myrtle Reef Court No. 9 left Sunday night to attend the grand session in pes Moines, Iowa, accompanied by Mrs. W. M. Pearson. Mr. J. D. Hopkins left Sunday aftefnoon for Detroit, Mich., in the interest of the N. A. A. C. P. Mr. "William Brown, who died at the Bt. Francis, hospital last Monday, June £0 as a result of a wonnd inflicted by a bullet which lodged in his abdoman was buried Thursday, June 23 from the Antioeh Baptist church. Rev. G. W. Carter officiating.- Mi-. Brown was shot Satnrdav. Jnne 18 at 10:30 p. m. by Mrs. Ethel Bryant, whose plea is selfdefense. Mrs. Carrie Bright is in Council Bluffs attending the Eastern Star. The onarning choir of the A. M. E. church gave a weinnie roast and moon June 24, The Masons had their annual sermon the A. M. E. church Sunday, June Bro. Harry Hart officiating. it. DODGE mass. Rev. J. L. Lucas of the Second Baptist church preached three sermons Sunday. They were full of the holy ghost. Mrs. John Downfing and daughter, Ethlyn have returned from Rochester, where Mrs. Downey went for treatment Mrs. Downing is very much improved at this writing. We are glad to hear of Miss Betty Wynn being in our cily. Doctor Payne was visiting at the home of Mrs. John Downing last week. Mr. and Mrs Peters of Rockwell city was shopping in our city last week. They were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. larence Coffman. Mrs. A. Stepp is visiting in Missouri. Our delegates will leave Monday morning to attend the Sunday school convention in Des Moines. They are as follows: Rev. J. L. Lucas, Miss AdebeTle Breckenridge, and Mr. Reginald Hiidson. Mr. Scott Davis is making some improvements around his home. Bro. S. Hudson is remodeling and paintinrr his home. Mr. Ed Brown was in our city a few hours last week. Mr. Oner Lewis will move his family from Diiluth, Minn., to Fort Dodge, where they intend making their home. Mrs. Harry Williams will entertain her Sundav school class in the Colsen uark Tuesday. The Coppin chapel are going to have a big barbecue soon. Look fbr the notice. Rev. N". B. Jones is putting every effort forth trying to make Fort Dodge church and people second to none. BURLINGTON' JTEWS. Mrs. Ida Cole returned from Galesburg after a short visit with relatives. Mrs. Blanche Brown and Mrs. Myrtle Duncan were Galesburg callers Thursday. Mrs. Harriet Tyler, a life long resident of Burlington until recentlv, passed away at the home of her daughter in St. Paul, Minn. The remains were brought here for burial. Mr. John Pickett Of St. Paul, Minn., spent a few days in our city visiting cousins, Mrs. Ida Cole and family. Amor.e our graduates from the pub- ^choo1 TTnn7*v D^ncr^. Oiv^tin Palmer, Elsie Williams, Geraldine Baker. Mrs. Peter King was removed to the liosTiital again. Miss Audrey Hedge who is confined to her home is slowly improving. Quite a number from here attended the picnic and dance in Galesburg last Thursday. Mr. Ed Boston purchased a car last Saturday. Mr. John William, an old citizen, passed away at the hospital. Mrs. Charles King of Chicago is in the city being called here by the illness of her mother. Miss Ruth Webb t»».' Monmouth, 111., was visiting friends in town Sunday. Mrs. Albert Boyd is still on the sick list. Mrs. Josephine Wilson is able to walk after a severe fall. Rev. Rhottonee has been attending the Bishop's Council in Chicago. Mrs. Vina Cowden was called to La Belle by the death of "her grandmother. Mrs. Goldie B. Irving has returned homo 'rom Council Bluffs, Iowa. Messrs. Clifford CoWden and Edwin Weaver spent Thursday in Galeisburg. Mr. Carrie Andersoh of F't. Madison, Iowa was a caller in town Saturday, Miss Dorothy Anderson of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Cowden. Mrs. Emma King and Miss Eva Franklin, Jjm Weeks and Chas. Reid motored to Monmouth Sunday. Messrs. George BroWn and Jim Weeks Were callers in Ft. Madison, Saturday. Mrs. Gertrude Rhonendee is on the sick list. St. John's A. M. E. church is planning oh giving a picnic July 4, with the pastor and his good people with the closing of the barbecue July 4, will enter a camp meeting, conducted in Crapo parlc on the western shoe of the Mississippi river. Rev. Dr. Somon C. Crutcher, who has recently returned from South Africa, better known as the. world wide evangelist, -better known by the Zulls as the ball of fire. He will also be assisted by Dr. Maggie E. Andersoh (evangelist and district organizer of the Woman's Mite Missionary socicty df the West Chicago district. This eamt) meeting will continue until the 4th of August. We will also-j have tents to accommodate the visit-1 JL v'. -/Y:' Your FUTURE HOLDS Iflotity"" '"Pfopcftp Success it HEALTHY SCALPLONG, WAVY HAIR— AND A LOVELY COMPLEXION. Learn the Madam C. J., "Walker System of Beauty Culture and sell her 18 Superfine Preparations and a prosperous future is yours. -.v De$t. 100 ing ministers. Rev. Mr. Rhonenee and the Officials of the church are doing all they can in faith and prayer to make the meeting a success. STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR it Before Uting After Utins Not with hot Irons. But do it with Kink-no-more, the greatest hair straightening preparation on earth. Kink-nomore will straighten the kinkiest kind of hair. Think about it—a preparation that ail you have to do is apply It on the hair, and, with a little combing, the hair becomes straight, not for one day, or one week, but to last from six to eight months. Water nor nothing else will make it kink again after it has been straightened. Kink-no-more is a wonder worker. So marvelous does it do Its work that one can hardly believe their own eyes. It "works like magic, and is unique because there Is not another preparation in the world like it. We offer a reward of $100 for any head of hair that Kinkno-moro will not straighten. Kink-no-more is a Vegetable compound It is perfectly harmless and will not injure the scalp nor hair, but will stop it from falling out positively removes dandruff, promotes a luxuriant growth of healthy hair and keeps it soft and glossy. Remember that Klnk-no-more is sold under a guarantee to do all that is claimed for it or money refunded. We will send to any one on the receipt of $1.00 a regular size box of Kink-no-more, enough to straighten from one to two heads of hair. When ordering send registered letter, postal money order or express money order. Lib­ eral inducements offered to agents. Write today for special terms. Inclose 2-cent •tamp for reply. Agents wanted everywhere. Address Prof. L. F. Shelton, 1138 ISast Tenth Street, Los Angeles, Cal. Tte Home of the Soul. In olden times, it was believed that the seat of the soul was the stomach, most likely for the reason that a man is never so completely used up as when his stomach is out of order. For the cure of ordinary stomach troubles, there is nothing quite so prompt and satisfactory as Chamberlain's Tablets. They strengthen the stomach and enable it 16 perform its functions naturally. Give them a trial. They only cost A quarter. I jrou try thk trMtme&t. botrtaendmeapenny. tirely at ou ether wfienn ititethlt'9th«n comnlttefrewiom" suction ana I offer to sec to send f£* cm I.P.a.LEKQi'^MIlSMnMn*. tht Madam C. J. Walker Co. 640 North "West Street, Indianapolis, Ind. Six Week's trial treatment sent anywhere for $1.50. BECOME AN AGENT. "Now a-days it's Madam Walker's" The Madam C. J. Walker Manufacturing Co., is pleased to announce that Mr. E. Caldwell Gaither, Sculptor, of Bt. Louis, Mo.) has recently completed a bust of the late Madam, C. J. Walker, daughter of the late Madam C. J. Walker and President of the Madam C. J. Walker Manufacturing Co. The bust is a remarkable likeness of Madam C. J. Walker and places Mr. Gaither in the forefront as a sculptor and Artist. These beautiful busts are finished in Old Ivory, Bronze and Life Color Special arrangements have been made with the Sculptor that Agents, Admirers and Customers may have (me of these beautiful likenesses 6f Madam C. J. Walker at the following nominal cost. OLD IVORY $5.00 BRONZE„....$5.00 LIFE COLOR...$7.00 ADDRESS ALL ORDERS TO THE MADAM C. J. WALKER MANUFACTURING CO. 640 North West Street, Indianapolis, Ind. Bowl's Cut Rate Grocery 7a v'.^y Vi-.. -!.%.• Use her world-renowned preparations regularly and have beautiful hair and a charmiDg complexion. Is your hair short, breaking off, thin or falling out? Use Madam C. J. Walker's WonderM Hair Grower L. L. BOWLES, PROP. Proving the fact that YOU CAN bay here at Money Saving Prices ASK MY CUSTOMERS 1106 Center Street Des Moines, Iowa Registered in U. S. Patent OfBee) mwM\ A LINIMENT For External Use Only. tOR. NEURALGIA, SCIATICA, LAME BACK, LUMBAGO, GOUT, '*'i Spriiu, Svelliigt led Luseaes& CMMaiBS Fmffiiies, SORE THROAT, HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE, BACKACHE, So reness of the Muacles Crowd by Violent Excrclw IBBtSlD OHXY BT Chamberlain Xdicice -V vj .4 I Cq.$ Manufssturlno Ptarnaetstst DEB MOINES, ICWA, U. S. A. SMALL SIZE. sesn iiuesm Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea Kemedy. Every family should keep this preparation at hand during the hot of the summer months. It is-almost sure to be needed, and wlien thai time comes, is worth many times its .cost. Buy it now. Why Suffer From Rheumatism? Do you .know that nine out of every ten cases of rheumatism are simply rheumatism of the muscles or chronic rheumatism, neither of which require any internal treatments The pain may be relieved by applying Chamberlain's Liniment, which makes sleep ana rest possible, and that certainly means a great deal to any one afflicted with rheumatism. Recommends Chamberlain *s Tablets. "Chamberlain's Tablets have been used by my husband and myself off and on for the past five years. When my husband goes away from home he always takes a bottle of them along with him. Whenever have that heavy feeling after eating, or feel dull and played ?.11, take one or two of Chamberlain's Tablets and they fix me up fine," writes Mrs. Newton Vreeland, Minoa, Y. Take these tablets when troubled with constipation or indigestion and they will do you good. ^MIDY fay tdTite (hick to Refim SANTAl GATARRH ol th' CAPSULES ,S«fc. Swctufa] y. 'Each Capsule bears name A3 BewafooJ'eounterfeUs sr-

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