The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 2, 1945 · Page 24
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 24

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1945
Page 24
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24 ' a d e f g h THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. TUESDAY MORNING. JANUARY 2. 1945 How to Buy SECURITIES Our bocllef on trading rules and practice! will help new or eiperienced Invattors. Write for Booklet X-2L Francis L du Pont & Co. Mtnfctrt w Vwfc StMk ticfcanet HIS. Broed St.. Philedelptiia 7 Viiaisttra Nia TVfc 3 (tr innin cimnt rati A MUTUAL INVESTMENT FUND Incorporated 1928 Prospectus may be obtained through your investment dealer or from the distributor. 770 leal state Trest I wilding Pbilo. 1, Pa. INSURED SAVINGS Your Savings Federally INSURED up to $5000. Accounts opened by mail. PRUDENTIAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN. 114 SOI TH KOt'HTII HT.. I.OM. 22eO In Buying SECURITIES Our informative booklet "Securities Intelligence" will be of valuable assistance to you. Free copy on request Allan N. Young & Co. Inoeetmente Lewis Tewer Bldg.. 15tb A Locust Sts. Philadelphia 2 PENnypacker 1750 SEMI-ANNUAL DIVIDEND at xgj Per issuis Payable December 30, 1944 An investment for individuals ontl firms. Insured up to $5,000 Legcl tor Trust Funds PIN FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOC. 1623 Walnut St., Philadelphia S, Pa. Assets $4,300,000 SWAIN & COMPANY INC. INVESTMENT SECURITIES 424 Land Title Building PHILADELPHIA 3 Annua SEMI-ANNUAL DIVIDEND AT Has been declared to all Investing and Saving members, payable December 30. 1944. LIBERTY FEDERAL SAVINGS and Loan Association 204 NORTH BROAD STREET 4t Itare HI. Subnajr Entrance) RAMBO. KEEN, CLOSE & KERNER INC Investment SecuritJes PHILADELPHIA Ettabliehed 1892 We conduct a general brokerage business and specialize in Bank Stocks BARNES &L0FLAHD 1420 CHESTNUT STREET Ritttnhouf 07 JO Race I SSI I MORRIS I. ROOT ISMYITTE BIDC. Ph i LA. ION 67)8 5 J WfST 42 ST. MEW YORK LEWIS C. DICK CO. Investments 1410 WAINUT STIIII 1717 1500 WALNUT STREET FINANCIAL NOTICES THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD COMPANY REQUEST FOR BIDS for $51,782,000, GENERAL MORTGAGE, SERIES F, BONDS The Pennsylvania Railroad Company hereby requests bids for $51,782 000.. principal amount. General Mortgage, Series F, Bonds, to be dated January 1, 1945; to mature January 1, 1985; to bear interest (payable semi-annually on January 1 and July 1 of each year) at a rate (which must be a multiple of ' of 1 55 but not in excess of 3'i) to be named by the accepted bidder; and to be secured by the Company's General Mortgage dated June 1, 191S, as supplemented by Supplemental Indentures dated July 1, 1934. and February 1. 1936, and Supplemental Indenture to be dated January 1, 1945, with Girard Trust Company and William R. Jones as Trustees. The Bonds will be issued as coupon bonds in the denomination of $1,000., or as fully registered bonds in denominations as set forth in the Circular hereinafter mentioned. They will be subject to redemption at the option of the Company, as a whole, or in part in amounts not les than $1,000,000. at any one time, on interest dates upon payment of the redemption price, and will have the benefit of a sinking fund into which the Company will pay each year (but only out of its net income for the preceding calendar year and after deducting sinking fund payments for General Mortgage Bonds, Series E and Series C) $600,000. in cash or Bonds, cash in the sinking fund to be applied to purchase or to redemption of the Bonds on any January 1 at the redemption price for the sinking fund, all as set forth in such Circular and in the Supplemental Indenture to be dated January 1. 1945. Proceeds of sale, together with additional funds to be provided by the Company, will be deposited with Girard Trust Company, as Trustee under the Company's Indenture dated April 1. 1930, and will be applied by said Trustee to the redemption on April 1. 1945, of the Company's outstanding 40-year 4'2 Gold Debenture Bonds. Upon such deposit such Trustee will execute and deliver to the Company proper instrument acknowledging payment of all the said 40-year 4'2 Gold Debenture Bonds and the satisfaction and termination of said Indenture dated April 1, 1930. Issuance and sale of the Bonds require authorization of the Interstate Com. tnerre Commission. Acceptance of any bid is subject to and contingent upon such authorization. Bids must be made in duplicate, on forms furnished by the Company on request, and delivered on or before 14:00 Noon, Eastern War Time, on January 9, 1945, to Geo. H. Pabtt, Jr.. Vice President of the Company, by mail or messenger in plain, scaled envelopes bearing no indication of the name of the bidder or amount of the bid, addressed to The Pennsylvania Railroad Company, co Geo. H. Pabst, Jr., Vice President, 1811 Broad Street Station Building. Philadelphia 4, Pennsylvania, such envelopes to be marked: "Bid under Proposed Contract No. 1 of 1945." At said time and place bids so received will be opened, and persons or representatives of persons making bids may be present if they desire and exatune each bid received. Either a cashier's check or a certified check for $600.000., payable to The Pennsylvania Railroad Company, in New York funds, must be furnished with each bid, aid cherk to be returned, exrept to the accepted bidder. The check of the accepted bidder will be held by the Company as security for performance of the contract of purchase and applied on the purchase price. The Company reserves the rinht. in its discretion, to reject any or all bids. Bids for less than the total $51,782,000. of Bonds will not be considered. Bids may be submitted by a single bidder or by a group of bidders. Notices of acceptance and of rejection of bids will be delivered or mailed not later than January 1 1, 1945. to bidders at addresses designated in their respective bids. Terms of the bidding and of the Bonds, requirements with respect to settlement to be made by the accepted bidder and time and place of settlement, information relating to the Company's General Mortgage, financial statements of the Company, and other matters relating to the Bonds and the bidding, are set forth in a Circular Relating to Proposed $51,782,000. General Mortgage Bonds, Series F, of The Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Persons desiring to bid should obtain copies of such Circular, of Form of Bid, of the General Mortgage, of the Supplemental Indentures dated. July 1, 1934. and February 1. 1936, and the proposed Supplemental Indenture to be dated January 1. 1945. and may examine copies of application filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission and accompanying exhibits, at the office of the Company, Room 1811 Broad Street Station Building, Philadelphia 4. Pennsylvania, or at the office of the Company, 380 Seventh Avenue, New York 1. N. Y. THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD COMPANY By: M. W. CLEMENT, President December 23. 1944. PHILADELPHIA RAPID TRANSIT COMPANY 5"- COLLATERAL GOLD BONDS NOTICE is hereby given that in pursuance cf the terms of the above Mortgage dated December 15. 1908 Bonds nos. hllS 555 1262 19B6 2465 3009 3644 4092 561 1279 1996 2523 3046 3677 4106 566 1306 2013 2537 3067 3682 4130 582 1334 2026 2556 3135 3693 4138 604 1372 2044 2607 3152 3707 4258 619 125 2053 2613 3183 3848 4270 t32 1444 2106 2632 3223 3884 4330 904 1462 2131 2674 3313 3891 DIVIDEND NOTICES 4413 23 57 82 149 1S1 19 353 353 995 1519 2190 2759 3346 3898 4709 443 1010 1524 2223 2766 3350 3998 4721 479 1050 1559 2260 2826 3486 4023 4734 523 1105 1589 2319 2834 3543 4039 4806 535 1229 1S28 2348 2858 3547 4048 4876 546 1242 1954 2390 2960 3627 4060 4949 Lave been drawn for redemption out of moneys held in the Sinking Fund. The principal 01 said bonds will be paid February 1. 1545. at the of the Trustee, S. E. Comer 15th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia 1. Pa., at 105 and accrued interest, after which date interest on bonds so drawn ar.sil cease. Bonds No. S20 called February 1, 1943, Ho. 1613 called February 1, 1944 and No. 3114 caiiei August 1, 1944 have not yet been presented tor payment. THE PENNSYLVANIA COMPANY fcr Insurances on Lives & Granting Annuities, Trustee. NORTHWESTERN NATIONAL BANK in Philadelphia The Board of Directors has this day declared a dividend of 50 cents per share on the outstanding common capital stock, payable February I, 1945. to stockholders of record at the close of business December 30, 1944. Checks will be mailed. CLAIRE H. WHITE December 28, 1944. Cashier NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT, AT me (ioe f business on December 30, 194 i, Kadciifte Cheston. Jr. and Charles S. Cheston retired as General 1'artners from the Lim:.ed Partnership heretofore existing between BaocliKe Cneston, Jr., Chanes S. Cheston. J. Ford Johnson. Jr.. John V. Cutler. K'l-Ain A. Fish. Burnett Waiker. Charles fc. Karaina. Edward B. Smith. Jr.. Irving U Fish, I red E. Koechlein. W. Edwin Williams., Edward C. Savers, Ralph B. Johnson, vim. barciay Harding. Ogden Phipps Karl Weishe:!. Phillip W. Brown, Wm. Kenton Jt-nnston. Houien K. Farrar. Norbert W. Karkus. James Cheston, IV". and C. Cheever Hircwiui as General Partners, and Henry E. Sutiei. Philemon Dickinson. Edwin A. Fisr.. John W. Castles and Joseph R. Swan as Limited Special! Partners, carrying on business under tr.e firm name of "Smith, Barney fc co. " at 14 Wail Street, New York, New YorK. and elsewhere: and that the said Cheston. Jr.. has been admitted as a Lim.ted (Special Partner as of the close of ous.ness on December 30, 1944. TO KOLVER OF QUAKER CITY COLD TRi.E KIKST MORTGAOK FIVE Ti Rt KM BMS III E NOVEMBER 1953: Notice is herehv e.ven that bv an Order 1ed Decern tier 27. 1S44. the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has authorized the payment of Coupons Numbers 15. 16 and 17. dated N.rterr;tr 1. I'.tJ Mav 1. 1913 and November 1 )i n respect Adv. rain at the 1 ate of 'j of the principal of the bonds, or a 7- . ii-rfNiNS are paxable on and after 'r '."I. I'll t the offices of Bl'fWS hitOTHIHS HARRIMAN & COMPANY JT.lade.'tifiia and New York OLAKER CITY COLD STORAGE CO. Philadelphia. Penna. Phila. Bank Stocks (1944 Closing Prices) II II 1518 LOCUST ST II1 QOIII &Plk IsJAAUIS-JHI Broad Street Trust Ccntral-Penn Nntl ( -first nut Hill Title It Tr. . niy Niilloiittl ( '01 n Exihiintfe Natl .... Erie National Kldellty-Phila Trust .... Finance Co of Penna .... First National Frank ford Trust Germanlown Trust ...... (ilranl Trust Industrial Trust Kensington National Eana .Title Bank & Tr. . . Liberty Title & Trust.. Market Street Natl Mid City Bank & Tr Natl Bank of Germantown Natl Bank of Olney ... Ninth Bank & Trust.... North Broad National .. North Phila Trust Northeast National Northern Trust Northwestern Natl Penna Co for Ins. etc. . Philadelphia National ... Provident Trust Real Estate Trust Roosevelt Bank & Trust. Second Notional Security Bank & Trust. South Phila National Tioga Natl Bank & Tr . . Tradesmen? Natl B & Tr. Wyoming Bank & Trust. Dlv.$ Bid Asked .80 1 60 1.60 2 1 10 12 1.60 2 2.50 '2 14 1 2 .20 4 3 20 .50 1.60 5 10 .22'. .25 .80 29 41 1H 4(1 67'. 40 275 240 42'a 45 15 66 "m 4'a 53'a 49 50 320 50'j 54 9"i 9'-i 94 93 79 490 18'a 39 117'a 305 70 39 13 12 22's 10 183 20 33 44 63 60" 43 290 45'i ' 17 B9' 6 52 55 11'j H's 11 22's 42 122' 320 74 is 251 198 Public Utilities (1944 Closing Prices) STOCKS Atlantic City Elee 4 pf. ., ( Vol 1 l Illinois Eliv A ; Coiiiiectlnil l.lxhl A Power , Empire lilnlrlit Electric .. Federal Waler A tin .... Luzerne County H&K 5'' pf New Orleans Pub Sv $7 pr pf.116 New Orleans Pub Service 28H Northeastern Water $2 pf 33 IVnna Electric 4 40'. pf 112' Penna Power & Llnht $5 pf. . . . 103' IVnna Telephone $2 SO pf 56H peoples Eight & Pwr $3 pf... 49H Philadelphia Co $5 pf 99'i 102's Philadelphia Sbn Water 18 204 Philadelphia Transportation . . . 4,i 5'a Philadelphia Transportation pf. 77s 8H Public Service of Colorado 275 294 Public Service of Indiana 191 21' Southwestern Public Service . 19 21!i West Penn Power 19 21 BONDS American Gas & Pwr 3-5s 1953 94 97 American Utils Service 6 1964.104 Associated Electric deb 5s 1961 91 94'i Associated G&K deb 3s 1978.. 33's 35's Atlantic City Gas 5s 1960 95' 98' Consol Elec & Gas A 6s 1962 . 98 101 I-hlgh Valley Transit 5s 1960. .102" 105'j Mkt St Elev Pass Ry 4s 1955. .105' North Penn Gas 6'iS 1957 104' 107'i Penna Gas & Elec deb 6s 1976. 89' 92's Phila&Garretsfd St Ry 6s 1955.101 Phila & Western Ry 1st 5s 1960 47 50 Phila Transportation 3-6s 2039. 76'a 79' Phila Transportation 4s 1969.. 101 104 Portland Electric 6s 1950 120' 123 Republic Service 1st fia 1951... 95 98 Scranton S B Wtr Srv 6s 1967. 10214 W Southern fit Utils Coll 5s 1958. 99 101 ' I-IBLIC AUTHORITY BONDS Cmw Penna Turnpk 3s '68. .107 108 Del River Bridge 2.70s 1973.. 108 109 Rid Asked .106' 1 108 . 19'4 . 45" . 15'. . 15's . 1 tuva 21 47' 1SS 16s 113 119 30 35 116 106'i NEW YORK BANK STOCKS (1944 Closing Prices) Bid Asked Bk Amer 52'. 54 Bk Mnht 26?s 28's Bk N Yk 448 460 BkrsTrst51'i 53 Bkn Trs 113's 118' Cnt Hnv 109' 112 Chase 45 47 Chemical 52 54'i Commrcl 49 52,4 Conftal 24 26' Corn Exc 55's 57H Bid Asked Empire 83 87 1st Ntl 1805 1845 Guar'ty 351 359 Irving 16'4 17' Manufrs 54 67!4 Morgan 279 289 Natl City 44 46 N Y Trs 103!4 107' Public 49' 51 Title Grn 11 V, 12 US Trs 1415 1460 D. S. TREASURY BILLS (1944 Closing Prices) (YIELD BASIS) Maturity Bid January 4 375 January 11 375 January 18 .375 January 25 375 February 1, 8 375 February 15. 23 375 March 1. 8. 15 375 March 22, 29 375 Asked .10 .15 .20 .25 .30 .32 .34 .35 Rail Traffic Soars Southern Pacific's freight and passenger loads piled up new all- time traffic records In 1944, A. T Mercier, president, reports. Company's net ton miles of freight in 1944 will be slightly greater than in 1943, representing new all-time high for the filth year in row. A. J. SAILER & CO. Member Philadelphia Stock Exchange 113 So. 5th Street, Phila. Lorn. 2090 Investment Securities INDUSTRIAL STOCKS (1944 Closing Prices) Dr. Wm. F. Long, Astronomer, Dies Dies in France Romain Rolland Died Died Bid Asked AetnaStdE 7 8 Aeronca 4H AlabMills 7 AlanWdSt 5' do 7p 66's Am Hdw 35!4 31', 11' AmLaFF 147n AmMaize 23 AmOpticl ArdnFms Arl Mills 57's Kausch L 21' Botany A 11 Brn Shp 102 BckeyeSt 18 Bud a Co 171-4 Chilton 14 Crowell 50 CuhAmMg 4 DpRk Oil 23 Dent Sup 68 DvRayB n 8"i Dicta phn 31 HDisston 52!4 DixonCrc 4214 Draper 79 'a Dun&Brd 34' a FlrMlsAm 6's Foundatn 6 Garlock Giddings GrnlonKt 1 In lorn, do pf lliirr Stl 46' 1V 13 38 '4 7' 12' 5 14 8 6 70 37 15?'. 255. 33 12'. 60' 23' 12 108 19'i 18'. 52 5 24 9'a 33T. 46' 82'. 36 6 6 . 49' 12' 40 100'. 14 39 ' Inst Ilk pt 37 KellettAir 1 - 2 KgSeeley 16'. 18 Librty Air 9'. 10 IjiwtcPC 19'. 21 l.ukens Stl 9 10 Mallory 23 25'4 Marl Rck 63'i 66'. Bid Asked 10". 11 MoKnPL Merck Co 36 NBrtMch 32'. Northrop 7'. Ohio Mat 18 PaSg5pf 9 Permutit 8 Petrol Ht 3 Phila D'y 13 do $6pf 99 do $4 pf 67". PollakAlf 8'4 RepuliDrll 2'. RephNtG 17'. SafetvCr 84!4 ScovlilMf 35 ScrantLc 31 SlngerM 272 StdScrew 37 StanleyW 54 Strwh&CI 15?s do $6pf 105 do $5 pf 96 StmbgCrl 5' SuperTool 3 Sylv Ind 33 Talon, Inc 37 Tampax 5 TaylrWh 16 Tenn Prod 4 Time Inc 67 Tokhelm 17 Trlro Prd 41 Triumph 7'4 I'uil i III A 7' VeeileiRt 60'. Warner Co 8 do pr 67 WarnerSw 9 WelrhGJ 23'4 Wlckwlre WtllcxGb 161 28 37 34 7 1914 10 9 4'. 102'. 70". 9' 2 18 87 36 34! 277 40 57 99'. 161. 4. 35 40' 61-'. 18 4 70' . 18". 43 7 7 53'. 60' i 10 24 17 30'. Industrial Bonds Bid Asked Flour Mills of America 4s '60 .124'. . . Lukens Steel deb 4a 1952 .... 99 1027 Penna Sugar 4s deb 1952 101 1047 i xQuaker City Cold Strg 5s '63. . 647. 68 York Corp 1st 4's 1958 106 x Ex-coupon. We are pleased to announce that MR. MURRAY MCCONNEL has this day been admitted as a general partner in our firm. HAYDEN, STONE & CO. New Yoelx, N. Y. Portland, Maine January 1. 194J Boston, Mass. Springfield, Mass. Special to The Inquirer LANCASTER. Pa.. Jan. 1. Dr. William Franklin Long, former di rector of the astronomical observa tory of Franklin and Marshall Col lege, Lancaster, and a member of the college faculty for 26 years, died in Lancaster General Hospital tonight. He was 73. Dr. Long, a member of the 1923 Swarthmore Eclipse Expedition to Mexico, was recalled to the Franklin and Marshall faculty last November, four months after his retirement. Born in Berks county. Pa., he taught in Johnstown and Pittsburgh high schools after his graduation from Kutztown State Normal School in 1891 and from Franklin and Marshall in 1897. His wife and two daughters survive. G. H. McNeely Dies at Shore George H. McNeely, president of McNeely & Price Co., Tioga and Edgemont sts., leather manufactur ers, died early yesterday of a heart attack in Atlantic City Hospital. He was 74. A native of Philadelphia, Mr. Mc Neely lived at Pennswood and New Gulph roads, Bryn Mawr. U. OF P. GRADUATE He was a graduate of the Univers ity of Pennsylvania, class of 1889. and was one of the founders of the leather company in 1896, becoming its president in 1928. His wife, the former Harriet Laird Schober, daughter of the late Mr, and Mrs. George P. Schober, died In 1912. RACKET CLUB MEMBER Mr. McNeely was president of the Morocco Manufacturing Assocta- lion from 1910 to 1914, and was a member of the Racket Club and the Philadelphia Country Club. He is survived bv a son. Oenrtrp TI.. Jr., of Bryn Mawr, and a daughter, Mrs. Russell S. Boles, of Penn Val ley. Services will be conducted at ! P. M. tomorrow from his home. Burial will be private. Benjamin H. Patrick Benjamin H. Patrick, local advertising representative for the Billboard Publishing Co., of Cincinnatti, O., and a former carnival owner, died early yesterday at his home, 7222 Lamport road, Upper Darby. He was 78. Mr. Patrick had been representative for the Billboard, a theatrical publication, for the last 15 years. Prior to that he operated his own carnival, the B. H. Patrick Shows, for approximately 30 years. At one time Mr. Patrick was manager for the Frank Bostocks Shows. Funeral services will be held at 1 P. M. Thursday at Hazleton, Pa. Burial will be in the Hazdton Cemetery. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Bessie Patrick, and a brother, James Patrick, of San Francisco. FOX MUNITIONS CORPORATION Announces a Change of Company Title to FOX INDUSTRIES, INC. Management, Personnel, Facilities, Location, etc., Remain Unchanged, but it is felt that tha new nam is better suited to our present and future activity in the tool, gauge, ground thread, gear, small gasoline engine end instrument industries. Please Inform All Departments of Your Organization. Kindly Address All Future Communications and Remittances to FOX INDUSTRIES. INC. 2 1st & Arch Sts. Philadelphia 3, Pa. Effecfive January I. 1945 THE IDEAL INVESTMENT PROGRAM FOR 1945 ANNUAL MEETINGS MID-C1TV BANK AND TKIST COMPANY NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS Philadelphia. December 30. 1944 . ?-JAJl".ual Mctine of the Stockholders of Mid-City Bank and Trust Company will be held at the Commercial Trust Build-rKVi 3I"2-90ttV,9th fl,Kr- 16 s- Broad Street. Ft1 U?!h-Dhl?-,,Pv .on. Wednesday. Januarv 17. 194o. at 11.00 A. M., for the purpose of electine Directors for the ensuing vear. and the transaction of such other business as mav come before the meetine. The record of Stockholders will be taken as at the close of business. 1100 o'clock Noon. Saturday. Januarv 6. 1945. Transfer books will remain open. THOMAS P. CLEARY. Secretary. j THE PENN SIITI AI. LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY November 30. 1944. rhe annual meetine of members of The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company will be held at the Home Office of the Company. S. E Corner Sixth & Walnut Streets. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, on Tuesday. Januarv 2. 1945. at 10 A. M. The annual election of Trustees at which nine Trustees are to be eiectea to serve lor a term of three years will be held on the same dav at the same place between the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. SYDNEY A. SMITH. Secretary. THE PHILADELPHIA NATIONAL BANK Philadelnhia Decemher Q load The Annual Meetine of the shareholders for the election of directors of the Bank and the transaction of such other business as mav regularly come before the meetine will be held at the Banking House (1416 Chestnut Street), on Tuesday. Januarv 9. 1945. at i o ciocK noon. MILTON D. RFINHOLD "axhlcr THE P I AN HOME FOR WIIMIMH AMI MM. I E WOMEN IN THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA Thp Annual Meeting of the Corporation win ne neii in Westminster Man, wither-spoon Buildine. on TUESDAY, Jan. 9, 1945, at 1.30 o'clock. CMMA P. APPLE. Secretary. BUY U. S. WAR BONDS TO INSURE Victor BUY REAL ESTATE TO ENJOY Vector claekson-Cross Comparuj REALTORS Frank P. Fellon. Jr. Boyd T. Barnard Thomas Shallcross, Jr. A Complete Real Estate Brokerage Orgonizoion dealing in Commercial. Industrial and Residential Properties. Departments for Appraising, Mortgage-Servicing, Property Management and Insurance. LINCOLN -LIBERTY BUILDING PHILADELPHIA SUBURBAN OFFICES Roosevelt Boulevard and Rlsinq Sun Avenue I Ro ) 111 York Road. Jenkinlown, Pa. FRII'.L. Dec 29. JAMES F. FRTEL. husband of Catherine V. Cahlll. Relatives I and friends and Holv Nam Snrletv Invited to funeral. Wed . 8. SO A. M.. from his late resiuence. ., k. names St.. tiln. Solemn Mass of Reuulem at the Immaculate Con ception Chuivh. at 10 o'clock. Interment lioiv fwliUKIHc cemetery. 41 A It r HT. Dec SO EMANUEL GAKEt'llT. Bel 73. Relatives, friends ami Holy Name Society are Invited to funeral. Thursday. .: A. M.. from his late residence. W-ri Dickinson t. Reuulem Hiich Mass at St. Aloysius' Church, 10 A. M. Interment Holv Cross Crai. (;KIIHAI Kit On Dec. 31. after a long Illness, at 50OH N. 12th St.. CLARA BER-LINGER. wife of the late Charles Cieh-bauer. aged 76 years. Relatives, friends and members of Muhlenberg Lutheran Church invited to services. Thursday, 2 P. M. PARIS. Jan. 1 (A. P.) .The noted writer and critic, Romain Rolland, died at his villa, Vezelay, near Cla-mecy, shortly before midnight Dec. 30, it was announced today. Winner of the Nobel Prize in liter ature in 1916, M. Rolland was 78. TJnllanrl'a "Tauti C!rir1:trirVia" ! Parlors of Harold R. Mulligan 111Q W ranked as one of the finest fictional wnesday'evinin'1- Frtend invlled works ever written about music. Paul Robeson once said of the book: "It Is my bible." FAMED PACIFIST OOLDSM1TH. CHARLES M - TW at 1944, of 1759 Mohican St.. the husband of Roslta. the father of Mltzie and Oeralri. aged 36. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral. Tues., 3 P. M., from moinicK s funeral ranors, sn N. Broad An internationalist and Socialist st- Jnt- Har-Judah Cem. who took a pacifist view. RoUandL.0."1""; ia" lrIARLCE' Stayed in Switzerland throughout band of Sallye Mann Greenberu and the first World War. taking an anti- M f lcrsm',,II V". CoH fV,t him h:rVrn',."K "JY1 Mrs. Hall II. WelnberK. ijvwiiu v.amu u.uwii. ... ii. vim baigvt i ncifiLivcs ami irienus are mviteu 10 at' of violent attacks in Allied and Ger man quaueib. rial Chapel, 2009 N. Broad st. Int. Adath Late in 1943 he was reported to be Jcshurun Cem. Kindly omit flowers. in a German concentration camp aI'-TPi-iS?; 418..w- ,l 2 . . . , . , , . , , , A IS IS A M. aADEJKO, wife of Vincent and a rumor spread that he had died Clryeskl. Relatives and friends are Invited there. But D. N. B. Official German ? ,he. f.un'.r.a'Wed.. 8 A. M., Parlors of tiaroia 5. Mulligan, 1119 V news agency, denied the report, and Solemn Requiem Mass in it was later said that he was living in p,- fifa X I uuue. FRIEND OF GANDHI Last May he cabled his friend. Mo handas K. Gandhi, whose biography he wrote, that he was well. Although his "Jean Christonhe was his most famous tunrlc his Mves and friends are Invited-to funeral. Was niS most iamOUS WOm, niS Wed , 8 30 A M from her late residence! "TriumDh of Reason" and Other 1109 S. 52d sL Solemn Mass of Reaulem. writings on the French Revolution. fnteS?ent prtvaTeranci de Sale 10 A- M" his histories, criticisms and biog- hanhklman. Dec. 31. dr. abra- raphieS dealing With Beethoven. HAM. husband of Soma' Handelman. of 71S t.i,,i,r i rr.ii j . . w. Allegheny ave. Reallives and friends Michelangelo, Tolstoy and Other invited to servh-es. Tuesday. 3 P. M . at suDjecis were woria Known. PAIST. On Dec. 30. AIDA IRENE. wife of Roland C Paist, of bl2 Pufberts ave., Drexei Hill. Pa. Relatives ant friends, also Nurses Alumni at Jefferson Hospital, are invited to services. Wed , 11 A. M.. runeral Home of Andrew J. Knlr A Son. M;C5 Chestnut St. Int. PMvate. t.reen Tire Cem. KUcnda may call Turs.. 7 lu U P. M. rKI.H. lec. 31. I'M. MARY V. HAR- WlKiu. widow of Thomas C. Parts Relatives and mends invited to furw-fal. Thurs., 7. So A. M from her lata rei-drme, 21 H) 4th ave., Haddon Heights, N. J. HiKh Mass of Requiem at Church of SU Rose at 9 o clock. Int. New Cathedral. PATRICK. Jan 1st. RPKJAMIS H. husband of Bessie Patrick nee Hn, of 72Zi Lamport road, L'pper Darby. Services Thursday, 1 P.M.. Bachman Funeral Home, nazieton. i-a, int. vine JsU Cemetery, Hazleton. Pa. PETERSON. Jan. 1 1945. MARY C. - widuw of Francis B. Peterson. P.elaUve and friends are invited to funeral. Thurs.. 1 P. M.. from her late residence. t18 S- Front st. Services at St. I'eter's P. E. Church 3d and Pine tts.. 2 P. M. Inu private. Friends may call Wed. ev PINTER. Dec. 30. LAURA nee Bell. wife of Walter A. Pinter, of 4219 Castor ave. Relatives and friends are invrted to services. Wed.. 1 P. M.. Hester's Funeral Home. 609-11 E. Allesheny ave. InL Montrose Cem. Viewing Tues. eve. I I'lTr l.. 1 tU nf S-atm Gl. Home. HARRI ET' pLeatE. Relatives ar4 tend funeral services Tues 1PM ni. I friends, also Frankford Chanter. No 25- cisely. at Morris Rosenberg's Son Memo- O.E S.. Invited to services. Thurs.. 1 P. M.. imi iuik s ruimni ri'iine, tm,i nun iawi pi .v Frankford. Int. North Cedar Hill Cemetery. Friends call Wed. evening. 7 to 9. PORTER. at 112 N. Broad st.. on Dec. 31. 1941, CHARLES A. IDRIER, aged Si years. Relatives and friends are invited Us the service on Wed. at 2 3o P. M.. at St Boniface I Oliver ii tiair a. jicji nest nut st. inu Holy Cross Cem. eve. HAI.Ii)nT.I.I.. CiiiIHmiIv Tan 1 IQJ EMMA L., wife of James F. Hallowell. Relatives and friends are invited to the service on Thurs . at '2 P M at her nome. 4jy t. Washington lane. Ger mantown. Int. private. 1IALLSTEAD. Dec. 30 iTFT.FN rwiT. 1-E.iiN. wue 01 1 nanes w. liallslead. Reia- Friends may call Tues. Joseph Irvine & Son's. 1512 N. Broad at. interment Roosevelt Cemetery. II AN N A N. Dec. 31. JAMES J hus- onnu oi .ainerine (Mniiiing and son of r.oen Mcuimoufin anu tne late James fiannan. rteiauves ana rrienn an invit. ed to funeral. Thurs.. K 4 A M dence. Xi Ralston ave.. Oakmont. Pa. Sol- emn Mass or Keaulem in St. Denis' Church. 10 A. M. Int. SL Denis' Cem. Laurel Hill Cem. eve. BirFrw n chiiti it k,,.K. of K. Viola Rice' Oiee Matlak. of 242 Emerald ave., Westmont, N. J. Relativee and friends, also members of Westmont Methodist Church and emploves of P R R.. are invited to attend the funeral services, Thursday. 2 P. M.. at the Jackson Funeral Home. Haddon and Maple aves . Westmon. N. J. Entombment at Arlington Masoieuio. Viewing Wednesday evening. RfkRi Vttovr rw itiDTui vr wile of the late Thomas J." Robinson irA sister if Mother M. I'asoualiiie. O. S. F. Relatives and friends invited to funeral. Wed.. 9.3U A. M.. late resilience aii.i Cedar lane. Drvxel Hill. Pa. Solemn Requiem Mass. St. Andrew's Church, il A. M. Int. Holv Cross Cem. Friends call Tues. eve lti 1MII.I-II. Nre Wllsonl 1W -VI. 1944. MARY A., wife of Joseph Rualoiph. Relatives and friends Invittil to funeial. Wed.. 9.30 A. M.. late residence. 2-J N. B. nline st. HiKh Mass. SI. Edward a Church. 10 A. Si. Int. private. Rl'SSEI.L. Jan. 1. WILLIAM A hn- band of Mable Russell ince Allenl. Rela tives and friends, also Melrath Supply A Gasket Co.. Inc., are invited to attend the funeral service. Thurs.. 2 P. M , from the Funeral Home of Raymond F. Szweda. Roosevelt Blvd. and Sanger st. InL private. Viewing Wed. eve.. 7 to 9. KCHIBI.E. Dec. 29. ANNA, widow of the late George Schihle and daughter of the aie i-airicK ana r.iien Hasting. Relat!-s and friends Invlled to at lend funeral. Thurs . H.'Mt A. M . from her lale reulence. 2'.- E. Ann st. Solemn Requiem Max. Churrh of Nativity H V.M.. lit A. M. Int. Holv Rt. devmer Cem. Ht IINAHM.. IVe ' J nPllRCK ho. band of the lute UhiIm Schnaurl, atced 7 Ferdinand Holschuh Funeral services for Ferdinand Holschuh, an employe in the ac counting department of the Pennsyl vania Railroad lor 32 years, Will be Friends may call Wed. eve. W. Tioga st. He died Saturday after gfiekr-sc ' "lauvts6 ffiSSS. fe an illness Ol several monms. I invnea to tne service. Wed., 2 P. M.. at Mr. Holschuh served during the "t? ma rut,L wuuu war ns a master ser- HINES. On Dec. 30. 1944. JANE, widow geant in the military railways SerV- nt Thomas lllnes. Relatives and friends are ice. He was a member of American i her "ti? residence." &A,Sl,i- i legion Post 204. He Was an active I " Ml. Morlnh Cem. Frlrnds may call Mason in Meridian Sun Lodire 158. """" """ "" j ... I iii-- iir.ti. iiec. ai. mi. ANN E x-. miu n. ai., a o-u-ut-gree Aiason. eli.aheiii. su.ideniv t the h,. ana a memDer OI L,U LU Temple. Kra.n,1 "K',ler, Mrs.. James T. Lynch, Reho- years. Relatives and friend. emnUnes ,f Beniamin Franklin finnskrnrtf Vol- .5"n "'!":" """V1. 3 !! aged 79 Kreihofer Baking Co.. invited to acrvice. Wed.. 2 P. M.. Parlors of Joftn S Berlcei. hach. 37. fK'rmanlnwn ave.. at Broad lU in i. iiiusiue cem. r rienus call lues. eve. NfiAKHO. Su.l.lcnlv Dec 31. A.VTO. N I ETTA, wife of Giovanni, of 5.11 N. iv'4d st. Relatives and friends Invitrit to at tend funeral. Wed , Jan. 3. I MS. at 9 A. M . from 1232 S l.llh ml Solemn Re. quiem Mass. St. Rita s Chun-h. 1I A. M. Int. Holv Cross. Friends call Tues. eve. SKIDENRI Ki. Dec. 31. MARGARET C. nee Encklerl. wife of Frederick IL Seidenburg. Relatives and friends are in vited to funeral. Thursday. 8 A. M.. from her home, 2043 Mercv st. Svolemn Requiem Mass. Church or St. Edmond. 9 A. M. Int. Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Friends may call weanesaay evening. SHELLEY. On Dec. 30. FRANK E . husband of the late Fannie Shelley nee Elliott I, aged 57 years. Relatix- and friends, also Artisans. Girani No. are Invited to attend funeral services Thurs . 12 o'clock noon, at the residence of h daughter. Mrs. J. Ward. 31 N. 24th at . Cannlen. Interment Northwood Cemetery. rnenos may call Weanesaay evening KLOBOOZIAN. Dec. 29. of r324 N. Car lisle. ALEXANDER SLOBODZIAN. hus band of Evelyn son of Stephen. Relative will be in Chelten Hills Cemetery. Died ucujaiiiii. r uiiMi i vunaisLory. val- years, wife of the late Peter Holscher. form- lev OI t-nuaaeiDnia. Wortneast "iv or i-niia . Pa. RelaUves and fnends Shrine Club. Roval Order of Jesters ,JiY".t?..rr..' l h . - - - . " ,. . . I r 1 '"oie .ii Anfirew j. nair at turn, and Masonic Old Guard Of Philadel- ''925 Chestnut st. Interment Arlington Cem. pliia. i menus may can lues., i to 9 P. M. I 1 , , - v. . 1 III II ..I II I 1111 1 llU l I 1 11-1 .1 .11 I. ourvivmg is nis wue. iseiia. juunai dinami h..i.n.r . f ii- 5121 N. loth st. Aged 4M. Relatives and friends. Meridian Sun Lodire No l.NH I.- A. M.. IjiIu Temule. A A O N M. S Beniamin Franklin Cor. ilstory. Legion of minor, lmiu lemijie. uraer of jesters. The American Iion Penna R h Post- No. 204. Accountine Dent. P R R and other organizations of which he was a memoer are invited to attend the lu- neral services Wed.. 2 P. M.. at the A inert l-lenncn t- uneral Home w Tioea st. Interment Chelten Hill Cemetery. menus mav can xuesoay evening. HORNAKF. Dec. 30. of 2103 N How ard St.. JANE ANN. widow of George Hornaff. Relatives and friends, also Saw. miehiinna No. 4H. I), of P., are Invited to Hilena funeral services. Wed., 2.30 P. M.. ilackman Bros.. UO5-07 W. I-hluh ave. Int. Ardslei' Cem. Viewing Tues.. 7 to 9 r. si. HOWARO. Dec. 29. 1944. MARGARET. wife of the late Georee Y. Howard. Fu neral services at Bringhurst's. 2I) Walnut BARNOT. Of Lansdale. Pa., on Dec. 31. 1944. CORA E.. widow of Milton S. Barndt. aged 73 years. Friends may call at Oliver l. liair s, lhurs. morning, from 10 to 12 ('clock. Services at the convenience of the lamuy. BATTLEMAX. Dee 31. MARTIN (Bayne), husband of Reba Battleman, of 1739 S. 54th st. Relatives and friends are nvlted to services, Tuesday, 2 P. M.. at oscim ix-vine t !wm a, 1512 N. Broad St. mei meni Motitenitre Cem. . BERIIKL. Dec. 30. at 884 N. Randnlnh .. GERTRUDE M . dauuhler of the lute John and Mary Berdel (nee Betz. Rela- ives and friends. Marearet Kendriclc Chan ter No. 200. O.E.S. : Ladies' Auxiliary Philadelphia Commandery. No. 2. K.T., and all other organizations of which she was a memrjer. are invited to funeral service. hllrwlHV o P M Van l-fora ITun.r.1 11. 312 N. Broad st. Interment Northwooii cem. i rienus may call Wednesday evening. kj. r.. o. services, o.ou 1 . jvi BERW INn. CATHERINE MlTRRV I sL Int. private. Friends may call Tues WCKJD. on Dec. 31. 1944. beloved wife of the I M p. M. Mrs. Charles E. Calnan Mrs. Ellen C. Calnan, widow of Charles E. Calnan, died Sunday at her home. 6318 Woodbine ave.. Over-brook. She was 82. Mrs. Calnan, who was born In Al-lentown, Pa., is survived by seven daughters: Miss Helen and Miss Mary Calnan, Mrs. A. N. Luttrell, Mrs. L. E. Adams and Mrs. E. T. Larkln, of this city; Mrs. R. D. Lister, of Boston, and Mrs. Frank J. Gorman, of Cynwyd. A Sister, Miss Mary T. Gibbons, and a brother, James M. Gibbons, also survive. Funeral services will be held at 11 A. M. tomorrow at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, 63d st. and Lancaster ave., Overbrook. Burial will be private. Sidney E. Smith Sidney E. Smith, attorney, who died Sunday at his home. 622 S. Bowman ave., Merion, will be buried Thursday. Following services at his home at 2 P. M., burial will be in West Laurel Hill Cemetery. He was 65. Mr. Smith was graduated from Temple University Law School and was admitted to the Bar in 1902. His offices were in the Lincoln- Liberty Building. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lucretia Hays Smith; two sons, Sidney E., and Robert C. Smith, and a daughter, Miss Lillian Lamor Smith. late John E. Berwind. Funeral services Grace inurcn, Broadway and Penn St.. Ne York City, wed., Jan. 3. 11 A. M. Int. private. BOLSTER. Dec. 31. 1944. MINNIE A. (nee Bolster!, wife of John G. Bolster. Funeral service. Thurs., 1.30 P. M.. at the Fluehr Funeral Home. 3301-15 Cottman ave. Int. Fernwood Cem. Friends may can weanesaay evening. HHINSFIEI.n. Dec. 30. RICHARD II . son oi jonn L.. ana Marie (nee lirossi lir lis field, aged 5 years. Services Wed.. 2 P. M., resiueni-e. km Girara ave.. swarthmore. ijci. io. interment (.reeniawn cemetery, 1 rienus may call i uesaay evening. BRITT. Dec. 31. at Presbv. Home. 58th St. and Greenway ave.. MISS HELEN L. BRITT. Services Wed., 11 A. M.. at the Home. Int. ML Moriah Cemetery. RRI BAKER. Suddenly Jan 1st MARGARET, widow of Samuel T. Brubaker (nee Haul, of 649 W. Russell St., aged H yeara. ru-iauves ana menus, members or Aavent 1-ulheran church. Invited to serv Ii-...: Thiir,lau 'Ii I I M llu,.l,m.n 11 .- :-(( w. Cehieh ave. Interment Wh it. marsn Memorial ParK. Viewine W7ednes uay, i m9 i-. 01. CALNAN. Dec. 31. ELLEN C. wife of the late Charles E. Calnan. Relatives and mends Invited to funeral. Wed.. 9.3H A. M.. from her late residence. 318 Woodbine ave. Solemn Mass of Requiem, Church of Our l-auv or- lou riles. 11 A. m. Interment Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. C H ANKY. Dec. 31. 1944. CHARLES HENRY, husband of Helen Chancy (nee wieneri. of ,111 w. i.ixiirey ave. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend funeral. Wed.. 2 P. M., at J. W. Dean & Son. ohii Rising un ave., cawnaaie. mi. Lawnview Cem. Friends call Tues. eve. C'HENOT. Dec. 3L 1944. of 1647 S. Ringgold st., HENRY L., husband of Emma V. Chenot (nee Younei. Relatives, friends. TilEhmann Camn. No. 61. U.S W'.V.. invited to me services, inursuay, l r M.. at Mor- Charles A. Shockley Charles A. Shockley, a mechanic at the Penn Jersey Shipyard, Cam den, died suddenly Sunday at his home, 820 Market st., Gloucester N. J. Death was caused from a heart attack. He was 51. Mr. Shockley is survived by a son. Staff Sergeant Karl F. Shockley, 23. who has been a prisoner in Germany since last January. Also surviving are his wife, Mrs. Carrie Shockley, ana a daughter, Mrs. Joseph Mc Ilvaine, of Woodbury. Funeral serv ices will be held at 2 P. M. tomorrow at 523 Cumberland St., Gloucesetr Burial will be In Eglington Cemetery, Dr. Michael L. Levitt Dr. Michael L. Levitt, of 5737 N 12th st., died yesterday in Atlantic City after he was stricken while vis iting friends. He was 66. A graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Dr. Levitt practiced medi cine in Philadelphia for 40 years He maintained offices at 733 Walnut st. He was a member of the Phila delphia County Medical Society and tne vaux Lodge of Masons. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Mary Levitt, two daughters, Mrs. Joseph Kaplan, of New York, Mrs. Harry Katz, of Philadelphia, and two grandchildren, Allan and Leona Kaplan. ' Policy Death Rate Unchanged in 1944 NEW YORK, Jan. 1 (U. P.). The death rate during 1944 among civil ian policy holders remained practic ally unchanged from that for the previous year despite the most seri ous influenza epidemic in many years, preliminary reports of insur ance companies indicate, the Insti tute of Life Insurance announced today. The average of the three war years shows a civilian death rate lower than any year prior to 1941. St.. Wed.. 2 P. M. Interment Westminster land friends invited to the funeral Thurs . 9 Cem. Friends mav call Tues.. 7 to 9 P. M. JIRAK. Dec. 31. PETER J.. husband of of Cecelia B. Jirak. Funeral services will be he d Wed.. 2 P. M. . at the Charles G. Rule Colonial Home. Baltimore ave. at 49th KATZENBACH. Dec. 30. 1944. WIL LIAM A., husband of Anna E. KaLzen- bach, of 4534 Manavunk ave. Funeral service on Wed., at 2 30 P. M.. at the White- man r uneral Home. 4.13 Lvceum ave. Int. Westminster Cemetery. Friends may call lues.. I ton 1'. M. . . ..i, ....... .m o.i. ... nuaciiuii oi.. Dec. 30. CLARA A. (nee Kehren. wife of George R. Kauffmann, aged 47 years. Relatives and friends, members of St. Jamee Methmtlst fhurcrt. lnvlteil to serv lew Weil nesdnv 1 :ui P M.. Hessinirer Funeral Home. 219 W. Tabor rd.. Olnev. Interment Fernwood Cem. Friends call Tues. evening at runeral Home. KILKKR. Dec. 29. 1944. REV. ADRIAN J. K1LKER. J.C.D.. rector of St. Monica's Church. Berwvn, Pa., son or Catherine L. Conville and the late Michael A. Kilker. Rev. Clergy, relatives and friends are in vnea to siiena tne jwiiemn itequiem Mass, Thurs.. H A. M.. in St. Monica a cnurrn, Berwyn. Divine Office. 9.30 A. M. Int. An nunciation Cem., Shenandoah, Pa., on ta -' I .t 1 1 I-.- It. Cat niiin. ni i.rn i m ii ..u . . n . mm ,'uii . Dec. 31. 1944. SAMUEL KIRK, aged H4 years. Relatives and friends are tnviuxi to attend the runeral service, at his lale residence, on Weil.. Jan. 3. at 2 P. M. Inter ment at wiiiistown r nenas rsunai urouna. Friends mav call on Tuesday evening. 7-9. LARTHEY. Killed In action In France. Dec. 9. 1944. PFC. FRANCIS A., age 20. of 1722 W. Sevbert st.. son of Lawrence and Bridget Larthey nee O' Brien ) , brother of Sr. Mary utwrence, p.c Requiem Mass, Church or Gesu. wed., Jan. j. iu a. m. LONG. Dec. 30. of 131 W. Susque hanna ave.. IDA M.. wire of tne late k. Arthur Lone. Relatives and friends invited to services. Thursday. 2 P. M., Parlors of G. W. Dirkes. 229 Frankford ave. Interment Ml. Peace Cemetery. Friends may call Wednesday evening. MAHON. Dec. 30. THOMAS MAHON, son of the late John and Bridgest Melia Mahon. of Galway. Ireland. Relative! . 1 oi. i iv.v , .iiuimiav, a i . in . , n i mm - . . - -- , . ton's. 60th and Catharine sts. Interment an,4 friends, also employes of John Mor-II. S National rem Vlewinir Werinecriau relP Co., are Invited to funeral. Wednes- tkwd m I rlav. s .3fi A. M.. residence or his unc e. . . on v-i.r....u . . I . I H II I 11 I1 M 111)0, JO 1. . lim 81. OOieillll . v i r.i.i.m. iec. .-hi. Lni.viE,iit 1 1 mil- : , . . i . i w A . . i i ... . . . . i nniu I'm itinns bi u ir iiumi vi inc n a nana oi niaria i nee vencenzoi. Relatives . ... . . i. - ni.. c nrt frln,t Ini ill t .tlanJ t ,l uoli loll, A" n. 1.1. ri i .....j, r Thiirejinv K 3rt a kt h i.."" ! ulchre Cemetery. Viewing Tuesday eve. nAii.r uec. .to, r.uwAHu j.. nus- ttRmi of the late ' Clara Made (nee Schlocteri. aged ft years, formerly ol dence, 633 Marlyn road. Solemn Requiem mass, rt. uonato s i nurcn. 10 A. M. mt, iioiy cross, r rienus may call Wed. eve. CLOl'SER. Dee. 30. 1944 FANNIE Z fnee Miller), wife of William Clouser. of 1025 Market St.. Gloucester. N. J.. ap-ed 73 years. Funeral Wed., 1.30 P. M.. from wagner f uneral Home. 224 Monmouth st, Gloucester. Interment Mt. Peace Cemetery, vicwiiiK i uesudy evemnK- CRAWFORO. Deo. 30. HARPY N hoi. band of the late Kate E. Crawford. Relatives and friends, also employes of the Bond DatiiuK .o., are inviieo to iunerai. wea., 1.30 P. M.. Schraishuhn Funeral Home. 21st and Wolf sts Interment Pomwimil cem. viewing i uesaay. 7 to 9 P. M.. DALTON. Dec. 28. MARY fn. Gilvev Relatives & friends invited tn funeral wf Q A. M. Dinnien Funeral Home. 5138 N. Broad si. tcor. uuncannon av. Requiem Mass noiy cniia cnurcn. iu A.M. Int. Holy Cross, DAVIDSON. At M r n. 30. 1944. HARRY MINTON.' husband of Cora Davidson Rirvire Thnre ?.v P. M.. at the Snover Funeral Home. 313 E. Broad St.. Palmvra. Interment Lake- view Memorial Park. Friends may call w eu. evemnK. DAVIS. Dec. 29. MARY K DAVIS (nee Casev). Relatives and friends in vited to attend Iunerai, Thurs., 8.30 A. M.. from her brother's residence. Joseph L- Casey. 2710 W. French sL Solemn Re quiem Mass, Church of St. Elizabeth, 10 A. M. Int. Holy Cross Cemetery. DEVER. On Dec. 30. 1944. FRANCIS J DEVER. M.D , husband of Clara Oram Dever. aged 65 years. Relatives, friends and Bemamln Franklin Post. 195. A.L. are mvuea to tne service on wea.. at 11 A. M.. at Oliver H. Hair's, 1820 Chestnut st. Interment private. Friends may call l uesaay evening. DITTRICH. Of Ocean Citv, N. J.. Dec. 31. JAMES ALMER. husband of the late Mary Allen Dittrich. formerly of Phila.. Pa. Services. Wed.. 10.30 A. M.. at the Cadman Funeral Home. Ocean Citv. N. J. Entombment Mt Vernon Cem.. Phila. Reposing Tues.. 7 to 9 P. M. nONLON. Dec. 29. of 3818 N. 9th St.. ANNIE (nee Bowes i. wife of the late John Donlon. RelaUves and friends are invited to the service. Wed., 2.30 P. M.. from the Erie Ave. Pnrlots of Harold B. Mulligan. 9th st. and Erie ave. Int. North-wood Cem. Friends Invited Tues. eve. EDWARDS. Dec. 30. J. R. LINCOLN, husband of the late Ida Wilson Edwards. Services and int. private at the convenience of the family, from residence, Lansdowne and Lincoln aves., Lansdowne, Pa. EDWARDS. Dec. 30. 1944, LUCY B.. wife of the late Richard S. Edwards. Funeral services at her residence, 7909 St. Martin's Lane, Tues.. Jan. 2nd. at 11.15 A. M. Interment private. Please omit flowers. FARREN. In Mexico Citv, Mexico, on Dec. 24. 1944, HARRY P.. husband of Kath-ryn Farren (nee Trainor). Relatives and friends are invited to the funeral on Wed., 8.30 A. M., from Oliver H. Bair s, 1820 Chestnut St. Solemn Requeim Mass at SL Andrew's Church. Drexei Hill. Pa. Interment at Holy Cross Cem. No viewing. FLANAGAN. Suddenly, Dec. 29. 1944. JAMES M.. husband of the late Anna V. (nee Lowe). Relatives and friends invited to funeral. Wed.. 8.30 A. M.. residence. 2055 Larue St. (5300 Torresdale ave. ). Solemn High Mass of Requiem. St. Bartholomew's Church. 10 A. M. Interment Holv Sepulchre Cemetery. FI.YNN. Dec. 30, 1944. at the Mont- fomcrv Court Apis., Narberth. Pa., W1I.-.1 AM B , husband of the late Edna Anson Flvnn Funeral services at BrliiKhurst's, 5601 Greene st. Gm.). Relatives and friends invited to services. Thurs.. 11 A. M., at Frederick Mann. Jr. & Son's. 2305 N. Broad st. Friends may call Wed. eve. MASKER Y. At Riverton. N. J.. Jan. 1. 1945. MARY, wife of Harry Maskery. A. M.. from Nasevlch's Funeral Home. 717 Brown st. Solemn Requiem Mass in St. Mary's Cathedral 10 A. M. Interment St. Mary s Cem. viewing Wednesday eve. SMITH. Suddenlv. on Dec. 31. 1944. SIDNEY E., husband -of Lucretia Havs Smith. Relatives and friends are invited to the service on Thurs. at 2 P. M., at hie late residence. 622 S. Bowman ave.. Merion. Pa. Int. West Laurel Hill Cem. Fnenda may call Wed. eve. ".TOCKTON. At Beverlv. X. J . Jan. 1. JOSEPH L.. husband of the late Evia, R. Sto'kton. Funeral serv ices Thurs . at P. M.. at tne PL W. Abbott Funeral Home. 228 Warren St., Beverly. N. J. Interment Monument Cemeterv Friend may call Wednesday. 7 to 9 P. M. STORES. Dee. 29. ANDREW M hus band of Rachael F. Stokes, of 95 N. Lansdowne ave., I-ansdnwne. Relat:vee a rxl friends are invited to services, Tue . 2.30 P. M.. Funeral Home of Andrew J. Hair A Son. 3925 Chestnut sL Int. private. STOKES. Dec. 29. 1944. RUTH COXE. wife of W. Standley Stokes. Funeral services at the Church of the Redeemer. Brvn Mawr. Pa., on Tues., Jan. 2. at 4 P. M. Interment private. KMKKNEY. Dec. 29. ANNA M J. (nee Camihell). wife of the lale Jnhn Sweeney. Relatives ana menus Invited to the funeral. Wed.. 8.30 A. M.. 4te residence. 262U S. Berbro st. Solemn Requiem Mass in St. Clement's Church. 10 A. M. Int. Ho!f Cross Cem. Friends invited Tues. eve. THOMAS- On Dec 31 1944. ELIZA. RETH H., wife of Thomas B. Thomas. Relatives ana Iricnas are inviterl to the service on Thurs.. 2 P. M., at her late residence. 1332 65th ave. Interment private. TODD. Dec. 31. at 1530 Locust at.. EDITH S. TODD, daughter of the late Abraham and Selina Siedcnbnch. Relatives and fnends Invited to attend funeral serv ices. Wed., 2 P. M. precisely. Morns Rosenberg's Son Memorial Chapel. 2UU9 N. Broa4 st. InL Mt. Sinai Cem. TOKPIN. On Jan. 1. ELLEN TW AD- DELL (nee Barnsleyi. wife of Richard Tor-pin. Jr. Relatives and friends are inv;tedl to funeral. Thursday. 2 P. M.. from St. Pauls Church, loik and Ashbourne road. Elkins Park. Interment private. r S H E R. Dec. 30. 1944. EMMA V. CSHER. mother of Mrs. W. C. T B-iyer. 5240 Walton ave.. and widow of William IL Csher. Relatives and friends invited to services. Wednesday. 2 P. M . at Parlors of Davia n. Howen a Son. wrln and Catharine sts. Friends call Tuesdav. 7 to 9 P. M. VOGKI.MANN. "At BeverW. N. J . Jan. 1. CARRIE EDWARDS, wife of August Vogelmann. Funeral services Frt.. at 2 P M.. at H. W. Abbott Funeral Home. 223 Warren St.. Beverly. N. J Int. Lak-view Memorial Park. Fnends mav cal Thurs day 7 to 9 P. M. WACKEXHI T. Dec. 30. DOROTHEA, Services Thurs.. 9 A. NL at the Snover wife'0f the late Martin Wackenhut. of Ski Funeral Home. 313 E. Broad st. Palmvra. M .1 Hip-h Man 111 A M at the Church of the Sacred Heart. Riverton. Friends mav call Wed. evening. MeCIiOSKEY. Killed in action in Ger man v Nov. 24. 1944. PVT. GEORGE J.. husband of Catherine E. McCloskey Cnee McBridei and son of Thomas J. and Nora J. McCloskey. of 6333 Buist ave. Relatives and friends are invited to the Solemn Requiem Memorial Mass Wednesday. 9 A. M.. SL Barnabas' Church. 64th and Buist ave. McGARRY. Dec. 30, 1944, CATHE RINE. sister of the Rev. Joseph B. McGar rv. Relatives and friends invited to fune ral. Wed.. 8.30 A. M.. late residence. 6010 W. Columbia ave. Solemn Requiem Mass at Church of Our I-ady or Louraes. io A- M. Int. Holy sepulchre cem. McNEELY. At Atlantic City. N. J.. on Jan. 1. 1945. GEORGE H. McNEELY. Rel atives and friends are invited to the service on Wednesday. 2 P. M.. at his home, Penns wood and Gulp roads, Bryn Mawr, Pa. inu private. MELLON. Dec. 29. of 600 W. Hunting don St., LELIA M. (nee Ryan), mother of Maneta Burkle and Myrtle Coy. Relatives and fnends. members of Fellowship Church are invited to services, wed., l P. M Parlors of Harold B. Mulligan. 1119 W. Lehigh ave. Int. Whitemarsh Memorial Park. Friends invited Tues. eve MOORE. Suddenly. Dec. 31. FLORA C. fnee Bauer), beloved wife of Edwin J. Moore, of 861 E. Russell St.. in her 57th year. Relatives, friends, also Oakdale Chap ter. No. ill. O.E.S.. are invited to funeral. Thursday. 10 A. M.. Kester's Funeral Home. 609-11 E. Alleehenv ave. Services St. Nathanael's P. E. Church (E. Allegheny ave. and E st.), 11 A. M. Interment Sun set Memorial Park. Friends may call Wednesday evening. MOORE. On Jan. 1. 1945. MARY VIR GINIA, daughter of the late Dr. C. Howard and Elsie Kulzer Moore, aged 1 years. Relatives and friends are invited to the service on Thurs.. 11 A. M.. at Oliver H Bair's. 1S20 Chestnut st Interment at West I-aurel Hill Cemetery, rnends may call Wednesday evening. XEFF. On Dec. 31. 1944. JONATHAN CILLEY NEFF. Service on Wed. at 2 P. M.. at Oliver H. Bair's. 1820 Chestnut st. int. private, r rienus may cau wea. irom to J. f. M NELSON. At Coatesville- Pa Dec 27. Id I I 'I, 11 1.1 A.nm.nnn . 1 TUAlLf 1 C D J.i 1 . vii 7" ' . - ' i-ii ill 1 1 1 1 1 .vi n t . , i iivyi-iii.i ., son of the late Georee and Marv Reardon Nelson. Relatives and friends invited to attend funeral. Wed.. 8.30 A. M., from parlors. F. J. Flanagan & Sons. E. Clearfield A Belgrade sts. Solemn Requiem Mass at The Nativity B. v. M. cnurcn. 10 A. M. Interment Holy Sepulchre Cem. Viewing Tuesday evening. NICHOLSON Dee. 29. of 2074 E. Pick wick st.. THOMAS, husband of the late I in. nrlvate rierina rsicnoison ana ininrr oi iimr riii-iipni nireH R3 wars. Relatives and friends Invited to runeral, wea . n ju A M Parlors nt Hamld B. Mulligan ii'iq w I-ehiph ave Hi?h Reouiem Mass, St. Joan of Arc Church. 10 A. M. Friends Invlled Tues. eve. MVISON. On Dee. 30, 1941. DR. ALICE C. NIVISON. Service on weanesaay. .1 Lotus road. Relatives and rnends are in vited to services. Wednesday, 2.30 P. M.. runeral Home ot Andrew J. Bair at Son. 3925 Chestnut St. Int. West Laurel Hill Cem. Friends may call Tuesday evening. 7 to 9 P. M. WALDRON. Dec. 30. 1941. MARY J. fnee Cavanaugh of 2206 S. 20th st.. wife f Thomas F. Waldron. Relatives and friends Invited to funeral Thurday. 8.30 A. M-. from her daughter's Mrs. Lawrence Pilot. 1121 Edmonds ave.. Drexei Hi'!. Solemn Reouiem Mass. Sacred Hart Church. Manoa. 10 A. M. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. WALTER. Dec. 29. HELEN S . wife of Charles B. Walter .of 47c) Potterton Heights. Relatives and friends invited to) the service. Wed.. 3 P. M.. at Kirk Nice s. 6301 Germantown ave. Fnenca may call Tues. eve. WARD. Dec. 30. 1944. PATRICK, hus band of the late Mary (nee Ward. Relatives, friends and Holy Name Society. Altar and Rosary, League of the Sacrecf Heart, and all other societies of which he was a member, are invited to funeral. Wednesdav, 8.30 A. M.. late residence. IKS S 23d st. Solemn Mass of Requiem SL Edmond e Church. 10 A. M. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. WATSON. Dec. 30. MARY EAST- BURN, wife of the late J. Bayard Watson. RelaUves and friends invited to services, late residence. No. 1 Moewvri rd.. Llanerch, Wed.. Jan. 3. at 2 P. M. Friends call Tues. eve. InL Arlir.ctoru WELDON. Dec. 30. JOHN R. husband of Annie WeWon (nee Saxer), of 2v-a7 Rosehill St., in his 67th year. Relatives and friends are invited to services. Wed.. 2.30 P. M.. Kester's Funeral Home. 609-11 E. Allegheny ave. InL oreenmount Cem. Friends may call Tues. eve. WHITE. Dec. 30. EILEEN DILLON of 6212 Chestnut St.. wife of Jesse M. White. U. S. N. R.. and daughter of the late Edward F. and Anna B. McQuale Dillon-Relatives and fnends are Invited to funeral. Wed.. 10 A. M.. from the McCul- ' loueh Funeral Home. S. W. cor. 63d st. and Lansdowne ave. Solemn Requiem Mass at the Church of Our Ladv of the Rosarv. 11 A. M. Int. Hoi" Cross Cem. Friends may call Tues. eve. WINNER. Suddenly, Dec. 30. ROSEMARY, aged 9 years, daughter of Lieutenant Commander Alfred R. and Mary Kerr Winner. Relatives, friends and children of the Annunciation School are invited to funeral. Wed.. 8.45 A. M-. from reside-ce. 1616 Wondmere Way. Brookline. Pa. Higil Mass of Jie Angels In Anr.ur.c'.af.oa Church. 10 A. M. Int. Holy Sepulchre Cem. Friends call Tues. eve. HNSER. Suddenly. Dec. 31. LAURA MAY. daughter of the late William H arid M area ret B. Zinser. Service. Wed.. 2 P. M . at her home. 505 E. Walnut Lane. Gtn. Cemetery Lots CEMETERY LOT 4 GRAVES IN MONTROSE CEMETERY. A-lOO INQUIRER. nut mm Maa-aaaB. lack '? ,'5"nRuck tm ' 4 H' M ' ""-""- O'SHEA.-S.iddenlv. Dec. 30. MAE, I I I ffle N J- wife of Patrick o'Shea. formerly of 1627 I fj LlJI J FRIED. Suddenly. Jan. 1. 1945. EMIL N isth st. Funeral. Wed. morning. Km- II TasV J.. husband of the late Josephine B. Fried Patrick Funeral Home. 3309 N. Broad st. I Vl JL and father of Mrs. Philip Gottlieb, Lt. Requiem Mass. Church of Our Lady of 1 1 iPr,1Jr josepn A. ana Maxwell t. trieu. uue notice I Mercv. a. m. ini. noiy aepuicnia wm. i Jsr;AJ" of funeral will follow. 1 Friends mav call Tues. eve. 0 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Nlk'MSa 4? ttGaa 271 Z223 N. Front St.

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