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TERMS. THE NORTH CAROLINA STANDARD rs PUBLISHED WEEKLY, AT TilltEE DOLLARS PER ANNUM IN ADVANCE. fi, persons who remit by Mail (postage paid) Fire Dollars, will be entitled to a receipt for Six Dollars or two years' subscription to the Standard one co-. -a nt two conies one vear. DV (WO for" four copies, ten 10 20 35 00 00 00 twenty The same rate for six months.

person prucm mg anu lumaiuiui; ove suuscu-hers with the cash ($15,) will be entitled to the Stand-4td one year of charge. .1 i i rrRTi3EMETS not exceeding fourteen lines, will i r- i-ii. i. WMtl IIIIC5, Will' lm i met leu uite nine iui vyuc liui iai aim i eiuy-uve nts for each subsequent insertion inose oi great- i intrfh. in proportion.

Court Orders and Judici- al Advertisements will be charged twenty-five per Lj rent higher than the above rates. A deduction of 33 1-3 per cent, will be made to those who advertise by the year. flrj-If the number of insertions be not marked on them, they will be continued until ordered out. Letters to the Editor must come free of postage, or they may not be attended to BY AUTHORITY. i iv rT THE ilMTED STATES FAStO Al M.

first session of the 29tii congress. IPubli" No 176 An Act makino- appropriations for the Naval service for theyea rending on the thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and forty-seven. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Revresenlalh-es of ike United Slates of America iKmhleJ the followino- sums oU nro hi.rphv nnrnnrinuil for the service, for the year ending on the thirlnlh June, eighteen hundred and forty-seven I 1 For pay of commission, warrant, and petty ot- inunureu anu sixty uou.irs,, seamen, including the encineer corns of; For repairs of all kinds, ihe navy, three million five hundied and scventr- onothousand seven hundred and thirty-five dollars; Passed midshipmen performing A vi master, under the authorily of the Secretary of the Navy, to receive ihe compensation allowed to sucn higher grade, while actually so employed; For provisions, including transportation, cooperage, and other expenses, eight hundred and sixty-niae thousand seven hundred and twenty-two dol- lars; For surgeons' necessaries, and appliances for the sick and hurt of the naval service, including the marine corps, twenty one thousand and seventy-two dollars; For ihe increase, repair, armament, and equipment of the navy, and wear and tear of vessels in commission, including coal for steamers, and hemp, one million fifty thousand dollars and the President is hereby authorized to construct, by contract, any vessel or steamer for the public service, when in his opinion the same can be done with equal efficiency and on terms more economical than in the present navy yards; For ordnance and ordnance stores1 including1 all incidental expenses, three hundred and seventy-one thousand eight hundred and twenty dollars; For books, maps, chaits, and instruments, binding and repairing the same, and all the expenses of the hydrographical office, thiity-five thousand ninn hundred dollars; For contingent expenses that may accrue for the following purposes viz: For freight and transportation; printing and stationery books, models, ami drawing; purchase and repair of fire-engines, and for machinery repair of steam engines in yard? purchase and maintenance of horses and oxen carts, limber-wheels, and wotkmens' tools; postage of lefcrs on public service coal and other fuel and oil and candles for navy yards and other shore stations incidental labor, not chargeable to any other appropriation labor attending the delivery of public store and supplies on foreign stations: wharfage, dockage, storage, and rent; ( r.vnonec nf rtftirp flllieml eXnellSCS: commissions, clerk hire, store rent, office rent, sla-, twelve thousand dollars j.u.-tionery, and fuel for navy afenls and slore keep- Towards coal-house, thousand pilars rs premmms, and incidental expenses of recruit-; Towards lime-house, two thousand five hundred c. 1 1 A I 1 re ins annrenendins diserters: per uirm anow nnce to persons attending courts marlial and courts of inquiry, or olhcr services authorized oy law compensation to judge advocates pilotage and towing vessels, and assistance rendered to vessels in distress, five hundied and fifty thousand dollars; For contingr-nt expanses for objects not hereinbefore enumerated, fi thousand dollars; For the support of the civil establishment al the several navy yards, the officers and others to be paid the annual comnensalion that was allowed lo them severally in the act making appropriations for the naval Service for the year ending on the thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and forty-six, except as hereinafter provided. Al Killery, Maine.

For pay of storekeeper, naval constructor, in- spector oi timber, clerk to the yard, clerk to the commandant, clerk to the store keener, clerk in th naval constructor, and porter, seven thousand six i For repairs to hospital quarters, three thousand hundred and fifty dollars. dollars. At Charleslown, Massachusetts. Near Gosport. For pay of storekeeper, naval constructor, meas- For fence around garden and repairs to hospit-urer and inspector of timber, clerk to the yard, buildings, two thousand six hundred and sixty-two clerks to the commandant, three clerks to the seven dollars, storekeeper, clerk lo naval constructor, keeper of Al Pensacola.

magazine, and porter, eleven thousand one hundred For centre building at hospital and galleries to and eiffhty dollars. connect buildings, seven thousand four hundred For repairs of the sheer wharf, Charlestown 1 navy yard, twelve thousand dollars. At Brooklyn, New York. For pay of storekeeper, naval constructor, measurer and inspector of timber, clerk to the yard, two clerks to the commandant, three clerks, to the storekeeper, clerk to the naval constructor, keeper of the magazine, and porter, eleven thousand one hundred and eighty dollars. At Philadelphia.

For pay of storekeeper, naval constructor, measurer and inspector ol timber, clerk to the yard, clerk to the commandant, clerk to the storekeeper, clerk to the naval constructor, and porter, seven thousand seven hundred dollars Provided, That when the duties of the clerk to the yard and clerk to the commandant are performed by the same person, he shall not receive a greater compensation than twelve hundred dollars per annum. At Washington. For pay of storekeeper, measurer and inspector of timber, clerk to the yard, two clerks to commandant, clerk to the storekeeper, keeper of tbe magazine, and porter, six thousand six hundred and eighty dollars. A Gosport, Virginia. For pay of storekeeper, naval constructor, measurer and inspector of timber, clerk to the yard, two clerks to commandant, three clerks to the storekeeper, clerk to the naval constructor, keeper of the magazine, and porter, eleven thousand one hundred and eighty dollars.

At Pen sac ola. For pay of storekeeper, naval constructor, clerk to the yard, two clerks to the commandant, two clerks to the storekeeper, and porter, eight thousand and fifty dollars. At Memphis, Tennessee. For pay of storekeeper, clerk to the yard, clerk in nn rnrnmnnniint nnn nnrrer. inree mousnuu mrce nunurcu uoiiars jrroviacu, i uai mo ott- rin nf th TVnwir nnrl is hrhv nnthn when in his oninion the Dublic interest will i permit it, to discontinue any of the civil offices and employments herein provided for at the navy yards, or to discharge the keepers of magazines and require their duty to be performed by gunners.

For improvements and necessary repairs of navy yards, viz At Kiltery, Maine. For a wall for landing wharf at smithery, and filling in, one thousand seven hundred and five dolhrs and fifty cents For cistern, near mast and boat house, two thousand dollars; For granite gun-skids, and road to grave yard, one thousand one hundred and thirty-two dollars; .1 1 1 1 or rPnaiTS OI ail KIHU3, iuui iiiuuauim At Charleslown. For drain and iron frame lor dry-dock pumps, and set of keel blocks, two thousand seven hundred -and forty dollars; For pipes for drain and ram water and waste stream, three thousand dollars For completing whaif No 66, between I and liars; fill- eihl For com nleiios reservoir, one thousand do For a wall on the southwest side of site 5 ing in that part of the yard, three thousand ten thousand dollars. At Brooklyn, New York Towards continuation cob wharf, twenty-nine tV i0 varu8cMtils.ouu. 7n I four thousand three hundred and thouna 2 2 I TS bu7liiDff a foundation under frigate SAdllB- ToSs rL the conduction of a timber shed, 1 lowara, tne construction oi a uuupb UUIIUI9 A.

For dry dock, two hundied and fifty thousand dollars At Philadelphia. Tor extension of and moving ship-bouse G. five thousand dollars; For repairs of all kinds, three thousand dollars. At Washington. For anchor forges, (five,) and removing small forge in anchor shop, two thousand six hundred and sixty-four dollars; For chain cable forges, (twelve,) in hydraulic proving machine shop, two thousand eight hun dred and ninety dollars; For completion, of laboratory buildings mi thousand one a ijuiiuiuu sum -a i i A-rr nr etv iniiorc oiifi rr Pin cents For repairs all kinds, two thousand five hun drcd dollars.

At Gosport. Towards storehouse No. 13, to be used as tim ber sh-d, eighteen thousand dollars launching tUiiitnrl A r. I I -i lip and quay walls, twelve For the purchase of St. Helena, two thousand four hundred and three dollars and fifty cents Towards repairs of all kinds, seven thousand (j0lars At Pensacola.

Towards the blacksmith shop, twenty-one thou- sand dollars Towards cisterns at numbers 20, 25, and 26, UIUHO.UIU UUXU.U Towards wharfs, (permanent,) fifty-nine thou sand dollars Towards dredging machine, scows, sixteen thousand dollars For repairs of all kinds, five thousand dollars. At aac fee 1 1 narour. For repairs of all kinds, one thousand dollars; For purchase of Navy point and Fort Tomp- At Sackelfs Harbor. Fo kins, two thousand five hundred dollars. For ihe improvement and repairs oi me stvuuu vavv Hospitals, viz A Ml Building for a coal house, repairing out-nouses i and wall in rear of main building, two thousand four hiinrliril mid twenty dollars I ykl', For completing small-pox hospital ten thousand nnd nine dollars and fifty cents For engine house, five hundred and ten dollars; For repair of hospital quarters, three thousand dollars For magazines, viz: At Charlestown, one hundred and fifty dollars.

At Brooklyn, two hundred-dollars. At Washington, one hundred and fifty dollars. At Gosport'three hundred dollars. Marine Corps. For pay of officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, privates and servants, serving on shore, and subsistence of officers, two hundred thousand, seven hundred and seventy -one dollars: Provided, That no payment shall hereafter be made, lo the colonel or any other officer of said corps, by virtue of a commission of brigadier general by brevet For clothing, forty six thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents For provisions, forty-five thousand, seventy dollars and twenty cents For military stores, repair of arms, pay of armorers, accoutrements, ordnance stores, flags, drums, fifes, and musical instruments, two thousand three hundred dollars For transportation of officers and troops, and for expenses of recruiting, eight thousand dollars For repair of barracks and rent of temporary barracks, six thousand dollars; For contingencies, viz freight, ferriage, toll, wharfage and cartage compensation to judge advocates; per diem for attending courts martial and courts of inquiry per diem to enlisted men on constant labor; house-rent where no public quarters are assigned the burial of deceased marines; printing, stationery, forage, postages, and the pursuit of deseiters candles and oil straw, barrack furniture, bed sacks; spades, axes, shovels, picks, carpenter's tools, and keeping a horse for the messenger, seventeen thousand, nine hundred and eighty dollars.

Srx. 2. And be it further enacted, That, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Navy, on the conclusion of the existiug war with Mexico, to reduce the number of pettey officers, seamen, ordinary seamen, landsmen, and boys, herein provided for, to seven thousand five hundred. Sec. 3.

And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Navy, in the expenditure of the appropriations made for the navy yard at Memphis, to confine the same to the construction of a rope-walk. Sec. 4. And beil further enacted, That, of the money appropriated in this act for pay of the navy," and "contingent expenses enumerated," an amount not exceeding twenty-eight thousand and two hundred dollars may be expended, under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy, for repairs, improvements, and instruction at Fort Severn, Annapolis, Maryland. Sec.

5. And be it further enacted, That, upon application of the Secretary of the Navy, the President of the United States shall have authority, when in his opinion the exigencies of the service require it. to direct that a part of the money appropriated for a paiticular branch of the naval serrice be applied to another branch of the said service in which case, a special account of the moneys thus transferred and of their application, shall be laid before Congress before its adjournment, if in ses- sion, or during ihe first week of the next ensuing session Provided, That nothing contained in this act shall be construed to authorize the Presi- aent oi uHKai to u.rect -J PP- of all such contracts as maybe made nuthnn onv sum to bo Iran fer ed from any PPot which If," ginsSly made, or from any head or object of appro Prison which may require another appropriation at any future lime lo supply the deficiency occa i Kot i.i a i 11.: hnn. the fiical year ending June thirty, i UiC Vl'dl CIJ.I Ur: JUIIL IUII.Vi iieihwii red and and anc, to nc oin ler id and forty six, and to no Sec. 6.

And be it further enacted. That, from ed bv a written guaranty icned by one or more responsible persona to the effect that ho or they undertake that the bidder or bidders will, if his or iU.1. K.rt kn mmnlMl nlA, i nn nA i frnf inn in Kir tho RPrrtaTv i.t Lj tvt! Jk'tl oi me iinvy, wim goou auu nukrw nnw r-J2 rnf rt ui ri ihi ii i tu isv culii it iuert uccuiiiihiiii'-u cuv.ii If after the acceptance of a proposal and I I amy. a notincanon mcreoi 10 me oiuucr ui uiuucis, uc they shall fail to enter into nn obligation within 'the time prescribed by the Secretary of the Nnvy, with good and sufficient sureties for furnishing the i supplies, then the Secretary of the Navy shall pro- .1 J.l I I 1.1 ceed to contract with some other person or per- snns for furnishing the said supplies: and shall lorthwith cause me dinerence neiwcen mn nmoum contained in the proposal so guarantied and the amount for which he may have contracted for furnishing the said supplies, for the whole pel iod of the proposal, to be charged up against said bid- der or bidders, and his or their guarantors and ihe same may be immediately recovered by the United Staies, for the use of the Navy Depart- I I a mm i menl, in an action ot deDt against cuner or an o. said persons.

I JOHN W. DAVIS, Speaker of the House of Representatives. G. DALLAS, Vice President of the United Stales And President of the Senate. Approved, Angust 10, 1846.

JAMES K. POLK. Public No. 177 An Act making appropriations or the payment of Navy pensions for the year ending thirtieth June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Slates of America in 77 riii 7im mci i nai iiib lunuwiii" sum? ur.

nnni.nnr;ntr,i of nnv "1C -rr -i- 1 money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. i .1 1 ii i rr 1 1 1 Humlmi ing tne inirtiein juuc, uuc iuwhwh and forty-seven To pay invalid pensions, thirty-two thousand three hundred and thirty-five dollars and forty cents. To pay the pensions of widows of officers, seamen, and marines, twelve thousand dollars. Approved, Angust 10, 1846. Public No.

178 An Act to establish the "Smithsonian Institution," for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men. Tamp Smithson. esauirc, of London, in the king dom of Great Britain, having by his last will and testament given the whole of his property to the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the "Smithsonian Institution," an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men; and the United States having by an act of Congress received said property and accepted said trust; therefore, for the faithful execution of said trust according to the will df the liberal and enlightened donor Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Hep master General, the Attorney Uhief Justice, and the Commissioner of the Fatcnt Office of the United States, and the Mayor of the Citv of Washington, during the time tor wnich Hitv of Washington, during tue time ior wuicn they shallhold their respective offices, and such 'and after 'he jasnge of this act every proposal and no lwo OI tnem ol the same State. And tne ounaings anu nmng up me rooms oi tne msiiiuuon. oe nuuc snan ou pmvcu oy me oam ornmrma-' for naval invited by thc'Secretary of the regents to be selected as aforesaid, shall be appoint-; And all laws for the protection of public property lion of a credible witness or witnesses, taken; be.

Navy under the proviso to the general immediately after the passage of this act the in the city of Washington shall apply to, and be fore any judge of the United I States, or of the high-tion bill for the navy anoroved March third 'members of the Senate by the President thereof, in force for, the piotectron of the lands, buildings, est court of record, or of the presiding judge of r.jJ.u JL.f; 'the members of the House bv the Sneaker thereof. and other propel ty of said institution. And all. any court exercising unlimited jurisdiction in IUPI1 uuiiuriu iiiiu luiiv imrr, uvj uiiuh resenlalives of the United Slates of America in TTTk- rZll Congress assembled, That the President and Vice the Secretary of State the Secretary of the 1 of the United States, the Secretary of ury, the Secretary of War, the I ffflthe State the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secrets- Navy, and the Comm.sioner of the Patent Office, State the ecreiary oi consent lo the same but, if the persons last rv or war. me oriiiciai i other persons as they may elect honorary members, be, and they are hereby constituted, an establishment," by the name of the "Smithsonian Institution," for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men and by that name shall be known and have perpetual succcs-ion, with the powers, limitations, and restrictions hereinafter contained, and no other.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That so much of the property of the said James Smithson as has been received in money, and paid into the Treasury of the United States, being the sum of five hundred and fifteen thousand one hundred and sixty-nine dollars, be lent to the United Slates Treasury, al six per cent, per annum interest from the first day of September, in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, when the same was received into the Treasury and that so much of the interest as may have accrued on the said sum on the first day of July next, which will amount to the sum of two hundred and forty-two thousand one hundred and twenty-nine dollars, or so much thereof as shall by the board of regents of the institution established by this act be deemed ntcessary, be, and the same is hereby, appropriated for the erection of suitable buildings, and for other current incidental expensesof said institution and that six per cent, interest on the said trust fund, it being the said amount of five hun-: drcd and nlteen thousand one hundred and sixty-nine dollars, received into the United Slates Treasury on the first of September, ope thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, payable, in half-yearly payments, on the first of January and July in each year, be, and the same is hereby, appropriated for the perpetual maintenance and support of said in stitution; and all expenditures appropriations to be made, from time to time, to the purposes of the institution aforesaid, shall be exclusively from the accruing interest, and not from the principal of the said fund. And be it further enacted, That all the moneys and stocks which have been, or may hereafter be, received into the Treasury of United Stales on account of the fund bequeath- by James Smithson, be, and the same hereby are, pledged to refund to the Treasury ot the a United States the sums hereby appropriated. Sec.

3. And be it further enacted, That the r. nntinm ni tnr smrt institution shn hp rnnfinciefl of Washin2ton bv a bonr(I of r0rrnts Institution," to be composed of the Vice President Stales, and the Mayor of the city of Washing- ton, during the time for which they shall hold their respective offices three members of the Senate, and three members of the House of Rep resenlat ves. toaether with other nersons. other DC memoers or me insiiiuie in mo cuy rt nohmninn nni rnciinni i ihn mtT- nnn i SSSSZfiSi anu inc six omer persons oy joini rcsoiuuon oi me Senate and House of Representatives; and the members of the House so appointed shall serve until the lou i in Wednesday in Jjecemcer, me i second next ufier the passage of this act and then, bienniallv thereafter, on everv alternate fourth r.j:nt: Wednesdnv of December, a like number shall be in the same manner, to serve uniil the i fourth Wednesday in December, ihe second sue I I it i.

I w. on rr cliuiul; iiiirii iiuuiliuncim nu inc oniuiuio su appointed shall serve during the term for which ral history, plants, and geological and mineralogi- i to be, perjury, and liable to the punishment for they shall hold, without re-election, their office as cal specimens, belonging, or hereafter lo belong, that offence prescribed by the laws of the United Senators. And vacancies, occasioned by death, to the United Stales, which may be in the city of. States; And provided further, That a statement resignation, or otherwise, shall be filled as vacan-: Washington, in whosesover custody the same may of nil treasury notes paid under the provisions of cies in committees are filled and the other six be, shall be delivered to such persons as may be 1 this act, within the preceding year, shall be sub-members aforesaid, shall serve, two for two years, authorized by the board of regents to receive them, milted to Congress with ihe annual report of tho two for four years, and two for six years; the and shall be arranged in such order, and so class- Secr tary of the Trensuiy in relation to the fi- terms of service, in the first place, to be determin-1 ed, as best facilitate the examination and study of nances. ed by lot; but after the first term, then iheir regu-j them, in the building so as aforesaid to be erected See, 2.

And be it further cmeted, That when lar term of service shall be six years and new for the institution and the regents of said instita- any officer or ngmt of the United States, duly ao elections thereof shall be made by joint resolu-1 lion shall afterwards, as new specimens in natural thoi ized to receive, redeem, or cancel any treaso lions of Congress; and vacancies occasioned by I history, geology, or mineralogy, may be obtained ry notes issued by authority of Inw, has received, death, resignation or othei wise, may be filled in for the museum of the institution, by exchanges of or shall rccieve, or has paid, or shall pay, any like manner, by joint resolution of Congress, duplicate specimens belonging to the institution, treasury note which had been previously received And the said regents shall meet in the city of (which they are hereby authorized to make.) or at redeemed by any officer or agent having an-Washington on the first Monday of September I by donation, which they may receive, or other- thority to receive or redeem such note, and which next after the passage of this act, and organize by wise, cause such new specimens to be also appro-, had subsequently thereto been purloined and put the election of one of their number as chancellor, priately classed and arranged. And the minerals, into circulation, the Secreiary of the Treasury, who shall be the presiding officer of said board of, books, manuscripts, and other property of James! upon full and satisfactory proof that the same had regents, by the namo of the Chancellor of the Smithson, which have been received by the bom received or paid in good faith, and in the Smithsonian Institution," and a suitable person ernment of the United States, and are now placed Prcfse of ordinary prudence, may allow a credit as secretary of said institution, who shall also bo 1 in the Department of Stute, shall be removed lo for ihe amount of such note to the officer or agent the secretary of said board of regents; said board said institution, and shall be preserved separate so receiving or paying the same; and all credits shall also elect three of their own body as an ex- ecutive committee, and said regents shall then hx on the time for the regular meetings of said board and on application of any three of the regents to the secretary of the said institution, it shall be his duty to appoint special meeting of the board of, and shall, under their direction, make a fair and regents, of which he shall give notice by letter to accurate record of all their proceedings, to be pre-each of thesnembers; and at any meeting of said served in said institution; and the said secretary board, five shall constitute a quorum lo do busi-1 shall also discharge the duties of librarian and of ness. And each member of said iioard shall be keeper of the museum, and may, with the consent paid his necessary travelling and oiher actual ex-1 of the board of regents, employ assistants; and penses in attending meetings of the board, which the said officers shall receive for their services shall be audited by the executive committee, and such sum as mny be allowed by the board of rerecorded by the Secretary of said board, but his gents, lo bo paid semi-annually on the first day of service as regenthall be gratuitous. And when-' January and July; said officers shall be ever money is required for the payrnVnts of debts removable by the board of regents whenever, in or performance of the contracts of the institution, their judgment, the interests of the institution re-incurred or entered into in conformity with the quire any of the said officers to be changed, provisions of this act, or for making the purchases Sec. 8.

And be it further enacted, That the and executing the objects authorized by this act, members and honorary members of said inslitu-the board of regents, or the executive committee lion may hold such stated and special meetings, for thereof, may certify to the chancellor or secretary 'the supervision of the affairs of said institution and of the board, that such sum of money is required; the advice and instruction of said board of regents, whereupon they shall examine the same, and, if! to be called in the manner provided for in the by-thoy shall approve thereof, shall certify the same I laws of said institution, at which the President, lothe proper officer of the Treasury for payment, And the sard board snail suomit to congress, ai each session thereof, a report of tho operations, expenditures, and condition of the institution. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That, after the board of regents shall have met and become organized, it shall be their duty forthwith to proceed to select a suitable site for such building as may be necessary for the institution which ground may be taken and appropriated out of that part of the public ground in the city of Washington lying between the Patent Office and Seventh street named shall not consent, then such location may be made upon any other of the public grounds within the city of Washington, belonging to the United States, which said regents may select, oy ------j with the consent of the persons herein named 1 Till. PrnolJ.inl nf I do TTnitPfl Slnff and tho said ground so selected shall be set out by proper metes and bounds, and a description of the same shall be made and recoided in a book to be provided for that purpose, and signed by the said regents, or so many of them ma may be convened at the time of their said organization: and such record, or a copy theieof, certified by the chancellor and secietary of the board, of regents, shall be received in evidence in all courts of the extent and boundaries of the lands Appropriated to the said institution and upon the making of such record, such site and lands shall be deemed and taken to be appropriated by force of this act to the said institution.

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That, so soon os the board of regents shall hare selected the said site, they shall cause to be erected a suitable building, of plain and durable materials and structure, without unnecessary ornament, and of sufficient size, and with suitable rooms or hails for the reception and arrangement, upon a liberal scale, of objects of natural history, including a geological and cabinet; also a chermcal laboratory, a library, a gallery of art, and the necessary lecture rooms; and the said board shall have authority, by themselves, or by a committee of three of their mem6ers, to contract for the com pletion of such building, upon such plan as may be directed by the board of regents, and shall take sufficient security for the building and finishing the same according to the said plan, and in (he time stipulated in such contract and may so locate said building, if they shall deem it proper, as in appearance, to form a wing to the Patent Office building, and may so connect the same with the present hall of said Patent Office building, con taming the national cabinet of curiosities, as to constitute the said hall in whole or in part the for the cabinet of said institution, if they deem it expedient to do so: Provided, said building i shall be located upon said Patent Office lot, in the manner aforesaid: Provided however, That the whole expensi aforesaid shall lars which su expense of the building and enclosures not exceed theamountof- dol-j sum is hereby appropriated, payable i out ol money in inc ircasury not otherwise an-; propriattd, together with such sum or sums out of the annual interest accruing to the institution as ,1 I mav. in anv vear. remain une.vnrnaea.

niter nnv- inff current expenses of the institution. And by the said board of regents shall be deposited Stales; and all! Cairns on any -tract made as aforesaid shall be allowed and certified by the boaid of regents, or the executive committee thereof as the case may be, and being signed by the chancellor and sec-- retary of the boaid, shall be a sufficient voucher And the board of regents shall be i i i i jiuk.u owirs, i nnr zr pmnnij nrn nprcfins rM irifiv mnv 1 deem necessary to superintend the erection of the mwjo "utci uy, ui ucciumy lo UIC nnuw lion, shall be paid into the Treasury of the United Slates, to the credit of the Smithsonian bequest, and separately accouniea lor, as provided in tne aci ap proved July first, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, accepting said beouest. lI i. Sec, 6 And be it further enacted. That, in proportion as suitable arrangements can be made I for their reception, all objects of art and of for nn vi nA uriniic r.icnn i nj nil ni, ush v-mivuj 110011,11, uiiu an ucii 1.1c ui iiaiu- ii.

and apart from the other property of the mstitu- lion. Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That ihe secretary of the board of regents shall take charge of the building and property of said institution, and in his absence the Vice President, of the Uni- i ted states snan preside. And me saia regonrs shall make, from the interest of said fund, an ap propriation, not exceeding an average of twenty-five thousand dollars annually, for" the gradual formation of a library composed of valuable work pertaining to all departments of human knowledge.

Sec. 9. be it further enacted, That of any other moneys which have accrued, or shall hereafter accrue, as interest upon the said Smithsonian fund, not herein appropriated, or not required for the purposes herein provided, the said managers are hereby authorized to make such disposal as they shall deem best suited for the promotion of the purpose of the testator, any thing herein con tained to the contrary notwithstanding. Sec. 10.

And be it further enacted, That the author or proprietor of any book, map, chart, mu sical composition, print, cut, or engraving, for which a copyright shall be secured under the ex isting acts of Congress, or those which shall here- i after be enacted respecting copyrights, shall, wiih- in three months from I he publication, of said book, map, chait, musical composition, print, tut, or to graving, deliver, or cause to be delivered, mo copy of the same to the librarian of the Sraithaoni an Institution and one copy to the librarian of Congress Library, for the use of said libraries. Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, Thai there is reserved to Congress the right of altering amending, adding to, or repealing any of the pro visions nf this act Provided, That oo contract, or individual right, made or acquired under Mich provisions, shall be thereby divested or i in paired. Approved, August 10, 1846.

Public No. 179 An Act authorizing tbe payment of certain claims of the State of Alabama. Be it enacted by the Senate and Hte Rep retenlaliees of the United States mf America in Congress assembled, That there be paid to tbe State of Alabama, out of any money the TreaS-ury not otherwise appropriated, the torn of thirteen thousand four hundred and fifty-five dollars and thirty-two cents, for moneys paid by the said Slate for subsistence, supplies, and services 'of hef local troops, and for provisions and forage furnish ed the friendly Indians during the Creek and Seminole hostilities, in the years eighteen hundred and thirty-six and eighteen hundred and thirty-seven. Approved, August 10, 1846. Public No.

180 An Act to provide for the payment of the evidence Of public debt in certain cases. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, whenever it shall ar pear, to the satisfaction of the Secretary of (he Treasury, upon due proof taken in the manner hereinafter directed, that any treasury note which has been, before the passage of this act, received 1 la rr- or rnuecmcu ry any authorized omcer ol the gov I. I ernmeni nas oeen soDsequentiy purloined "to- len, and put into circulation, without having upon it any evidence or marks of having been cancelled, I I I 1 I nnu nns open receiveu ov anv nerson or nniin- lion, for a full consideration, in ihe usual course of business, without noticeor knowledge of the same, having been redeemed or rreeirrd as afore said, or having been cancelled, or been purloined or stolen as aforesaid and wilhoot an, circumstances existing to create suspicion of the good fthh or due caut on w.lh which ihe same may have been received by such person or tution, he shall be, nnd hrtby is, authorized to note to be paid to the innocent holder thereof, out of any money in the i jii ui uuiei st: ui it inrr.nro That the facts upon which any such payment shall uiamci, Uu u. I ihe taking of which testimony doe notice shall previously be given to the district attorney ot the unru oimcs lor umrtci in men sucn lost mony is taken, taken, Who shall be al liberty to appear iand propound questions to such witnesses: a lr 1 'iA which evidence shall be transmitted to the Scvfe- tars of the Treasury, sod preserved in bis dr- 1 -iri i i partment and all wilful ialse swiiaring, upon ll I'fn nn inn ll I I Kn nnrl horiKw Ar In roil i v. l.

I -m which have, before the passage of this act, been allowed in such cases, and-under such circum- stnnecs, are hereby sanctioned. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That all nets heretofore enacted, which are Supplied by this act, so far as the same may not havo besn set-ed on arc hereby repealed, and so far as tbey may havo been acted are ratified and confirmed. Approved, August 10, 1846.

II is right I hate that man." Why do you hate him Did he ever injure you in character or in person? No but I don't fancy him." Do you know him If? No neither do I want to That is just the way of the world. A stranger passes by, and we form an opinion of him if favorable, when an opportunity presents, we speak fo him, draw him into conversation, and finally become, his fiiend. If unfavorable, we avoid him. If he asks us a question, wo answer by a quick monosyllable, and have no desire to seek his acquaintance. Is this right, just or honf st Thero are scores of men we dislike, because we are net acquainted wilh their characters, and by the dislike we have taken to them, seek no opportunities of nn acquaintance.

Such a course is ungentle-man ly, unchristian and savage. It is not the looks nor the general appearance of the person that makes the heart good or bad. The plainest man we know of, possesses tbe best heart we ever became acquainted with. The homeliest women of our acquaintance is the most eflection-tionate, kind and amiable of her sex. At first sight you would turn away from these excellent persons, not dreaming that the outward appearance is not an index of the heart.

In future we hope you will be governed more by tiuth and justice, and not condemn and hate one you do not know, and against whose character a word of reproach was never lisped. The heart, apd this alone, study and when it is in the right place, do not for the world make a remark, or manifest a spilit that will pain it to its centre. Portland Tribnne..

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