The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1934
Page 5
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BIZ TUESDAY, MAY'S, 1934] A/OW/TZZ& JOE' f l-tAUSEK. I; CHIMED BEMllIS Pirates .and Tigers Win; Extra Inning Games; j Rowe Hits Homer The Yankees and Giants continued mernly on their way to a possible meeting in the world scr- ies tills fall when both teams won i yesterday nnd kept up the early j pacing of ihciv respective loops. The Giants however ran Into n real ball yume with Hie Cincinnati! ,.;. Reds. Mel Oil's double In ihe! ninth Inning, scoring two runs.' gave the Gi;in(s their win. H \vai> ;... the eighth straight defeat cl the Reds, llubbell was the winning pltclic'r and Fiey was on the los- i«3 end of the duel. The Si. Louis Cardinals delc.,.- ctt the Boston Braves 10 to 5 at Si. J.nuis. The Cnnls won with Tex Cnrlelon pitching one hit, ball until the eighth Inning nncl last £; the rest or the route. Tlie Cnnls _> got to three Uoslon hiirlcis for 11 — Wows. Hothrock and Collins of the ~ Cards hit for the circuit. _ The Pituburgli Pirates defeated — (he Brooklyn Dodgers 7 to C :i:i •— Pittsburgh. The Bucs won In Ihe ~ tenth inning when Vaughn's triple _ was followed by Lnvngctto's single. — The Pirates had come from be~ hind to tie the score In Hie ol«hth ~ Inning. Chiignon was the winning _ and Lcoard the losing pitcher. — \. Lee, rookie Cub richihiiiider, ~ tlnit out the Philadelphia Phillies ~ 2 to 0 al Chicago. Holly WAS on „ the losing end of tho pitching oi di:el. I.ce held the Phils to four :•• hits. Herman led Ihe Cub hitters '2 I'll" two triples. ~', The Yankees clambered all over M Hie Browns H to 1 at New York, g Lou Gehrhj and Titll Dlckej 1 hit i ... homers to lead (lie Ynnlc hitters! £; who got as ninny hilx ns they did Hit co nenr.Rc, TCP Mi [ J ABII RUT,i-;. RECORD or CO I.'MABUSMED IN v/ils °'i Hie lining 1'iid of n pitch- im Off On Ai>- <>:H.T Homer Trial Tlwit o Nowhere I'.V Jl.MMV DON.UIUI-: N'iiA -U-j vh i- .Sprjrls M'rili-r ' v.i.u' 1 ! w.-::i l':i--; [' - : . ,,-,ij!i; !;• n; In tin- nuj:;r UM':I:<-: H.niyir. |)hi-iiuiii!-n]| Immv n h.ttitu f)r:t bjvjman c.f th- ciulj. but a?j]J:::v:it: : GOLF ^•^ Ru Arl- Krnm By Art Krenz duel holding tlv liarons In live Inss. Hughes w..> IIUX'T I.UKfil-: AT 11A1.L 6 TR H ""' w ' lln '"" I'itfher. , I U U Ark-MoTl7vs I Plays Hughes; \viii-:x PI.AVIXC; IKONS' Birinini/hani Trims Knox-! Hayncs To Meet Liberty Here is advice thai lits in well, -HI n I r\ I ' (While on the subject of Iron piny: Vllle In Ullly (JlllCr, • ••,.,, ...,., , ", 7~.. rs! Don't IIIIIBC al the ball. This Is - i.i.u.i.'.uui l( runs. Allen was the winning pitcher, sinking out 11 men. Ulnehold- er was the losing pitcher. The Washington Senate Irounced the Chicago While Sox'prevented by giving tin- iiands and at Washington. 17 to 7. The Nats! rot 15 hits off lour pitchers with Hcving being credited with the, loss. Weaver was the winning The Philadelphia Athletics defeated the Cleveland Indians 7 lo 3 at Philadelphia. The Macks won with Cain going ihc route, and limiting the Indians lo eight blows. The A's got 12 hits of! Harder and Bean. Coleman, Mack holder, got three, inrlndlny a home 1UI1. _. ^"t. ~ "Schoolt;oy ir " v ,$!owc, Arkansas iiglilhnnrier. look his bat In hand to win his ball game yesterday, ihe Detroit Tiger* trouncing ihc Boston Red Sox In 11 Innings al Boston. Rowe hart relieved Snrrcll in the ieventh inning. His blow came with Manager Mickey Coch- ranc on first base. Welch vas the losing pitcher. The Tigers had lied Ihc score in the ninth inning wilh three runs. Southern Game Monday " i;i: " __ • in one' Milt The Atlanta" (Vo,!.-,,,, ,,,,r,,,,.,,' ril ' l(l l"iii B lu l>. Hughe; Ihe Aik-Mo n>a:i :;.)! taiih- at Haley ':i.':oii of 1025. v.hen ho •i •'•••»! i-:l in I he P!i:l,id-l|i:ia Ar ..... has b 1 t-n chained i, f \>:- H:n:;.er. v, hi is :(•!. has hit n d:ip ^-jason t!i:i player, irtt ox«")!]n { ' 1 " Kiilli. !!;• sm-iriietl (J'J l.i 1 M!', ur nine in'ir- (inn C i- l!',:n- :iln:is".',-l for hi:, bi; M hi !!l^7. Il-ini-r's IDfi !l bvll'-rr-d n of m. 1- C: alkl-d ll!> M'llill 1 'A it]] H ,!'.; i:.»rc ill IfKiO And in .s'.n:ijn-; oir t'n;s i-ti^'i 1 ! •>•• avm-..c<[ a rir'.-iiil cl-ni: a (.••1:1- i-M for ths! firs', ililrlccn. <er brok? hi-; knee cao !l;e vear af'.er he .-marked 27 ho:i:"n 'LT t!ie A' 1 ;. an:l free seasons follow iir; his bow wi:!i that outfit. It] :•• iiiierestin? lo note thai h» hit! 2-':t in his firs', year wilh Ir.e Mark- j Joe's injury bolherrd him when lie relumed In l!>2n. wilh iho re- u!'. thai !'(> hii only .192 a-i-.l was em to Kansas City en noti"ii ihe nillowiiv,- snrhi;. He made iVe IHi:c'r opixments see rail liv hiil'-i 1 -0 himiers anil compilini;" a p-r- enlaue of .M'l and li»oke<l so t"nd :i::it the AAAAAA's recalls;! him in 152,1. llnuser has bor-n s'-.nnled about .'ice. Milwaukee \vas ihe next '•i. then Cleveland, and fiiullv l]:il'.:niori\ in. two. where he set hi~ \Vim~So What? \Vias Slio\v \Vilh ; Romano V7iiH li::sl :;;:|l.-iu ni !„ ,. Hi-n,, hail 1. it-. aii-ii i'i Ij.- M L (.11 I.,..-:!!!" I h(: ..'_h.,'ll I L.L'IU |- iistn Ihi- filih rev: lai-,- v.hc-n Kniilh Midcli-isly sM(,.-ni- ( i hi nij'i oft .. l "KI ll.,, ;;.,,,.Smith iiii!.s<ui|..i on ;i.,, i(J ,. | .'.'alter \c-i:. l tl, LUaid Ge;i:ian maiut-r. r/.i'd oat a h:.' a^L-d TOKimy l..:iilt:h:';tti in Ne; 1 .- Voi']-: ;itu; . : crumble lur Primo (Jarnera's heavyweight J'.al'jis^-reui on th- \L-:c!itl. ::!ihiill::h Xi :isel \von, l:e ' far Iioia ^.aHyhu,!-cl a^ !;•. :n-.. Th.e nbov: 1 ;:;''i:o:i :in.', witii I.oi:uh:nn i:t le:' 1 . Today's Games SOITIIKKX M-:,V<;CI: Nashville al .Memphis. All.iuta at l.ltlle Hrx-k. C : hatl:nK.nva al Me\v Orlenns. Knox\-illc nt . Birmingham. cauf.:u Irtr-i ihe iuidi,:!i-, T,,.. Jx:.u,-: a : ,;:<av,:<l flu'.v ; ,n I ;iv:.> I i-.::nl eonipaud with the i::,«al nm\ ".' liih: i.eavie.-s and middk v.- •i-.|i:; he.-e. Ilcmnnc. v.iiom .<•:•.'• >:iciml !u reLo^iilxc as a r:::i'.m:::i uh'i u:\-aliii l";-.., i : U.-m;'- I l—:ii :: J :ii- yiitr.^ a^o, u'on the I vi-.loiy oM-: 1 •'!;'- :.:i:i third falls wilh Kinkey [ vn-i l-a::..- a 'Ih.iT in (: '•'•'I111 fiel'i:.-ii' lJa!:f-r. a! •• ::.'.i::in-; hi., ;.-;,: <:..fc:ii; as llliul : Ihc bjltler he -.vai man in ill;- i-in:;. uivnii; Ki;itian Ihe t-Ao li'-lin r.-, mix- l! "' L|1 ''••'iinniii: j):it.-. on l!ie lx:i-k 0:1 I three n-c.ision-, !,.,fon- finally con- '.IniriiiS hiui-clf iha: !{n::)aii,i had «:ii:y woj:. His hesilatin-, "v'c '•--' Ihe ' ' LIC;\MI i;r.o which it:d; : Saddle Ash Tray to Aid Forest Fire Drive SL'^Vtl; ",<ti" Ihe l.ltlle Hock Ti:iu-lers am! ihe lJiniilni?h;un Ha runs irfnini'id the MO!;T!?EA!, • i'i'.'u !rj ;.-n i vi n Allama elnb despite 12 I,lu: ( - n<x:k tor :n-.d six IK-,- cent inteVe;,t' oii ' m '' c '° ll ' 1 tl - r " f: - 15 ' c » AA pl'ch- Int.-i. Tin- Cr.ix gni 1:1 i,!,,w.s olf Ihe S1.3.U pnte will lie added un,'.' ! ^two Pi-bble hurleis. Cluitinan of der a liicisiini of Circuit CoinL jlhe praeke.-s hit. for the circuit In , here. Cluuit' JuilBc INarey held •lie ninth „,„(„,; «.;.,, ., ,„.,,,. m , ,,,. u ,,. Gi|)lp , R w ;. lllllini , uase. Sluiriw was the losing pileh- sliuiild jiay for Ihe coat ilc.-.]iilc I 11 ' her iiiM-iiiuv Unit is wa.s nie llarons defealcd the Smok-live. , P-cad Courier Mev.s VVunv' Ails 1'Jil ©Nf\ ! ^i- 1k STANDINGS .0-17 .047 .617 SOUTIiCtlN I.EAG11K W. I,. Atlanta 11 Q Chattanooga ft c Nashville 9 o Memphis 9 8 ,5'20 New Orleans 9 10 .-17-1 Birmingham a 12 .429 Knoxville 8 11 ,4'Ji Little Rock 7 14 TO NATIONAL I.KARVK W. I,. New York 13 5 Chiengo ..: 13 c Pittsburgh n o St. Louis 10 8 Boston 9 B Brooklyn 7 10 Philadelphia 4 13 Cincinnati 3 t . AMKKICAN I.EAGl'h w. i.. ret. New York 12 5 .IDG Cleveland 8 6 .571 Washington 10 8 .556 Boston 9 8 .520 Detroit 8 8 .500 Philadelphia a B .471 S|- Louis 5 10 .333 Chicago 4 10 . 280 aims more v;ork lo do, and by j |lLuseniiiE a tense grip and light ] uris!--;. | Check nnd see if ihe left .side is i tense in the backswing. If it is,' il ean't turn. As (he down.swhK I.-, stalled, the rifih! .side bi't-otni's Mithlened and hlntlers a forward hip .-.'hlfi and free swing, j Let the piv(n be eompleted wt jthat the U-ll arm c:iii do ita share. itnal [lie .i-£l arm c:iii do ita share. I'cl. Keep the led fide relaxed and ilu- left leg ready to juiuixirl tin 1 ueight of the body. ret. .722 .cat .C47 .550 .520 .412 .235 COMES BACK Charier Huffing appear* on «ie iv»r to a neat comeback with th* New York Yankees. , The r«d-he»d .Is one ol Utt few Bi.t(*er«. w Gianls, lioniiels Tied KOI- l.rad In Soft Hall l»|jjv The Scandals continued In set he imee in Ihe feniiir i;rtaip ol lie buy.-. 1 division of Ihe junior lith sclimi! Hid tall !r-;i[:ue Ihui of last Friday. Tlie I'an- r.s were |i:icinir tlie Junior buys -md the Giants anil llmnu-ts were ;ed for the lend in Hie m'rls M'n- or froilp. The l!ei-s were lending he girls junior -irouii. The Scandals had nine victories ind ll'.ree leases fnr a iy i rcenla«e of .750. Tlie Panthers with lo ivins nnd two lo^rs had a stand- .ng of .&;«. TI«. c.ian:.-; and Uon- aeis were (icadlocket! wilh six victories and a lass each for |x-r- centages of .KiT. The llees wiin 5 wins nnd one kiss hail a mark of 633. Standings as of Friday. May -I. r ollow: Senior lloys Team \v. L. T. Prt ndak ......... a 3 n ~,. M Cubs ............ 8 ., n , icks ........... c G 0 .500 Ramblers ........ 1 11 o .OSJ .liinior Bovs Tct "» W." L. T Pet J'-inlhers ....... 10 2 o s:n Jllis ............. « C 0 Mill '" ............ 5 7 0 Trnm " nts .Srninr (iirls W. L. T. Pet I wineis C i Cardinals . •> 4 c-is :: i 5 Junior Cirls Team w . L .,,_ , >c[ 1 0 .83: 2 1 .CO' 1 .US? 3-^ "lC7 l "otchas Sl>iir\rcs Read Courier News Want Ads. Detroit at Boston. St. I.iaii.s lit Xtw York. Cleveland at Philadelphia. Chi(T.|;n at -'Washington. (UPJ-A novel (!'n%- ihe Martin-.; ti! :a:.'t !ii:i ':',' . L ni::ki rs li:is l.'-rn ir.Mi 1 : 1 :! i v Vajrr l-~riMl Hiev.s:'.-! 1 . if Jf:. 1 -;'-:' 7.'a r :d:iai I'-.u-k. :nl r::a- i-n:: [-. ' Roc!-:-, Muitnlains iin:* . it i • ii-\'i'-:!li-i h' M 1 . 'liK.' (I- •.::•• CM; :• ts ui :..-i a-:i .' ;-il ill it !;:' r- H'-ail Ctniiir: Neus Waul Arls. 'I Forget Caudiil's Agency General Insurance I'flnne 7^1 [%- ^i"" 1 •?5js^i* j' I /' \vortls Wo Iry ncvor lo misuse "Good Vali/:'" and frankly, \vlu-u il comes lo these smnrl new anivats in PALM BEACH SUITS wo don'l linvc lo Ivy al all. $18.50 wilh vost S^j.;,n Your money's mosl in .Simnnei- Knshion Hriiif/ (7s Your Serial NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. For a ( on g Cl- mo 0.11 NO ONE expects honeymoon days lo s^o on I'orevor. For you—or him—to i>vl nll-ol' every time you see each other would ho askinp; just a little too much. Rut-beware the stod.^iness of p;rowin.o: too mat- ler-ol'-l'act—of always woarinff "iirat'tical" dollies, nl! always doing the. practical thing. A new and deliciously feminine negligee, a new dress lioiight just for the joy of it, can sel your ov.-n heart singing and get a word of appreciation from ihal. serious I'ellow who pays the bills. So here's an end to Humdrum! Turn now to the advertisements and let. them take you on an adventure of shopping, and reviver! romance. Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today are so charming. They teach the secrets of the great beauty specialists. They give hints on health of inestimable.value. They lake you into the confidence of the famous dress authorities of New York and Paris,

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