The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1949
Page 7
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' WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 1949 (ARK.) COURIER NK\VS Airlift Fliers Count Blockade Ending as a Personal Victory In Cold War 'Battle of Berlin' By I)uiiaM Doanr CEI.LE, Germany, May 11— W>— The men who fly the airlift coiiiil "Mhs end of the Berlin blockade us a personal triumph. They claim U was their Airlift which won the' "Battle ol Berlin." And they think this cold war victory deserves the usual war's end recognition—a special holiday. How about V-B day, they say, to celebrate "Victory In Berlin." "We have V-E day, for victory !n Europe and V-J day for victory in Japan," said Lt. Truman IAICBS of Indianapolis. "So why not a V-B (Jay? This victory may prove lo be just, as important." The idea met a ready response among the, pilots and ground crews who have been working night and riay (o keep Berlin -tipphed with food and fuel. "We could certainly use a holiday, all vight^—and I think we've earned on." f^ald Corp. Joseph H owned, TainHon. Mass. Even the airlift commanders who talked of carrying on the airlift despite I lift blockade's end iisrucd v«'Uh the men that hey had earned n holiday. "The boys rightly regard this blockade lifting as a personal victory, and they ore proud of it," said l.t. Col. Robert J. Duvan, North Hollywood, Calif., acting commander nf the big U.S. airlift base here ^ "They have really earned n vic- '' tory celebration and L holiday." "This has been just as important a battle as any I ever fought," said Ihe combat veteran, 1,1. Col. Comvny S, Hal], Bin Water Street, Rose Cily North Little Rock, Ark., commander of the airlift base at nearby FasslvrR. Hall fought with the Eighth Air Force In Europe during the wnr, "H has been fully comparable to a wartime battle and I am sure tht> men arc all mighty proud and happy to have it. end in such a U'fOl deserved victory," Ha]l added. There has been no letup in airlift operations, even though trains and trucks will begin Thursday to lake over tiie job of hauling food and fuel to Berlin. But even while they worked on, there was an air of relief a mo riff the soldiers nt twin bases. They saw at least an early easing ot the pressure. For .some, the blockade's end meant hope of leave 50 long postponed, or return to homes. "I hope this really means the beginning of the, end of this cold war." said Corporal Howard. L- "F'm alraid we may have cured f only the symptom, not the real cause, of the trouble." .said Lt. Ed Abrnnis, Jacksonville Fla. "The actual results will probably be k»ow only after the four-power confer- ence." Many soldiers, despite their weariness, were in favor of keeping the airlift going—partly because of the valuable trnlninK it provides the Air Force and partly to be prepared igalnst ntiy Russian attempt, to reimpose the blockade. Winter Wheat Crop Of 1,021,476,000 Bushels Is Estimated WASHINGTON. May 11. (fl'i — The Agriculture Department today forecast (his year's winter whc.u crop at 1.021,VJG,<X» bushels a.s of May 1. This is 1.71)0.000 bushels more than the 1.019.686.000 forecast » month aao. U compares also with, year's crop of £)90.0!)B,03n with a ten-year (19:18-47) averHRe ol 121..553 OCO bushels. No forecast was given on sprin» wheat. Rut if this class of wh.iat turns out al last year's size of iibom 300.000,000 bushels, the combined winter and spring crop would ix- 1.321.476.000 bushels. The largest wheat crop of record word w:is 1,367.186.000 bushels, grown in 15147. year's crop was 1.288,406,000 bushels and the ten- year average is 942,023.030 bushels. Fire Races Through Forest V Pole Charged With Spying on Allied Airfields MANCI Pnir Muv It i 1-, " ; '- iibimt the K.A.r mill I he U.S. All (''ori'i'S III Circal Ill-Hull), The- deiriidaiH, booked u.s Mml.i,, Knckiiiiinirk, -10. went on I rial on I'lSlit chariies of violating the Ol- JU'ml Secrets Art. I'rosoclilui K Cl Holiy siiUI Kac/- murck worked uii 1 u .spy nni: he:,it"I liy a •'.Major Knjd'y.! military uitace H, (he l>< "Tills Major K:iji|y t.s an<'lil. In common purialire he would bo railed n spy," I lie pm.«- MsJtH Jnlljiil Kajily i.s ll.sdvl n > (lie iisstsiuin military, attache n! the I' Kinlw.vsy mi diplomatic The embassy lUrlincd lo roiu- ment un the courtroom i-hmui's. ll«"ad t:«mli>r News Wiint Ails. Child Labor in Canning Factory Clarified by U. S. Labor Department LITIIE ROCK, May 11. til'i — Children under 18 cannnt locally operate power-driven woodworking machines. IncludliiK lidding ' machines In fresh fruit and vegetable packing shrd.s. Ervle O. Hicks of the U.S. Department of Lnbor, said yesterday Operation of .such machinery i.s banned for minors under the P.iir Labor standards Act. which the operation o.s hazardous. Children under 16 cannot even work in the room where power-driven lid- dins nmchinp.s are operated. However, children 14 and 15 miy work in other packing operations, provided the work i.s outside .school hours and the maximum daily work period Is three hours daily and 18 hours weekly while school i.s in session. They may work eight hours daily and 40 hours weekly during school vacation period if Ihe work i-s between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. A 15-fool will! of Tire i-neeil Ihiwish (lie st:i(o forest c-usl n[ „. Minn., as tills pji'hlre W:IK briiifi taken. 1'lmionriiphrr esruped liein,. tr;in ' lied when the onrushin K flumes dosed in on him from either Mde. Unlit ' rains ol Sundny eimblcd fireftnliiers to brine im>.sl ol Ihe suite's loie.M ( fires under control. (AP Whc|ihnto.i Discourteous Automobile Drivers Rapped by Emily Post in Pamphlet H Kf,W YORK. May 11.M-I--A sen- ral Woik.s Artlllllllstrnior I'lillln icinaii will r.o more client „ i«i |.-|einin B . B eiicrnl eliu!rin:,n of . »:• "Rill or slop sign (hut lie would j president's lllttliwnv Snlety «Jon(er- fliral in ii giunc of cants." Pm -e. He siiid: Emily Post, speilkinn. . " lM ,. s . ,> ns i ,,„., , nl( hoi , ,„„..,.,„„ •A roiirlediis liHly will not .si-nlil [iii ( ,'<.i- on (lie very heart ,n this laiiccmsly with her auioinobllc horn . whole mutter of lilsliwav safi'iv any moie than she would act lik-e i "Emily Post has staled "-.,• ease a -fishwife 1 nl a |inrty. j for traffic dUqucUe MI hilly ar.d "Primitive, irresponsible, discour- i stl persuasively Iliac It am mm.s to Icons ami impatient b^hacioi lie- i » " r « lethniiiut." hind ihe wheel o[ an automobile Ins no place in society \vpllbred person will see and \vell-in:uinercrt li'.imar "The courte . conduct In practically every ttalfk- rule." These are rjuotcs from n (r.iltie safely booklet. "Motor Munnei For protection against rival headhunters, when on HII expedition, fierce savages of Formosa wear baskets over their heads. Now It's Cotton Nome Reds Arc Objecting To MOSCOW -/,1V- The T.rshknit .."..•mi.., ..I.JL.IL .viiviLiu-i.-., [ paper "Knslei'ti Pravada" lias tTRis- ycstcrriny by the National ; teiccl a molest iiRulnst calliiiK Sov" " ' -• iel types of cotton "American" or ' KKypllllli" varieties. "Kaslern Prnvfldn" In rcporlfn^ n speech before U/bek sclrntlsts stated that the head (if the Acrirnltnr- al Kcctiou of the Central Committee - ,,......... j of the Communist Party of U/bek- \ highway users—nil o;-f-ante|tinn of ; Istan. Comrade Kutlrin had xnlili groups snr-h ns truck drivers and j that. It Is imjiiM. that new varieties the Anu'iii'an Automobile Aswcia- I of colon bred by Soviet scientists' (ion—tendered Mrs. Post .-, Innclic.m ! should be called Ainorii-an nr Kuyp- al the Plnxa Hotel yesterday. I tlan when they are In fact actually The principal .spcnkcr \\-as Fede- I .soviet. Highway Users Conlcrence. Mrs. Post, whose name has Ijeeu synonymous with rules of etiijiiru? for many years, wrote the pnmph- let free of charge. It's to be distributed free to Individual motorists. The Mil ic i; Notler ts hi'iebj tiiM'ii Hi:,t \v. A I'u'kiird has mmte upplirattun toi n permit to eu'i-l n in Irk :,n, eon- erelc bnllihiiK -10 teet l>y !»» led on lll(«'k (i. Muisli Addition licltn: lii till' liuiu block of I'litckiisawlin Streel. This bulhliiDj )» be used for » Jne C;L!IICV C'ity l-:ni;hu'or. nated: Mny 10. 10 III. S 'II.Ill The III lildni:. louse mVol-d Hull ilin-s nut "IniB Ihe nnl<l<i" Is mnilr MI lie and i-nliiliirliilili) |i,. r( .. |.'hi- esl wnrk at rejisimalile cn.vl. H-flLTCRS QOfltlTY SHO£ SHOI [ IZI W. MAIN ST. r NOW YOU CAN NAME YOUR OWN TRADE-IN PRICE ON A NEW BENDIX WASHER! It's hard to believe, but it's true. Come in today or call 3450 and tell us the amount you want for your old washing machine. Unless your figures are entirely out of line we'll make a trade. Remember, BENDIX is America's finest Automatic washer. Hubbard&Hoke Appliance Phone 3450 Blytheville, Arkansas PAGE SEVEN IMPORTANTV1ESSAGE TRUCK OWNERS O«* TRUClf SERVICE EXPEBTS GIVt YOU A TRUCK fNSfECTJON «*£ QVtOTE PRICES mtkot* OOUGATIOM Complete Stock TRUCK PARTS F#*H*rm« Brai«^ H«w SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Co. .'III! \Vvsi \Viilimi I'lione 578 beautiful (o see... beautiful to hear... "4 IVI n a w o x Tha Magnnvox Traditional... one of fourteen liislmctivcly iliik-rcrit liicHlcls. l-'Luvlcss (nrnitiiic with, a mellow li.inil-rublic<! finisli lo ili-li^lit the c>-c. Your c.u will tluill to ircsfl horizons in music,il enjoyment! hiccinip.irjlilc M.i^n.ivox tone. full) 3iilnm.itic rcioril clunker witli noiseless fcallicr-lnuili picl-irp, 12-inili M.i^n.nox spc.ikcr, po\vcrful 10'watt rurivcr ^iul .implificr cli.issis. In £i-nuinc ni.ilio^.m) 1 , \v.ilnul or nuplc . ! J \\'c arc exclusive ,-ij-enfs for Alii^nnvox R:irlio.<; ami Televi.siiin in Die Dlvlhei illc lerridtrv. If von luive a AlaRiiavnx itarlin ,ind wnnl (o ;uld I'M or Television, .sec us for a I'llKK DK.MONSTKATION. HUBBARD & SOI FURNITURE Phone 4409 BfyHicvillc RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY H Cinticrn for . Color Pictures Till! lilrill way ((> rnni-nilicr «pi-rl:ll nri':l»lnn>. Alsu nlhei lj-|ies nf CBIII- rras for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE HfllKi \V. Main I'honc :i(;.17 4% HOME LOANS Kllicvt H. .folinstiu The lOniiilnliln I.ilu As.siirniirc Society That's Our Motto! Wo spare no ellorl In piovldhiB an liXTRA everyday picsnlptlun service, wlitcli means extra convenience to vou Feel (tee to i-.tti on 113 at nny tinir: Prurnpt delivery service. Phone 507. WOODS DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed. Hest Prices Kirby Drug Stores I'HKSCHII'TION SERVICE riniiic 4coi Nichols Drug ^ A, SraK Alley SIGN & NEON SERVICE • KoKcr Sfsns • Hctlcr Service SOS No. Franklin 1'honc 3'i03 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 THE GRAVES Real I Mortuacjc lorins - Insurance '" RIYTHEVILLI'- Phone 3075 Constant jrnnvlh of our business fias made it necessary lo increase our U<!c|>)i<>ne facililics. This necessitated »»r number. Our telephone number now is An Apple 812 ** • ^ m one too! UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY A. !''. "Dee" Diet rick, Manager "Tbe Friendly Insuruncc Service" First & Main — Ingram liutkling W« Insure Everything WE Make All Type LOANS

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