The Daily Ardmoreite from Ardmore, Oklahoma on February 2, 1920 · Page 6
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The Daily Ardmoreite from Ardmore, Oklahoma · Page 6

Ardmore, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1920
Page 6
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I DAILY ATTD1TU K KITE, 01 It l ft n ti ..r Wl 111 or nil m. P CO po a bo pli mi 111. tic re as ha or, ha bu th ho th' lU m; 11L1 mi to thi tio ool off ho he hci yoi con A vt'.l TS boe dis yoi 1 pre Mo clci Jim tlv. 1 dry pot tor ing wh. Ai 1 son tho pla. WW our knu i I .: - f I : j. JmWm- f f f M Ivilhnowera artda !,.,. ,,,, m jsr Tin ""liUjniimMrBi waw . m ( 1 i w 1 1 r w 1 vi s 1 - in v 1 1 1- i;i I ni - ir- i fi 8 ! L "Rr X Y FjT iv This .o-'um.. accompanied by ruth- ri ." 1ffBK " One of the Hew Ki& Crovms 01? the Sea towered MMcrials Softly Veiled and Flower Tones Match the Harmony of Color - Large Shapes ior Sunny South -Huge Flowers Plastered Flat Against Brims -Fabric Combined With Straw, Says Paris. j MALL a md r th it the .southland iiniliiiory, temptingly lisplayed ia nil the hat departments ami milliners' window aould Btlmulate woman's fancy for something new. When the something new la an engaging new mode in hats thin is nothing moro to bo laid. Siimmor is really Just around Old corner; so say these enchanting models of headgear. And so say the florists' windows, abloom with daffodils and narcissus. High time Indeed to bo planning ahead for new clothes! Of course, tho South!.. ml hats arc larger than the models that will later be displayed for spring wear up North. Southland styles an mid summer styles and in summer, with! tho f:un blazing down, one very prop-, erly wears big, shady hats. Hut among the new Southland shapes are! many small ones which will nrlv Rarely reappcur In street hats for spring WOar a few weeks hence. Two di tl( hi fill little hats of this typo are pic-'tired. One is the melnn-rrowned tnr-I an, a Jaunty little Chinese shape that makes a becoming frame around a youthful fare. Tho melon crown is of black satin, tho roll brim of black straw and a new glossy braid much fancied in Paris just now. The melon crown fits well down over the hair so that tho hat descends clear to the eyebrows; and, of course, as one might have expected from tho waj feathers have been worn this win', r, the bunch of flowers that trims tin.-, hat il tucked just i.e. r one car. partly on the hat brim and partly resting ngninst the hair. Another Chinese turban of this type Is of navy lilne satin and gray straw, and the 'iinch of posies combines cornflowers nd pink marguerites. I. ace wiicd Brims Becoming The other small hat pictured will zed upon the style thereof by all iikmd. for this Is tho type of Nit makes an older face prettier linger and makes a pretty and face adorable, The soft little 'if lace drooping over tho brim dors tho trick. The whole hat has soft lines; tho crown Is of supple flaw, tho silhouette of the brim Is indefinite because of the rippling lace, and the band, bow nml streamers of velvet ribbon complete this softness of line. Hut ouo must dress up to a hat liko this if one Is over thirty. Vouth may attempt the stylo with a severe tailored frock and a pair of sport shoes; hut such u hat, worn by an older woman, demands a soft and dainty frock, fluttiry with lace and hlir fabric in thl hodi Ce. :l r:ii li tr formal costume accompanlod by rather dressy gloves and the daintiest of buttoned hoots or high heeled pumps. With a sovero tailored Costume the woman over thirty wisely wears a rather severe but very smart hat with a pronounced silhouette, if one cannot bo lovely and alluring the next thing Is to be smart and compelling. Fabrics Artfully Combined Let no material bo used alons. .veins tu be the idea of Paris as ex-pressed In new Southland millinery 1) a hat all-sllk. or all-str.w or all-net, there aro models that seem to be nil silk until you catch a gllmpM of two or three inches of straw at the top of the crown Just as a proof that the hat's crown is of straw draped with fabric. Such a hat. for traveling wear, is of cinnamon brown straw; tho crown Is, at least, but brown satin of the same shade is draped over tho crown po that only a disc of straw i.s exposod 11 "i" lop. Brown latin makes the iirim wnicn is decidedly dashing. 1! is wireu 10 hold Its Shape and do-i SCI ndl Steeply at one side w hile at the ! other almost half a yard of satin Mures upward, far abovn tho low crown. Duvetyn and struw. velvet and straw and monition cloth and straw are soon the Southland hats; but tho great around the crown li tone. Hats I 'or l'alni Beutli EncluuUnJg year the flower-trimmed hats for Southland wear are lovelier than IVir, Two strikingly smart models are pictured, and besides being very new and smart these hats are simply .harming in their grace of line and daintiness of color. One Is of flowered taffeta overlaid with white chiffon, white grosgraln ribbon encircles .he crown and rose garlands bring out the oiled colon In the sill; of brim and 'rown. Tho o'her hat is made of white velvet embroidered with preen beads and has a tlowcr of white gauze and heads. Thl ribbon trimming is tied in rathir a smart wuy at the front. Hal of Chiffon, Flowered Loilk,w l "Rov.'.es and "Ribbon. Youthful Little SuK Melon. Cioyt n and F lower's majority of hats, show combinations of chiffons and straw. For morning wear with linen and voile frocks there an hats made of linen and straw. Linen is to be extremely fashionable next summer, judging by the amount of it that has gone Into Palm Beach costumes', and some of tho tailored frocks of linen for Southern wear In the morning aro decidedly smart nnd fetching. A great many or them are embroidered with colored wool and a bold bloelc check pattern, in motifs of hat you wear with filmy afternoon on blouse and sleeve, seems to be a j frocks of chiffon and lace, or with favor, to. Skirts of these morning ' dinner H ocks of semi-formal char-frocks arc rather plain and straight, i actcr. Many of these big, summery the blouse supplying the chief inter- huts are laden down with grille clus-est of the costume. Iters. Bacohantl effects in millinery (.rape, Fashionable Trimming uui wane sport Hats and traveling; of green or purple grapes; white hats hats must bo considered In planning J have pale green, white or silver for a Southern trip, thi typical Talm grapes. And always the graceful Beach hat Is a gsla affair; the sort green leaves of the grape aro worked are to be extremely smart, by the way. 1 Mack hats are trimmed with garlands into the gat land effect, softening thl hard line of grapo clusters. Another fashionable trimming is wheat. In tho meadows wheat looks golden, hut silver wheat Is Madam .Mode's choice silver wheat arranged in feathery tufts with Mowers. A stunning hat Of tho type is ploturad. It Is of line, black straw with a brim lining of deep blue silk. Indeed the entire brim is of this bluo silk, wind at the edge; and a lace flounce, veiling tho blue brim, falls over ILs edge in a little frill. Around the low crown blue tulle nnd silver gray tulle are draped and twined and against this soft swathing of tulle aro arranged the feathery sprays of silver wheat nnd the small flowers, wild roses, clover, cornflowers and other posies that grow outside, not 1 v.: .,..; .-v.- - inside the garden fence. yuite different yet with a smartness is the dalsy-trlmmed model. A daisy-trimmed, hat used to mean a low-irownod leghorn wreathed With daisies. Not so this season. The hat is a very Stunning shape of gold colored milan with one of those new tall crowns that have great dignity. Hugl creamy white daisies made of pressed velvet nnd kid aro plastered Hat on the brim which Is of gauzy stuff- black mousselina in fact. There aro six of the big daisies on i lie transparent black brim but they arc partly hidden tonc.l down a bit at any rate by u drooping over-brim of doubled black net. Touches of gold at the center of tho flowers echo the gold glint of the milan crown and tho nar- Keeping Up With a Busy Day sih km: come dayi in every housekeeper's Ufa when every R moment must count, when time 'Qg' pr.. e 1 one has "that driven feeling" from daylight to dusk. One of these days occurs when, maldless, ono essays to give n dinner-party. The llnal moment in mind i.s the moment the tuest.s will arrive and one ! must be to greet them, smiling. I hospitable, attractively dressed and j with dinner all ready to put on the table as though there had been no 1 frantic rush for hours and hours to J reach this happy consummation. I Ono housekeeper has devised a scheme which keeps her mind un- harassed nnd her temper sunny on ! such a day. She works by schedule. I The night before she has prepared her schedule; it reads something like 1 his: I "By nine o'clock orders to butcher and grocer given, bed room finished j and living room dusted. "By tin o'clock dessert made. "By eleven o'clock table set and I dishes placed ready." And so on. until: "Py fotir-tlilrty bathe, do bur. dnil all but dinner frock. By flve-rhlrty roast in oven. Potatoes peeled, and in water. Salad made." Every hour during the busy day she glances at. her schedule. If sho Is up With it why there is nothing In the world to worry about! Why feel driven; ono will git through In good time? Always on,, docs get through somehow. put (ho scheduli of hours and work completed to tho hour has a reassuring effect on the nerves. Try it, next time you have a "driven" day. andb s Add Col or l0 Costume CII13 color of a handbag, these days. Is so much mure Important than the shape. Your bag may be round or square, oblong or aval, big as a brief case or tiny as u miser's purse; but its shade or hades, for most bags have several must absolutely make a compelling olnt of Interest In your costume. The interest may ho simply perfect har nony with suit, hat, veil, gloves and uoot-tops, or it may be a gorgeous jlond of color that mikes a vivid splash again-M a dark costume. In Vastly dlfferord?the Dfty dollar bag one carries now (. hh a hundred dollar ni'. 1'OU liotlie bag Ins jumped decidedly m 7 donate expense. One-twentieth of the cost of tho suit used to be a good prlco to pay for It; now half th- cost of tho suit is considered about right for the handbag. And In importance, as an adjunct of the costume. It has Jumped in equal proportion. Some typical specimens of the modern beaded handbag ure pictured and any woman, owning one of tbUM ny event, your handbag must express I sumptuous ritioulea might retire be-something besides moro utility. It hind H in almost any sort of tailor- nust ornament your stre. t get-up, not ' m;"'" end f( el sun her handbag would othvP inustralioii p a subdued adjunct of the same. Cftrry tnpUl' For a bag of this The bag of bags, where fashion Is r wr useii and II as 0OV.OUS . , 1.. . . . . , OS a set of costly furs or a penny s zed ! onccrned, is Ju.t now n beaded bag. i wl.lst.WiU(. ,, , ,,,, ;lMrt- dla. lappy the woman who owns a hand- monda it stands for Expense and I inmo beaded reticule, especially one elos-anca nnd distinct im. v... r the bags pictured resembles any uther In shape, and not ono of a scoro you ma (Xamine in a shop will resemble another In shape. The variety of shape- la almost us amazing as tho variety of patterns In tho beaded designs. And, of course, it Is the orls- Inallty. the Individuality of design in crystal beads. This bag II lined with pale canary satin and has a shirred vanity pocket at one side. A larger hag in tho sumo picture hangs from a aemi-clrcular frame of ihell and has the pear shape enlarging toward the bottom that is specially fancied this year. Steel beads, white beads, green and blue bleds make up the pattern which i.-most effectively outlined with fine lines of Jet beading Tho slender handle la a strap of steel and jet beads. The lining Is of blush pink-brocaded satin, the fringe of Itlll, Jei j which is the smartest. And it is perfectly impossible to convey uny idea j of the gorgeous coloring by a mere ' combination of words. If words could (glow an.l shimmer and blend liko beads, one might hope to attempt i'! A very graceful conventionalized liower pattern is shown in tho first bag toward the left and the colors of this bag are deep and rich, rather than vivid and gay. The center II beaded in cut StCOl, the deep border ouisidc tho flOWOrs 111 111. 1 toon. The liower motifs combine rich Persian tones, maroon, raisin, wine, copper, old ivory, dull bluo and rose, with occasional touches of black. These colors arc repeated In the heavy fringe, and the handle Is of cut steel beads. This bag is lined with Ivory toned satin and has a capacious depth Inside. Tho bag in the center of the picture is very gay. Scarlet, crimson, Chinese blue, apricot, copper, rose, Jade green and orange aro all to and crystal beads. Of tho three bags pictured in an-1 be picked out in the beaded pattern. it u hard to say though the whole design is a run I lint Is unusual in shape or eolol .lending, for every othe r woman, not .crself tho possessor of a handsome leaded reticule, envies her tho pos-lesslon. Some of these beaded bags iro small pouches, drawn up at ' loop on cords; others aro huge, heavy liffnlrs that swing from frames of ihell or metal. And It Is amazing . these hand- b..l.ll,1 In,.', Ilvil ....Irno jiow much cne can pay for a beaded them so expensive and so distinctive ag of moderate size as much as used They are as mut h expressions of erea-0 bo considered a good prlco for a tlve art In their way as a painting or allor made suit! But in those days I a rare rug. Jl handbag was an unobtrusive feature Two of the pictured bag! show linos Jlf the street toilette. Ono did not of Jet beading, th.' black introduced lesltnte to carry a dollar ninety-eight , to emphnslee the design of colored In "' u uouui nun, ior me neaos, i in- m.., lei at the left of the wj lag was 1101 Fopposeu 10 no not iceo, must rat on artlculurly In the general schome of I with nos costume. tucked under one . head-. Pramc and bag arc buadtd B .rm, it was ;i mere receptacle for a rich shade of blue which n,.. klnnk hange. doorkey, moucholr nnd sub- lines and black handle set off offer- I tlvely. The liower motifs urn In f.iint Is a nioderato sized bac ! a iquan Frame covered with1 ay tickets, and might or might not lave a powder puff hidden In a .ocket usually when present the JJ.owder-puff was well hidden. j Pinks and yellows with black Intro duced at tho center of each Mower, j Diversity Of Slinpo In New lings. But Alwnjs GorgCOnineiS Of Color Ami and tb trie la of blue, black and ' BfJf Bug .Seems To "do" W illi Lvcry Costume. Some Frames tc Angled), Some I Important Pan in Gay blend of color, no one shade predominating. The dark background at the j top is made of dark green beads; tho lower part Is of pale buff beads. The j handle matches the upper part of the bag. Again the fashionable pear shape Ifl the bag at the right of this picture. ' nnd here Is a new tassel taking the place of tho usual fringe. The deep oval frame of silver gives the bag a roomy opening and tho scalloped lower edge increases the roominess inside. In warm coppers, browns and reds, with 11 rocoooo scroll pattern in ivory. I this bag with It.s beaded pattern has a Persian suggestion tho odd lassii i also. Cashmere patterns these per-: slun effects are called. They make one think of caravans, and swathing , silks and spices and perfumes nnd veiled dark-eyed beauties. Tho new batlll bags oriental in suggestion too and next to the beaded reticules I tounded Ami Black Lines Play An Colored Bead Patterns, they aro tho smartest bags of the winter. A CARD, u Thrift Stamp, a little paste Money saved without a waste; Then more stamps your card lo fill Five years waiting a five-dollar bill. BUY W. S. S. METAL R.OWERS FOR THE HOUSE OMETHINQ now In artificial 'lei lor house decoration' Mital flowers on supple metal stems, and the colors so nntiirtl hat even the critical eyo of the woman who abhors artificial flowers set about In vases ..tnnot detect tho difference betweon theso metal bios-oma an.l real ones from a florist's shop, or course, it is a question whether no Mowers at all are not better than "fake" Mowers about tho home, Some people feel very strongly about this; others so lovo the brightness and good cheer of flower color-! in living- room and dining room that artificial posies sum better than none at all. An.l the artiMclal posies nowadays me reaching a high point of perfection. As far as shape nud color go. they hit amazingly like real blossoms. The point seems to be: Whether flowers represent to ons, mere color and shape or sentiment. Of course, there is no sentimental value in cotton-loth or blossoms. One would not send them to an invalid or debutante, or even Place them in thl guest room as a welcome to a friend. Put when In hapi and color they are really charming there nmn to be no good roason why they .should not brighten a room - just ns a plcturo of real life does. Especially during tho months when real Mowers are so expensive. Nasturtiums, in the new metal posies, aro particularly good. Combined with the natural looking pale, green nasturtium leaves, and set In ti low bowl they make a very attractive decoration In-''"'l tor living :oo, or dining room. 1.1 n i l: bows AND RIBBONS FOR tiik xi:( kum. A VB you noticed how many smart . the neck and , . , frock. a.i or the winter bon is I " th. bU f ,hp r,b have tiny ribbon hows, of silver ors fallin.. , ., ' '.. .. , :' .lonB stream er velvet, at the back of tho neck? do chine frock Ml h c,cr,u crcP This u, a very new ,tyie, one of Ihoie anund the .San Vi "'"I notions taken t. now nnd then by elbow sic, vo ha. , ! ru nn1 exclusive dressmakers, and not so in I ,..., ki..u ' . K'l ''ltlo bows of sneak nut on the msvkst l .d.. Lit.. " v?lv ri'm. An.l to-wear costume until the fashion h.'is I i,i.,i, ...... '.. rl'lffon , .. "as silver r lha a over become pronounced. A new tunic blonso of rose nnd sliver tissue has a narrow silver ribbon binding around Don around the no. .1. . ho back, and muehWe VmXh ing on the bodice. "usuicn fa'

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