The True Northerner from Paw Paw, Michigan on October 28, 1886 · Page 5
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The True Northerner from Paw Paw, Michigan · Page 5

Paw Paw, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1886
Page 5
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CORRESPONDENCE. "WaTeply. Our popular nupemBor, J. Ulakeinan. is lr CouUon and wife leave thU xsetk i liurulay, to twit friend in Mancvlona. Sir. 1". (Jock Lu just purchased a new Jckm wacon, with doable box and tpric Mat. Lu 1'ahncT atartc-d last Saturday, for Huf-f alo, with a car load of bog. shipprd ly 1. I'. htrt-ator. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Autoa of Taw Paw, and MUh Lina rainier Wf r te iuu of Mr. J. Hacgerford n Itu:vUy lt week. A man ahou'.d t lviw l; tV.i wp with cider and :Srn Jvt r.i fcv"uh a pitchfork, or fcc tYy Jrn tl.M tfco i a law for the- uv-r,:i.n wf oniy u uimK Miss Lira lOn-rr V.a ty1stoI from her Titat to Chunks whrrp m ih gnet of Mrs. Fox, f:r.rly ihw pjuv, but now with ter cvrv, eipvl in kwpP: a Iaiv lxnrdir. bus ad tLvir. a lhriuti binaries. Whtn that libt finrtvl pentletuaa frvuu Glendale, waa Vatiht taking a lu cf iata lrom Mr. Pratt ham. on uibt last vtvk. and was a&kfvl what b thought of himself, he replied - Well. I p:a I ain't ping to lot xay hordes stanne Mr. Ed. Acgt: inform ua that those youm; pilferers have etthl with him for the txnlod cider and laml they Uxk from kU promise in the dark hours of nibt, without leave, by giving him tea con'. of wvxxl cut and leaving a new barrvl At hi hou. That cider mill, where not only men who are in the habit of p ttin drr.:k. but minors also, can congrvt every Sunday and driuk their fill of bard cider, i doing mon barm for Waverly than all the whiskey tolvxma in Paw Paw. Youn men have Ixvn known to lecome so intoxicated there that they were carried into the tarn and left on the straw to sober off, before they could o home. IVes not the proprietor of thU institution know that it is a violation of the law to sell or give awav bard cider? Gobleville. Oar new livery is in full blat. Clark lJeardslee and wife are on a visit to Marcellns. Most of the property sold at llovrard'a auction went very cheap. Clarence WostcoU relumed home last week, after an absence of eight months. Mr. of Alamo. h:n moved into Mrs Daratt's rooms, intending to work for Howard. Paul lleddingha improved the appearance of his residence by raising it np a couple of feet. Hale Twitcbell has sold bis bouse and lot to bis brother; price, 4X. and has bargained for an acre off Mr. Sebriug's farm. Warren Goble is drying apples at the rate of from eighty to one hundred bushels per day. He has an ambitious lot of girls. Allie Holmes has trnd-.l places with his brother Jud.. who was el. iking at the clothing house. Allie could not stand the hardware business. Mrs. Lockard has Fold her bouse and lot in Pine Grove, to Frank Nash; price ija.K), and bought the Wake house iu Gobies, for -lOO. She has removed to this city. Howard's factory has shut down for the present. It is expected that be will resume business soon, with n partner, when the work will be carried on with renewed vigor. llomau Jarvis of lien ton IIarlor, formerly of Paw Paw, sioke here last Thursday, on the political issues of the day. Home nays they are running him for tho legislature. A lady in tho Gobies dryer was complaining of her spectacles, saying she could hardly see and would bavo to get n new pair. On further examination, she found them on tho lloor, whero she had dropped them. In tho paino of ball played hero between Gobies and Alamo, the score stood twenty-six to thirteen in favor of Gobies. This scoro does not include four or live meals tho Alamo boys had at Ibo hotel and forgot to pay fur. Mrs. Charles Johnson, whilo washing lat week, ran a needle into the palm of her h and and broke it oil, leaving halt of it in t4u ball of her hand. The doctor failed to locate it, and will k-uve it for the presold, thinking it raav work through. Tho Xt'i"i"tl TrU.iiin: of which we had a copy Pint us, sas : "In Capt. J. C. Uuirovs of Michigan, the soldiers of the country have .n comrade with a strong voice and nu active brain, as well as a heart in the right place. Ho is m the field for re-election to congress. There aro veterans enough in his district to send him back with Hying colors. See to it. He has been tried and not found wanting." Porter. Thos. Nesbitt will soon have a new barn in place of tho one which was burned. Mr. Geo. Weldin is spending a few weeks in Iowa, visiting friends and luoking around. Farmers mo agreeably surprised at the quantity of apples they have harvested this fall. A new house is being built on Mr. Ueach's farm, and the girls are all wondering if Charley is to be married. Mr. and Mm. John Stihvdl's silver wedding is to bo cilojjrated 1 his ( Wednesday) evening by their friends and neighbors. Barton Jlech's family has been increased by tho addition of a nine pound hoy: all are doing wtll and Hart, is wonderfully happy. Mr. Fred Cxpvr and Mr. John Lytle, each had a birth-day party recently. 1 he former received an arm chair as a present, and tho latter n gold watch chain. Mr. Harley lireck recently had a surgical operation performed upon his ankle, by which, considerable diseased bono was removed. Harley has been a great sufferer, but we ars pleased to say that he seems to be in a fair way to recover. The republicans held n rousing meeting at tho Town Hall on Tuesday of last week. The speakers, Messrs. Parkhurst and lireck, left a very favorablo impression upon the large audience which greeted them. The prohibitionists also held a meeting recently, which was rather slimly attended, notwithstanding one of our prominent fusionists took great pains to advertise it. Mr. Epbraini Williams of Decatur, brother of Chas. Williams of Potter, was recently found lying in tho road near tho church iu an almost unconscious condition. Ho bad been riding with a mau who was seen to push him from the buggy and then drivo rapidly away. Dr. Megan was called and it was bis opinion that the roan bad been drugged and that ho was in a critical condition. At this writing lie is still unconscious. A very pleasant social event which occurred in Porter, on Thursday evening, Oct. L'lst. was the wedding of Mr. John Cornish and Miss Eliza Darker. The ceremony took place at the homo of Mrs. Darker in the presenco cf toad thirty or forty friends and relatiua. After the kappy pair bad been heartily congratulated, the gueU proceeded to dipoe of the supper, which was truly famous one, aud one auch as only aunt Kate knows how to or pan iie. TLe pre- uU were numerous auJ elegant. Dev. McCarthy, liaptit turn ister, of Liwtoti, ofliciated. ORQUQHTON'O CHOE STORE. Lawrence Dell Cros and family are occupying their new bouse. Fred Dot lie baa bought Will Taplin' boue and lot. The scarlet fever iwtients bavo all recovered, and no more new casts. Mr. George Pierce, formerly of this place, ha re t unit d from the Wet to spend the winter. , The lrn of Stewart Doualdson of south-tt I.wrvice, was burned last Wednesday, with part of bis aeaaon's crops and farm machinery. had the misfortune, while heavy lauof iron one day Hi. Mentor working with Ut week, to jam bis foot quite badly; no bouea broken. Iast Tuesday night, burglars broke into the meat-market and Whiteman'a store. No great amount of " plunder was secured at either place. We bear it said that homo talent is suspected. Iaat week's 1'imti baa a notice of the death of Dev. Kdward Cleveland, for some years pastor of the Congregational Church of this place. He died at his home in llurlinton, Kansas, at nearly eighty-two years of age. Dev. John Kusstll. the prohibition mau, and Sal. Cook, the I don't know what of Hartford, were advertised to speak to the people last Thursday evening. The p. m. didn't come, for some reason, and Sul. occupied the time, greatly to the edification of his hearers, we Ms'poso riiosrrcT lauk. Nellie Shaw is recovering from her recent illness. Mr. H. Sherrod baa rented and moved into James Dray brooks house. Misses Lulu and Verne Harris of Hamilton, visited their grand parents last week. Mrs. L. Munsell was called to Keeler last Fridav, to attend the funeral of her mother. We understand the decree has been issued that Mr. Hope must go to the county bouse. Mr. Wm. liurden is buying drying apples for eastern parties, paying ten cents per bushel at tho car. Art. Jennings seems to le somewhat crowded, by the appearance of tho house repairing that is being done. Where does the profit come in to those who raise K-ans at eighty-five cents per bushel, when it costs ninety cents to grow them, besides the worry when it rains? Hartford. Mr. Wolcott, formerly of Watervliet, has taken josstssionof the Richmond House. Prof. Dradt reports great progress in tho school. The students are doing hard, earnest work. Messrs. Oeobock it Thompson and Hinsdale & Dowen will move iuto their new stores this week. Klder Matthews has been again called to preach at Dig Dapids and left here on the d. He is, at present, tilling a vacancy. Fenimoro Stratton is not w'orking at the lhiy Sprint; ollice. Mr. Russell of the Dau-gor Vlci nee, has accepted a situation there, but Miss Nellie still remains at the head. Tho supper given at the Congregational Church, by tho youn Indies of that society, on Tuesday evening last, was a decided success ; net proceeds, over ten dollars. Lieut. Wendell Simpson and wife arrived in Hartford on the Thursday evening train, completely surprising the members of his family. The left on Monday, for their home Texas. Onr Methodist minister lost many warm friends by his remarks at the cioso of Mr. Farr's address last Friday evening, and especially by his manner of putting questions to tho speaker. Milan Crag-.T died on Thur-ulay last, from injuris received by the kick of a horse. His 1 mural services were k- Id r.t the lu. 1!. Church, on Saturday. Dev. h. W. K w!o of Denton Harbor, ihlivered the address. Tho opera hou-v was crowded to listen to tho address of lion. Geo. A. Farr, who has been a wor ker in the temperance c;uw for many virus. He thinks tho third party movement has retarded prohibition for ears, and advises all friends of prohibition to stick to tho republican party. Mrs. Gilbert Leach died at her home, nt two o'clock a. in., Monday. Although she had been sick for two or three weeks, her death seemed sudden, as not many of her friends were aware that she was dangerously ill. She was a member of the Disciple Church, which has recently been organized here. Tho Congregational Church was filled to its seating capacity to hear Dev. Samuel Taylor; subject " Nazareth and the Nazarene." All felt a deep interest in tho sermon.' Mr. Taylor is becoming very popular and draws largo audiences. Prof. Jones of New York, will take part in tho singing next Sunday, assisted by fifteen mem be is of the choir. Tho Hartford correspondent of tho Free Pntix ind C'"' claims to bo a strong advocate of tempe rance, and undertook to admonish your correspondent for not uniting with tho third party movement; but when 1 replied that I wanted to exterminate all liquor from tho country, that I would not rent a building for the sale of liquor, nor have u barrel of eider in my cellar with a faucet in it, for my children to drink from until it Ik cmho vinegar, and that was more than sho could say, hhe dried up and left for other quarters. It must bo humiliating indeed, for a man like Hon. H. C. Sherwood, democratic nominee for congress, a man who holds up his head like an Knglish lord, to lower himself to visiting saloons at St. Joseph. Denton Harbor, Watervliet and other places, soliciting votes, stopping on tho streets and shaking bands with old bums" and asking their support. How do such things look for a man who aspires to represent tho fourth congressional district and mako laws for the peorle? Now, every voto cast lor tho third party candidate helps to elect this man Sherwood. Compare him with a man like Mr. linrrows! Don't waste your votes and don't trade, but voto the republican ticket straight. Uecntnr. Den DePny of Mattawan, spent Sunday in town with his mother. Wm. Stewart has moved into tho house late ly vacated by Nathan Clark. Mrs. Florence Hawkins and Mrs. Ida Snow of Paw Paw, wero in attendance at tho M. K. Young 1'eopIe'H Convention week. Mrs. Grovo Taibell has been visiting at her father's, Mr. Durns, a short time, and (rove camo on Saturday and stayed over Sunday. 2.QG C. R. AVERY-- DRY Q00D3. jR, 3R, Z "V .Z-j DRY GOODS HOUSE BUYS A PAIR OF CAL FBOO l wm i '.i .j? v Brougliton places on sale this day a limited quantity of Mens' tl "8- THK L VKGKST AND FiNFST LINK OF Ladies' XcmuKcts, Plush Sacqucs, Short Wraps Misses' and Child's Coats and HavciIocKs to be found in Van lluren County. Designs the Latest. Securing tho s.iuie at a gnat los to manufacturer. WVcan give you price at let than Manufacturers Cot. HAVF. FITTKD IT A CLOAK ROOM Where the only Complete Stock of Cloak can be found in the county. F.vcry garment we show is a Dargaiti which you will appreciate at once by examining quality it aiui learning price. Calf Boots, at 82.00 per pair. They are solid leather soles, counters anel inner soles. Stanelard screw f asteneel & worth $2.50. Ol'K LINE OF FALL AND NTNTKK DRY GOODS, FASCY GOODS AND MILLINERY is now oompLte. Although Vk1 and Cotton Goods show a marked advance. o:i will not discover h here on the contrary, a marked decline will be noted in many lines. XOTE. One Case Ileal Turkey Red Dress Prints at 5 cents. III'V.' j. LARGE LINK OF PLAID AND BROCADED & M SUITINGS AT ( 14 CENTS. Closing a lino of Two Button JfA Kid Gloves, sizes 52 to 6; fc at 14c per pajr, man- SfrV" ufacturors' ' Oj4h Vr::, 37c. i'WJt pneo In BROUGHTONS SHOE STORE!!' W. J. 3ELLICK DRY QOODQ, BOOTS AND SHOES, ETC. W. J. SELL Has been so Uusv for the last two weeks receiving and placing in stocH OVER 100 CASES OF DRY GOODS ick df That lio lias Ik-oii unalm to in form lii friends of throloant linos df t Plush, Astraclian, Jlatclassc & Beaver Cloaks, In Ladies', -Misses' ami Children's, at prices never so low in the annals of the trade. Wc can now show you J50 to 10 pieces f LOWELL AND HARTFORD INGRAINS, at our usual popular price, ('!) cnts per yard, they are sold for cents everywhere. A lim- line of IJKl'SSKLLS and lower grades of Ingrain Carpels from to ."() cents per vanl. IIKM11 CAhMM'TS, XA1MKK .MATTIN(i and STAIR CAIJI'KT in" reat variety. We think we liave the cheapest Pole in the market. For a Ladies Shoe at and .."O, popular juices, we c laim to have those that have stood the test of years for e;ood littiti;: and lon wear. You will find them here in every width and size. A Line of ATW'ILL'S SlIOKS to close at !.Of', former price 'J.'-O. FOlt SALE AT A iAR(lAIN. Wo havn somo (,0()0 worth of Men's and Roys' Clothing that aro going fast at Now York cost to close. Rhadame, Surah and (iros (Jrain Silk iu Mack and colors. Xovelties in black and colored Dress (Joods and Flannels. 100 doz. Ladies', Misses' and Children's Hose. Men's Leather, Rubber & Wool Hoots & Shoes. Prices Correct! Mens' Hats and Caps. Wool and v. (Jreat variety. The celebrated Youman Hat, the best Still' Hat in tin; market for ,.,.UO. Miss Corey has just returned from market with a superb lino of high novelties, all of which will be sold cheap. ROUES, HOUSE BLANKETS &-BED BLANKETS, AT THE CLOSE PRICED HOUSE OF AV. .T. SI0LL1CK. SKCUKKI) THK LAST Ol' CLOTIIM jAKS, (1-Jt imi. nts)THKY Ai:i:(i()IN( FAST A r Sl.oo IIACII. WW Q. T. DOWEN CLOTHING, DOOTS AND SHOES. EP CUT NO 9 1 mr U Jii LITTLE SHOES! unrc i H X ! SHOES FOR THE YOUNG! SHOES TOR THE OLD! SH0 T70 SH0 ITOr OPEOsT For the Benefit of the Public. CLOTHING ROOMS, Never so Complete:! Cheap as Now OVERCOATS! OVERCO'TS! AT (rRKATIiY REDUCKD PRICKS. c--..xJxJ .nsriD see DOUBLE STORE

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