The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1931 m.YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREh' 22nd Child Born Today to New York Parents BKOCKPORT, N. Y., Pel). 10. (OP)-A Mud child was torn lo Mrs. Morris Blossom here totay. II was a boy. All the chlljren ar: living. Where Red Cross Is Giving Aid Now Divorce Rate Fluctuates With Stock Market; SEATTLE, <UF>— Out of ev.?ry • 20 couples who embark on Hie sea | or matrimony In Kings Ccumy.. only nine manage to sleer a; Kraight coim.e to happiness, while : Oil other H are diverted. SUUls-' '.ics tor the prisi sis years show j that divorces total a little more] Uum 55 per cent of the marriages,. there having bcjn 20.CGG marriases • and 14,822 divorces during that' period. ; A falling off in divorce applies- | tions during (he paM few uiomlis 1 i is atti ibutcd lo the economic de-j presslou and the fact that many j l,i:ple havn't money rn&usli for; a divorce. Portugal Added to Radio Uiiion The Editor'i Letter Box he ran gel In comimmtcallcn with me. It Is (|iiitc aim (hat on? not fumllhu- with the routine, and Ihe icqiiUrments i>! tin.. Wur Risk Un- ii'iiu liny lose I'litlrcly Inuirftiin? lo which llii-y iin. Justly ciiUtled- If you can niul will call this tOii.c ; t murr- thii'i the attention ol "J. T." (hronijh i your cnhnniii, 1 nm ruiUe sure it I \Y3I1 be :lt:il!v['fnl.'<l Iw !ilm (nr -r!l5 llt| ll SUlltt'd 111 It K. 1280 Worlhlniuon Memphis. T.:mi. War Klsk Insurance ITo Hie editor:) Soim> time UKO theic In (lif •Question and Ansive umn ol the Memphis Evening Appeal a question iisXetl by "J. T." Blyil:evll!i', Arkunsus, relatlw to War Risk Insurance which . the ques;kmer's brother hud taken out. According to llio question, Ihe brotl.rr lias died, and "J. T." Inqunmg us t 0 whether lie wns en-1 titled to the Insurance made In ,„ ,., , , „ . , his fai-or I Misses Gladys and FrmvM In Hie' answer, the Evening Ap-1 Rrnl " """' °" Ml ' s - Imu ' r.?al .'talcd that officials o! the I Amwiran Legion here ilonblcd the-i possiMity of collecting this imur-| ancr. I culled the Appeal In an effoit to tlml the iimnc of tin. nuoMloncr so that I conlil write him direct [or more details, bin "If! MAUKI-T M:,\UI,Y ItEADY OSAKA, Japan. (UP)— Osaka's r'\v carnal wholesale'imtrkel, cov- riiiv MI-..TI' than 150.CW) square, is neaily complclrd and will b' ur,< nrd In /.put. The btilkllntt Slij.KKMKO. The m.ivkfi is part, ol the Ms y.;ar pro- whsn Hie' pofal providing scheme. «1,5W,000 for the TOKYO. Japan, (UP)—Over 1S3 j Japanese committed suicide during 1 January 1931, according lo p:llc5 , Jleurcb. Despondency because of •hard times was blamed for a mal. an,r«au.',i by him, for T j » ™ "> ia» wnen ''«'ority o. the tragedies SulclVTln iircl tlml unit- r ihe fnt':s as staled,' municipal assembly ndo]iti'd n pro-' IMO munl>ercd 1,100. he is entitled ID the Insiuance. ' Yours truly. Lamb. I'lncc, Appeal was uniiblc to give me Friday. Mr. and Mis. Ki\rl Siiatieyfclt are moving lo Diiver Glove iris week. Mr. mid Mrs. Wcss Tomllnson i.f Lone Onk \wc visitors In (his community ihls v.'c.'k. Mr. and Mrs. Will O'Nenl HARTFORD. Conn.. (UP)--Porl-J " !3 shtlded P° rtlon5 of tllis m!vp ' " rc '' aml ugal now Ls represented with 18'month of February began, show where aid other countries In the tmernation- i states, al Amateur Radio Union, with the admisiion of Rede dos Emlssores Portugueses Into the union. The Portuguese society joins amateur groups in Australia, Belgium. Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Irish Free State, Italy, Netherlands, Ne\v Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden. Switzerland find the United Stales, says nn Ameri- | ear. Radio Relay League bulletin. by the American Re<l Cross and based on reports us the is beiiif extended to drought sufferers in the Unllecl Seven hundred and thirty-six counties In 21 stales ai3 represented. Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mls- and Kentucky apparently being Ihe hardest hit. There is no relief problem west of 'the Kocky Mountains. the thli Infoimillion. I inn Interested In being of ns- slslamv 10 tlil.i party, ilue to the fad that I am a Veteran and tun dranins compensation myself, and am tlioroiujhly familiar with these mailers. Tin- purpose o( this letter is simply lo inform you of my will IIIEM-SS to advise this party, "J. T." nnrt Iho'.ight lhat perhaps you could and would, through the' columns of your paper, call this lo the attention of the person making the inquiry, giving him my address am How Michigan Aided Arkansas Drouth Victims jDislurlifd Slfcp, Woiikcncil; in n few days than all the nvdl.- Her, Always F&'H Tired • clnrs I ever look," continued Mrs. i -inil \\'nrn Hiil ' Soll " s . who like ihousands of olh- I _^ um i ers quickly found this more pow' >M.' linxiV- iM."Mrnv' rlf " 1 clrccllre P«liaratlon really 'luiii'i . ^I'-Ml'J)^ j iwncnelal. ISIIK1) lll'llt TlU)l)illJv Anyone may obtain the same re- i . j siill.s. Even children love Its pl:33- ardson Mturclny. , "J used nil kinds of meill- nm wlnlcrercen flavor and Its Mr. 1111(1 Mis. Lclnml Iloclgo of cincs :,ml e\cn the medicine 1 the I snowy while crenmincss. Doctors Lone Oak wcie mietts of Mr. nntl; dmter pr,-scrll.?d woiildn't relieve I endovre this Flaxsccd. Cassia, Eu- Humlay. | ,|inl awful dry hacking coiiRh I, cslyiilus. Utlnln. Irish Moss and guests of Mr. and Mrs. .Willie Rich-; Mrs. lion A,!/' ",',"', W- 11 - HW " u -' 1 f»'" t '" | lii«il. bin tins wnmlerriirnleV'uist- Alkins, liush Austin and I-icdjij,^ IJn-O-NInc H(xlBL' altciidcd the hall Bfune at' { ^\ ,j lc lvo ,.|. •• Ciosnell. Salurdny. j Mr. J. J. Gulnes wns n Illytlic-l vllle visitor Snlinday. > Knuilsion „ Ittrmer's Mirely o Olyceiine Emulsion. Esjicclnlly nice for children or uncamic cl- tlerly people and Invalids. No sufTereil . wife of Fash- i or cougli tjue to It last If yen lake n spoonful of Lin-O-Ninc InUallng Ihrfe times per day. At ilrujglsts, Mr. and Mrs. U. L Ilnwkinr. «>u s h for y«-.h, and it lm:l me 50c or 51. If your diugglsl is l>enl bnturday in UlyilicvlHf. > W nrn out from loss of sleep and. out, send dollar bill for bot'.le r:- Mr. and Mrs Lmi llurk of Ixiiw energy, but. Lin-U-NIno worked Onk were guests of Mr. and Mrs. I like and seemed to build me . . J.I. Onlues, Saturday afternoon. ! up n lot. loo. It did me more good mail lo your door. Kcri Chemical Co., Brcntwood, Md. —Adv. Speaking Dates Will Keep School President Busy ... STORRS, Conn., (UP)—Dr. Will- jam O. Thompson, President- emeritus rf Ohio Stale University end "dean of the land grant colleges," Is going to have to hustle to keep his speaking engagements in early June. Only four days aflCT he is scheduled to speak at Corvallis. Ore.. Dr. Thompson is to be. guest speaker at the 5Mh aniversary exercises here of CoTvcticut Agricultural College. The following afternoon he is due to deliver the baccalaureate sermon at Ohio Stnto. ..,.He is expected to utilize airplanes to keep his engagements. Japan Plans War on : Scribbling Tourists SUNSHINE MELLOWS Heat TOKIO. .Tapan/UP) — Thoughtless tourists who scribble their ' names on the nncient lacquer WTiich^prpi^cts-the wooden pillars. ft'nd'Valls'df Japan's famous ;Bud- dhlst temples will be liable to prison sentences with hard labor beginning April 1. ••:A new law will make desecration Of the..buildings a prison offence. ;",Placards in Japanese and English will be posted near al famous temples warning tourists not to rrifir the walls or touch ancient ob- i.?ets. 1 TSURUGA, Japan, (UP)—Tsuru j ga's new harlwr constructed at a cost ft more than 2,C03,COO will be completed'in 'October, vastly im-! provlng this seaport, which is the I Japan-terminus for ship lines from] ~ Vladivostok. Five trucl^, bound for Helena, Ark., are shown here being loaded with 20 tons of foodstuffs and farm produce at Bentou Harbor, Mich. The News-Palladium of Benton Harbor sponsored Hie food relief expedition and Ihe cargo was to be turned over to the Helena Evening World to feed school children. . The food caravan passed through Blytheville Sunday en route from Benton Harbor to Helena. I. 'CKKVou EXPECT 'AN/IfilH&BOTfoME S UJHHO RtHlERS UNJDLE' -iO\TH 6LOUES Ml- Grove Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Gaines visited relatives In Reece Saturday and Sunday. Martin and Frank Sackrider visited Charles Springer Wednesday nljht. ' Mr. W. H. Springer spoilt Saturday night and Sunday with the son, Mr. Charlie Springer and family, i Martin Sackrider attended pray- I er meeting nt Gosu-!ll Friday night.; Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Hue!' j were guests of Mrs. Charlie Brock, | Saturday. ! T'vmas Gaines spent Saturday' night and Sunday with relatives at, motored to Memphis Saturday. i Miss Minnio Bell Shaw spent the' week-end in Grenada, Miss. | Mr. and Mrs. E. w. Watson mo:- j ored to Osceola Saturday. were shoppers in Osceola .Friday alterncon. Little Julia Cooke is Improving after several weeks illness. Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Wlilttier an- Mr. and Mrs. Demby have asj nounce the birth of a son,-on Feb- htelr guests, their sons, Ralph and i ruary 2nd. Howard Slaton. — —— : —— Mrs. C. L. Nichols is spending! Hfr rllPS the .week In Blythcvllte with Mrs. H. E. Wledman. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mounts, Misses Kathryn Watts and Mary Faust were • Blytheville shoppers Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Minor Taylor and Keiser News Misses Lucy Dunavant, Lucilc •! Moore and Mr. W. E. Pieg atlend- - Charles Bigham is ill this week, j rd the Whitton-Wilson ball game • The Driver Grove Sunday school n t Wilson Friday night, has 54 on roll at present- There will be church services Sunday morning at t'avcn o'clock. Robert Cribbs Is pending a few- days with his parents at Driver Grove. children spent Sunday in Mem phis at the bedside of Amer Taylor, who" is ill at the Methodist Hospital ... Dr. Anderson conducted church services at Kerjer Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Swam Brock attended th2 show at Osc;ola Saturday nijht. Miss Bstty I.ou Broke, Miss Irene Nichols and Mrs. Swam Broke After 20 Years Mrs. U. E. Mas:, 817 South.7th St.. Goshen, Ind., who was entirely hraled of Piles and other Rectal Trouble after suffering 20 years, urges all iuflcrers to write' The Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 7.19. 926 McGee St., Kansas Ctty, Mo., for n-'new free copyrighted book which tells all about hemorrhoids (piles), fistula and other lormn of rectal diseases and which fully explains a safe, sure, mild treatment that has restored more than 40,000 afflicted people to renewed health. There is no cost or obi Is at! on. —Adv. • Miss Anier Taylor, teacher of ! the third grade, is seriously ill i at the Methodist Hospital in Mem- pliis. • Mr. Dan Chandler who has been I visiting relatives in Kentucky for Mr. and Mrs. Joy Duvall have, £ome timc ilas returned home. I Mrs. Robinson and son, Freddy RELIEF IN FEW j MINUTES moved to this community. Ernest Koonce is making his home with Mrs. Lawrence Lucius i of this vicinity. . Mrs. A. J. Wicker and children ! spent several days this week with her father, W. D. Vaslblnta of | Little River. j Douglas Robertson spent the week-end with J. w. Brooks. Loretta and Carl Duncan of Lone Oak were the Saturday night gursts I of Glcnora and Max Braolts. Ernest Koonce was the dinner guest ol Charles Springer Sunday. Claud Dancan and Dlt Tomlinscn or Lone Oak were guests of o.l<s! \Vhencvcr the sharp, agonizing pains Brooks Sunday. ' «' neuralgia shoot through your head, Eligha Sawln visited In Lone Oak he ™ s the way to get relief—and get it Sunday. 1 5. ulck -,. J"st take 2 tcispoonfuh of -Mr and Mrs. Bill Robertson of; t - il P u< ! ln c — the wpnrlerful new liquid I/>ne Oak called on Mr. and Mrs. £""! pt '. on '" ? l'«'cw-H"and ma lew minutes you I! be joyously painfrce and ready for work or |>l;iy. Being liquid, C.ipudine nets iinnic- tliitely, often in onc-tliird the time required by oilier forms. No narcotics Uoesnotdisturbilijcstkw.Apurovedby I rilOrnct,. !.-.._ '.I. .1 - . ' NEURALGIC HEADACHES Gharlle Springer Sunday. Mrs. A. J. Wilson visited her son, Raymond, at Lone Oak, Saturday. 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS * c »r € Colds, Headaches, Feve 666 SALVE Cures Baby's Cold l,e.H« s. liven with (lie mosl tcvere c < rclic( conies very quickly. /^ HtCKt 40 Laudme f fOHHfA Dr.PauiF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 LUCKIES are always kind to your throat Everyone knows that sunshine |IQWS-that's why the "TOASTING "proo nt includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. MjfCKY STRIKE-made of the finest tobaccos -th« of the Crop-THEN-"ITS T0ASTED"—an extra, secret heating process. Hanh' irritants present in all raw tobaccos are expelled by COASTING." These irritants ar* sold to others. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat* The advice of your physician is: Keeb out of doors, in the open air, breathe deeply; take plenty of exercise in the mfllou' sunshine, and have a periodic check up on the health of your body. FE1SCO REDUCES COAC F — between A 11 Points on the Frisco I.lncs W. S. Merchant Paswnjrcr Traffic Manager 'St. Louis, Mo. Almost Travel in roomy, steam- heated coaches or chair cars .... Enjoy the moderately priced coach luncheons right in your seat, or, if you prefer, you may have your meals in the dining car. Tickets on sak dillj. Good on all tnlru. Usual tree b»gj»je allowance. Half fare for children. 2,c per mile instead of 3«6c Your Throat Protection — against irritation—against cough Dance Orchcj. era, every Tu» day, Thursday and Solurda} evening ov«t N. B. C. net- uorto. 1, Tb« Amerlcin Tobacco Co.. Mfti.

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