The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1947
Page 3
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__ TUESDAY, APK1I, 29, 10-17 lUA'TIIKVU-LK (ARK.) COUIUKK NtfWS PAGE THREB Writ is Sought By Mclaughlin Former Mayor at Spa 1 Asks Supreme Court To Nullify Indictments I ITIl f, HOCK, Ark., April 20. ' U.I'.* — -Tin' conluuril i-r° if pia- "'i^iSL !1 -B !lll V il f'-'iuir Hot '•'P'Sl^p.Miiyijr L-JO 1>. M-.-I.aui;hlm was iiiitlcr a;lvir;,>mri,t of the Arkansas Suprcm? tncliiy, !ul[»iviii K luiiUliy ;>:-<i) :<i(.|;mc:Hs "' llio court rhumij'M'.t yrstml:iy. Attorneys for (!>_> iU'];c,sni jxi- !!ti<-';i| lender, who u;is iiulicLml on 11 COHIH.S by ;i s,vd:il (3;.i!.u^l ComHv Grand July, wiuglu :i writ <! |>rohibUio!r •!uj«)iaiii. ! im-ilic: 1 I'l'iim-tlni};:; in O l r I SL i>. it Cimiil Court :i«;iin-;!, l.,.-] ; C-IM-HL. They I'l^mcil that the- t-j.ccinl ^fiinil Jiny llml imlii-lc'l Mcl.:ii'i'.lilin «•!«•; iiliproprrly ;'.v<l l!!Pt;.llij rm- I'.ui.'lcii. and tin",, iiskd! Hint nil ilir indiflinrnts I,. 1 l:u\jvvn on'.. A similar appi!Miir>ii ,n |[ V _ l"Wfr court ;•.! tin- s'.wrl of Me- I-iu;;lilin':; trim svwnl WTI-ILS ;^o »ii'. ovrinik'cl Ijy l'jc>.;;.|:n;; Jmijic; Bus Plunges Into Ditch Near Turrell ,, Alk., A]jril 23. (Ul> One person was injured and 15 tilhers escaped injury yesterday when ;i National 'LYaihvay.s bus crashed into a bridge abutment ami plunged into a ditch two miles north of here. Mrs. Betty Cmninlngs, 58, Imboden. Avk.. was taken to a .Memphis hoypilal where her condition was not believed serious. ^'.ate Highway Patrolman Otis Henley said the accident occurred when the bus nltcmplcd to puss a truck which, in turn, started to pass a mids;et automobile. THe Kid and the Kremlin ® Piaster |j ® Stl/CCO A e> Concrete Phone 3998 iVavy invites Governor On Cruise in Pacific LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. April 29. (UPl—Ciov. Ben Laney, who was a sailor during l|ie lirsl world war, Manpin Cummim;s of Fayctteville. By uftveeinci'.l ->f v'^fi puvtk'S i»- voK'ecl. Cimniun^', s::t. o.i the (>ar- land bench for .lud^e Clyde II. Bn;wn. who had disqu ililiccl himself in the case. Attorney Henry Donlv.m of Little Ktick, reprcscntin^ McLauidilin, '.old the Su])rcmj C'o'irt >e:Aenlay tli.ii. the special ^iT.iiri jury . i .houl.'l not. hu\ r e been seUvle 1 * l)\' Ciar- l::'u! Comity -Sher fi I. C. lil'own and lie charged that it was com( i :'\ d of pciso'is \vh'.> had been l.-ui tically aetivo i:l lavor of HID .st>-called ''G-l" l::''t:oa as opposed to the regime of the cx-maycr. O;ulnud Proscc'i 1 ^ Sidney S. McMath. leader or the GI block that swept the McT^iughliu forces Ir.^m office, opinsj.l [planting of tin,- writ. He ch.inj.vl th: l ihe ic-ular yrand in,.' :>:ul ignored ni!>-. erons irregulr.ritic-s tlu-l. lirul b^en a matter of public record, and thai if had iai!?U in the pcrforn 1 - ::ncu of its dull*'). Chier Justice OriiJi'i Smith in- di'.ned tliat a dcchio:i niititiL be'We in mid-v,vci;. Conferences Proposed on Labor Issues ! AAAA CERTIFIED BABY CHICKS i J A ti)iii]ilL'tc line of poultry Teed. Entlcry fed fryevs— [ Iniy OKMII on fool. , i I'OLM/l'ltV WANTKI): 1 hen or truck kind. ! Open 'til !) Saturday ovoiiinif, 8 to 10 a. 111. Kiaiduys ! Plenty of Parking Space POULTRY 1'llOllC <)li) Hast Main St. Give IMIERNATIONAL from DREIFUS Mother's Day May 11 pllULUDK ... so rightly ncit)ic<l, so lovely ami -^ sci Io\;il>lu ... A pattern for dreams . . . your (Irv.ii'.is. I\]]ia])s you rcmcmljcr n little stone elmtcli at twilight . . . the soft, faint chords of the oi£;ui . . . the last li^ht filtered by stained ^la.s.i ... a prelude, a beginning . , . K you're juit starling that orcatcsl advcntiuc of Till, <ir liavc already hcj;iin it, you'll want to sec Prelude, to hold it. to cherish it nUvays. For Prelude wns m.ide foi lod;i) - '3 happiness, for lovely tomorrows ' $f Place Settings and Extra Pieces Now Available! «»URO ;+;;t) >;;*;>! x>;;«)xXXXXX!*i XX!*!X,!*X»^>x*' I'1'l-n.K HOCK. Ark.. April 29. lU^i-Uov. ijt.,1 f.^m-y yesterday MiKKfstiM ;l oinlerciuv of business, "*"'r, "Riiciiltiival lea<!ei's and mnnfaciiirvrs to work out nil ad- usted wane and price structure. The louii'iviic-e would be upon a allonul or statewide basis' The Kovctmir expressed doubt b:il com limed deinnnds for hlrjli- ' w;^e.s \\(nii ( i loud Ui anything xci'pt lilnlin- prii'i's. "11 we dun'i w:nit inflation, labor ml iiuiuiu'iilrnt .should forget heir own )>:irileiilnr eases lor it line anil work oul nil adjusted 'ate and price schedule." the uov- rnor snut "A reasonable comprotii- ^e by eacli faction wmikl create a eel I lie, of confidence! wlik-li would ncrease produclton and expand Laney deFcrlbcd "Ihe constnnl enr ol tioiibli'" us the worst \v\\-, ure in the labor and uuinaKcnicnt Lani-y (|iicslloned the ellecltve- icss in Ilie Newbnr.vpoil. Mass.. -ice rerHH'tlon move. "You cun't nsk mcidiiints lo re- diici! pi ices unless they call net their chea|icr." Liincy leclared. In striking conlrnst to Ihc miglily power symbolized by the j;rim outline ol the Kremlin in background is ibis Kn.ssian youngster, snapped all alone on a,rainy Moscow street. London Wages Morals Battle In Wake of Paris Clean-up "the LONDON, April 29 (UP)— Many a Lonclonor was .shocked icxhiy to Lenni that this venerable oapi f al was in line for the thle of \vick cdest city in Ein'opc." Paris ostensibly waived on title last spring by closing "hoiLsr.s of toleration" largely sponiilblc for giving that city th'.' <lul)ious distinction. Scotland YnrrJ arid various civil groups concerned with !hp pvoh- lein of morals were closing in on "t)ie square mile of vice" cfn'er- i]ifi around Piccadilly. They hooe:i to head off the unwelcome distinction ancl clean up the city before the first past- war influx of tourists ex pec ted his Summer. Lnsl night policemen, policewomen. and reform elements were; touring the Picca<lilly-Soho area to do -what they .could- ?wi thin T the limits of the weak laws which permit proa'.itutes to walk the Wi-i 1 ^ Etui streets practically uninuiu.iU'ii- The tours will be a nightly fcatiuii received an invitation today to accompany the Navy on n Pacific late in July. The invitation came from Secretary of Navy Jumes Forrestnl The cruise would be on the U.H.S Iowa starting jo! v 19 from fiar Francisco. The cruise was p!anne< to coincide with the national conference of governors at Salt Lake City July 13-10. The governor .said he will atlrnc. the conference bill has not decided on the cruise. Bill Would Save Fertilizer Plants From Destruction WASHINGTON. April iil. (Ul'> — •Sell, lllli;h lllltll'l'. |(,, Nob, has lil- Irodliecd Icijlsliitlon to mc'i't lorini'i 1 President Herbert I [novel's objcc- llnn to destruction ni ivrtllixi'i' pliinls of occupied (iermimy. liuller lold tlio Senate lli:it .sucli destruction was causlnu n IcrllliKrr slimline In Uurope which the United HI iiles iniisl meet by .shipments from home where a ".severe shortage" ahvitily cxlsls. lie said lie "hoped 1 President Tnmiiin ami American occupation luithorllle.s would "revert' this unwise Dolii.y iinmcdlalvly" wlllioul wallliii; feu' passage of Ilie bill. Mr. Hoover said recently American military nullicirllles in tlcr- inuiiy niul Austria were "busy as bees" (k'Slrnylnrj fertili/er plants 'Kill lo European footl production. Cubbish Court Proposed MI.Mt'lll.S, Tell'V, April ;>!). lt.ll') —K. II. Crump,, Mctivjuiii political ,li'r. Mim;eslcd today thai, Ilie •ity cMabll.sli (be I <tu ,L ivr'i-.klc in •nntls-a "nibbls'i remit." The Ute.i, ho s.Ud wouhl be to liuidU' ease:; arl'.in*; Iroin lir^ietL >1 Ilie city's .imitation l.iws and to "prnlcrf seine pecpk ircim lliu results ol llj.'ir i/wii uaivle.ssne:>. and an utter diMvrr.'il lor tl'e. welfare of thec 1 nei'',nbi.'|-.s i ml the TOimiainily at Mrj".' Local & Lon§ Dtetone* tfntmf famt loTTlco fe 1'kuut 2801 Panama Hats Cleaned & deblocked The Johns Shop Farms Stay in Family More Than Century TOUT WAYNK, Ind., (Ul'l -Two Allen County [arms have Ijeen owned by the same families lor more than 100 years, n survey belim mucle for the Indiana Historical Boclely disclixsctl. A 23!>-ncrc farm wlicu? the Harrison linilcy family lives has been in that family for 110 years H wns lirsl bought, by Jinnes Vu" Dolab from PrcsldonL Martin Van Ruren in 18117. Mrs. Bnllcy is i> Dodah. 'I'lie same president ua In tbc lust few days Ilic Drlllsi >iibllc has been let in on Hie fact hat: Kiy:i] pi-u.stitntian f;aiii;s hav K'i'u \v;uH'iti^ with rriicrn-s alii ihu'kjncks Tin 1 cnnirol nf West Kni 1 siiitl it.s hundreds of thons IIK!S of dollars niituiHl revenue. iiritons abronci are bcint; offcro ffl(-0 and more to ininrv \vrmt.i es. who llien arc .shi|>]>ed to Drl tuin, whence they cauiiot be de. trd since they :>i'e wives n Ui'Uons. Dcs]>iie the critical hoitsin •jlinrtnj;e, |he vice rings contro nninrnnis luxury flats in the 11105 exclusive sett inns of tile city, nn >inve no double clothios; their girls I n rxpenslve <li'esses and furs im-1 ivnilable to the average British! girl. I'lie bisiiop nf I^iiidoUs PnbHc Morality Council is worried ub'Mv' an incri' in honio.sexual vice. The whole (|0!-stion of West End IM-nsliliiMon. illicit film shows. slau'Ctt "exiiibttiiins" imd \^irKe forms of desjcneracy broke into the open \vith tile .senlcncini; of five members cf the so-called Romeo Onus; for extor;int; money from ])r<'«tilutcs. Tills pani: wns a rival of the "Maltese Brothers" smi;; which rents sidewalk space on choice .streets lo prostitutes—if they iire not ;i!n'ady working under Ihc the ^a;u;'.s (!ircr:tion. The ]]Ci;!lUv [or non-payment of lent is a ra- AM Watches Timed for Accuracy By Precision Walch Timers! acre iilot lo James Tucker In 1H110. In lli'.W, Tucker's brother, Tlioinas, bonulH It. Last ycnr. Kll)ildi;e E- Tucker bought Uic farm. French War Hero Finds U. S. Women Dominant PITTSBURGH <Ul'l — Kdllllint Sanvii^p, 20. a r'rench patriot whr aided :in American soldiers escnpi from the Gertnans during tho war.j said he was "shocked by the way American women lead men around by tbe nose." The hniKlsome French youth visiting Arthur M. Vetier, a Pittsburgh veletnn. who arranged to brinf! the undci'Ki'oiincI hero lo America for a coasl-to-noasl tnltr. Sauv r ane was decorated by Gen. DiviiilH D. Eisenhower. He snicl Anieiican women "nre beantilul." bill more reserved than r'rench girls. i'Wlicn you ride In a Paris snti- wiiy. within five minilLcs i'uii at leasl smile at her and she smiles back at you. Tint American women nre. more reserved and colder." •/x)r-.slashed face. Every Londoner has seen women soliciting in the West End. bill the extent o[ the traffic came us an nnplcasnllt surprise. As as rcsllll detectives from outlylne dlslrlclr are being moved Lo beats where IliCir faces are .unknown 16 try lo trap the :iuO or so panclercrs. living on earnings of (he women. Stronger laws will be sought Inim Parliament, niul possibly rir;iil restrictions on the acceptance ot foreign women who marry Uritons You Paid Sensible Prices In The President Urges Business to Hold Prices Down! ' Would You Like to Buy At DRMfBS High School Auditorium Tuesday, April 29fli r i p,m. Admission 35c and 50c ••• w. iw<££ ' T :''.!? 4 '• W People in the fcnow'ttiy PoMac Our records reveal than an ama/ine, mimlicr of thoroughly nod completely proved. You can take engineers and leilmieians eliooie I'orniae for delivery of a new i'ontiae any with the ccrinin knowledge that it will serve you long unit dcpcmliihly/ • So re^.inllcs.s of \vlicn you expect 10 get your next cnr — * K nrkc it .r I'witiic. An extraordinary numlicr of pLOpIc "in the know" will support your choice. T»K SOONKR YOi; VI.ACr, YOUR OUDtR /or rf new rotitifjc, the ion will get it. So fifttcc your orttcr now for future f/eliren: And remember — you'll get more jor your present f./r irhcn you Inulc if yo/t fake gtxxl c.irc rij it no it', Always Orhc Curcfully PONTIAC Owners Enjoy More Worlhv/htla Features turning circle, nukc.s parking easier. M.'Pir-CUJWONFO RtDf — Shi>tkpr<>of K(icc-Ac(ton, Duficx Rear Springs, Hydraulic Cushion I.cvclators. MUirf'SFAt Hroj«*uuc EKAKfS — Tro(<l against <!irt ;\nd water. »0or ar frsHEK — llig and r<ioiny, I'nisteel construction, Fisher No-Draft Ventilation, Hi-Test Safety Plate Glass, cusiom-typc interiors. One of America's foremost experimental engineers recently exptiiineil this, us lie look clclivtry of n new Ptvnlt.ic. "I really believe/' he s,ii<l, *'(lia( l ] on(f,tc is ilie .souiuleM ear huili toil.iy. It S.s in 11 t.l;iss l>y itself i'i>r \vull-b;il,ii\cecl exceU^ncc." ^S'ear afier ;e;ir, li>i^ is tr\ic of Potuiac. NX'hile its engineering is al\v;i\s proi*ressi\e, no feature is e\tr incltjcleil in ['otiii.iu cieiign until it has bucti SMOOTH, POWtPFUl I-HIAO INC1NIS — Your choice of A six or an ci^lit. KHI^ l r i]ll-l'rcssiirc Mctcrcd I : lo\v l.nhri- c^lioo. Ci.iscicclor, Sn>lcli-M^t MiUiifoUl. \'aeimi«alic ('onTrnl. AH-Vv'cAlhcr l:n>;iiie Temperature Control, Uilk-Orillcil Connccliiif; Hods, 1-lcclrn- pl.UL'd Pistor^. insiirt; greater ctoilnniy, performance an<l<tcpcn(!.il>iltt>MRU-AfiC5A«rrsmRWG—More po.sitivc control "itli lc>,>i clTort. In combination with small Osccola, Arkansas Phone 555-556

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